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* * dip (sth) in/dip (sth) * go into sth (BE

into sth USED)

* barge in/into sth
(ENTER) * dip into sth (BOOK) * grind sth into sth

* bite into sth * dip into sth (MONEY) * grow into sb/sth
* blend in/blend into * dissolve into sth
sth * grow into sth
* dive in/dive into sth (CLOTHES)
* book in/book into
somewhere * drag sb into sth * hammer sth into sb

* book sb in/book sb * dragoon sb into sth * inquire into sth

into sth * draw sb into sth * insinuate yourself
* bore into sb * drum sth into sb into sth

* bounce sb into sth * eat into sth * jockey sb into sth

* break in/break into * empty into sth * lapse into sth (LESS
* enter into sth
* break into sth * lapse into sth
* explode into sth (WORSE)
* build sth in/into sth
* factor sth in * launch into sth
* bump into sb
* fall into sth (START) * lay into sb
* burst in/into
(somewhere) * fall into sth * let sth into sth
* buy into sth * look into sth
* fling yourself into sth
* check in/check into * luck into sth
sth (HOTEL) * fold sth in/fold sth
into something * lull sb into sth
* come into sth
(MONEY) * get in/get into sth * make sth into sth
(BE CHOSEN) * melt (away) into sth
* come into sth
(INFLUENCE) * get into sth * pack sth into sth
* creep in/creep into * pitch into sb/sth
sth * get into sb
(BEHAVIOUR) * pitchfork sb into sth
* crowd (sth) into sth
* get (sb) into sth * plough into sth/sb
* cut into sth (PROBLEM) (HIT)
* delve into sth * go into sth (START) * plough sth into sth
* descend into sth (INVEST)
* go into sth
* dig (sth) into sb/sth (DISCUSS) * plug (sth) in/plug
(sth) into sth
* din sth into sb * go into sth (HIT)
* plug (sth/sb) into sth

* plug into sth * sucker sb into sth * dig (deep) into your
* plunge in/plunge into * talk sb into sth gs
* tear into sb * be/go into ecstasies
* plunge (sb/sth) into about/over sth
sth * tuck in/tuck into sth
(EAT) * not enter into sth
* pull in/pull into
somewhere (MOVE) * turn (sb/sth) into * fall into place
* pump sth into sth * fall into
* wade into sth the/someone's trap
* put sth in/put sth
into sth (EFFORT) * walk into sth * fall into the wrong
* whip sb into sth hands
* ram sth into sb
* worm yourself/your * fall into sb's arms
* read sth into sth
way into sth * fall in/into line
* resolve sth into sth
* write sth into sth * put the fear of God
* run (sth) into sth/sb into you
(HIT) * take into account

* into the bargain * flog yourself to death

* run into sb (MEET)
* come into bloom * fly into a rage
* run into sth
(EXPERIENCE PROBLEMS) * bluff your way * Out of the frying pan
into/out of sth into the fire.
* run into sth (REACH)
* breathe (new) life * drive/work yourself
* sail in into the ground
* scare sb into doing * throw your hat into
sth * burst into
song/tears/laughter the ring
* settle down (FEEL * get sth into your
COMFORTABLE) * burst into flames
* sink in/sink into sth * call into question
* take it into your head
(SUBSTANCE) * in care to do sth
* sink into sth (BODY) * go into/enter the * put your heart and
* sink sth into sth church soul into sth
(MONEY) * get your claws into * be heavily into sth
* slip into sth sb
* get your hooks into
* squeeze (sb/sth) * take sb into your sb/sth
in/squeeze (sb/sth) into confidence
* be in hot water
sth (SPACE) * be in deep water
* go into a huddle
* step into sth * go into detail
* put ideas into sb's
* suck sb/sth in/suck * dig yourself into a head
sb/sth into sth hole

* jolted sb into/out of * go into rhapsodies * go into the
sth stratosphere
* cut/tear sth/sb
* kick sth into touch to/into ribbons * get into your stride

* put/stick the knife * rolled into one * strike fear/terror into

into sb sb
* put the roses (back)
* have your knife into into sb's cheeks * get stuck in
* run yourself into the * ride/drive/walk (off)
* knock (some) sense ground into the sunset
into sb
* rush into * swing into action
* get into a lather
* rush sb into (doing) * get into the swing of
* take the law into sth it/things
your own hands
* blend into the * beat/turn swords into
* take matters into scenery ploughshares
your own hands
* knock/lick sth/sb into * burst into tears
* poke/stick your nose shape
into sth * disappear/vanish into
* thin air
* go into orbit crawl/go/retreat/retire
into your shell * throw yourself into
* come into your own sth
* step into sb's shoes
* pale into * get your teeth into
insignificance * shovel sth into your sth
* put sth in(to) * get sb into trouble
perspective * get sth into your
(thick) skull * walk right into sth
* be pitched into sth
* stick your snoot * talk your way
* come into play in/into (sth) into/out of sth

* press sth/sb into * enter/get into the * put words in/into sb's
service spirit mouth

* turn into a pumpkin * be in/get into a state * get/fall into the

wrong hands
* put your back into * step into the breach

* go into reverse