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+ the magazine of the powerhouse museum autumn 07

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O2 From the director Trustees

03 Powerpicks
Dr Nicholas G Pappas,
Bush regeneration in Broken Hill and
06 New exhibition: Special FX Dr Anne Summers AO,
Deputy President
a concert to save a rare double bass.
07 A chat with Zoe
issue 85 08 The Powerhouse Discovery Centre Professor Shirley Alexander
Mr Mark Bouris
10 Caring for the collection
Ms Trisha Dixon
march april may 07 11 Members news Mr Mark Nicholaeff
12 Members calendar Ms Margaret Seale
Mr Anthony Sukari
14 Members scene and prizes Ms Judith Wheeldon
15 Obituary: Pat Boland
Senior Management
16 New exhibition: Smart works
Dr Kevin Fewster AM, Director
18 New exhibition: Engineering Excellence Jennifer Sanders, Deputy Director,
Collections and Outreach
19 Click on the collection
Mark Goggin, Associate Director,
20 Tom Dixon Operations and Services
1930s photo showing the success
22 Sydney Observatory news Kevin Sumption, Associate Director, of the bush barrier scheme.
Exhibitions, Projects and Planning
23 Corporate partners
Dominic Curtin, Associate Director,
24 Exhibitions at a glance Finance and Systems

+ flowering gum hand-coloured photo by albert and margaret morris,

1930s. courtesy barrier field naturalists' club & broken hill city library.

There’s something propitious museums around the world, plan to run regular special
about the date 10 March for including the Powerhouse, events and tours that bring

from the the Powerhouse Museum.

Back in 1988, 10 March was the
commonly have only about 4%
of their collection on display at
the site alive and also offer
opportunities to study the
green The story of the green visionary
visionary who created a bush barrier to
director date on which the Museum
officially reopened in the
any given time. various collections in greater
depth than is possible during save Broken Hill from sand drifts.
While most of our small
old Ultimo Power House. On a ‘normal’ visit to the Museum.
objects such as stamps, coins
10 March 2007 we realise Moreover, as Castle Hill will
and glassware remain in the
another major milestone in continue to be our primary
vaults at Ultimo, larger objects
the Museum’s life when NSW storage facility, there’s a good Broken Hill is better known Club, an initial area of 22 acres
are now housed at Castle Hill.
Arts Minister, the Hon Bob chance you’ll see the everyday for mining than conservation, was sectioned off with rabbit
As a result, the opening of the
Debus, officially opens our new work that makes world-class yet the earliest green action proof fencing. Thousands of
Discovery Centre will allow
Powerhouse Discovery Centre: museums such fascinating in Australia took place in the local species such as saltbush
you to have regular access to
Collection Stores at Castle Hill. places — how we prepare town. In 1936 Albert Morris and and redgum were planted
about 40% of the Museum’s
and pack objects for tour or the Barrier Field Naturalists’ and the scheme was an
In some respects the total collection by volume, a
exhibition, how we conserve Club enlisted the help of a immediate success. This soon
Powerhouse Discovery Centre ten fold increase on days past.
objects and store them so that mining company, the Zinc led residents to call for further
is a journey back to the
The Powerhouse Discovery future generations can enjoy Corporation, to defeat the areas to be fenced, and Keast
future. Traditionally, museum
Centre promises to be a them as much as we do. drifts of sand engulfing the persuaded other Broken Hill
galleries were full to bursting
different type of museum outskirts of the town. mines to share in the costs.
point with as many objects So, whether its 10 March or
experience. In many regards detail of the devereux double bass. Photo by jean-francois
as could be squeezed in. All another day soon, make time Born in 1886, Albert Morris Sadly, Albert Morris died in lanzarone.
I liken it to going into your
that changed in the 1980s and in your family program for a was an assayist with 1939. He did not live to see that
attic or visiting your dad’s
90s when modern museum visit to Castle Hill. Zinc Corporation and a his bush regeneration methods
shed. The difference is that The sounds of ‘duelling double instrument-makers in Australia.’
practice turned to locating passionate amateur botanist. were soon being applied at
our ‘sheds’ are generally spick Dr Kevin Fewster AM basses’ filled the Museum
objects within thematic With his wife Margaret he other mining towns in Australia, A rare performance of the
exhibition storylines rather
and span, dust free and fully
environmentally controlled.
collected, documented and and that the improvement in duelling during a concert presented by
the Powerhouse Foundation
Devereux double bass, the
than taxonomic displays. This
new museology generally
True to its name, the Discovery
photographed hundreds of
botanical specimens from
living conditions at Broken Hill
was quoted around the world.
double to raise funds to purchase
concert featured the talents of
principal double bassists Kirsty
Centre will be much more a rare double bass. Made in
uses far fewer objects in
than just racks of objects. We
around Broken Hill. Morris
believed that the town’s
An exhibition tracing the basses about 1856 by John Devereux,
McCahon of the Australian
Brandenburg Orchestra and
each exhibition: most major
powerhousemuseum.com growing sand problem could
inspirational story of the
greening of Broken Hill has
it is believed to be the
oldest surviving bowed string
Kees Boersma of the Sydney
be overcome by establishing Symphony with Chris Berensen
been developed by the instrument made in Australia.
reserves planted with trees on keyboards. The concert
Powerhouse. As well as
Front Cover discover Where to find us Powerline is produced by the Print Media Department and vegetation native to the ‘The Museum is trying to was staged by the Powerhouse
what’s in our store at the Morris’s beautiful photographs
powerhouse discovery of the Powerhouse Museum area, and fenced off from build up a quartet or quintet Foundation in conjunction with
Powerhouse Museum, 500 Harris Street, Darling Harbour, Sydney it features recent conservation
centre: collection stores rabbits and livestock. of Devereux’s instruments’, Sydney’s Pinchgut Opera. If
at castle hill Photo by jean- Opening hours 10.00 am – 5.00 pm every day (except Christmas PO Box K346, Haymarket NSW 1238 projects which are keeping his
francois lanzarone. says curator Michael Lea. ‘The you would like to support the
Day). School holiday opening hours 9.30 am – 5.00 pm Editor: Melanie Cariss With the support of Zinc, visionary ideas alive.
collection already includes two growth of the collection please
Editorial coordinator: Deborah Renaud particularly mine manager
Contact details The exhibition opens at the violins and a viola by Devereux, contact the Foundation Office
Design: Triggerdesign Jim Keast, and members of
GeoCentre in Broken Hill later one of the earliest professional on (02) 9217 0564.
Postal address: PO Box K346, Haymarket NSW 1238 Photography: Powerhouse Museum unless otherwise stated. the Barrier Field Naturalists’
this year and then will tour
Telephone (02) 9217 0111 Every effort has been made to locate owners of copyright for the images regional NSW.
in this publication. Any inquiries should be directed to the Rights and
Infoline (02) 9217 0444, Education (02) 9217 0222
Permissions Officer, Powerhouse Museum.
The Powerhouse Museum, part of the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences
ISSN 1030-5750 © Trustees of the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences
also incorporating Sydney Observatory, is a NSW government cultural institution.
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celebrating on tour
our new with the
home Powerhouse

