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A Jetstream mixer is the ideal tool for homo-
geneous mixing and suspending. The rotor
creates a flow of liquid within a stator
directed to the bottom of the tank. When the
"Jet" hits the bottom, the flow divides into two
streams that are deflected upwards to
vertically mix the whole batch. Mixing the
product does not induct air, neither by a
Vortex nor by the mixing shaft itself. All PHARMA COSMETIC FOOD CHEMICAL
vessel contents, whether high or low viscosity,
are mixed homogeneously. Product transfer MIXING Syrup Lotion Dessert Printing ink
occurs over all liquid strata in the vessel. Reactive suspension Shampoo Fruit concentrate Ceramic glaze
Reactive solution Yoghurt
Similar to the Jetstream mixer, the Dispermix
stator together with a high speed rotor creates
a liquid stream. Due to the patented MIXING & Gelatine solution Carbopol solution Dessert Methyl cellulose solution
construction of the Dispermix stator, the DISPERSING Carbopol solution Oil/water emulsion Fruit concentrate Suspension
stream is separated into two directions. Tylose solution Water/oil emulsion Yoghurt Separating emulsion
A partial vertical stream is directed to the Mixed milk drinks
bottom of the vessel where it is deflected and
similar to the Jetstream mixer causes
strong turbulence in the vessel. The second
partial stream is redirected horizontally and DISPERSING Dragee lacquer Lipstick mass Vegetable puree Resin solutions
forced to pass through the dispersing zone of Pigment grinding Oil/water emulsion Fruit puree Pigment suspension
Reactive suspension Water/oil emulsion Mustard slurry Photo emulsion
the Dispermix head. Sauce Separating emulsion
DISPERSING Stabiliser solution Wax emulsion

Dispersing machines work according to the

principle of a rotor-stator-system. With a EMULSIFYING Creames Oil/water emulsion Dough Micro capsula mass
narrow gap between rotor and stator it Reactive emulsion Water/oil emulsion Sauce Cleaning agent
produces a continuous horizontal pulsing Soup Cleaning emulsion
flow of liquid with high turbulence. The Separating emulsion
inner rotor ring accelerates the product to
maximum speed. The stator reduces the
speed of the product to zero and then it is
again accelerated by the next rotor ring. HOMO- Creames Creames Sauce Detergent
This results in a very effective particle size GENISING Paste Soup Suspension
reduction and a homogeneous distribution
of the particles in the liquid product. The tool
is perfect for the production of agglomerate-
free pigment suspensions or emulsions with
a very narrow droplet spectrum. POWDER Activated carbon Pigment suspension Hardening of Aerosil suspension
WETTING suspension nutriant fat Activated carbon
POWDER WETTING Jodine suspension suspension
TDS induction mixers induct powders into Reactive suspension Aeration
Colour pigments
liquids while simultaneously mixing and suspension
suspending the whole contents of the vessel.
The powder is inducted through an induc-
tion hose and comes finely distributed into
the liquid below liquid level and is immedi-
ately and completely wetted. The vacuum
required for the induction is produced by the
mixing head itself according to the Venturi
principle. The machine comes with a two
speed drive, high speed for induction and ystral gmbh
low speed for mixing and suspending after
the powder induction. No dust - dangerous
maschinenbau + processtechnik
Wettelbrunner Strae 7
D-79282 Ballrechten-Dottingen
to health - is formed during the induction of
the powder from a bag and it facilitates and
accelerates the process considerably.
Telefon +49 (7634) 5603-0
Fax +49 (7634) 5603-99
E-mail: ystral@ystral.de X5O
Multipurpose machine with exchangeable Multipurpose machine with exchangeable
mixing shaft for pilot plant and production X1OO -X 2OO X 5O TOOLS mixing shaft for laboratory and pilot plant

DRIVE DRIVE Jetstream mixer:
Homogeneous mixing
3 phases 3 phases and suspending with-
380-480 V 50/60 Hz 230/380-480 V 50/60 Hz out changing the pro-
Special voltages Special voltages perty of the product
X100: 2,2 kW and 4,0 kW X50: 1,5 kW and 2,2 kW
With the X50, X100 and X200 systems the advan- X200: 5,5 kW and 7,5 kW Also available in Ex Dispermix:
Also available in Ex Speed changeable Homogeneous mixing,
tages given by machines with exchangeable Speed changeable 1.500/3.000 min-1 or dispersing, homogeni-
mixing and dispersing tools now are available 30-2000 l 2-100 l
1.500/3.000 min -1 1-10.000 mPas 1-10.000 mPas stepless up to 6.000 min -1 sing and breaking of
as well for batch sizes up to 2.000 litres. With a or stepless up to 3.000 min -1 via separate or integrated agglomerates
few actions the mixing shaft can be separated with separate or integrated frequency converter
from the drive for cleaning purpose while a frequency converter
second shaft can be used for continuation of SHAFT Shaft with bearings and
the production. With only one machine, Shaft with bearings and mechanical seal separated
different processing tasks and volumes mechanical seal separated from motor, coupling Dispermix-SaS:
can be treated with the appropriate tool. from motor, coupling for for connection to drive. With stator on struts
Following the requirement for sterile connection to drive Shaft LDT-1, LDT-1/S for applications in the
Immersion depth with Bearing and seal food sector. Homo-
and pharmaceutical applications, all mixing tool submersed in liquid genising, breaking of
connections are sealed according to LDT-2/100 approx.1.000 mm Immersion depth with agglomerates, foot
the GMP standard. A variety of LDT-3/200 approx.1.100 mm mixing tool bearing in the sub-
drives and stands are available 30-2000l 2-100l LDT-1: approx.400 mm mersed part
for the system. TOOLS 1-10.000 mPas 1-10.000 mPas LDT-1/S: approx.600 mm
Jetstream mixer
Dispersing mixer Hygienic execution Disperser:
Batch disperser LDT-1H and LDT-1H/S Desagglomeration,
Powder wetting TDS Bearing and seal emulsifying, homoge-
Dissolver submersed in liquid nising, dispersing
Stirrer Immersion depth with and dissolving with
mixing tool particle size reduction
STANDS LDT-1H: approx. 400 mm effect
Moveable or stationary in LDT-1H/S: approx. 600 mm
a variety of executions
Shaft Y-MD, Y-MD/S
No bearing and seal
immersed in the liquid Stirrer/Mixer:
Immersion depth with For simple mixing
10-750l 2-50l tasks in low viscosity
1-5.000 mPas 1-5.000 mPas mixing tool
Y-MD: approx.380 mm products. Mixing
Y-MD/S: approx.620 mm without changing the
property of the
TOOLS product
Jetstream mixer
Dispersing mixer
Batch disperser
Dissolver Dissolver:
Stirrer Toothed disc disperser
for dispersing tasks
STANDS in the production of
Moveable or stationary in paint and lacquers
a variety of executions and high viscosity
30-2000l 2-100l products. Dispersing
1-10.000 mPas 1-10.000 mPas and particle size
reduction effect