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Marketing Plan and Proposed

Phase 1
Timeline : __________
Budget : __________

1. Market Research

a. Consumer behavior (Primary & Secondary)

b. Competitive scenario and Distribution channels

2. Brand Communication Based on research decide the Brand proposition

for the Indian market and design the tools of communication for the current

a. Standees

b. Leaflets

c. Product talkers

d. Glow sign boards

e. Banners

f. Branded umbrella

g. Kiosk

3. Creatives

a. Concept Creation

b. Concept design and copy

c. Video Production Regional and English videos to be produced and

used for promotions and marketing on various channels like TV Spots,
Malls promotion, other channels like YouTube, Periscope, Facebook,
Instagram, Vimeo, daily motion, Livestream, Vine, etc.

4. BTL Activation at the 100 stores located in pan India

a. Program to be described with Resources/Promoters

b. Mobile LED trucks targeted promotion

5. Digital Marketing

a. Email marketing

b. SMS marketing

c. Search Engine Optimization

d. Social Media Marketing

e. Blogs

Phase 2
Timeline : __________
Budget : __________

1. Press meet for the launch of ____ in India

a. Press Conference
i. Invite journalists from select 20 media housesmainstream,
regional, technology, business, industry, lifestyle
ii. One-to-one interactions, interviews with select journalists
iii. Press information kitpress releases, brochures
iv. To be hosted in one of the leading 5 star hotels in Bangalore
v. Monitor and ensure coverage in leading media

2. Paid PR in magazines and newspaper supplements

3. Creatives
a. Multimedia production

4. OOH Activation / Ad Campaign

a. Billboards

b. Transit

c. Street furniture

d. Alternative

5. Digital Marketing
a. Email marketing to continue

b. SMS marketing to continue

c. Social Media Marketing to continue

d. Search Engine Optimization to continue

e. Social Media Advertising to start

f. Blogs

g. Video Marketing to start

h. Online paid PR to start

i. Digital Ads to start

j. ORM to start

k. Tele caller- After sales support (Inbound and Outbound)

l. 3rd Party e Commerce website promotions (Flip kart, Snap deal,

Amazon and so on)

6. ATL Marketing

a. Print Highest circulated newspapers, Inflight magazines, Coffee table-

lifestyle magazines, Industry Journals, etc.

b. TV

c. Radio

Phase 3
Timeline : __________

1. Expansion plan other countries

2. Distribution expansion plan/Partnership

Market Research
The Market Research team at ___ helps clients to carry out various operations to
understand the industry, brand their products, and stand as a pioneer in the
industry. Knowing customers preferences, interests, needs, and habits is one of the
toughest things for marketers. Understanding that every business revolves around
the Customer, we have built a team of expert market and marketing researchers.

We offer the following advantages:

Industrially proven and accepted research methodologies

Organized data collected and analyzed
Data quality check at each stage
Established expertise with efficacious track record
A team with industry expertise
360o analysis of industry and brands in the market

Consumer & Channel Research

To arrive at the consumer preference for different segments in the water purification
industry from the perspective of consumer behavior and also from both demand
and supply perspective, particularly in Bangalore.

This document briefly covers the approach to achieve the below mentioned

1 Understand customer behaviour towards purified water, water filters,
purifiers, etc. and to understand acceptability, reach and competition.
Factors driving purchase triggers/motivators
Reluctance level and reasons
Adoption forecast
2 Understand consumption per household
Awareness towards purification
Spending profiles
3 Brands perception
4 Feedback on a new product proposed
5 Distribution channels, marketing activities, and costing
6 Market size and shares
Growth over a period of time
Opportunities and challenges
Competitor presence (ATL and BTL)
Marketing spend analysis
Regulation and SWOT analysis

To achieve the objectives, the following research methodology is proposed.
Consumer Behaviour Understanding usage and attitude
Supply Chain Understanding of suppliers, retailers and distributors
Market, Competitors & Need Gap Overall market, competitors and need
gap analysis and understanding what is available vs customer
requirements vs competitors

