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CVPUE Project Claudio Gallardo B. CVPUE Project
Sociedad Minera Cerro Verde S.A.A. DOCUMENT CONTROL - SITE
Status B Authorization to proceed does not relieve Contractor/Supplier of its DOCUMENT CONTROL - SITE
240K-C2-05-002 Site Quality Manual
Cerro Verde Production Unit Expansion A6CV-PDDM-T-2323 000 509 F70001
28.ene.2014 responsibility or liability under the Contract and or Purchase Order. ISSUED
Project No. A6CV 23-Jan-14 Revisin 0, 10 June 2013
By: Segundo Jara Date: 30-Jan-14
By Jesus Correa on Jan 29, 2014 By: Segundo Jara Date:

Inspection and Test Plan Concrete Placement
Description Project Name Project Location Project Number

Concrete Placement Cerro Verde Production Unit Expansion Arequipa, Per A6CV
Client Contractor Contract Number Document Number Issue Date

Sociedad Minera Cerro Verde S.A.A. GyM S.A. A6CV-05-K171 K171-C2-ITP 509 7C001 Rev. A 22/01/2014
Scope of Inspection CompleteIt
Item Inspection/Test Stage Requirement and Acceptance Criteria Responsability Inspection Record
Sub SMI Client Input
Trabajos Previos

Topographical Inspection refering to: Polygonal / Axis(IP)/ Levels/ ACI 117 Standard Specification for Tolerances for Concrete
1 CS I,R I GyM.SGC.PC.0110-F1
Lines/ Sections Construction and Materials, approved drawings

Inspeccin Pre-Vaciado
Structural Steel Placement: Inspection for Horizontal, vertical, and
240K-C2-CS-15-011 Rev.C2, K109-C2-PTE-0001 Rev.B, ACI 301,
2 other kind of distribution, cleaness, lap, overlap, joints, coupling, CS, QI P,R I 000 509 F71001
ACI 315, ACI 318, approved drawings
non torelable bendings.
Este punto es un Hold Point
Formwork: Verification for stripper placement. Check dimentions, 240K-C2-CS-15-011 Rev.C2, K109-C2-PTE-0002 Rev.B, ACI 347, indicado en SOW y EETT.
3 CS, QI P,I,R I 000 509 F71001
alignment, plumment, and bracing. approved drawings

240K-C2-CS-15-011 Rev.C2, K109-C2-PTE-0001 Rev.B, K109-C2- 000 509 F71001 / 000 509
4 Structure Realease and concrete request CS, QI P,I,R,H I
PTE-0002 Rev.B, K109-C2-PTE-0003 Rev.B, approved drawings F71003

Colocacin de Concreto
Temperature control for concrete, slump, air content test. Take at
240K-C2-CS-15-011 Rev.C2, K109-C2-PTE-0003 Rev.B, ASTM C31,
5 least 1 cylinder sample at every 75 m3 of concrete or 1 per pouring CS, QI P,I,R,T W GyM.SGC.PC.2411-F1
approved drawings
and/or structure, pouring time.

Verify bonding agent, concrete, vibrator equipment, final concrete 240K-C2-CS-15-011 Rev.C2, K109-C2-PTE-0003 Rev.B, ACI 318, 000 509 F71001 / 000 509
6 CS, QI P,I,R I
surface, and workability approved drawings F71003

Inspeccin Post-Vaciado

Concrete Curing verification: check the moment and time lasting of

7 240K-C2-CS-15-011 Rev.C2, K109-C2-PTE-0003 Rev.B, ACI 318 CS, QI P,I,R I 000 509 F71001
curing (water o chemical curing).

Inspection at the moment of unframing, how long it takes to

8 240K-C2-CS-15-011 Rev.C2, K109-C2-PTE-0002 Rev.B, ACI 318 CS, QI P,R I 000 509 F71001
unframe and inspection at the concrete element surface.

Resistance test at 7 days minimum 80%, 14 days, and at 28 days
000 509 F71007, 000 509
9 minimum resistance 100%. Make sure the correct curing and 240K-C2-CS-15-011 Rev.C2, K109-C2-PTE-0003 Rev.B CS, QI P,R W
storage for the cylinder samples.
Inspection Legend Responsability Legend:
P = Perform CS = Construction Supervision
I = Inspection CM = Construction Manager
T = Test QI = Quality Inspector
R = Review and Approve CWI = Certified Welding Inspector
W = Witness (Notification of authorized inspection personnel required) NDE = Certified NDE Examiner
H = Hold (Mandatory, do not proceed without presence of authorized personnel or signed waiver)