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The Tarot is packed with symbolism, and its numbers are sometimes taken

for granted as a simple cataloging device, when actually they open up a

whole new realm of mysticism and methodology.

To further understand the energy of the Tarot, we must take into account all
of its aspects, including its numerological perspectives.

Numbers exude vibrations that resonate with all energy, and strike
individual chords upon the harp strings of the Universe. By observing the
numbers that fall in a Tarot spread, we can pluck those vibrational strings,
and "ring out" further truth from a reading.

At its simplest, number meaning of Tarot cards can provide additional light
to a tricky spread. These number meanings may also lend a different point
of view when seeking solutions with the cards.

At its most complex, number meaning of Tarot cards can blossom into
overwhelming oracles of symmetry, geometry, and startling congruency
that provides us with fascinating accuracy in our readings.

As you are working with the Tarot, begin to hone in on the numbers that are
being drawn to you. Use the number meaning reference below to assist you
in extracting deeper interpretations in your Tarot readings.

Forgot the number order of the Major Arcanas? Click here for a number

Keep in mind, the system of Tarot numerology (or any numerology for that
matter) reduces numbers. To illustrate, if you've drawn the Temperance card
(14 of the major arcana), you will reduce the number to 5 because

1 + 4 = 5.

Some practitioners of Tarot numerology chose not to reduce the numbers at

all. Rather, they use the second digit as the numerical signifier. For example,
the Temperance card (14) is numerically identified with the number 4.
Whether you choose to reduce the double digits, or select the second digit
as the numerical signifier, you will see amazing revelations and
augmentations in your readings.

With your awareness of number meanings, you may find that numbers are a
paradox because you'll see they allow for elasticity in your readings while
offering a grounding effect simultaneously. Because Tarot is a mechanism for
contacting the subconscious, if you read cards for someone else you simply
must explore the situation together. There's no other way. You can't just
spread the cards for someone and construct a nice story all by yourself
while other person keeps her mouth shut. That's only contacting your
intuition instead of paying careful attention to hers.

Predicting the Future?

I personally don't try to predict future. But our subconscious surely knows
better than our rational (and utterly biased) mind the most probable
outcome of some complicated situation if we don't take a different approach
this time. On the other hand, predicting that you will run into someone two
and a half months from now and get married next year, and you