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NSO Stage-II Exam.-2017

SCIENCE Date : 12-02-2017
Q.1 Two satellites S1 and S2 revolve around a Q.4 The velocity-time graph shows the motion of
planet in coplanar circular orbits in the same a particle moving in a straight line. What may
sense. Their periods of revolution are 1 h and be deduced about the resultant force acting on
8 h respectively. The radius of the orbit of S1 the particle during the first 2 s and after 2s ?
is 104 km. When S2 is closest to S1, then the
speed of S2 relative to S1 will be -
(A) 104 km h1 (B) 2 104 km h1
4 1
(C) 1 10 km h (D) 2 104 km h1

Q.2 A ball of mass m falls freely from rest. When First 2 s After 2s
it has reached a speed v, it strikes a vertical (A) constant Zero
spring. The spring is compressed by distance (B) increasing at a Constant
y before the ball moves upwards again. constant rate
Assume that all the energy the ball loses (C) constant Increasing at a
becomes elastic potential energy in the constant rate
spring. What is the average force exerted by (D) increasing at a Zero
the spring during its compression ? constant rate
mv 2 m 2
(A) (B) ( v 2gy ) Q.5 Which of the following waves does not travel
2y 2y
in vacuum ?
mv 2 m 2 (A) Seismic waves (B) X-rays
(C) (D) ( v 2gy)
y 2y (C) Light (D) Radio waves

Q.3 An object of mass m traveling to the right Q.6 On a straight road, a car starts from rest and
accelerates at uniform rate of 6 ms2 for some
with velocity 2v collides with another object
time, then moves with constant speed for
of mass 2m traveling to the left with velocity some time and retards at the same uniform
3v as shown in the figure. After the collision, rate and comes to rest. Total time for the
the objects stick together. journey is 24 s and average speed for journey
is 20 ms1. How long does the car move with
constant speed ?
(A) 4 s (B) 8 s (C) 12 s (D) 16 s
Which of the following options is correct
regarding the total momentum (magnitude) Q.7 A cruise ship is sailing straight towards an
and total kinetic energy of the two objects ? island at a speed of 30 ms1. It sounds the
Momentum Kinetic energy horn when it is 600 m away from the island.
(A) 0 0 Calculate the time taken for the ship crew to
(B) 6 mv (1/2) mv2 hear the echo. (Take the speed of sound in air
(C) 4 mv (8/3) mv2 to be 300 ms1).
(A) 1.82 s (B) 2.22 s
(D) 4 mv (4/3) mv2
(C) 3.64 s (D) 4.00 s

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Q.8 A cork of mass 10 g is floating on water. The Q.12 From a tower of height h a particle is thrown
net force acting on the cork is - vertically upwards with a speed v. The time
(A) 10 N (B) 103 N taken by the particle, to hit the ground is n
(C) 10 N (D) Zero times that taken by it to reach the highest
point of its path. Then speed(u) of the particle
Q.9 Read the given statements and select the
correct option. is equal to -
Statement-1 : If a body is thrown vertically gH 2gH
upward from ground and air resistance is (A) (B)
( n 2) n
taken in account, then the time of ascent is
less than the time of descent. 2gH 2gH
(C) (D)
Statement-2 : Air resistance opposes the ( n 2) ( n 2) n
motion of the body.
(A) Both statement 1 and statement 2 are true
Q.13 The speed-time graph of a particle moving
and statement 2 is the correct explanation
of statement 1. along a fixed direction as shown in the figure.
(B) Both statement 1 and statement-2 are true The distance traversed by the particle
but statement 2 is not the correct between t = 0 s to t = 10 s is -
explanation of statement 1.
(C) Statement-1 is true but statement 2 is
(D) Statement-1 is true but statement-2 is

