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Taytay, Rizal

At the end of the session, the students should be able to:
1. Use definition to identify the meaning of words;
2. Explain how a poem influenced ones life;
3. Draw generalization and conclusion from the material presented.


Topic: If by Rudyard Kipling
Sub-topic: Context clues
Learning materials: Cartolina and Printed Texts
Reference: Celebrating Self-Worth Grade 9 Learners Materials page 105-


Teachers Activities Students Activities

A. Preliminary Activity
1. Prayer
Will you lead the prayer Mr. (Mr. Talla leads the prayer)

2. Greetings Good morning, Maam!

Good Morning Class!

3. Checking of attendance
Is there anyone absent today Im happy to say Maam that everyone
Ms. Gabriel? is present today.-Ms. Gabriel

4. Recall the previous lesson Our previous lesson is all about verb.
Before we proceed to our We tackled last meeting that it is not
next lesson. Can you give the just an action word because there
gist of our previous lesson Mr. different types of verb, for example,
Ordonio? linking verb and the helping verb.

Thank you Mr. Ordonio. You

may sit down.

B. Lesson Proper
A. Activities (Students write their thoughts and
Let start our lesson with a feelings in a piece of paper and paste it
drill. I have here a freedom on freedom wall)
wall and all of you will write
something about the
struggles that you have
encountered in your life and
how did you surpass all of
that and paste it here in our
mini freedom wall.
(Mr. Talla goes in front and reads loudly)
Mr. Talla can you read three
papers that have posted in
the mini freedom wall.

Thank you Mr. Talla! You may

go back to your sit.

B. Analysis

Now, get your learners

materials and turn it on page

I will group you into four

groups and each group will (Group 1 reads the first stanza of the
read the stanza of the poem poem If)
assigned to them.
(Group 2reads the first stanza of the
Group one read the first poem If)
(Group 3 reads the first stanza of the
Group two read the second poem If)
(Group 4 reads the first stanza of the
Group three read the third poem If)

Group four read the fourth


Thank you students!

I need five students to come (Chosen students go in front and

in front and give the meaning answer the drill)
of unfamiliar words using
context clue.
Yes, Mr. Romantan, Ms. 1. unlucky
Gabon, Ms. Jose, Mr. Licudan,
Ms. Teleb 2. foes


1. It means misfortune or 4. impostors
bad luck
2. In other words, they are
your enemies or 5. knave
3. It means stack or
4. They are called
pretenders or fakes
5. They are also called the
playing cards

C. Abstraction
All of your answers are
correct and now I am going to
ask you:
1. How to become a man
according to R.Kipling?
2. What conditions are stated
Group one slogan:
in each stanza?
3. How important is the Always do right and just.
poems message in your
life? Group two slogan:
Set your goals and follow your
D. Application dreams.

I will divide you into two

groups and each group will
make their own slogan about
how to become a better
person that is conveyed in the

Very good students! I am no

longer surprised that you One can be a better person if he/she
have performed so well. Keep sets his/her goals and have plans. And
up the good work! So for the if ever he/she fails, he/she will change
group 1, you got 96% and the plan and not the goals.-Student 1
group 2 got 98%
One can be a better person when
E. Generalization he/she advocates change and promotes
peace.- Student 2
So to sum up out todays
discussion, I want you to One can be a better person by
continue the phrase: One can following even the simplest rule in a
be a better person by certain community-Student 3
One can be a better person by means
of having a sense of responsibility and
love to the things that surrounds
her/him.-Student 4

One can be a better person by having

a respect to everybody.-Student 5
IV. Generalization/Closure
Read the poem The Man with the Hoe by Edwin Markham on page 135.