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VirginiaEvans- JennyDooley




/V{mdule 6
1 rhernderinite#.1,:]""
p .5 1 7 P re s e nCo
t n t in u o u s ......... p.46
2 PersonalSubjecUObject Pronouns....... p .6 18 PresentSimple- PresentContinuous.. p.49
3 Th ever b 'tob e ' ......... p .7 Exploring Grammar (Units17-181......... p. 52
Exploring Grammar (Units1-3) .......... p .10 n it s1 -1 8 ). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p . 5 3
Re v is io(Un
Revision (Units1-3)......... p. 11
Mn d u le7
ili\odu[s? 19 Was/Were ...... p. 54
4 The verb'havegot' p.12 20 PastSimple(regularverbs) p. 56
5 Plurals p. 1 5 Exploring Grammar (Units19-20)......... p. 60
6 This/These- That/Those........ p.17 n it s1 -2 0 ). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .p . 6 1
Re v is io(Un
ExploringGrammar (Units4-6) .......... p. 1 8
Revision(Units1-6)......... p. 1 9 Mo d u leS
21 PastSimple(irregular verbs)............. p. 62
ffi*c{u[e3 22 Countable/Uncountable Nouns............ p. 65
7 Thereis/Thereare ......... p. 20 23 Some/Any - Howmuch/How many........ p. 66
8 S o m e /An ..........
y p.22 ExploringGrammar(Units21-231 p. 68
9 Possessive Adjectives........... P .24 Re v is io(Un
n it s1 -2 3 ). . . . . . . p . 69
10 Prepositionsof Place p.25
Exploring Grammar (Units7-10) ........ p.26
Revision (Units1-10) ....... p.27 2 4 A ' A n-' n " . . . . . : : : : : : . : . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . p.70
25 A{ust- Itlustn't .. p.71
Module4 Exploring Grammar (Units24-251......... p.72
11 C an ......... p. 28 Re v is io(Unn it s1 -2 5 ). . . . . . . p . 73
12 Possessive Case....... p. 30
13 PresentSimple p.32 Mo d u lst 0
14 Prepositions of Time:at, on, in ......... p. 36 2 6 B e g o in g t o . . . . . . . . . . . ......... p . 74
Exploring Grammar (Units11-141....... p. 38 27 fmperative ...... p.77
Revision (Units1-141....... p. 39 2 8 Ca n- Ca n ' t ..... p . 78
Exploring Grammar (Units26-281......... p.79
Module5 Revision (Units1-28)....... p. 80
15 Adverbsof Frequehcy ........... p.4 0
16 QuestionWords p.4 1 lrregularVerbs
ExploringGrammar (Units15-16)....... p.4 3
Revision(Units1-16)....... p.4 4

The Indefinite
Article d - d(r

o We usean beforewordswhichbeginwith a vowel(a, e, i, o, u ).

an atlas on eraser an orange

o (b, c, d, f ,9,h, j, k, [, m,
Weusea beforewordsthat beginwith a consonant
[, p, g, l, s, t, v, w, x, y, z).
a notebook a pen a ruler

4 Fillin olan,asin the example.


umbretta butter fty I .........icecr eam

2 Write the wordsin the correct column.

. appte o footbatl o notebook o attas Pointto objectsin the classroomand say

o umbretta o pencil o book o eraser their namesin English.Usealan.


SubjectPronouns ObjectPronouns
| -- atwayswith a capitalletter
Singular Plural you r in the singularandplura[for bothforms Singular Plural
lwe he r for a manor a boy me us
you you she r for a womanor a girl you you
he it --+for an animalor a thins h im
she theY we -+for peopte her them
it they r for peopte,animats
or things it

4 Fill in the correctsubjectpronoun.

! _ _ _ ."

? Choosethe correct subjectlobjectpronoun.

1 Thisis my umbretta.l/lt is red. Work in pairs.Pointto peoplearoundyou

2 Thisis Peter.She/Heis fourteen. and saythe correctsubjectpronoun.
3 This is Lauraand Rose.They/Sheare my
A: Mark!
B: He.
4 Thisis TomandI'm Steven.Lookat us/them.
A: Sally!
5 Thisis RexandSpot.lt/They are my dogs.
B: She.
6 Lookat she/her.She'sKathy.
A: Bill and Tom!
7 Thisis my notebook.lt/They is btue.
B: They.
8 Thisis Tony.Comeand meet he/him.
Theverb 'to be'

LongForm Short Form

lam we are I' m we're
you are youare you're you're
he is he' s
sheis theyare she' s they're
it is it' s

Negative Interrogative ShortAnswers

LongForm Short Form
I am not l 'm n o t Am | ...? Yes,lam . No,I' m not.
youare not youaren't Are you...? Yes,youare. No,youaren't.
heis not heisn't he ...? Yes,heis. No,heisn' t.
sheis not sheisn't ls she...?. Yes,sheis. No,sheisn't.
it is not it isn't it ...? Yes,it is. No,it isn' t.
we are not we aren't we...? Yes,we ar e. No,we ar en' t.
youare not youaren't Are you...? Yes,youare. No,youaren't.
theyare not theyaren't they...? Yes,theyare. No,theyaren't.

Wedo not repeatthe whotequestion in shortanswers.

WeontyuseYesor No,
the subjectpronoun
andthe appropriate verbform.
Weusethe [ongformof theverbto be in positiveshortanswers.
/ssheo teocher?Yes,sheis. (NOI: )
Weusethe shortformof the verbto be in negativeshortanswers.
Areyouin grade7?No,l'm not. (NOT: )

Fill in :'m l em ,' slis,'relare,as

in the example.

1 She> 'slisSusan. Hi! M y n a me1 ) 2) eleven

2 1 . . . . . . . . . . .t.w el ve . years old and | 3) from the UK. I
3 You.. .. myfriend. 4) a studentat Newcastle Secondary
4 I t . . . . . . . . . . .a. p e n ci l . S ch o o l. My f a v o u rit e s u b je c t s 5 ). . . . .
5 They... . b ro th e rs. Geo g ra p h ya n d Mu s ic .My f a v o u rit ec o lo u
6 We... . t w i n s. 6) pinkand my favouriteday7)
7 H e . . . . . . . . . . .Pa . u t. Saturday.Helenand Sophie8) my
8 Sh e . . . . fro mE n g ta n d . bestfriends.
Theverb 'to be'

Fill in: am, is or ore,asin the example. E Underlinethe correctformof the verb to be.
.t a,

A: Excuse me. 1) youBettyWittiams? 1 I'm fromlretand.

