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March 13, 2017 eller_ruth@cusdk8.org Mrs.


Week at a Glance Showcase

Reading Log, Math Facts, Word Hunt & Word Power
Spelling: Write words in ABC order two times
This week we will be making two artifacts - one
Math: Lesson 9.5 at school and one at home.
Tue. At school we will be making a miniature pioneer
Reading Log, Math Facts, Word Hunt, Word Power quilt. We will write our Showcase sentence in
Showcase: Plan your artifact/partner and get organized school on Wednesday.
Math: Worksheet Mixed Numbers and Decimals At home everyone will be making an artifact
Wed. about California regions.
Some brainstorms are: map of California that
Reading Log, Math Facts, Word Hunt, Word Power
Language: Worksheet Wordbuilding: post/pre shows the 4 regions, a beach scene, a
Math: Lesson 9.6 mountain scene, a desert scene, a valley
Thur. scene, redwood tree, cactus, tiny symbol for
Reading Log, Math Facts, Word Hunt, Word Power
Spelling: Get quizzed! Have mom or dad each region, state capital scene, cow, farm,
grade it. Dont forget the parent signature! orchard, Joshua tree, rocky coast vs. sandy
Math: Lesson 9.7
Fri. Remember, you may choose to make the artifact
Reading Log & Math Facts
READING LOG & GOALS WILL BE CHECKED! with a partner. This helps with ideas and supplies
and it is also just more fun. If you work with a
Book Order
Dont forget to send in a book order! The
partner, you MUST make the same artifact. You
may, of course, work on the artifact on your own.
prices are great! You can send it in to If you choose to make the artifact on your
school, or you can choose to order online. own, you still MUST have a partner so you can
https://clubs2.scholastic.com (FYI: the activation work on the Showcase sentence together.
code is GVFVY) You will still need to have chosen the same
1. Deadline is April 7 artifact so that you can write the same sentence.
This region artifact is due on
Reading Lotto Monday, March 20. Bring it to school
in the box you were given.
You should be reading the first book
for the 3rd Lotto. Due March 24.

No Excuse
forward cancel
Book Clubs
We are going to start book clubs!
comma bicycle especially doctor Hooray! This week you will choose
coma asked himself decide friends and then choose the book you will be
useful thought discuss work reading. We will talk about how we do this, sign a
children basically diner dinner Book Club Contract, and fill out the calendar.