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50 Using This Manual

This section tells you how this manual is organized. Abstracts of each section are
included along with a list of other Company manuals. Figure 50-1 is a Quick Refer-
ence Guide that highlights key areas of the manual. A Cross Reference Chart
(Figure 50-2) relates the manual to others with complementary information. The
index at the end of the manual will also help you find particular topics.

Chevron Corporation 50-1 January 1997

50 Using This Manual Welding Manual

Scope and Application

The Welding Manual has been written for Company personnel who are responsible
for selecting and applying welding specifications and for inspecting welding opera-
tions. It is directed both to entry-level personnel and nonspecialists regardless of
experience. This manual should not be used as a substitute for sound engineering
Company personnel who write or review welding procedures should be familiar
with the applicable Codes, Chevron specifications and the recommendations
provided in this manual.
The intent is to provide practical, useful information based on Company experi-
ence. Therefore, forms have been included in the front of the manual for your
convenience in suggesting changes. Your input and experience are important for
improving subsequent printings and keeping this manual up-to-date.

The colored tabs in the manual will help you find information quickly. In summary:
White tabs are for table of contents, introduction, appendices, PC disks, index,
and general purpose topics.
Blue tabs denote Engineering Guidelines.
Gray tabs are used for Specifications and related forms. (There are none in this
Red tab marks a place for you to keep documents developed by your organiza-

Engineering GuidelinesAbstracts
The following are abstracts of each section of this manual.
Section 100This section describes the welding processes commonly used for
Company applications, along with the advantages, disadvantages, and typical appli-
cations for each. It discusses joint design and describes the various types of joints
and welds. Weld metal composition is covered, including proper storage and
handling of welding electrodes. The section describes preheating, with reasons for
preheating and methods used. There is a detailed discussion of postweld heat treat-
ment (PWHT) purposes and methods. In addition, oxygen and arc cutting of metals
is covered.
Section 200This section describes the development of a welding procedure speci-
fication, the qualification of that specification, and the qualification of the welder
using that specification. It focuses on the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code,
Section IX, because this code is most frequently used for qualifying weld proce-
dures and welders (except for pipelines, offshore structures and shipbuilding).

January 1997 50-2 Chevron Corporation

Welding Manual 50 Using This Manual

Section 300This section covers basic welding and heat treatment considerations
for commonly used alloys including dissimilar metal combinations, overlay, and
corrosion resistance linings. It reviews safe welding and cutting practices and
covers general welding troubleshooting. It also covers hot tap welding, and repair-
welding without PWHT.
Section 400This section identifies and characterizes the hazards unique to
welding and cutting. Precautions are described and reference is made to the avail-
able guidelines.
Section 500This section discusses ways to assure the quality of a welding job.
The first half the section describes nondestructive test methods and guides the
reader on which methods to choose for a particular application. The second half of
the section, covering welding inspection, is also available in pocket size as the
Company's Guide to Welding Inspection.
Section 600This section discusses welding and related topics applicable to
offshore structures. Process equipment fabrication for platform modules is not
covered here since it is the same as for onshore facilities.
Section 700This section covers field installation of socket weld casing heads. It
discusses preheat and welding, as well as the postheat necessary to obtain crack-
free welds without postweld heat treatment (PWHT). The section gives detailed
procedures for welding casing heads and covers qualification of weld procedures
and welders.

Appendix A contains data sheets for most of the alloys encountered in the petro-
leum and chemical industry.
Appendix B is an index of Chevron-qualified welding procedures, listed in order by
Chevron's WPS number.
Appendix C also is an index of Chevron-qualified welding procedures, but listed in
order by base metals and process.
Appendix D contains samples of ASME standard forms.
Appendix E contains the AWS Standard Welding Symbol Chart.
Appendix F contains a table showing equivalents of various hardness scales.

Other Company Manuals

The text sometimes refers to documents in other Company manuals. These docu-
ments carry the prefix of that manual. The prefixes are defined here:
Prefix Company Manual
CIV Civil and Structural

Chevron Corporation 50-3 January 1997

50 Using This Manual Welding Manual

CMP Compressor
COM Coatings
CPM Corrosion Prevention
DRI Driver
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EXH Heat Exchanger and Cooling Tower
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UTL Utilities
WEM Welding

Fig. 50-1 Quick Reference Guide

Task Welding Manual Sections
Learn Background Information About
Welding Fundamentals 100
Welding Qualifications 200
Welding Procedures 300, Appendices B & C
Safety 400
Special Applications 600, 700
Alloy Data Appendix A
Weld Metal 130
Forms Appendix D, Appendix E

January 1997 50-4 Chevron Corporation

Welding Manual 50 Using This Manual

Fig. 50-2 Manuals Cross Reference Chart (1 of 2)



External X X X

Insulation X X

Internal X X

Selection Chart X X

Weight X


API 5L Line Pipe X

ASTM A106 Pipe X

Instruments X

Valves and Fittings X X X

Computer Programs X X


Cathodic Protection X

Coating X X X

Inspection X X X X

Offshore Methods X X X X X

Safety X X X

Spooling X

Testing X X X

Welding X X X


Hot Oil X X X

Metering X

Pipeline X

Piping Layout X

Plant Piping X


Weld Procedure X


Properties X X

Selection X X X X

Expansion X X

Hot Tapping X X X

Inspection and Testing X X X X X

Installation X

Crossings X

Chevron Corporation 50-5 January 1997

50 Using This Manual Welding Manual

Fig. 50-2 Manuals Cross Reference Chart (2 of 2)


Pipeline X

Plant Piping X

Pipe Cleaning X X X

Pulsation Control X

Specifications (Company)

C.S. Piping X

Cement-Lined Pipe X

Cleaning Piping X

External FBE Coating X

Induction Bending X

Internal Coating X

Insulation X

Line Pipe X

Pressure Testing of Plant Piping X

Radiography X X

Sour Line Pipe X

Specifications (Industry)




API 1104 X

API 1107 X

API 1111 X



API 2510 X

ASME Section IX X

Surveying X

Troubleshooting X

Vibration X

Welding X X

January 1997 50-6 Chevron Corporation