I'm not/isn'tfromEngtand.
B: Y e sl,2 ) .. . Wh o3 ) ............you? 2 Weisn't/aren'tin Grade6.
A: | 4) .... KettyPhitips, Ann'sfriend. 3 'ArePhitipandHelenteachers?'
B: Niceto meetyou,Ketty. 'Yes,theyare/is.'
A: N i c et o m e e tyo u ,to o .Wh e re5 ) ............ 4 Hearen't/isn'tmybrother.
Ann?6) ... shehere? 5 They're/'smy bestfriends.
B : Y e ss, h e7 ) .... . S h e8 )............in 6 'Areyounewto the schoolJohn?'
the gym. 'Yes,I is/am.'
7 Are/lstheyin yourctass?
8 ls/AreshefromCanada?
Lookat the picturesandthe notes,then
t completethe exchanges.

6 Lookat the pictures.Askandanswer,asin

the example.

F '--.Are they oranges?

r i r 1 A:
" B: No,theyaren't.
A: They're[emons.

2A: a computer?
Amanda:w Areyousixteen,John? A:
J o h n : Yes.I m*am.
2 Amanda: Markeighteen?
J o h n : Yes,he C A: .. pens?
J o h n : What your favourite B:
schoolsubject,Amanda? A: ......c r ay ons .
John: Mark'sfavourite ,.* n, .... a student?
A: ... a teacher.
Mark: Where .... youfrom,John?
John: | ............fro mS o u th
A frica.
Mark: Amandafrom New
Zeatand? 5 A: ... a teacher?
J o h n : No,she ... . S he B:
from Austratia. A: .... a s r nger .
Theverb'to be'

Write questionsfor the answers.
10 Fill in: ere, is, 's, 're, 'm, aren'tor isn't.

1 > Areyouthirteen? 1A: ......youfr omlr etand?

No,l'm not.I'm fourteen. B: No.| ..........not.| .........fr om Aus tr al i a.
2 ............? 2A: .......yournam ePhitip?
Yes,I am.Mycousinis twetve,too. B: No,it . . lt .. .... Peter .
3 ? 3A: Who.... ... yourfavourite singer?
*;,;;,;;;;;;;il;;; B: It ...........Br itney Spear She
s. ...........
4 fromthe USA.
Yes,theyare.They'refromlretand. 4A: Howold . yourbrothers?
B: Jack.. sixandSteven .......nine.
. theygoodat tennis?
8 Lookat the table.Thenwrite short
B: No,they
goodat footbatl.
... . They

tarnet lreland
11 Putthe wordsin orderto make
1 actor /an/is/he
Haric Canada
theusA > Heis anoctor.
2 is / favourite/ btue/ your/ cotour?
1 ls Katherine
3 not / they/ CanadalareI from
2 ls George
4 from / are / Australia/ you?
3 ls Jamesfromlreland?
5 twelve/ar e/we/not
4 ls Katherine
fromthe USA?

5 ls Jamesnineteen
In pairs,askeachother questions.Askabout:
6 AreGeorgeandMarietwentyyearsotd?
o age o favouriteschoolsubject
o favouriteday of the week
o favouritecotour o favouritesinger
Matchthe questions
to the answers. >A: Areyou twelve?
9M B: Yes,lom.
FTI Aretheystudents? \ a Yes,sheis. A: ls Historyyourfavouriteschoolwbject?etc.
ET-l ls Tomfrom the UK?
f3T-l lsMarynineteen Wri ing
otd? \ c No,heisn't.
to write a short
lZT-l Areyoua teacher? \ A Yes,we are. text abouthim/her.
tET-l Arewein class2E?
Johnis twelveyearsold. Hisfavourite...
( U nit s l-3)

w Theverb'to be' W ShortAnswers

Readthe text andunderlineall short

formsof the verb to be. Then 3 a) Answerthe questions.

write the longforms. 1 ls Brenda

fromthe USA?
+ Yes,shels.
lsMandya singer?

3 ls KatefromCanada?
4 lsJack20yearsotd?

5 AreKateandJackbrotherandsister?

6 AreBrenda

Mg ncme's
Brendaond f'm b) Whendo we uselongformsin short
JromtheUSA.l'm answers?
gecrsoldand w A/An
l'm a singer.
A a) Maketrue sentences.
bestJriendis -r
i\ Bnrruon student
ls a
1) Kote's
25 Knrr actor
georsotdond fiffimmwumv singer
is n ' t an
she'sa teacher.
She'so Jeex teacher
verggoodteacher. Kcte'ssister'sMandgond
herbrother'sJock.2) l4andg's18cnd b) Whendo we usealanTGivemore
3) Jock's19.4) MandgandJockarestudents. examples.
w rsonalpronouns

Fillin the blankswith is, isn't,are,aren't.
5 a) Lookat the wordsin boldin the text in
Ex. 1. Replacethemwith the appropriate
1 Brenda a singer. 2 ...... 3 ...... 4
2 J a c k. . . . ........ 1 4ye a rs
3 Brenda andMandy .... sisters. b) Whichpersonalsubjectpronounis the
4 Mandy .... Jack's sister. andthe plural?
samein the singular
5 Jack. .. Brenda's brother.
6 Ka t ea n dJa ck............b ro th ear n dsister .
Circlethe correctitem.
Cathyfromlreland? 12 'AreyoufromAustralia?'
Als BA re CAm A Yes,I'm. B No,I'm not.
C Yes,theyare.
school subject?
Ais Ba m C a re 13 W hois........?'
W e. . . . . . . .f r o mN e wZ e a ta n d . Ait Bhe C him
A isn't B amnot C aren't
14 Myname Kevin.
theyfromEngtand? Aam Bar e Cis
AAre Bis CAm
15 Howotd........you?
'ls shea teacher?' Ais Bam C are
A isn't B is C aren't 16 Lookat Tomand Pete.Lookat
A him B they C them
Thisis appte.
Aa Ba n c 17 SteveandMary........20yearsotd.
A 'm not B isn't C aren't
7 Where BettyandThomasfrom?
Aam Bis C are 18 'lsthisa ruter?'
' Yes,........is.'
T h i si s . . . . . . . .atl a s. Ahe Bthey Cit
Aa Ban c
19 'lsheyourbrother?'
Lookat ' No,he.........'
Ashd Bhe C her A is B isn' t C aren't

10 I t ' s. . . . . . . .n o te b o o k.. 'Aretheystudents?'

A- Ban Ca 'Yes,.........t
A we are B youare C theyare
1 1 T h i s. . . . . . . .m yfri e n d .
Aam Bi s C are


'-r:: ! ,1r:. :i : I
:j ::

o We usethe verb have got to:

a) showthat somethingbetongsto somebody. John has got two block cats.
b) describethe characteristics of people,animatsor things.
lvlaryhasgot longred hair andgreen eyes.
c) tatk aboutretationships.Wehave got onebrother.