Research Process
Stage 1 - Initiation This stage will measure and record the
various attributes mentioned in the
objective of the study. Tasks included in this
Questionnaire design and approval
Field work set- up and resource
Execution of field work Interviews
with the target respondents
Primary data recording
Stage 2 - Investigation Tasks included in this stage:
Statistical data processing using
software like Quantum, SPSS, etc.
Modeling of data using LeadCap
Proprietary models.
Stage 3 - Reporting Output/delivery:
Analysis of the recorded data
Reporting of the critical finding of the
Suggestions and recommendations

Research Outcome
Through the research, we expect to bring out the following insights:
1 Product branding and establishment product design and adaptations
2 Marketing Segmentation and positioning
3 Strategy Launch, establishment, promotion and loyalty creation

Target Audience:
The target profile would be
Any household using portable drinking water
Using filtered/bottled water for at least the last 3 months
Across SECs and MHI (SEC/MHI to be covered will be decided post discussions
with the client based on the technology and the cost structure of the
proposed water purifier product)
Male/female: 50:50
Younger (25-35 yrs., single/married/married with young kids)
Older (40-50 yrs., married with older kids)

The interviews would be conducted with the key user/decision maker of the
household when it comes to water purifiers.

These would be leading traders/supply chain partners/fabricators that have
been in the business for at least 6 months.
Interviews would be conducted with the owner/key decision maker.

Project Timeline

A detailed report will be created with key insights called out and inferences
highlighted and submitted along with revisions to the activation plan (if any).


Activation/Promotional Campaign -

The objective of the activation is to create Brand Awareness, dish out samples &
increase footfalls to the stores after launch.

BARRIER Activation
As part of the overall launch/promotion, activation campaigns will be set up to run
over a period of time. The campaigns will look at showcasing BARRIERs purifiers at
select malls/stores across the city. Aiming at creating a buzz about the product
launch and to keep the momentum going, activation will be setup at 10 stores at a
given point in time.

Stores will be strategically chosen basis research and inputs from event partners.
The activation kiosks will feature BARRIERs purifiers and promotional materials
such as leaflets, canopy/standees/banners, glow sign boards, product talkers, etc.

Besides brand introduction, secondary objectives of the campaign will be to:

Educate people on the need for water purifiers

Create awareness on cost-effective water purifiers (BARRIER)

Collect feedback wherever possible to understand reception

Demonstrate the product

Understand feasibility/reception on distributing free samples to restaurants,

business facilities, etc.

Sell the product/generate leads for online promotions

Project : Outlet Activity
City : Bangalore
No of Outlets : 100

BTL Activation/Instore Promotion

Sr. No. Elements Rate Quantity Weekends Amount
Manpower in INR in INR
1 Supervisor 1,300 20 3 1 78,000.00
2 Supervisor Conveyance 200 20 3 1 12,000.00
3 Male / Female Promoter 1,300 100 3 1 3,90,000.00
4 F&B for Promoter 100 100 3 1 30,000.00
F&B for Supervisor 100 20 3 1 6,000.00
1 Ground Transportation of all Materials and Manpower 800 100 3 1 2,40,000.00
2 Reporting and Communication 65 100 3 1 19,500.00
POS Material 0.00
1 Standees - 25 to 30 Nos 2000 2,000.00
2 Glow sign boards - Rs 70 / sq.ft 262.5 100 26,250.00
3 Product talkers (POS tool) 8 1000 8,000.00
4 Branded umbrella 6,000 20 1,20,000.00
5 Product detailer leaflets (A5 size) 2 5,000 3 1 30,000.00

Kiosk (15K per umbrella type or, 40K per bigger full-
6 15,000 10 1 1 1,50,000.00

7 T Shirt for Promoters 450 30 1 1 13,500.00

Other BTL activity
LED Truck - Campaign Brand Building 40,000 1 15 6,00,000.00
Video Production (Regional Video) 120 seconds videos 2 6,00,000.00
PRESS CONFERENCE (Venue, F&B, Press docket, 4,00,00
1 4,00,000.00
Gifts) 0

Miscellaneous 300 10 10 1 30,000.00

1 Sockets with power point Client 10 3 1 Client
2 Water purifier Client 1 3 1 Client
3 Outlet Permissions Client 1 3 1 Client

Total 27,55,250.00
Our management Fee @ 15% 91,500.00
Sub Total 28,46,750.00
Service Tax 14.5% 3,51,858.30
Total 31,98,608.30

Social Media MarketingBARRIER
We will help create social media strategies for BARRIERand implement them
successively through various social channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,
YouTube, and Google+.

Our complete suite of social media services includesSocial Media Audit, Monitoring,
Strategy & Consulting, Management, Online Reputation Management, Advertising,
Webinar Marketing & Optimization, and Event Marketing & Promotion via Social
Media.We will be leveraging the medium by effectively reaching and communicating
with BARRIERs potential consumers, building communities and building its brand in

Platforms of Engagement
We recommend the following social media channels for BARRIER:

Facebook: The largest social network in the world with over one billion registered users.
Facebook is best for creating a community around your brand, getting feedback, and
handling customer service issues.

Twitter: This is a frantic, fast-paced social network. Messages here are limited to 140
characters; small business owners can best utilize it to keep up to date with industry news
and give consumers real-time updates of sales, promotions, and other business activities.

Google+: Global Web Index recently reported that Google+ has become the second
largest social network in terms of monthly active users. Google+s most attractive feature
is its search engine benefits.

YouTube: This is the only social network based solely on video content. Video marketing
is the best method of drawing and retaining your targets attention. Just make sure that
youre in a field where your videos will be interesting.

LinkedIn:If Facebook was dressed in a suit and a tie, it would be LinkedIn. This low-
maintenance network is best for making business connections and finding potential
employees. LinkedIn makes it easier to connect to the people and things that matter in
your professional world. Build and nurture your professional network, stay up to date with
the latest business and industry news, and find your next dream job

Social Media AdvertisingBARRIER
Brands can actively target people based on interests, activities, location, age,
gender, and their real time activities. This makes for a very efficient advertising
platform and an intensely intimate experience with consumers not to mention
bang for your buck, your ads will be exposed to the audience you want. By adding a
share feature and encouraging interactivity, brands can not only target ultra-
specific audiences, but then they curate and share that ad with their friends,
spreading the word of mouth.

Content Creation
We will create specific, unique content centering on BARRIERs product or business,
as well as your specific social media goals. We will create content that speaks not
only to those engaging on the specific platform, but also to your business audience.
With We, you dictate your personal involvement in your companies' social media,
knowing that experts have the reigns.

Daily Posting and Tweeting

The dedicated Social Media Managers at We are well-versed in "Best Social Media
Practices". This knowledge directly translates into increased, active online presence
for BARRIER. Such practices include specific time scheduled posts, real time
engagement, and different types of content throughout the day/week. Studies have
shown that different audiences engage more at specific times, and that people are
looking for different things at 11am on a Monday versus 3pm on a Friday.

Comment Responding
Our Social Media Manager will monitor your social media sites for comments and
questions, and will write back on your behalf. If they are unsure as to the answer to
a question, they will immediately contact you before proceeding. These practices
are imperative to giving consumers the assurance that your company is on their
side and are producing a product/service that they stand behind.

SPAM Monitoring
Spam is an unavoidable part of the internet, whether be it from a bot or a specific
disgruntled person posting inappropriate content. Real time engagement ensures
that Spam will be monitored and immediately removed. There are varying levels of
Spam, some are bulk messages, others are commercial, some personal; We will
individually assess each communication and will act accordingly to varying degrees
of Spam messages.

Real-time Reporting
We will also send you monthly reports on your social media analytics, further
helping you chronicle results. Since most companies dont directly rely on the form
of MIS social media analytics. We will send you reports from our proprietary software
that intellectually calculates data in a mode that makes sense to marketers.

24/7 Customer Service

Customer Service is the essence of what we do, and we have developed a 24/7
ticketing system to allow us to always be available. Day or Night, you can post a
ticket by writing to our dedicated account manager, and we will get back to you
within 24 hours. Rest assured that having We as your Social Media Company
guarantees that you not only have a personal Social Media Manager, but also a help
desk to answer any and all of your questions!


