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Ma Mo TempleAchim Sass iran: Humbert BlncoSyve Pogo Arist Agency pp. 2.27 fx 3).34, 5(ex 2 44(ex 3 A, 5, 69, 75,80, 1. 8 89, 95: Claude Borda) ‘Agent 002.56; Rob Davis 106; Paul Dave pp19.27 (ex 2, 33(ex3). 35(ex 5} 37.47, 55.77. 85-Glyn Goodirin p62: Cie Godyer pp 6.7.8, 16.25 31 (ex 1 38,4144 (ex ex3) 52, 7ex 1.71.72 87; Andy Parker pp20, 31 (ex2} 46 Mark Rule p.70 compass: Gwen Touret 104; Fred Van Deelen 102 map) oO ~~ z 7 7 rie FT Family Eee See comm sorene oe Set cheek = iS =~ — mss os Sat check ‘GetReadyloryourExam i p.26 *Ulstning +Reading Use of nglch + Wing.» Speaking Ey School subjects Schools without Karate school Alene Alasrooms, Rschoot Dayofthe Dead ‘a vation rotons ‘Get Readyforyourtxam2 p42 Reading “Listening + UseofEgish «Wing» Speaking fod yes Sl Sr rage! NSGHE | Aestonae Intown ‘Teen adventure ‘A postman fies note tame Sat chek ‘GetReadyloryourbam3 p60 = Reading «Listening = Useofnglish + Wing» Speaking Z — a ee ea — —~——— a sa Za ‘Get Readyforyourtxam4 p78 Reading “Listening + Use of English + Wing» Speaking ~— a 2 Ser check 140 anspor a Downunder genre cor sree coe Seu eneck 0 soe ‘GetRendyforyourExams 9.96 = Listening «Reading» Use of English «Wing.» Speaking eviews p98 Extra Reading 9.103 Functions Bankp.108 Writing Bank p10 Words p.112 Self Check Answers .119 ci Introduction Bane 1 GPLISTENING 2, Complete the dialogue with, the sentences below. Then listen and check. 3 GULISTENING) Listen and write the numbers. al 4 be « fo 4 Write the numbers as words. 2 jw gw tg wo 5 \GULISTENING'5) SPEAKING Listen and answer the questions. Then write your answers below. @ -Citarsrnane”) Crm @ My name's 1 2 3 4 5 6 Write a dialogue like the one in exercise 1. Use the information in the chart below. er z ame: Susannah Name: Alessia] Name: Baykal Age: 17 Age: 16 Annas» fr key Susannah i, Alessia, Annaliese “ince to met you Assia Giacomo + Susannah Annaliese « Giacomo” Aad bow od are ya? Alessia Annaliese + Baykal Giacomo * Alessia Annaliese Baykal Giacomo * Alessi 2 \@IUSTENING'S) Listen and write the words. ae 1 rome 5 pom Baykal 3 4 8 4 | introduction eam 1. Complete the sentences. Use the affirmative form of be. 1 You ___from Australia. 2 My English teacher MrSimpson. 3 Tomand Betty in my class. 4 |___ seventeen years old. 5 My pencil in my bag. 6 We __athome. 2. Write sentences. Use the negative form of be. 1 This coffee / hot “Tis coffe isn't hot, 2 Sam / in the classroom 3 We// eighteen years old 5. Write true short answers. 1 Is your English teacher a man? 2 Is your Workbook green? 3 Isyellow your favourite colour? 4 Are your school friends British? 5 Are you at school? te the possessive adjectives for the personal pronouns. 11m sit 2 you 6 we 3 he 7 you 4 she 8 they 7 Match 1-6 with pictures a-f below. Complete the sentences with this, that, these and those. am Clare 18 9 New York, USA | Chicago, USA pizza ice cream = | 3... is his bike. 6 ... are our books. 3. Put the words in the correct order to make questions. Then 4 ‘match the questions with answers a-f below. e wos 1 Martin / name / your / is /? = Oo aa These are your pens. d 2 you / are / Ireland / from / 2 —____O 3 at/ home / is / dad / your /? o Ff aaineia 4 teachers / and Harry / are / Neil /? 0 cc 4 5 Joanna /and|/ American / are /? ——————— ff 6 Sarah / is / hungry /? —SS—eFeFeFeFSSSSCsFsSsSs—CS) Bn = See eee ip etctete; [Challenget Write four more true sentences about you, your family and friends. Introduction [5 GRAMMAR 1. Complete the message. Use the affirmative form of have got Hil My name is Isaac and I'm a big Manchester United fan, like my dad. 1 posters of the players: ln my bedroom and my dad = lots of books: about the team. He 2 ‘some old magazines about football too. | really ike them = they * ‘amazing photos of players from the 1950s. We 5 a dog. Its name is Rooney! 2 Complete the first part of sentences 16 with the negative form of have got. Then match them with the second part a-f. 1 | tavern got__a TVin my room, but 2 We a Ferrari, but o 3 She___ brothers or sisters, but [) 4 They apiano athome, but [] 5 He a bike, but o 61 ____a computer, but o she's got cousins. I've got a phone. Ive got a radio. d. he’s got.a skateboard, € they've got a guitar. we've got a Porsche, 3 Lookat the chart Write questions and short answers about Emily and her brother Leo. Use have got. Emily / a gu Has Emily 2 Leo / guitar? itr? Yes, she as. Emily and Leo / a cat? Emily and Leo / a dictionary? 5. Emily / an MP3 player? 6 Leo / an MP3 player? 4 Write a oran. ait old dictionary. Have you got MP3 player? I've got all my photos on co. 2 3 4 He hasn't got girlfriend, 5 6 This is amazing garden. Ie beautiful afternoon, Complete the dialogue with o, an or the. Nathan Have you got Leah Yes, | have. I've got?___cat too. Nathan What are their names? Leah + _dog’s name is Blackie and * _cat’s name is Penfold. Nathan Where are they now? Leah They're in’ __garden. Nathan Oh, yes. Look! Blackie has got © Leah Hey! That's one of my new trainers! old shoe. Choose the correct answers. 1 ‘What's on a aradio *ALady Gaga song.’ b the radio « radio 2 ‘When's our guitar lesson?” ‘In a anaftemnoon b theafternoon —_¢ afternoon 3 IsAlexat_____ today? a ahome b the home © home 4 My cats always awake at a anight b the night € night 5 Wow! You've got__ bike! a anamazing b theamazing —_¢ amazing Challenge! Wit three affirmative and three negative sentences about. you, your family and friends. Use have got. 6 | tntoduetion ee 5 Find eleven more months of the year in the wordsearch. 1 @ILISTENING 7: Listen to the dialogues. Draw the times Leas da tadkonesiien becunneie fon the clocks. @ 2 a alwi[mlale{c|uleleli[riy ufyrlolelalalulelu mialy|s|slolrlriciilaly k|nfolvie/m/s)elriyfolo QO ale <|=|<|- =lelelel=l=te -lelel= o|el=im zie|-l =l>le lel=ls =lelele= #l=[-|[* elel= el=l=|el= P 2 Write the times from exercise 1. f MiP Lel ey ei Rie ize 1A al past thee xiclvjele|wimlylalwirle 2 ; E tly}rjulilo sir 4 ; 1 Teuaoy 5 9 é 2 6 10 3 7 un 3 Put the words in the correct order. Then complete the 4 8 12 dialogue withthe sentences. half / ten / it's / past 6 Write the words. : «is . is | time / please / what /it, |? . “ welcome / you're = S you / thank 38 ” ‘A Excuse me. ao Be -_ sa Ae B 7 Write the numbers. ntythird 228 inet a 4. Write the days ofthe week inthe correct order. 3 vented &: wa Met a 2 fifteenth = eighteenth esnit —___. 3 thinieth 6 twenty-second. 8 GPUSTENINGS Listen and write the dates. i 2 om asa Introduction [7 EG Friends and family Tee 1. othe crossword. 3 Match 1-6 with af. 1 Fmhis stepsister. (Z]_ a She's my niece 2 rimhistwin, — EJ b He's my tw ‘She's my cousin. She's my stepdaughter. He's my nephew. 3 Imheruncle. = 4 I'm her stepmother. (] 5 'mher cou: a r 6 I'mhis aunt. a ‘4 Rewrite each pair of sentences as one sentence. Use He's my stepbrother. possessive 's. 1 John has gota bike. It's new. ‘ohn’ bike i new. 2 My cousins live in a flat. I's very bi very big. 3 Naomi has got a computer. It's new. new, 4 My fiends are having a party. I's on Saturday. o Saturday, 5. Her grandparents have gota cat. It's black. lak, ‘Across 2 My smothers fathers my; Ream a eee 4 My sons sisteris my POSS oeer 6 I'mhis wife, he's my 9 Myuncle’s daughter is my 11. I'm her husband, she's my 5 Write the plural form of the nouns in the correct column. Down 1 Myson's daughteris my Pea bal 3. My cousin’s mother is my 5. My father’s mother is my 7 My brother's son is my 8 My dad's brother is my 10 My daughter's brother is my, 6 Complete the sentences with plural form ofthe nouns. ; 1 Myaunthas got three _ (child) 2 write the missing words. an Gaon nent 41 sons + daughters = dldeen (tooth). 2 mother +father= 3 Four (man) and four 3 grandmother + grandfather= (woman) are inthe team. 4 grandson + Oo 4 Two __ (family lve in that house. 5 = great-grandparents 5 There are six __ (person) in my family. 8 | Unita * Friends and family Ga 1. Complete the sentences. Use the present simple affirmative 4 Put the words inthe correct order to make sentences. form of the verbs in brackets. 1 sister go out / my / doesnt / alot 1 Myaunt and uncle (live) in the USA, My sister: drat go out a 2 Rosie (have) music lessons every weekend 2 New York / parents / lve / in / don’t | Tom's 3 Mybest friend (play) in the school basketball teams 3 pizza / brother / eat / doesn’t / my at (study) Russian at school, 5 My cousin and (ike) football 4 teacher / our | doesn't / work / Sundays / on 6 Mystepbrother (atch) TV every night. Lady Gaga / like / my / don’t / parents 2 Complete the sentences. Use the present form of the verbs in the box. ple affirmative SRNR SST 6 Chinese / Sam / speak / doesn’t 1 my ster Innes lessons atwechends; > angen ke / we / or 3 Mynighbour fom anc, swe Fndsin town evry Satie ovrig. 5 Maat sence eget. 51 late on Sundays. 1 I live in a big house. 6 My grandfather four languages. dont live in a big house 2 My dag works ina hotel. 3 What do they do on Saturdays and Sundays? Look at the 2 chart and write sentences about the activities. 3 My friends like sport. Saturdays Sundays 4. My best friend speaks Japanese. Tom 5 We go to school on Saturdays. Sof Brit 6 My brother has guitar lessons. 7 My grandmother watches TV all day. Hannah s ae F =f and Sam : 23-25 Challenge! 1 play tennis Write sixsentences about your family and fiends. Use play’ . . the present simple affirmative or negative. Choose Mannah and Sam play tenis on Saturdays. Ee aes 2 drat getup go like live play speak study work 3 eat My dad likes ice hockey. cat plea cousin Arma dove ie inthis county, ‘4 watch TV 1 2 5 listen to music J 4 6 goout 3 Unit 1 = Friends and family [9 G3 Royal party — Paiste eet ee 1 Complete the facts about the UK with the words in, the box. ‘elections government laws parties queen 1 The three main inthe UK are the Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrats. 2 Elizabeth iis the . but her husband, Prince Philip, is not a king, 3 Inthe UK, are always on a Thursday. 4 Inside the House of Commons, the sits on one side of the room and the other MPs sit on the other side, 5 British MPs vote on new every year. 2 Read the text. Are the sentences true (T) or false (F)? 1 There are four Royal garden parties at Buckingham Palace every year. Q 2 The Royal Family chooses all of the guests. a 3. The parties start at 3 p.m. and finish at 6 pm. [1] 4 The guests drink tea, but they don’t drink coffee. [1] 5. The guests take photos of the Queen at the garden parties. Qo 6 The Queen and her husband go to all of the garden parties. a ‘There are four Royal garden parties every year ~ one in Scotland and three at Buckingham Palace in London. About 8,000 people goto each party. The government and many different charities all help to choose the guests. ‘The party starts at three o'clock in the afternoon. ‘The guests listen to music (there are two bands) and walk around the beautiful gardens. They drink tea or coffee and eat sandwiches and cakes. They can't take photos or use mobile phones. At four o'clock, the Queen and her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, join the party. Other members of the Royal Family ~ like Prince Charles, Prince William and Princess Anne - don't go to every garden party, but they go to one or two a year. It's a ‘chance for the Royal Family to meet and talk to the public, The party finishes at six o'clock. 40 | nits » Friends and family This person helps to decide who goes to the parties. [_] b This person asks guests some questions. o € This person prepares food for the parties. Oo Challenge! Complete sentences 1-5 with the names of the people. Try to add one more. 1 The Prime Minister of the UKis——— The President of the USA is ‘The President of Germany is —_. The King of Spain is The __of my country is The of ___is eam 1 Complete the questions and short answers. Use do, don’t, 6 Edward / play football? does and doesn't. 1 your dad work in town a No, he 7 Rosie and Edward / go outa lot? 2 your cousins lve near the school? Yes, they : 3 lessons start at nine o'clock? oe 3. Put the words inthe correct order to make questions. 4 you like computers? 1 does / your / tive cousin J where /? No, were dove your cousin live? 5 ____the Queen live at Buckingham Palace? 2 like / do / why / Angelina Jolie / you / ? Yes, she ‘ 6 you drink coffee? 3 lunch / you / when / do J have /? Yes,t ~ 4 do J sports / they / do J which /2 2 Lookat the chart. Then write questions and answers about Edward and Rosie. 5 you / for/ what / dinner / do / want /? with / who / live you / do / 2 4 Match these answers with the questions in exercise 3. ral Roale a Cl myparents. [1] Because she's beautifull ive in an apartment v z Pasta, please. e [Football and tennis. ery 7 y ¢ HinScotland. —_F [] Atone o'clock. i z speak Spanish x Challenge! like cooking x x play football v ¥ Write the questions. Use the question words in the box. fp outa lot 7 S Then write true answers. 41 Edward / lve in an apartment? EVID Does Edvard lve in an apartment? Yes. he doe, 2 Rosle j Hire nam apartment 2 your bestfriend / travel to school 2 @ Rost / workin tondant 3 you / sit next to In lass 4 Edward / speak Spani 4. you / have for breakfast, 5. Rosie and Edward / like cooking? Unit 1 = Friends and family [42 Peete ee 1. Complete the sentences. Use the affirmative form of the verbs in the box. do finish get go go have prepare start use 1 My sister to bed at 9 p.m. on Sundays. 2 We lunch at school during the week. 3 Ourteachers computers in the classroom, 4 My grandfather weekends, 51 up at 7 a.m. from Monday to Friday. 6 My sister to school by train, 7 8 the housework at | workin a restaurant. | food. My dad work at 6 a.m. and he work at 2 p.m, 2 Read the text, Which of these things do the members of the Long Hill community have? Tick v oF cross x. Clanimats books Chouses Clcomputers Ons Ciphones Life at Long Hill The Lone Hil Community isa group of twenty famiies who ine together in the south of England. They have a small farm with animals and ten smal houses. two families ive in each house. Their ai isto ive without the he of modem technology. The adults at Long Kill dorrt have jobs outside the Community, but they work very hard, They get up cary and they have breakfast. Then they start work con the farm or they do housework. The children have lessons in the moming, Thei teachers are all ‘members of the Community, "We don't hate technology” says Martin Edwards, the founder of the Community, but we wanta simple, ‘tural life. And technology ist simple — or natural’ ‘So at Long Hil they dorrt use computers or watch TV. They haven't got phones. So what do they do in the evenings? ‘Lots of things: we read books, we play games, we play music and sing, says Martin. ‘Life at Long kilis simple, butit'snever boring? 42 | nits » frends and amity 3 Choose the best answers. 41. Each family in the Long Hill Community a lives with another family. b has got animals. has got two houses. 2 Allthe adults in the Community a are teachers. b have got jobs outside the Community. work inside the Community. 3 In the moming, the children a have lessons. b work on the farm. © do housework, 4 AtLong Hill, they don’t use modern technology because a they hate it. b they want a natural life € they don’t understand it. 5 Inthe evening, the families at Long Hill watch films. enjoy music. € play computer games. Challenge! Write three questions to ask the people who live in the Long Hill Community, Use the topics in the box or your ‘own ideas. exams food sports university 1 2 Baan 1. Put the words in the correct order to make questions. @ in /you / what / class / are /? b you / from / are / where /? near / you / school / the / do / live / ? brothers / you / any / got / have / sisters or /? day / first / this at {school / this / your 1 got / have / friends / this / school / at / you / 2 2 \@UISTENING 10) Complete the dialogue with questions, a-f from exercise 1. Then listen and check, Lucas Hi, 'm Lucas, Sienna Nice to meet you. I'm Sienna. lucas |e Sienna Yes, itis. 7 lucas * __ Sienna We're from Scotland. But my mum has got a new job. 5 Complete the sentences with subject or object pronouns from exercise 4, 1. What do you think of Lady Gaga’s songs? Do you like them 2 2 We go to Spain every year because really like it 3 Jackand Amelia are at tis school. Do you know? 4 I speak to Sophia every day. She phones _before school, 5. Do you know my parents? work in the hospital, 6 Your sister Lucy isin my class at school. | sit next to 7 Doyyou like basketball? Yes, love __. 8 My dad walks to work and my mum goes with 6 \G@LISTENING 21) Listen to the dialogue. Then complete the factfile about Emily. Name: | Emily From: | (brother / sister) (exe) {school / job / university) 7 Invent a fact file for Finley, a new student at your school. Name: [ (| From: Family: (brother / sister) (ee) {School /job / university) a dialogue like the one in exercise 2, Use the information about Finley in exercise 7. lucas You Sienna Yes, we do. But | don’t like our new house! Finley You 2 3 Look at the dialogue in exercise 2 again and complete the ees fact file about Sienna. UO You What 2 Names | Sienna From: Finley 'm Family: | (brother / sister) You Have ee (age) Finley (School / job / university) You Hae 4 Match the object pronouns with the subject pronouns. a it her you we us them he you you you she they me it Finley Yes. I've got You Where Finley Yu do Finley Unit 1 = Friends and family [43 Tanna Preparation 1. Read the message. Are the sentences true (1) or false (F)? Callum is new to the school. o b Callum is new to London. oO € Callum is not new to the school or London. [] Hil My name is Callum and I'm sixteen. I'm in class 140. | come from Canada. I've got two sisters, Lexi and Maddison. Theyre at the schoo! too, so | already know two people here! We live with our mum and dad in a small flat here in London. It's near the school, so we walk to school every morning. | really like London, but | miss our big house in Canada, Hove sport. At home in Canada, I play ice hockey. Here in London, I play basketball I don't play football, but | watch it on TV. | also watch DVDs a lot. My favourite actor is Jackie Chan. 2. What information about Callum is in his message? Tick the correct paragraph (1 of 2), or tick v ‘Not there’. 