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Hamdard University

Hamdard Institute of Management

Course Outline

Course Instructor: Syed Luqman Hakim Class Day: Tuesday

Title: Ad. Strategic Management Class Time: 11:45 2:30
Course Code: MGT721/713 Room No.: 5B1
Semester: Fall 2016

Course Description:

Advanced Strategic Management course focuses on development, implementation, and control

of management strategies needed to attain and sustain an organizations competitive
performance. Techniques that assist in developing and evaluating the effectiveness of
management strategies are introduced and contemporary issues in management practices are
discussed. Instructional methods include the use of case studies and the development of a
strategic management models.
Course Objectives:

The main objective of this course is to inculcate a visionary and strategic thinking in the mindset
of the outgoing MBA student. More specific objectives are as follows:
1. To develop a cross-functional and holistic view of the business organization that is fully
exposed to the vulnerabilities of the rapidly changing, hyper-competitive and increasingly
unpredictable external environment.
2. To understand the challenges of internal integration and external adoption.
3. To develop the ability of analyzing varying business situations and finding the possible
ways aimed at achieving the desired organizational goals
Learning Outcomes

1. Develop a framework of analysis to enable them to identify central issues and problem
in complex, comprehensive case; to suggest alternative course of action; and present
well supported recommendations for future action.
2. Develop conceptual skills so that students are able to integrate previously learned
aspects of corporations.
3. Understand the relevance of the strategic management theories and practices,
underscored by Western academicians and practitioners, in local settings.

4. Understand the Islamic perspective of formulating, implementing, and managing
strategic decisions.

Course Comments:

Session Topics Chapter #

1 INTRODUCTION: The nature of 01

strategic management
2 The Business Vision & Mission 02

3 The External Assessment 03

4 The Internal Assessment 04
5 Strategies in Action Part 1 05
6 Strategies in Action Part 2 05
7 Strategy Analysis & Choice 06
9 Implementing Strategies: Management 07
& Operations Issues
Implementing Strategies: Management 07
& Operations Issues

11 Implementing Strategies: Marketing, 08

12 Implementing Strategies: 08
Finance/Accounting, R & D Issues
13 Strategy Review, Evaluation & Control 09
14 Strategic Management Case Analysis

16 Final Exam

Grading Plan:
Final Exam 40 marks
Midterm Exam 30 marks
Quizzes 10 marks

Assignments 10 marks
Presentation 10 marks


Text Book: Strategic Management: Concepts & Cases latest Edition Fred R. David: Prentice
Reference Book: Exploring Corporate Strategy Latest Edition G. Johnson & K. Scholes:
Prentice Hall