- you 've qot
' you have not got haven't got
- you
he he ,h e he
she hasgot she .. 's got she i hasnot got she hasn't got
iq ,i t ,i t : it
we we ,We , We
you ,' havegot you ' 've got you . have not got you haven't got
they they they ; they

NOTE:In short answers

Yes,| / you/ we / theyhave. we do notusegot.
/ thev
- N o ,l/you/we/they
She'sa teacher.(Sheis)
Yes,he / she/ it has.
Hashe / she / it got? She'sgot a dog.(Shehas)
No, he / she/ it hasn't.


I Fill in have('ve),haven't,has('s)or hasn't.


JutieandLynn>-havegotfair hairandblue A: ... theygota dog?

eyes. B: No,they
A: . Kengot greeneyes? A: .... theygotshortbtackhair?
B: No,he B: Yes,they
We... ...... gota redcar.We'vegot | ............ got btueeyes.I 'v e got
a btueone. greeneyes.
A: yougotmanyfriends? AuntBettygotanumbr e[l a?
A: ...............
B: Yes,| . B: Yes,she...
H e t e n ' gra
s n d mo th ................
er . . . . got 10 W e......... ...got twobooksOne. for
whitehairandgreeneyes. youandonefor me.

Theverb 'havegot'

a) Lookat the tableandwrite sentences,

asin the example.
1 MrGreen/a
* 1,o... fi -egn ,.-.' :
I:' .' r,S l C i ' .r.a
\i25r ; |

2 Beth/alemon?


3 they/whitehair?

4 he/a ctock?
-f-- ---
4 N

/ /

h Anna has got a dog, an umbrello ,ut!;ltl

.omDuter.Shehasn't eot o boll.

A Putthe wordsin the correctorder.

1 got i Mike / feet / has / big

2 hair/ AnnaandSue/ fair / got / have?

| / got / eyes/ not / btue/ have

b) Lookat the tableabove.In pairs,ask
andanswerquestions, asin the example.
have/ short/ got / tegs/ etephants
= A: HosAnnogot a ball?
B: No,shehasn't.HasMarkgot an umbrella? / got?
a / he / has/ moustache
A: Yes,he has. etc.
Theverb 'havegot'

Findandwritethe sixdifferences.

1 (hat)F /n picture A the clown has got a big hat. i 'x ;iir lti'r' ii l"'e . '.1',r k;sn't got
. Hehass,ot...
2 ( h a i r ) . .....

3 (eyes)

A l a e r c \J ,
\ s qr

5 (nose)

6 /faaf \

Speaking Writing
Describeyourselfto the class. Writea shortdescriptionof the person
sittingnext to you.
> /'rn tall and slim.I've got blue eyesand long
blackhair.l've got a smollmouthand small > Pedrois shortand slim. He'sgot browneyes
eors. etc. and shortbrownhair.He'sgot a smallmouth
anda smallnose. etc.
e Mostnounstake-s to formthe plural.
cQmera - cameras shoe- shoes helmet- helmets
r Nouns endingin -s, -ss,-sh,-ch, -X,-o take-esto formthe plurat.
bus --+ buses,glass --+ glasses,brush -+ brushes,
fox -- foxes, tomato --+ tomatoes lrregularplurals
o Nouns + y
endingin a vowel take-s in the plural. plural
boy -+ boys, toy --+ toys
man men
o Nounsendingin a consonant+ y dropthe -y and
woman women
take-iesin the plural.
chitd children
Iady --+ ladies, butterfly -t butterflies
foot feet
o Nounsendingin -f or -fe, dropthe -f or -fe andtake
tooth teeth
-vesin the plurat.
mouse mlce
scarf --t scarves,Iife --+Iives
person people


7 In the puzzle,find 10 pluralwords.


1 scarf F SCOrVeS LADIE S MW N G
2 ftv W MORB U IH D L
3 classes APPLE s CT B A
4 tomato TSFMP N EE A S
5 watches cGo Nq X AY G s
6 foot HJXW O s IV 5 E
7 boys EVERL E AV E S
8 mouse SASRO R UB T E
9 box
10 women
11 friends
12 tooth
13 buses
14 chitd
15 gtove
16 ladies
- That/Those

This- These
o We usethis (singular)/ these (plural)to point
ru fhis is a chair.


rururu Theseare chairs.

That- Those
o We usethat (singular)/ those (plural)to point to
ru That is a choir.
peopte,thingsor animats
far awayfrom us.

Weusethis / theseandthat / thosein questions.

ruh Thoseare chairs.

with it or they.
What'sthis I that? lt's a pencil.(NOT: )
Whatare theselthose? Theyare pencils.(NOT: )


ctocks and

1 + Ihis i. a bicycteand > rhci fs a helmet.


il butterfly.
a fty and


t !g

. . . . . . . c a me raasn d

in the plural.
Writethe sentences

1 Thatis a cap. * fho.seare(ops.

teddybears. 2 Thisis a box.
3 Thisis anumbretta.
4 Thatis a mouse.
5 Thisis a watch.
Workin pairs.Pointto objectsnearor far
from you andmakesentences.
an elephantand
a kangaroo. Ihis is an eroser.Thoseare pencils. etc.
(Units 4-6)

* Havegot 0 Plurals
a) Readthe text and write the correct
name. 3 Findthreewordsin the plural in the text in

Hi! My name's Nicole .I ' m 4 a) Writethe wordsin the plural.

