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With my base of already dry cast | realized a mold with latex. This one was late in drying almost 3 days Once | had finelly the mold | realized the spilled one with resin of polyester, ight ly dyed with a green tone. It already had a copy of my base of cast in resin, this would be the base of tthe water, ha | painted the base of the stand of ‘F* a very dark green tone and gave the resin copy. lincorporated the dif- ferent elements (boat, mine and mast) and with the help of an old brush realized the spilled one much controlled in certain areas with resin, this time almost without dying, 1 al- Between May 27 and June 4, 1940, 192.226 British soldiers and 139.000 French, Belgian and civil soldiers were evacuated of the French coast of Dunkirk with help of 700 small crafts of all kinds, and 220 war shipsin the biggest evacuation realized till then, turning what had begun like a mil- itary disaster in a courage explott that insufl6 of morality tree to the British village for the dark days that were approaching. He hhad keen born “Dunkirk spirit” lowed to dry the set_and using the gel that Vallejo commer- calizes to do transparent wa: ter (ref. 26.201) 1 did some waves more. This gel, on having ap- plied it, it has a white color that, on having dried, remains Bibliography: -The World War Il Tommy: British Army Uniforms Eu- | ropean Theatre 1939-45. Martin Brayley Richard Ingram, Edit; The Crowood Press Ltd EON SOLU ONY ‘transparent. Finally | gave in certain a the lacquer to say, first | pain the color v acrylic, applied a aca Base: Dull Earth + wood mahogany + black. Se ae ee ae os ee ees ees Porro You shine: brown black + meat + brown covering. Eee ee eae cs Tea Las Ce a ed Shades: Base + Russian green + black. sa HoaayvorLo the civil one and for other to the British soldiers who shape a set of haights and colors uniformity for himsolf. This way it could use four figures with different heights without breaking the balance. in the operation of ‘evacuation of the BEF, there was mixed in addition to British ‘troops an important French, Bel- gian and enclosed contingent il population. The sailor is a reference of the French mark MK35 (ref. F085), to that | re- modeled arms and legs, in addi- tion to a head of Hornet add to him. Both the hands and the feet belong to Historex. ‘THE BRITONS ARE A REFER- ENCES MISCELLANY: EThe injured mans reference of Doug's (ref; 35002 British Jeep Driver), to that | m fied lightly the position of the waist and changed an ‘arm into other of Verlinden in addition to placing a head ‘of Hornet and doing a few finish et. The Verlinden, arms of Doug’ ‘and Verlinden, legs of Drag- the wind, represents th free fascism world was capable of being sup- ported afloat and of later on the same coasts HOBBYVORLO z G a a 2 a a 5 pms he ifboat de. Faia La aWl cert a BAe Haag Ne sper a aS Ta \ 8 4 & o 2 >» F a q at which time it was expected that German troops would be ble to biock further evacuation. Only 25,000 men escaped during period, including 7,000 on the first day. Ten additional de ay and attempted rescue F although several However, the pace of evacuation from the pocket steadily increased. ack by the Luftwaffe inthe evening, Te ‘an additional 54,000 men were embarked dirs, 68,000 men and th further daylight night of 2 June, al ht before the operation finally ended French divisions remained behind to protect the evacu ation. Though they hal ance, soon captured, The remainder of the tearguard, largely Fe on 3 June 1940, The tha voor hores of Dunkirk from @ motorboat this bochind ding SNe eee ett Cee er ly successful dag-fighter. It was used most. SCR eee eee es mE Eduard corresponds to the Czech mark i HOBBYWOCLD SHOP r i fa a4 [fa /p) 2 mane Ore fan ee oe Ci apa 0 Wer en Ms ape wnero a0. : ctbyworticcom "yer! HOBBVMORLD APDO 5297 AICANTE 03080. TEL: 965085180 wu heno/wec-ecom EMAL mie@hobmwonie< 138€ MT0B a06 MUEBLE ORGANIZADOR omi0 Accesorios y Complementos pe Vill = Herrariertas totes de pinta no inckaos Elfabicarte so resenael derecho de modHear los colores y materies. Talleren el interior A ara 4 moculos On0, Vitrina en el exterior -Aeabadosen madera elegiron ‘Pueias ecm marco de alsin y cist. stant ce esta rogues on atu GUARDAS A little of dry brush to accentuate the relief of the panel ofiinstruments and once | dry and to finish, we | The