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Sept 2007


Greenville s SPA Fly-In A Success!

Forty Nine, 49, members of Maine Wing CAP representing 7
Units and Maine Wing gathered September 7,8, and 9th in
beautiful Greenville, Maine for the annual International Sea-
plane Pilots Association Fly In. This was Civil Air Patrol's 14th
consecutive year of providing Safety, Security, and Aircraft
Marshalling services for the association. All 49 CAP members
formed a great cohesive team that got the job done in fine style
and had a good time doing
Many Cadets were treated to a flight it. The association has al-
in this Beaver. Those who rode ready expressed their
could not get the smiles off their unanimous high praise and
faces when they returned. thanks to us for the excel-
lent services we provided
them this weekend. In the words of the current association
President Telford Allen II " all you guys did a great job and we
couldn't do this Fly In without you". On Saturday with near re- Cadets and Senior Officers alike took
cord high temperature of 89 degrees and record breaking hu- turns pushing planes on the ramp. Is
that the MEWG IG holding down the
midity for that date and Sunday with a drastically changed 70 airplane s wing?
degree low humidity day this team did Civil Air Patrol and the
United States Air Force proud with excellent service
to our customers. Major Merritt and I wish to thank
all this years participants. We are already making
plans for next years fly in on September 5,6,7, 2008.
Mark your calendar today so you won t miss out next

Lt Col Michael L. Pellerin, Co Director

Maj. Wayne Merritt, Co Director
While planes entered or departed the ramp area,
Greenville SPA Fly-In CAP cadets kept the crowd under control so no
one was hurt.

Lamplighter Award Given at NERSC
The Northeast Region Staff College Lamplighter Award is given
to the Outstanding Student of the college. Lt Col Mary Lynch,
NERSC Director Emeritus (1984-2001), created the Lamp-
lighter Award. According to Lt Col Lynch The Lamplighter
Award is presented to the student who exemplifies outstanding
leadership qualities as selected by the student body of the
Northeast Region Staff College.

The Maj. Margaret Rowley Memorial Scholarship accompanies

the Lamplighter Award. Peggy came on staff in 1987 and
served at RSC until her premature death in 1996. Peggy was Maj Merrie Knightly receives the
Lamplighter Award at NER SC
an example of professionalism, a model of dedication.

The students of the RSC select the Lamplighter who is chosen from the entire student body. Stu-
dents choose someone who has shown the qualities of a lamplighter: professionalism, knowl-
edge, dedication, leadership and community service.

The Lamplighter Award for 2007 was presented to Major Merrie Knightly of Maine Wing at the
Dining Out on 20 July.

Region Staff College

Just One More CAP School
to Attend
I reluctantly sent in my applica-
tion to attend Region Staff Col-
Maine Wing Over lege at McGuire AFB in New
Wing Commander
Jersey. I knew that I needed to
Col Chris Hayden complete this school if I
wanted to attend National Staff
Vice Commander, North College next year but I really
Lt Col James Jordan
wasn t looking forward to a
Vice Commander, South New CAP Leaders on their way home. week in July in the New Jersey
Maj Douglas Grosso heat. I also had heard all the
rumors about endless marching and formations that were required plus the
Newsletter Editor
late night projects. Boy was I ever wrong! The week turned out to be one of
Maj Dennis Murray
my best leadership experiences since I joined cap seven years ago. This is
Headquarters the first year that the RSC was held at the Airman Leadership School at
Maine Wing, Civil Air Patrol McGuire AFB since the NCO School facilities were not available. Fortu-
PO Box 5006
Augusta Maine, 04332-5006
nately for CAP the Airman Leadership School pulled out all stops to host the
RSC. Not only did they allow us to use their great facilities but we were also
Editorial Office: 207/427-3421 were given the opportunity to have many of their highly trained instructors to
Headquarters: 207/626-7830 teach our classes. These professional Air Force personnel do this kind of
The Maine Wing Over is an unofficial newsletter
training as a career.
published quarterly in the interest of members of
the Maine Wing of the Civil Air Patrol. Any opin- Not only did we have the Air Force professionals but also the CAP leader-
ions either expressed or inferred by the writers ship for the RSC was outstanding. This year there have been a few major
herein are their own and are not to be considered
official expression by the Civil Air Patrol or the
changes in how the RSC is run. The most obvious is that there is no longer
Department of the Air Force. (Continued on page 3)

