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My teacher collected some data for us on crime rates corresponding with ethnicity. I

made some guesses on what we would see in the data. Then we produced some claims about

that data, but the overall claim was that African Americans will have highest conviction rate of

all races, but go down the most over time.

The fact that 18 african americans in every 10,0000 were convicted in 2013 supports

the claim that african americans will have a higher conviction rating than native americans.

Every 5 out of 10,0000 native americans were convicted in 2013. As well as in 2011 every 19

out of 10,0000 african americans were convicted versus the 7 in every 10,0000 native

americans. This shows that the african americans have had a higher conviction rating than

native americans for some time because 5 out of 10,0000 is less than three times 18 in


The fact that every 8 of 10,0000 african american was convicted for a violent crime in

1997 as where every 1 out of 10,0000 asian american supports the claim that african

americans will have a higher violent crime rate than asian americans. Also in 2013 every 5 of

every 10,000 african american was convicted for a violent crime compared to the 0.3 out of

every 10,000 asian americans. This is saying that for every 10,000 asian americans 0.3 that is

tiny compared to 5 of every 10,000 african americans.

The fact that time and total crime have an almost -1 slope supports the claim that all

black crime has gone down over time. As the slope between time and total crime is a -.94

slope that strongly supports the claim, because if it were a -1 slope it would mean that every

year it goes down by one. So that -.94 slope says that yes the african american conviction

rates are going down.

This data was all supporting the claims I hypothesised and they even support the overall

claim. From this data we found out that african americans have has the highest conviction rate

since 1997 in most categories, but the conviction rates have gone down the most over all. So

this is good to know that they are the fastest dropping conviction rate to help disprove



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