maskings are realized by will place a small drop of brilliant varnish in every dial so that of the sensation of the small glazing that | tape Tamiya, so much those ‘cover them. We will continue with the assembly of this part and it isin this point where we will have to | of the cockpit like those of decide if to leave the open or closed cockpit, finally willbe closed by serviceability at the time of doing since | the area of the engino that is. ‘once given with white tail Iwill have only to mask and paint the set. painted in red. Also with hy- Podermic needles we will ro- Bree are Cee ae Tey Pro ec Cd eas ere a ae accu eet) will have to do a pair of Pee aa RSet an eer) ees | the end of the process of occ cs Pa ea he Bu Ee a Prete aka mata big areas beginning cn the low part, since to the Peek eR Se a PCa ROun ere caine ar ek Cae ae en ea es teed Meee ere tts lage and the part of the hood that will go in red. The little outlined one of panels that it has be left by me by the end once put you trace them. | have ‘toadmit that the book of JM Villalba of Maximum Skills served to me as big help since in him a fen- ec een Sk td vias of big utility. for ejem. with the maskings of pene Senate ge ee Mir co Beene cece Mees anak eee kerk ee ‘table role, first giving the clear color of the cam ‘uflage to end with the dark one (having pro- tected the low part so that the new colors do not See eee ee so Set CC ns ons rok ey raised hand, forthe rest of effects tried to work rea etcetera eters Cee ek ace ea heuer ce CII a ena oe ee a es eT it neue aU ac Mus age in the past one, wash and fading, (of course ‘the grip of this product in the acrylic one is very strong and is necessary to melt with gentleness Eee ete ey eed HOBEYVORLD anh. PENT apa G@INACK FRGE TT 2 ( : i NAOT (O1:N=F=INNHTO) IXOAMT:| Macros ea srles of lapanese animation of sence fiction expressed for the frst time the year | . teenth wasnotup heya tat bec worthnde famous atercagadapectite [a RSE = USA like part of the series Robotech. In the following years Macross it has had many aftermath and i Pate ee tee eredie lc inner Pieat ere ene day in Internet we can find, between many other things, a quite attractive models line to scale, | principally of hand of companies like Bandal, Hasegawa or Wave. Nevertheless, as it happens in | ‘other exemption as Star Wats, there exist fanatics who are not content with what the market of- fers, but that nevertheless would be ready to pay a lot of money for a mock-up of certain vehicle | or personage, ifit existed. This opens a very interesting business niche for talented sculptors, vino taken by the same fanaticism and need, realize the most varied projects, selling a copies fistful to | other fanatics (~ maquetistas. These models are known like Garage Kits One of these ta- Iented sculptors is John Moscato, a fanatical Ca- radian of Ma- cross who has sculpted betwo- en other things, ey HOBBYVORLO =, the moceup that presented them to- day: The Gnerl, This ship appears for the first time in the chap- ter 1 of the series “Super Dimentional Fortress Macross, of, what is the same, in the first Robotech chapter. The General Isa fighter for the Navy Zentradi, a alien race giants 10 mts high genetically equal to the human’ beings. The previous thing 2 very important pre cedent is to unders- tand the mock-up, since although itis in scale 1/72, rather it seems to be of scale M5, since the pilot is 12m high. As for the mock-up in itself, ean say that its a part of a production of only 30 to 40 copies, of excallent quality, without bubbles (that are typical in models of resin of low quality) and very good wedge. Apart from this Gnerl, only one mora version oxists, but in scale 1/100 and much less detailed than this one. In spite of everything, we ‘an conclude that we are before an exceptional mock-up, both for its quality and. for its exclusi- vityin fact, for whom he wanted to buy it, only he {stays to look in ebay if some urns out to be. As for the as- sembly, it is very similar to a plastic mock-up, except some cochairs that | will try to men- ition. After everything, the market offers many optional kits for traditional mock-ups like tanks Weler’s saw, and finish the work with sandpaper. | alre- & and planes, therefore these advices they ady know that in the photos | am using a Dremel, but af- ‘an serve to more of someone. The first ter