1 Jim'sgot two .. (scarf);a red one

17 yearsold and l've g o t
anda btueone.
long curly hair and green
2 Hetenhasgota newpairof . (shoe).
eyes.I'm short and thin. I'm
3 MrsWettshasn't four (child).
a quiet person.
Thesearemy bestfriends, 4 llove.... ( butter fly) !
Marthaand Claire.Mart h ais 5 Hetpmeopenthe .... (box),please!
16 yearsold and shestall
b) Findthe irregularpluralinEx.4a.Give
and thin. Shesgot short
two moreexamples of irregularplurals.
brown hair and brown
eyes.Shesreallypopular at
Claireis 17 yearsold .S h e s
tall and thin. S hesgot s h o rt s This/These
- ThaUThose
fair hair and blue eyes.Shes
beautifuland kind. F Complete
the rules.
I .a
I lovemy friends.I t h in k
I they'refantastic. 1 Weusethislthese
for things
2 W eusethat/those
for things' .... .....
a far awayfromus
b nearus

b) Underline the havegot formsin the

text. Writethemin the negativeform.

ar a) Readthe text in Ex. 1 againandanswer

h the followingquestions.

1 HasNicolegotthreebestfriends?
2 HasCtairegotfair hair?
3 HasMarthagot blueeyes?
4 HaveCtaireandMarthagotshorthair?
5 HasNicotegot[onghair?
6 HaveCtaireandMarthagotgreeneyes?

b) Howdo we form the shortanswersof

the verbhovegot?Whichis the wordwe
do not use?
(Units l'6)

Circlethe correctitem.
1 NicoteKidman
andMe[Gibson popular 11 is a teacher.
Australianactors. A She B I C You
Aam Bi s C a re
12 Howold KenandMike?
2 Etephants A is B are C am
A have B has C hasn't
13 "Whatarethose?"
3 Catherine
is lrish.She........Scottish. "........areflies."
A 'm not B isn't C aren't A Those B These C They

4 Lynngot red hair? 14 "What'sthis?"

A H a v e n ' t B Ha s C H a ve "lt' s........mouse."
, Aan Ba C
5 Th e ya r e. . . . . . . ..
A box B boxes C boxs 15 Fiona........ gottwo bikes.She'sgotone.
A have B hasn't C has
6 youan actor?
A ls B lsn't C Are 16 Jim'sgottwo new
A scarves B scarfs C scarfes
7 . . . . .. . .a r em i c e .
A These B That C This 17 I ........ thirteenyearsold. l'm twelve.
A isn't B aren't C 'm not
8 "Haveyougot a dictionary?"
"No,we ........." 18 LucyandJanetaresisters. aretwins.
A have B hasn't C haven't A They B We C You

9 M yn a i n e. . . . . . . .W i l ti a m. 19 Greggot greeneyes?
A'm B's C 're A Hasn't B Have C Has

1 0 Loo ka t . . . . . . . .ma n ! 20 Bobhasn'tgotbig

A that B those C these A foot B foots C feet
/mart:- \
\ 20/


Singular Plural
Affirmative a cat. Therearetwo cats.
Thereis a cat./There's
Negative Thereisn't a cat. Therearen'ttwo cats.
Interrogative ls there a cat? Aretheretwo cats?

Weusethereis to list thingsin the singutar.

There'san umbrella,an appleandan orangeon the table.
(NOT: an umbrella,an appleandan orangeon the table.)
Weusethereare to list thingsin the ptural.Thereare hasn'tgota shortform.
Thereare five desksin the classroom.

ShortAnswers o In shortanswers we useYes,there

Yes,thereis' is/areor No,there isn't/aren't.We
No,thereisn't. do not repeatthewholequestion.
Yes'thereare' ls there a fly in the kitchen?Yes,
Arethere...? there rs. (NOI:

Lookat the pictureandfill in thereislisn't

and therearel aren't, 2 Usethe promptsto askandanswer
asin the example.

fivetemons/ paperbag?- No.

A: > Aretherefive lemonsin thepaperbag?
B: No,therearen't.
ten students/ ctassroom?- Yes.
A: ....
dog/house?- Yes.
A: ......
B: ........
fourcats/ garden? - No
a bedbut A: ....
.. a carpet. B: ....
.... a tampbut or ange/fr idge?- Yes.
a bookcase. A: ....
threepillowsbut B:
cushions. 6 threebooks/ schoolbag? - No.
... a windowbut A:
......a painting. B:


Rewritethe sentences,
asin the example. Putthe wordsin orderto makesentences.
1 Thereis a chairin the livingroom.(four) 1 is / desk/ there/ a / the / in / ctassroom
p lhere arefour chairsin the livingroom.
2 Therearetwo mugson thetable.(one) 2 aren't / books/ three / schootbag
/ there /
> Thereis onemugon the table. in / my
3 Thereis onewindowin the room.(two)
3 ther e/ a/ in/ dog/the/ par k/is?
in theftat. (one)
4 Therearefivebedrooms
4 two / mugs/ on / there/ the / table/ are7
5 Therearetenstudents (one)
in thectassroom.
5 isn't/ a / computer/on/ desk/the/ there
6 Thereisn't one dogin the garden.(three)
6 there/ are / pencits/ four / in / penci[/
7 Therearen'tsixpensin the pencitcase.(one) case/ the ?

8 Thereisn'toneappteon thetabte.(six) 7 o n / b e d / t h e / is n ' t / t h e re / t e d d y / a / b e a r

E Look at the two pictures and spot the differences.Write sentences,as in the example.
oca t od o g owindows oboy egirls o f rid g e o g t a s s o rT lu g o c o o k e r o b o o k o CDs
o towe[ o carrots o orangeso chairs o knife

* ln pictureA there'sa cot. ln pictureB thereisn'ta cat. Thereis a dog.

Speaking Writing
Workin pairs.Askeachother aboutwhat Drawa pictureof your kitchenandwrite a
thereislare in the two picturesabove. paragraphaboutwhat thereislorein it.
* A: Are theretwo windowsin pictureA? F Ihe kitchenin my houseis big. Thereis a
B: Yes,thereare. ls therea dogin pictureB? table...

