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Unit Number and Title 8.

Research Project
Assessor Name Dr. Heena Bulchandani

Assignment No 2.
Assignment Title Research Work
Assignment Brief This is an assignment based on conducting the research
work with primary and secondary sources of research and
presenting and evaluating the findings in light of the
initial proposal.

Assignment Task/ Description

1. The student has to actually conduct the research in the specified area of business, using the
primary and secondary sources of research. And present the findings and conclusions of the
research in an accepted format. (LO4 Assessment Criteria 4.1)

The research project consists of 5 chapters and they are as follows:

Chapter 1: Introduction (LO 2, Assessment Criteria 2.1)
Chapter 2: Review of Literature (LO2, Assessment criteria 2.3)
Chapter 3: Research Methodology (LO 2, Assessment criteria 2.2 & LO3, Assessment
criteria 3.1)
Chapter 4: Data Analysis and Interpretation (LO3, Assessment criteria 3.2)
Chapter 5: Findings, Conclusions and Suggestions / Action Plan (LO 3 Assessment criteria

Learning Outcome/s achieved in the assignment:

By completing this assignment successfully, the student will achieve the following learning
LO2 Be able to implement the 2.1.Match resources efficiently to the research question or
research project within agreed hypothesis.
procedures and to specification
2.2.Undertake the proposed research investigation in
accordance with the agreed specification and procedures.
2.3.Record and collate relevant data where appropriate.
LO3 Be able to evaluate the
3.1. Use appropriate research evaluation techniques.
research outcomes
3.2. Interpret and analyze the results in terms of the original
research specification.
3.3. Make recommendations and justify areas for further

LO4 Be able to present the research
4.1. Use an agreed format and appropriate media to present.

Grading Criteria:
The student will be awarded a PASS grade if he/she
Is able to undertake the primary and secondary research relating
to the proposal and justify the chosen methodology. (Assessment
criteria LO 2, 2.2 & LO3, 3.1)
Prepare the research project and agree process in consultation
with the supervisor (Faculty) as well as monitor and revise the
schedule when required. (Assessment criteria LO2, 2.1 & 2.3)
PASS Appropriately analyses and interprets qualitative and quantitative
data. (Assessment criteria LO 2, 2.2 & LO3, 3.1)
Is able to record, present and summarize, evaluate and critically
analyze findings using suitable methods. (Assessment criteria LO
3, 3.3)
Propose recommendations / suggestions / action plan based on the
findings which identify and justify areas for future research.
(Assessment criteria LO 3, 3.3)
The student will achieve a MERIT if he/she along with the criteria
for PASS;
Uses a range of methods (eg. internet) and techniques to collect,
analyze and process information pertaining to primary and
secondary research, and critically analyze the findings.
(Assessment criteria LO 2, 2.2 & LO3, 3.1)
Regularly attends the research conferences and submits the work
timely as per the due dates.
A student will be awarded a DISTINCTION if he/she along with the
criteria for MERIT;
Shows an individual approach in presenting the findings.
Evaluates the findings and proposes the recommendations based
on them which identify and justify the base for future action.
(Assessment criteria LO 3, 3.3)
Is able to present the report in the prescribed format. (Assessment
criteria LO4, 4.1)

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