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By Gin Seah




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For many years, I've been passionate in a lot of things. However, I wasn't taught "How to be passionate."

I guess my cells just embody them. (Just kidding the myth in a moment.


<-- I'll debunk

I have a saying. If you don't know what to be passionate about, just be passionate about being passionate! :D

I'll be sharing with you how to activate the 7 SWITCHES, that will RE-IGNITE the energy within you, to be passionate once again.

Do you remember when you were a child, and everything seems curious to you?

Everything looks new and your days were filled with magic and adventure? How does that make you feel?

Many years have passed and we have filled our minds with words from our parents, teachers, society, limiting beliefs that don’t support us anymore.

We don’t DARE to dream big or be as passionate anymore. The voices of “what if” or “I can’t” comes up when we try to start something new.

There’s also a myth. Many people believe that passion LANDS ON YOUR LAP.

In my Opinion, I think it's not.

I've been passionate in many things. Singing, personal evolution, guitar, connecting with nature, Reiki, philosophy, business, entrepreneurship and MANY MANY MORE.

I didn't do all these at once. I wasn't born passionate doing all of it when I just started. Some came dull to me at first, but I was simply "CURIOUS".

And after becoming curious, I started to engage and pick up that interest slowly.

I'll talk more about this in Switch # 3 later.

The interesting thing I found out is that once I transition or add a new "interests", I realized that I can TRANSFER this very same source of energy onto the new "interest" and feel PASSIONATE about it!

It just gets better! It just gets stronger!

Simply put it this way, "PASSION" is a "STATE".

It is the way you feel when you do it. You CAN BE PASSIONATE with anything as long as you PRACTICE IT.

****It is a HABIT! ****

Let me repeat! It is a HABIT!

Once you start flipping these 7 Switches, (PRACTICING them), you will begin to exercise your "PASSION" energy or even REVIVE it once again. Cool?

Read on!


WHAT IS ENERGY? Everything is one thing and that my friend, is ENERGY! People, plants, buildings,

Everything is one thing and that my friend, is ENERGY!

People, plants, buildings, nature, air, sea, cars, electricity etc… EVERYTHING IS MADE UP OF ENERGY!

Practically the whole universe!

Energy is also the measure of ones mental, emotional, physical and spiritual capacity to take action on an activity.

Here, we’ll be talking about the kind of energy that makes you FEEL ALIVE and passionate, like living on FIRE everyday.

Don’t worry, not the fire you think, but the burning passion from within you that makes you get "OBSSESSED" over it doing what you love and having a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

My goal is to empower you to have more of such days as though you are aligned with your life purpose, and having a solid-strong driving force behind you which makes you feel like you’re living your dream life, purposefully, powerfully and peacefully!

With MORE energy, you’ll be able to ACCOMPLISH BIGGER TASKS and DO MORE so you’ll IMPACT more people!

With MORE energy, you’ll have more "STAMINA" to stay on course in whatever you choose to do!

With MORE energy, you’ll be able to CREATE more quality work and value!

Enough said, let’s flip those switches and ACTIVATE your very own source of unlimited energy NOW!


² To my family, thank you for your uncondi=onal love and con=nuous support.

² To my brother from another mother, Tristan Tay. Thank you for opening my eyes to the world of business and entrepreneurship.

² To my friends at BABA Village, thank you for being so crazy, fun and adventurous!

² To my beau=ful girlfriend Hyesu, thank you for your care, love and concern. I love you!

² To my cousin Dennis bro, thank you for always being extremely suppor=ve.

² To my mentors and teachers, thank you for guiding me and showing me the way.

² To my higher power, the universe, to god, for the amazing things that has happened, happening and coming my way.

² Most importantly, to YOU, my Dear subscribers, for reading this eBook I’ve wriJen. All of this wouldn’t be possible without you! Therefore, I hereby COMMIT to beJer myself everyday so that I can con=nue to provide increasing value in the content that I provide. So, please keep my word to it! <3


Switch Number 1: Understanding who you are + Crea=ng a balance in your posi=ve Eco-System.7 INSTANT SWITCHES TO HAVE UNLIMITED ENERGY NOW! Switch Number 2: Gain references and do what

Switch Number 2: Gain references and do what you love! you love!

Switch Number 3: Get FIRED up and build momentum!Switch Number 2: Gain references and do what you love! Switch Number 4: Game on! Measure,

Switch Number 4: Game on! Measure, Track, Level up! Level up!