Countablenouns Unountablenouns
Affirmative Therearesomeerasers. Thereis someorangejuice.
Negative Therearen'tanyerasers.Thereisn't any orangejuice.
Interrogative Arethereanyerasers? ls there any orangejuice?

o We use somein affirmativesentences with pluratcountabtenounsand with
uncountabte nouns.
Weneedsomeeggsand somecoffee.
o Weuseanyin negative andinterrogative
sentenceswith bothcountabte
the ptural,anduncountabtenouns.
Are thereony |emons in thefridge?Thereisn'tany soup.
NOTE:Weusesomein interrogative sentencesto makeoffersandrequests.
Wouldyou likesomepizza?(offer)
CanI havesomefruit juice?(request)

Lookat the picturesandthe wordsandsaywhatthere islisn't,arelaren'tin the picture,asin

the example.
1 oranges/apptes 4 coffee/mitk
= Therearen'tany
but thereare

5 oranges/temons

3 carrots/tomatoes


A Fill in someor ony,asin the example. A: Ar ether e1) ............biscuits

L B: Yes,woutdyoulike2l .... biscuits?
1 Woutdyoulike ts somecoffee? A: Yesand3) ... tea,ptease.
2 ls there ..... pizzaT B: Coming!
3 Therearen't ..... desks
in the A: Havewe got 1) .... apptes?
ctassroom. B: Yes,thereare 2) .... in the fruit
4 Arethere ...... pens? bowt.
5 Thereisn't . ice creamin the A: Great!Let'smakean apptepie.
6 T h e r ei s . . . .... .... mi tki n th efridge.
7 CanI have .... orange juice? Speaking
8 Thereare ..... . pencils onthe desk. Thisis Sam'sclassroom.
Lookat the
9 Arethere ....... apples in the basket? picture.Askandanswerquestions about
10 Therearen't towelsin the the following.
. toys o pens o girts r mirrors
o ftowers o boys r chairs o lamps
o desks o posters

3 Tick (/) the correctsentences.lf a

sentenceis wrong,correctthe mistake.

1 Haveyougot anylemons? >/

2 CanI have coffee? > some
3 Thereis anymeatin the fridge.
4 Arethereanychitdrenin the
5 Therearen'tsomepencitsin the bag.
6 Hehasn'tgotsomemoney.
7 Theriraresomemicein the house.
8 Aretheresomeboysin the garden?
9 Woutdyoulike anycoffee?
10 Wehaven'tgot sometomatoes.
* A: Are thereany toysin the clossroomT
B: No,thereeren't ony.Arethereany pens?

4 Completethe dialogueswith some,eny. A: Yes,thereore some.

1 A: l st h e r e1) ............j u i cei n th efri dge?

B: No, l'm afraidthereisn't 2)
j u i c e .W o u tdyo ul i ke 3 )............Coke Usethe ideasfrom the speakingactivity
instead? andyour own ideasto write a paragraph
Yes,ptease.CanI have4) ... ice aboutyour classroom.
B: Yes,of course. > ln my classroomthere are somedesks.

Singular Plural Possessive adjectivesshow:

l- - +my we --+our a) that something betongsto somebody.
you -r your you--t your Ihis fsmy book.
he --+his theY--+1691t b) the retationship betweentwo or more
she--+her peopte.
it --+its Sheis our grandmother.
Weput possessive adjectivesbeforenouns.
Ihis fs his desk.

into your
the table.Translate
Cbmplete 1 Fillin, asin the example.
language. tt
1 > His(he)cat is blackandwhite.
2 ... (we)ftat is notverybig.
3 Maryis this.. (you)dress?
4l 6 w e -,
4 ... (they)house is verysmatt.
2 you- 7 yo u -
5 (she) mother is a singerand
3 he- 8 they-
.... (she)fatheris anactor.
4 she-
5 it-.

4 Underlinethe correctwordin bold.

2 Writethe possessive
adjectives. 1 lrty/lnameis Samantha.
2 They/Theirhouseis on Witson Avenue.
3 New Zealandis a beautifulcountry.lts/lt
1 This bicycle belongsto me. lt's > my
bicycte. capitalis Wettington.
2 T h a td o gb e to n gtos T i m.l t's............dog. 4 OurAffelivingroomis verybig.
3 Thesehats betongto my mother.They're 5 lsthisyou/yourpen?
. . .. h a ts. 6 He/Hisdeskis overthere.
This computerbetongsto my brotherand 7 She/Her favouritesoortis basketbatt.
me.lt's .... computer. I l/Mybirthdayis in Aprit.
Thosepaintings belongto myfamity.They're
. paintings. Speaking
That lamp belongsto your famity. lt's
Workin pairs.Mix up your pencils,rulers,
pencilcasesand books,etc, then sort
Thosetowelsbelongto me.They're
That car betongsto Phitipand Mary.lt's A: Ihis is my eraser.
. .. ca r. B: Yes,and theseareyour pencils.
of Ptace

bunder behind nextto near
o We use prepositionsof placeto say where
somebodyor something is.
WeuselNwith names of citiesandcountries. z./lzt
in London,in England in front of between

Fillin the correctpreposition.
2 Lookat the picture and fill in the gaps
with the correct preposition.

Mrs Walterhasa lovelylivingroom.Thereis a

1 Thestudents
are 2 Thewomanis cotfeetable 1) s' r,' the livingroom,2)
thesofa.Therearesomecushions 3) ............... the
the ctassroom. the umbrella. sofa.Thereis a window4) ............... thesofaanda
fi p ic t u re5 ) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .t h e wa ll,5 ) . . . . . . . . , . . th
. . .e.
window.Thereis a rug 7) ............... the floor,
B).......... the table. The sofa is
9) .........,.......... two tables.Thereis one lamp
10)............... eachtable.Therearetwo armchairs
11) . . . . . . . . . . .t.h. .e.ro o m.

3 Theappteis 4 Themanis Speaking

Usethe wordsin boldin Ex.2 to askand
the books. the twowomen.
A: Where'sthe coffeetable?
5 Theboyis B: lt's in front of the sofa.

the piano. Writing

Writea shortparagraph your
livingroom.Sticka picture.
{Units 7- | 0}

o Possessive
Adjectives My brother and I have got friends
ReadJim'sletter to hispenpalandcircle friendsarefromAmerica.
the possessive
after possessive
adjectives? o Thereis/Thereare

3 a) Readthe letter and markthe sentences

T (true) or F (false).Correctthe false

1 Therearetwo bicyclesin the garage.

2 Therearen'tanyftowersin the park.
3 Thereisn't a bedroom
on the third
4 Thereisn't a garden
in Richmond park.
5 Thereis a gotfcoursebehindthe

b) Whendo we usefhere islthereare?Find

examplesin the letter.
l. lnttregarage
e'vegotadogtoo!ltsname o Some/Any
tu\, we arenearRichmond
4 affirmative.
in the negativeor
a) Rewritethe sentences

he Park.
1 Therearesomeftowersin the garden.
.." t busesin thePark" rt' rr'!
thereanda biggotfcourse
;;;it. too.ttsname aparknearit?Arehere 2 Thereisn't anyorangejuicein the glass.
Whatsyou'nou" tiiii tt t'ttt
anYanimals init?
in the classroom
3 Therearen'tanystudents
4 Thereis someicecreamin the fridge.