4, Complete the messages with the prepositions in the box. You can use the prepositions more than once. at by for in on to with 4 The new Ban Affleck fim is _1V clack tonight. Do you want to watch 2 My dad isnt: __hame, Hels hina ‘bw weeks, 3 Im the bus, Are you __ schoo? @ fm____tawn, Do you went pizza dinner tonight? 5 Igo school_bus, Ist_mry friends and we listan music, Writing guide 5 Imagine you are a new student at your school. Write a ‘message forthe school magazine to introduce yourself. Follow the guide below. Give your name and age. Say what class you are in. ‘Say where you are from. Talk about your family and your home. Talkabout one of your hobbies. Mention a favourite (team, singer, actor, etc.) Talk about another hobby or interes. Parai_[Para2 | Notthere co tis name z : his hobbies ‘ his pets his age his favourite actor, his favourite sports team where he lives his class at school his favourite singer 3 Match 1-6 with a-fto make sentences. 1 Icome from [] a Julia. 2 ve got a b fifteen years old. 3 Mynameis [] basketball 4 I play Oo Oxford. 5 tm Qa ‘e my parents and my brother. 6 Ilivewith =) f a brotheranda sister. 14 | Unit1 * Friends and family read Pace te eee eon eee Racine checked your spelling and grammar? 1. Write the family members. 1 Myaunt’s husband ismy ‘My aunt’s daughter is my 5. Write the questions and complete the short answers. Use the present simple. 1 Anna / play tennis ? ‘My father’s father is my : My brother's son ismy My sisters daughter is my ‘My sons children are my. Yes, 2 your cousins / live near here ? ‘My mother’s parents aremy My father’s sister is my 2 Complete the sentences with the plural form of the nouns in the box. ‘Oxford and Cambridge are two in England. Which ___go to the town centre? Lady Gaga and Angelina Jolie are famous __. Look at these of my holiday! ‘My aunt and uncle have got five Please put al the books on the 3 Complete the sentences. Use the present simple affirmative form of the verbs in brackets. 1 My parents early on Sundays. (get up) 2 Anna___1Vin her bedroom. (watch) 3. My brother and | five languages. (speak) 4 You tomatoes. (ike) 5 Mysister___ swimming lessons. (have) 4 Rewrite the sentences in exercise 3. Use the present simple negative form of the verbs. po No, 3 your dad / speak French ? No, 4 Mike and Andy / have music lessons ? Yes, 5. you and your fiends / go out a ot? No, 6 you / ike sport? Yes, Ican Read the statements. Think about your progress and tick ‘one of the boxes. E=!need more practice. EEY=! sometimes find this dificult. EEE No problem |can describe my family. (SB p.8) 1 can talk about facts and things that happen regularly. (SB p.9) {can talkabout the monarchy. (SB p.10) I can ask questions about facts and everyday events. (SB p.11) 1 can understand an article about a ‘community. ($B p.12) | can introduce myself to new people. ($8 p.14) | can write a message about myself. ($8 p.15) SelfCheck1 [45 16 Pe 1. Label the pictures. recente eee em eeeLKd Ee ‘4 Complete the sentences. Use the present simple form of do, play or go. 1 Liam does __ gymnastics on Friday evenings. it Bc 2v os af 10d 4g 1b 50 wd 6s Ba 74 2 Complete the activities with the words in the box. books films games games hockey jogging magazines photos skating the Net to music 1 listening 7 reading 2 video 8 surfing 3 ice 9 watching 4 board 10 reading 5 ice 11. taking 6 going 3. Write three true sentences about the activities in exercises and 2. Use the phrases in the box. Km really into really ike 1 quite tke M'mnot very keen on I don’t like 1 ' but! s 21 : but! . 31 : but! Unit 2 = My time 2 |___ basketball after school. 3 We don’t athletics at school 4 My sister karate. 5 Jason ‘skateboarding with his frends. 6 My cousin tennis on Sundays. 7 I don't ice skating very often. 8 Myfriends and rollerblading in the park. 5 Choose the correct words. I'm not very keen on watching / doing sport on TV. They go fora film / a walk on Saturday mornings. My dad likes surfing the computer / the Net. watch / play video games with my brother, We read magazines / DVDs at home. | don’t do / play a musical instrument. We do athletics / volleyball at school. My sister plays / does gymnastics. Challenge! Write a paragraph about your free-time activities. Use repress tea bei alas atweekends in the evening ‘on Sunday morning/afternoon, Ga 1. Complete the adverbs of frequency with a, e,j, 0 and u. tower 4 _Iw_ys Shodly vr 6 fn 2 Complete the chart with the adverbs of frequency in exercise 1. 3 Put the words in the correct order to make sentences. 1 often / on Sundays. / has / breakfast / in bed / Mike Mike often has breakfast in bed on Sundays. 2 go shopping / sometimes / on Saturdays. /1 3 is / on Friday evenings. / at home / Kate / never 4 speaks /in our English lessons. / always / our teacher / English 5 at school. / usually / am /1/ hungry 6 Ben and Jake / books. / hardly ever / read ‘A Write sentences about Sam, Add the correct adverb of frequency. 1 getupatseven o'clock Ai i Sam always gets up at seven olock, 2 watch TV after schoo! OOOO sam 3 be late for schoo! MZ ZOO 4 be in bed before eleven o'clock QOO00 5 tidy his bedroom at the weekend MIMOOO aaa 5 Rewrite the sentences in exercise 4 so that they are true for you. 11 getupat seven o'clock, 2 6 (@ILISTENING!12\ Listen to Joe saying what he does on Saturdays. Tick / the correct boxes in the chart. ‘do my homework v play football watch TV listen to music ‘go dancing 7 Write questions about Joe with How often. Then answer them with an adverb of frequency. 1 Joe / do his homework on Saturdays? How often does Jor. do his homework on Saturdays? aly ee. 2 Joe / play football on Saturdays? 3 Joe / watch television on Saturdays? 4 Joe / listen to music on Saturdays? 5 Joe / go dancing on Saturdays? Challenge! E = Write three more questions for your classmates with How often. 1 How often do you play football? 2 3 unit 2 * My time It’s fun, butis it sport? = 3 Read the text again. Choose the correct answers. Paiste eet eee 1 Ballroom dancing is 1. Choose the correct words Choose the correct words. about forty years old rm a fan / crowd of Chelsea football club. often go and b about eighty years old. see them play. The *match / goal between Chelsea and ¢ about four hundred years old. Manchester United is always exciting. The *crowd / fan 2 Ballroom dancers always cheers when Chelsea scores a ‘team / goal. | think ‘8 are usually young. Chelsea is the best football fan / team in the world! b are usually old. are young or old 3 The championship in Blackpool is 2 only for dancers from outside the UK. b fordancers from many countries, € only for dancers from England. 4 In Strictly Come Dancing, professional dancers compete against other professional dancers b compete with celebrities. € compete against celebrities. 5. Every year, thirteen million people 2 vote for their favourite Strictly Come Dancing show. b watch the final of Strictly Come Dancing. © want to compete in Strictly Come Dancing 2 Complete the text with the verbs in the box. are is _leam train watch win 4 \GUSTENING!I3\ Listen tothe radio programme Are the sentences true (1) or false (F)? 1 Wickand Shelley are dance champions. 2 They raln five times a week. 3 Nickis Shelley’ boyiend 1s They compete in furor Five competitions ever year 5 Thelrmest competition is ext year. LYNGOOLOUDINNGINGY — —chstenge Write a short text (3-5 sentences) about a TV show you like, of a popular competition in your country. oo0000 Ballroom dancing! ‘over 400 years old, but the modern dance steps are from England inthe 1920s. It's very popular and is a hobby for people ofall ages. But is ballroom dancing a sport? Ballroom dancers? alot, and they enter competitions. The most important competition i in Blackpool, in the north of England. Dancers from all over the world compete there every yearto® _ the dance: championsip. ‘TV programmes about balroom dancing *___ very popular. In Stridly Come Dancing a British TV programme, celebrities dance with professional dancers. Every week the celebrities*_anew dance and after the show, ‘people vote for ther favourite celebrity dancer. In Britain, about thirteen milion people® _ the fal on TV every year! 18 | Unit2 = mytime Ga 1 Look at the chart. Complete the sentences below with can 3 Write the adverbs. ‘or can't and verbs or phrases from the chart. 1 slow slowly 7 easy 2 early 8 fast play the guitar v v v 3 hard 9 beautiful, tide a motorbike v ¥ x 4 careful —____ 10 fluent tide a horse ca x x 5 good 11 late speak Italian v x v ed a 1 Jack_can pla) the guitarand he 4 choose the correct adjective or adverb to complete the ahorse. sentences. 2 Chloe motorbike, but she att ride 1 He'sa stow / stowly driver. ahorse. 2 Please listen careful / carefully. 3 James Italian and he 3 Vicky has gota loud / loudly voice. the guitar, 4 Jake learns very quick / quickly. 4 Jack and James «but Chloe can’t. 5 Anna is a beautiful / beautifully dancer. 5 James and Chloe __, but ack can. 6 Can you speak Russian fluent / fluently? 6 James a motorbike, but Chloe and Jack 5. Write sentences. Use the present si ple and an adverb. 7 Jack, Chloe and james 2 What can you do? Write questions and true answers with can. 1 cook Can you c00%? Yes. (can, / No, Lean 4. Emma's dad / dance / bad 2 playa musical instrument Ennmals dad dances badly 2 Tom speak French / fluent 3 idea bike 3 Peter / play the piano / good 4 William and Kate / get up / early 4 speak Russian 5 Oliver / sing / loud 5 write songs 6 Holly / learn new vocabulary / easy 7 Jo's uncle / drive / careful 6 swim 100 metres 8 Ellen and Martin / swim / fast 7 sing Challenge! DDICTIONARYWORK Write the adverbs from these 8 read people's thoughts adjectives. Check your answers in a di asad 4 angry 2 happy 5 ice 3 quiet 6 sudden Unit2 = My time [19 Peed fon Ero 1. Label the parts of the body. th 10 2h in 3a We 4s Bb Se 4s 6 15k 7e 16 | 8m we ot 2. TRANSUATION Put the letters in order to make action verbs. Then translate the verbs. thi hit umip lar ediv wr bliem 20 | Unit 2 = mytime 3 Read the text quickly. Match the sports with the pictures in exercise 1. Paragraph 1: photo [] Paragraph 2: photo [] ee le (rcs tal ‘Sky surfing is a new extreme sport. Sky surfers jump from planes with a small surfboard on their feet. ‘As the surfers fall, they “surf” the air and do tricks. before they open their parachutes. I's very, very difficult to stand on a surfboard in the air, so there aren't mary sky surfers. But there are some sky surfing competitions. The surfers can win medals ‘and prizes. Each surfer needs a cameraman in the air to film the tricks. The films look amazing! 4 Read the text again. Are the sentences true (1) or false (9)? Bungee jumpers sometimes jump from planes. ] Bungee jumping is very dangerous. Bungee jumping is @ very popular activity. Sky surfers jump from buildings and planes. Sky surfers wear parachutes. Sky surfers compete against one another. 00000 Challenge! DDICTIONARVWORK Find these words in a dictionary and the translations. elbow vist Baan 1. Complete the sentences in the chart with the words in the box. him, | They're alight he’s [He's [cant reat. bad. it Theyre tes him im really 1 Tes them. | like her. rm very keen Tim not very him, on them. ike She's it ion of the people and and adjectives in the box. gs. Use the verbs Harry Potter films quite like Wary Rotter fms, Theyre not bad, b computer games © Beyoncé Robbie Williams € classical music f Keira Knightley 3 Match 1-6 with a-fto make questions. Then write true answers. 1. Who's your a Worogrammes do you like? 2 Areyou interested [] b think of Adele? 3 What'syour [] favourite actress? 4 Doyou Dd inspor? 5 Whatkindof []_ e favourite film? 6 Whatdoyou — []_ prefer pop music or rock music? 1 My favourite actress is, 2 3 4 5 6 (GLISTENING 14) Listen to Ryan and Julie talking. Are the sentences true (1) or false (F)? Ryan likes football. Ryan watches football on TV, but he doesn't play it. Jule isn't very keen on football. Ryan and Julie both like ice hockey. Julie thinks Al Montoya is awful. Ryan thinks Al Montoya is allright, but he prefers Mark Stuart. oo0000 GLISTENING 15) Complete the dialogue with the verbs in the box. Then listen and check. Frank *___you intereste: Carol Yes, Lam. Frank What's your favour Carol The Hobbit. Frank Really? it __bad, 1% Carol So what films * you like, then? Frank Transformers and X-Men. They're brilliant films. Carol Yes, 1¢ them too. And I love Avatar. Frank Avatar? | can't? it. Write a dialogue like the one in exercise 5. Choose a different hobby, sport or interest, Use the ideas in the box ‘or your own ideas. Bev Areyou interested in___? ‘Adam Yes, lam, | love Bev Adam Bey Really? Adam Bev Adam Bev Adam Bey unit 2 * My time [24 2 (ams An ann Preparation 1. Complete the announcement with the imperatives in the box. bring come don’tforget join phone visit FILM Do you like watching films? ‘Then come and + ‘__our club. We meet every Friday evening at Fran's house at six o'clock, |We watch and talk about our favourite DVDs. We usually bring our own DVDs, but sometimes we rent them. Every month we meet to decide the next four films. 2__to our fim club!» a fiend! + __ Fran on 07784 930324, 5___ to tell your fiends! ‘___our website: ww fransfilmetub.org 2 Read the announcement again. Answer the questions. 1 When do they meet? 2 Where do they meet? 3 What do they do every week? 4 What do they do every month? 5. Who can you phone? 3 Put the words in order to make imperatives. 1 new / make / fiends 2 this /call / number 3 club / our / join 4 visit / website / our 5 and / do / fit / gymnastics / get 6 favourite / your / hobby / talk about Unit 2 = My time Challenge! Complete the imperatives with the verbs below. (They are all instructions from lessons in this unit.) Choose Complete Listen Look Use Write 1 ____the sentences. __the 4 dub ple 2 the corect word: agjctve or adverb. 3 questions about Joe 4 atthe table, 5 to the dialogue. Writing guide ‘4 Write an announcement for one of the clubs in the box. Follow the writing plan below. Write 50-70 words. Sports basketball club cycling club football club, gymnastics club karate club tennis club volleyball club Other activities artclub athletics club book club computerclub dance club jogging club music lub photography club rollerblading club 1 Give the name of the club. 2 Aska question. 3 Say when and where it meets. 4 Say what you do atthe club. 5. Use an imperative ~ tel them to come to the club, 6 Givea name and phone number. 7 Tell them to visit your website. 2) Do you ike 2 3) Then join our dub rat ‘included all the information in the task in exercise 4? used some imperatives? checked your spelling and grammar? 1. Complete the hobbies and sports. Use a, e, i, ,u and y. 1 sk_t_b__rd_ng bd gms ce hock y _thl_tes iee_ng fsh__n rll tbl_d_ng g mn st_cs 2 Complete the sentences with the correct verb, 1 My sister karate every Friday. 2 |____ video games with my brother after school. 3 We sometimes swimming at weekends, 4 Loften ‘to my friends on the phone. 5 Doyou volleyball at school? 6 Mydad___sporton every evening. 3. Rewrite the sentences about Mark's day. Use the adverbs of frequency in brackets. 1. Mark gets up before seven. (sometimes) 2 He goes to work by bus. (usualy) 3 He's late for work. (never) 4 He has lunch at home. (hardly ever) 5 He watches TV in the evening. (always) 6 He's in bed before midnight. (usually) Write questions and answers. Use can. 1 Jason / swim? No, 2 you / use a computer? Yes, 3 Tom and Anna / drive? Yes 4 Mary / speak French? No, Write the adverbs. 1 beautiful @ bad 2had Seay 3 good 6 late Fan Read the statements. Think about your progress and tick ‘one of the boxes. I sometimes find this difficult. need more practice. (0 problem! I can talk about my hobbies. (SB p.18) T can say how often something happens. (SB p.19) | can understand different views on activities. (SB p.20) I can say how well can do something. (SB p.21) 1 can understand an article about extreme sports. (SB p.22) | can give an opinion about things. ($8 p.24) | can write an announcement for a club. (58 p.25) Self Check2 [23 PREPARATION: Listening 1 Read the task and the true/false statements carefully translations of the words below. Ifyou do not know, try to guess. + outdoor event + regularly race * prize = medal 3 Say what you think the listening text is about. EXAM STRATEGY * The first time you listen, mark as many statements as you can. * Ifyou cannot decide if one ofthe statements is true or false, do not keep thinking about it; listen out for the answers to the other statements, * The second time you listen, focus on the answers you missed the frst time. = ‘@ LISTENING 16) Listen to an interview with Bob Partridge about an event in Kingsbridge at the weekend. Decide if statements 1-6 are true (1) or false (0 1. Bob is talking about an outdoor even 2. The event takes place outside the town. 3 The race for runners who practise regularly stats the latest. 4 ll the races statin the morning. 