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Composition of ZAM

Zinc 91%
Aluminum 6 %
Magnesium 3%
Satisfies ASTM A1046
Highly Corrosion Resistant Coated Steel

Zn-Al 6%-Mg 3% Coating Layer


Corrosion Mechanism Of ZAM

Mg & Al form a fine, tight protective film

Thin Zinc-Aluminum based film
containing Magnesium.

Corrosion of
coating layer suppressed

coating Coating
layer Layer
Excellent Corrosion resistance
Corrosion Resistance of ZAM

zinc and zinc-aluminum based protective surface

film containing magnesium

ZAM Coating Layer

Steel Base

red rust
white rust composed primarily of zinc oxide

GI Coating Layer

Steel Base

Progress of corrosion
Analysis of Corrosion Products
ZAM Galfan [Zn-4.5Al-0.1Mg] Galvanized [Zn-0.2Al]
Coastal Basic zinc aluminum carbonate Basic zinc aluminum carbonate
[5Zn(OH)22Al(OH)3ZnCO34H2O] [5Zn(OH)22Al(OH)3ZnCO34H2O]

minor amounts of
zinc oxide (ZnO) zinc oxide (ZnO)

minor amounts of basic zinc carbonate basic zinc carbonate basic zinc carbonate
[3Zn(OH)2ZnCO3H2O] [3Zn(OH)2ZnCO3H2O] [3Zn(OH)2ZnCO3H2O]

basic zinc chloride basic zinc chloride

[4Zn(OH)2ZnCl2H2O] [4Zn(OH)2ZnCl2H2O]

Rural basic zinc carbonate basic zinc carbonate

[3Zn(OH)2ZnCO3H2O] [3Zn(OH)2ZnCO3H2O]
Basic zinc aluminum carbonate
[5Zn(OH)22Al(OH)3ZnCO34H2O] Minor amounts of
zinc oxide (ZnO)
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2.ASTM A1046/A1046M, Standard Specification for Steel Sheet, Zinc-Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy-Coated by the Hot-Dip Prodess
(West Conshohocken, PA: ASTM)

Yoshizaki, F., T. Shimizu, et al. Atmosheric Corrosion Resistance of Hot-Dip Zn 6% Al 3% Mg Alloy Coated Steel Sheets.
Galvatech 04, 6th International Conference on Zinc and Zinc Alloy Coated Steel Sheet, held April 4-7, 2004.
ZAM fine dense corrosion products
GIZn-0.18%Al) GFZn-4.5%Al- ZAMZn-6%Al-3%Mg

Porous & Course Porous Granular & Fine Corrosion

Appearance of corrosion products after 4 hours salt spray test (Coating weight : 90 g/m2 )
1. A. Komatsu, H. Izutani, T. Tsujimura and A. Andoh, Corrosion Resistance of Hot=Dip Zn-Al-Mg Alloy Coated Steel Sheet,
Nisshin Steel Tech. Rep., Vol. 81, 2001, pp. 10-20.
ZAM Corrosion on Flat Side

Red Rust Time (Hr)

Coating Massg/m2
ZAM Galvanized Zn-5%Al 55%Al-Zn

*2,500 Hours of Salt Spray (Coating Weight: .30 oz/ft2 on one side)
Corrosion Mechanism on Cut Edge

Fine zinc-based
Mg film flows
ZAM coating
over cut edge

Initial exposure Long exposure

period period Enlarged Protective film
picture changes to gray
then gray-black
ZAM Cut Edge Corrosion Resistance
1000h 4000h




*Appearance of cut edge after salt spray test (Gauge: 0.091; Coating .30 oz/ft2 on one side)
ZAM Replaces Post Hot Dip GI
Post hot-dip galvanized products
Surface finish
Processing Forming Hot-dip inspection Inspection Delivery

Transport Transport

Processing Forming Inspection Delivery
ZAM Eliminates
Cost Reduction
ZAM Best Applications & Target
Best Applications:
o Post dipped GI -> ZAM
o Heavy gauge GL -> ZAM
o Heavy GI coating -> ZAM
o Stainless steel -> ZAM

*Automotive Nisshin Steel Examples:

*Solar Steel frame for house
Targets *Air conditioner Green house
*Animal confinement Cooling tower
*School bus Switch box
Other Mg Containing Coated Products
ASTM A1046

Producer Product Mg % Al % Mg % Al %

2-4% 5 - 13 %

WN 3.0% 6.0% Meets ASTM

NSSMC Superdyma 3.0% 11.0% Specification

AM Magnelis 3.0% 3.5%

Tata MagiZinc 1-2% 1-2%
TK ZM EcoProduct 1%
Benefits of ZAM
Longer life than other coatings
Cut edge rust protection
Thinner coating yet more protection
Excellent in severe environments
Eliminates post dip galvanizing
Superior formability
Cost savings through less maintenance
Bridge between stainless and heavy galvanized