I’ve never been one for four-star toilets and survive

tours but this was different: crossing the road. Inspired by
‘China, ancient and modern’, Rob, we discussed the pros
led by Rob Renew, senior and cons of restoring ancient
curator of engineering at the artefacts, the cycles of imperial
Powerhouse and co-curator dynasties and the huge social
of the wonderful Great Wall experiment that is China today.
exhibition. Here was an We were taken deep into the
opportunity to dip a toe into Forbidden City for a behind-
the phenomenon that is China the-scenes glimpse of the
‘Further, Faster, Higher’ in the Transport Gallery. Photo by Jean- with intelligent guidance and a Palace Museum’s conservation
Francois Lanzarone.
Director Dr Kevin Fewster unique angle. workshops — a treasure trove
and members of the Loke of porcelain, bronze and paper.
Six months and a 10-hour flight
Estonian singers pictured at We ate copious banquets, tiny
Look up in the sky. It’s a the first time the Powerhouse later, I found myself at the
the launch of the exhibition bitter almonds and candied
bird. It’s a plane. It’s … all has installed a multimedia start of 15 days of exploration
further, that and much more. The presentation on such a large Our new home/Meie uus Kodu:
Estonian-Australian stories.
across four cities and the
cumquats; drank lots of tea
and Beijing beer, generally
family photographed here is scale, and visitors of all ages (big) spaces in between, from
faster, practically flying with Monsieur are finding it an exciting way The tradition of music is Beijing up to Chengde on
avoided the wine, and seized
on every espresso machine we
higher Maurice Guillaux as he loops
the loop in his famous Blériot
of making new discoveries
about some of the Museum’s
strong in Estonian culture and
immigrants to Australia brought
the edge of the Mongolian
Plateau; the Great Wall in
came across.
monoplane. favourite vehicles and their love of music with them. two very different locations; Yes, we walked the Wall,
aircraft and the personalities Hear more Estonian-Australian the Silk Road city of Xian; stepped on its stones and felt
Since it opened late last year
Further, faster, higher, the
associated with them. stories when curator Anni
Powerhouse Discovery Tours in 2007 and finally the explosion the resonance of more than
sound and light show in the The ten-minute sessions Turnbull gives a tour of the include ‘Astronomy among the vineyards’ of energy that is Shanghai 1000 years. So vast, so ancient,
exhibition, exclusively for — 13 of us, plus Rob as tour changing so fast. I’ll be back
Museum’s Transport gallery, are on every hour and many
members, on Thursday 29
and ‘Japan by rail’. For details go to: leader and Renaissance Tours’ for more.
has been thrilling visitors with people are returning for repeat
its combination of authentic viewings, in case they missed March. Check the calendar for www.renaissancetours.com.au unflappable Jackie Firmstone
Cathy Gray
details. handling the logistics.
sounds, engrossing stories something the first time. Cathy Gray travelled to China on a
at the ‘our new home’ opening. Powerhouse Discovery Tour presented in
and dazzling displays. This is glorious decoration on a ceiling aT THE SUMMER PALACE OUTSIDE BEIJING; We learned how to ride the association with Renaissance Tours.
Photo by Jean-Francois on the great wall: rob renew, jean poole-williamson, cathy gray, john
Lanzarone. hislop, john horscraft and (front) sid gore Photos by cathy gray. Beijing subway, seek out

Arriving with the artefacts An innovative mechanism for instructions for installing and
for The Great Wall of China securing L and P plates to cars using the device.
taming the exhibition was an ancient Sam’s has received the Powerhouse
Plate Lock has the potential
wooden crate containing Museum designTECH Award
dragon a mysterious pearl. On 1 winning for innovation in design. The
to form the basis of a
standardised system of
December 2006 the pearl
hatched and a baby dragon
design winning Plate Lock design was
developed by Sam Jacobsen,
attaching L and P plates. As
part of the Powerhouse award,
began to wreak havoc of Alstonville High School, who
Sam received one week’s work
throughout the Museum. But was concerned about road
experience at leading product
with the help of young visitors safety for young drivers.
design consultancy Design
a team of dragonologists Plate Lock is a mechanism to Resource Australia, and a $500
eventually tamed the dragon, secure the L or P plate to the voucher for the Powerhouse
who made its home in number plate, ensuring the Shop.
the Museum. Then, just as driver’s level of experience
mysteriously as it arrived, the Sam’s design is one of 24
is always obvious on the
dragon took flight when The design and technology
road. It clearly displays the
Great Wall exhibition closed. projects by Higher School
plates without using unsightly
Wonder where the dragon is Certificate students on show
brackets and has the added
now? at the Powerhouse in the
advantage of a secure key
13th annual designTECH
More than 10 000 young system.
exhibition, presented by the
visitors joined the Dragon Club Sam developed 16 different Board of Studies and the NSW
over summer, which allowed designs before reaching the Department of Education.
them to visit the Museum final design based on the This year’s exhibition ranges
for free to track the dragon’s idea of a bulldog clip. He from furniture and fashion
progress. To read all about the considered the manufacture to medical aids and urban
dragon action visit the blog: of his product as well as its planning concepts.
www.powerhousemuseum.com/ end-of-life reuse. Sam also designTECH is on show at the Powerhouse
zoeandcogs/dragon/ sam jacobsen, winner of
developed packaging and until 4 March 2007, then it begins a tour of
a young visitor taming the the powerhouse museum regional NSW.
dragon. Photo by jean- designtech award. Photo by
francois lanzarone. jean-francois lanzarone.
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new releases from powerhouse publishing

Remember, members receive 10% discount on all titles from the Powerhouse Shop and mailorder
Smart works:
design and the handmade
Through three engaging essays and
the work of over 40 designers, Smart
works explores what the ‘handmade’
means in relation to contemporary
design and its interface with industry.

192 pages with over 200 illustrations

RRP $39.95, Powerhouse Museum
price $35.95, MEMBERS $32.35

The popular ‘Special FX’ exhibition

returns to the Powerhouse.

secrets behind
the screen
2007 Australian sky guide
Compact, easy to use and reliable, the
Sky guide contains month-by-month It’s lights, camera, action • Sheer Terror at 50 cm: scale SPECIAL FX FACTS
constellations, tidal charts, Sun and when Special FX: secrets an ice mountain or climb the
Moon rise and set times, facts on all • Blue screen techniques
behind the screen returns wall of a medieval castle.

a chat with zoe

the planets, meteorite movements could easily be red
plus details of the year’s most exciting to the Powerhouse Museum
• Rings of Zorgon: two life or green. Blue is used
astronomical events. for a strictly limited season.
threatening challenges. Enter because there is less
RRP $16.95, MEMBERS $15.25 The hugely popular family
the dragon’s lair and use blue in human skin tones
exhibition showcases the
your skills to avoid meeting than red or green.
technology that makes the
Gomrath, the fire-spitting
unreal appear real on screen. • Even the world’s best
dragon. Or surf through
computer animators can
Designed and produced by space to escape the fire Hey there! My name is Zoe. I love visiting the Museum. Michael: Of course not! Zoe: Really, how cool! What can we do there?
only produce 3–5
Perth’s Scitech, with extensive throwing monsters of the My friend Michael works here and I asked him what
seconds of footage — in Zoe: I do know some boys at school that act like Michael: It’s like in the real world where you wear
input from experts in the field Moltolth Spacesport. was happening for kids in the Museum.
a good week! babies. But why am I in with the babies? hard hats and move bricks and get out of the way of
of movie special effects, the
• Leap For Your Life: jump from Zoe: Hi Michael, I’m seven years old, how old are you? barrows and trolleys. You’ll even get to drive a crane.
exhibition is an informative and • Windows that are to be Michael: Well, early learners (like you) look at the
the roof of a building … will It’s best to work as a team to get the bricks to the
hands-on look at the science broken in a scene are Michael: Well that’s a secret, but I have been at the world by questioning, exploring, investigating,
you survive this death defying top floor. Some team members can operate a crane
and technology used in film usually made of ‘sugar Museum as long as you have been alive! analysing, innovating and interacting.
fall? to lift up the different sized foam bricks for the others
and television. glass’. Zoe: Wow! You must be really old then! Zoe: I guess you and the director are too old for that?
• The Big Squeeze: the walls to build the house. There is a rubble chute to get the
A highlight of the exhibition • Movie snow is usually Michael: Yeah but not as old as the director! Michael: The director is very keen on making special bricks down quickly.
are moving in and there’s no
is the array of ‘blue-screen faked with plastic, soap places for all children to play, have fun and learn at
way out … to survive you Zoe: What’s a director? Zoe: Wow, I bet even the director will want to play in
adventures’. Blue screen flakes, gypsum or salt the same time!
The cutting edge: fashion from Japan must break the code of my house.
special effects are used crystals. Michael: The director is the boss of the Museum. His
LOUISE MITCHELL (ed) symbols by pressing them in Zoe: I love to play! I especially liked The Pocket. My
extensively in the movies to name is Kevin — a very popular name for a boss Michael: I think you might be right there! He did find
Reprinted due to demand the correct order. • Fake blood can be made mum liked it too.
produce scenes that aren’t these days. the plans on a trip to Paris.
Explores the work of 19 contemporary with water, colouring and
really there, particularly • One Hit Wonder: choose Michael: What did your mum like about it?
designers: from pioneers Issey Miyake, gelatin. Zoe: Ah cool. Does the boss know you don’t do any Zoe: Hey Michael, its been fun chatting to ya but I'm
Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçon for scenes that would be your song and star in your
work? Zoe: Ummm … not sure really. But in The Pocket mum so excited and want to tell my mum and friends all
and Yohji Yamamoto, to an exciting dangerous, expensive or own music video with • The sound of a punch
new generation. and I got to do things together. And, I remember once about it. Seeya!
impossible to film any other awesome background can be simulated by Michael: Excuse me?
112 pages, with over 120 illustrations special effects. slapping a piece of beef she said it gave her a chance to catch her breath
way. Using blue-screen Zoe: Well, every time I visit the Museum you are Zoe’s House is open from 6 April 2007
RRP $39.95, Powerhouse Museum against a wet cement and recharge her batteries … whatever that means!
price $34.95, MEMBERS $31.45 technology, visitors to Special You can also make your own always reading stories, doing slime shows or helping Free with Museum admission
FX can star in their very own floor. Michael: So Cogs isn’t the only one who needs Open sessions from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm daily
stop animation, just like real children make stuff.
mini-movie — and record movie-makers do, using Lego recharging! If you want to use up energy you can run Group bookings during term time essential on
their performance on souvenir Michael: That’s true. I do get a lot of time to play. around and be noisy in the Museum’s new outdoor
models. Crank an old projector (02) 9217 0222
Powerhouse books video or DVD to take home. That’s one of my jobs: to develop programs for early playground that opened just in time for the summer
handle and watch the path of Cogs’ Playground
are available from the Adventures include: learners. school holidays.
a film through the projector. Free with Museum admission
Powerhouse Shop, And learn about electronic Zoe: Early learners, who are they? Am I one?
• Canyon of Doom: try to cross Zoe: Yeah when I was there it was really busy but we Open 10.00 am to 5.00 pm daily
bookstores and mailorder. voice effects, while scaring
a wooden bridge precariously Michael: Well early learners are children under eight all took turns so it was cool.
For more information or your friends with a spooky
suspended over hot, bubbling and include babies, toddlers, preschoolers and older Michael: For the next holidays at Easter, The Pocket
to order contact voice.
lava in the mouth of a children just like you. is turning into a building site for children. And guess
Powerhouse Publishing
volcano. Will you make it to Don’t miss your 15 minutes of what? The director is calling it Zoe’s House after you!
on (02) 9217 0129 or email Zoe: Hey are you calling me a baby?
the other side? fame!
transform marilyn monroe
phpub@phm.gov.au into frankenstein in the zoe and kids at work in the building site, paris. the building
Special FX opens on 21 May 2007. 'morphing' exhibit. photo and site was designed by la cite des sciences et de l’industrie,
text courtesy scitech, perth. paris la villette. Photo by helen whitty.