5 There's a special race for very young children 6 There are prizes or medals for everyone who finishes the race, PREPARATION: Reading 1 Read the task and the text. Do not wory if you do not understand every word, just get a general understanding. 2 Answer these questions: a How many paragraphs are there in the text? b How many headings are there to choose from task? v the 24 | Get Ready for your Exam 1 2 Read the statements again. What do they mean? Write the EXAM STRATEGY Read the first paragraph then read each heading and puta cross by any that are wrong. Decide which heading ‘matches the paragraph. Finally, double-check that the extra heading that is left does not match any of the paragraphs. Peery Read the four advertisements for school clubs. For each advertisement (1-4) choose a suitable heading (AE). There is one heading you do not need. oo Do you love board games? sit difficult to find people to play with you? We are the club for you! Join us every ‘Tuesday evening to think and have fun at the same time, Come and play chess, Scrabble, Cluedo, Trivial Pursuit ~ ‘any game you want! Board Games Club, Room 10, every Tuesday, 5 p.m. BO Calling all girls aged 13-17! Can you move well? Can you sing? Can you learn quickly? Do you want to jin our ‘lub? We need twenty gels for anew cheerleading group. It's fast! t's fun! It keeps you fit! Cheerleading Club, Gym, Mondays and Thursdays, 4-6 p.m. bo Join our new club and discover the amazing things your body can do. We are free runners and we want to teach, people how to do it. Come and practise in the park and ‘around the town. Learn to move with speed and style! Free Running Club, meet at the park on Fridays at 6 p.m. ao ‘Are you into clothes? Do you have good ideas about fashion? Do you want to design and make your own ‘outfits? We can teach you. Help us organise a fashion show! Fashion Show Club, Design and Technology Room, Wednesdays, 6-9 p.m. ‘A Wanted ~ people with stylet B Move fast Live free! Test your brain — and have fun! D Come and join the band! E Jump, wave and shout! EXAM STRATEGY: Use of English * Ifyou are not sure which answer's right, try checking which answers are definitely wrong. * When you have chosen your answers, read the whole text through to check that it makes sens EXAM TASK - Use of English Read the text about Princess Eugenie and complete each gap (1-8) with the correct answer (A-D). Princess Eugenie __a member ofthe British Royal Family. She's*___ youngest daughter of Prince ‘Andrew and Sarah Ferguson. Her parents married any more. They are divorced. Her older sister's name is Beatrice, Beatrice and Eugenie are Prince William and Harry's cousins. Her grandmother isthe Queen and her uncle is Prince Charles, Her full name is Princess Eugenie Victoria Helena of York, so she ‘three first names but no surname. She studies Art, English and Politics at university in Newcastle. During the holidays she sometimes * with her mother and sometimes with her father. She often travels abroad with her parents. Although she’s {a member of the royal family, she is @ normal 20-year- ‘ld, She likes going out with her friends, she goes to lots of weddings and parties, and enjoys dancing. She's also really ‘fashion. But because she's a princess, she never has to “____ the housework or cook dinner. She hardly ever has to do any official royal duties but she &_—_ works for the charities her mother supports. 1 Als Bare Chave Dhas 2 Aa Bthe Can b- 3 Aaren't Bisn't Chaven't hasn't 4 Ahave Chas Dare 5 Astays Bisstaying Cstay Dstayed 6 Akeen — B prefer Cinto Dike 7 Amake — Bmakes cdo D does 8 Aalways Bhardly ever Csometimes Dever PREPARATION: Writing 1 Read the exam task carefully and answer the questions: ‘a Who are you going to write to? b How long will your email be? ‘¢ How many paragraphs are you going to write? d_How are you going to begin and end your email? 2. Study the model email text in the Writing Bank on yo mene. EXAM TASK - Writing that you would like to find a penfriend in an English-speaking country. You have got the email address of a student from Caerphilly in Wales from your teacher. In. * introduce yourself say where you are from * tell him/her about your family * ‘tell him/her about your hobbies PREPARATION: Speaking 1 Work in pairs. Read the exam task. Write down seven questions you could ask to get information about your partner's family, country, hobbies and interests. 2 Now work on your own to invent a new identity for yourself: name, country, age, hobbies and interests, etc. EXAM STRATEGY: Speaking + Read the instructions carefull and think who you are going to talk to and what about. * Think about the key vocabulary that you might use when talking about yourself. + Talkat length about yourselt + To express your opinion, use phrases from Everyday English in U Penns se | STUDENT, Think of the new identity you created above. You are on an English course in Britain and want to talk to another student in your group. You would like to know about his/her: * nationality and country + family (brothers and sisters) * hobbies and interests * favourite sport(s) Be prepared to answer your new friend’s questions too. STUDENT B: You are on an English course in Britain. One of the other students in your group is going to ask you some questions about: * your nationality and country * your family (brothers and sisters) * your hobbies and interests * your favourite sports) ‘Ask your new friend questions to find out some Information about him/her too. Get Ready for your Exam 1 | 25 26 1. Complete the opinions with the words in the box. all great it quite stand 1its 2 Ireally 3 It's 4s 5 I'm notvery 6 thate 7 Lean’t 8 it's keen tike not right. bad. nit. at, interesting. 2 QUUSTENING 17: Listen to lan and jil talking. Cross out the incorrect words inthe sentences and write the correct words. 1 The next lesson is chemisty. history 2 lan doesn't like history. 3. They never get lots of history homework. 4 il kes biology and maths, 5 lan is good at physics. 6 Their second lesson today is physics. 3. Write about you. Complete the sentences with school subjects. 1. My favourite subjects are and 2 Im not very keen on or 3 and are all right. 4 I'm good at and 5. 'm not very good at Unit 3 = At school ret Gea Cat Uke arty ra ees eee EKG 4 Label the rooms in the house. 5 AUN LA To "Ne lA ih Se |= za — - be 5 Label the pictures with the words in the box. bin chest ofdrawers clock cupboard curtains desk lamp shelf wardrobe __go, Atthe meeting, we vote to decide the ‘school rules. We all* follow the rules. The hhead teacher follow the rules too! 's different from most schools. 4 Write questions with have to and the verb Then write true answers. 1 Do you have to study a foreign language at school? the box. Yes, we do, 2 lth the housework? 3a schoo unitorme 4 before 7 a.m, on Mondays? 5 _______ alot of homework at weekends? 6 lunch at school? 7 ____amexam at the end ofthis year? 8 English in English lessons? 5 Order the words to make sentences. Add have to 1 before 9 a.m. | arrive / you / do / at school Do you ave to arrive at school before 4 am? 2 don't/ we /at school / after 3.30 p.m. / stay 3 at school. / we /a lot of sport / do / 4 you / do J chemistry? / study 5 in/ we /the school canteen. eat 6 school? / to / Mandy / the bus / does / take 7 an English test / don't / they / take / week / every Challenge! Write five things that you have to do every day. Unit 3 At schoot [29 fend 1 Complete the adjectives and choose the correct prepositions. 1 Sallyis very g with / at maths. She always gets excellent marks. 2Vmb in / with this CD. Can we listen to something else? 3 Jane isn’ti in /on science, but | love it 4 Harry's exam results are fantastic. His parents are very P of / with him, 5 OurRE. teacher sometimes gets a on | wit — Dee Karate gaps 1-5. There is one sentence that you do not need. A We start training after breakfast. B We don’t hit each other. Olivia White comes from Wellington, New Zealand, € We finish training at four o'clock Ree ene D She's a student at the Nakamura Karate School. rele E Jusually go to a café with the other students. — F Then we have lunch in the school canteen. Meera eimeent on teraeren 3. choose the contect answers. Olivia Well, there are 30 students, and we all 1 Oliva comes from Japan / New Zealand, come from diferent countries. 2 Training begins before / after breakfast Interviewer What do you do ina typical day? 3 The students practise ighting in the moming / afternoon. Olivia We have to get up at eight o'clock. 2 4 Olivia talks tothe teachers in English / Japanese. Interviewer How do you tain? 5 Inthe evenings, the students usually stayin / go out. 6 Olivia usually goes to bed early / late. oa) Die om Ie eco ener meas need we don't fight. *__ In the afternoons, we practise ight Challenge! G ene Interviewer Is it dangerous? eee eeereeet . the karate school. Use the question words in the box. tls (Rep aise aa any aie ERRaT noone Interviewer How do you understand the teachers? P Do they speak English? ; Olivia Yes, they do. 3 Interviewer What do you do after training? 4 Olivia ‘We go out. °__ But | don't stay out late. We have to be in bed by nine o'clock! 30 | Unit3 = Atschoot BEAT 1. Match 1-6 with a-f. Then label the pictures below. 3. Put the words in the correct order to make sentences and 1Gopast Z) a thestairs. questions. 2Goalong Cl b lett. you / please? / repeat / that, / Could 3 Godown C] — ¢ thecortidor ‘atm Oa thegym. b the / me. / canteen? / Where's / Excuse Sitson Ce thedoors. Sn 6 Gothrough E] ft theright. € the / the / on / head teachers office. / It's / right, / ‘opposite d Where's / 'm / that? / here. / new @LUSTENING 21° Compete the dialogue with the ine exercise 3. Then Usten and check. Boy * Gites nearthe library. Boy Oh. right? Gil Oh, OK, Go along ths condor and tum lef The canteen ison the right. Boy *__ Go along the corridor, turn left ... Girl And Boy Thanks very much Gir That's OK. 5. Lookagain at the plan in exercise 2. Write a dialogue like 5 the one in exercise 4, A classroom 1? 2 @IUISTENING20 Look atthe plan. Listen tothe directions, ‘Is near_room. Start at reception, Where do the people want to go? A Obyright. Where's tm 1 8 2 A could 2 8 A Thanks 8 Challenge! White directions from the entrance of your school toa room. From theentranceto St Go Unit 3 * At school [3% 32 Preparation 1. Rewrite the sentences. Add capital leters. 1 todays wednesday 18% november. 2 fran and tom are from boston in the usa. 3 lawrence and i study german, not italian 4 we don't study re, or ict at my school. 5 my teacher is mr jones. he’s from oxford, queen elizabeth lives in buckingham palace. 2 Complete the letter with the words in the box. Dear Heid, + __ $4 Mary's Secondary School! 'm your English guide! * show you around the school and answer your questions, * enjoy your year here. 4 __be at choo before #30, Lessons start at 4.00 after assembly, ® five Nesom in he morning, wih a break betwen 115 and 1095 undh is at 100. by lunch in he canteen Bul? _________— some students bring sandwiches. “There ace tee lessons in the afternoon. School finishes a 340, * to meeting you Bye for now. Sane 5, We have PE. on Mondays, © your kt 3 Complete the information about St Mary's School. Arrive at school: Lessons start: Number of lessons in the morning: Breakis from: to. lunch is ate Number of lessons in the afternoot School finishes: PE. iso Unit 3 = At school Writing guide 44 Read the information below about Greenfield School. Write a letter (80-110 words) to a new student. Use the letter in exercise 2 to help you. Follow the plan below, using a new paragraph for each point. ‘+ Welcome the new student and introduce yourself. + Write about the morning + Write about lunch. ‘+ Write about the afternoon. ireenfield secondary schoot Keto st seta: bolore BAe leaner stat 8 ot ata Number of lessons in the morning: 6 Break is: from 10.45 to 11.05 Lunch is: 15, In the afternoon, lessons start at: 2.10 tex of lana trl elem: 3 Sehool finishes at: 4.30 Cran 1. Write the correct subjects. , Si am Le ‘Amber Yes, |am. Leon How about going ice skating? ‘Amber No, thanks.» Leon Oh, OK. Well, shall we go to the park? Amber Yes, OK. * Leon Let’s meet in the park at three o'clock. Amber Fine.* 3 Complete the chart of activities with the verbs in the box. _ dinner in a café lunch in a café 2 volleyball video games _ friends OT dancing ice skating skateboarding to the beach 4 Write true answers. 1. What are you doing this evening? 2 What are you doing on Sunday afternoon? 5. Write in, on or at, Puta tick V ifthe expressions are correct without a preposition. tomorrow three o'clock the weekend the afternoon night tomorrow evening. ‘Monday morning this evening Sunday 6 Match 1-8 with a-h. That Oo a What are your [] perfect. Shall we O_ € gotothe park? Whatareyou [J] — d Ican't. e f g h 1 up to tonight? 2 3 4 5 Howabout [] 6 7 8 this weekend? ‘Are youfree [] That's: Oo Imafaid =) sounds fun. playing football? plans for Saturday? 7 Write a dialogue like the one in exercise 2. Use activities from exercise 3. Eve Alan Eve Alan Eve Alan Eve Alan Eve Alan Unit » Speci occasions [39 Cann Preparation 1. Complete the invitations withthe expressions inthe b ne Feito AMY YOCOOOSOOOOOO Dear Millie 8 Rete on Sata 124 Mag ny o at my hase tarts 8.3O panies ate! afin des patty andthe theme is Holyvood. Con you bring some music? &: Please ply by text or emai. SSooooocooee]: <3 | 2 2 9 2) *__ Bradley Ym having a barbecue to celebrate the end of our exams. I'S on Friday 16 June atthe Vilage Hall {It starts at four o'clock in the afternoon. Can you bring some burgers? Hope you can make it * Bye fornow Blake 2 Complete the chart with information from the invitations in exercise 1. Writing guide 46 Complete the message with the abbreviations inthe box. Hi Harry Its my birthday next Saturday and frm meeting some school friends (Mick, lan, 1 Jin town. Gan you come? Were {going to the new restaurant in Lake 2 The food is ‘great and you can have two dishes (2 _a pizza and a 18 @ party. Complete the chart with information about it. ————__ [urpanty Day and date Starttime Venue Special occasion Whato bring 6 Write an invitation to a patty. Follow steps 1-6 below. Write 40-60 words. 1. Greet your fiend with Dear... or Hi.. 2 Say what type of party you are having. 3 Say the time and day / date. 4 Say the place. 5 Make a request with Can you 6 End the invitation, LELLLVRELSOLE ESOS __—__ rn ASSES Dayand date | Sat 12" May +e + Starttime a a Venue e eS 2 3 Special occasion a 4 What to bring burgers a 2 e KS 3 Match 1-4 with a-d. Then write them as requests with can. Be, SX Include please at the end. 1 vite your — 2 phone. 2 Replyby food and dink. 3 Wear ~ sister 4 Bring some 4 fancy des, Can ou invite your sister. plage? Unit 4 * Special occasions CELE MEE EM GOS Crean Label the pictures with eight of the words in the box. boots cardigan dress gloves jacket leggings scarf shirt shorts skirt socks trainers trousers 1 «1105 CA ti We Mark: Look at the picture. Choose the correct words. Complete the sentences. Use the present continuous The man is tall / short. ‘The woman has got a beard / glasses. The man has got glasses / a moustache. The boy has got dark / fair hair The boy has got curly / straight hale The girl has got dark / fair hate, Mark: 8 6 affirmative ¥ or negative x form of the verbs in brackets. 1 2 3 4 5 6 Harriet breakfast. (have ¥) My parents. TV. (watch X) John fon the phone. (chat ¥) My cousins. basketball. (play ¥) Ella with Louis. (dance x) Dad and! dinner. (make X) Mark: 6 4 Read the answers and complete the questions. Use a {question word from the box and the present continuous. what where who why 14 (ve / meet) in town? “My sister.” . (you / have) for breakfast?” “Cereal.” 3° (we / play) tennis?” “At the park.” ae (he / weat) a tie?” “He's going to wor Mark: 14 5. Complete the dialogue. Use the present simple or present continuous form of the verbs in brackets. Zara Hi, joe. What* you Joe 17 2 you Zara No, thanks. |* (do)? (play) my new video game. (wand to play? (not lke) video games. Let’s go to the park. Look! The sun > (shine). It's a beautiful day. Joe I can’t stop my game now, |¢ Ican.. win Mark: /6 Read the statements. Think about your progress and tick ‘one of the boxes. E= I need more practice, No problem! | can describe people's clothes. (58 p.38) | sometimes find this difficult. = I can describe things that are happening now. (SB p.39) can understand information about a festival. (58 p.40) 1 can talk about what usually happens and what is happening now. (SB p.41) 1 can understand an article about different places. (SB p.42) I can make arrangements to meet somebody. (SB p.44) 1 can write an Invitation to a party. ($8 p.45) Selfcheck4 [4a 42 PREPARATION: Reading Read the task instructions and the questions with multiple- choice answer options. What general information does it give you about the topit EXAM STRATEGY * Read the text for general understanding. * Now read the first statement and options A-C. Find the part of the text that contains the answer. Then cross out any options that are clearly wrong. * Decide which option is correct. ifyou cannot decide between two options, make an intelligent guess. * Repeat the process for the remaining statements and Read the article about an unusual student in Kenya. Choose the correct answer (A-C) for each question (1-5). An unusual student ‘There san unusual student in Class One of Kapkendulywa Primary School in Kenya, Kimani Maruge is Class One's star pupil But he is a bit diferent from his classmates. Kimani Maruge Is 85 years old, He wears a hearing aid and uses a stick to walk, But every morning he arrives atthe school and sts down in the classroom can't read or write, and now this is my chance to learn Kimani says. "For the first time there is free education in Kenya. tis very important to me.A person is never too old tolearn’ Jane Obinchu, the head teacher ofthe primary school, agrees with her new pupil. I thinkit is agood idea, she says Kimani has to do the same as al the other students in the class. He has to st atthe same desk and wear the same uniform a white shirt, blue shorts anda blue jumper. Heisa very good student. He works very hardin class, Kimani’ teacher, Ezric Muni, ays, ‘Kimani is so clever, Now he reads the newspapers. Joseph and Charles are Kimani’s classmates. They are both eight years old. Joseph says, ‘Now he is our friend. He teaches us songs and tes us stores about the old times’ Charles agrees. ‘My grandparents live very far from here, so tis good that we can have Guga'Kimani’s nickname in class s Guga. It means grandad’. Education in Kenya isnow free and for everyone, But there aren't enough school. In Kapkendulywa Primary School there are now 890 students ~that’s 100 pupils in teach class! ‘But we are happy that so many children have achance tolearn,'says Mrs Obinch Get Ready for your Exam 2 41. Kimani Maruge is an unusual student because he A is older than the other students. B isa very good student. cannot hear very well 2 Kimani Maruge goes to school because he ‘A wants to become a teacher. B hasa lot of free time. C doesn’t have to pay fort 3 Inthe classroom, Kimani Maruge ‘A doesn't do much work. B wears special clothes for school. C reads newspapers. 