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Key: sby = somebody, stg = something


absent from a place absence from

afraid of sby/stg fear of sby/stg

amazed at/by sby/stg amazement at

angry at/about stg anger at/about stg

angry with sby anger with sby

annoyed at/about annoyance at/abt

annoyed with sby annoyance with

anxious about/over sby/stg anxiety about/over

ashamed of sby/stg shame at stg

aware of sby/stg awareness of

awful at (doing) stg

bad at (doing) stg

bored by/with sby/stg boredom with

busy at or with stg

capable of (doing) stg capability for

careful of/with sby/stg carefulness with

careless of danger carelessness of

certain of/about facts certainty of/about

clever at (doing) stg cleverness at/in

content with stg contentment with

contrary to advice

curious about sby/stg curiosity about stg

different from/to sby/stg difference from/to

eager for stg eagerness for stg

easy{- not worried) about -

excited about/at/by/over excitement abt/at

faithful to sby/stg faithfulness to

famous for (doing) stg fame as

fond of sby/stg fondness for

free from danger freedom from

free of charge freedom of speech

full of stg

glad about stg gladness about

good/no good at (doing) stg-

good with one's hands

grateful to sby for stg gratitude to/for

happy about/at/over/with happiness at/over

interested in/by sby/stg interest in sby/stg

jealous of sby/stg jealousy of sby/stg

keen on (doing) stg keenness on

kind to sby kindness to sby

late for work lateness for work

married to sby marriage to sby

nervous of sby/stg nervousness about

obliged to sby/stg obligation to

pleased about/with sby/stg pleasure about

ready for sby/stg readiness for stg

right about sby/stg

sad about sby/stg sadness about

safe from stg/for sby safety from stg

satisfied with sby/stg satisfaction with

separate from stg separation from

slow at (doing) stg slowness at

sorry about/for (doing) stg sorrow for (doing)

sorry for sby

surprised about/at/by surprise about/at

terrible at (doing) stg

thankful to sby for stg thankfulness to/for

worried about sby/stg worry about/over

wrong about sby/stg


transitive (non-idiomatic)

Related nouns + most common prepositions

Nouns can be formed with -ing Verbs marked " are often passive


'advise against doing stg advice against

agree about stg agreement about

'agree to a proposal agreement to

agree with sby agreement with

aim at/for a target aim at/for

apologize to sby for stg apology to sby

'apply to sby for stg application to

"approve of sby/stg approval of

arrive at/in arrival at/in

"ask for sby/stg

become of sby

begin with stg/by doing

believe in sby/stg belief in sby/stg

belong to sby/stg

"borrow from sby

choose between choice between

confess to sby/to stg confession to

"deal with sby/a problem

'depend on sby/stg dependence on

differ from sby/stg difference from/to

dream about/of (doing) dream of

emerge from a place emergence from

fail in an exam failure in

"guess at the truth guess at

identify with sby identification with

insist on (doing) stg insistence on

knock at the door knock at

'know of/about knowledge of

'laugh at/about sby/stg laughter at stg

'listen to sby/stg

'look after sby/stg

"look at sby/stg

look for sby/stg

meet with sby (AmE) meeting with

"object to sby/stg objection to

"pay for sby/stg pay(ment) for

quarrel with sby/about stg quarrel with/about

"read about stg

reason with sby

'refer to sby/stg reference to

'rely on sby/stg reliance on

"reply to sby reply to sby

"report on sby/stg to sby report on

resign from a job resignation from

retire from one's job retirement from

'search for sby/stg search for

(it) smell of stg smell of stg

succeed in (doing) stg success in (doing)

suffer from an illness

"talk to sby about stg talk to sby about

(it) taste of stg taste of stg

trade with sby/in stg trade in stg

trust in sby/stg trust in sby/stg

'vote for/against sby/stg vote for/against

wait for sby/stg (long) wait for

"wish for wish for

'write to sby/about stg


transitive (non-idiomatic)


absent oneself from work absence from

accuse sby of stg accusation of

adapt stg to stg adaptation to

add stg to addition to stg

admire sby for stg admiration for

advise sby about stg advice to/about

appoint sby as/to a post appointment as/to

arrange stg for sby arrangement for

assess stg at a price assessment of/at

associate sby/stg with association with

attach stg to stg attachment to

betray a secret to sby betrayal of

blame sby for stg blame for stg

charge stg to my account charge to

charge sby with a crime charge against

claim stg from sby claim to slg

combine stg with stg combination of/with

compare sby/stg with comparison with

compensate sby for stg compensation for

congratulate sby on stg congratulations on

connect sby with stg connexion with

convert sby to stg conversion to

defend sby from stg defence against

describe stg to sby description of

discuss stg with sby discussion with

divide a number division by

excuse sby for stg excuse for stg

explain stg to sby explanation of

forgive sby for stg forgiveness of/for

hide stg from sby

identify stg with/as stg identification with

include stg in stg else inclusion of stg in

inform sby of/about stg information about

insure sby against stg insurance against

interest sby in stg interest in stg

invest money in stg investment in

lend stg to sby loan to sby

neglect sby/stg for sby/stg neglect of

refer sby/stg to sby reference to

remind sby of sby/stg reminder of stg

repeat stg to sby repetition of stg

reserve stg for sby reservation for

return stg to sby return of stg to

rob sby of stg robbery of

search sby for stg search for stg

share stg with sby share of/with

steal stg from sby (theft) of/from

stop sby from doing stg

tell sby about stg

translate stg from/into translation into

turn stg into stg else

use stg for stg else use of stg for