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Thanks to its high-precision piezo technology, Your patients, for their part, thus benefit from
the Powercare ultrasonic scaler is the ideal increased comfort.
instrument for removing deposits and for
prophylactic supragingival and subgingival With its light, ergonomic handle, Powercare
operations. offers you visibility and ease of handling.

Powercare monitors and automatically ad- Moreover, it is supplied with a basic kit which
justs the power needed for each operation. can be supplemented by a wide range of
This assures you of optimal efficiency during high-efficiency inserts. You can thus perform
your work. a very extensive range of operations.


S1 for scaling S6 for high-efficiency S7 for high-efficiency S8 for high-efficiency P1 for universal P4 for universal P10 for anatomical
scaling scaling scaling periodontics periodontics periodontics

Universal curette of Universal curette in the Universal curette in the Contra-angle having Long, straight end- Extra-long, straight Extra-long, curved
semi-circular cross form of a contra-angle form of a contra-angle a flat working surface piece of circular cross end-piece of circular working end of circular
section. Recommen- with semi-circular dia- of triangular cross with rounded edges. section. For the abla- cross section. For the cross section. For the
ded for the ablation meter. Powerful insert section. Powerful Powerful insert for the tion of calculus and ablation of calculus ablation of calculus
of large quantities of for the ablation of large insert efficient in inter- ablation of large quan- biofilm on radicular and biofilm on radicu- and biofilm on radicu-
scale. quantities of scale. dental spaces and on tities of supragingival surfaces. lar surfaces. lar surfaces.
surfaces. scale.

Power: 0 100% Power: 0 100% Power: 0 100% Power: 0 100% Power: 0 50% Power: 0 50% Power: 0 50%
Ref. 1304243-001 Ref. 1304244-001 Ref. 1304245-001 Ref. 1304246-001 Ref. 1304247-001 Ref. 1304248-001 Ref. 1304249-001


1 Powercare ultrasonic scaler ref. 1600674-001 Electronic module dimensions 71 x 46 x 34 mm

1 scaler hose ref. 1600675-001 Supply voltage 32 Vdc +-10%, 24 Vac +-10%, 50/60 Hz
1 torque wrench, sterilisable ref. 1304239-001 Max. power 40 W
1 electronic control ref. 1304240-001 Outlet solenoid valve 32 Vdc, 3 W
1 box for scaler, sterilisable ref. 1304241-001 Working frequency 24 to 29.5 kHz
1 support for inserts, sterilisable ref. 1304242-001 Water supply pressure of 1 to 6 bar
2 S1 inserts ref. 1304243-001
1 P1 insert ref. 1304247-001
1 connector with wires, for potentiometer ref. 1304417
Complete Powercare set ref. 1700343-001

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