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college ns Royal ‘queen iprary TEST CODE FORM ee MAY/JUNE 2015 Signature XAMINATIONS COUNCIL CARIBBEAN ADVANCED PROFICIENCY EXAMINATION® CARIBBEAN CARIBBEAN STUDIES. Paper 01 J hour 30 minutes fa eeafon meee (C osmav2015 m9) READ THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY. 1. This test consists of 45 items. You will have | hour and 30 minutes to answer them 2. In addition to this test booklet. you should have an answer she 3. Do not be concemed that the answer sheet provides spaces for more answers than there are items in this test. 4, Each item in this test has four suggested answers lettered (A), (B),(C). (D). Read each item you are about to answer and decide which choice is best 3. On your answer sheet, find the number whieh corresponds to your item and shade the space having the same letter as the answer you have chosen, Look at the sample item below. Sample item Which Caribbean Organization came into existence a5 a result of the 1973 Treaty of Chaguaramas? Sample Answer (A) UWE AGBOO (B) OECS : (©) CARICOM (D)— CARIFTA The correct answer to this item is “CARICOM™, so (C) has been shaded 6 Ifyou want to change your answer, erase it completely and fill in your new choice. 7. When you are told to begin, turn the page and work as quickly and as carefully as you can. If you cannot answer an item. go on to the next one, You may return to that item later, 8. You may do any rough work in this booklet. DO _NOT TURN THIS PAGE UNTIL YOU ARE TOLD TO DO SO. Copyright © 2014 Caribbean Examinations Council Alll rights reserved, CAPE 2015 Which of the following groups co islands which are NOT located i Caribbean Sea? (A). Bermuda, Cuba, Jamaica (B) The Bahamas, Bermuda, Jar (©) Bermuda, Cuba, Turks and Caicos (D) The Bahamas, Bermuda, Turks and Caicos Which of the following Amerindian groups settledin Central America in pre-Columbian times? (A) Mayas (8B) Tainos (©) Ciboneys (D) — Kalinagos A society may BEST be described as a (A) set of customs and traditions (B) place to practise norms and values (C)__groupofpeople from the same race (D) collection of people living in the same area Which of the following BEST describes the near extermination of the indigenous population caused by European exploration and settlement in the Caribbean region? (A) Slavery (B) Suicide (©) Genocide (D) Infanticide The term ‘culture’ may BEST be defined as 1. the way of life ofa people Il. artistic and literary creations IM. norms and values (A) Loaly (B) Land itonly (©) Land lt only (D) Land CAPE 2015 The caste system has been called a closed system of social stratification because 1. membership is through birth Il. members within the caste are expected to interact Il members within the caste are expected to intermarry (A) Tonly (B) Land Il only (©) Tand I only (D) i, Mand itt ‘The movements that impact and influence the earth’s surface are also known as (A) oceanic activities (B) plate tectonics (C)__ plate bound: (©) Caribbean a ‘The term ‘creole’ has been used to refer to 1. alanguage Il. awhiteperson bor inthe Caribbean Il, enslaved persons born in the Caribbean (A) Lonly (B) Land Il only (©) Tand Ill only (D) 1, Mand att Mr Polygan has been advised by the agricultural agency in his country that the BEST farming technique for him to use on his land is soil conservation. Which of the following methods of conservation should he practise? (A) Monocropping (B) Shifting cultivation (©) Crop rotation and diversification (D) — Bulldozing hillsides and land sclearance GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE 710. 13. Which of the following i is NOT regarded 85a typical family type inthe Caribbean? | (A), Nuclear. | ii | @) Invite: | ©, d -©)) i Which of ihe fel family types was. intrpduced to, ibean py the East sii orth follo in Carib Ptactices did it Use of salled Gadtish Dishes mi le from m maize I only | i (B) land Il only 1 (C) Land Hhonly + Wand I re wh ofthe fllowing statements does NOT: "eo totk reves ill Carnival? 17. i Which of the following sports was used by the white planter class to demonstrate mmoralandaial superiority over ther black subjects? ; (A) Soceer: (B): . Cridke (© Footbal Pi Bente daca the U he: works and bends mohey to her mother cho takes care bfhet child fs known as i (A), || reveri B); | reparation, | (©) | remita (D) | vst iy] Whit oth fllowingtypesof development seeks to protect future generations worldwide? (A) Global (8) Human (©) Economic (D) Sustainable Whichofthe followingindicesaremeasures of human development? I. __Lifle expectancy AL Literacy iu. GNP. “Mt and Honly i (B); Land III only q (C)) Mand ttt only i 1, tang 11 (D) 20. ing fa Ae hinder it a : I | i ipstice system | stratification i ical advanbement cio ip | ' Gender ix is a fdctot that hinders development, Which of the following actions' result in gender inequality? | I. Fathers are denied pat I, Women can fight disérimi the law-courts. IIL, - Males are guaranteed secondary education, ity leave. \ination in (A) TandIonly (B) Land Ill only (©) Mand It only (D) i Wand “ICT is a driving force behind changes in industry.” What does ICT mean in this statement? (A) Internet Computer Transaction @) Internet Communication ' | 1885 to) | 1995 | | Transaction (©) Information and Computer ||Technology | ©) | Information and Communications! | Technologies | | i ibn tet |was the World Trade ort th om ed? i | i 295 @)| (©) | ftoas CAPE 2015 24, 25. lowingis NOT ‘a.common achievement of the ECS? (a) | Chireney (B) | High Court (©) | Gove nt (D) | Central Bank lapel Which ofthe! following Caribbean countries won its'first Olympic medal at the 2012 ‘Summer, ‘Olympics. games in London? 