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Authorisation to Drive in WA - Overseas Drivers

Do I need a Western Australian (WA) Applying for a WA drivers licence

Driver's Licence? You must be at least 17 years old to obtain a
Visiting Drivers WA drivers licence. Your application process
will depend on whether your driver's licence
Visiting drivers include: was issued in a 'recognised' or 'non-
Tourists recognised' country.
People on business trips, working-holiday 'Recognised' countries
visas, studying or working temporarily in
WA WA recognises certain countries driver
Overseas Defence Force personnel and licences. Applicants from these countries
their families. (excluding applicants from external territories of
those recognised countries) are exempt from
As a visitor you can drive in WA on an the theory and practical assessments (car and
overseas drivers licence for as long as it motorcycle only) provided your licence has not
remains valid in the country of issue. If your expired by more than 12 months.
overseas licence ceases to be valid, or expires,
you must apply for a WA licence if you wish to To find out if your licence has been issued by a
continue driving. recognised country, please visit
When driving in WA you must carry your 1363.asp#overseas.
overseas drivers licence and produce it for 'Non-recognised' countries
inspection at the request of any member of the
Police Force. If your overseas licence is not If your licence was issued in a 'non-recognised'
written in English, it is advisable to carry your country (see link above), you must pass a
International Driving Permit or an approved theory test that consists of 30 multiple-choice
English translation of your licence with you questions on WA road rules and safe driving
when you drive. practices. You must get 24 or more questions
correct to pass this test.
You cannot drive on your overseas licence if
you are disqualified from driving or your driving You must also pass a practical driving
privileges are withdrawn. assessment. The DriveSafe and How to Pass
Your Driving Assessment handbooks are
New WA Resident available from Licensing Centres or at
As a new resident to Western Australia you are www.dpi.wa.gov.au/licensing. These
authorised to drive on your overseas licence for publications are designed to assist you in
a period of 3 months from the grant of a undertaking this assessment.
permanent visa issued under the Migration Act
1958. If you are no longer authorised to drive in WA,
you will be issued with a learner's permit at the
You must apply for and obtain a WA driver's time of application. You must abide by all
licence within three months from the date of conditions on the permit until you have passed
grant of a permanent visa to continue driving the required theory test(s) and practical driving
lawfully in WA. assessment(s).
Failure to do so will make you liable for What do I need to provide?
prosecution under the Road Traffic Act 1974.
You must personally attend a Licensing Centre
or a regional Licensing Agent and show your
overseas licence.
The practical driving assessment
If your licence is not in English, you must
You must make a booking if you are required to
provide an official translation from either your
undertake a practical driving assessment.
Consulate/Embassy or from NAATI (National
Accreditation Authority for Translators and Regardless of where your licence was issued
Interpreters). (except New Zealand), if you require a licence
Licences translated through a Consulate to drive heavy vehicles, you must pass a
must be on official Consulate letterhead practical driving assessment in an appropriate
and be stamped and signed. vehicle.
Licences translated through NAATI must What if I dont pass the driving
be: assessment?
o Completed by translators accredited
to level 3 or 4 OR accredited to You must pay for, and undertake another
Professional, Advanced or Senior practical driving assessment. You will not be
Advanced level issued with a WA driver's licence until you have
o Declared as a true and correct passed the required assessment.
translation by the translator and Dependant on your personal circumstances, if
endorsed with a NAATI stamp you are no longer authorised to drive on your
advising their level of accreditation. overseas licence (see overleaf), you will need
to be issued with and abide by the conditions of
You can locate a NAATI translator online at a Learner's Permit to continue driving in WA
http://www.naati.com.au/ until you have passed your assessment.
You will also need to provide: What happens when I pass the driving
Primary proof of identity eg Passport, assessment?
Birth Certificate, Visa or immigration Once you have passed the driving
document assessment(s) and paid the appropriate fees,
A secondary form of identification you will be issued with a WA drivers licence.
containing your signature
Proof of residency (a telephone account, Getting your licence
council rate notice, bank statement or
other document confirming your Compulsory photo and signature
residential address) It is a compulsory requirement that licences
Proof of the types of vehicles that you issued in WA display the licence holders
can drive if this is not displayed on your photograph and signature. These will be
licence card. captured when you make payment for your
Completing your application
Provisional licence
Once you have met the requirements above,
If you are under 19 years of age or have held
you will need to:
your overseas licence for less than two years,
Complete an application form that you will be issued a provisional WA driver's
includes questions regarding: licence. You must display 'P' plates when
o any medical conditions you may driving until your provisional period expires.
have that could affect your driving; While on 'P' plates you will also be subject to
and restricted blood alcohol and demerit point
o any traffic or criminal convictions limits.
that you may have.
Pass an eyesight test.

Further information relating to overseas drivers and proof of identity requirements

can be located at www.dpi.wa.gov.au/licensing.