(Continued from page 2)
the marching everywhere. It is not that the leadership thinks that learning the drill and ceremonies is not important for
the officer members of CAP they just feel that by the time an officer gets to RSC they should have already learned
this at the SLS and CLC and at their home units. This does not mean that customs and courtesies were not ob-
served. The entire school was very professional and all respect and honor was given to all. We did have formation
every morning and evening to raise and lower the flag as well as a formal Dining Out.
RSC is a great leadership experience. I spent a week in a very professional environment with a professional staff and
professional students. I met some of the top CAP officers in the Northeast Region and I expect that I will continue to
hear their names mentioned in the future. I would recommend that everyone take advantage of this remarkable op-
portunity to enrich your CAP professional career.
By the way it was hot that week in New Jersey, but I hardly noticed it.

Maj. Merrie Knightly

The Maine Air National Guard Team Bike Trek from Bangor to Portland Commemorating
the 60th Anniversary of the Founding of the Air Force and Air National Guard

By Lt Col James R. Jordan

Maine Wing CAP/VC North
Cycle Team Member

As an avid bicyclist, I joined the team as soon as I learned about the Trek from my wife,
MSgt Coral Ouellette, a member of the Maine Air National Guard s 101st Air Refueling Wing.
She was designing the cycling uniform for Lt Col Mike Girardin. Lt Col Girardin from the
Maine Guard s Joint Forces Headquarters at Camp Keyes in Augusta, Maine was spear-
heading the logistical effort for the Trek.

It was my honor to be part of the team promoting fitness and creating awareness of the 60th
anniversary of the Air National Guard with the public, showing support for our veterans as Lt Col Jim Jordan
well as honoring and thanking them for their service. During the Bike Trek

The team members represented the Maine Air National Guard s 101st Air Refueling Wing, 243rd Engineering Installa-
tion Squadron, 265th Combat Communications Squadron and the Joint Forces Headquarters.

We left the Air Guard Base in Bangor in the rain on Saturday morning peddling west on our first day to Augusta. The
first twenty miles were the most physically challenging as it took us through the many steep hills of Dixmont. The rain
had stopped by the time we rode into Unity for lunch, which was provided by Hannaford and the Brain Injury Associa-
tion of Maine. It was good to see the sun and get into some dry socks. The end of the first day was spent visiting the
Maine Veterans Home in Augusta. It was a very rewarding to visit and listen
to their war experiences.

Day two took us from Augusta to Lewiston where our ride was much easier
over flatter terrain with no rain and less wind ending at the Great Falls Balloon

Day three our final leg. Destination Portland and Hadlock Field, home of the
Sea Dogs baseball team. Brig Gen Frances Auclair threw out the ceremonial
first pitch of the ball game and a KC-135 Stratotanker from Bangor did a fly-
It was a Red, White & Blue Day for
the Veterans Who Attended
In all, the trip covered 173 miles and along the way we encountered well-
wishers waiving flags, shouting encouragement and showing their support. It was a very good trip!

The cadets and officers of the Bangor-Brewer Composite Squadron would
Bangor Brewer like to congratulate C/2Lt Parks and C/A1C Rhyne on their graduation from
Composite Squadron Bangor High. Cadet Parks will be attending the University of Maine in
Farmington in the fall. Good luck to you with your studies!!!

On July 4th, officers and cadets participated in the Fourth of July parade in Bangor paying tribute to this great nation
and the military men and women who protect our freedom.

The following cadets attended the 2007 Maine Wing Summer Encampment: Parks, Croft-
Greenwell, Gunnell and Pacholski. Encampment provided these fine cadets the opportunity to expand their knowl-
edge and experience many exciting things. Hopefully more cadets will take advantage of this opportunity next year.

Congratulations to Cadet Culp on his promotion to Cadet Airman. Cadet Culp was promoted during a regular meet-
ing with friends and family in attendance.

Officers of the Bangor-Brewer Squadron have been busy working on completing the scanner course, participating in
safety training and preparing for upcoming events.

A special congratulation to Cadet Larby on the article written about him by the Penobscot Times. You represented
yourself and Civil Air Patrol in a very positive manner.