Switch Number 5: Be P-R-E-S-E-N-T, be happy!Switch Number 4: Game on! Measure, Track, Level up! Switch Number 6: Perspec=ve! Turn crap into

Switch Number 6: Perspec=ve! Turn crap into GOLD! GOLD!

Switch Number 7: Tune into the same wavelength!Measure, Track, Level up! Switch Number 5: Be P-R-E-S-E-N-T, be happy! Switch Number 6: Perspec=ve! Turn




Understanding who you are + Creating a balance in your positive Eco-System.

you are + Creating a balance in your positive Eco-System. The main key of the whole

The main key of the whole idea is to first understand how you work. Sounds weird isn't it?

I mean, how can you not know yourself? Truth is, most people don't know themselves very well, including me once

Perhaps it's time to get in touch with yourself more.

When you are aware about your own self, you'll start to get a feel of what are the things that gives you more energy when you’re actually doing it, and what are the things that drains your energy quickly. (Things you dread.)

From a holistic point of view, life can be viewed as a bubble.

If you visualize it as a 3D image, there will be different angles of that bubble, each representing a different domain of life. Such domains may be:

-Health -Relationship -Money -Family -Community -Career -Spirituality -Recreation -Contribution and so much more!

This itself will give you an idea of what your values are. Don’t worry if some of your values are not up there because EVERYONE’s core values are different. You just need to know yours :)

*One important thing to take note!* If this is very new to you, and you don't really know what are your values, CHOOSE a few and start with that!

It doesn't matter what it is, there's no better value or worst, value is value. Just choose and decide. Take the first step!

This is the KEY to creating your very own Eco-system of positive emotions, such as fulfillment, happiness, peace, joy, self-love etc

Let's go!

A. Start to get a feel of your life bubble and map it down.

Write down at least 3-5 domains of your life. For example, spirituality, health & relationship.

B. Expand on it! Write down what you want to have

accomplished or what you WANT in each domain. The more specific the better, especially with actionable, tangible steps. (Don’t write down what you don’t want, write what you WANT.)

For example: Don't just say "I want a better relationship". Say something like "I want a relationship where by once/ twice every week, I will have a quality time date-night with my partner ". Something like that.

Another example: I want to exercise 30 minutes a day every day to get healthier, have more energy and get into better shape!

C. The next natural question I get is, how many points should I write down in each domain? Well, when I started, I only had a few. However the more I look at it, refine it and improve on it, I get more pointers and specific over time. So imagine it's like a sculpture, the more you work on it, the more specific it becomes.

On a tangible guideline, I would recommend you start with at least 3 for each domain.

In totality, every thing you plan or write down in all these domains, are going to ultimately define who you want to become!

Now there, I'm not saying it will change OVERNIGHT, neither do I want you to think it's hard to achieve.

Yes, work has to put in when you want change, but it doesn't have to be hard, so long you take the first step.

Aim far, begin with an end in mind, take small consistent steps, and win every day!

I'll give you another secret! How about it?

Once you adopt this "secret", everything will begin to SHIFT for you according to your favor.

That is non other than

(((((((((((*drum roll please*)))))))))))


What is your story?

Who are you in the different domains (areas) of your life?

Let's take for example in the domain of "money".

How is your relationship with money like?

It doesn't matter what your current experience of it is like.

Remember, it is YOUR STORY, you get to write it the way you want it.

It's not true, it's not false, it's not right, it's not wrong.

Your story has only one purpose, to re-affirm your values positively and strengthen your reality, it is there to SERVE you.

If your story is always about the bad things that are happening in your life, guess what?

You'll just keep attracting the same thing again and again and again.

If your story is about the good things, the happy things, amazing things that are happening in your life, guess what?

You'll just keep attracting the same thing again and again and again.

No right, no wrong, no true, no false. It only serves you or it doesn't.

So up till this point of your life, take a look at the story that you are living in.

Is it serving you? Or is it doing you a dis-service?

If it's doing you a dis-service in any domains of your life, perhaps it's time to re-write your NEW story and stop buying into your old story! Because that’s where it has gotten you NOW!

Not forgetting to mention, it's your own Eco-system. Your very own ecology. Most people are not aware of their own ecology, or rather they don't believe they can create it.

Now, you have what you already need.

The DIFFERENCE between those who will benefit from this, are those who do NOTHING & those who TAKE ACTION.

So start crafting it NOW! Or set a posted note to do it some time this week PLEASE!

If you're going to take 3 full days out of your life to do this, it's going to be worth it.