Brand page management for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google+
Rs. 1,50,000/month

Social Media Marketing

Recommended budget - Rs. 2,00,000/month (Can be increased or reduced based on
clients budget)

Online Reputation Management
Online Reputation Management combines marketing and public relations with
search engine marketing. Visibility and high rankings for good publicity are the
ultimate goals, which will in turn push bad publicity down the search engine listings
and out of public view. Statistics show that the general public rarely views more
than two pages of search engine results for any search.

We, at Strategic, with our Online Reputation Management services, ensure high
rankings and indexing in the search engines for all positive associated web sites and
corporate communications. The result is an increase in your overall positive web
presence, which will help you own the top spots of the search engine rankings for
your brand. Online Reputation Management enables you to protect and manage
your reputation by becoming actively involved in the outcome of search engine
results by creating online assets - assets that are owned and controlled by you.

Our Approach

Monitor Estimate Identify Respond Improve

All content Precisely the Risks and Respond to the queriesImprove
from internetusers
the results in first page of Google
mentioning a visibility of a Weak signals
Brand,Product or subject in relation linked to activity
Competitors to another
Rs. 40,000/month

Search Engine Optimization -

SEO is an essential practice needed for any website to drive traffic by being present
in front of potential customers on their search results. Where your brand is placed
on a search result for a relevant search would decide how users find your company
and how your company starts building a relationship with potential customers. We
will ensure that while people searching with the top keywords (within the contract)
relevant to your industry shall get routed to BARRIER site resulting in high traffic
volume thus creating better brands visibility and higher brand value.

A website without an SEO practice is like building a store without signage or no

roads leading to it. The steps in SEO would be:
On-page optimization
Off-page Optimization

To create a strong online presence for we will provide a focused SEO
campaign that will helpBARRIER achieve the following objectives:

Push relevant keywords on the 1st page of Google search results

Make your website more search engine and user friendly
Get your website more attention from interested prospects
Promote and Attract quality traffic that will lead to possible conversions
Build brand reputation and stay on top of the mind of your Customers

SEO Services for BARRIER Investment

20 Keywords to Optimize/month
Traffic Optimization
Content Optimization
Landing Page Optimization
Webmasters Central Integration
Local Listing Rs. 1,50,000/month
Guest Blogging
Keyword Ranking Report
Traffic Report
Technical Audit Report
Website Speed Audit Report

PS: Initial contract period for 1 year

* SEO Campaigns usually take 3-5 months to start showing streamlined

Online PR activity is closely associated with improving results from many of the
other digital marketing communications techniques in particular social media, SEO
(link-building), partnership marketing and viral marketing / word-of-mouth
We will source for the high page rank PR sites that will have more reach to
your audiences.
Based on your inputs of your campaign or events as planned, our in-house
content team will prepare PR.
Both free and paid PR channels will be used to increase visibility

Recommended budget - Rs. 2,00,000/month (Can be increased or reduced based on
your budget)

Tele SupportBARRIER

We will be providing tele caller support for BARRIER to ensure that we take every
Consumers incoming queries and provide full assistance for them 24x7.

Enhance your image

Understand the consumers queries and address them
Take accurate information
Move the conversation forward on your behalf
Improve your time management
Consumer intake processes
Accurate maintenance of your contact records
Appointments booked for you
Increase your bottom time
Triage new consumer from current consumer
Maintain and/or exceed your consumer service reputation


Rs. 1,20,000/month for 2 resources


SMS Marketing is one of the most effective, reliable and cost effective ways to
market to end consumers and businesses. Its extremely personal; therefore the
response ratio is much higher than other marketing channels. In India up to 60
million people are using mobile phones.

Using SMS Marketing, We will develop comprehensive database of your consumers

throughout India.

We will implement SMS Marketing channel for BARRIER to:

Create a fast, efficient and reliable mode of communication with your clients
and staff.
Reduce the cost of communication as compared to other forms of advertising.
Provide enhanced and comprehensive customer service through fast
response time.

SMS Marketing and broadcasting are changing the way we communicate in India.
Text Messaging is now a serious distribution channel that gives you the power to
deliver your message directly into the hands of your audience, and create new
generating revenues in the Indian market.

SMS Marketing is an innovate method of promotion and advertising which uses

technology of mobile and wireless communication to forward your companys
messages to thousands of targeted consumers.SMS Marketing helps to achieve your
promotion goals because the technology associated with this application enables
you to set up complex services for ongoing promotion drives.