2 possessive
with the correct
Completethe sentences 5 Therearesometreesin the park.

1 Ruthhasgot a housenearthe park.

b) Whendo we usesomeandwhendo we
....... house is nearthe park.
useany?Findexamplesin the letter.
Thedoe'sgota longtail.
. tail is tong. o Prepositions
of place
Jim andGreghavegot bigbedrooms.
. bedrooms
Tony'sgot a newcomputer.
are big.
5 Readthe letter againandcircleall the
of placeyoucanfind. Canyou
... computer is new. nametwo more?

Weusecanto express ability.

I canploy the guitar.
Canis the samein atl persons. Thenegative
of canis cannotor can't
(NOf: )

Affirmative | / youI he / she/ it / we / you/ theycanwatk.

Negative l / yo ul h e /she / it /we /you / theycannot/can' twatk.
Interrogative Can| / you/ he / she/ it / we I you/ theywatk?
Yes,| / you/ he / she/ it / we / you/ theycan.
N o ,l / yo u/ h e/ she/ it / we /you /theycan' t.

Whatcanyou do?Lookat the picturesand t a) Lookat the tableandfill in conor cen't.

tick (/). Thensaywhatyoucanor can't do. L

c o o k ilX X
dr awili,X/


fl dance T 2 ptaythepiano! x
* /ca n donc o
rideabike i / t ,/ 1 ,/

1 Linda. cookbutshe.......... dr aw .
2 Jason .. speakEngtishandhe
ptaythe guitarbut he .. cook.
3 Betty. . singbutshe..........dr aw .
4 Betty,Jason,andLinda .. ridea bike.
swim! i4 ridea bike 5 Betty and Jason sing but they
.. ptaythe guitar.

b) Lookat the tableagain.In pairs,ask

andanswerquestions, asin the example.
* A: CanBettycook?
8: Yes,shecan,
A: CanJasoncook?
5 cook! ffi arive! 8: No,he can't. etc.

asin the example.
5 Lookat the picturesandfollowthe lines.
Thenusethe wordsto askandanswer,as
1 it/tatk? in the example.
* Canit talk?
Yes,it can.

4 it/read?

5 they/usea computer?

6 he / see?

4 Putthe wordsin the correctorderto make

asin the example.
1 ptaytheguitar / | / can
1 Anna/dance
* / canplaytheguitor.
F,--A: CanAnnadancei
2 y o u / r i d e a bi ke /ca n ?
B: No, shecan't"Sneton ea2"
2 Mark/ridea bike
3 can't/ Mary/ sing/ verywet[
3 Tony/drivea car
4 Emma/use a computer
4 ptaybasketball/ can / he?
5 Betty/ptaythe pinao

5 Davidi speakRussian
6 ptaythe piano/ they / canT aboutwhatyou
Writefive sentences

Toshowpossession: c) In generalthe possessivecaseis usedfor

a) We add 's to namesand singutar nouns. peopte.Inorderto tatkaboutthings,we use
Ihfs is Sally'shondbag. the preposition
of. Mory'smother,the legs
b) Weadd' to pluralnounsendingin -s. of the table.
Ihis is the girls'ball. We use whose to ask about possession.
Whosedogis this?lt's Mike's.

Matchthe phrases
to the pictures. Thesear e........pencits.
1 A the girts B the girt C the girt's
M y........Sue.
A sisters B sister's C sisters'
Thisis the ........house.
A woman's B women C woman
Lookat that bicycteoverthere.l si t
A Paul's B Pau[ C Pauts
Thisis handbag.
A Helen B Heten's C Hetens'

Circlethe correctwordin bold.

who's= whois

A: Whose/ Who'sLinda?
B: She's
A: Who's/ Whosepenis this?
B: lt'sTom's.
A: Whose/ Who'she?
1 the boys'skateboards3 the girt'scamera B: He'smyteacher.
2 the girts'cameras 4 the boy'sskateboard A: Who's/ Whosenotebooks
B: They'reNancy's.

2 Circlethe correctitem. A: Whose/ Who'sbrotheris Derek?

B: He'sJohn'sbrother.
1 T h i si s . .......d o g . A: Who's/ WhoseSusan?
A John B John's C Johns' B: She'smyfriend.

Askandanswer,asin the example.
5 Lookat the family tree and completethe
sentences,as in the example.

1 computer?/thechildren

2 umbrelta?/PauI

3 boat?/the

4 rotter-skates?/Kate
1 Steveis father.He's=-= father.
2 Ritais and........m otherShe'
. s
3 Mar kis br otherHe'
. s........br other .
5 bicycte?/Jason 4 SatlyandMarkare and........chitdren.
They're chitdren.
Ritais and........chitd.She' s ........
6 Sattyis sister.
7 Jittis........mother .She' s mother .
6 batt?/the
8 Steve is and........gr andfat her .
H e's

7 dog?/theboy UseSally'sfamily tree in Ex. 5, to talk about
her family.

asin Ex.5.



Affimative o Weformthe presentsimptewith the subjects (l / you/

I he / she/ it / we / you/ they)andthe baseformof
you theverb(dance, sing,etc).
he We use the presentsimpteto describepermanent
she works states,repeatedactionsor habitsanddailyroutines.
it Jim work in onoffice.(permanent state)
we Heoftenplaysfootbo{l.(repeated action)
you work Hedrivesto work.(habit)
they Hestartsworkat 9 o'clock.(daityroutine)

o Weformthe third person (he/she/ it) by adding-s to the endof most
I love- he loves,I drink^ he drinks
o Weadd-esto verbsthat endin -ss,-sh,-ch, -x, or -o.
/ kiss- he kfsses,I wash- he washes,lwatch - he watches,I mix - he mixes,I
go - he goes
Timeexpressions usedwith the
o Verbsendingin a consonant
+ y, dropthey andtake-ies.
I fly - he flies,I try - he tries
sometimes. etc
o Verbsendingin a vowel+ y, take-s.
I say- he says,I buy - hebuys

PresentSimple(negative& interrogative)
Negative Weformthe third person
LongForm ShortForm singutar
in the negative
tl with doesnot/doesn't+
do not work don'twork mainverb.
you you
he he
she doesnot work she doesn'twork Weformall otherpersons
it it in the negative
with do
we we +
not/don't mainverb.
you do not work you don'twork
they they


Interrogative ShortAnswers
Weformthe third person
I Y e s,l /youdo. singular
in the
Do you work?
N o ,l /youdon' t. interrogative
with does
he + subject+ mainverb.
Yes,he / she/ it does.
Does she work?
No,he / she/ it doesn't.
it Weformalltheother
we with do + subject
Yes,we / you/ theydo. + mainverb.
Do you work?
No,we / you/ theydon't.

