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ORIGIN OF THE The origin of the In Christianity, the The origin of the
UNIVERSE AND universe. For Judaism, creation accounts are universe, In the
HUMANKIND the stories of the creation found in the first two Quran (the divine
are found in the first two chapters of the book of book revealed to
chaptersof the book of genesis in the bible. the prophet
genesis in the torah. They There are two accounts Muhammad) there
show how God and its important not to are details of the
createdyhe world in six confuse them. This creation surely,
days and rested on the account tells how God your lord is Allah.
seventh. In the beginning created the world in six Who created the
God created the heaven days and rested on the heavens and the
and the earth. seventh earth and settled
himself on the

MORALITY Ethics and morality play Christian morality is our Morality in islam
na central role in Judaism. belief in the God who is a
According to the torah, created all things and in comprehensive
the main Jewish holy text, jesus who taught us even term that serves to
Jews made covenant with better how to live. We include the
God that establishes them believe we are created in concept of
as Gods chosen people. Gods image and that we righteousness,
God requires Jews to and all image and thet good character
uphold this covenant by we all creation and we and the body of
adhering to the moral believe in the same moral qualities
guidelines such as Ten values with certain and virtues
commandments found in changes because of our prescribed in
the torah. knowledge of Jesus Islamic religious
Christ text. The
underlying idea of
Islamic morality is
that the love for
God and Gods
PURPOSE The aim of Judaism is to bring forth Gods purpose in So what does the creator,
the purpose of all existence, which Christianity. Allah, tell us about our
is also the purpose for which God Christians are in training purpose in life ? Allah
created the world. According to for a glorious work of states in the Quran that
Chassidic interpretation of Judaism, bestowing blessings upon he created man to be his
union of God with the lower worlds the whole world of khalefah, his trustee
is the ultimate purpose of existence mankind . it is this onearth. Mankinds basic
and the ultimate reason for giving blessedcriptural fact that trust, our responsibility
torah gives point to the is to believe in and
christianslifee. We are to worship Allah. Allah
love God and each other as further states that this
he loves us. life in order to testman
so that every person may
be recompensed nafter
death for what he was
destiny Judaism believed that destiny is Christians on human The destiny of islam, it
determined beforehand by God. destiny is it suggest that is one of islams six
They believe resurrection in destiny there are conflicting articles of faith, along
life, the act of restoring a dead accounts of the life after with the revealed books,
person or holds interest about the death in Christians the prophets of islam and
life after death their belief in the tradition. There are the day of resurrection
life after death is much central. accounts that after jesus and angels.
died and descended to
sheol, he divided the place
into heaven and hell, and
after which all souls pass to
heaven or heal immediately
after death. This is to be
taken as true and all the
final judgemen that hass
already been pass at the
point of death.
Views of In Judaism womens are more in For Christianity the roles In islam woman are
women given with greater degree of Binah. of woman are the same as bound with too many
(intuition, understanding, today for they have varied rules and regulations.
intelligence) than men. Judaism historically since then. Women in islams are
inferred from yhe idea that woman provided a number of
was BUILT rather than FORMED. guide lines under quran
Women have held positions of muslims says that a wife
respect in Judaism since biblical should always obey their
times. husband. Womens are
treted as possessions of
their husband.