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Bangladeshi Food

Bangladesh is rich with various types of foods which enrich our culture and make it familiar among the
people of other nations in the world. There are different types of foods in Bangladesh which are totally
dissimilar from one another from the side of taste and value. Generally, rice, dal, fish, vegetable and meat are
our main dishes and the people of Bangladesh take three meals in a day. In the morning, we take breakfast
where the urban people take ruti, porota, biscuit, vegetable, chicken, tea etc. and the rural people take muri,
khoi, pitha or stale rice with chilly. In lunch, the people of different range take different foods according to
their own choice and demand. Most of the people take rice, dal, vegetable and fish in their lunch. Theres a
common saying: Fish and rice make a Bengali. At the time of cooking our cook uses different types of
spices like garlic, peppers, turmeric, onion, cinnamon, coriander, cumin, or mustard seed etc. that make our
foods more tasty. In our daily meals we generally take mixed vegetables, fish bhuna, fried okra, Bhorta, fried
eggplant, chicken curry, lentils, Egg curry, beef, mutton etc. with rice. Again in our snacks we normally take
Paratha, Samosa, Singara, puri, fried roti stuffed with eggs, Naan, Pitha, Mishti Doi and Ras Malai. After
taking our meals we usually drink tea, milk and cool drinks. We also take various types of fruits in our leisure
time; mango, jack fruits, banana, pine apple, orange, apple, guava, water melon and other seasonal fruits are
taken according to the season and choice.