4 Kimani Maruge’s classmates ‘A don't accept him because he's too old. B laugh athim. C ike him very much, 5 In kenya A there are many good schools. B only rich people can go to school C there are alot of pupils in classes. PREPARATION: Listening 1 Read the exam task carefully. Brainstorm words that the speakers may use. 2 The first time you listen, try to identify key words and: expressions. EXAM STRATEGY ‘The first time you listen, take notes about what each speaker is saying, The second time, choose the right answer z= @ILISTENING 25) Listen to five young people talking about a special event in their lives. Match each question (A-A to one of the speakers (15). There is one question you do not need. Which speaker is talking about: a sports event? clothes they dont like wearing? their wedding? an important birthday party? anew family member? a music event? A B c D E F PREPARATION: Use of English {1 Complete these sentences. What is the difference? a Jack _____ tennis every day. bb Jack _____ tennis right now. v EXAM STRATEGY + Read the whole sentence before you choose the answer. + To make sure your answer's right, check whether it matches the grammar (singular of plural, corect person, etc) and makes sense. Choose the correct alternatives. Barry Comprehensive School isa secondary school ina small town in South Wales. It's only forty-five years old “There are / There is about 1,500 students, but they don’t live at the school they live at home. They start school when they are eleven and leave when they are sixteen or eighteen. There aren‘t some /any girls in Years 7-11 but there are some girls in Year 12. There's a girls’ school in the town as well The school is a comprehensive and it's free for students, Most students live lives in the town or in the local villages. Students either walk to school or come by bus, The boys start school at 8.50 and they ‘don’t have to/ have to wear a uniform: a green sweatshirt and black ‘trousers. Sports very important at Barry Comprehensive. There are rugby, cricket, basketball and football teams that play against some /any ofthe other local schools. Gethin “is going /goes to Barry Comprehensive School, he “is studying / studies for his A-levels. Because he's in Year 12, he Mdoesn’t have to/has to wear a uniform. “Today he’s wearing jeans and a T-shirt. Hisbest friend Calisnotin school today. This morning he is doing / does work experience at the local newspaper. PREPARATION: Writing Read the exam task below and answer the questions, ‘a What type of text are you going to write? b Who isitfor? © Whatisit about? d_ Do you need to use formal or informal language? EXAM STRATEGY * Think about who is going to read your letter. * Read the task instructions carefully and think about how many pieces of Information you have to include. * Organise your letter. Tink about which ideas you are going to write about in each paragraph. * Make sure that you have covered all the points in the task, ‘= When yau have finished, check your work carefully for _Tistakes in grammar, spelingorvecabulay, EXAM TASK - Writing Ina letter toa friend from Scotland, describe a special event that you celebrate with your family. Write 160-180 words. In your letter: * say what the event is and when it takes place * write how your family celebrates and what you usually do + explain what you think of the event and why * askyour friend about a special event in his/her country and invite him/her to your own country PREPARATION: Speaking 1. Before you begin to describe the picture, think about your answers to these questions: {a Who isin the picture? c What are they doing? b Where are the people? d How are they feeling? 2 Lookat the expressions in the last exam strategy below. ‘Work in pairs. Take tums to read an expression and point to the correct part of one of the pictures. EXAM STRATEGY * Describe the situation and express your opinion. * Use the present continuous to describe what the people are doing. When you express your opinion or describe the place, use the present simple. * Use inthe picture, on the right/lef in the midale/ background|foreground, at the top/at the bottom. Eee ‘Workin pairs. Choose one of the pictures and describe it to your partner. He/She should guess which picture you are describing. Then tell your partner how you think the students are feeling. Do you enjoy school? Why / Why not? ‘When you have finished, change roles and do the task again. Get Ready for your Exam 2 | 43 5] Healthy living Pee 1. Do the word puzzle, What are the hidden food words? 3 Lookat the picture and complete the description below. a= Sf a iw This person fs having ab. af ice with prawns, twos of cheese, a smal. of grapes and a%g, of water. 4 GLISTENING 26: Listen to five people talking about ther likes and dislikes. Tick 7 the speaker who would lke the food in exercise 3. Speaker|1) 2) |3| [4] [5 Re aon Caan etad Ro Lee 5. What are the people cooking? Label the pictures with an adjective from box A and a type of food from box B. By The hidden words are and 2 Match food categories 1-4 with example foods a-d. Then baked boiled fied add one more food to each category. grilled roast 1 fish and seafood abutter, 8 2 meat b carrots, ‘errots chicken eggs 3 dairy products € salmon, potatoes prawns 4 fruitandvegetables d beet, 444 | Unit 5 * Heatthy ving EI 1. Are these nouns usually countable or uncountable? Write C (countable) or U (uncountable). 1 beef (I) 6 salt a 11 fruit a 2 apple 7 tomato E) 12 bead 3 ham (] 8 potato [] 13. vegetable (] ‘4 5 grape [] 9 QO 14 pok =O water [] 10 O 15 tun =) 2. Write the plural form of the countable nouns in exercise 1. Add -s or-es. apples 3 Complete the sentences and questions with some and any. 1 Have we got silk? 2 There isn't sugar inthis coffee. 3 There are apples in the bowl 4 Isthere hham in the fridge? 5 There's ‘meat on your plate. 6 Isthere butter in this sandwich? 7 There are prawns on this pizza, 8 Are there carrots in the bag? 4 What's on the table? Write sentences. Use There’s some (+ uncountable noun) or There are some (+ plural noun). 1 (bread) There's some brea. 2 (ham) 3 (sandwiches) 4 (rapes) 5 (apples) 6 (tomatoes) 7 (ilk) 8 (sugar) 5 \@PLISTENING 27: Complete the dialogue with How much ‘or How many, Then listen and check. Louis OK. Let's make this we need? Karen We need half cup of oll. Louis OK. What else? * we need? Karen 300 grams. Louis And» Karen 200 grams, We also need tomatoes, peppers and ham. Louis OK." Karen We need four. Louis Good. Here they are. * peppers? Karen Two red ones. Louis OK. And finaly, © we need? Karen Three slices. Louis Great! We've got everything we need. flour do cheese? tomatoes do we need? ham do Challenge! White the questions. Use How much or How many. Then, write true answers. 1 books / read / ayear? 2 housework | do / a week? 3 exams / have / a month? 4 coffee / drink ja day? Unit 5 * Heatthy ving 45 Unusual diets — _ (Oster eee 1 Match 1-6 with a-f to make compound nouns. 1 processed I] a food 2 farm oO b products: 3 balanced C] —¢ animals 4 animal F] body 5 human [] products 6 dairy Of et 2 Complete the sentences with the compound nouns from exercise 1. 1 Honey and eggs are 2A is important for your heat. 3 the needs food and water. 4 Some «like cheese and butter, are fattening. 5 Idon't eat + like burgers or salami 6 need a lot of food and water. 3 Read the text opposite. What is the ‘caveman diet’ about? Choose a, bore. a what to eat Caveman power! In the modem world, our food comes from farms. We eat a lot of rice and wheat (in pasta, bread, etc.) because i's easy 4 Read the text again. Are the sentences true (1) or false (F)? to grow. And from farm animals, we get meat and dairy b what to eat and how often to eat what to eat, how often to eat, and how to eat 3 products. But some people believe that this modem det is tee aa or mmeat today because t's good for not ood for the human body: they prefer a‘caveman diet 2 People choose the caveman diet because they SU ce ac aareueeuiea, ag People who follow the caveman diet don’t eat ‘modern’ things like bread, processed food, potatoes and dairy products. So what can they eat? Wel, nuts, seeds and fruit are OK. Alot of vegetables are OK too. And they can eat 3 People on the caveman diet don't eat bread because it's a moder food, 4 On the caveman dietyou can eat fish, but not fut.) cet ant Tel 5 The caveman diet tels you what to eat and how toeat, CI] But the caveman diet isnot just about the type of fod — its 6 People onthe cavemen det have sixlarge meals aday. 7] also about the way you et it Forget breakfast, lunch and dinner —you now have six small meas day. And you eat 5 GUUSTENING 28: Listen to four people talking about them with your hands! what they eat. Match sentences A-E with speakers 14, There is one sentence that you do not need. AA This speaker is a vegetarian, but not a vegan B This speaker is a vegan. Challenge! € This speaker doesn’t eat any fut. Write six different kinds of food you can eat on the D This speaker is not a vegetarian ora vegan and isn’t on ‘caveman diet. Don't write the foods in the text again. the caveman diet. E This speaker is on the caveman diet. Speaker: 1) |2| [34 46 | Unit 5 * Heatthy ving Ga 1. Complete the sentences with should or shouldn't and the verbs in the box. drink eat eat go play read watch wear 11 shogldet eat these chips. 'm not hungry. 2 He this book. It's great! 3 We home now. Mum's making dinner for us. 4 You coffee now ~ it's time for bed! 5 They football outside. I's a beautiful day. 6 You a coat. It's very cold. 7 She the bread. I's old 8 You TVall evening. You've got homework! 2 Read the sentences. Then write advice. Use should or shouldn't and the words in brackets. 1 That carlooks dangerous. (we / go nearit) We shoul go near i 2. My brother wants to earn some money. (he / get a parttime job) 3 These prawns don’t taste very good. (we / eat them) 4 I'm not feeling well. (1/ g0 to bed) 5 The nightclub is for adults, and the boys are only fourteen, (they / go inside) 6 don’t lke raw carrots. (we / cook them) 7 It's her dad's birthday tomorrow. (she / buy him a present) 3 Lookat the pictures. Write questions with Should he / she / they ..? and the prompts. Then write your own answers. 1 eat the fish? ‘Should she eat the Yeo, she should, / No, she should, 2 gooutside? 3 goto bed? 4 buy the computer? 5 see the film? Challenge! How many different questions and answers can you write forthis picture? Use the verbs inthe box or your own ideas. climb fight hide run shout Unit 5 * Healthy ving a7 Tend F Peete eee) 1. Complete the dialogue with the words in the box. ‘cure headache medicine painful patients relax. treatment ‘Ari Hil How are you? Jade Not great. I've gota bad * atthe moment. It's realy? And 'm so busy! ‘Ari Oh dear. You need to sit down and » Perhaps try a natural “ + like a massage. Jade Massage? No, | need some * from the doctor. ‘Ati Doctors can't everything, you know. ‘And they never talkto their? . Jade 1 don’t want a conversation. | want to feel well! 2 Look quickly at the text opposite. What is it about? Three cures for skin problems. b Therapies that use food or drink, € Three unusual kinds of therapy. 3 Choose the best answers. 1 Ina hay bath, there's hay, water, flowers and plants. »b only hay and water. only hay. 2 One problem with hay baths is, a. they sometimes give you a headache. bb you often get very cold. they aren’t always comfortable. 3 An ice sauna is avery warm, b very cold. € hot and then cold, 4 The view from an ice sauna is beautiful because a ice is beautiful b you can see through the walls. € you can see other people. 5. In what order are the four parts ofthe beer bath treatment? a Beer bath, sleep, shower, swim. b Shower, beer bath, swim, sleep. Beer bath, shower, sleep, swim, {6 How much does the beer bath cost at Hedwig Bauer's hotel? 2 20eurs. b 30euros. ¢ 44 euros. Unit 5 * Healthy living Hay baths are avery old treatment rom the mountains inthe north of aly. esa ‘ery simple idea. Patients takeoff ther clothes ad ie in wet hay. There are flowers and plants in the hay to. It gets very hot, ot sit alvays comfortable, but some people belie itis very good for your heath and can cure headaches, Ke SPiWelar-y Saunas ae very hot places ~ ice is very cold. So can you build a sauna, cut ofice? The answers yes! They do itn Russia and Finland during the long winters. fie makes the sauna very warm iside: over 60°C! And because the wal ae ie, you have a beauiflview ofthe word outside, PSST) Beer baths ae popular treatment inthe Caech Repub and Austria, Hedvig Bauer has hotel in Austria where you can have a30-minute beer bath for 44 curs. After the bath, patients lep for20 minutes. Then they havea shower and _g0 swimming, ‘Beers very _Bpod forthe ski’ says Hedwig, Imagine you can have one of the three therapies in the text. Decide which therapy and give a reason. [ike the idea of the because Ema 1. Complete the dishes (1-7) on the menu with the words in the box. Kirsty’s Café MEALS Mushroom soup wth __ead* Vegetable? ___ with ice £6.50 Chicken and ham pie wth vegetables . Mushroom omelette wth? £4.75 Beef _frywith noodles £5.95 ‘Salmon salad Q Toasted cheese and ham® «£2.75 DRINKS Fu £1.60 Banana milishake « ____ortea £1.80 2 \@UISTENING 29) Now listen and prices (a-d) in the menu. the 3 Put the words in the correct order to make sentences and questions. juice / Md / orange / like / an cumy, / can / have / please /1/ the /? € help /1/you / can /? d are / you / here © drink /to / anything / ? ‘4 Complete gaps 1 exercise 3. Then of the dialogue with lines a-e from the correct price for the total. Woman Hello, ! Ryan Yes. Let me see. * Woman Yes, certainly. ? Ryan Yes, please. *_. Woman So, vegetable curry and an orange juice. 5 Asthat all? Ryan Yes, itis. Woman Great, That's *& Please, Ryan Thankyou. {GLISTENING 30) Listen and check. 6 Rewrite the sentences using would like instead of want. 1 Do you want some bread? woul you like some bread? 2 My friend wants a sandwich. 3. We want some more coffee. 4 Does your dad want some cake? 5 Iwant to go home now. 6 My mum wants sugar in her tea 7 Do you want to go out for dinner? 7 Write a dialogue like the one in exercise 4. Choose different food and drink from the menu in exercise 1. Kirsty Nicole Kirsty Nicole Unit 5 * Healthy tiving 49 Preparation 3 What ime do you usually goto bed? 1. Choose the correct words in these questions about food. 1 How / What healthy is your diet? 2 Are / Do you a vegetarian? 3 How / When often do you eat chips? 4 Are / Do you always have breakfast? 5 When / What do you usually have for breakfast? 6 Does / Is your diet include fruit and vegetables? 4 Do you enjoy sport? 5 Are you a member of a gym? 6 Doyouwalkto school? 2 Match the questions in exercise 1 with answers a-f. Writing guide No, I'm not. 6 Write a questionnaire with three questions about food b About three times a week. and three questions about lifestyle. Use questions from <é Frolighnsaid awd bunts exercises 4 and 5 or your own ideas. 4 It's quite healthy, in my opinion, ooo0o0o00 € Yes, itdoes. f Yes, Ido. 7 3 Write your own answers to the questions in exercise 1. 1 a 2 3 4 5 3 6 4 Find the mistake in each question. Rewrite the questions 4 correctly. 1 How much burgers do you eat a week? x How many burgers do you eat a week? : 2 Do you eat ever chocolate? x 3 What usually have you for lunch? 6 4 How much water you drink every day? x 5 Doyoube a vegetarian? x Crean 6 How fish do you eat a week? x 5 TRANSUATION Translate the que: a Howsdo youretang 7 Aska friend or family member the questions in exercise 6 as (in your own language, if necessary). Translate their 2 How much exercise do you do a week? answers into English and write them in the questionnaii 50 | Unit 5 * Healthy living Label the food pictures with the words in the box. 1 Choose the correct words to describe the food in exercise 1. 1 The potato is baked / fried. 2 The salmon is boiled / grilled. 3. The eggs are boiled / fried. 4 The chicken Is fried / roasted. 