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OLC (Overload Control) Overload Congestion State

OLC is triggered by Power and Iub congestion

NodeB reports to the RNC power-congestion either by event-trigger (OLC_EVENTMEAS=ON when overload exist) or periodic-trigger (OLC_EVENTMEAS=OFF NodeB sends M.Rs of DL/UL power status)
Limited by 3GPP, the NodeB cannot check in event-trigger the total load of the non-HSDPA power and the GBP. Therefore, the recommended setting of OLC_EVENTMEAS is OFF for HSDPA cells.

DL_UU_OLC = ON DL Load (TCP) > DlOlcTrigThd UL Load (RTWP) > UlOlcTrigThd

[For DlLdTrnsHysTime msec] [For 600msec]
If DL load < DlOlcRelThd for DlLdTrnsHysTime msec. Cell will return to normal state If UL load < UlOlcRelThd for 600msec. Cell will return to normal state

Sequence for OLC actions are fixed: (1) TF Control (2) BE DCH to CCH (3) Adjusting Max Fach Tx Power (4) Releasing some RABs. After any action taken it takes OlcPeriodTimerLen to be able to perform another action
Moreover, when cell in overload state:
Transition from FACH to DCH is prohibited
If and only if FACH_UU_ADCTRL = ON, admission of RRC/RAB on FACH or enhanced FACH channels (HS-DSCH) is prohibited except if cause is emergency call, detach, or registration due to priority of these requests are high

RateRstrctTimerLen msec passed DRA_PS_BE_STATE_T There is more than

since last TF Control action RANS_SWITCH = ON one FACH exist in cell RTWP_RESIST_DISTURB
Exclude DCH BE = ON To resist
OLC choose only one FACH,
RAB as a candidate abnormal RTWP values
as OLC adjusts them one by
one in different OLC periods
Choose Dl/UlOlcFTFRstrctRabNum number of DCH BE users with DRA_HSDPA_STATE_
the lowest integrity priority with data rate > Dl/UlDcccRateThd TRANS_SWITCH = ON
Exclude HSDPA BE
RAB as a candidate Uplink ENU load > 40%.
Chosen FACH Max TX
Power is decreased in
Is there any available RAB a previous action and
selected as candidate still not recovered
TRANS_SWITCH = ON Choose Dl/UlOlcTraffRelRabNum number of
Exclude HSUPA BE
RABs (whatever DCH/HSDPA/HSUPA) with the
RAB as a candidate lowest integrity priority (If the integrated
Exclude this RAB
priorities of some RABs are identical, it selects
the RAB with a higher rate) then directly release
Choose TransCchUserNum number of available Adjust Max FACH TX Power
Any selected RAB was subjected RAB candidates with the lowest integrity priority
to Dl/ULOlcFTFRstrctTimes Set the new maximum FACH transmit power
Pnew = MaxFachPower- FACHPwrReduceValue
times of TF Control actions

Is there any RAB chosen

If congestion is relieved after the power adjustment, the
system starts the FACH power recovery timer, which is set
to 5s. When the timer expires, the maximum FACH
Perform TF Control Action
transmit power is increased to the original maximum FACH
Downlink: transmit power if the system is always in the normal state
MAC decreases data rate step by step every action using: UL action not DL is the
before the timer expires.
TFmax(N+1) = TFmax(N) x Ratelimitcoeff <100% one to be performed
The RNC sends available TFC that the UE can select. It is
always the two TFCs corresponding to the lowest data rate

If congestion is relieved, rate recovery timer = ON To resist
RateRecoverTimerLen is started. When timer expires, MAC abnormal RTWP values
increases data rate step by step using:
TFmax(N+1) = TFmax(N) x RateRecoverCoeff 100%
If congestion is relieved, UE increases data rate step by
step depending on other algorithm Uplink ENU load > 40%.

UEs & cell support

enhanced CELL_FACH

Perform BE transisition Perform BE transisition

from DCHCCH from DCHenahnced_CCH