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Treesa Varghese
B.Ed.Student ( Mathematics)
Mount Carmel College of Teacher Education, Kottayam

The study was conducted to understand about kitchen Mathematics. It was a study to find
out how many housewives were aware about their usage of Mathematics in kitchen. Surprisingly
mathematics plays an important role in culinary arts. There are helpful tools such as measuring
cups, measuring spoons, scales to aid in food preparation. However some background in
measurement, fractions and geometry is necessary when cooking and baking and while creating
recipes for diets important in the science and mathematics of nutritions.


This study give some ideas for how we can arise awareness and share mathematics using
every day and resource found around our home. Math is everywhere and yet we may not
recognize it doesnt look like the math we did in the school. Math in the world around us
sometimes seems invisible. But math is present in our world all the time in workplace, in our
home and in our personal lives.

We are using math every time as grocery shopping, bake something on sale or plan a
birthday party. Here through this study I found out mathematics in the kitchen or kitchen math.
Some people are not even out of bed before encountering Math. Setting an alarm and hitting
snooze they may quickly need to calculate the new time they will arise, decide that they will
those extra calories at lunch. The people on medication need to understand different dosages
whether in grams or milliliters. Recipes call for ounces and dimensions of their furnishing and
rugs will match the area of rooms.


1. To know whether Math is used in shopping for kitchen.

2. To know whether Math is used in measurement in kitchen.
3. To know about Math usage in nutrition.


The investigator conducted a survey on Mathematics used in kitchen among 20

housewives in Vazhoor Panchayath of Kottayam district. A rating scale was prepared containing
statements regarding mathematics used in kitchen. The rating scale included 20 statements and
each statement had 5 options namely strongly agree, agree, undecided, disagree and strongly

The study revealed that 95% of people know basic mathematics skills. About 75% of
housewives strongly agree that mathematics is important in kitchen.

81% of people strongly agreed that maths is used in shopping for kitchen. About 15% of
people agree that mathematics is used for shopping. About 04% housewives believed that
mathematics is not used in kitchen.

About 74.87% housewives strongly agreed that mathematics is used for measurement in
kitchen. About 93.3% of housewives do not know about nutrition content and its mathematics.

Through this survey it was found that mathematics is used in kitchen and nearly 75%
housewives agree this.


Surprisingly mathematics plays an important role in culinary arts. Telling time and
adjusting temperature, measuring spoons, scales to aid in food preparation in such activities we
use mathematics. An understanding of fraction is crucial to cooking. Aside from measuring in
recipes the use of fractions is also important in determining serving size. Geometry is used in
presentation of food and baking. When arranging food into plates cooks should use different
shapes. About 75% of housewives were aware about mathematics used in kitchen.


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