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Becoming the ancients' ethos of

masculine aesthetics and strength

( A.K.A. - Make betas envious; become a chad and finally find your loyal qt waifu)
By Alexander Gregorivich Vasilovsky

Train 6-7 Days / WK - Maintain High Frequency with High intensity for
pulls and presses - Be Explosive and Use Momentum to overload pulling
movements (cheat); If a Plateau is hit or you've burn out, change the
variation of the movement or move on to an entirely new movement.
These cycles can sometimes last only a few days or a few weeks.
Always improve work capacity, and sleep / eat A LOT (GOMAD)
This is my take on Eric Bugenhagen's Bulgarian training style.
Remember: Keep daily volume LOW and Intensity HIGH for primary movement for optimal
recovery. Plateaus are overcome by using switching-out variations of the movement being
trained. I try to stick with 1 top set, but for squats I do 3-4 singles.
Instructions: Focus on one or two movements to perform daily until a plateau is hit.
When you hit a plateau, progress on another movement or change variation of current.
Cycles may last a few days or weeks.
Dedicate One day a week to Deadlifting, and Grip / Core Training.

Example Routine: How I progress on my movements:

Rack Pull (When stalled; Change height (Below-Knee vs Above) / Grip

(Snatch, Etc) or Change Movement (T-Bar Row))

Overhead Press (When stalled; Z-Press, BTN Push Press, Pin Press,
Overhead Extension Work, etc...)

Example Routine:
Building Tricep / Upper Back Base With some Glutes for the
Instructions: Interchange (A) and (B) daily When plateau is hit, change variation of
main movements / accessories. Dedicate One day a week to Deadlifting, and Grip / Core

Day A:
Close-Grip Bench Press

If you have the work capacity:

Barbell Overhead Tricep Extension

Day B:
Snatch-Grip Rack Pulls
Push Press

If you have the work capacity:

Barbell Glute Bridges
Example Routine:
Squat and Push Press
Instructions: Interchange (A) and (B) daily Dedicate One day a week to Deadlifting, and
Grip / Core Training.
2-3 / WK of 20-60 Minute Cardio or GPP.

Day A:
Push Press

If you have the work capacity:

Cheat Row

Day B:
Rack Pull

If you have the work capacity, add:

Close-Grip Bench Press

Prilepin's Chart for optimal reps in order to build maximum strength is the product of years
of experimentation done by Eastern-Bloc Olmypian team and should be referenced when
choosing your rep ranges; but remember, you're training almost everyday.
Movements to consider becoming a strong motherfucker at:
Barbell Row
T-Bar Row
One-Handed T-Bar Row
Barbell Glute Bridge
Weighted Dips
Close-Grip Bench
Cheat Curl
Power Clean
Strict Press
BTN Push Press
Push Press
BTN Press
Power Shrugs
Snatch-Grip Rack Jefferson Rack Pull
Jefferson Deadlift
Trap Bar Deadlift
Kettlebell Swings

GPP / Core Work

Plate Pinching
Incline Weighted Walking
Barbell Glute Bridges
Farmer Walks
Zercher (Holds, Carrys)
Weighted Vest Bodyweight Training

Hamstring Wall
Couch Stretch
That's it?

Yeah, brah. That's basically all there is to it. Just remember to stay tight
(brace core, squeeze glutes, and squeeze the bar until your knuckles are
white) or you'll snap your shit up and end up in beta limbo for months (bad.).
Add in whatever variations you enjoy.
It's best to focus on only 1-2 main movements per Routine Cycle.

Be a man and find purpose in a purposeless universe

You should also read books, so you're not a total meat-head. Physical training is
capable of only partially uneveiling the world's interworkings; you must study
History, Economics, Politics, Geo-Politics and History's great men in order to
become a true analyst of human nature and to see the big picture.
Final Notes:
This style of training is only appropiate for those who are at least moderately athletic
and are past the novice-phase of linear progression using beginner strength
programs, such as Starting Strength 3x5 or other 5x5 routines. It might also be too
time consuming to train daily without having access to a Home Gym, nor will a public
gym allow you to unleash the intensity needed to become the strongest version of

[The Routines listed are examples I'm currently using for my own personal goals and the pulls /
preses can be switched out to suit your own needs. Like I have said, it's better to focus on only
one or two movements in any given cycle]

Credit has to go to Eric Bugenhagen and Pavel Tsatsouline for being the
main influence on the way I train and approach physical fitness.