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Writing Rubric

Writing D1.2 Writing in a Variety of Forms:

write a variety of French texts to convey information, ideas, and opinions about familiar, personally relevant, and academic
topics, following models appropriate to the purpose and incorporating some elements of each form

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4

Cohesion: Limited cohesion. Ideas are Ideas are Ideas are

Organization of Paragraphing sometimes considerably thoroughly

ideas and conventions are organized. organized. organized.
paragraphing. non-existent. Some Paragraphs are Paragraphs are
paragraphing often always
conventions are appropriately used. appropriately used.


Orthographic Punctuation Punctuation and Minimal spelling No spelling errors


Control: missing or capitalization rules errors evident.

Punctuation and incomplete. used and followed evident. Almost no
spelling Rules for with some Punctuation and punctuation errors.
(accents, capitalization effectiveness capitalization rules
capitalization, ignored. intact
Vocabulary Range Uses very few Uses some words Uses most of the Uses extra words
& Control: words from unit of from the unit of words needed from beyond expectation
How much study. study. unit of study. of unit of study.
vocabulary does Needs constant Needs Needs some Needs no support.
the writer use? support with considerable support with
Are the words used dictionary, word support with dictionary, word
appropriately? lists, etc dictionary, word lists, etc
Reliance on lists, etc
external resources.

Grammar & Many grammatical Grammar errors Grammar errors Grammar errors
Syntax: errors, limiting occurring often, occurring occurring rarely or

How well are most of the with considerable sometimes, with never.
words formed to meaning. interference with no interference in Conjunctions used
make phrases, Simple phrases meaning. meaning. to make complex
clauses, and only, incomplete Thoughts simply Conjunctions used sentences.

compound and thoughts conveyed as to make compound

complex sentences, clauses. sentences.
if required? Uses complete
Use of verb sentences.
gender and