2 3 4 Underline the uncountable noun in each group. (Remember, ‘an uncountable noun has no plural form.) 1 banana egg prawn tuna 2 carrot grape pork tomato 3 apple beef lemon mushroom 4 butter orange sandwich vegetable Complete the questions with How much or How many. 1 people are in your address book? lessons has she got this morning? ‘money have we got? food does your dog eat? brothers have you got? Complete the sentences. Use should or shouldn't and verbs in the box. 1 You hard. You've got exams this week. 2 1|___ mysister. She usually knows the 3 We _____ this computer. Itisn’t ours. 4 He____his bike in the shopping centre. It's dangerous. 5 You___myemail ’s funny! 6 |___ chips every day. They aren't good for my heath. 6 Complete the questions. Use a question word from the box, the words in brackets, and should. 1 ___ he / send) the invitations? Next week. 2 ___ (i cook) the fish? With butter and lemon. 3 (we / put) the eggs? In the fridge. 4 __ (they / wea) for the wedding? ‘smart clothes. Van Read the statements. Think about your progress and tick ‘one of the boxes. | sometimes find EB=! need more practice, this dffcut. {can talk about different foods and dishes. (SB p.48) I can talk about quantities. (5B p.49) I can understand information about different diets. (SB p.50) Ican give advice. (SB p.51) can understand an article about different health treatments. (SB p.52) T'can order food and drinkin a café. ($8 p.54) | can write @ questionnaire about food and lifestyle. (SB p.55) Selfchecks [54 1. Complete the places with the words in the box. bus cinema church concert hall information office leisure library shopping station theatre train 1 7 2 hall 8 police 3 stop 9 centre 4 10 town 5 " station 6 2 centre 2 @IUSTENING 31) Listen and complete the directions. 1 Go on, take the second and go past the The library is onthe let the tain station, leftand the ison the bank 2 Take the the left, 3 Yes, go straight on, the first right, go the leisure centre and the theatre is on the 52 | Unit = Going places 3. Read the directions in exercise 2 again. Then look at the routes on the map and identify places 1~7. Me gen Cee Us Bicester ‘4. Complete the phrases with the words in the box. acar toafriend apiza toanightclub atrain go leave send visit watch 1 catch 6 2____forawalk 7 go 3 park___ 8 4 amuseum 9 chat Sore 10 ____afilm a letter amessage ind eight more incorrect prepositi prepositions. s. Write the correct, 1 | usually goin bed after midnight, 2 This evening I'm staying at home, James is listening at music. We live on a small house. What do you usually have in breakfast? My sister studies maths at university. Marc and Chantal are of France. My dad drives in workin the morning. ‘Ourmaths teacher gives us alot of homework Summer starts at June. My favourite programme starts on ten o'clock. | go to school with bus. eam 1. Lookat the calendar. Write sentences about Natalie and Chris. Use the past simple of be (affirmative or negative). ‘Mon Budapest Madrid Tues Rome Lisbon Wed ‘Athens ‘Athens Thurs Paris Prague Fri Istanbul Budapest Sat Dublin 3 Lookat the chart. Write questions and answers about Martha and Liam. Use the past simple of be and can. ——______ [Martha Tam write his / hername | age 3 age 4 Fide a bike age 6 age 5 swim age? age 7. 1 Liam / write his name j four? Could Liam weite bis name when be was four? Yes, he cou. 2 Liam | swim | six? 3 Martha / ride a bike / seven? 4 Martha and Liam / swim / seven? 1 Natalie / Madrid / Monday ‘Natalie was in Madrid on Monday. 2 Chris and Natalie / Athens / Wednesday 3 Chris / Lisbon / Tuesday 4 Natalie / Dublin / Saturday 5 Chris and Natalie / Dublin / Friday 6 Natalie / Budapest / Monday 2 _ where were Chris and Natalie last week? Complete the questions, then write answers. 1 Mas__ Chris in Budapest on Monday? Yes ws, 2 Where 128 _ Natalie on Tuesday? ‘She vas in Lisbon 5 Martha and Liam / ride a bike / four? 4 Complete the dialogue. Use the past simple form of be and can (afirmative, negative or nterrogative). Mike Where * you last weekend? 12___phone you on your mobile. Rachel Sorry, my mobile» __on. in the USA. The calls are vvery expensive! Mike * you in New York? Rachel No, we Wet in Chicago. Mike — What® itike? Rachel It? ‘amazing. On Saturday morning we ® at the top of the Willis Tower. But we see much because the ‘weather ® very good. Challenge! 3 ___ Natalie in Budapest on Wednesday? here were yout these ines? Wit thre sentences i, chs i ienbulan age 1 at seven o'clock yesterday evening 5 Where Natalie and Chris on Wednesday? 9 citenciehe scree yel 6 Chris and Natalie in Athens on Thursday? ieee ei ec 7 Chris and Natalie in Dublin on Saturday? Unit 6 * Going places 33 (rR PoE Se eer 4 Match places 1-5 with sentences a-f, There is one sentence that you do not need. 1. Complete the pairs of adjectives with opposite meanings. 1 Alcatrzistand EC] a Youcan go skateboarding 1 safe-d 5. modem — 0 2 Golden Gate Bridge [] and ollerblading. 2 easy-d 6 fast-s. 3 Aquatium ofthe Bay [] > You can see animals that 3 clean=d 7 fantastic -t 4 Ocean Beach 1 __ lveinthe bay. & cheap—e. You can go shopping, ‘ 5 Chestnut Steet a d_You can swim safely. You can see great views. You can visita prison. 5 \GULISTENING)32: Listen to Alice and Jake planning a visi to Dublin, Complete the diary with words from the box. 2. Complete the sentences with adjectives from exercise 1. 1it's to travel around in London. f There are lots of buses and underground trains. 2 You need a lot of money in London. Everything is very ° 3 There are views from the top of the art gallery climbamountain market picnic London Eye, ‘goswimming shopping centre 200 4 Big ciesareoten - but ondon is quite a Moming ‘Aermoon 5. There are many old buildings in London, but there are Saturday also. lot ot ones 3 Complete the text on the tourist inform: website with Sunday the words below. a and are do don't from of or to to Challenge! INTERHETRESEARC indo sout.ly at you wl Write three ings that you can do and see there. ee to San Francisco! ‘Take a boat tp to Acataz land in San Francisco By, twas once apison forvery daneprouscivials, Touts! ftom al verthe wld vistitandlisten? the tries ofthe famous prisoners. ‘* Visit the amazing Golden Cate Bridge k's 227 metres hgh and nearly three kilometres lng, You can walk ___ gle across the bridge. See fantastic vews*____the ct. ‘* Donitiniss the Aquarum ofthe Bay! Walkin a tunnel under the water and seethe sharks? __stngraysthatlv in San Francisco Bay. * Wak along he beast Ocean Beach, roy the sunshine and tae picnic. You can surf thee, but?” _svim asitisrit safe. Bringa skateboard or rollerblades and skate along the pathnet® the beach! youl 54 | Unit * Going places eam 1 Write the past simple forms in the correct group. 4 Complete the time expressions with the words in the box. [afieroon ago, before, last“ momth_ years, yesterday 1 fouryears 2 might 3 yesterday 4 two ago 5 morning 6 last 7 the day _ yesterday 2 Complete the sentences. Use the past simple form of the verbs In the bax. 5 Rewrite the sentences. Use the past simple and the time ‘expressions in brackets. 1 I play volleyball at weekends. (last weekend) 11 twenty friends to my party. 2 |___tomy friends at the café. “alge olla a weaken 3 Myded Geran at school 2 Leycle to school every day. (yesterday morning) 4 Harriet___ at the end of he sad film. ; Son ‘with Emma atthe night lub, 3 usually stayin on Sunday evenings. (lastnight) 6 George __ his hair this morning. a 7 Our English lesson aigion, 4 Andy sometimes ties his bedroom on Sunday evenings. (on Saturday evening) 3 Complete the story. Use the past simple form of the verbs in brackets. 5. The bus stops outside our house. (five minutes ago) 6 listen to the radio every morning. (yesterday aftemoon) 7 Italways rains a lot in Scotland. (last month) 8 School finishes at four o'clock. (half an hour ago) Challenge! A police officer was ina park the centre ofthe town. Lee She!___(notice) a boy and girl with a baby exenioesienesdcisess arabe elephant. The police officer was very suprised, ; “what are you doing with that elephant” she* (asi) "You should take itt the z00. a “OK,’ the boy and girl * (agree), and they. © true) off 5 The next day, the police officer was In town again when the ‘same boy and girl > (appear). The elephant - was still with them, The police officer was annoyed. “Hey! she called, You‘ (promise to take that 5 elephant to the 200! ves," 7 (reply) the children, ‘we * (visit) the zoo yesterday and the elephant ?__ (enjoy) it. So today we're taking him to the museum.” Unit 6 = Going places | $5. 56 Peed Peete ke) 1 Complete the adjectives to describe feelings. 1 Joe has gota girlfriend. He's really h ! 2 Cathy was t so she decided to go to bed, 3 I stayed out late last Saturday. My parents were w : 4 Samwas really s when he saw the {dangerous dog, 5 mb There’s nothing to do! 6 Dadis very busy. Don't be s. ithe gets home very late this evening. 7 Kate's n because she’s got an important exam tomorrow. a rmh Can | have something to eat? 9 My mum was a because my bedroom ‘was very untidy. Read the story. Match paragraphs 1-7 with pictures A~G. 1. Charlie Webber, 20, is a postman. He's from Chicago, but he works in Los Angeles. One Friday afternoon, he was at work. He wasn't very happy, and he wanted to go home to Chicago for the weekend and see his parents. 1) 2. Plane tickets from Los Angeles to Chicago are very expensive, so he decided to get into a big box and post himself to Chicago by airmail. It was the cheapest way to ty!) o Later that day, he was on the plane to Chicago. He vas in a box for fifteen hours with no food or water. Nobody noticed him in the box. [] . The next day, the box arrived in Chicago. Mike Lincoln, ‘a postman in Chicago, carried the large box from his van to Mr and Mrs Webber's house. [_] 5 When he arrived at their house, he suddenly noticed ‘two eyes in the box. He decided there was a dead person inside, so he called the police. [_] 6 A few minutes later, Charlie opened the box and shouted, ‘Surprise!’ [] ~ After that, the police arrived. They asked Charlie lots. ‘of questions. In the end, Charlie stayed in prison for the rest of the weekend! [_] Unit 6 * Going places 3 Read the story again. Choose the correct answers. 1. Charlie works in Chicago / Los Angeles. 2 Charlie's parents live in Chicago / Los Angeles. 3. Charlie decided to fly / post himself to Chicago. 4 He could / couldn't eat or drink on the plane. 5. Charlie arrived in Chicago the next day / two days later. 6 Charlie's parents / Mike Lincoln phoned the police, 4 TRANSLATION Write a summary of the story in your language. Baan 1 \@USTENING'33° Complete the dialogue with the lines inthe box. Then listen and check. ‘You're welcome. Goodbye. Good afternoon. Natura History Museum. It's $10 for adults and $6 for children under fourteen. It's in Jacob Street, next to the concert hall. Sure. What would you like to know? ‘We open at ten o'clock and close at half past five. Clerk Carl Good afternoon. I'd like some information about the museum, please, Clerk * Carl What time do you open and close? Clerk > But we don't sel tickets after four o'clock. Carl How much are the tickets? Clerk * Carl Where is the museum exactly? Clerk & Carl OK. Thanks very much. Clerk Carl Goodbye. 2 @ILISTENING 34) Listen to the dialogue. Complete the information. Tee Ute} Opening time: Last entry: Tickets: Adults: $ Children under 286 Students: $ Finding us: Lincoln Street, next to 3. Write these questions and sentences in a different way. 1 How can |help you? what would you like to know? 2 I'd ike some information about the museum, please. Can you ? 3. How much are the tickets? does it 2 4 What time do you open and close? What are ? 5 We don't sell tickets after five o'clock The last 6 Where isthe gallery exactly? can you ? ‘4 Write a dialogue like the one in exercise 1. Use the information Pee aD Preece Tait) Children (under 12): $10 tae ees een Clerk God ateraon, Museum of Moder Bt How can lp a? fo Clerk Jo Clerk Jo Clerk Challenge! INTERNETRESEARCH Find a website foran interesting ‘museum in Britain or the USA. Find out the information below. 1. Name of the museum: 2 Opening t 3 Cost ofticke 4 Where is the museum exactly? (name of street Unit 6 * Going places 37 Cann Preparation 5 Complete the messages with sentences ad. 1. Complete the phrases with the words in the box. Each pair @ use it every day, of phrases has a similar meaning. He's got the book you wanted. > © [hear that you all played really well. 4 Ihope that you feel better soon. istnaste/ gett aan 3 Harry __ from the... is tball ee veya With love from Grandma. 2 Match the pairs of phrases (1-4) in exercise 1 with the types of message (ad). a a phone message Qa b amessage of congratulation [] © a message of sympathy. a 4 a thank-you note a 3 Match the words to make phrases you can use in messages. 1 What (Ha fantastic achievement. 2 Get Cb was ally king of you. 3 tsa Cc urgent. 4 We'reveryproud [] —d done! 5 its (Ce well soon. Writing guide 6 We're all. oO f atovely-surprise! 6 Choose a situation and write a message. Use phrases from 7 Well (Cg onhis mobile. exercises 1 and 3 to help you. 6. Please phone hin’ D) thou otyotn 1 Congratulation: A frend passed an important exam. or Ot otyou. 2. Sympathy: Your cousin sin hospital. 3 Thanks: Your received a CD for your birthday from your 4 Write a phrase from exercise 3 for the situations below. uncle, (Sometimes more than one answer is possible.) 4 Phone message: Your sister's friend phoned. She wants 1 Your friend passed an exam. to goo the cinema this evening with your sister. Leave a ‘message for your sister. 2 Your granddad is in hospital. 3 You received a gift voucher from your aunt. 4 Your sister phoned. She wants dad to phone her. Ciaran 58 | Unit * Going places Where do the people go? Write the place. 1 want to buy some stamps. 2 want to listen to classical music. 3 want to catch a bus. 4 want to see some paintings. 5. Iwant to borrow a book. Complete the words in the sentences. 1 I'm hungry. Let's o a pizza. 2 If 'mnot at home, please L a message. 3. On Friday evening my friends and | usually go dancing at 4 You can p the carn the car park near the school, ea Match he sentence haves. 1 School starts Oa injune. 2 Marco lives in Dublin, buthe's [] _ b byccar. 3. Summer starts Oc fromttaly. 4 My dad goes to work Os 4 ateight o'clock. Complete the sentences. Use the past simple form of be. 1 The weather bad yesterday, so we stayed at home. 2 *___Jason and Kelly at school this morning?” ‘No, they 3 Peter at the cinema, He was at the theatre. 4 Joe and kate in London last week. They visited Buckingham Palace. Complete the sentences. Use the past simple form of can, affirmative or negative, and the verbs in the box. 1 We tennis because the weather was bad. 2 David before he was one year old, 3 Tom to the cinema because he was il, 4 Iwas very tired, but I 6 Complete the text Use the past simple form ofthe verbs in the box. at home. 1? to music on my MP3 my friend Becky for an hour. Then | Yesterday evening |* television and then 1? player. After dinner, 1* and we ‘my bedroom. 7 Complete the time expressions. Use a, ¢, and 0. 1th doy bofor. yostodiy 2 thr m_nths — Blostw Tan. Read the statements. Think about your progress and tick ‘one of the boxes. Ey I can describe places in a town. (58 p.58) I can talk about my past. (SB p.59) | can talk about tourist attractions in accity. (SB p.60) [can talk about past events. (58 p.61) can understand a story about a bad experience. (SB p.62) T'can ask for detailed information about tourist places. (SB p.64) I can write different kinds of note. ($8 p.65) [= | sometimes find this difficult, I need more practice (0 problem! Self checks [59 PREPARATION: Reading 1. Match the words (16) with the definitions (a0. 1 boring aa partofa train where people sit 2 pick b not difficult 3 easy © not expensive 4 begin not interesting, 5 carriage _ e startto do something or start to happen 6 cheap Ff takea flower, fruit or vegetable from the place where it grows EXAM STRATEGY * Read the task carefully and read the text for general ‘meaning. * Identify the paragraph in the text that will help you decide about each true/false statement, Decide ifthe statements 1-6 are true or fast Peenernd Read the story. Decide if statements 1-6 are true (1) or false (O. South for the winter Inever stay in one country for a long time. It gets boring Ilike to move on, see new places, meet different people. It'sa good lfe most of the time. When Ineed money, iget ‘job. ean do most things hotel and restaurant work, building work, picking fruit. In Europe you can pick fruit most of the year. It's not easy work, but the money's not bad, like to go south for the winter. Lifes easier in the sun, ‘and northern Europe can get very cold in the winter. Last year was in Venice for October. I did some work ina hotel fr three weeks, then | began slowly to move south. | always go by train when I can. lke trains. You can walk about on train, and you meet a lot of people. Heft Venice and went on to Trieste. There I got a cheap ticket for the slow train to Sofia, in Bulgaria, This train {goes all the way down Eastern Europe and takes a long time a day and a half. But that didn't matter to me. The train left Trieste at nine o'clock on a Thursday ‘marning, There weren't many people onitat first, but at Zagreb more people got on. Two girls went along the corridor, past my carriage. They looked through the door, but they didn’t come in. Then an old woman came in, sat down and went to sleep. The two girls came back along the corridor and looked into the carriage again. The train left Zagreb and | looked out ofthe window for ten minutes, then | went to sleep too. When l opened my eyes again, the two girls were in my carriage, They looked friendly, 0 said, “Hello” 60 | Get Ready for your Exam 3 41 The writer is a traveller. 