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discover what’s in store

The Powerhouse Discovery Centre is the Museum’s selected objects showcasing the strength and depth school group and special interest group tours; school
off-site collection storage facility at Castle Hill. From of the Powerhouse collection. These are organised holiday programs; community engagement programs;
Saturday 10 March 2007 it will officially open to the into themed drawer and shelf display units alongside regional partnership events; and specialist/industry
public with a program of open days, group visits, a selection of freestanding larger objects. The and professional development programs.
behind-the-scenes tours and special events. storage drawers can be opened to reveal all manner
Some of our visitors’ favourite objects can be seen in
of rare and curious objects, from shoes and hats to
Like most museums, only a small percentage of the the Display Store, including:
calculators and radios, wool samples and tea cosies.
Powerhouse’s collection is on exhibition at any one
• the first steam tram to run in NSW. Made in
time. About 40% of the collection (or 50 000 objects) For the Museum’s curators Castle Hill is a welcome
Philadelphia, it was brought out to carry visitors to
is stored at Castle Hill, but until now this treasure opportunity to showcase the results of over 125
Sydney’s first international exhibition in 1879
trove has been off limits to the general public. The years of collecting, explains Dr Kimberley Webber,
Powerhouse Discovery Centre’s mission is to increase senior curator of Australian history. ‘For much of the • an internationally significant collection of rare Royal
public access to the collection through programs past year, curators have been searching through the Doulton ceramics
for visitors to directly engage with objects and their collection for objects to incorporate into the Display • a Harry’s Café de Wheels caravan from the 1940s,
intriguing and often very personal histories. Store. We have all enjoyed looking for smaller objects when the Sydney icon began trading
suited to the drawer and shelf units, particularly in
‘It really is like opening up a giant toy box and we • the Standfield and Co patented mouse and rat trap
areas that rarely go on public display, such as the
aim to cater to everyone’s individual interests’ says making machine that produced 100 million Supreme
ivory and tortoiseshell collections or the engineering
Christopher Snelling, manager of the Powerhouse mousetraps over 50 years
models and cameras. Many of the objects identified
Discovery Centre. ‘It is also very exciting and
have had little research or documentation since they • the Olympic torch used by Cathy Freeman to light
rewarding to be providing such extensive public
were acquired, so this has provided an opportunity the cauldron at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games
access to one of Australia’s most interesting museum
for us to undertake background work on their history,
collections and creating a new cultural facility for • a selection of shoes from the historic Joseph Box
use and significance.’
Sydney’s greater west.’ Shoe Collection.
Visitors to the Discovery Centre can do their own
The Powerhouse Discovery Centre site, at the corner • a snow helmet, balaclava and goggles from Douglas
research in the Resource Centre, which will house
of Windsor and Showground Roads in Castle Hill, Mawson’s Antarctic expedition of 1911–14.
computer stations linked to the Museum’s online
has been owned by the Museum since the 1940s.
collection database. ‘Curators are also bringing The Powerhouse Discovery Centre
The Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (as the
together a range of Museum audiovisuals and 172 Showground Road, Castle Hill
Powerhouse was then known) operated the 2.8
computer-based interactives related to the collection www.powerhousemuseum.com/castlehill
hectare site as a research facility investigating the
and ensuring that the Resource Centre has relevant Opening hours
commercial potential of Australian indigenous plants.
publications and research files’ says Kimberley. ‘A Public open days: second Saturday of the month,
Stands from the original eucalypt plantation can still
visit to the Discovery Centre will be an opportunity 10.00 am – 5.00 pm (bookings not required). Display
be seen today. Between 2000 and 2004 three large
not only to see our rich material heritage but also to store visits, site tours and collection focus visits:
purpose-built stores were designed and built on the
gain a unique insight into its significance through the Tuesdays – Fridays, 10.00 am – 4.00 pm (bookings
site to house much of the collection that had been
range of reference tools on offer.’ essential). Please contact the Discovery Centre for
stored near the Museum in Ultimo.
‘Since this is a stored collection rather than an further information on tours, admission prices and
‘As the site will remain a working storage facility,
interpreted exhibition, visitors have the opportunity to book your visit. Telephone: (02) 9762 1300, email:
visitors will get a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes
to make their own connections between objects. castlehill@phm.gov.au
workings of the Powerhouse as well as be able to
Indeed it is the contrasts that will make this store so Getting there
explore a curated selection of collection objects in
fascinating to visit. For example a Leyland double- Pedestrian and private vehicle access is via the
the Display Store’, explains Christopher. ‘Visiting the
decker bus, once a common sight on Sydney’s Baulkham Hills TAFE Industry Skills Centre entrance
Powerhouse Discovery Centre is quite a different
streets, can be seen up against a rare surviving off Green Road. Limited visitor parking is available
experience to visiting the Powerhouse Museum at
example of the world’s first commercially successful for pre-booked group visits only. Please contact the
gas engine, made by Otto and Langen in Germany Discovery Centre to confirm parking availability. For
The Display Store is the centre of the Castle Hill in 1867. We hope that in the rich diversity on show at open day parking arrangements visit the website.
experience. As visitors enter the store, a small display Castle Hill, everyone from families to collectors will The Discovery Centre is serviced by Westbus: route
in the foyer explains how the store works and what find something to spark their interest and curiosity.’ 615 from Sydney CBD, route 601 from Parramatta
you will be able to see and experience. It also tells
A range of programs and activities are planned for train station and route 715 from Blacktown. Further
the fascinating history behind the Museum’s presence
the Powerhouse Discovery Centre. These include details available at www.westbus.com.au or by
at Castle Hill. On the ground level, a large object
public open days on the second Saturday of every phoning 13 1500.
store features cars, steam engines, planes, trams,
month; themed supervised tours into other stores on The Powerhouse Discovery Centre: collection stores at Castle Hill opens on
buses and other transport and technology objects. 10 March 2007.
site; educational programs, workshops and site tours,
The upper level houses a self-guided display of Sponsored by Integral Energy

top left: shoes from the joseph box collection can be seen in the themed drawers in the display store. Photo by chris brothers. TOP RIGHT AND CENTRE: INSIDE THE CASTLE HILL WAREHOUSES.
COLLECTION FOCUS VISITS TO THESE STORES ARE AVAILABLE (bookings required). BELOW: agricultural machinery from the howard rotovator collection in the display store. Photos by marinco
kojdanovski and jeAN-FRANCOIS LANZARONE.
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Andrew Grant, senior curator of transport and communication, shows

20-year Foundation Members around the Powerhouse Discovery Centre. + news and photos
Photo by Marinco Kojdanovski.

