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Risk Assessment Form


Task Description: Radiography - Gamma ray (Iridium 192 & Selenium 75)

Hazard Effect Risk Evaluation (without

Hazard Identified Control Measures
(without controls) controls)
Refer to Risk Level
Type of injury, damage or What must be in place to adequately manage risk
environmental impact
Sev. Prob. Risk
Approved procedures for Operating and
Emergency Planning in place, available and understood.

Very Likely
Biological changes in Radiation monitoring devices available with crew. (Survey meter, Bleeper,


Radiation Dosimeter)
Radiation Injury
Radiation sickness Ensure Permits in place. Isotope handled and stored correctly

Erection of proper barricade, warning signs and constant monitoring.

Emergency took kit available at site Toolbox talks prior to start of work

Transportation of isotopes in approved vehicles. Report any malfunction of

equipment promptly

Use collimator wherever feasible Controlled area established as safe levels

The potential Potential Residual
to cause harm Consequences Risk Risk
Job Step (Possible causes Existing Barrier / Control Recommended
(Health, Injury, (The harm H/M/L H/M/L
# Sequence of that will Describe all existing barriers / Controls
Property which could (With no (with
working activities potentially controls for each hazard
damage, possibly occur). controls in controls in
release a hazard)
environment place) place
Risk Assessment Form

Hazard Effect Risk Evaluation (without

Hazard Identified Control Measures
(without controls) controls)
1 Mobilization of Personnel Uncontrolled Fatality H Approved Emergency L
M crew and being run vehicle Personal Follow Radiation Procedures in place
Transportation over or movement Injury Transportation Procedure Engage Hand brakes
of Radioactive struck by Using Property road safety requirements while parking.
Isotope moving unauthorised /Asset Approved vehicles to be used. Ensure vehicles and
vehicles route damage Flasher warning lights and equipment will remain
Collision Mechanical isotope cards to be displayed at safe working
with failure. in rear & both side of the distance from live
existing Incompetent vehicle when carrying radiation pipelines.
facilities Driver source. Approved mandatory
and assets Damage PPE should be worn by
Run away source all crew members.
vehicle protection

2. Falling of Improper P H TBT to be conducted prior to Approved L

Setup of Equipment handling ersonal injury the beginning of each shift. Emergency Procedure
Equipment Slip & Trip Poor house E Proper manual handling Provide
(Isotope Isotope keeping quipment procedure to be followed. good house keeping
equipment & source Materials on damaged Check equipment is in good Maintain
accessories) walk ways working order proper communication
Use necessary PPE (Hand
Uneven Before
gloves, safety shoes, etc.)
ground starting the work, level
Only authorized personnel
the working area.
shall be allowed to handle &
setup the equipment
3. Radiographic Exposure Incompetent P M Permits Emergency equipment L
Testing to ionizing technicians ersonal injury Daily personnel must be available at
(Use of radiation Unauthorized dose log to be maintained and site
Radiographic entry closely monitored Emergency Contact
Source) Radiation area numbers must be
shall be checked to avoid any available at site
activities ensure that no other
The area around work is being carried
the radiography activity must out within the affected
be barricaded according to the radiation zone.
calculated distance.
Warning signs
Risk Assessment Form

Hazard Effect Risk Evaluation (without

Hazard Identified Control Measures
(without controls) controls)
shall be provided on all sides.
All technicians in
the crew shall wear their
personal TLD badges and

4 Radiography Slip & Trip. Poor F H Permits if any to Flashing lights are L
Working at Exposure housekeeping atality/ be obtained displayed at all sides.
Night(Subject to Ionizing unauthorized Personal Display sign Emergency equipment
to client Radiation. entry. injury boards & flickering lamps. must be available at
Approval.) Night work/ Incompetent E Provide safe site
driving. technicians quipment access Emergency contact
Poor Lighting. damaged. Radiography to numbers must be
be confined in the barricaded available at site.
area. Ensure no other work
Use full PPE. being carried out within
Road safety the affected zone.
requirement. Engage hand breaks
Radiation area while parking.
shall be checked to avoid any Break time provided.
adjacent activities. Keep safe distance as
Provide sufficient per the curie used.
5 Driving at Visibility Poor visibility P M Approved Drive at reduce speed. L
Night low due to Sand Storm ersonal injury communication system to be Driver had enough rest.
darkness Fog P use in Driver is familiar with
Less Traffic Extreme high roperty/ Asset Road safety the road.
on the road Temperature & Vehicle requirement. Vehicle should be
for help and humidity damage Provide flashing suitable for the journey.
support. lights for road access. No deviation from the
Possibility approved road.
of fog/poor Speed limit shall be
visibility. followed. slow down
when approaching
pipeline crossings,
Communication Means
Risk Assessment Form

Hazard Effect Risk Evaluation (without

Hazard Identified Control Measures
(without controls) controls)
Sufficient drinking
water for crews
Extra care is to take
whilst driving on gatch
road during inclement
weather conditions.
Risk Assessment Form



Severity Very Likely Likely Unlikely Highly Unlikely

Catastrophic HIGH HIGH HIGH MED.