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Version 1.0 // Spring 2017

Office of Communcations and Public Relations

Document Overview

The purpose of Angles Communication Standards document is to provide a set of standards

for the format, design, policies, and procedures of all documents released, or produced, by Angles.

All documents released, or produced, by Angles should follow a uniform style, as stated in this

document to promote continuity and solidify the brand. Within the Communication Standards

document, one can find a brief overview of Angles brand with sections consisting of Name, Mission,

Values, Logo, Font, Colors, and Expression Rules.

Furthermore, examples will follow the overview of Angles brand in order to assist the

individual creating Angles communications. These examples will consist of four digital display ads

and an infographic. Updates to the Communication Standards will be revised as seen best fit by the

Communications and Public Relations Executives.

Overview of Angles Brand


The official name of the company is Angles. Because of the short nature of the word itself,

there is no abbreviation for the name Angles. Angles was chosen by our CEO and founder, Lisa,

because the company will be showcasing the clients best angle to the public through all PR

releases and activities. In the fitness industry, it is necessary to present, or capture, the correct angle

of an athletes body when showcasing certain supplement effects or distinct muscle lines when

using certain machinery. The slogan of the company is, Capturing all of your best Angles.


The mission of Angles is advancing the knowledge and awareness of fitness related topics

and companies through innovative marketing tactics to the best of our ability; at Angles, we hold

ourselves to a higher standard and we fully show that in our work.

Our primary focus, as mentioned above, is to serve the health, fitness, and wellness

communities by marketing all areas of the fitness spectrum: top new products, upcoming events,

new workout plans, new machinery, nutritional supplements and topics, fitness companies, etc.

We are committed to creating an organizational culture of non-traditional nature creating

innovative pieces that distinguish us from other traditional marketing firms. By this, it is meant that

employees are fully invested in each project that is placed upon them. Generally said, each

employee of Angles is relatively dedicated to fitness or health and wellness in some capacity such

that the dedication motivates the employee to fully produce the best and most accurate work for
Overview of Angles Brand

each client. At Angles, there is no such thing as a boring client assignment or busy work, each

employee loves what they do and puts all of their effort into delivering the best materials.

Angles philosophy on workplace environment and production quality is that happier and

healthier employees produce better results than those employees who are not. For that reason,

Angles hires employees who have a certain level of connection to fitness or health and wellness to

ensure great work. Whether it be supplements, working out, eating healthy, or another matter,

Angles is fully devoted to driving the best and healthiest consumers, clients, and employees by

putting their best efforts forward, no matter the project.


Health health of our employees, health of our clients, and health of our consumers

Balance we understand that life is a balancing act; our vending machines within our facilities

will have a variety of healthy options for employees looking to focus on their nutrition as well

as vending machines that will satisfy cravings

We provide unique benefits for our employees to receive discounts or subsidies on various

health-related items and supplements

We provide free passes for group health classes, such as cycling, in employee benefits

packages to reinforce the fluidity of our belief in being healthy

Truth we will always be transparent and fully disclose any and all pertinent fact in our

marketing materials

We will always offer outstanding, captivating, and creating marketing techniques

Overview of Angles Brand


A copy of our logo can be found below. The reasoning behind the logo is simple. The A in

Angles resembles an angle that can be drawn by a protractor. A visual angle, mathematically, is a

figure that is represented by two

straight lines that intersect, and is

measured in degrees, often times

with a protractor. This is exemplified

through the circular line connecting

the two sides of the angle in our


The L in Angles represents

yet another angle, a right angle. A

right angle is a ninety-degree angle

that is symbolized by a box-like

figure that connects the two sides of the angle. This is also universally known in the American

mathematical symbols. The representation of both types of angles has a hidden meaning that there

are different viewpoints to everything in life. The variety of angles in our logo is meant to enforce the

idea that Angles, the company, will find the best way to showcase our client materials without

breaking our value of truth.

Overview of Angles Brand


The fonts used in the logo are Helvetica Neue (Angles) and Monotype Corsiva (digital

marketing). For all purposes that relate to Angles, the font used for text should be Helvetica Neue,

size 12, black, double spaced. All headers should be in Monotype Corsiva, bold size, color, and

positioning rely on the medium of the communication channel. It is imperative to follow these

guidelines unless otherwise stated by an executive within the Communications and Public Relations


Usage of the logo must be approved by Angles any may not be altered from the original state

unless given special permission from executives within the Communications and Public Relations



The colors used in the Angles logo are blues and black. Specifically, the L in Angles in the

Adobe RGB system is: R 99, G 156, and B 213. The A in Angles is the same blue, but the arc is

transformed into a gradient within Adobe Illustrator. The gradient starts with the blue: R 206, G 222,

and B 242, and slowly changes into the blue: R 83, G 132, and B: 195. The blue used in the header

of this document is: R 110, G 172, and B 225. Finally, Black in Adobe Illustrator is: R 0, G 0, and B 0.

These specific coloring instructions, including selecting gradient for the A in Angles are

required and standard for all documents. Additionally, the logo may be used in black in white.
Overview of Angles Brand

Expression Rules

Outside of our books of business, our logo may only be placed on documents and/or

marketing material with approval from the Communications and Public Relations executives. It is

imperative that permission must be granted when using the logo. If permission is granted, the

individual wishing to use our logo must contact the the Communications and Public Relations

department for a ZIP file that includes our official branding requirements and logo PDF.

Once the individual has obtained the file, do not change, modify, or add any additional

elements to the logo in any way. When placing the logo on materials, it is required that the individual

does not place other items within the box that tightly squeezes around the logo, as seen below.

Furthermore, if an individual wishes to

change the size of the logo, they cannot

make it small enough so that the words

digital marketing would be smaller than

a 12point Times New Roman font in a

regular word document. Lastly, the logo

may be used as a watermark if the

outside individual requesting the logo


Within our books of business, there is

room for adjustment contingent on the campaign or ad being created and manager permission.

However, outside of our own employees, permission must be granted.

Digital Display Ads

Examples of Digital Display Ads (4)

To the left is an ad to be displayed on

Facebook. The camera is a play on

words for capturing.

To the right is a Tumblr ad. It displays different

viewpoints of the same picture to reinforce the fact that

everything has a different angle and that Angles will find

your best ones.

Digital Display Ads

To the left is an example of a display panel ad to be run on Facebook. It

displays a 30-day fitness challenge, something that appeals to our target

market demographic. At the bottom of the panel is a call to action for the

consumer to research our company in order to find more information

about the latest trends and buzz-workouts in the fitness industry.

In the bottom right corner is an example of an Instagram ad. This is a

testimonial showing clientele that Angles provides information on how to

nutritionally support your body and that our information is not only

trustworthy, but accurate and shows results.

Infographic Example

As seen on the right, this

infographic was made for a client,

medicine.net. The company name

is on the infographic for branding

and PR purposes, but the majority

of the infographic has to do with

medicine.net and the message that

they want to convey that exercising

is good for you. The infographic is

positively shedding light on the

activity of exercising while both

serving as a PR did you know

tactic for medicine.net and Angles.

Both companies are getting

recognition for the great statistical

facts cited by medicine.net and

both companies are positively

benefiting from the infographic.