+ prizes to be won
Powerhouse Members recently Powerhouse members receive
celebrated its 20th birthday free entry to the Display Store
+ exclusive events

celebrations with a fabulous party at the

Powerhouse Discovery Centre,
at the Discovery Centre as
well as discounted prices on
+ family activities

at Castle Hill giving our 20-year members a the full range of public access + special offers
sneak preview of the exciting programs that are on offer all
new collection stores at Castle year round. Of course we are
Hill. But if you’ve only become also continuing our exclusive
a member recently, don’t feel curator-led tours taking you
The Powerhouse Discovery Centre will provide a window onto the that you’ve missed out — all behind the scenes in the
world of preservation and collection management. members are invited to join stores at both our Castle Hill
in the Discovery Centre’s and Ultimo sites.
Members e-newsletter
official opening celebrations
Make sure you book early
on 10 and 11 March. A major If you would like to receive the regular Members
because these tours have

caring for the collection

program of free entertainment e-newsletter with updates on all members
proven enormously popular
and curator talks will run events please call (02) 9217 0600 or email
as a unique way of expanding
throughout the weekend. members@phm.gov.au with your membership
your museum experience.
number and e-newsletter in the subject line.

The Powerhouse Discovery

Centre is the perfect venue to
discover how museum staff
Australia, it involved moving
about 20 000 objects from
rented premises to purpose-
that conservators play in
caring for the collection. A
window onto the collections
items. Information panels will
explain major preservation
concepts, while more detailed
care for public collections. As built stores at Castle Hill. For laboratory will allow visitors to labelling on selected objects
In 2007 the Powerhouse has Following our very successful On behalf of the Powerhouse
a working storage facility it will the first time in its history, watch conservators at work: will show these concepts in
a renewed focus on children family Christmas party, we’ll be Members team, I would like
allow visitors to experience the
efforts we take to ensure that
the Museum has been able
to rationalise its approach to
assessing and documenting
the condition of objects, fitting
practice. For those wanting to
delve deeper, the Resource from the and families, which is great presenting ‘kids craft’ events to wish you and your family a
news for all of our members covering everything from happy and safe Easter break,
every object in the collection is
correctly identified, researched
storage — to store objects by
type rather than size.
object stands and preparing
objects for display. Curators
Room will be equipped with
reference materials and online
members with kids! I’m sure that you Easter bunnies to gruesome and we look forward to seeing

and stored. At the same time,

At Castle Hill photographers,
and registrars can also be resources covering topics such manager have already noticed the
amazing new playground in
movie make-up. you in the Members Lounge
we hope to inspire people seen cataloguing objects in as the best storage materials Of course, it’s not all for the
registrars, curators and the courtyard. And coming
to better care for their own the collections laboratory. and where to go for specialist kids! Our curator-led tours of Daniel Gee,
conservators have been soon, just in time for the April
treasured possessions. advice. the basement stores continue Acting Members Manager
working to improve the As part of the Museum’s school holidays, is Zoe’s House
to delight, and in autumn
The Powerhouse Discovery storage and documentation of commitment to working with We hope that the Powerhouse where children aged 3–6 get
we’ll be featuring ceramics,
Centre builds on years of thousands of objects, making the community to care for the Discovery Centre will inspire together to build a house.
antiquities and historic quilts
work to improve storage of them easier for researchers heritage of New South Wales, you to better care for your own
I hope that many of you from the collection. Check the
the collection, most recently and the public to access. the Powerhouse Discovery cherished belongings — so
have a chance to visit the members calendar for all the
with the PATH (Powerhouse Centre will also provide an that they can be enjoyed long
As well as improving access Powerhouse during the school details.
at the Hills) project. One of introduction to collection into the future. conservator analiese treacy a young visitor to the new
to the collection, the Discovery working with hats from the playground. Photo by jean- holidays as there will be
the largest museum storage management so that visitors museum collection. Photo by francois lanzarone.
Centre will give visitors a Pat Townley, Manager, chris brothers. lots of opportunities for kids
projects ever undertaken in can more confidently store and
rare glimpse of the role Preservation and Heritage to unleash their creativity.
maintain their own heritage
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how to book for members events

Unless otherwise stated, bookings and pre-payment are Five full working days are required for a refund for Powerhouse
essential for all events. You can book by phone on (02) 9217 events. Unfortunately we can’t refund or transfer bookings for
0600 for events at the Powerhouse Museum or (02) 9217 0485 for SoundHouse VectorLab workshops.
events at Sydney Observatory. All events are held at the Powerhouse Museum unless otherwise

events calendar green indicates members events

stated. All dates, times and venues are correct at time of


Thursday 8 March Free Radicals Experts talk about issues facing Australia and the world. This Daily 6–23 April Cogs’ marvellous In our new family show Cogs, our problem-solving robot, builds
6.00–8.00 pm, level 2 Cafe, series 2 month the panel debates policy in the lead-up to the election. 11.00 am, 1.00 pm & 3.00 pm machine a marvellous machine and enlists the help of some savvy
enter via Macarthur Street Free entry. No bookings required.
Free with Museum entry performers to find out if machines are good or bad for people.

Sat 10 & Sun 11 March Understanding Relativity This weekend course looks at fundamental concepts in modern Nightly 6–23 April Children’s Saturn viewing View Saturn’s rings through the telescope (weather permitting)
10.00 am – 4.00 pm Cost: $110 members, $99 school teachers physics, using computer graphics to show how time and space 6.15 pm nights and a 3-D Theatre presentation. A mini-planetarium program is
Sydney Observatory affect the physical universe. Sydney Observatory
Bookings essential, night prices apply offered in wet or clouded conditions.

Thursday 15 March Ceramics: curator-led Visit the Museum basement with curator Eva Czernis Ryl and Sunday 22 April Insight on Sunday: Bean’s In the lead-up to Anzac Day, Museum director Dr Kevin Fewster
11.00 am – 12.30 pm tour discover significant pieces from the ceramics collection. 2.00–3.00 pm Gallipoli talks about his new book, Bean’s Gallipoli, the frontline diary and
Cost: $15, members only Afterwards, join us for light refreshments in the Members Lounge. Free with Museum entry. Members can call photos of Australia’s official war correspondent C E W Bean.
(02) 9217 0600 to reserve their seat.

Sunday 18 March Our Bridge, Our Be part of the bridge’s birthday at the Observatory, which will Sat 21 & Sun 22 April Steamfest The Museum’s Loco 3830 is the star attraction at the
9.00 am – 6.00 pm Observatory have great views of the celebrations plus food and drink stalls Maitland Tickets and information tel (02) 4931 2877 annual Hunter Valley Steamfest. Includes train excursions,
For details visit www.steamfest.com.au
Sydney Observatory
Free entry and music. Special viewing area for members. demonstrations on caring for engines, plus fun activities for kids.

Thursday 22 March d factory Hear from three designer-makers who are successfully Thursday 26 April d factory Designers featured in Smart works discuss the power of the
6.00–8.30 pm, level 2 Cafe, Free entry integrating new technologies with the old to create unique and 6.00–8.30 pm, level 2 Cafe, Free entry handmade. With DJ and bar.
enter via Macarthur Street thoughtful work. With DJ and bar. enter via Macarthur Street

Sunday 25 March Insight on Sunday: Tales In the lead-up to Earth Hour, Sydney Observatory’s Dr Nick Lomb Sunday 6 May Members discount Enjoy a special 20% discount at our shop just in time for
2.00–3.00 pm from the dark side talks about fighting light pollution. 10.00 – 5.00 pm shopping day Mother’s Day. Find that special gift from our wide selection of
Free with Museum entry Free entry jewellery, books and many other beautiful items.

Wednesday 28 March Design Quarter talk: Cathy Braid and Kirsten Ainsworth tell the story of their fashion Thursday 10 May Free Radicals This month’s panel debates transport futures and zero emission Cogs, our problem-solving
6.00 for 6.30 pm Caravana label Caravana, (featured in the Smart works exhibition) and their 6.00–8.00 pm, level 2 Cafe, series 2 travel. robot, with a young friend.
Photo by Jean-Francois
Cost $15, bookings essential 9217 0222, inspiring work with women in Pakistan. enter via Macarthur Street Free entry. No bookings required. Lanzarone; Loco 3830 is the
edserv@phm.gov.au or moshtix.com.au star attraction at SteamFest.
Photo by Sotha Bourn.
Thursday 29 March ‘Our new home’ curator- Join curator Anni Turnbull for a walk-through of this exhibition, Thursday 10 May Antiquities: curator-led Join curator Paul Donnelly in the Museum basement for a
11.00 am – 12.00 noon led tour which reveals what settlement in Australia has meant to 11.00 am – 12.30 pm tour fascinating look at antiquities from the collection. Afterwards, join
Cost: $8, members only generations of Estonian Australians. Cost: $15, members only us for light refreshments in the Members Lounge.