2 The writer prefers cold to hot weather. 3. The writers favourite means of transport is the train because it's fast. 4 The writer was in a hurry when he left Trieste, 5 Two girl joined the writer after the train left Zagreb. 6 The writer started the conversation with the girls. because they were prety. PREPARATION: Listening 1 Read the task, the sentences and the multiple-choice options carefully. 2 Based on the information in the task, decide if these sentences are true or false. 1 The listening is a monologue (a single person speaking), 2 Kitty Wiliams has probably experienced life in two places: London and Hollywood, 3 Kity talks about food and lifestyle Ext a @LUSTENING 35) Listen to an interview with actress, kitty Williams. Choose the correct answer (A-C) for questions 1-5. 1 Kitty Williams's life in Hollywood is ‘A healthier than in London. B very busy. C very stressful. 2 In Hollywood Kitty Williams eats ‘A the same food as in London, B only vegetables. no meat. 3 Kitty finds it easy to have a healthy diet in Hollywood because A the temperature is always high. B restaurants offera lot of choice. C she doesn’t like butter or mayonnaise. 4 Kitty Wiliams thinks running is A very tiring. B a good way to start a day. relaxing after a long day of work. 5 Kilty misses London because ‘A she likes going to the gym with her friends. B she can eat chips or pasta there. C itis more entertaining than Hollywood. EXAM STRATEGY: Use of English Read the text through ance to get a general understanding before trying to choose the right answers. Choose the correct alternatives. ‘Are pescetarians vegetarians? Most vegetarians don’t think so. People start started using the word pescetarian in the 1990s to describe a person who doesn't eat ’some /any meat but does eat fish and other seafood. Most pescetarians believe they are vegetarians, but the Vegetarian Society believe that to bea true veggie you “shouldn't /should eat any living animal. Some pescetarians “don't/ didn’t eat meat because they don't ike it, some believe that we Sshould [shouldn't keep animals for food but think that they should eat some fish for a*balanced / balancing diet. Some start by being pescetarians and then become full vegetarians My friend Pete ’were /was a vegetarian for years. He didn’t eat any meat or fish. But two years ago he began eating fish again. When | asked him why, he said he was. a vegetarian because he Snot liked /didn’t like the taste of meat, not because he thought it was wrong to kill animals. But he travelled travels to Spain and tried some salmon and prawns by accident ~ and loved them. Soishe a vegetarian? He says he isn’t, he called /calls himself a ‘non-meat eater’. EXAM STRATEGY: Writing * Plan your text carefully. You only have 100-120 wards and you must cover four points. * First, write a few notes for each point. * Then, write a short paragraph about each point. * Remember: you must also write a short introduction and ‘a summary/conclusion at the end. =e Imagine that in September your school opened a new school canteen. Write a short article (100-120 words) for the school magazine about it. In the article say: what is the place like * what sort of dishes you can usually choose from * ifyou think they cook healthy meals, how students like it PREPARATION: Speaking 41 Match each expression below to the correct picture, inarestaurant awaitress serve the customer seem tobe happy turkey a family dinner celebrate Thanksgiving Day have breakfast in the dining room pleasant and friendly atmosphere 2 Complete the sentences with the following expressions. they both show people enjoying their meals the man is having breakfast on his own people having ameal aman having breakfast shows a family dinner fa Both pictures show b The first picture shows, whereas the second picture € The two pictures are similar because d There are also some differences. For example, hile there are ‘many people enjoying the family dinner together. EXAM STRATEGY ‘= When you describe a picture you must say: who is in the picture, where they are and what they are doing. * Read the task carefully. Look at the picture and think. what vocabulary you may need to describe and compare the pictures. ‘During your preparation time make notes about the people, where they are, and what they are doing. * Think about arguments you are going to use to answer the second part of the question * To express your opinion use phrases in the Functions Bank. page 101 Pens sree | Compare and contrast the pictures below. Then say which of the two situations you like better and why. Do you think ‘that the food the people in the pictures are eating is good for them? Why / Why not? Get Ready foryour xam3 [6 Pee 1 What are these countries? Label the maps. 2. Where are these cities? Complete the names of the countries. Then write the nationalities. Use the Internet to help you. Challenge! INTERNETIRESEARCH How many more countries and nationalities can you add? Country Nationality Pre naeesncas ROO trKG at ad 4 Complete the chart with the words in the box. = — — a El 6 Bucharest R 5 Complete the sentences with the correct form of make, oes 8 Istanbul T. 1 We don’t do__ French at school. 3 My dad's going to a speech at my —— ‘oecae ie 4 Doyouhaveto an examatthe end of 3 \@PLISTENING 36) Listen to the conversations, Write the n 1 Marka is 3 Janis Lucy is . ‘Ana is 2 Thomas is 4 Hugo is Maria is Frith is 62 | Unit7 * Fame! the year? a phone call. Can luse your 6 We ___an English lesson after lunch. 7 My dad never the housework. 8 Jusually lunch in the school canteen, 1. Write the past simple form of the verbs. 1 begin 5 grow 2 break 6 have 3 bu 7 say 4 take 8 sing 2 Complete the sentences with verbs from exercise 1. 4 My mum. some pizzas at the supermarket. 2 ‘Good morning, everyone,” the teacher. 3 Liam lunch in a café in town. at to study English when | was eight. 5 Martin { song at the school concert. 6 Lastyear, we potatoes in our garden, 7 David a train from London to Edinburgh. 8 Oh,no! Who this glass? 3 Put the time expressions in order, with the most recent frst. last month lastnight lastweek last year the day before yesterday three months ago twoyears ago yesterday afternoon yesterday morning 1a night ‘4 Rewrite the sentences in the past tense. Add the time expression in brackets. 1 wear trainers to school. (yesterday) \ wore trainers to school yesterday. 2 Sally and | take the bus to school. (the day before yesterday) 3 Susan sleeps until ten o'clock. (yesterday morning) 4 My dad does a lot of housework. (last week) 5. I spend alot of money on clothes. (last weekend) 6 My mum makes cakes. (yesterday afternoon) 5 \GLISTENING37\ Complete the text, Use the past simple form of the verbs in brackets. Then listen and check. ‘__(be) born in 1879 2 (hate) school. His ‘____ (think) he wasn't very clever, (leave) school at the age of fifteen. Buthe* __(love) science, and he *__ (read) lots of books on his own. When he was 23,he’_ (move) to Switzerland and! (get) a job in an office. in his free time, he» (write) about physics and the universe, and he ® _ (send) his work to universities. In 1914, he (return) to Germany and ® (become) a professor ata university in Berlin. There, he developed new {ideas about time, space and atoms. In 1921, he 8 __(win) the Nobel Prize for Physics. In 1933, he * _(decide) to leave Germany and * (Go) to the USA, where he live) for the rest of his life. He ¥_______(@ie) in 2955 at the age of 76. Few people * (can) understand his ideas at that time, but now they are an important part of physics. Challenge! Write five sentences about yourself. Use the past. simple and time expressions from exercise 3. po unit 7 = Famet Paiste cet ee 1. Choose the correct prepositions in these sentences about Rosa Parks. 1 Rosa Parks live in /on the south of / to the USA. 2 She went at / to work by / on bus. 3 On buses, black people had to sit after / at the back 4 Parks refused to give her seat on the bus at /to a white man. 5 Black people stopped using the buses in Alabama by / for 381 days. After / To a year, the state changed the law. 2 Read the text opposite and answer the questions. 41. When and where was Nelson Mandela born? 2 How many children did his father have? 3 What did he study? 4 What did the ANC want? 5 What happened in 19602 6 How long did Mandela spend in prison? 7 What did he win in 1993? 8 When did he become President of South Africa? 3 \GLISTENING 38) Listen to three people talking about their heroes. Choose the correct answers. 1 Atwhat age did Adele frst start singing? a three b four c five 2 Who put Adele's first songs on the Internet? a Adele b Adele's mum ¢ Adele's friend 3. When was Lionel Messi born? a 1986 b 1987 ¢ 1988 4 How old was Messi when he played his first match for Barcelona? a13 bis ¢16 5 How old was Emma's grandmother when she died? aot bai c7t 6 Where was Emma's grandmother's during the war? a Liverpool b Leeds ¢ London Unit 7 = Fame! Nelson Mandela Nelson Mandela was bom in 1918 in a small South ‘rican vilage. His father had four wives and nine children. Mandela was a clever boy and took his school exams carly. Then he studied law and became a lawyer in 1952 ‘At that time in South Africa, black people and white people were not equal. Mandela became a leader of the ‘African National Congress. The ANC wanted equal rights for black people. It was a peaceful organisation. But in 1960, the police killed 69 black people in the town of ‘Sharpeville, After that, the ANC began to use violence against the government. In 1962, the police arrested Mandela and he went to prison forlfe. He became a hero, ‘and black South Africans continued to fight for equal. ‘The world was also against the South AMtican government Eventually, n 1990, President FW de Klerk decided to change things. He released Mandela from prison after 27 years. Three years later, he and Mandela won the Nobel Peace Prize. And in 1994, South Africans chose Mandela to be the country’s first black president. Challenge! INTERNETRESEARCH Find out about a famous person that you admire. Write five sentences. Use the past ‘simple form of the verbs in the box, or your own ideas. bebo become die getajob get married live play win write Ga 1. Make the sentences negative. 1 Jake phoned Sarah yesterday evening. Take didn’t ghone Sarah yrsterday evening, 2 George went to London last weekend. 3. Joe wore his new jacket yesterday. 4 Pete invited Fred to his birthday party. 5. You sent me an email. 6 Wendy left home before nine o'clock. 7 My dad studied German at school 2. Write true sentences about what you did last weekend. Use the past simple, affirmative or negative, and the prompts. 1 make a phone call made a phone call, didnt make a phone all 2 goto the theatre 3 help with the housework 4 play basketball 5. read a book 3 Put the words in the correct order to make questions. Then write true answers. 1 you / last night? / go / did / when / to bed when did you go to bed lastnight? ‘went to bed at ten o'lock 2 come / how / this morning? / did / you / to school 3 do / what / you / last Saturday morning? / did 4 last Sunday? / you / what time / did / get up 5. this morning? / you / what / did / for breakfast / have 4 GUISTENING 39) Listen to Rosie asking Rob about his weekend and complete the sentences. Use the past simple form, affirmative or negative, ofthe verbs in brackets. 1 Rob Aidt havea good time at the weekend. (have) 2 Roband Sam ______foottall. (play) 3 Roband Sam _________to the cinema. (go) 4 Rob and Sam ______afilm, (see) 5 Rob and Sam the right bus. take) 5 Now write questions and short answers. Use your answers tocxercise 4. 1 Did Bob have a good time at the weekend? No, fe did 6 Find the mistakes in these sentences, Rewrite them correctly. 1 Sally catched the bus to town, x Sally. caught the bus to town, 2 When you come home last night? x 3 Did Mum made a cake yesterday? x 4 Kevin not wore jeans to school. 5 We didn’t stayed in last night. We went out. x 6 ‘Did Jamie watch TV last night?" ‘Yes, he watched.” x Challenge! Write three more quiz questions for your classmates, Use when, where, and what. 41 When did Poland join the European Union? _ Po Bo 4 a unit 7 * Fame! [65 Peed Pere tree ee) 1 Complete the sentences about Pablo Picasso with the words in the box. born died had got got left retire went in Spain in 1881. 2 He moved to Barcelona when his dad a job at an art college there. 3 When he was 16, Picasso to art college in Madrid mmaried twice. He 1 Picasso was school and 4 Picasso. four children, 5 Picasso didn’ day until he - He worked nearly every in 1973. 2 Read the text opposite. Choose the correct answers. 1 Dalf painted pictures of a eal life bb his ideas and dreams. « allthe people that he knew. 2 He started drawing lessons when he was a ten, : b fiteen. € eighteen, 3 He left art college because he wanted to go to Paris. b hewas tied of his teachers. € he didn't want to continue painting. 4 spent most of the 1940s in Spain. returned to Spain at the end of the 1940s. lived in the USA from 1948. 5 Dal 4 stopped painting and made films and furniture. bought a museum for his paintings. © wore strange clothes. 3 Putthe events of Dal!s life in the correct order. a C1] Hewent to the USA. b C1] He had his first art exhibition. ¢ C1) He built a museum. dC] He returned to Spain. e [J He went to Paris and met Picasso. £ [] Hewas bom in 1904. C] He went to art college. h (J He had drawing lessons. 66 | Unity » ramet _ advertising for ever. : $a /vador Dall gs Salvador Daliwas avery famous B= Surrealist painter. He didn't paint pictures of real life. He painted pletures of his ideas and dreams. Everybody knows his paintings and he is an important person for many of today’s artists and designers. Dali was born in Figueres, Spain, in 1904. He was good at art from a very early age and he had drawing lessons {rom the age of ten, When he was fifteen, he had his first, art exhibition, At the age of elghteen, he went to art college ‘in Macird. Three years later, Dali was tired of his teachers. and they asked him to leave the college. He wanted to learn new things, so he went to Paris and met Picasso. Dall became well known in Europe and America for his {interesting paintings. He spent most of the 1940s in the USA, and he returned to Figueres in 1948. He continued, to paint, and he also made films and designed furniture. In 1960, he built a museum for his own paintings. He was famous for his big personality, funny clothes and erazy ‘ideas, People thought he was elther mad or wonderful. He died at 84, and his ideas changed art, design and Challenge! \INTERNETIRESEARCH Find out about one of the artists below, or another artist. Write a short biography. Use the phrases in exercise 1 and the verbs in the box. 1 Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) 2 Claude Monet (1840-1926) 3 Andy Warhol (1928-1987) drew lived painted studied BEAT 7F 1. Complete the free-time activities with the verbs in the box. cinema / theatre ig / nightclub / friend's house / party to music wv social-networking site apvo fiends the Internet ‘a meal phone calls 4 2 Complete the expressions withthe letters a, e, 0, uand y. Do they express sympathy or interest? Tick’ the correct boxes. Sympathy Interest 1 a oO 2 1 a Q 2 a Oo 4 a o S Qa QO 6 a Oo 7 a o 8 a o 3 (GULISTENING'40) SPEAKING Listen and react using expressions from exercise 2. Use a different expression each 5 \GPLISTENING 44) Complete the dialogue with the ‘questions from exercise 4 Then listen and check. Marcus Nancy Itwasn’t great. Marcus > Nancy Well, on Saturday afternoon | went shopping and eft my purse on the bus. Marcus Whata disaster Nancy I went out fora meal with my family, but | hated the food Marcus Oh dear! Nancy Marcus. | went to London to see my cousin. We visited a museum and had a picnic in Hyde Park, Nancy Sounds fun! 7 ifthe event was good. Put a cross x ifthe event 41. We went to a nightclub, We had a great time, 2 We saw a football match. My favourite team lost. [] 3. My dad had an accident. He's in hospital. o 4 | took my driving test. | passed! Oo 5 We went to the cinema. The film was really good. [] 6 went to town. | lost my mobile phone. o 7 Write a dialogue like the one in exercise 5. Us exercises 1 and 6 or your own ideas. Jess tow was your weekend? as from Q Aitaied my maths exam. Jess Gant > Gw>G ™ 4 Put the words in the correct order to make questions, 1 you / what / at / do / the / weekend / did /? 2 your / how / weekend / was |? ‘Ryan 3 was / why / that / oh, /? 4 did / Saturday / you / do / what / night / on /? ‘Ryan unit 7 * Fame! [67 Preparation 1. Complete the verb and noun collocations with the words in the box. 1_______ shopping 2 meet some 3 tunch at a café 4 write 5 a book 6 goto early 7 awalk 8 stayata 9 _______ basketball 2 Match 1-13 with a-m to make useful phrases for emails. 1 Lookafter [J] a hello, 2 Email Qa 'b to you soon. 3 Ihope Qa ¢ hear from you! 4 Chris says = [) you're well. 5 Say hi Qa @ your weekend? 6 Speak o f Emma 7 How are Oo & Ihave to go. 8 Thanks for [] h care, 9 Howwas = [] i me soon. 10 Great to Qa i yoursetf: 11 Anyway, = [] k your email. 12 Take a things with you? 13 Love, a 'm to David. 3 TRANSLATION Translate the phrases in exercise 2. 