Q.10 A ball is thrown horizontally from a point 100 (A) 20 m (B) 40 m (C) 60 m (D) 80 m
m above the ground with a speed of 20 ms1.
Which of the following statements is
Q.14 A large spherical mass M is fixed at one
incorrect regarding the ball just before
position and two identical point masses m are
reaching the ground ?
(A) Horizontal distance covered by the ball is kept on a line passing through the centre of M
90.35 cm. (see figure). The point masses are connected
(B) Time taken by the ball is 4.5 s. by a rigid massless rod of length and this
(C) Speed of the ball is 49 ms1. assembly is free to move along the line
(D) Displacement of the ball 110 2 m. connecting them. All three masses interact
only through their mutual gravitational
Q.11 Which of the following statement(s) is/are
interaction. When the point mass nearer to M
correct ?
(i) A car accelerates on a horizontal straight is at a distance r = 3 from M and tension in
road due to the force exerted by the road. the rod is zero then the acceleration of point
(ii) All conservation laws such as mass will be -
conservation of momentum, energy,
charge etc are considered to be a
fundamental laws in physics.
(iii) A passenger in a decelerating train on a
straight track tosses a coin which falls GM GM
behind him. (A) (B)
9 2 16 2
(A) (i) only (B) (ii) and (iii) only
(C) (i) and (ii) only (D) (i), (ii) and (iii) 25 GM 7 Gm
(C) (D)
288 2 144 2

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Q.15 The pressure at depth h below the surface of a I. Elements Y and Z are liquids at room
liquid of density open to the atmosphere is - temperature.
(A) Greater than the atmospheric pressure by II. Element W exists as a liquid while
gh element X exists as a gas at room
(B) Less than the atmospheric pressure by gh III. When element Y is cooled from 70C to
(C) Equal to the atmospheric pressure 10C, its particles get closely packed.
(D) Increases exponentially with depth (A) I and II only (B) I only
(C) I and II only (D) III only
Q.16 An element X has the 4th shell as the valence
shell. If the difference in the number of Q.20 Ms. Prabha a science teacher, prepared a
electrons between K and N shells and mixture of water, potassium nitrate, sodium
between L and M shells is zero, then the chloride and carbon tetrachloride. She divided
atomic number of the element X will be - the class into four groups and asked students
to separate individual components. Different
(A) 12 (B) 10 (C) 2 (D) 20
groups tried different methods in the given
Q.17 The wire filaments in light bulbs are usually Group I : Separating funnel, fractional
made of the element 'tungsten'. When distillation, sedimentation and then
electricity passes through tungsten, it glows decantation.
only when it is a solid. The given graph Group II : Separating funnel, fractional
shows the heating curve for tungsten. Around distillation, and then distillation.
which of the following temperatures, we can Group III : Fractional distillation, distillation
see the tungsten wire glowing ? and then fractional crystallization.
Group IV : Separating funnel, fractional
crystallistaion and then evaporation.
Which grup adopted the appropriate methods
in the most appropriate sequence to separate
individual components of the mixture ?
(A) Group I (B) Group II
(C) Group III (D) Group IV
(A) 3300C (B) 5600C
(C) 4700C (D) 6100C Q.21 Element X with mass number 24 has 12
neutrons while element Y with mass number
Q.18 A sample of hydrated sodium phosphate has a 19 has 10 neutrons. What is the chemical
formula of compound formed when X
mass of 190 g. Of this, 108 g is the mass of
combines with Y ?
water of crystalisation. What is the molar (A) X2Y (B) XY2 (C) X3Y2 (D) X2Y3
mass of the hydrated sodium phosphate ?
(Atomic mass of Na = 23 u, P = 31u, O = 16 Q.22 Study the given experimental set-up carefully
u, H = 1 u) and choose the correct observation.
(A) 380 g / mol (B) 420 g / mol
(C) 480 g / mol (D) 520 g / mol