Lt. Cathie Spaulding, PAO

Machias Valley Cadet Angie Sexton from East Machias was presented the
Billy Mitchell Award by Commander Wayne Peters, US
Composite Squadron Navy Retired. The award comes with many opportunities for
scholarships, military rank if she should choose, and special
activities. Sexton was also promoted to the rank of Cadet Second Lieutenant dated back to July 5th.
She is the Machias Valley Squadron s cadet commander and former First Sergeant. She is a 2007
graduate of the Maine Wing Honor Guard Academy and was recently appointed as the Honor Guard Commander.
The guard practices monthly and is available for many occasions such as official escorts, weddings, funerals and
ceremonious occasions. Sexton is a Junior at Washington Academy and has several part time jobs as well.

The Machias Valley Squadron 75 promotes five cadets.

Eric Squire from
Machias was pro-
moted to the rank
of Cadet Airman

Kristan Grace Tylor

Joseph Kelley from Co- Miller from Young Ahrens
lumbia Falls was pro- East Ma- from East from Har-
moted to the rank of chias was Machias rington
Cadet Airman First Class promoted to was pro- was pro-
the rank of moted to moted to
Cadet Senior the rank of the rank of
Airman Cadet Staff Cadet Air-
All Promotions were made Sergeant man First Bethany Duhaime was promoted to
by Captain E. Bobby Class the rank of Cadet Staff Sergeant.
Hukki, Commander for the She was also presented the Wright
Machias Squadron Brothers Achievement Certificate

St Croix Lewiston-Auburn Com- Augusta-Gardiner
Composite Squadron posite Composite Squadron
(See Newsletter) (See Newsletter) (See Newsletter)
Cumberland County Downeast Patrol County Composite
Composite Squadron Squadron
(See Newsletter) (See Newsletter) (See Newsletter)
Sundown Composite Waterville Pinetree Senior Squad-
Squadron Composite Squadron ron
(see Newsletter (None Submitted) (None Submitted)
Squadron information can also be found on the Maine Wing Website under Public Relations/Squadron Newsletters
then click the squadron of your choice. The Wing Website is
Maj Dennis Murray, MEWG, PAO

Looking for 2007

Encampment Participants
The Maine Wing Public Affairs Staff is creating a Special issue this year for Maine Wing s 2007
Encampment. This issue will be put on line for all to see and enjoy. This will allow the members
who did not participate to see what Encampment is all about.

If you attended the encampment and have pictures or stories that you would like to share with
Maine Wing and all of the visitors to our Maine Wing Website, then we want to hear from you. Put
on your thinking caps and write a story of your impressions of encampment and if you have a pic-
ture or two you would like to include, attach it to your email and send to

1Lt Cathie Spaulding, MEWG PAA at

We will correct and edit your article for you. We want to hear from the newest cadet to and includ-
ing the seasoned veterans and staff. This will be your encampment issue for 2007. Please send
as soon as possible before you forget what you want to share.

Thank you.

Maj Dennis Murray, PA

Maine Wing, Civil Air Patrol

"Is Your Entire Community Prepared"
September is National Preparedness Month, a nationwide effort to encourage citizens to take sim-
ple steps to prepare for emergencies in their homes, businesses and schools. We often focus in-
ternally when it comes to preparedness, whether with our families, our units, or other groups we
congregate with. It is very natural for people to stick together, especially in emergencies, but as a
response organization, we need to reach out to work with not only those we work with day to day,
but those we don't.

Civil Air Patrol is ideally placed to work within communities to unite them in their preparedness
goals. With over 1,500 units and 55,000 members from all walks of life, we can bridge many gaps
if we try. At the same time we need to sensitive to the ever changing communities that we sup-
port in order to not ostracize people that need our support or could support our efforts.

With this week's theme of multicultural preparedness, I would like all units to consider how they
support not only their communities, but neighboring communities that do not have a CAP pres-
ence. Consider the following questions: "When was the last time that a local civic group was
briefed on CAP's capabilities?" "What civic groups have been briefed, and what groups have
not?" "Who are we targeting?" "Are we targeting the right groups for our efforts?" "What can we
do to reach out to groups that we should be targeting?"

Once that is complete, I would like to challenge every unit to host at least one preparedness event
for their community. There are many options. Some units have proposed hosting first aid
classes. Others will provide training at local community centers on how to make an emergency
supply kit and develop a family emergency plan. Some will simply make literature available at a
unit open house. These are just a few ideas, and I am sure there will be many more, but please
take the time to reach out to your communities at this time.