10 4 2 68 | Unit7 * Fame! Great to hear from you! How are things with you? Thad + (On Saturday it was my friend Fiona’s birthday. She invited us all? ‘0 500 a film. Later, we went to her house * with food and music. | didn’t get home * (On Sunday | woke up late and read magazines 5 ‘Then | got up, listened to music and “I won! I did ={ Luckily it didn't played a board game ® ‘my homework ” ‘ake long. +) How was your weekend? Email me soon, Jim says hello. Love Patricia Writing guide 5. Write an email toa friend following the example in exercise 4, You can use activities from exercise 1 to help you. ‘+ Begin your email with a greeting and one or two phrases from exercise 2. First paragraph: describe what you did on Saturday. ‘+ Second paragraph: describe what you did on Sunday. ‘+ Add one or two more phrases from exercise 2. ‘© Finish your email, Crean 1. Complete the chart. the USA 2 Turkish Japan 3 —— Brazilian France 5 — lish ‘Sweden 2 —— Czech 2 Correct the verbs. Use make, do, have and take. 1 Lets do lunch nom 2 tssometimes fc take new ends. 3 Doyou make ara school 4 often do dreams about exams, 5 Canyouhave phatoofuswith mycamer? (nae — 3 Complete the sentences. Use the past simple form of the theboe Ym not tired. | Lnti eleven o'clock this morning! 1 my bike on eBay. | got £50 fort Yesterday evening, Joe a letter to his uncle. the match 4-3. we ‘two weeks in France last summer. 1 2 3 4 Liverpool 5 6 anew car last weekend. 4 Complete the first sentence of each pair. Use the past simple negative form of the verb in the second sentence. ‘My parents, 1 We ________at sixo'clock. We arrived at five. 2 Tom __jeans. He wore trousers, 31 to London. | went to Manchester. 4 Rachel________meanemail. She sent me atext. 5 The play. at seven o'clock. It began at eight. 6 We __our cousins. We visited our grandparents. 5 Lookat the chart. Complete questions for these answers, about the things Ann and Mark did at the weekend. ‘Ann Q Wak 1 hat on Saturday She did some housework 2 computer games on Sunday? Yes he did 3 When ts tomenora on Saturday. oe cemuntrgaest Wo, seat. 5 Wen her homenork on Sunday. a_i Ee Ican... Read the statements. Think about your progress and tick fone of the boxes. | sometimes find this difficult. need more practice. EES - No problem | can talk about people's countries, and nationalities. (58 p.68) I can talk about past events. (SB p.69) I'can understand a text about a historical event. (SB p.70) can say what did and didn’t happen inthe past. (SB p.71) | can understand biographies of famous artists. ($8 p.72) 1 can talk about what happened at the weekend. (SB p.74) 1 can write an email describing my weekend. (SB p.75) Self check7 [69 Label the compass point Complete the sentences with facts about your country. 2 wl 3 inte —_ 1 sin the north of the country. 4‘—_. 2 isin the south ofthe county 3 ____is inthe east of the county. 4 isin the west ofthe county. 4 Complete the questions with the adjectives in the box. . 1 ‘How __is the Volga river” 3,692 kilometres.” " " 2 ‘How __is this swimming pool?” “One metre at this end and two metres atthe other end.” » 3 ‘How __is that block of flats?” 5 “There are 25 floors.” 4 ‘How __is yourhouse?* “tt was builtin 1873." 5 ‘How ___is the hotel" “There are 300 rooms.’ Challenge! = INTERNETRESEARCH write four questions about Lake Baikal in Russia. Use How ..? and the adjectives in the box. Find the answers online and write them below. 2 writer * continents, 1 The _ Rocky Mountains are in Nov _ america ? 7 2 3 2 3 Danube Riveris in E 4 Lake Mancharis in As , 5 Bondi Beach is in At az 4) 6 Ross Seas in An 70 | Units = inthe wile 8B ZINE Comparative adj ves 1 Read the sentences. Write the correct names of the five boys. 4 Write questions using the words in brackets. Use the twanleiarihen Rye, Lens Wincor ihan Evan, comparative form ofthe adjective. Then answer the questions. Ryan is shorter than Harry. Jacks shorterthan Ryan. 1 arge/ an Afican elephant an indian elephand Harris taller than Ewan, Lewis tallerthan Ryan. sc ge ance Hep oan dion elect ‘An African elephant 2 (intelligent / a chimpanzee / a dog) 3. (far from ireland / Asia / North America) 4 (hot / Mexico / Canad: 2 Complete the table. Use the comparative form of the Anat mexico Canada) adjectives in the box. attractive bad big famous far fierce funny good heavy hot large rich short tall wide 5 (heavy / gold / silver) er 6 (fattening / fruit / butte +r yo ier 5 Lookat the photos and compare the places. Use the ‘double consonant ‘comparative form of adjectives from the box, or your own ideas, ter beautiful busy cold exciting hot interesting more + adj irregular 3 Complete the text. Use the comparative form of the adjectives in brackets. Humans and chimps: Ee a) Chimpanzees lve inthe forests of central Afica. They're much (cond) than humans at climbing trees, butoon the ground, humans ere |_ (fest). (Chimps walk on their hands and feet. Their arms are +____(long) than their legs. Humans are*__(big) and>=_____ (heavy) than chimps and they're ©_(tall) too. But chimps are much? _____{(strong) than humans. They hunt © (small animals for food. Chimps are inteligent animals, but humans are 2__ (intelligent). e-fhan the si resort The beadh is qui Units « Inthe wild [79 (rR ini cae 1. Match the pictures with the outdoor activities in the box. 2 GPUSTENING42) Listen tothe information about Mount Fuji. Which two outdoor activites from exercise 1 does it mention? rr each gap. 1. Mount Fuji in Japan. 2 Fujiis about kilometres of Tokyo. 3 You can see Ful ina lot of Japanese 4 There are five ‘near Mount Fu 5. There are alot of stories about ghosts in the near Fuji. 6 The best months to climb Fuji are and 7 Climbers usually go up the mountain at 8 You shouldn't climb Fuji between and May because of the 72 | Units = inthe wile 4, GPLISTENING 43) Listen to Lily talking about a visit to Mount Ful. Use the questions below to make nates. When did she visit? Last agus, ‘Where did they have lunch? ‘What did they do in the afternoon? How did they travel back to Tokyo? 5 (@ULISTENING 43) Write a short description of Lily's visit using your notes from exercise 4. Then listen again and check. Challenge! Imagine that you visited a famous landmark in your ‘country recently. Write a short description of your visit. Use the questions in exercise 4 to give you ideas. Ga 1. Put the words in the correct order to make sentences. Tick the sentences you agree with. 1 funniest / Jack Black / actor / is / in / the / Hollywood 3. Write questions using the prompts. Use the superlative form of the adjectives. Then write your own answers. 1 who / tall / person in your family? Jack Black o wo i he fllest person in your fai? 2 school / at / English / subject / the / dificult / is / most oe English 2 what / good / day of the week? 3 pizza | food {the /is/ the J tastiest / word /in Pizza oO 4 is / the / the USA / exciting / most / country / world / 3 where / expensive / shop in town? the Jin The USA oO 5 are / Chelsea / world /in best / team / football the / the 4. what / interesting / show on TV? Chelsea Oo 6 worst / exams / about / thing / are / the / school ams 2. Make true sentences from the chart. Use the superlative form of the adjectives. 4 The Amazon b's amimats in the word 2 The Antarctic cold 3 Abia dangerous} “2ntinent inthe wot. 4 Chimps. isthe lear planet from the sun. 5 Neptune Jare the|€°04 Iriver in the world. 6 Mosquitoes intelligent) 7 Lionel Messi Incisy _footballerin the world 8 Howler monkeys) lwide _|(robably). 11 The Amazon is the widest 4 Undertine the mistakes. Rewrite the sentences correctly. 1 Killer whales are fast than sharks. 2 Polar bears ae the most largest predators on land. X 3. August is the most good month to climb Mount Fuji. X 4 Dogs are much usyerthan cats. 5. Antarctica has the worse climate in the world. X 5 Complete the email. Use the comparative and superlative forms of the adjectives in brackets. Challenge! Write five true sentences. Use the supertatve form of the adjectives in brackets. 1 (large) 2 (hot) 3 (fast) 4 (expensive) 5 (funny), a Hi Mario 11m realy looking forward to your vst next month. August is Gefinitely*____(good) month to come. Are you {yng te Heatrow Alport or Gatwick Aiport? Gatwick's *_—_(fr) rom my house than Heathrow, But can come and meet you. We can get the tran or the bus to my house. The trainis? (fas) than the bus, butits* (expensive. | went to London Zoo last weekend. It isn't * (big) 200 in the UK, butts ‘(el and probably ” (famous) too. It wasn't my first Wisi. When | was ® (young), | went wth my parents. But is vey diferent now. t's {rodern) ~ and the arimals look (happy) too! For me, ¥____ teresting) animals were the giant spiders. They're #____arge) than my hand! Email me soon! Dominic Units « Inthe wild ['73 Snes 1. Match the animals with the descriptions. bat[_] bear[_| crocodite[_} dotphin{_| eagle[ |} lephant(_] fly['| hippol_| horse[_]_ tion(_} mosquito[_] rhino[] spider[_} tiger(_) 1 It's small insect. tives in every country. It doesn't usually bite or sting. 2 It sleeps in caves in the day. At night, it les and hunts. 3 i's the biggest ofthe big cats. I's orange, white and black. 4 It's very intelligent. It lives in the sea, butt isn'ta fish 5 It’s the heaviest animal on land. 6 t's the largest reptiles in rivers and sa fierce hunter. 7 It's an insect. It ves in hot places. it bites and it carries diseases. 8 ‘tives in rivers in Aftica. It's big and heavy. It isn’t very friendly 9 It's large bird. it usually lives in the mountains. 10 It's brown or black. It's got four legs but it can walk fon two legs. It usually lives in forests. AA It’s a big cat. It ives in Afica. 12 Itlives in Africa and Asia, It’s big and grey. I's got a hom on its nose. 13. People ride it. 14 It catches and eats flies, Challenge! Choose two more animals. Write desc ones in exercise 1. + Anim Description: 2 Animal: Description: 2 Read the text opposite. Which animal is the most dangerous? 3 Match the sentences with animals A-C in the text 1 They only live in two continents. a 2 They're fiercer in the real world than in stories. [] 3. They live in Africa, America and other continents. ["] 4 They live and hunt in a group. a 5. They kill hundreds of people a year. a 6 They live in Europe. Oo 74 | Units = inthe witd Children ove bears. They play wth toy bears and read stories about friendly bears. But infact, bears are very dangerous. They're fierce hunters and they're fat. They can climb trees. You can find ‘bears in North and South America, Europe and Asia, They kill about, ten people a yea. Imagine you meet a bear inthe mountains. What ‘can you do? The best advice is, don't run — bears are faster than ‘humans. Lie onthe ground and pretend to be dead. Uons are big cats Theyre smaller than tigers, but theyre bgger than Jaguars and leopards. They ive in Aca and in one place in Asia — the GirFrestin nda. Tho ve in family groups and they hunt in pis or __ good idea. ‘They're expensive, Isabel OK. How * a jungle trek? Noah No thanks. 1* like insects! Id rather go*___a beach holiday. Isabel OK. That sounds good. Noah Great! Let's book it today. 1 Why we go on a city break? 6 Write a dialogue like the one in exercise 5. Choose different hholidays from exercise 1 and different phrases from exercise 4. 2 Idon't that’s a great idea. A 8 3 How going camping? A 4 think cycling. be nicer. 8 A 5rd to go climbing, 8 6 That good. a Unit @ = In the wild 5 Preparation 1. Complete the advert with appropriate words. “The back rhino ves in ica tone of * land animals ‘the worl 2 simal eyes, anda big horn on its nose. called the lack rhino, but in fact, tin’ + its grey. In 1970, here were more * 30,000 black rhinos in the wild. Today thee ae only 3,000. Why °_they isappearing? The biggest reason ’__tradtonal Chinese medicine, People kl he rhinos and use their hors as an ingredient. Also, people ® destroying ther habitat. Help the rhino, Please give 3° ___ month, 2 Answer the questions about the black rhino. 1. Where do black rhinos live? 2 What colouris a black thino? 3 How many black rhinos are there inthe wild today? 4 Why do people kil lack rhinos? 5. What other reason is therefor rhinos being in danger? 6 How much money is the advert asking for? 3 Look at the ‘Help’ message at the end of the advert in exercise 1, Does it include: two comparative forms? [] 'b two superlative forms? (] © two imperative forms? (] 76 | Units = inthe wile 4 Rewrite the sentences. Use so. 1 I had lunch because | was hungry. Iwas huang. s0 {had lunch 2. We went out because the weather was nice The weather was 3 Because it was Sunday, | didn’t go to school. Iwas 4 You can't hunt tigers because they'e in danger. Tigers are them 5. You can’t go shopping because the shops are closed. The shops are Writing guide 5 Match the questions about gi it pandas with the answers inthe box. About 1,600. In the forests of China. ‘Theirhabitats disappearing. They're black and white bears. 1. Where do giant pandas live? 2 What do giant pandas look like? 3. How many giant pandas are there in the wild today? 4 Why are giant pandas in danger? 6 Write an advert lke the one in exercise 1. Use the information from exercise 5 and include a clear ‘Help’ message at the end. Write 70-90 words. Fea Fe Int atoora ee ED ral uate Vane TTS behind a a a Complete the names of the continents. 1 Portugal, Italy and Sweden are in E 2 Brazil, Bolivia and Chile are in S 3 India, Japan and Thailand are in A__. 4 Egypt, Kenya and Somalia are in A : ut the words in the correct order to make sentences. 1 tall /uncle / how /is / your /? 2 away / beach / the / two kilometres / is 3 the / deep / swimming pool / two metres / is 4 an / heavy / African / how /is / elephant /? Rewrite the sentences. Use the comparative form of the adjective in brackets. Do not change the meaning. 1 Jackis shorter than Martha. (tal) 2 Skodas are cheaper than Porsches. (expensive) 3. Climbing is more dangerous than skiing. (safe) 4 I think italian food is better than Greek food. (bad) 5 Lions are smaller than polar bears. (big) a behind a the 5 Complete the sentences. Use the superlative form of the adjectives in the box. 1 Mount Fis the mountain in Japan, 2 The acc Ocean isthe can inthe wor 3 TheVolga isthe erin Europe, 4 The __city from Beijing is Buenos Aires. 5 The nin the words cole. 6 The __wayto travel is by aeroplane. 7 The ____place in the world is inside a volcano. (vat — Fr] a Ican ww. Read the statements. Think about your progress and tick ‘one of the boxes. | sometimes find this difficult. need more practice. io problem! {can talk about geographical places in the world. (SB p.78) can make comparisons. 6 p.79) can talk about natural landmarks. (8 p.80) \can describe things using superiative adjectives. (58 p.81) {can understand an article about dangerous animals. (SB p.82) | can negotiate plans. (SB p.84) Iican write an advert. (SB p.85) Selfchecks ['77 78 {EXAM STRATEGY: Reading * Read the text quickly to get a general idea of what itis about * Then read the sentences and the multiple-choice options. * Read again and underline the relevant information. * Predict what kind of information is needed in each gap. * Choose the right option. Read the whole text together with the missing sentence EXAM TASK ~ Reading Read the article about Emmeline Pankhurst. For each gap (1-5) ‘choose the missing sentence (A-G). There are two sentences you do not need. GO Inher lifetime there were important changes in British society. ‘The day before she died, British women got equzl voting rights with men. For the first time, all men and women over the age of 21 could vote for any political party. This was Emmeline’s work. She fought for the right of women to vote. @o Her parents thought that women and men should be equal. But her parents also believed that women shouldn't work. Emmeline ‘was a clever girl, Buther parents didn’t send Emmeline to university like her brothers. BU He worked in politics and believed in votes for women. But Emmeline also worked in politics and helped women in prison. Richard died in 1898. After he died, Emmeline continued to ‘workin politics, But no one was interested in votes for women, |n3903 she started her own politcal party —the Women's Social ‘and Political Union (WSPU). Herthree daughters helped her, ‘especially her eldest daughter Christabel. ‘They started to shout at political meetings. They broke the ‘windows of government ministers, For the next nine years Emmeline and her daughters went to prison again and again. Brith society was shocked by the women, but also by the ‘actions ofthe police. GL ‘This changed everything, Emmeline Pankhurst stopped her fight with the government and told women to go to work. The ‘war ended in 1918, and women over 30 years old got the right to vote. Ten years later, women got equal voting rights with ‘men. British society changed forever and Emmeline Pankhurst became ahero. Get Ready for your Exam 4 ‘A Emmeline met Richard Pankhurst when she was 20 and he was 44. B Emmeline came from a political family C She is a symbol ofthe fight for equal rights for women at the beginning of the 20” century D World War I began in 1914, E Emmeline Pankhurst was born in England in 1858 and died in 1928 at the age of 69. F In 1905 the WSPU decided that the government was not listening to their peaceful voices. 6 Emmeline began her political career after her marriage. PREPARATION: Listening 1. Workiin pairs. Read the statements in the exam task. Think of different ways of saying them, 2 Read the task again and decide what kind of information you need in each gap (a date, number, place, etc). EXAM STRATEGY ‘= Remember that the recording will often use different words and phrases to say the same ideas asthe statements. + Do not write more than two words in each gap. Sometimes you will need a number. Check the grammar in the completed sentences. [=e LISTENING) Listen to Tom talking about Exmoor National Park in Britain. Complete sentences 1-7 with information from the text. ‘Write only one or two words in each gap. 1 Tom is standing next to a(n) 2 Tom is planning to travel around the 3 The paths in Exmoor are more than kilometres long. 4 Tom recommends taking strong walking shoes and ____with you. 5 Cyclists can join organised —____ in Exmoor. 