all this cloud of dust | decided to buy to myself one of thing is to remove all those surpluses these sais, which certainly are very cheap. |where the resin emptied inthe molds. For As soon as all the surpluses were reduced, we prove the lace of the pieces, gluing down those who correspond. In this case | preferred not to mount the full length of the ship to facilitate the work in the cabin, And speaking about her, | must mention that the cockpit was designed to make her open or closed. Nevertheless, | decided to modify it so that this one could open, to be able to ap- preciate the big details that John realized in its interior, bout that, on having closed, there was showing the beau- tiful design that this ship possesses. For it, | replaced the criginal pivot by a rod of aluminum, movable thanks to a few called plastic joints "ball joint*. Other modifica- tions to the mock-up ‘would be the addition Of little bolls of stecl to the male of the ‘cockpit, and the subs- Aitution of the prop- ents for some of alu- Frrinum, allthis { cought on the deceased web page OF IMechashunk, Also | did again the BRN ty crauiicarms oF the bay of mises, sin- z ce the originals were very imperfect. Af- \ \\N ter spending the pieces for a good detergent bath, | print with Mr. Re- sin Surfecer, and then I paint everything dark red one. I donot mention, colors codes because I use self-propelled acrylic paintings. Also: It is ‘a science fiction! Simply use the color that more they like. Anyvray, this red would come to be the ‘color of print you used for the Zentradis on the manu facture of the Gnerl, Then | ‘ppl litte salt in some cor ners to do some scales. This Iwas my first time reali- Zing this skill, so it was slightly nervous in spite Cf spoiling the mock- Up. But as he says the saying, "the one that does not get to the wa- ter does not cross the ri- ver". At present I keep fon experimenting with this skill, but instead of dampening the mock: up with water, do it with Maskol, since itis many more controlable. Anyway, after applying the salt, paint any dark brovin green, do a little of postshading, and then | proceed with the se- ondary colors: the light gray and black one. iOBBYVORED I apply the Burnt Iron of Model Master to them to the propellents, and to the aile- rons, Burnt etal ‘nce dry the pal ting, we extract tthe salt with the finger and voila! real scales, Ale though | admire very much the re- sult of the scales painted to brush | fam attracted mo- re by the idea of perfecting this skill ofthe salt, since one notices that the "lower" painting is really below, and not painted above, vrhat gives him more realism. Although we are already almost ready with the exterior painting, the Icabin is still missing. But before continuing, me a doubt arose: If the cockoit is metallic, and hence not transparent: how does the pilot see the exte rior? This elementary question seems to be ans- \wered either in the instructions of the ship, nor either in the brief moments in which the Gnerl appears in the series fort, decided that the monitor of the cabin was the vay for vnich the pilot saw on the outside but what would show the monitor? | saw that the nose ofthe ship had three cannons laser, but above of them there was a perfect space to locate a came- 1a, so\ put an aluminum plece (bought time aw behind in MechaShunk) that well looks like camera lens. And Itseems to me that one se- es very well there. Making use thatthe mo tor is done of transparent resin. | stopped w tout palnting the Frontal ayea ofthe screen and put there one caretaker traces with a sce- ne of the series, specially of the battle where it informs this ship. As result, the transparent resin gives him a sen sation of dept ikea projected image. More IA cchertro gave him a ook, | added a dome of mica, extracted of the display of so me any product. Undoubtedly gil, the convex monitor BAI civ hi tis typical identity of screen of pl pe that he wanted. To Pre associate the monitor with the camera of the noso, lused wires of type spring, As for the rest of you trace, few ones are of kits Ma- ross old men, but the majority also they are home-made. To do them, I design them in the PC, and then | them print on a printer on ink with role of calcas Testors, se- aling them then with the Testars varnish for calcas, this so that the ink does not dissolve when we immerse ‘them in water. A