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Conditional sentences: first, second, zero and mixed.

A. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in brackets.

E.g.: When a woman gets (get) married in Japan, the bride usually wears (wear) a kimono.

1. She is happily married, but sometimes wonders what life ________ (be) like if she _______
(be) still single.
2. If two people ________ (have) an arranged marriage, they sometimes _________ (meet) before
the wedding day.
3. Youre going to get married on the beach in Scotland? What ________ (you do) if it _______
4. Theyre going to get divorced, and when they ________ (do), she________ (definitely keep)
the children.
5. Imagine if your wife ________ (fall) in love with your best friend. What do you think you
__________ (do)?

B. Rewrite the following as conditional sentences.

E.g.: You have to go to Athens to see the Acropolis.

If you go to Athens, you can see the Acropolis.

1. You need to pass your driving test before you can drive.
2. You must study harder to pass your exams.
3. As long as the rain continues we cant play football.
4. Tom had to ask for a pay rise or he wouldnt have got one.
5. You need all the right spices to make an authentic Indian meal.
6. Going there by bus will be cheaper than going by train.
7. Entering this competition could win you a mountain bike.
8. We will have to leave without him if he doesnt arrive in the next 10 minutes.
9. We will be able to go swimming if the weather improves.

C. Read the following situations, then write as many conditional sentences as possible.

E.g.: As long as it rains, Ill stay at home.

If it rains, Ill stay at home. Only if it rains will I stay at home. I wont stay at home unless it

1. Ill save money, then Ill go to France on holiday.

2. Wait five minutes and Ill give you a lift.

3. Ill cook and you can do the washing up afterwards.


D. Rewrite the following omitting if.

E.g.: If I were you, I wouldnt apply for the post of fire-fighter.

Were I you, I wouldnt apply for the post of fire-fighter.
1. If you should go to the post office, could you buy me some stamps?

2. If anyone should ring, will you take a message?

3. If you had turned off the oven sooner, the pizza wouldnt have burnt.

4. If I were younger, Id accept his offer.

E. Rewrite the following as mixed conditionals.

E.g.: Hes not a good worker, so he wasnt promoted.

If he were a good worker, he would have been promoted.
1. They walked 40 kilometres, so theyre exhausted now.

2. You didnt make an appointment, so we cant see you tomorrow.

3. She didnt take the medication and now shes ill again.

4. The flight left on time, so theyll be in Moscow by now.

5. They were working in the rain all day, so theyre soaking wet now.

6. She didnt study at all, so shell do badly in the test.

7. Hes so gullible that he believed everything you said.

8. She was talking all day, so her throat is sore now.

9. He doesnt listen to anyones advice, so he didnt do what you suggested.

F. Complete the sentences using the words in bold. Use two to five words.

E.g.: Youd better cut down on sugar.

Were If I were you, I would cut down on sugar.
1. Tom got lost because we didnt give him clear instructions.
Have Tom if we had given him clear instructions.
2. If you dont criticize his work, hell never improve.
Unless Hell never improve .. his work.
3. She doesnt have many friends because she is shy.
Were If she.. have many friends.
4. Well only sign the contract if he changes that clause.
Will Only if he changes that clause .. the contract.
5. Hes afraid of heights, so he wont come climbing.
Were If he , he would come climbing.
6. Lucy can prepare the report, but shell have to be given instructions.
Only Lucy can prepare the report instructions.
7. As long as you give it back by Friday, you can borrow my book.
Provided You can borrow my book by Friday.
8. If you dont lend us some money, we wont be able to go to the theatre.
Unless We wont be able to go to the theatre .. some
9. She missed the meeting because her car broke down.
Broken She wouldnt have missed the meeting if.
10. I need to get this to her, but I havent got her fax number.
Had If .., I could get this to her.
11. He forgot about the invitation so he didnt go to the dinner.
Not Had .. the invitation, he would have gone to the dinner.
12. I think Bill should look for a better job.
Were If. look for a better job.
13. We didnt take a map so we got lost.
Taken If ..., we wouldnt have got lost.
14. Mark didnt tell her it was a secret so she told Pam.
Have If Mark had told her it was a secret, .. Pam.

G. Finish the sentences.

E.g.: If I found a gun in the street I would give it to a policeman.

1. My father would have bought me a car if .
2. They would be very upset if. .
3. If you miss the train.. .
4. If you had taken my advice... .
5. I would have bought it if... .
6. Hell be furious if . .
7. What would you do if .
8. If I were you... .
9. If he had found a job.. .
10. You wouldnt have been punished if. .
11. Unless the weather improves. .
12. We would go by plane if .
13. If I had forgotten my ticket .
14. If I understand the question .
15. If the storm becomes worse .
16. If we leave before breakfast .
17. Well send for the doctor if. .
18. What would happen if. .
19. I would have brought you some beef if... .
20. I would repair the roof myself if.. .
21. If you ate less .
22. You would have been angry if.. .
23. If we had a car .
24. If somebody sees you. .
25. If I were you... .
26. If anyone attacked me. .
27. If I knew her address .
28. I could get a job easily if.. .
29. If you are late... .
30. If I had known you were in hospital. .

H. Rephrase the following sentences.

1. I dont know his address, thats why I cannot give it to you. If..
2. Hurry up or youll miss the bus. If .
3. I didnt lock the car. Thats why it was stolen. If
4. If she doesnt study, she wont pass the test. Unless .
5. I dont have the book, so I cant lend it to you. If .
6. With a lot of luck, you will win the lottery. If ..
7. I dont know the answer, so I cannot give it to you. If
8. Do the washing up, otherwise you wont be allowed to go out. If ..
9. I didnt come because I didnt have time. If
10. I didnt visit you because I didnt know you were in hospital. If ..
11. I cannot type it because I dont have a typewriter. If .
12. I do not keep a horse because I cannot afford it. I would
13. We didnt have a map, so we got lost. If
14. We wont go on the trip if the weather is bad. We .. unless .. .
15. Be more careful or youll have an accident. Unless
16. Dont be late or well go without you. If .
17. She is shy; thats why she doesnt enjoy parties. If
18. I didnt come because nobody told me to. If somebody .