6 Another sport you can do in Exmoor is 7 There are many the sport. ‘where you can do EXAM STRATEGY: Use of English * Read the whole text frst. Itwill make it easier for you to decide which option is correct. * Allof the options are correct forms, but only one of them fits the meaning and grammar of the sentence. * Some items test your grammar, others test your vocabulary. ‘* When you have chosen the answers, read the text again to check, Do not leave out any answers. Ifyou are not sure, guess. EXAM TASK ~ Use of English Complete each gap (1-10) with the correct answers (A-D).. Last year decided to attend» dancing classes. Idi it because | wanted to go out and socialise, and also *____ that | would meet »_nce people ‘there. The school |*___ is very popularin our region have to say, llearned alot and | also “____out that dancing can make you very attractive Girls lke guys who can *____and who like ’__ fun. ‘Tobe honest, the dancing was very ifficult at times, but never gave *___ because | knew Ihad to stay focused. Dance has become more important to me * anything else for various reasons. believe itis an art which helps you express your feelings andi also ®___yougood exercise habits and helps you improve your strength and flexibility. 1aA- Bany Cthe this 2 Ahoped — Bnoticed Casked D suggested 3 Amuch — Bany Csome the 4 Achoose Bwas choosing Cchose —D chooses 5 Acaught Bmoved brought D found 6 Adancing B dance dances Dto dance 7 Ahave — Bhad having Dhas 8 Aout — Bon Coff Dup 9 Aof Bas Cthan from 10 Ateaches Bisteaching Caught D teach EXAM STRATEGY: Writing ‘Think about why you are writing the letter. Is it formal ‘or informal? + Before you start writing the letter, make notes about where, you are going, the two attractions, two things to do, and. what you will need there, * Write about each point from the task in a separate paragraph. ‘+ Make sure that you cover all the points in the task and that, you have written 160-180 words. Extice Canis You want to invite an Australian friend to spend a week in the summer camping near an attractive place in your country. In your letter (160-180 words): suggest a time and place for the trip describe the place and say why itis nice to visit suggest two active ways of spending time there tell him/her what to bring PREPARATION: Speaking el Why don'twe..? That could be Well, I'd rather... 2 Read the exam task. Make a few notes about activities, places to eat, places to meet and people to invite EXAM STRATEGY Do not worry; you can invent objections and alternatives. You do not always have to give your real opinion! Penns se | You are planning a day out together with a friend. Discuss the following ideas: what you would like to do what you would like to eat and where where you are going to meet ‘ther people you would like to invite You start the conversation, Get Ready for your Exam 4 | 79 Zn The world of work Pee 1 Circle fifteen more jobs in the wordsearch. Write them 3. Who uses these things? Match the pictures with jobs from below, inciding ao an. exercises 1 and 2. Remember to incude aor a, ciolk/el;o\eluliieloletR s[ale[t[i[s|t[e|olo[s|e m[e[x[e|w[alula(e|clrlo elelalnle[wlele[Klt[e|y c[w[mfelu[n|s|t|tlololo w[i[rfi[tfalwlyle[efelu a[t[efwlolcle|ria[w[r[r wfe[tfele|rfe[rfe[ifaln tic{mMie;Hit}e} ti Hi] Pi Mia ® & cirfufe(i [altel rlel tim [t | 4 @ustewneas the jos, Use jobs s[w[s[wlolelelulritfe|s from exercises 1 and 2. Remember to include a or an wjali[Rio[ri[elsisle|r|s Speaker is efe[elele[t|ifolw|i [sr Speaker 2 sic{/t/e nit{i|s|/tjo|rRim Speaker 3 is tle[ali[olel[w[r[m[i[s|s Speaker is rie{nie;sjo}t{ojifelRio Sheckersile a builder Se AU ea Gee tener 5. For each verb or noun, write the word for the person who does that acy Ao the word end wither, or 1 paint sl 2 write 6 vst 3 piano 7 cycle 2 Solve the puzzles. Write a or an and jobs from the box. A dance 8 therapy actor farmer nurse plumber secretary taxidriver vet waiter fiéllenger 1 J usually work outside, | often work with animals. Chattenge! 1m a farmer : Choose three jobs from exercises 1 or 5. Write puzzles like 2 usualy wrkin people's houses. m the ones inenerse 2 Askyour panne to sole then. 3 often workin theatres . 1 4 usualy work nde. lp arial. fn > vaudcran office Pi : 2 6 worn a restaurant. Pm 7 workin a hosptal tm > 2: ie earner eR . im 80 | Unit9 = The world of work Ga 1. Complete the sentences. Use the affirmative form of going to1and the verbs in the box. 1 1 'm going to \eave__ school early today. 2 My parents. DVD this evening. 3 We ___volleyball at school next year. 4 Mybest friend _a job next summer. 5 My sister and! dinner this evening. 6 Isobel hher grandparents at the weekend. 7 |___ the intemet afterschool 8 My grandparents next year. around the world 2. What are your plans forthe weekend? Write true sentences. Use the affirmative or negative form of going to and the prompts. 1 do homework {fm going to do hemewock, / rm net going to do homework: 2 visit family 3 go shopping. 4 study for an exam 4 Look again at the chart in exercise 3. Write questions and answers about their holiday plans. Use going to. 1 Olivia / travel by plane? 1s Olivia ging to travel by ghane?@ Yeo he i, 2 Olivia / stay at a campsite? 3. Freya and Toby / stay in a hotel? 4 Olivia / go to the beach? 5 Freya and Toby / go climbing? 5 Complete the messages. Use going to and the verbs in brackets. ‘hc you. going to-be. (you be at home forthe summer hols? 5 play computer games 6 tidy my bedroom 3 GQUUISTENING 47: Listen to Olivia and Toby talking about their different holiday plans. Tick ¥ or cross x the activities. No, tm not. 12 (be) in France. (not stay) in oe place. We (spend mo weeks at a camaste, (visit frends, tt (be) a great surest What about you? (ord at my undies shop, (not be) a great sommer forme, Challenge! Write about your plans for the summer holidays. Use {going to. Use the questions in the box to help you. Unit 9 * The world of work a1 82 | en Pasco 1. Complete the sentences with the words in the box. 1 Foreign languages are one of the most useful skills you can have. 2 My ______is to workin the USA. 3 Inthe UK, i's against the _____ for children under fourteen to work. 4 She wants to be a vet, but she needs more 5 He started his _in the film industry when he was very young. 6 He's gota_____inphysics from Harvard University. 7 He's an actor, but he's also got a ina café, 2 Describe the photo. Where are the people? What are they wearing? What are they doing? Write 30-40 words. 3 Read the text opposite. Match the photo in exercise 2 tone of the three part-time jobs: Keira’s, Isaac's or Daisy's. 's jab is similar to the photo. 4 Match two summary sentences with each person in the text. Write the names, 1 __works for a member of the same family works with a group of people with a similar age. sells food and drink as part ofthe job. doesn't think the work is interesting. doesn't work from Monday to Friday. doesn’t work with any boys or men. Unit 9 * The world of work Keira | teally enjoy my parttime job. | work in my local cinema four evenings a week. My ob is to check people's tickets at the door and sell drinks and snacks. | enjoy working in a cinema because | love films. And | ike being part of a team too. We're all about the same age and we often go ‘out together after work. sane [At weekends, | work at my dad's garage. He's a mechanic. | haven't got ary qualifications s0 | don’t work on the cars. ‘or motorbikes. | answer the phone, | make tea for the ‘mechanics and | deal with the customers. Next year, I'm going to do a training course so I can work on the cars too. | work every aftemoon after schoo! for two hours at a factory, its a food factory ~ it makes cakes and biscults. ‘The work is boring, but i's easy, and | get £7 an hour. The ‘other workers there are all women. My best friend at work Is from Hungary and she’s teaching me Hungarian. I'm going to visit her home in Hungary next summer. {GILISTENING 48) Listen to a conversation about part- time jobs for teenagers. Tick v the opinions you hear. a Forteenagers, studying is more important than working.[_] bb Working makes teenagers very tired at school € I's good for teenagers to get experience of work. Companies never pay teenagers very much money. You can lear a lot of new skils at work. ' 8 h ooo000 You can meet new people at work, You need to get good qualifications to get a good job. [1] Teenagers should use their free time for hobbies. C] (GPLISTENING 48 Match 1-5 with ae to make phrases for expressing opinions. Then listen again and check. 1 Idon'tthink 7] a with you. 2 That'sa a b that's true. 3 lagree with [) © true. 4 That's, Qa you. 5 Idon'tagree [] e good point. Challenge! Is ita good or bad idea for teenagers to work? Why? Give your own opinion. Ithinkit'sa__idea for teenagers to work. because 9D will 1 Put the words in the correct order to make sentences. 1 in/ Asia / the / World Cup / next / be / will 2 he / remember / won't / name | your 3 English / our / easy / won't / exam / be 4 I late / tomorrow / for / school / be / won't 5 will / cousins / holiday / be / next / on / month / my 6 we / need / won't / a / today / coat 2 write p ns about your own future. Use will (affirmative or negative) and the prompts. 1 live in Europe ive in a city. / wort Hie in a 2 have children 3 eama lot of money 4 bea teacher 5 write a novel 6 become famous Challenge! Write three more predictions about your own future. Use ‘will or Iwon’t, Use the topics below or your own ideas. career exams money ‘relationships university 1 3 Write questions with will. Then write true answers. 1 you / be / at school / tomorrow? wil you be at school tomorrow? Yes. (wl. No, L won 2 the Olympic Games / take place / next year? 3 you / have / an exam / next week? 4 tomorrow / be / Friday? 5 you / go / touniversity / next year? 4 \GULISTENING 49) Complete the dialogue. Use will, (affirmative, negative or interrogative) and the verbs in brackets. Then listen and check, Halloween party Pa eee raed Luke Do you want to go to the Halloween party at Tramps this year? Erin I'm not sure, * anyone there? Luke Yes, you? Amy and Lola will 0. Their uncle works at the night club. Erin When is it? Luke Next Friday. It (be) a great party, I'm sure. Tickets * (cost) £10 on the night, but we can buy them now for £6. Erin Oh, but ® (not be) here next Friday. 've got a job interview in London. Luke Well, the party ¢ (not finish) Until late, What time is your train home? (we / know) Erin Around five o'clock. 17 Ged) home at about nine o'clock, Luke © (you / want) to go out again? Erin Yes, probably. |* after my interview! (need) a laugh Units «The word of work [83 4 Peed (eect ee 1. Complete the sentences with a compound noun. Use one word from box A and one word from box B. A 8 conservation French | Alps industry parttime ski tourist. instructor jobs conto project work 1 ’'mgoing todo voluntary __work children's hospital in Brazil. 2 She's going on a skiing holiday in the 3. Alot of British teenagers do to earn money. 4 My sister got married to a 5 The country makes most ofits money from the 6 There'sa to help protect the rainforest. 2 Complete the text opposite with the verbs in the box. do eam get give lead take leam 3 Match the photos opposite with two of the three parts of the text. Write the names. Photo 1: Photo 2: 4 Read the text again. Are the sentences true (1) or false (F)? Lily is going to travel alone. Qa Lily wll probably take another year off after university. [] Evan wants a career in IT after university. Evan’s training course is two months long, Abigail will earn alot of money in Senegal, Abigail doesn't know what she wants to do after university. oO ooo 5 Choose one person from the text. Wit a short summary (20-30 words) in your own tanguage of his or her plans. Unit 9 * The world of work through Germany and Plan Aferthit who knows i'm going to spend a year warking when [leave school. It isn just because I need money forthe fees. [also want to +__ experience. My ambition is to be a programmer, 0 111 look for jobs at IT companies. But frst, '™m fgoingtot —_____attraining course in programming Twill take two months and will help me to get a better job. Ean we're all going to a Sot priary shoo inthe region think adr ‘anew language ed experience, because I want to be a sports ve university Challenge! Imagine you are going to work during a gap year. Write a short text about your plans. Decide: © the place of work and the job * why you want to do that job 2 GPLISTENING'50. Listen and circle the mistak phone number. Write the numbers correctly. 1 07737 871100 2 0207 4768251 3 055537 100660 4 01754 888410 5 01566 233409 6 0207 6543322 3 (GVLISTENING'52) Listen and choose the options you hear Brooke Hello. Can help you? Tyler Oh, hello, "It's / This is Tyler Wallace here. I'd like to speakto Robin Hanson Brooke I'm afraid Mr Hanson int avallale/ here a the moment. *Would you like to leave / Can | take message? ‘Tyler Yes. Please could you ask him to ‘call me / give mea call? Brooke ‘Yes, of course. Can I take your number? Weer Yes. i's 01652 876986, Brooke Thanks for your call / calling. I'll ‘make sure he gets / give him the message. Weer Thankyou. Goodbye. 4 Complete the dialogue. Use the phrases in the box. Brooke Hello. Can help you? Joel Oh, ti.” to Lucy Vincent, please? Brooke One moment, please. foryou. Joel Thanks. Brooke » at the moment. Joel Oh, OK. a message? Brooke Yes, of course. Joet* to give mea call? My number is 01435 775351. Brooke Certainly. Joel Thankyou. Goodbye. Write a dialogue like the one in exercise 4. Invent the name of the person you want to speak to. Brooke Hello. Can help you? You Brooke You Brooke You Brooke You Brooke You Thankyou. Goodbye. Unit 9 * The world of work Cann Preparation 1. Complete the letter. Choose from options a-d below. Dear Sir or Madam, am *___to apply fora parttime job*_a receptionist at your hotel. | read about the vacancy * | am nineteen years old, and | am in my first year at university. Last summer, | worked at a sports centre for ‘six weeks, so | have experience of *___ with the public. 11am very interested in this job because I want to work in the tourist *_ when | leave university. | believe I have ‘the right qualities forthe job: lam reliable, honest and polite. Jam ¢ my CV with this letter, and also contact details: of Wo referees. am available to start work immediately. | hope to hear from you soon. Yours faithtuly, LC Wainsright Lucas Wainwright 4 awite — beontacting wing letter 2ass bof cin for 3 alntemet badvert newspaper d online 4 ameeting bmect —€ dealing—_d deal 5 aindustry b job © company team 6 aputting beenclosing c ffering closing 2. Which sentences are too informal for a formal letter? Rewrite them in a more formal style. Tick ¥ the ones that are already formal. 1 I would like to apply fora job in your shop. 2 I know lots about dealing with the public 3 can start work whenever you like. 4 Here's my CV and a reference. 5. Hear from you soon, | hope. oloiololioaia 6 I saw your advertisement in the local newspaper. Unit 9 * The world of work 3 Read the online job advert. Underline any information you will need for an application letter. Part-time jobs at House of York We are looking for part-time workers at our department store in Leeds. You must be hard-working and reliable. No qualifications are necessary, but experience of dealing with the public will be an advantage. Writing guide 4 Write letter (90-110 words) applying for the job in exercise 3. Include the information below. ‘+ what job you are applying for and where you saw the advertisement ‘+ your age and some basic information about yourself ‘+ your reason for wanting the job and your relevant experience or qualifications ‘+ whatyou are enclosing with the letterand when you can start Dear Sir or Madam, Yours [your name] Ciara 1. Label the pictures with the jobs in the box. architect builder electrician engineer hairdresser scientist soldier waiter Mark: /8 2 Complete the words with the correct suffi: -or, -er, of -ist. 1 sail 3 direct 2 guitar 4 manag Mark: 14 3 Circle a mistake in each sentence. Write the correct words. 1 I not going to be at school tomorrow. 2 You aren't going study this weekend 3, My mum and dad is going to stay at home. 4 We not are going to have a holiday this year. Mark: — Ja 4 Complete the questions and short answers. Use going to. 1 ‘Mason and his family have 2 holiday next month? Yes, 2 ‘Mason ‘send any postcards? No, 3 his dad take his laptop? Yes, : 4 ‘Mason and his brother share a room? No, Mark: 4 5 Complete the sentences. Use will or won't and the verbs in the box. Use the short form of will where possible. not be earn enjoy finish not need 1 We a car when we move to London. 2 Next year, my brother more money than my dad. 3 The theatre ‘open until next month. 4 My sister her degree next year. 5 You the show ~ it's a great musical. Mark: [5 6 Complete the dialogue. Use the correct form of will and short answers. Boy Bye, Mum. I'm going to the cinema. See you later! ‘Mum What time * (you be) home? 7 (you / be) very late? Boy No,” The film finishes atten. Mum + (you / walk) home? Boy Yes,” But I'l be with my friends. Mark: [5 lean. Read the statements. Think about your progress and tick ‘one of the boxes. I need more practice. =| sometimes find this difficult. io problem! I can describe different jobs. (SB p.88) can talk about my plans for the. future. (SB p.89) people. (SB p.90) years. (SB p.92) message. (SB p.94) | can write a letter applying for a job. (SB p.95) Self check9 ['87