Visit for more information. There are a variety of tools that you can
download and use freely like sample PowerPoint briefings and template family emergency plans
and checklists that will help you in your efforts to better prepare your community.

Brig General Amy Courter

CAP Acting National Commander

Disasters Take Many Forms

From Man Made to Natural
Are you Prepared to be part of
The solution or
Part of the problem?

Services Missions
MEWG: 08/26/07 0116 Hours
AFRCC called just before midnight to report an ELT in Western Maine. They reported no missing
or overdue aircraft and the coordinates plotted very near the grass strip in the town of Phillips.
Through the help of Franklin City dispatch and the airport POC we believe the offending ELT is
now silenced (0113L) having been activated during a severe thunderstorm.
After three negative sat passes by morning I hope to close the mission with AFRCC while at the
SAREX in Princeton.
Marc Brunelle, Maj

MEWG: 08/20/07 0915 Hours

I would like to thank Dick Hunter, Lance Lobe and Bruce Weirsma for once again answering the
call on Saturday and tracking down the offending ELT in a nice Beechcraft on a private strip in
Hampden. This whole mission actually happened during daylight hours, a nice change of pace.
Thanks for all you do for America.
Maj. Merrie Knightly, CS

MEWG: 08/16/07 1300 Hours

I received a message from the Machias airport manager that an ELT signal was being received by
the Canadian authorities they thought was originating from the Machias area. The Canadians
launched an aircraft shortly thereafter but no more was heard from them. Maine Wing was notified
but had not received anything from AFRCC so we were not activated. Several hours went by and
I could still here the signal on my home scanner. I called Captain Portnow who lives in the East-
port area and he could also hear the signal. Captain Portnow drove to EPM ,located the active
ELT, found the owner and silenced the unit at 1615 local. All this was done ,of course, out of uni-
form as no US authorities were aware of the signal.
This signal turned out to be an aircraft on the ramp but could just as easily been someone in big
trouble needing help. Check 121.5 when your flying or in your car or home . If you hear something
call your ES officer or squadron commander and they will get the ball rolling.
Capt Bobby Hukki, Commander
075th Composite Squadron

I wish to commend the efforts of Major Wayne Merritt and Captain Bobby Hukki of the Machias
Squadron in traveling 200 miles to locate and silence an ELT in Livermore, Maine. When we are
called by Air Force Rescue (AFRCC) there is no way to rule out distress much like a firefighter
must respond to every alarm. These two members did just that! Maj Merritt and Capt Hukki were
out all night to support the CAP mission and I hope you all can join me in recognizing their dedica-
Marc Brunelle, Maj

Commander s Corner

As I look back over the events of this summer, I am inspired by everyone s

dedication to our community and country. I guess this is easy to understand
because that is why we all joined CAP and train to be our best. All the
events of this summer, from Encampment in July to the three major air
shows in September, to our Rapid Response training, Skills Training and
SAREX s, are organized by individuals for majority. Therefore, I want to take a moment to thank
those people who have put in vast amounts of personal time, worried a great deal, but through
their leadership made a great success of all of these events. We all thank you and echo our ap-
preciation for your tremendous personal efforts.

With school open and fall approaching, it is time to look at swelling our officer and cadet ranks.
National HQ has provided us with a marketing plan and materials to run squadron open houses.
To aid in branding our name, NHQ would like us all to incorporate the phrase More Than Meets
the Skies into our vocabulary. This catch phrase is designed to prompt the public to ask ques-
tions and inquired of us. Therefore, starting this fall all the squadrons will be organizing open
houses and Wing will start a promotion campaign consisting of a series of targeted print, radio
and TV advertising and a massive mailing to all registered pilots and those with prior military ex-
perience. Hopefully you all saw the first of our ads in the Brunswick Air Show program. Another
source of membership for CAP is the growing schools program that places a cadet squadron in
the middle and high schools. If you would like to be the lead in establishing a school squadron
and you have the contacts, please let me know and we will do all we can to assist you.

Even though the month of September was designated National Preparedness month, I would
like us all to consider this an ongoing event. As responders to disasters we should lead our com-
munity in this endeavor by being sure that we are well prepared ourselves.

Finally, I cannot stress enough the importance of safety. Everyone in Maine Wing does great
things, but these things can only be great if we look out for each other and perform of duties

Col Chris Hayden, Commander

Maine Wing, Civil Air Patrol