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* Top 30 Occupations
The occupational ratings can go from +100 to -44. The higher the rating, the
better the match between your skills and the skills required by the occupation. All
of the occupations on your Top 30 list are good matches with your skill

Click next to an occupation to compare your skills to the skills of the


Rate Top 30 Occupations

Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources

30 Natural Sciences Managers

Architecture and Construction

34 Cost Estimators

Arts, Audio/Visual Technology, and Communications

34 Agents and Business Managers
34 Editors
30 Producers and Directors

Business Management and Administration

34 Business Executives
41 Employee Training Specialists
30 Human Resources Managers
41 Interviewing Clerks
36 Job Benefits and Analysis Specialists
36 Management Analysts
34 Operations Research Analysts
30 Purchasing Managers
30 Sustainability Specialists

Education and Training

32 College and University Administrators
30 Farm and Home Management Advisors
38 School Counselors


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Arizona Career Information System - SKILLS - Print

30 Bill and Account Collectors

30 Financial Managers
30 Insurance Agents

Government and Public Administration

36 Urban and Regional Planners

Health Science
38 Genetic Counselors

Human Services
30 Addictions Counselors
30 Clergy
34 Marriage and Family Therapists
30 Mental Health Counselors
38 Rehabilitation Counselors
32 Residential Counselors
32 Social Workers

Information Technology
34 Computer User Support Specialists

Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security

43 Arbitrators and Mediators
34 Judges and Hearing Officers

30 Advertising Managers
32 Buyers and Purchasing Agents
34 Marketing Managers
34 Public Relations Managers
34 Sales Managers

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

36 Political Scientists

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