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QA4/1, QA7/2 & QA11/3 - wNote v4.

21 (5-Mar-13)

Product Release Latest Update

Full Release 52150
This Letter is updated after the product release has been locked down. It contains last minute
news for the release and information about any issues or workarounds found since the release
has been locked.

This letter also contains information about subsequent partial fix releases.

Customers are advised to subscribe to the Support news of the relevant product group for
information about any changes.

Latest News
There is no latest news for this product release at present.

Fault Corrections
The following problems requiring your attention have been found in Acceptance Testing or after
Release but have not yet been corrected in a subsequent release:

Fix Releases Available

The following partial fix releases are available. In the case of rolled-up fix releases, only the latest
is shown:

None available

Exceptions Significant Defects And Recommended Workarounds

AVEVA intends to fix the defects listed below in a fix release or service pack as soon as
reasonably possible.

This list includes newly-reported significant defects and excludes any defects that have been
corrected in a fix release listed above.
Incident Defect Description Recommended
number number Workaround

For further information please contact your local AVEVA support office, which can be found at
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Product Release Latest Update
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