Q.19 Melting and boiling points of elements W, X,

Y and Z are given in the table.
Melting point Boiling
Element I. Bubbles are produced in the beaker.
(C) point (C)
II. Air in the empty bottle contracts.
W 189 186
III. Water from the beaker moves up the
X 219 183 delivery tube.
Y 7 58 (A) I only
Z 20 222 (B) III only
Which of the following statements is/are (C) II and III only
correct ? (D) None of the observations is correct
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Q.23 The given apparatus can be used to show the Q.26 Chemical formulae of few compounds are
diffusion of gases. Which pair of gases X and given as :
Y would cause no movement of the water ? Zinc phosphate Zn3(PO4) 2
Lead bromide PbBr2
Magnesium nitride Mg3N2
Aluminium nitride AIN
Based on the formulae, the valencies or
charges on the ions are given. Mark the
incorrect option.
(A) Phosphate ion : 3
X Y (B) Bromide ion : 2
(A) C2H4 C2H6 (C) Nitride ion : 3
(B) C2H4 N2 (D) Aluminium ion : + 3
(C) CO2 C2H6
(D) CO NO2 Q.27 Which of the following statements does not
form part of Bohr's model of hydrogen atom ?
(A) Energy of the electrons in the orbit is
Q.24 Match column I with column II and choose quantized.
the correct answer from the given codes. (B) The electron in the orbit nearest to the
(Atomic mass of Na = 23 u, S = 32 u, O = 16 nucleus has the lowest energy.
u, H = 1u) (C) Electrons revolve in different orbits
Column I Column II around the nucleus.
(P) 10 mol of sodium (i) 0.375 mol (D) The position and velocity of the electron
sulphate in the orbit cannot be determined
(Q) 12 g of oxygen gas (ii) 9g simultaneously.
(R) 0.5 mol of water (iii) 3.76 1023
Q.28 Identify X and Y in the given figure.
(S) 16 g of solid sulphur (iv) 1.26 kg
(A) P (iv); Q (iii); R (ii); S (i)
(B) P (i); Q (iii); R (iv); S (i)
(C) P (ii); Q (i); R (iii); S (iv)
(D) P (iv); Q (i); R (ii); S (iii)

Q.25 Melting and boiling points of four substances

are given in the table.
(A) X = mixture of naphthalene and
Y = Solid napthalene
(B) X = Mixture of NaCl and water
Y = Solid NaCl
(C) X = Mixture of NaCl and anthracene
Y = Solid anthracene
(D) X = Mixture of sugar and NaCl
Y = Solid sugar

Melting point (C) Boiling point (C) Q.29 Read the given statements and select the
P 130 30 option which correctly identifies X, Y and Z.
Q 120 75 (i) Crop X is grown from March to June.
R 0 110 (ii) Crop Y is grown from October /
S 41 182 November to April.
(iii) Crop Z is grown from June to October.
Which of the substances can be distilled using (A) X could be cucumber and Z could be
the given apparatus ? paddy.
(A) P and R only (B) Q and S only (B) Y could be maize and Z could wheat.
(C) P only (D) All of these (C) X could be wheat and Y could cotton.
(D) X could be pea and Y could be soybean.
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Q.30 Read the statements given in the box Q.32 Refer to the given Venn diagram and select
regarding a particular type of animal tissue the correct option regarding P, Q and R.
(i) Cells of X are as tall as wide.
(ii) It helps in gamete formation.
(iii) It lines sweat glands and salivary
Identify X and select the correct statement
regarding it.
(A) X could be squamous epithelial tissue
which is present in blood capillaries for (A) P could be Nereis having incomplete
exchange of materials between body cells alimentary canal.
and blood. (B) Q could be Aplysia which respires
(B) X could be cuboidal epithelial tissue through gills called ctenidia.
which is also present in nephrons of (C) R could be Taenia in which flame cells
kidney. are the excretory structures.
(C) X could be columnar epithelial tissue (D) P could be Dugesia, Q could be
Ophiothrix and R could be Holothuria.
present in Fallopian tube which helps in
movement of ovum/zygote.
Q.33 Match column I with column II and select the
(D) X could be compound epithelial tissue correct option from the given codes.
present in skin which protects from Colum I Column II
mechanical wear and tear. (a) Draught breed of cow (i) Jafarabadi
(b) Exotic poultry breed (ii) Salmon
Q.31 Refer to the given dichotomous key and (c) Buffalo breed (iii) White Leghorn
select the correct option regarding P, Q, R, S (d) Marine fish (iv) Nageri
and T. (e) Freshwater fish (v) Singhara
I. (a) It is a part of endomembrane system Go (f) Indigenous poultry (vi) Ghagus
to II. breed
(b) It is not a part of endomembrane system. (A) (a)-(i), (b)-(iii), (c)-(iv), (d)-(ii), (e)-(v), f-(vi)
Go to IV. (B) (a)-(iv), (b)-(vi), (c)-(i), (d)-(ii), (e)-(v), f-(iii)
(C) (a)-(iv), (b)-(iii), (c)-(i), (d)-(v), (e)-(ii), f-(vi)
II. (a) Acts as supporting skeletal framework of (D) (a)-(iv), (b)-(iii), (c)-(i), (d)-(ii), (e)-(v), f-(vi)
the cell. Go to III.
(b) Provides nourishment during starvation Q.34 Refer to the given figures (i and ii) and select
by rapidly hydrolyzing food stored in the incorrect statement regarding them.
cell. (P)
III. (a) Synthesises serum and membrane
proteins. (Q)
(b) Takes part in detoxification with the help
of cytochrome P450. (R)
IV. (a) Helps in oxidation of food stuff. (S)
(b) Stores reserve food material. (T)
(A) Q is abundant in exocrine pancreatic cells
whereas R is abundant in liver cells.
(B) P also helps in removing old and useless
cell organelles whereas Q is the site of
photosynthesis. (A) Both P and Z help in storage of food.
(C) Matrix of S contains proteins and lipids (B) Q and R are together called as tracheary
whereas that of T contains respiratory elements.
enzymes. (C) Both R and Y are dead cells having
(D) P is also involved in hydrolysis of foreign lignified cell walls.
particles whereas T also takes part in cell (D) P helps in lateral conduction of water or
division. sap whereas X controls functioning of Y.