Everyone of us has a storybook within us, and there are two types of people in the world, those who write their own story, or those who let others write their story.

Be the one who write your own story <3




Gain references and do what you love!

SWITCH NUMBER #2 Gain references and do what you love! A common question I get a

A common question I get a lot, is Gin, how do I know what I want, when I really don't know what I want?

I have good news and MORE good news.

First good news is, at least you know that you want something MORE than what you already have, and that’s a good sign that there's a bigger message or purpose out there calling out to your name.

Good news number 2? You get to choose, design and discover what you want!

Still not sure? Just choose something and start doing it!

See, imagine you are at a ice cream fair. And just pretend you have NEVER tried ice cream before.

At the booth the ice cream man asks you what flavor you would best prefer.

What’s your answer?

I'm sure you got no freaking idea what you want isn't it?

That's the same thing! You need to first gain reference (experience) of different things, trying it out and having a feel of it, before you know which is your best preference or favorite!

Discovering your true passion, works the same way too!

You'll NEVER find the 100% sure thing, but you'll start to get a taste of what you're really really passionate about, and it will continue to evolve and shift, in turn, mounding you to become the person you want to be and in turn, you get to do more and more of the things that you really enjoy!

Go out there, try, stumble, fall, faith it, and make it happen!

We all have a filing cabinet.

The more you go out there and try, the more references/files on the cabinet you’ll have and in turn, the more options or choices you will have.

Soon you'll also have the luxury to CHOOSE what you want to focus on!

You always have a choice, you are smart enough, you are worthy enough, you are deserving enough.

The universe gives you the permission to choose, but first, do you give yourself the permission to do so?




Get FIRED up and build momentum!

SWITCH NUMBER #3 Get FIRED up and build momentum! There are three parts to this. After

There are three parts to this.

After all this is switch #3!


Have you heard of success stories, where people share how they did it and what made them get started?

How many times did they start something because they simply got INSPIRED?

Inspiration is a different kind of energy as compared to motivation.

Imagine this analogy.

Inspiration is when you walk down a room full of candles, and they get automatically light up once you walk pass because you're so passionate about what you're doing and the fire of passion is so strong, it positively affects everything around you.

Motivation is when you need to go up to every single candle and light it up one by one. Only to have it disappear after awhile.

Put it this way, motivation is more from within. You have to learn how to generate it because it's temporary.

Some days you'll naturally feel motivated, some days you don't.

Inspiration and motivation two separate things.

You'll get to read more about motivation if you have subscribed to my personal evolution emails.

Just realize that inspiration is more sustaining and it just positively impacts every cell of your body.

Remember, they are just different types of energy, no better or worst.

So the question now is, what are you inspired by?

Who are you inspired by?

Many times, we get inspired by someone because he/she is so good, we cannot ignore it. We get positively affected by their energy and its infectious!

We want to become like them!

So what's next?

We pick up that hobby, interest, or the thing they are doing.

We learn and upgrade our knowledge and skillset around it, practice and get better with it.

It takes time, but I promise you, the more you do it, the more you're going to enjoy it somehow because it is after all a HABIT!

Be careful now, time to time, we get this thing called the shiny object disease.

Meaning to say, we will come across many inspiring people, and we get ATTRACTED to it, and what will end up happening, is you'll lose your focus and try to do many things at once.

How do I know?

Because I've been chasing many shiny objects in my life and I realized that the only way to develop one passion at a time, is to FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS!


Choose one, do it long enough until it's deeply engrained in your cells before you move on to the next one.

Very simply, after you get inspired, the next thing to do are two steps.




Sounds familiar?

Yeah. But common sense is NOT common practice!

I'll be blunt here but I'll say this with love. I don't care what you know, I care what you DO!

Why? Because I'm committed to help you tap back into your unlimited source of energy and live a more PASSIONATE and fulfilling life.

The more you learn, the more you'll tweak and adjust to the highest level in your domain/field which you're doing, and the better you get.

Now, let's get inspired, learn it and DO IT!




Game on! Measure, Track, Level up!

SWITCH NUMBER #4 Game on! Measure, Track, Level up! Do you think that passion just “LANDS”

Do you think that passion just “LANDS” on your lap?


At first you have to run the habit of doing what you feel passionate about, and in the end, the habit will run you.

This goes for all your “hobbies, interests, new things you’re picking up, which in turn may turn out to be something you're really passionate about!

99.99%, the first signs of knowing your passion, is in a form of an interest.

I'll give you an extra secret to know if it’s even going to be a form of interest for you.

