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Learning activity 4 / Actividad de aprendizaje 4

Evidence: My view on Colombia / Evidencia: Como veo a Colombia

Fuente: Fotolia (s.f.)

Write a composition describing what the lifestyle of a typical colombian is like

(customs, health, among others); also, you have to take into account the use of
indefinitive pronouns and quantifiers. / Elabore una composicin describiendo
cmo es el estilo de vida de un colombiano promedio (costumbres, salud, entre
otras); asimismo deber tener en cuenta la utilizacin de los pronombres
indefinidos y los cuantificadores.

my view on Colombia
When you stay in 'olombia and you get hungry, you should taste its
typical food, it isdelicious.
lmost every colombian people get sleep late on weekends, they love
to share withtheir families.
When you birthday in colombia, you must eat cake with your family
and Friends.
many colombian people love sports, everybody play football in
in colombia you can see a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, but these
are sold too expensive.
many colombian people have a lot free time and they spend it
watching television.
people dont like to stay in colombia, there are a lot of countries better
than it.
When you travel to colombia you dont get worry, there are many
parties and festivalsto enjoy.
many colombian people dont like to travel to another the country,
they love traveling around theirs.
people in colombia eat typical fast food, it is cheaper than vegetables
colombian people are hard workers, but almost all have low-paying
jobs making them poorer than other people around the world.