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Q.35 Refer to the given flow chart and select the
option that correctly identifies P, Q, R and S.

(A) Night Malaria Cheilosis Seurvy
(A) P contains enzyme that regulates
transportation of CO2.
(B) Down's Polio- Kwashiorkor Epilepsy (B) Q secretes antibodies to destroy
syndrome myelitis pathogenic microbes.
(C) Sickle cell Allergy Grave's Myxoedema (C) R decreases during allergy and often
anaemia disease changes into macrophages.
(D) Haemophilia Measles Myxoedema Night blindness (D) S also releases a chemical that increases
permeability of capillaries.

Q.36 Refer to the given figures X and Y and read Q.38 Layer X, present about 18-50 km over earth's
the given statements regarding them. surface, is depleting due to presence of
chlorofluorocarbons in the environment.
Which of the following options are the results
of its depletion ?
(i) Skin cancer,
(ii) Decrease in global temperature,
(iii) Immune disorders,
(iv) Melting of polar ice caps,
(v) Triple fold increase in rate of
(i) Vascular tissues are completely absent in photosynthesis,
X. (vi) Decreased embryonic mortality
(ii) Main plant body of Y is gametophyte. (vii) Increased death rate of seedling.
(iii) Plant body of X is fixed to substratum by (A) (i), (iii), (iv) and (vii) only
(B) (i), (ii), (iii) and (v) only
true roots.
(C) (i), (ii), (iv), (vi) and (vii) only
(iv) Sex organs in Y are multicellular and (D) (ii), (iii), (v) and (vi) only
(v) In plant Y, seeds are naked and not Q.39 Which of the following is the correct option ?
enclosed inside fruits. (A) Deficiency of vitamin B1 causes pellagra
Which of the above statements are incorrect ? whereas that of vitamin C causes scurvy.
(B) Hypersecretion of thyroid causes Grave's
(A) i, iv and v only (B) i, ii, and iii only
disease whereas that of aldosterone
(C) ii, iii and vi only (D) ii, iv and vi only causes Addisoin's disease.
(C) Dengue is a viral disease whereas typhoid
Q.37 Study the given flow chart carefully and is a bacterial disease.
select the incorrect statement regarding it. (D) Yellow fever is caused by Aedes
mosquito whereas sleeping sickness is
caused by tse-tse fly.

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Q.40 Refer to the given diagram of a type of Q.43 Refer to the given dichotomous key and
connective tissue and select the incorrect identify organisms P, Q, R and S.
option regarding it. (I) (a) Cellular level of body organization is
present Go to V (a)
(b) Tissue/organ level of body organization is
present Go to II.
(II) (a) Radial symmetry is present Go to V (b)
(b) Bilateral symmetry is present Go to III
(III) (a) It is acoelomate Go to IV (a).
(b) It is true coelomate Go to IV (b).
(IV) (a) It is triploblastic and parasitic (P)
(A) P acts as phagocyte whereas T plays an (b) It is segmented and sanguivorous (Q)
important role during allergic reactions. (V) (a) It is found in deep sea waters and is a
(B) Q provides only elasticity whereas S costly wedding gift in Japan. (R).
provides only strength. (b) It is a freshwater polyp. (S)
(C) R secretes extracellular matrix whereas T P Q R S
produces a substance that checks clotting (A) Fasciola Hirundinaria Euplectella Hydra
of blood inside the blood vessels. (B) Euspongia Wuchereia Limax Palaemon
(D) Q is made up of collagen protein whereas (C) Loligo Asterias Tubifex Ascaris
S is made up of elastin protein. (D) Nereis Scolopendra Adamsia Sepia

