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French Culture Facts about France

1.France is the very leader of the

French culture is rich, diverse biggest touristical attractions(70
and old, and it reflects its regional million visitors per year)
cultures and the influence of the
2.France is the biggest wine
numerous immigration waves that manufacturer in the world
crossed the country.
It is extensive, with many 3.Worlds tallest bridge was built in
implications on a regional France
Luvru is the biggest museum of history and art level.Sculpture,painting,music,ball
4.Most of the Nobel prizes for
from France and one of the most important et,architecture,cuisine,theater or
literature were won by french people
museums in the world.It is situated in the center of cinematography are domains that
Paris.The french art exhibits cover most of the reflect the human nature and 5.France was the first to use nuclear
history of France.The museum has an universal feelings. power for electricity
nature and posseses works from all civilizations.
6.The tradition of decorating the
Christmas Tree started is Eastern
The Eiffel Tower is a famous monument
built from steel from Paris, which measures
324 m in height.It was built between 1887 7.In France, it is legal to marry a dead
and 1889.The tower became Frances person
most wide-spread symbol at a global level.
8.There are 800 varieties of cheese
invented in France

Paris, surnamed The city of lights is the capital

and, also, the biggest city of France.It is crossed by
the river Seine.The city is one of the most populated
metropolitan areas from Europe, having a population
of 12.089.098 citizens.Today, Paris is one of the
biggest cultural and economical centres in the world, National holiday: 14th of July
and its educational, political, entertainment,mass National animal: The Marianne cock(symbolizing
media, science and art influence contribute to The French Republic)
considering it as one of the most important cities in Coin: Euro
Flag: BLUE,WHITE and RED(see background,
the world. 1958)