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TLE Grade 10

3RD Periodic Test

Name: Year & Section:

Direction: Choose the letter of the correct answer. Encircle the letter

1. It is a contacting device installed at an outlet for external connection by means of a plug

and flexible cord.
a. Receptacle b. Receptacle connection c. outlet d. installing protector
2. A type of ground fault circuit interrupters of (GFCI) used in place of a regular wall outlet
a. Temporary/ Portable GFCI b. Receptacle GFCI c. Circuit Breaker d. All
of the above
3. This electrical materials, also known as face plates, covers a flat metal plastic or wooden
piece that covers the opening in the wall made by receptacles and switches.
a. Weather proof plies b. wall box c. wall plates d. Box plates
and covers
4. Electrical materials known as an outdoor box is used for exterior switches or receptacles
thicker than interior boxes and it has a rubber gasket between the cover and the box to
keep water out.
a. Wall box b. Gem Box c. Weather proof box d. Rain proof box
5. It is a electrical material is surface mounted and has rounded corner for safety
a. Weather proof box b. Box c. Handy Box d. Ceiling Box
6. An Electrical material has expandable arms that can be mounted on a dry wall
a. Plastic Box b. Gem Box c. Handy box d. Dry wall box
7. This electrical material is commonly made box, usually in 2 wide 3 high and 2 1/2 deep
and made of metal
a. Plastic box b. Box c. Dry wall box d. Gem box
8. This electrical materials in best for new installation and often has a nail built in for quick
attachment to the stud
a. Plastic box b. Gem box c. Box d. Dry wall box
9. What is the device used for making breaking or rearranging the connection of an electrical
a. Switch gear b. Relay c. Contactor d. Switch
10.It is a faulty or accidental connection between two points of different potential in an
electric circuit by passing the load and establishing a path of low resistance through which
an excessive current can flow
a. Faulty Wiring b. Short Circuit c. Over current d. Excessive
11.What is the device used against shocks and electrocution? It de-energized on circuit when
it senses a difference in the amount of electricity passing though the device and returning
through the device or a leak of current from the circuit.
a. Circuit breaker b. Ground fault circuit interrupter c. Relay d. Contactor
12.It is a conduction of a circuit when two line wires touch each other before reaching the
electrical current consuming device.
a. Over current b. Short Circuit c. Electrical Faults d. Switch gear
13.It is any current in excess of the rated current or empacity of a conductor which may result
in risk of fire or shocks from insulation damaged by the heat generated by over current
a. Electrical fault b. Fault current c. over current d. Current
14.It is a electrical power switch designed for both normally closed and normally open
a. Circuit breaker b. Contactor c. Switch gear d. Relay
15.What is the device used to protect against over-current and short circuit conditions that
may result in potential fire hazards and explosion
a. Relay b. Contactor c. Ground fault circuit interrupter d. Circuit breaker
or fuse
16.Technical representation of electrical system proposed to be installed in building or house
which includes material devices or equipment
a. Electrical wiring plan b. Electrical Symbol c. Line Diagram d. Actual
connection diagram
17.One of the most important electrical principles that engineers, electrician and technician
should know and understand
a. Electrical wiring plan b. Electrical Symbol c. Line Diagram d. Actual
18. A representation of electrical connections of wiring devices using single line and with
slashes indicating the number of conductors in a line
b. Electrical wiring plan b. electrical symbolc. Line Diagram d. Actual
19.A sketch of the actual connection of electrical devices in a circuit or wiring installation like
a schematic diagram it also uses electrical symbols which is more detailed because it
shows the unit termination and connection.
a. Electrical symbol b. electrical wiring plan c. Line Diagram d. Actual
connection diagram
20.Used to drive or turn screws. The common type has a single flat blade for driving screws
with slotted head
a. Screw Drivers b. Hammers c. Pliers d. Wrenches

21.The most commonly used tools in the shop should be gripped at the end of the handle.
a. Hammer b. Screw Drivers c. Pliers d. Wrenches
22.Are used to turn screws nuts and bolts with hexagonal means six sided
a. Screw drivers b. Wrenches c. Hammer d. Pliers

23.They are specified types of adjustable wrenches. The two legs move on a pivot so that the
items of various sizes can be gripped
a. Screw drivers b. Pliers c. Hammer d. Wrenches
24.Used to remove gears and hubs from shafts bushing from blind holes and cylinder liners
from the engine
a. Pliers b. Screwdrivers c. Pullers d. Hammers
25.Used for cleaning the floor and car interiors
a. Electric Drill b. Grinding Wheels c. Vacuum Cleaner d. Air Chisel
26.It is used to measure the diameter of wire/ conductors in circular mils. It can measure
small and big sizes of wires and cables
a. Voltmeter b. Ammeter c. Micro meter d. Ohmmeter
27.It can be either bench-mounted or pedestal installed, they may either have grinding wheel
view wheel or two grinding wheel
a. Air Chisel b. Grinding Wheels c. Electric Drill d. Vacuum Cleaner
28. Lighter than portable electric drill. Repeated stalling or over loading car not damage or
overheat the drill
a. Air Chisel b. Electric Drill c. Grinding Wheels d. Air Drill
29.Compressed air to flow into the jack cylinder and causes the ram to extend and raises the
a. Pneumatic floor jack b. Air Racket c. Air Drill d. Air impact wrenches
30.Uses the sockets and attachments from a standard socket set
a. Pneumatic floor jack b. Air Racket c. Air Drill d. Air impact wrenches
31.Used to measure longer distances available from one meter to 50 meter long
a. Ruler b. Marking gauge c. Pull Push Rule d. Zigzag Rule
32.A special tool used to measure outside diameter of cylindrical objects
a. Ruler b. Marking gauge c. Zigzag rule d. Slide Calliper
33.It is a tool most appropriate in making lines parallel with the edges of the wood.
a. Marking Gauge b. Ruler c. Pull Push Rule d. Slide Calliper
34.It is used to apply force on bent parts to straighten them, it can also do jobs such as press
brushing in and out and including pressing out the rivets
a. Marking Gauge b. Hydraulic Press c. Electric Drill d. Air Drill
35.They have pads that must be place under the designated lift points of the car frame.
a. Marking Gauge b. Hydraulic Press c. Car lifts single or double post d.
grinding wheels
36.It is used for lifting the engine out of the car. It is operated hydraulically by a hand pump
a. Hydraulic press b. Electric Drill c. Air drill d. Portable crane
37.It also known as junction box or splice box
a. Wall box b. Weather proof box c. Wall Plates d. Ceiling
38.It is the size required by the code in mounting boxes behind the surface of non-
combustible materials
a. 1/3 inch b. inch c. inch d. inch
39.It is the easiest method in mounting boxes
a. By screw b. By nail c. By thumb tox d. Toxs
40.The standard voltage in the Philippines
a. 220 volts b. 110 volts c. 210 volts d. 120 volts

41-45. Interpret electrical wiring plan

46-50. Interpret electric wiring plan