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Chosen Bioscientic


Eukaryotic Cell Cycle
Eukaryotic Cell Cycle starts in
the G1 Phase where it grows
and gets ready for the S phase.

S Phase is making DNA copies

as you need 100% accurate
copies before you divide.

G2 is preparation for Mitosis.

G1 + S + G2 = Interphase. Next
is Mitosis.
Mitosis is made up of 5 parts:

Prophase DNA condenses and organized - the chromosomes are

made in this stage.

Prometaphase Microtubules attach to the chromosomes.

Metaphase is where the microtubules align the chromosomes.

Anaphase is where the chromosomes are separated.

Telophase is where a nuclear membrane forms around the

chromosomes but haven't split yet.

When the cells split and you have an accurate copy this is called
Cytokinesis. If Cytokinesis is successful it goes to G0 phase.
Smartphones - texting

Tablets - apps/games

Gaming and Social games


Learning via interactivity.

Youtubers especially Zoella.

TV is being abandoned for digital.

Favourite Games, Shows
and Music Videos
FIFA Flash
Sims Arrow
Minecraft DC's Legends
Roblox of tomorrow

Lego Broadchurch

DNCE - Cake By Beauty and the

The Ocean Beast (2017)
Favourite Methods of
Interactivity e.g. acting out Shakespeare for English.

Playing who am I? Based on what they're learning.

Taking on the persona of whatever they're learning

about kinda like Hot Seat.

Into iPads and Smartphones so an educational app or

What engaged me to learn
Songs that taught me things (for example AGLET from
Phineas and Ferb and it worked I never forgot it).

Acting/Hot Seat also engaged me to learn as to become/

create a character you need to know everything about it. (Hot
seat is where you become a character and class mates ask
you questions and you answer based on your knowledge).

Storytelling captured my attention and the more I felt like I

was in the story the more I learned.

Rhythm and Rhyme makes my memory stronger.

Personalities Within The
There are two main types of students. One of them being the out going
and willing to try anything type, who is more of a leader than follower.

The other is the shy, reserved kind who won't want to try anything unless
their friends do or it will take more encouragement to get them engaged.

Also I am taking into consideration that science or just learning in

general isn't easy for everyone so my visuals will have to be simplistic
that someone from the S.E.N. (Special Educational Needs) department
can understand. Without having to segregate them from someone doing
Triple Science.
What makes something
Style ie vector, creepy, sketchy, cartoony, cute etc.

Format ie game, animation, images, 2D, 3D, 2.5D.

Engaging by being interactive.

Relating to an audience.

Music and sounds.

Genre ie fairytale, creepy, horror, thriller etc.

Colour scheme.
Relatives one aged 11 and another 14 (both female).
Market Research

For market research I decided to look into the

BBFC ratings on the TV shows and Games they
Examples and Sources
Sims aimed at teens

Lego 7+

Marvel and DC 12+ (BBFC Rating)

Roblox for kids

BBFC age ratings on game covers.
This audience are willing to learn if something capturing
their attention is presented.

To capture their attention I will need a style that will appeal

to them and will interact (perhaps by being direct) with them
without them realizing it.

Modern and not too serious, they aren't put o by the

unusual or surreal especially if presented in a comedic
digitalized way.

Visuals and style wise keep it simple.

Based on my research I'm going with a simple style/simplistic visuals. It is
mainly going to be 2.5D but might incorporate whole 3D parts. There will
be a soundtrack but it will be a background for the narrator alongside
sound eects. I have taken a lot of inspiration from beginning of cat in
the hat.

Also how the camera oats through everything inspires me.

It is going to be a narrative, but the cells will not be made into characters
with eyes or any other non-cell features as I don't want to confuse my

Taking inuence from Dr Seuss and how he tells stories with his simplistic
illustrations, he has a narrator reading his stories/poems/rhymes and that
will stick with an audience and make it memorable.
Simple Styles Inuence Map
(Mainly Dr Seuss)
Science and 3D Environment
Inuence Map
There s a whole world inside us in you and in me
In which our cells are dividing. It s amazing, you ll see.

Our cells have a cycle no, I don t mean a bike!

It s what cells have to go through to ensure they re
It s a strange word Mitosis - what it means is divide
and the what, when and how is what for you I ll provide Poem
Mitosis begins as the Prophase gets going,
As inside the cell two new things start showing.

Next comes pro-metaphase, metaphase and anaphase,

It happens over and over, constantly for days.

After that is telophase - the surrounding membrane,

To form two daughters - both one and the same.

The cell then splits, it's called Cytokinesis,

The whole process, it s a proven thesis.

If its deemed pure, it belongs to G-zero,

There it remains, as the body s true hero.
There are gajillions of stories of mischief and fun,
Inspired by the poem but to keep things simple, let's start with just one.

at the beginning of About a mom and two kids and a house and a hat.
That, oddly enough, was worn by a cat.
Dr Seuss's Cat in
the Hat But soon enough we will get to all that.

In the valley that stretches from this hill to that hill,

A city is nestled, that city is Anville.

It's a town that's not huge, but quite big enough...

For buyers and sellers to sell and buy stu.

From shoes and shirts and elongated ladders.

To sailboats and gibble-grated berry-juice bladders.

So our story begins at the corner of Main and

In the spotless real estate oce run by Hank
Experimenting with the 3D workspace inPhotoshop I created
this 3D word eect, a transition could be the camera goes
through the o in Mitosis and that could function as a
transition. Not sure what colour scheme this word will have yet
but the font I plan on keeping.
Other ideas
I'm going to use the poem as a script basis so at the
moment I'm trying to think of something to go with
every line and thumbnails to illustrate those ideas.
Some thumbnails apply to the rst version of the poem.

To show cells constantly dividing I'm thinking about

using one of these eects I made, so it will look like the
audience/camera is looking through a microscope (I'm
thinking 5):
CG Artist Toolkit
Nat's Class:

Life Drawing:


Maya Tutorials:


Film Reviews: