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Dated: 25-11-2010
Subject: Preparation of Call up Cards.
Ref. to CCD letter dated 23-10-2009 and QA&AD audit objection# 7.1.1 of QA audit
report # QIA-0003M-004 dated 26-06-09, Call up cards for preventive maintenance of following
Lab. Equipment were not available at CCD.

Sr.# Instruments Location

1 UV-Vis. Spectrophotometer Model:Cintra-5 NX-Labs
2 UV-Vis. Spectrophotometer Model:Unicam -300 NX-Labs
3 Flame photometer Model: Sherwood 410 NX-Labs
4 Gas Chromatograph Model: 1790 NX-Labs
5 pH-Meter Model:380 Metrohm NX-Labs
6 Dissolved Oxygen Meter Model:Orbisphere 3600 NX-Labs
7 Dissolved Hydrogen Meter Model:Orbisphere 3600 NX-Labs
8 Turbidity Meter Model:WGZ-100 CI-Labs
9 Conductivity Meter Model:EC-214HANNA ,DDS-11A CI-Labs
10 pH- Meter Model:pHS-3C,210 HANNA CI-Labs
11 Ion Chromatograph Model:Metrohm CI-Labs
12 Total Organic Carbon Analyzer Model:1010 CI-Labs
13 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer Model: Solar M-6 CI-Labs
14 Total Dissolved Solid Meter Mode: SM 401 CI-Labs
15 pH meter Model: pHS-3C WRP-Labs
16 Turbidity Meter Model:WGZ-100 WRP-Labs
17 pH meter Model: pHS-3C LR- Labs
18 TBN/TAN analyzer Model : HANNA Oil- Labs
19 Karl Fisher Water Content Analyzer Model:1S Crisca Oil- Labs
20 Close Cup Flash Pointer Model: Seta ,SYP-1002-I Oil- Labs
21 Open Cup Flash Pointer Model: SYP-1001-I Oil- Labs
22 Kinematics Viscometer Model:SYP-1003-VI Oil- Labs
23 Particle Counter Model: UCC Parker Oil- Labs
24 Analytical Balance Model: 214 Sartorius Oil- Labs
25 Analytical Balance Model:290SCS Prescisa NX-Labs
26 Analytical Balance Model: AX 205 Mettler Toledo CI-Labs

Manager (I&C) is requested to arrange preventive maintenance call up cards of above listed
chemical Lab. Equipment of CCD as early as possible.

(M. Sanaullah Shahid)

Head (CI-Labs.)
Manager (CCD)