26. 21, 28, Which of the following individuals contributed to the N. itude Movement? 1. Frantz Fanon Hl. Leopold Senghor IIL. Victor Schoelcher (A) Land I only (B) Land Il only (©) Wand II only (D) 1. Mand Il ‘The term ‘indigenous perspectives’ was coined by West Indian scholars in the early ineteenth century to (A) explain why the transatlantic slave trade was necessary (B) convince Caribbean pple thatthe Kalinagos were cannibals (C) give credit to the Europeans for being solely responsible for shaping our history (D) _rejectthenotionheld by Evropeans thatthe indigenes were docile and backward ‘The mass media in.the Caribbean is seen as promoting cultural imperialism because of 1. its focus on American talk shows and celebrity interviews Il. its relay of the 24-hour European and American news cycle IIL, theemphasis placed on shewea Caribbean indigenous cultural practices (A) only (B) Land Il only (©) Land Il only (D) i, MWand 1 CAPE 2015 30, 3 queen’s Royal Caifege Library Individuals who are r2fusee employment because they live nm che yhetto are discriminated against 2esed on the'r (A) age ) © (D) ability In its manifesto, a polit 1) promised te pursue “aharmonious relationship among all classes of society. sand th cf equal social and economic opportunities for all citizens”. Which of the follow promoting? is the party (A) Social justice (3) Citizens" nghts (C) Charter of rights (D) Citizens’ char et Reliability in research means (A) geitiny inmilar-esultsafier repeat tials (8) accessing up-to-date information for research work (C) making accurate inferences based on research findings ting diferent results from a ‘measurement instrument «) The research process is sy stematie becaus it (A) allows for seratiny {B) is fact finding and theory based (C) employs reporting formats whieh are transparent (BD) isconducted ina structured way so that it can be replicated GO ON TO THE NENT PAGE 33 34. 35 36. -6- A hypothesis may be deseribed as a 38. (A) question xo be arswered (B) summary of the research (©) prediction of an outcome (D) limitation of the research The process cf identifying problem to investigate involves “w (B) (c) «) interpreting data conducting archival research 0. making inferences from statistical data reformulating a topic to make it researchable A research method that presents findings using numeric data and applies deductive logic in its explanations is eons (a) (B) © (0) self-esteem. tent with gp, sci ifie research systernatic enquiry qualitative research quantitative research enagers who bleach their skin have low ‘This statement is an example ef a (a) (B) «© (D) Whi eval 1 I. m1 w (B) © (P) hypothesis aL research question dependent variable problem statement ich ofthe following criteria are used for lusting information from websites? Length Cont: Currency x ORY 1 and It only gis® {ane Ions nettony ls Wand III only 1. Wand I CAPE 2015 oo ;cher wants to conduet a survey in a rural community 0 traditional dances that are no longer practised. Which of the following would be the BEST source from which to collect data! (A) Internet (B) Oral historian (C)— Meeting minutes (D) Existing literature Which of the following methods may be used in a quantitative survey? (A) Distussion (B) Questionnaire (C) Call-in programme (D) Participant observation Ms Joseph was conducting a study on the characteristics of all “barrel children’ in the third form, She included all third form studentsratherthan choosing sample. This is an attempt to gather information on a 1A) focus group (B) target population (C) participant semple (D) representative sample The findings from an which uses focusi group discussions are BEST presented ds esti WA) text (B) tables (C) bar chans (D) ine graphs e GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE, 42, Item 42 refersto the following information. Problem statement: How have remittances contributed to the development of Country Y? Resultsand Conclusions: Citizens fromthe tural areas of Country Y were interviewed. ‘Theystatedthatremittanceshavecontributed positively tothedevelopmentof the country. Which of the following should have been included in the conclusion of the research? (A) B) © () Sources Limitations Hypothesis Appendices. Which of the following is NOT essential when referencing research work? (a) ) © ©) In-text citation Quotation marks Paragraphs in text Footnotes and endnotes, END OF TEST Te 44, 45. Mr White conducted an interview with a group of persons infected with HIV/AIDS. Which principle of research would NOT influence presentation of the data? (A) Respect for privacy (8) Interviewees’ consent (C) Integrity of the research (O) Reliability of instrument ‘The actofplagiarism is unethical in research because 1. itisacriminal act IL. the findings will be held as invalid Ill, the findings will be held as reliable (A) Lonly (8) — Land I only (C) Land Ill only (D) 1, Mand itt IF YOU FINISH BEFORE TIME IS CALLED, CHECK YOUR WORK ON THIS TEST. CAPE 2015