Saturday 31 March Kids craft: Easter bunnies Take your kids on an Easter treasure hunt through the Museum, Sunday 13 May Mummy’s Day Celebrate Mother’s Day with a twist at our ‘mummy’s day’
11.00 am – 12.30 pm Cost: $5 members, $10 guests, and then join us to make an Easter craft project to keep. 10.00 am – 12.00 pm Cost: $15 members, $40 guests (includes workshop. We will design a ‘coffin’ and then mummify zucchinis.
accompanying adults free one-year student membership to
Powerhouse Museum). For ages 10+ using techniques similar to those used in Ancient Egypt.

Saturday 31 March Earth Hour: Lights off As lights are turned off across Sydney, the Observatory is Tuesday 29 May Andy Griffiths Join author Andy Griffiths for a special night of silliness and star-
7.00–9.30 pm Sydney expecting a gloriously dark night for star-gazing (weather 6.00–8.00 pm Cost: $18 child, accompanying adults, $15 gazing for kids. Part of Sydney Writers’ Festival.
Powerhouse and SWF members
Sydney Observatory
Bookings essential, night prices apply permitting).

Thursday 5 April Castle Hill curator-led Dr Kimberley Webber, senior curator of Australian history, guides Thursday 31 May d factory Are you design literate? Join in the discussion as our panel
10.30 am for 11.00 am tour you through sewing machines and other domestic treasures at 6.00–8.30 pm, level 2 Cafe, Free entry interrogates the language of design. With DJ and bar.
Cost: $25 members only the Powerhouse Discovery Centre. Includes light refreshments. enter via Macarthur Street

Thursday 12 April Movie makeup & special Get ready for the up-coming exhibition Special FX by learning
10.30 am – 12.00 noon effects
Cost: $8 members, $16 guests,
accompanying adults free
the secrets of professional movie makeup, and see how a
gruesome prosthetic is applied. The Powerhouse
Thursday 12 April
6.00–8.00 pm, level 2 Cafe,
Free Radicals
series 2
This month the panel looks beyond Al Gore and asks, how are
we making a new truth?
Discovery Centre
Free entry. No bookings required.
enter via Macarthur Street
FREE opening weekend
Wednesday 18 April Historic Australian and Attention quilt lovers! Dr Kimberley Webber invites you into the Featured in the ceramics
tour: tureen and stand in the
11.00 am – 12.30 pm English quilts basement store to see historic quilts from Australia and England, shape of a boar's head, made Sat 10 & Sun 11 March
Cost: $15, members only followed by light refreshments in the Members Lounge. by Mintons, England, in the
late 19th century; Cathy Braid 10.00 am – 5.00 pm
and Kirsten Ainsworth from
Wednesday 18 April Inside stories: Nuclear What are the facts and fictions, risks and benefits, secrets and Caravana. Photo by Saffrine
Nydegger. standfield and co
172 Showground Road, Castle Hill
(corner of Showground and Windsor Roads)
12.30–1.30 pm Free with Museum entry lies of the hottest technology in the universe? Find out in this mouse-trap making machine in
illustrated talk by senior curator Dr Jesse Shore. the display store at castle hill.
Photo by marinco kojdanovski. Celebrate the opening of the newest cultural facility in
Sydney’s greater west — a totally different Powerhouse
Fri 20 & Sat 21 April Young blood: designers Young blood is back with a special focus on designer-
experience. A major program of free entertainment and
Fri: 6.00–8.00 pm market makers and the handmade. For more information go to www.
curator talks will run throughout the weekend. For details
Sat: 8.00 am – 4.00 pm
Free entry via Macarthur Street powerhousemusem.com/youngblood
go to www.powerhousemuseum.com/castlehill

Friday 20 April Saturn Party Day Super Saturn fun and exploration, especially for under 8s.
Cost: $12 child, $10 members child,
10.30 am – 2.00 pm planes, trams and buses in the display store. photo by marinco
accompanying adults and Powerhouse kojdanovski.
Sydney Observatory member adults are free, all other adults $7
+ 14 powerline autumn 07 + 15 powerline autumn 07


To celebrate 20 years of
Powerhouse Members, long-
term members were invited
to a special celebration getting up close to sydney’s
and sneak preview of the transport heritage in the
display store; Dr Ian Ritchie
Powerhouse Discovery Centre with son Nick.
at Castle Hill.
Photos by Marinco Kojdanovski.

For almost half a century

Pat Boland guided the growth of
the Museum’s collection of coins,
Michael Ritchie checks out notes and medals.
part of the Museum’s Sydney
Olympic collection; Senior
curator Dr Kimberley Webber
(left) with members Jane and
Phillipa Baird.

a rich life
planes, trams and cars in
Anita Semler looks inside the large object store. the
the object drawers in the dramatic entrance foyer.
Display Store; Lawrence West
and Barbara Hope in the
large object Store.

The Museum’s numismatic history that Pat discovered the staff of the Museum in nature to Pat. In the 1970s he
collection is arguably one of coins. For Pat, coins and 1961. His primary role was had wined and dined Reserve
its most diverse, covering as medals were a tangible to reconcile the collections Bank executives into giving the
it does coins, medals and link to the past, particularly brought to the Powerhouse Museum an almost complete
banknotes from all corners to the people of the past: in the consolidation of NSW set of specimen notes, an
of the globe and 2600 years the flattened images of a collections at that time. This incredibly rare selection that
Members were given of history. The richness of well-used coin spoke of period was also the lead up would now be well out of reach
special access to the
collections laboratory,
the collection owes much to hands, pockets and purses. to decimalisation and public of the Museum’s budget.
where conservators prepare the diligence and foresight Consequently, worn examples enquires soared before and
objects for display. Pat’s employment as
of the brilliant numismatist often spurned by collectors after 1966. It was in this public
consultant numismatist
and historian Major H P (Pat) were those that Pat considered capacity that Pat was able to
continued until his resignation
Boland OAM ED who died had the most stories to tell. inspire and mentor visitors who
in November 2006. He
w on 16 December 2006, just
days after his 85th birthday.
When pushed, Pat would
now count as the dealers and
prominent collectors of today.
was the first staff member
confess his own preferences to receive the Life Fellow
In 45 years of service to the
lay in the very ancient past After his retirement in the award, in recognition of his
Powerhouse Members are For your chance to win, Museum, Pat guided the
but as a one-time teacher late 1980s Pat was employed enhancement of the Museum’s
growth of the numismatic
members offering our members the
chance to win their own
simply phone the Powerhouse
Members hotline (02) 9217 collection from 15 000 items to
of Australian history he
was also passionate about
as numismatic consultant,
heading a team to identify
international standing in the
field of numismatics.
giveaway mini-Great Wall — a special
memento of The Great Wall of
0600 after 10.00 am on
Monday 26 March.
over 30 000. He made many
friends and gained countless
Australia’s past. He acquired
such gems as explorer Sir
problem pieces and ensure
accurate data was entered
The collection will endure as
admirers — for there was Pat’s legacy, but his colleagues
China: dynasties, dragons and Thomas Mitchell’s general into the then new database.
much to admire about Pat. will remember his warmth and
warriors exhibition. service medal and began the He also acquired the vast
generosity. A true gentleman,
There are two Puzz3D versions Born in 1921, Pat’s passion for Museum’s collection of convict numbers of numismatic
Pat will be sorely missed. He
of the Great Wall of China to the past was recognised as love tokens, including that of objects donated by W D Bush,
is survived by Jean, his wife
be won. A must for any Great early as the age of ten, when Thomas Tilley, the only known an American collector who
of 53 years, their four children
Wall enthusiast, puzzle fan or the local vicar gave Pat open First Fleet example. had been charmed by Pat
and ten grandchildren. In pat boland began the museum’s
modelmaker, these exciting access to his library. There while briefly in Australia in collection of convict love
Pat initially provided advice his honour, the high-security tokens. this is the only known
puzzles aren’t your normal flat he worked his way through the early 1980s. Bush was so
regarding the numismatic coin room that houses the first fleet example. Thomas
vista — instead you construct ancient authors, such as impressed with Pat and the Tilley was sentenced to seven
collection in a voluntary collection will now be known years transportation for theft
a 3-D model of one of the Plutarch and Josephus, to collection that he began a with force, although on the
capacity, whilst serving as the H P (Pat) Boland token he left for a loved one
wonders of the world! the relatively recent works of stream of donations to the
with the Australian Army. Numismatic Room. he describes his crime as fraud
Edward Gibbon. Museum, ultimately valued at or ‘signing a note’. Photo by Jane
Following his retirement from
The Great Wall of China. Photo
more than half a million dollars. Paul Donnelly, Curator, Townsend; Pat Boland. Photo by
by Jean-Francois Lanzarone. It was through this love of military service he joined Jean-Francois Lanzarone.
Such results were second- Decorative Arts and Design
+ 16 powerline autumn 07 + 17 powerline autumn 07