9 EverySaturday, Pau[ (give)his

A Writethe third personsingular. doga bath.
1 0 Inthe mornings, Betty...... .. (take)
1 I tike- he 6 | w a tch- h e ..... hersisterto schoot.
2 ldo-he 7 lmix-he 1 1 We .. . (go)to the swimming pool
3 I write - he 8 l sa y-h e at theweekend.
4 I wash- he 9 l try-h e 1 2 BittandKetty. .... (have)a cup
5 I drink- he 1 0 l g o -h e of tea in the afternoon.

ar Usethe verbsin bracketsto completethe

L asin the example.
1 | > live(live)in Edinburgh.
3 Usethe promptsto write sentences,
the example.

2 He ....... (do)hishomework everyevening. tl.t- he/every day/work on

3 S h e 'as t e a c heS (w o rk at
r.h e................ ) the computer
Newcastte Schoot. > He works on the
'Areyoua singer?' 'No, l'm a pitot. I computereveryday.
5 Joanne (wash)herhaireveryday. 2 Susan/at
6 Themuseum ... (close)at seven hertaundry
in the evening.
7 Dan.... . (brush)histeeth
8 She .. (study)Science at university.


!3' My friendsand l/at the

T::::::::::T:: 5 Fill in do, does,don'tor doesn't.

1 Pau[speaksFrench,but he ... speak

Anna. .. tikejazz musicbut she
\4 he/everymorning/read hiphop.
the newspaper ' ...........heptaythesaxophone?'
'Oh,no,he ptaysthe guitar.'
' ........... they listen to musici n the
evenings?' ' No, they............'
i..5 Shetty/exercise/in
the 5 Where ... youwork?
mornrng 6 W e........... stayin on Fr idayeveni ngs .
7 ' ...........yougo jogging
in them orni ng?'
' No,1............'
8 ' ...........Kar en usea computer at wor k ?'
they/dinner/at 'Yes,shedoes.'
9 He...........goto school onSunday s .
10 What. . youhavefor dinner?

I aboutyourself.
the sentences
4 Writequestions
asin the

1 | > don't have(have)an Engtish lessonon

1 Bradlivesin Australia. Sundays.
> Does Bradlivein Austrolia? 2 Myfather .. (work)in anoffice.
Braddoesn'tlivein Australia. 3 Myfriends .... (like)basketbatt.
MissParkerteachesGeography. 4 | ........ ... ( live)in a fl at.
5 Mymother (do)the laundryat the
3 Youtikeptaying games.
computer | ...... ( go)shopp i ng w i th
myfriendson Saturday.
7 Myfam ityand| ....... ( g etup)
4 PeterandSueworkin a caf6. eartyat the weekend.
8 Mybestfriend .. (play)computer
games in the afternoon.
5 Wedo the shopping
on Saturdays. 9 Mymother (cook)dinner
10 Myfather (wash)the dishes
6 Thebabycriesatl the time. afterdinner.


7 Matchthe questions
to the answers. your / take / father / does/ work / bus/
, the / to?
tlT--] Whattime doessheget up?
ET--] Howdoesshegoto schoot?
lST--] Doesshehavebreakfast everyday? do Bill,BettyandPeterdo in the
{ flWnat
Whatdoesshedo in the afternoon? r v evenings
after school?
Lookat the table
fdl-l Whendoesshegoto bed? andaskandanswer,asin the example.

a Shegoesto bedat 10:00.

b Shewatksto schoot.
c Shegetsup at 7:00.
d No,shedoesn't.
e Shedoesherhomework.
watch a DVD

8 Writethg questions
in full, andthen listento music

1 w h e n / s t a r t/sch o o [
> Whendoyoustortschool?
how/ go /school

3 what/ have/ lunch * A: DoesBill watch a DVDin the evenings?

B: Yes,he does.
4 what/ do / afternoons
5 howoften/ playtennis
In pairs,askandanswerquestions to find
out aboutyourpartner'sdailyroutine.
9 Put the wordsin the correctorderto make
questions.Thenanswerthem. r when/get up
o morning/afternoon/eveningactivities
1 you / do / Swedish
/ speak? o when/goto bed

2 you/ do/ ride/ bikelyour / schoo[/ to? > A: Whendoyouget up in the morning?
B: I get up at 7:00.
3 work/ does/ your/ mother/ in / bank/ a? A: Doyouhavebreakfasteverymorning?
B: Yes,I do.
4 like / jazz / do / you / music?
5 you/ the /guitar / do / ptay?
Useyourpartner'sanswers to write a
do / eat / the / dinner/ with / your/ in / shorttext abouthis/herdailyroutine.
f a m i t y/ y o u /e ve n i n g s? Martingetsup at 7:00in the morning.He has
... etc
of Timeat, on, in

o Weuseprepositions
of timeto saywhensomething
Weuseat with: Weusein with:
o time:at 6 o'clock,at 6:30,etc o partsof the day:in the morning/
o hotidays:at the weekend afternoonI evening
o expressions:af midday,at o months:in January,etc
midnight,at night,at noon o seasons: in the winter / spring
/ summer/ autumn,etc
Weuseon with:
o years:in 2006,in 1994,etc
o days:on Sunday,on Wednesdays,
. expressions: in half an hour,
on weekdays,etc
o dates:on 17thApril, etc in 30 minutes,etc
o expressions: in themorning/ Theyhave
ofternoon/ evening computerclasses
on lvlondays.