curious detail of you trace that | designed the fact is that the language Zenttadi has an alphabet equi- valent to ours, and the sources Of these letters can be in Inter net, so basically I wrote the typical ones you trace of "not step", "bevrare of blast", etc, but in lan- guage Zentradi. As the printers on ink do net print (0 print the outline white person traces of it in role of calca, and | put it under he tra- es transparently, that takes the design. Porqué not then simply do I print he traces it in the white role? Simple: Because in this case it would have to leave a white shore about he traces. IF cut it to the evenness, the ink of the shore will dissolve in the water, making a white shore of the same form On having applied these, you trace caretakers, itis necessary to avoid to use products ike the Microset, since this role is very soft and tends to stretci it, remaining deformed after drying off. Luse simply water and the result is very good. After applying a bri- lant varnish to seal you trace them, I did the panelado with paintings Vellejo. Then I varnished I darken, and for the weathe- : : Ce ais ring | applied some pigments, like oxide and soot of Tamiya and Industrialist City Dirt of MIG. To ex- hibit it, | use @ Flightpose also knovin as Flexidisplay. | hope that they should have enjoyed this ar- tide! g is a series of science fiction mecha anime, directed by Shoji Kawamori of 1 Studio Nue in 1982, The franchise features a fictional history of EarttvHumanity after the year \ S 1999, tt consists of three TV sores, four movies, six OVAs, one light novol and five man- > ga series, all sponsored by Big West Advertising. Within the series, the term Macross ie —— Wy iD «| | red'to denote the main capttal ship. This theme began in the original Macross, the sp a r "1 Mactoss. Overtechnology refers to the scientific advances discovered in an alien stars =M hip (Alien Star Ship - One later renamed Super Dimension Fortress - One Macross) that crashed on South Ataria Island, With this techno- logy, Earth was able to reverse engi- y ineer the technology to create machas of Shakespeare and wanted the series and the (variable fighters and destroids), a fas- spacecraft to be named Macbeth (Y72 Ma- ter-than-light space fold drive for starships and other advanced Kubesu?). A compromise was made with the title technologies, featured throughout the series. ‘Macross (% 91% Makurosu?) due to its similar The series title comes from the name of the main human space- pronunciation to Macbeth in Japanese and because F craft (which is usually shortened from Super Di- it still contained connotations to the original title, mension Fortress to SDF-1 Macross asit is the The word Macross comes from a wordplay combina- first). The original name for the Macross pro- tion of the prefix "macro* in reference to its massive ject was Battle City Megarodo (or Battle City size in comparison to human vehicles (though when Megaroad, as the Japanese transliteration to either "L" or *R" gives the title @ double me- F > ening in reference to the story line: Mega- ® load, referring to the spacecraft con: taining an entire city of people; and » Megaroad, referring to the long + journey through space back to += Earth]; however, one of the * sponsors of the project, Big West Advert ® sing, was a fan compared with the alien ships in the series it isa relatively, small gun destroyer) and the distance they must cross. CSonAgecH cE “The tank on which have based, sa 55 M2 sero 8 of 1925 ofr 1996. This aroured vehicle, oy, jan photographed in barracks atthe end ‘he ea 1-5. For my investigators later to the meating ofthese phetos, very pessby they were ‘aken n the Republicsprka inthe uroundings ofthe cy of Banja La. In this area they rea: aed fst eal serious mison the Czech troops framed ina Canadian brigade andin sec: {or uncer Bish ordbe The troops here 9paned mostly Canaci Dutehes are usualy the “lucky ones" along with he French to go ‘areas n ochof the missorsof peace that are realized urder patroneae ofthe UNO, the NATO o any anther ntemationa organization Inmy eset had never concervated on ths ‘at Uni Bought myself nan Asan shep and due {othe ridewous price two 1-59 of Trumpeter. “Then | compares ths mock-up witha few planes ofthe real car to 35 and re mmaned perplexed ara muen sap. peinted with these models. Are then when ! had already = Leompares