A new exhibition explores the WORK OF 41 Australian Rod Bamford

and New Zealand craftspeople. Here we profile five of Potter Rod Bamford aims to
bring together all his interests
a range of tableware for their
restaurant at the time, Bel
Following this project, Bamford
developed his own designs

these inspirational designers and makers. in art, design and industry to

make tableware for what he
mondo, as well as for potential
wider retail sales.
for production and received
a grant from the Visual Arts
sees as the particular cross- Board of the Australia Council
compiled by_Catherine Reade, Assistant Curator, Decorative Arts and Design cultural culinary evolution
Bamford made prototypes
in 2005 to develop ‘a limited
for the tableware at his
characteristic of contemporary edition range of hip, high-
studio, Cone 9 design, and
Australian food. In 1998 quality feature vase and bowl
his oil-dipping dish proved
restaurateurs Stefano Manfredi forms’ for the high end of the
an immediate success. The
and Julie Manfredi-Hughes market. The Sonic Loop and
Manfredis and Bamford used
approached Bamford to Serpentine bowls are the first
the restaurant as a laboratory,
develop a suite of coffee cups series in this project.

smart works
testing forms to suit the
to accompany the Espresso
Manfredi philosophy of food, Grace Cochrane
di Manfredi brand coffee.
which focused around the idea
They also wanted to develop
of a shared table and shared

Sometimes referred to as have established a network Oliver Smith
‘a label with a conscience’, of centres employing skilled Oliver Smith comes from many Generation I series of serving
Caravana was launched women. Braid and Ainsworth generations of jewellers and utensils in stainless steel.
by Cathy Braid and Kirsten depend strongly on the metalsmiths, stretching back Further support through
Ainsworth in 2004. A hallmark local environment for design to makers of armour. A skilled an Australia Council Maker
of the label is that Caravana’s inspiration and retain control silversmith, specialising in hot- to Manufacturer to Market
garments derive their unique over every creative decision. forging, he has developed a (MMM) grant in 2005 enabled
handcrafted character from the particular interest in putting his him to develop these ideas
The pair launched the first
traditional skills of Pakistani one-off items of silver cutlery into the Generation II series,
Australian Caravana collection
women artisans. into production in stainless incorporating what he had
as part of Sydney Fashion
Braid and Ainsworth’s shared Week New Generation in May steel and other metals and learned from industry.
vision in establishing the 2004. Last year Caravana materials.
Throughout the project he
Caravana label was to presented an Australian In 2003 Smith received funding outsourced more parts of the
empower these talented collection in Sydney and from artsACT to help put process to related industries,
women through employment. Melbourne, and a European his handmade prototypes such as ‘rumbling’ the rough
Recognising that this could collection in London. into production. ‘Seeking cast forms with Peakhurst firm
not be done from a distance, to combine the beauty and Mass Finish, whose industrial
Christina Sumner
they took up residence in the warmth of the handmade with abrasive finishing techniques
Senior Curator, Decorative
remote Chitral valley where, the strengths of industrial include a vibrating tub with
Arts and Design
from a small start in 2003, they production methods’, he river stones from the Lithgow
approached John Kell of area. Smith then completes the
Hycast Metals in Smithfield, process by hand-finishing and
Akira Isogawa western Sydney, who took a polishing.
Akira Isogawa works For eight weeks Isogawa particular interest in Smith’s
Grace Cochrane
primarily in high-end fashion, devoted part of his long days project. Using a ceramic
Smart works curator
designing women’s and men’s to working with Murphy, SDC’s shell casting process, the
wear, ranging from one-off 18 dancers and wardrobe partnership produced Smith’s
pieces to ready-to-wear supervisor Fiona Holley.
and diffusion collections.
Music was often the starting
Despite the demands of
point for Isogawa’s designs;
producing up to three major
listening to a piece could
collections annually and
evoke a textile design and the
showing in Sydney and Paris,
musical notation itself became Jill Kinnear
he frequently collaborates
an important decorative
on exhibitions and projects For Jill Kinnear, textile design of mass migration. Kinnear Smart works: design and the handmade
element. opens on 30 March 2007.
that feed into his designs for is an instinctive way of conceptualised a symbolic
fashion. Isogawa has acknowledged The exhibition is accompanied by a
interpreting the world. ‘I read link between historic Scottish beautifully illustrated 192-page publication
the important influence featuring three engaging essays and the
One of his most creatively my environment as a textile textiles and the airport, which work of over 40 designers. Available April
working with SDC has had on
fulfilling collaborations has designer — I see textiles, she describes as ‘the present- 2007 RRP $39.95
his design for fashion. ‘I now
been designing costumes for patterns and colours’ she day place of embarkation and A symposium of Australian and
better understand movement international speakers will be held from 30
Sydney Dance Company (SDC) says. Kinnear emigrated disembarkation, a no-man’s March to 1 April 2007. To book, please call
in textiles and in particular
productions — a relationship this page: Akira Isogawa, from Scotland to Australia in land of arrival and departure’. (02) 9437 9333 or visit the website at www.
drape which moves as you costumes for Sydney powerhousemuseum.com/smartworks
initiated in 1998 by artistic Dance Company in Graeme 1989, and she draws on her
move’, he says. Murphy’s Grand. Photo by
Kinnear began by producing This project has been assisted by the
director and choreographer experiences in a recent series Australian Government through the Australia
Jeff Busby; Caravana, ‘Bold metal structures of paisley Council, its arts funding and advisory body.
Graeme Murphy. Glynis Jones flower’ skirt and quilted of work, ‘Diaspora: Mapping
crop jacket, autumn/winter and tartan patterns, which Supporter: Creative New Zealand.
Assistant Curator, Decorative migration in textiles’ (2005).
In 2005 Isogawa designed and 2006. Photo by Alex Zotos; she passed through the X-ray
Arts and Design opposite: Rod Bamford, ‘Sonic Media partner: Sydney Morning Herald
produced about 100 costumes loop’ fruitbowl, glazed ‘Diaspora’ interprets Scottish baggage machine at Brisbane
porcelain with decal, 2006.
for Grand, a production Photo by Helene Rosanove;
textiles as expressions of airport. The resulting digital
conceived by Murphy as a Oliver Smith, ‘Arc’ cheese place, history and identity. images were manipulated
knives and ‘Dorsal’ serving
tribute to his mother Betty and blades, Generation II series, Consisting of printed silk extensively to create repeat
2006. Photo by Ben Manson, shawls, garments and lengths patterns, then printed onto silk
her passion for the piano. 3blindmice; Jill Kinnear,
‘Diaspora Tartan 3’, silk satin, of tartan, the series recalls shantung.
2005. Photo by Don Hildred
the global spread of Scottish
Photographics. Catherine Reade
textiles over four centuries
+ 18 powerline autumn 07 + 19 powerline autumn 07

A new addition to the website puts the Museum’s

collection at your fingertips. TOP 10

click on the collection

1. Evening dress designed by
Lisa Ho and worn by Delta
Goodrem to the ARIA Music
Awards in 2003.
2. ‘Chocolate box’ plastic
evening dress designed by
The Museum’s Web Services first put a large proportion of the classification terms used
Jenny Bannister for Chai,
team has created an online its collection online in 2001, by our curators and that of
Melbourne, made in 1979–81.
collection database that is through Australian Museums our visitors. An example of
a world-first for museums. On-Line. But unless you were this in practice is the formal 3. Silver lame evening dress
Launched six months ago, the a museum professional or description of ‘locomotive’ and designed by Jenny Bannister,
database features over 60 000 researcher, it’s unlikely that the common use of ‘train’. Melbourne, made in 1994.
objects and is designed to you would have come across 4. Locomotive No 3830,
All these features combine
encourage browsing and the it. Recent changes in web built at the Eveleigh Railway
to make it extremely easy to
thrill of serendipity or chancing technology, known as ‘Web 2.0’, Workshops, Sydney, 1949.
find what you are looking for,
upon things by surprise. inspired the Museum’s Web
but also to chance upon the 5. Catalina flying boat,
Services team to develop a
Since the online collection unexpected, in what is one of built by Boeing Aircraft of
new interface aimed squarely
database was launched, over the largest and most diverse Canada in 1944, and flown
at the general public.
five million object records online museum collections in on a pioneering flight from
have been viewed by the Unlike traditional collection the world. Australia to Chile by P G
public. In the first ten weeks searches, the Powerhouse’s Taylor in 1951.
Sebastian Chan, Manager,
of operation, over 95% of online search suggests similar
Web Services 6. ‘Super elevated gillies’
the available collection had objects as well as related
Visitors to the Powerhouse Discovery
been viewed at least once. search terms that may be Centre: Collection Stores at Castle Hill can
platform shoes by Vivienne
Every day 30 000 searches more fruitful. Another popular access the online collection database from Westwood, London, 1993–94.
computer terminals in the Resource Room.
are performed and Museum feature is object ‘tagging’. 7. ‘Dick Smith Australian
staff have been surprised by Inspired by photo websites Explorer’ Bell 206B Jetranger
some of the trends to have such as Flickr, users can III helicopter, built in 1982
emerged. The most popular ‘tag’ objects with descriptive and flown by Smith on his
three objects are not even on keywords to help other visitors solo circumnavigation of the
display! find them more easily. This world.
allows the database to bridge
The Powerhouse Museum 8. Collection of Edwardian
the semantic gap between
boys clothing, made in
Australia in 1920–25.

www.powerhousemuseum.com/collection/database 9. Locomotive No 1243, built

in Sydney in 1882.
10. Berlei ‘Nu-U’ brasserie,
made in Australia in 1957.

