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Writing up the DNA applications practical

You need to write up the experiment you perform. Any write-up should include a title, aim,
brief introduction, full methods, results and a conclusion. This should be no longer than
750 words. You should write in the past tense throughout, and include in-text references
where necessary and a full reference list at the end.

Introduction Write a brief original introduction to the background of the practical topic
(please do not copy the practical schedule). Include in-text citations using the Harvard style.
Aim of the experiment. Provide a clear, one line statement of the aim.
Methods Provide a full write-up of methods in continuous flowing text DO NOT use bullet
points. Since on this occasion you have been asked for a full write up of methods it is not
acceptable to just write we followed the practical schedule provided. You need to provide
a succinct overview of everything you did. Remember use past tense and the third person.
Results There should be a text description of your results. Include your gel electrophoresis
image here with a figure number and descriptive figure legend (caption) underneath the
figure. Only say what is seen on the gel, save the interpretation for the discussion.

Discussion Provide a full discussion of your results. It is here that you should be
interpreting/explaining what you have found. If possible, relate your discussion to relevant
literature; include in-text citations using the Harvard style. It is important that you relate your
discussion to your practical aims and the material included within your introduction. Some
pointers to consider:
o Does the subject DNA contain the SNP? If yes, how do you know this? If no, why
not? And how have you shown this?
o Is the subject homozygous wildtype, heterozygous, or homozygous for the SNP?
What do these terms mean? How have you come to this decision?
o Estimate the DNA fragment sizes produced (using the DNA cut with Hind III).
Consider the CU85 mutation, could this have an impact on enzyme activity and
why? (you will need to consider the size fragments of the digest and potential
position of the SNP- and gene expression. How could this be tested?)
o How might a single nucleotide within the gene have an effect on protein structure
of the enzyme?

References Use the Harvard style of referencing, not a numbering system. It is essential
that in-text reference citations are used for this report. Also include a reference list at the
end of the document. The reference list is NOT included in the word count.
Document presentation style:
Use Arial font, size 12, 1.5 line spacing and include page numbers. Include a cover sheet
with title of practical, name and student id.

Useful Resources:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKmiKKMDDhY BioRad: Casting an agarose gel
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vq759wKCCUQ BioRad: Running a DNA agarose gel