Q.41 Refer to the given figure showing a process Q.44 Refer to the given figures and select the
and select the correct statement regarding it. correct option.

(A) X is not root whereas Y is dicot stem.

CuSO4 (B) X is monocot root whereas Y is monocot
Which of the following events also involve stem.
this process ? (C) X is dicot stem whereas Y is monocot
(i) Exchange of respiratory gases stem.
(ii) Opening and closing of stomata (D) X is monocot stem whereas Y is dicot
(iii) Swelling of dried raisins when soaked in stem.
(iv) Spreading of aroma of flowers Q.45 Which of the following is an incomplete
(v) Seismonastic movements in plants match of phylum, type of coelom present in it
(A) (i) and (iv) only and a characteristic feature ?
(B) (i) and (iii) only Phylum Coelom Feature
(C) (i), (ii) and (iv) only (i) Chordata Coelomate Dorsal hollow
(D) (ii), (iii) and (v) only nerve cord
(ii) Echinodermata Pseudo- Water vascular
Q.42 The list given below shows some diseases coelomate system
caused by microorganisms/infectious agents. (iii) Arthopoda Coelomate Chitinous
How many of these diseases are caused by exoskeleton
virus ? (iv) Platyhelminthes Acoelomate Flame cells
Elephantiasis, Tetanus, Hepatitis-B, (A) (ii) only
Ringworm, Kala-azar, Influenza, Mumps, (B) (iv) only
Typhoid, Dengue, sleeping stickness. (C) (i) and (iii) only
(A) 3 (B) 4 (C) 6 (D) 5 (D) (ii), (iii) and (iv) only

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Q.46 A body of mass m is accelerated by a Q.49 Refer to the given figure and select incorrect
constant force. Which graph best shows the statement regarding it.
variation of momentum (p) of the body with
the displacement (s), when the body starts
from rest ?

(A) (B)

(C) (D)
(A) Site 1 has higher alpha diversity than site
Q.47 Figure shows a particle of mass 0.5 kg starts (B) Region Y has higher beta diversity than
sliding from rest on a frictionless track which region X.
terminates in a straight horizontal section. As (C) Region X has high alpha diversity, lower
the particle starts sliding then it is going to hit beta diversity but higher gamma diversity
the ground finally. than region Y.
(D) Region Y has lower alpha diversity,
higher beta diversity and higher gamma
diversity than region X.

Q.50 Study the given flow chart regarding some

Total mechanical energy and speed of the cell organelles present in a cell.
particle at point R is ..(i).. and (ii)..
respectively. The value of x is ..(iii).. and
time taken to cover the distance x is (iv).
(Take g = 10 ms1)
(A) 5 J 10 ms 1m 0.1 s
(B) 10 J 10 m s 1 2m 1.0 s
(C) 5J 10 m s 1 1 m 0.1 s
(D) 10 J 10 m s1 2 m 2.12 s
Which of the following options is incorrect
Q.48 In an experiment, hydrochloric acid was regarding X, Y and Z ?
reacted with calcium carbonate at room (A) Organelle X can transform solar energy
temperature and pressure. into chemical energy of carbohydrates.
If 80 cm3 of gas X was produced then, the (B) Enzymes of organelle Y are present in the
number of molecules and mass of gas X given acrosome of human sperm cell which
off are respectively. digest the limiting membrane of ovum
during fertilization.
(C) On starvation, organelle Z digests stored
food contents and other cellular
components; this process is called as
(D) Organelle X can bring about stepwise
oxidation of carbohydrates to produce
CO2 and water.
(A) 3.33 103, 0.5 g
(B) 2.15 1021, 0.157 g
(C) 6 1023, 7.5 g
(D) 4 1021, 1.5 g
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