ith ove of Trumpatar ans frankly my spor waren thon potions Why do they punish his ny to the modelits vith product of 0a remodels of thismak have ery Ite tht to see with the cual of 135.7 : \modelita tha les colving steals The "ur thing shat lays ot on the quality, desired kil ofthe md ita wh corsruait oe wl Be abet werk more ‘army of acouniry af the agreement of Warsaw o satelite to kro that modification tt county oh ‘he nial model came from ths Lenin's homeland. The casa of Yugosavia i different, Becaure nado tether own development of this car, n the war of Boinia the different ects ended vp by having ‘T55Russans Czechs, Foles anda the end ofthe wor Germanisare possibly Bulgatian and Mun ‘gaia although thisis not confined, Reviewing that Bosnian -Muslirncame F550 the army from some Arab country, possiby Saudi Arabia, whieh ab it gave ANX30 te Bosnia “To simplify the expanetion it wil try to count of an abridged form all the maiicetions| ‘hat Laide my made. As soon asthe wheats were place cide eto them arc rated with aznpo chopper. Alto we éan hop outer with 2 ime. 2! aim nated the front tals end the same nay | deformed the sce tals of the proper ‘mocks forcing therm with pers (telize ts te anitate the oe that we cath ‘een the photor ofthe beok previous ai) 3. | awh shine the peo: uote tector of the lighthouses, realizing ato the cables that go up +o i, ‘every ight source. lrserted inthe plasticlichthouses ‘the lenses trasparentes 4. lropaced the Imantaletts ofthe canner wth loth of the mode! Expertos Siliconas Resinas Poliéster Fibras de vidrio Resinas Poliuretano Pigmentos Resinas Epoxi Cargas minerales Aleaciones Masillas Herramientas Modela, customiza, clona... CREA TU PROPIO EJERCITO..! VENTA ONLINE..1 info@feroca.com INTERNET PUEDES PAGAR COMDDAMENTECON TURARIETA p= ‘1 uscaS CUALQUIER MQUETA,FIGUEA O MATERIAL LLAMANOS NOSOTROS TELA BUSCANOS. \\ Feroca, S.A. C/ Espareloto, 11. Madrid 28010 Tel. 424 914 401 274 Fax: +34 915 934 956 unto ae Fuster. werela 100 A+ 190 8 FEROCA vith one of without cloth retouched sanding both ovalholesthat are on both sides ‘of the cannon, 5 | improved the ase ofthe foes located on the canon. realizing {ifort cables inthe tower that they imitate asin the helmet the elctrcal insta lotion ofthe car. 6. replaced the front sdeplste deposit with onestreckore dent ed ofresinof Mg. realized the sare nay the whole installation of fu! that ison the Sidetall anathat joins three deposits wth thinubes. 7. There is abserved how al the ota of different 20 that wo 00 dit bute by the tails are fhe to thereby 326 ties of desks and welded o screwed cotter thal imitated toscale. | added inthe reor ‘bax of diferent Trumpeter size, made this ike that ecause every county they \weremaking bese of eiferentsize fer the traspare of fumiture and ether busines. 8. improved the mock up with a series of tors photogravures. Only Ist those ‘that were serving forthe mode that | wanted 1 do anc that alo they were looking lke tothe pleco of tho real car, carding bg part afthe vans of phot sted for a Gissoves aye of beige green of the mark Melak. Frm his tom inthe tank they were emphasizing the different tonalities ob ‘alned en having applied diverse ereen skylights inal gon ‘gouache w2sapplec on thecenter ofthe cargroring ‘als boxesard wheels witha ole green Valejocol- or Once come | applied two gouache to th’ poirt ff fist with # brown olor leather ar then with a yelowsh Khaki, bth colors the mark Hur bro. The folowing phase began wrth something completely o o o = Model: The first impressions: The kit belongs to the company Trumpeter, prese Pee evan ‘cutstanding figure. At details level enough good is, both in interiors and in location. The panelado is jerky and al- s0 it represents the clinches, although of incomplete form, tity of linas of clinches. The laces are not badly, although they need a little putty and sandpaper. NEC te mn ee rm ne Se ee eee ce X ince the real model was taking an enormous quan- lic material and the wiring of the paws of the undercarriages with electrical cables. From here | waéigiving him the basic, very diluted colors and Rm eek eae We ae) from changes of the basic color. Before it was drying off com- pletely, on a dampened rod of the ears it was meeting to him Pe eae meen acrylic paintings Gunze Sangyo and Vallejo. | happened to do. the numerals with staff made by me, hence the