A new exhibition highlights the significant role

engineers play in shaping the world around us.

engineering excellence
Australia’s largest urban road usually experience at the from Sydney’s western suburbs amount of water being lost to
project, the Westlink M7 is a approach to bridges. Their to the Persian Gulf. evaporation.
major engineering feat that is innovative solution is known
Two projects featured in the The exhibition also includes
changing the way people travel as ‘seamless pavement’ and
exhibition show how engineers the dramatic overhaul of
around western Sydney. The has attracted international
are tackling the challenge of Doha’s Khalifa Stadium, the
new motorway, which includes attention — as well as
water scarcity. At North Head main venue for the recent
a 40-kilometre shared path for providing motorists with a
in Sydney a new recycled Asian Games, which was
cyclists and pedestrians, has smoother ride.
water plant is producing about spearheaded by a team of
been recognised in this year’s
The Westlink M7 is one of six two million litres of treated engineers from the Sydney
Engineering Excellence Awards
outstanding projects selected water for use in sewage office of international firm
with the prestigious Bradfield
from the awards to feature in treatment operations. And Arup; the stunning Sea Cliff
trophy honoring the ‘best of
the Engineering Excellence in south-western NSW the Bridge north of Wollongong;
the best’.
2006 exhibition, presented in shallow Barren Box swamp, and Sydney inventor Tony
With a staggering 144 bridges partnership with the Sydney the main drainage site for the Pike’s elegant solution to the
along the length of the M7, the Division of Engineers Australia. fertile Murrumbidgee Irrigation problem of wobbly cafe tables.
team of engineers working on Area, has been deepened and Engineering Excellence 2006 is now on
This year’s exhibition is display in the Success and innovation
the motorway set themselves divided into cells to cut the
perhaps the most diverse yet, exhibition.
One of the specially designed
the challenge of eliminating
showcasing engineering feats bridges along the 40-kilometre
the bump that motorists shared path for cyclists
and pedestrians, part of the
Westlink M7 project. Photo by
and reproduced courtesy Brett
‘super elevated gillies’ by
vivienne westwood, london,
1993–94. Photo by sue stafford.
+ 20 powerline autumn 07 + 21 powerline autumn 07

2006 was a successful year for the Powerhouse

Foundation. Once again we exceeded our
target of $75 000 for the Annual Appeal in
September, raising over $118 000 in donations
and pledges. Many of our donors have made
an ongoing commitment to contribute to the
Foundation endowment fund, allowing us to get
to know our supporters over time and ensure
the growth of the collection.
Recent Foundation events have included
‘Duelling Double Basses’, a concert to raise
money for the purchase of a double bass
made in 1856 by John Devereux, a Champagne
supper at Sydney Observatory, and a
President’s Circle Luncheon with special guest
speaker Andrew Denton.
I am pleased to have been able to meet
many of our valued donors since I joined
the Powerhouse in October 2006, and I look
forward to another exciting year.
LONDON-BASED DESIGN MAVERICK TOM DIXON RECENTLY For further information on the Foundation or

VISITED THE POWERHOUSE. HERE HE TALKS TO POWERLINE how to donate, go to www.powerhousemuseum.

com/foundation or contact the Foundation

ABOUT THE BUSINESS OF DESIGN. Office on 9217 0564.

Yarmila Alfonzetti
story by_Anne Watson_Curator, Architecture and Design Foundation Executive
+61 2 9217 0564

‘not a proper job’: Recent Donors

Sonja Blainey Nancy Milne and Graham Fox

designer Tom Dixon

Anthony Buckley David M Newby

David Calmyre David and Susie Phillips

Jack Cridland Ian and Beverly Pryer

opposite: Tom Dixon. Photo by Hainsley Brown; The stackable polyethylene Jack light designed by Dixon in 1997 has
been one of his most successful products. Photo by pdccreative; this page: Dixon’s Great Chair Grab at Trafalgar
Square, a feature event of the London Design Festival in September 2006, encouraged londoners to take one of Elaine L Diamond Quilters Guild of NSW Inc
his expanded polystyrene chairs home. Photo courtesy Tom Dixon.
Robert Hogan John and Lynn Reid

Peter and Divonne Holmes a Jack and Diana Ritch

I think I get bored with myself ‘becoming’ than the accolades successful contemporary head designer for Terence manufacturing company Artek. in with legislation to make the brand has, since the 1990s, It’s an honour to be an
before other people do — I am of ‘achieving’. designers (Australian Marc Conran’s upmarket homewares He sees his involvement in baseline equal: tax aircraft very profitably matched its Australian. It’s the most Jennifer Stuckey-Clarke
Jewellers & Metalsmiths Group
constantly reinventing myself, Newson is a good example) chain Habitat. For a designer Artek, which was established fuel, legislate on tropical product, gin, with a design- fantastic place. Twenty million
In Sydney late last year to of Australia NSW Inc
Trust Company of Australia
but not consciously — trying Dixon came to design through with a bit of a reputation as in the 1930s to produce the hardwoods, for example. savvy market. In Australia the isn’t that small. The map of
present the fourth Bombay Limited
to do things differently. I still the direct experience of a maverick the move to the designs of Finnish modernist company has sponsored the the world is changing rapidly David Mathlin and Liz Burch
Sapphire Design Discovery And therein lies the dilemma
see myself very much at working with materials; in his business world ‘shocked his Alvar Aalto, as an important Bombay Sapphire Design around us. We are living in
Award and a lecture at the confronting designers today:
the beginning of my career case salvaged industrial scrap. followers’. For Dixon, however, base to address issues of Discovery Award for four very exciting and terrifying
Powerhouse, London-based reconciling the pressures
— fresh and up and coming! Like many designers, too, it was yet another opportunity sustainability: years with generous cash and times. Technologies exist that
Dixon was an articulate, if to constantly innovate and
Dixon’s break came when one to reinvent himself: travel prizes. The competition make it better to make things
With a global design travel-weary, interviewee, eager Through Artek I’ve got the maintain high market visibility
of his early designs was put judging assesses both close to home again — they’re
reputation and some to differentiate his career from Frankly I think there’s more perfect place for doing things with the inevitable constraints
into production by a big-name submitted entries and the emerging now. Australia is
impressive awards to his that of many other designers: space to be challenging that are more sustainable. Just imposed by an ecologically
manufacturer — the S-chair by designer’s body of work. closer to China than the
name, Tom Dixon, 47, could in business. All the best the fact that Artek products responsible approach to
Most designers follow a Cappellini. Italians. There’s the whole of
hardly be described as ‘up businesses are creative. are more durable — still design. It may not be too To date the careers of Jon
specific path that is laid out by the Pacific rim — it’s not such
and coming’. That he sees But by the mid 1990s Dixon’s Richard Branson or Terence fashionable 70 years later — is long before Dixon’s plastics- Goulder, Adam Goodrum,
the industry. You are either a an unfortunate place to be any
himself as such is a key career started to diverge Conran — they’re creative a good foundation to start consuming community events, Lucas Chirnside and Charles
craftsperson or you go to work more.
to the Tom Dixon persona significantly from that of most — that’s how they get ahead. applying some of the things like the recent Trafalgar Wilson have undoubtedly been
for big companies like Moroso,
— art school drop-out, rock of his colleagues. In 1994 he every company has got to be Square ‘Great chair grab’, are a boosted by winning the award, So what does this constantly
Cappellini or Vitra and you Today, Dixon’s corporate
musician, biker, welder, established Eurolounge to aware of. phenomenon of the past. although Tom Dixon disputes travelling chameleon do to
become a ‘service industry’. I connections stretch from
designer, businessman manufacture his Jack light the argument that Australian relax? Dixon stifles a jetlagged
decided consciously not to do his role as creative director We’re all on this treadmill — Dixon’s remit to broaden
— a constant morphing in to using relatively new rotation- designers are disadvantaged yawn, ‘I think it’s very relaxing
that in various stages. of Habitat, to director of his we’re all victims or perpetrators design audiences is one
something else that is more moulding technology, and in by geographic isolation and a not having a proper job!’
own company TOM DIXON of this fashionability. That’s shared by Bombay Sapphire,
about being challenged by the Like some of the most 1998 he took on the job of small population: andrew denton at the president's circle luncheon.
and the esteemed furniture where government has to kick the company whose global photo by marinco kojdanovski.
+ 22 powerline autumn 07 + 23 powerline autumn 07

be part of the bridge’s birthday The powerhouse museum gratefully acknowledges
celebrations at sydney observatory. the support of the following organisations
+principal partners


THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA: Dynasties, Dick Smith Australian Explorer Bell THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA: Dynasties, Coles Theatre, Target Theatre, the great wall of china:
Dragons and warriors 206B Jetranger III helicopter dragons and warriors Grace Bros Courtyard, K Mart Dynasties, dragons and warriors

+senior partners

EcoLogic: creating a sustainable THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA: dynasties, powerhouse wizard museum mascots: zoe and cogs THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA: Dynasties,
future dragons and warriors Dragons and warriors
Dragons and warriors
smart works: design and the

 Crowds wait to cross the bridge on 19 March 1932. Photo by sam hood,
courtesy State Library of NSW.

For more information about the

observing 75th anniversary celebrations go to
science education program
the powerhouse discovery centre:
collection stories at castle hill
smart works: design and the

our bridge www.ourbridge.com.au

+partners +supporters

On 19 March 1932 the long- several vantage points from  australian national university city of sydney national geographic channel electrolux pacific magazines
awaited opening of the the grounds, the domes and THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA: dynasties, sydney design 06 THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA: dynasties, electrolux global design
Sydney Harbour Bridge took Russell Room balcony, you can dragons and warriors
engineers australia, sydney division
dragons and warriors laboratory
the raci inc. nsw branch
place on the southern side enjoy live music, telescope engineering excellence 2006 rural press science education program
of the harbour. A crowd of viewings and screenings regional programs Novotel Sydney on Darling Harbour

kids in space
Official Sydney Hotel
thousands filled Observatory of the short film Observing d factory home beautiful trust co of australia
Sydney design 06 SoundHouse™ Music Alliance
Hill Park, clambering over the Sydney in 3-D. Also on Sydney Design 06
SoundHouse™ music & multimedia
remains of the fort wall and Observatory Hill, the National laboratory
creative new zealand Mincom Limited
the then operational signal Trust’s S H Ervin Gallery will smart works: design and the LIFE FELLOWS DINNER 2007
station to witness the official offer food stalls, markets and handmade
proceedings. free entertainment.
Imagine the uproar when As part of the celebrations Sydney Observatory is always • Launch into orbit with
premier Jack Lang was Sydney Observatory is also a fantastic place for kids, with Andy Griffiths: experience
+platinum corporate members +gold corporate members +silver corporate members
upstaged by Francis De Groot, presenting a small display of out-of-this world activities for space as never before when
who ‘galloped up to the ribbon Harbour Bridge memorabilia. all ages. Make sure you put the best-selling author of
Amp corporate culture standards australia/australian Dunlop Flooring Australia PDc Creative
on his charger and hacked it Our bridge, our observatory these special events in your Zombie Bums from Uranus, design awards
to the twain’ (The Bulletin, 28 will include the program for calendar. Bumaggeddon and Rubbish streetvision
GE jcdecaux nsw department of lands THOMSON TELECOM AUSTRALIA
March 1932). the 1932 opening ceremony, Bins in Space talks about his transgrid
• Saturn viewing nights: railcorp multiplex
photographs of Observatory latest creation. Part of Sydney
Today, just as in 1932, telescope viewings just for renaissance tours sinclair knight merz
Hill during the opening, a Writers’ Festival, the night
Sydney Observatory is a kids (weather permitting) sibelius australia
fragment of ribbon thought includes a telescope viewing
fabulous place to view and a 3-D Space Theatre thomson playford lawyers
to be from the opening (weather permitting). Tuesday
spectacular events on and presentation. 6–22 April, from
ceremony and items used in 29 May, 6.00–8.00 pm. Cost:
around the bridge, making 6.15 pm. Bookings essential,
the bridge’s construction. The $18 children/accompanying
it the perfect place to be normal night prices apply.
display runs from 18 March to adults, $15 Powerhouse and + state government partners +australian government partners +foundations
on Sunday 18 March 2007 • Saturn Party Day: fun and
29 April 2007. SWF members. Bookings and
when Sydney celebrates exploration especially for
Sydney Observatory is open from 9.00 am prepayment essential on tel the powerhouse museum is australia council for the arts james n kirby foundation
the 75th anniversary of this under 8s. Tuesday 17 April,
to 6.00 pm on 18 March 2007. Entry is free, (02) 9217 0485 or 9241 3767, a statutory authority of,
australian research council
Australian icon. As well as but bring your members card for access
10.30 am – 2.00 pm. Cost: and principally funded by,
to a special viewing area for members and email observatory@phm.gov. the state government.
their guests. $12 child, $10 member child, au Book early as number are environmental trust
Toner Stevenson, Manager, accompanying adult free, all limited!
Andy Griffiths. Photo courtesy other adults $7.
Sydney Observatory pan macmillan.
for more information on sponsorship opportunities and giving to the powerhouse museum please contact miranda purnell on (02) 9217 0577.
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What does the term ‘handmade’ A new exhibition in the Australian Concession/country*
$30 $54 $77
mean to you? Smart works displays Communities Gallery focusing on the Name to go on card
the inspirational work of over 40 Estonian community that settled in and *Concession applies to full-time students, seniors, pensioners, unemployed.
Australian and New Zealand designers around the Thirlmere district of NSW. Country members must live more than 150 km from Sydney GPO.
and makers. It explores what ‘the
handmade’ means to each of these Engineering Excellence HOUSEHOLD** 1 year 2 years 3 years
individuals in relation to contemporary Level 4 Standard $85 $153 $217
design and manufacture. Includes
furniture, lighting, metalwork, jewellery,
Outstanding engineering projects Concession/country* $50 $90 $127
from the Engineers Australia (Sydney ** A household is up to two adults and all students under 18 years at the same address. Country
ceramics, glass, textiles and fashion.
Division) Engineering Excellence households must be more than 150 km from Sydney GPO. Concession applies to full-time students,
awards. seniors, pensioners, unemployed and all adults in the household must be eligible for concession.
Other histories: Guan Wei’s fable for a
contemporary world
Level 5, until 22 april Strasburg Clock Name to go on first card
Level 4
An exhibition of mural paintings
created by the acclaimed Chinese- Following a long period of preservation Name to go on second card
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Museum’s Asian Gallery. Guan Wei’s based on Strasbourg Cathedral’s Card number (for concession memberships)
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Special FX: secrets behind the screen Further, faster, higher: a sound and
LEVEL 2, 21 MAY – 14 october light experience Name
Special FX shows how the unreal can
look so real by exploring the science Imagine Loco 1243 roaring past you Address
and technology used in movies and in the Museum’s Transport gallery. Or
television. Visitors can star in their the Catalina caught in a storm above Postcode
own ‘mini-movie’, with adventures that your head. This light and sound show
include climbing an ice mountain will bring to life the story of transport
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and negotiating a bridge of lava, and in Australia.
record their heroic feats on video or
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Aboriginal stories about the sky and
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A small display of Sydney Harbour Port Macquarie Library
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Inspired by a $100 bet, Brian is testament to Sydneysiders’

Sheehy set about building a enduring love affair with
matchstick model of Sydney’s ‘our bridge’. This year marks
most famous bridge. Six the 75th anniversary of the
months later, he won the bet. Harbour Bridge and one of
It had taken him 420 hours of the best places to join in the
meticulous work — and 9734 celebrations will be Sydney
matchsticks and split paddle- Observatory, which will be
pop sticks — to craft this mini- celebrating with an open
bridge measuring almost a day on Sunday 18 March and
metre in length. a small display of bridge
memorabilia (see story page 22).
The Museum purchased the
model when it was completed
in 1985. Together with an array
of Harbour Bridge models and
souvenirs in the collection, it