Here it is.

You'd be saying this to yourself this:

"Hmmmm (THATS IT!)

That seems pretty cool."

(Yup, a lot of successful and passionate people I know

started this way, it ain't always about "ONE DAY

STUMBLED UPON "X". So don't worry about it, it may or may not be a BIG HIT for you when you first discover your passion. )


Remember in reference to Switch #2, gain references! And try it!

At the beginning, when you’re trying to harness a new thing, if may be tough. After all, it’s a habit isn’t it?

First 21 days, probably not a problem.

Day 22 onwards for most people?


Starting out is always easy, but enduring the journey is the hardest part!

Right now, I’ll share with you a way to lubricate your way to success when forming a new habit.

And that is…. to turn it into a GAME!


Measure it, track it and improve upon it!

Most people try to improve on certain things or skills they have without having a tangible way of measuring it.

If you want to up your game, you need to keep score and

you need to break it down into a way where you’re able to measure it and improve it over time.

A few guide lines for doing this.

A. Start one thing at a time. Don’t start with more than 1 new

habit, it could be mentally draining. Why? You need enough "'mental stamina" to keep on going!

B. Create an “Excel Sheet” or checklist for you to track your

actions daily. It doesn't have to be complicated or too professional. A simple one that you can keep in sight, will do!

C. Review and scale!

You don’t want to always stick to the same “quantity of activity”. You want to increase the ‘quantity’ over time. So continue to scale and increase it over time as it becomes

easier and easier!

For example:

If you just started "reading", you'd probably read 1-5 pages a

day. After 3 months, 1-5 pages a day should be really really

easy to you. Guess what? It's time to INCREASE that "quantity" from 1-5 pages to maybe 5-10 or 10-20. That's what I mean by scaling.

Don't overdo it, just lean over the edge by a little bit.

Anyway, I’ve made for you a simple tracking tool here. I call it the POWER CARD! (You can download it using the link below!)


Remember to turn it into a game. Because after all, why do something when it’s no fun? ;)




Be P-R-E-S-E-N-T, be happy!

SWITCH NUMBER #5 Be P-R-E-S-E-N-T, be happy! A big part of regaining your passion energy, is

A big part of regaining your passion energy, is to be truly present in the moment!

You think you might know this, and I'm sure you might have heard or seen this quite a lot.

In theory it's easy to say, BE present. But in reality it really isn't that easy isn't it?

You must be asking yourself "HOW DO I DO THAT?!"

Don't worry, I understand your frustrations.

Notice the way I spelt present (P-R-E-S-E-N-T) if you read the letters one by one. You are already truly present in this moment.

When you MAINTAIN presence in this moment, you stop thinking.

If your mind is in the past or future, you are not present.

Notice I said "YOUR MIND", I did not say "YOU".

The past is over, the future is an illusion, the current moment is the present, that's why it's a gift!

Only the now exist

One of my favorite books of all time is "The power of now" by Eckhart Tolle. You can check it out!

Now, "How do we be present?".

There are several things out there as a practice to keep yourself grounded and present.

One of which I will always advocate is Meditation!

The purpose of it is to practice observing your thoughts, with no judgements about it.

Also, it is a perfect practice for you to bring you back to the present moment when your mind gets drifted away.

Do you know WHO is the main culprit behind keeping you distracted, negative, unfocused, un-present?

You really want to know?

Read Switch Number #6.


Whose voice was that?

It was "your mind".

Yes "YOUR MIND" is the main culprit behind this.

Go on, read switch number #6 now!




Perspective! Turn crap into GOLD!

SWITCH NUMBER #6 Perspective! Turn crap into GOLD! View that life is on your side. Life

View that life is on your side.

Life is part of your team, and whatever comes, whatever happens, it is there to serve you in your favor. Good or bad, it is happening for A REASON, and ultimately it is there to help you GROW!

Tough? Yes. But if you don’t learn from it, isn’t it TOUGHER to go through the same adversities, obstacles and mistakes again and again as though you're in an endless LOOP on repeat?

Do yourself a favor, break out of it!


If you keep doing what you're been doing, doesn't it make sense that you'll keep getting what you're getting?

If you want different results, you have take different actions.

If you follow this principle, I GUARANTEE you, things will start to change.

How quickly? I don't know.

Question is

How quickly are you committed to take different steps now?

Please, note that I say this with love, because sometimes, we need someone to kick our ass or we'll never wake up.

Anyway, back to the topic.

