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We must have the courage to do the right thing. Based on the novel that you
have read, provide incidents from the novel that support this statement.

The novel Dear Mr.Kilmer highlights the importance of being brave and
has the courage to do in what we believe in although we might face many
obstacles. The main character of this story, Richard Knight depicts uprightness
throughout the story and there are a few incidents from this novel that
reflects his principles.

The first incident is when he does not want to kill animals and although he
was ridiculed by his brother but he insisted to practice what he believes. In this
challenging world, people might perceive us many ways but we must be strong
and only do things that we think which is right rather than doing things to
satisfy others.

The second incident is when he supported Hannah by signing the sympathy

card although his action was opposed by his classmates. Richard was angry
because the community looked suspiciously towards Hannah and her family as
they are from German. Richard was not afraid to voice out his opinions to the
public although he knew he would be made fun and some may try to hurt him.

The third incident that I would like to highlight is when Richard finds it
is unfair and very wrong for Hannah declined to play the character Lady Liberty
as she won the contest fair and square. He was daring to say that she should not
worry about people who are stupid and narrow-minded.

Being rational, brave, fair, and believe in our principles are the qualities
we should have in ourselves as these qualities will ensure us to be good humans
and help us to lead a noble life.

A brave man is not he who doesnt feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.
With close reference to the text, describe how this portrayed by one of the
characters and explain how this quality would benefit you.

In my opinion, Richard Knight would fit in to the description of the person

mentioned in this question. As humans, we have our own fears, as fear is an
emotional state that may cause pain or a threat. One incident which is relevant
is sharing his interest in poetry. In the beginning Richard was writing poetry in
his comfort of his room without anyone knowing of his interest. This is because
his brother Gus finds his brothers interest is sissy.

Richards perspective changed when he befriended Mr.Kilmer and

following his friends advice, Richard began to share his poetry with Mrs
Hansen, his class teacher. He was able to put aside his fear and began to share
his poetry and this positive change made him to be more confident. Another
important point that should be looked into is the support given by Mrs Hansen in
helping Richard to establish good relationship with Kilmer and therefore this
helped Richard to overcome his fear.

It is essential for us to put away any fear we have in order to achieve our
ambition. Many a times, most of us will put our desire on a hold due to our fear.
What do we fear? We might be afraid of what people might think of us or we
might be afraid of being humiliated or laughed by others. It is important for us
to know our priority and carry on in what we believe in.

Family supports family. With close reference to the text, describe how this is
portrayed by one of the characters and explain how this quality would benefit

The novel Dear Mr.Kilmer touches the importance of family values.

Richard Knight demonstrated as a loving character towards his family members.
For example, he loves his sister and knows that she has sacrificed a lot for
their family. The evidences that can be emphasised are he always helps his
sister Angie to dry the dishes after supper. After school, he does his chores
like gathering the eggs and pitching hay to the horses. During the summer
holidays, he works hard on the farm. He loves working with his father. He
ploughs, plants and cultivates as well as takes care of animals.

In my opinion, when the family support family it will bring many benefits
for us just like the idiom many hands make light works. For example, Richard
cleans the barn and shovels manure with his father which his brother, Gus never
does. He does twice the amount of work Gus does on the farm but he does not
complain. The hired workers are amazed at what a diligent worker Richard is.
From these evidences, it shows that the concept of family supports family will
not only can make our work light, it also helps to strengthen the relationship
between family members.

Practising this quality would definitely help us to understand better about

our family members. No doubt that at times we might have misunderstanding
but this is a small matter and can be resolved through discussion. I believe we
should put our family first rather than anything else.

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