Will be billed based on the actual sendouts and Campaign management fee of 18%
will be applied

Content Marketing (Recommended)

Your content is your Online Voice. Say it right, and youll get it right. Utter a sloppy
word and youll pay for it. You dont want that to happen to your business, do you?

Content holds a crucial position in this internet era. Its not just high quality content
but a perfect mix of quality, relevance and SEO which makes you stand out of the
clutter. At We, we have in-house experts who craft strategies to enrich content and
make websites drive traffic.
Rs. 40,000/month

Email Marketing (Recommended) -

Email Marketing is result-oriented, cost effective, fast, and it is an easy way to reach
or keep in touch with your targeted prospects and existing customers. Whether it is

about your new offers, latest company/industry news, or a welcome mail, our email
marketing package serves every purpose.

We email campaign management is reliable, easy to understand and high in

performance. Our email campaign management experts will help in making each
campaign response better with higher sales and ROI.

We has a bag full of email marketing integrated services including:

Our clients have been able to absorb enormous marketing benefits from our Email
Campaign service.

Email Marketing Pricing

Will be billed based on the actual send outs and 18% Campaign management fee
will be applied

Marketing Calendar 2016 -
SL DESCRIPTION OF Ja Fe Ma Ap Ma Ju Ju Au Se Oc No De Ja
NO ACTIVITY n b r r y n l g p t v c n
Market Research
a. Consumer behavior
(Primary & Secondary)
b. Competitive
scenario and
Distribution channels
a. Concept Creation
b. Concept design and
2 copy
c. Video production
d. Multimedia
BTL Activation at
the 100 stores
located in
Bangalore West,
South and some
3 parts of North
a. Program to be
described with
b. Mobile LED trucks
targeted promotion
4 Digital Marketing
a. Email marketing
b. SMS marketing
c. Search Engine
d. Blogs
e. Social Media
f. Social Media
g. Online PR
h. Digital Ads
i. ORM
j. Tele caller - After
sales support
(Inbound and

k. 3rd Party e-
Commerce website
promotions (Flipkart,
Snapdeal, Amazon
and so on)
l. Video Marketing
Press meet for the
launch of BARRIER
in India
a. Press Conference
Paid PR in
magazines and
Advanced BTL
Activation for
a. Modern Trade
Outlets Spar, Big
Bazaar, Reliance
Hyper, Landmark, Star
7 Bazaar
b. Top 100
c. Top 25 Apartment
d. Top 10 Malls in
OOH Activation/Ad
8 a. Billboards
b. Transit
c. Street furniture
d. Alternative
ATL Marketing
a. Print - Highest
newspapers, Inflight
magazines, Coffee
magazines, Industry
b. TV
c. Radio
Expansion plan -
other cities
expansion plan

a. Standees
b. Leaflets
12 c. Product talkers
d. Glow sign boards
e. Banners
f. Branded umbrella
g. Kiosk

Phase 1 May16
Jun16 -
Phase 2 Dec16
Phase 3 Jan 2016

1 Market Research (One-time fee) 13,50,000.00

2 Digital Marketing (Monthly retainer) 3,80,000.00

3 Digital Advertising (Paid Ads)- RECOMMENDED

4 Social Ads (From April 2016) 2,00,000.00

5 Online PR (From April 2016) 2,00,000.00

6 SEM (From July 2016) 1,00,000.00

7 BTL/Promotional campaign (One time ) 10,00,000.00

8 Video Production (120 Seconds video)- 2 videos/month 6,00,000.00

9 Inbound Tele support (2 dedicated Resources ) 1,20,000.00

OOH Ad Campaigns (Prices will be shared a month prior
11 TBD
to deployment)
ATL Marketing - (Prices will be shared a month prior to
12 TBD

Digital Ad Campaigns- 18% of the Ad budget Campaign management fee will

be applied on the overall Campaign budget. Campaign budget will be
recommended based on specific campaigns and in consensus with BARRIER
SMS and Email Campaign will be based on the actual send outs and 18%
Campaign management fee will be applied on the overall Campaign budget

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