You can always view things good or bad.

Ask yourself this question:

1. How will this situation/circumstance help me grow as a person?

2. After going through this experience, how can I share it with other people whom I across in the future who are facing the same challenge as me now?

3. What are 3 good things that will happen to me because of this? <--- This is quite hard to think of, but FORCE yourself to be positive here! (The mind is negative most of the time simply because it is a protective mechanism, always looking out for things that may possibly harm us. It has its own positive intentions too.)

If you can do this, you'll be able to be positive even during negative times. You will simply feel a shift and start to activate those positive emotions once again.

There is no right or wrong reality. There is only YOUR reality. And how your reality will seem like, will depend on HOW you view it.

Your perspective is the key.

And the BIGGEST culprit that will stop you from viewing it

positively, once again

Your MIND.


is going to be

Your mind is going to be in the way even when you try to view is as positive.

It will give you 101 excuses, reasons, “PROOFS” that it's not right, it's not working, it's not for you, you don't deserve it, how do you know if this will work. (Yada-Yada-Yada-Yada.) BLABLABLA.



Be present.

It is okay!

I'm going to give you the secret to flipping this switch NOW.

Notice that I've been referring it to "YOUR MIND!" NOT YOU!


Let me repeat!


You don't have to listen to what your mind says, because once you begin to understand that your mind only has ONE JOB, which is to keep you safe, it will always try to keep things the same!

So whenever you are trying to start something new or do something different, it will start to get in your way again!

You don't have to listen to it!

Also realize that 90% of the time, when your mind says that something bad is going to happen, it's not happening!!!

It keeps you fearful, doubtful and worried!

And all these are not going to serve you!

UNLESS, you believe it or buy into it.

So when your mind comes in the way, and once you are aware that it's the culprit behind it, STOP, and say to mind, “Thank you, but it's going to be ok.”

Mind: DONT DO IT! You: “Thank you, but it's going to be ok.”

Mind: Who do you think you are? You: “Thank you, but it's going to be ok.”

Mind: You will FAIL! You: “Thank you, but it's going to be ok.”

Ask yourself the 3 questions above, in combination with this little mantra and most importantly PRACTICE it. Once you have done that, I assure you, your life will be much more positive, happy, fulfilling and it will be on a different level.

That’s how you shift your perspective from negative to positive.

MIND: REALLY? I DON’T THINK SO! You: “THANK YOU, but it's going to be OK!”

Last switch now! Let’s finish it!




Tune into the same wavelength!

SWITCH NUMBER #7 Tune into the same wavelength! This is a real BIGGY! The very last

This is a real BIGGY!

The very last switch!

And if you just apply this principle itself, sooner or later, you’ll eventually sink in and share the same traits as the other people who have similar passions as you do.

Let me give you an example. Supposedly you enjoy singing and you’d like to take singing a notch higher, you can go to places or even online platforms like “www.meetup.com”. <— Yes I use it a lot and it’s really good!

When you join a community with the similar passion, here’s what’s going to happen.

1) You don’t feel alone. There are others who are in it with you and similarly you guys will enjoy the company. It’s a community that is encouraging and positive for growth. You’ll be amazed how quickly you can accelerate your progress in a short period of time.

2) You get to model after the best. There will be a leader or someone whose really good at what he/she does. You can resent the heck out of him/her, or you can admire and model after his/her success. If you choose the later, you’ll be able to pick up golden nuggets quickly, or even better, associate and become really good friends with the successful ones in your field!

3)Learn from other people’s mistakes! You not only speak the same "language", you also get to gain references from each other's experiences!

Mistakes are the most expensive and costly, so instead of repeating them or experiencing it first hand, why not LEARN from other people's mistake, be wise and avoid it?

I’d end this with a saying that has a similar meaning with the law of association. Who you spend the most time with, is whom you’ll become. “In a family of thieves, the one who doesn’t steal feels guilty.”


I hope you've enjoyed the 7 Instant Switches to have unlimited energy now! Your essential guide to revive your passion!

Most importantly, don't just read it.

Commit to doing it for once!

And now that you know the main culprit behind many of your past regrets, mistakes and countless opportunities which you didn’t take action, is your mind.

You don't have to listen to it.

Listen to your heart!

Now, FLIP those switches and revive your passion within! J

to your heart! Now, FLIP those switches and revive your passion within! J Sincerely Connecting Your

Sincerely Connecting Your Passion -Gin Seah

Thank you for reading “ 7 Instant switches to have unlimited energy now!

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