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Research into Jobs and their desired Skillset

General sought after skills in Animation based fields.

- Works well in small groups to deliver a product.

- Be able to work independently and self motivate.
- Produce high quality work renders and print media.
- Has knowledge with the Adobe suite and 3D programmes such as
- Good modelling and texturing skills.
- Enthusiastic and passionate about working.
- Take pride in my work.
- Is up-to-date on social trends and the latest technology and
programs in the industry.
- Proactive and creates work beyond just enough.
- Three or more years experience with a portfolio to showcase that
- Be able to create work that matches an established style for the
- Be flexible and able to go from one brief to a completely different
brief with little problem.
- Know the animation principles, the process from concept to finale
product and be able to offer advice and products through this

Bristol Media

Harte Hanks, Freelance Creatives (Designer)

Job description

- Able to work in a small team with other creative.

- Willing to work with both big names and small start-ups.
- Broad skill set, rebrands, campaign concepts, animations and
- Takes pride in all work.
- Is passionate about work.

Personal specifications

- Seeking designers, art workers, copywriters and animators.

- High quality work.
- Diligence.
- Open to challenges.
- Skillset speaks for itself.
- Impressive portfolio with good history of work.
- Worked in the agency business before.
- Able to plan quickly.
- Adaptable to different projects for different people.
- Plenty of experience
- Knowledge of relevant software
- Experiments and pushes the boundaries

Harleys, 3D Visualizer

Job description

- World leading clients, mostly business to business (B2B)

- Works in digital and printed mediums
- Works from the beginning of concept and understands customer needs
- Works in a group to turn concepts into delivery.
- Produce high quality 3D animations, visualisations, CGIs and interactive
presentations for print and digital mediums.
- Work in a team.
- Create concepts and have good project planning, communication and
creation of sketches storyboards.
- Meet deadlines with high quality work that fits the brief.
- Be willing to work with VFX and video projects.
- Embrace new media of VR and AR projects.

Person specification

- Works well in groups

- Has knowledge on a broad range of tools and ideas.
- +3 years professional experience.
- Strong knowledge of 3DS Max (other 3D applications are considered.)
- Solid Modelling and Texturing.
- Evidence of high quality studio renders for print and digital format.
- Ability to work in a team and use own initiative when alone.
- Experienced with the adobe Creative Suite.
- After Effects experience is a bonus.

Design interns, Proctor + Stevenson

Advertising and Marketing, Animation, Design and Branding, Digital /

Interactive, TV / Film / Video/ Radio, Technical, Mobile Marketing.

Job description

- Keen to build portfolio

- Enthusiastic
- Talented
- Up to date on website trends
- Creating marketing to promote Proctor + Stevenson
- Appreciation and willingness to learn about agency work.
- Social media etiquette
- internal marketing projects.

Games job board

Interactive Selection.

Experienced Animator

- Experience and enthusiasm.

- Work well in a team of talent people and industry veterans.
- Work with Principal Animator and a team to create, implement and
maintain character, prop and cut scene animations.
- Proactively assist the Technical Artist to improve the animation pipeline.
- Document and communicate the animation processes and techniques.


- Advanced Knowledge of Maya.

- Ability to work within a defined art style.
- Able to work within technical limitation and maintain the spirit of the
- Proactive in the creation of assets and animation from briefs and
concepts to finished products within a specified time frame.
- Problem solving skills and self motivation allowing work with minimal
- Able to work within a mixed skills team and be able to communicate well
verbally and in written form.
- Communicate with team members and managers about work progress,
possible conflicts and bottle necks
- Ability to contribute to a creative team environment
- Prior games industry experience.
- Aptitude for the production of high quality, stylised assists that fit with
the immersive world
- Broad range of character/creature animation skills
- Good understanding of animation principals
- Able to trouble shoot and debug animation systems.

Beneficial Skills
- Experience Rigging within Maya
- Tradition 2D art/animation skills.
- Photoshop
- Eye for detail and characterisation

Become, Mid-weight animator

- Ambitious, solution orientated animator

- Experience in creating high quality motion graphics in 2D and 3D form
- Editing and montage skills
- Follow the animation pipeline from sketch concepts, storyboards to full
- Strong sketching and conception of stories.
- Creative concepts to turn date into compelling and impactful stories
though info graphics or photographic styling.
- Engulfed in the animation world and up to date on the latest trends.
- Advanced in After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator.
- Editing in premiere.
- Cinema 4D and Maya as a bonus
- Savvy with the business and client needs in animation deliverables.

Jonathan Lee Recruitment. Graphical User Interface (GUI) Designer/


- Design future proof concepts, feasible themes.

- Mastery of the creation of graphical and animation elements.
- Lead a team.
- Work with other teams to produce high quality work, high in detail and
highly functional and fit for purpose.
- Experience in either Visual FX, Graphic Design, After Effects 2D
- UI/UX is required.
- Coding, prototyping, mobile experience and 3D cad are a bonus.
- Expert levels in Photoshop and Illustrator
- High level demonstrable drawing/sketching skills.
- Background in UI and vehicle UI
- Experience in New Media, VFX, Vehicle design or Graphic Design degree
or equivalent are essential.

Esperanza Film Productions

- Highly passionate, driven and punctual in 2D character design.

- Able to create for online and traditional media.
- Able to replicate other drawing styles.
- Able to work remotely
- Strong portfolio with evidence of studying other styles of drawing.