disaster of num- bers that went out for me. But further on | will retuen on the een aa tee him you trace them. As the scheme that | chose wes that of Bul PE Roe ame eRe oma te tc eee Cee eee a ee a ens the Bulgarian ensigns. After using the habitual process of the micro liquids, | varrished again with future and once dry I pro- ceeded to the panelado and other effects with oils dissolved in dissolver Humbrol. When | observed that the aspect was the cone that he was wishing, allowed to dry the oils and later | var SR nr eee a ee Painting process: The topic of the painting was in tentative scheme, since | gave a basic layer ea eee nc pee eeacasaeeae ee Sonar [Cea ona Me ee eee) EE cere eae Seah us Sia oie uence are ee eeue ess Ce eg ee Ren pera uae clench) ST CMe Ue Cee ae ae) ‘this model and remained satisfied with the final result that | obtained. | have seen works with this kit to which they have re 'd the whole riveting one and it gains enough, therefore See ae Me ee ee ‘to thank my family, for the hours that I him steal for the ma- queteo and like not, from my friends and compass of the fo- cums Yoryi and Model34 that with it Sue cs peer tae VRS CR CRTC UEC MPA (yc Dear friends: In this second edition of the international tion, and that's why we want to be grateful to all those that Cae Re Pee CR Cue ee UL een ets Re cet as Rana thanks to all of you we have managed to repeat practically CC ea ee Cee RC ea aac) SR eo) Ce cg Pee ead eee eet) Seer eR ou nes See en nora nts ig Dees eC Rec! Seen eee) Teac aa Poeun era re Red Sect! ee SCT eae Pecan Ses ces oko ERE NL ‘i a fm ts ay 1 Uioory (io )ynPuC— eet eee en aera? Ree eet Rte cree eres Licpeamerepis iret e eeeehont er eso nUAreeretey Bary 4 tesa ee SE ear Ne nS Pee ee eet es renee ee ee eee eee a eee eee eee Te are teeny PMU et tant eek en Cr oe eee eae ee eee oer eet ee a Perna peel eet Rae ere re eee ea pir pen Ren ree teat er ert er Se a ae eee ee Sr es Cee eee ene ree ee eet ee eat eerste eect Feta =) =| Re Co uso cl vehicle tht perfec might be freer inthe evese conf thet populste our per cee rem eter te eaters ret nn renee eee Center ene teeta eee ca kee nek tena ne metinen een mate ere ees eS ee eae rer eee een ert cee ec e Enea re a eerre pee tie erent] er ees Tee ener at H ce a o . a re eee rere ee ee ee end Ae a ee cats eee ea ee ee eee Po es eee eee eee ots are ateeae ay Pipa cements err acre Pentre rey ec ta eo har cea ee Dee rent et er ere ees a eee eS ear a et eee are eet) Pienaar) ee en ete Se ee eee eine bee ere oS eer eer tea nena eee ec oetee enter teen or nace Per eat eee ne nine CENT eee en et eee ees Ceo ener as Reet eee cen een tem tere ee eee en ere eee’ eee napa Nett Tele reer ter semen nyertiony preorehy reper ae HO} a en Cree re ne eee reer Sere ae eee ren nae rarer inl) erent ees irene erent reset eee ees soe pee nae eo peste re eee eat cote Menten reat ar See ieT rT ern erent a ee eer nal ioe anh at eran ee Sie attest eae tL Seen earner eter ice eats eT ae er eerie ence te Pei nee tei ee Sees ote Poet eee ere eee Pe iiinelpeceee ter veuarreleeietrnryrerne rr meee heryre) eee ene ener ere ere mean ears ona ame ee eter ieee ADAM EDS ECL Pe Ran erst aL Eas Nes se BIREIX-HORMBY — omacto:wmromby.s ratte ces 5 £2556, ld de Henares Madi) Tel: 434918795355. hfoohomby Cee ee eee a ea eS Pernt arn nn rece Nine ee SC eens eee ee Recher tr iereer epee eg ee neet nL Cire ohh eer eee t C a e eee e S Pre ernie ite cre ern ee Rope eee MT Lec tok cece Ta es Pinner eer ae Ee ne ee eee eer ea Pe ee ior aoe Seer aa ree aoc iain Maier Et 2 i is} ry g a a a ms a a 4 er a een eer N ner een ce) Serene ree tree Cea eee ron Pere eee inee a emer artiten Pearse yr eat teers 2 tn ) Eola Ta Tel Rerrseneersnresnsenireraonne m iesagcrite Ubenireaciatcieeabetny nee city Z Pee oer eter ie tera ea eee et ee ce wo. Deere etes tre ener etc st naar ert at enero ore. * ERnteractonr nomena ees an neater 1 Eefiecraerrepenuetqenirebiniseay tater penitent Re anette ae leet leet terete pm | ioe > SIRRainear seat rear petenanren sieeve seta Ge eet Pee nescence Ey < eens : eee eee Ce ao eee res a etn) neler ym fated ae Etiam Od < > ROB reaeres a Sota rar ereees Pee mete ee proven crates eres Peteme tien eerie Sno cages ofthe fo. hinge eee ns foreseen escent eee ea Siemens Paceentn cn aonAgeoH Le 1:72 Je Y , - riiiey BUNKERS SUSIE 1 SLE \ Junkers: 1u87B-1 Stuka OCCT ES eC Gy OT am LT