11 Suewatches
TV........theevening .
1 Aat Bon Cin
12 Wehavea pianolesson theweekend.
Aat Bin Con
Ai n Bon Cat
13 Thecinemaopens midday.
2 R o sgao e st o b e d........1 0o 'cto ck.
Ain Bon Cat
Aat Bin Con
3 Wegoskiing thewinter.
Complete the text with
Aon Bat Cin
in or at.
4 l d r i n km i t k ........th emo rn i n g .
Aa t Bin Con
Lindagetsup 1) * at 6:302l ......
5 J i t t ' sb i r t h dai ys........D e ce mb e r. the morning.She has breakfast
Ain Bon Cat 3 ) . . . . . .7. : 0 0a n d4 ) . . . . . .7. : 3 0s h e
6 Samdoesn'tgo jogging Sundays. leaves for school.Sheis at school
Aon Bin Cat 5 ) . . . . . . . 3min
0 u t e s . 6. .). . . .n. o o n ,
7 Shegoesto work 9:00everyday. she has lunch at school.She i
Ai n B at Con g e t sh o me7 l . . . . . . . 3 : 080) . . . . . . . =
the afternoon.She listensto
8 | havea cupof tea ........theafternoon.
music. then does her
Aat Bon Cin
homework.She has dinner {i
J oa n dM a r yh a vel u n ch........1 2n o on. 9) .......8 o' clock and then
Ain Bat Con watchesTV. She goes to bed
1 0 Thetrainleaves hatfan hour. 1 0 ). . . . 1 . .1 : 0 01 1 ). . . .n. .ig h t .
Ao n Bin Cat
of Timeat, otr, in

3 a) Completethe tablewith
phrasesfrom the list. 4
a) Readandfillin the correctprepositioniat,onor in.

. 14thFebruaryo Friday ffi96Fovorxm"ftte

o night o 7:30o August
My favourite dayis Saturday. 1)......Saturdays lget up 2) .. .
o the weekendo 7004
9: 3 03 ). . . . . .t h e mo rn in gI.h a v ea c u po f t e a ,t h e nlg o j o g g i n g
o hatfanhour o 1 o' ctock 4) 1 0 : 3 0 I. ru n f o r a b o u tt h o u r,a n d 5 ). . . . . .n o o nI h a v ea
o 15thJanuaryo midnight sandwich for lunch.Afterlunch,I watchTVor listento music.
o weekdayso midday I don't see my best friend much 6)
o a quarterto two weekdays, so I usually visithim 7) ......Saturday
o theafternoono the morning afternoon.We stayat his houseand watcha
DVDor we go for a walkin the park.
| g e t h o me8 ) 8 o ' c lo c k9 ). . . . . t h e
e v e n inagn dh a v ed in n e r1 0 ). . . . . 8 . : 3 0 .A f t e r
dinnelI sometimes go out with my friends. I
get back 11) 11:00 and I go to bed
12) 1 1 : 3 01 3 ). . . . . n. ig h t I. lo v eS a t u rd a y s !

b) Whichsentences
are true?Correctthe falseones.
Hisfavouritedayis Saturday.

Hegetsupat 7:30in the morning.

b) Writetrue sentences about
yourselfusingthe verbs 3 After lunchhe goesjogging.
belowandthe phrases from
the tablein Ex.3a,asin the 4 Hevisitshisbestfriendon Saturday
5 Hehasdinnerat 9 o'clockin theevening.
o getup o goto schoot/work
o havelunch o gojogging
6 He goesto bed at midnight.
o watcha DVDo eatdinner
o do myhomework
o listento music o goto bed Speaking
o dotheshopping
Tellthe classaboutyour favouritedayof the week.
> / get up at 8:00in the morning.
Write a short text about your favourite day, usingthe
text in Ex. 4a as a model.Write:

o what time you get up

o what you do in the morning/afternoon/etc
o what time you go to bed
(Uni ts I l - l 4 >

o PresentSimple b) Lookat questions1-3.Howdoweform

the presentsimpleinterrogative?
a) Readthe text andunderlinethe verbs
in the PresentSimpletense.Whichof o Can
theseverbsare in the third person
singular?Howcanyou tell?
3 a) Readthe text andfind an exampleof
the canform.
JustinTimberlake is a famousooo
singerfromthe USA,His birthday's on b) Whatare the negativeformsof canT
31st January,He'sgota nicefamily,His
father'snameis Randalland hismother's I PossessiveCase
nameis Lynn.He's twobrothers. His
brothers' names are Steohen and
Jonathan.Justindoesn'tlive with his
4 a) Readthe text andunderlinethe
examplesof the possessiye
family.Helivesaloneina bighouse. the differencebetweenthem?
Justinisn't a pop star.He'sbusywiththreeother
jobs,He designsclothes. Hisclothinglabel'snameis b) Circlethe correctanswers.
Rast'.He'salsoa chef.Hecancookgreatfood.
Hehasan ltalianrestaurant in Manhattan,NewYorkand
a Justin'sdad b Justins' dad
anAsianrestaurant in Hollywood,CaliforniaJustinalso
acts.He'sin threenewfilms-AlphaDog,BlackSnake Justinis
MoanandEdison.He'salsoa voicein Shrek3. a RandatlandLynn's
Justindoesn'thavemuchfreetime.Whenhe has, b Randatl's
though,he enjoysridingmotorcycles and playinggolf.
StephenandJonathan are
Healsolikesto skiinginthewinter.
a Justins'brothers b Justin'sbrothers
Justinis verypopularwithfansof all ages.He'sa
greatentertainer anda wonderfulperson.
. Prepositionsof tlme

b) Writethe verbsyou underlinedin the

negativeform.Whichverbdo we useto
5 a) Whichprepositions
the text in Ex.1a?
of timeare therein

form the negativeT

Whatare the changes
b) Fillin ot, onor in.
to the mainverb?
1 M ybir thday
is ............18thJuty.
c) Whendo we usethe presentsimple? 2 Wegoswimming ... the summer.
3 Bobgoesto schoo[ .... 8:00everyday.

2 a) Readagainandanswerthe questions. 4
Lindahasan Engtish
.... hatfanhour.
lesson ... Fridays.
1 WheredoesJustincomefrom? 6 Jackdoeshishomework......... theafternoon.
7 Wegoto the cinema ... theweekends.
2 Whatkindof workdoeshedo? 8 Kellygoesto school .. weekdays.
9 Theyatways goon hotiday thespring.
3 Whatdoeshedoin hisfreetime? 10 Stevegetsupearty ... themorning.

(Units l- l4)

Circlethe correctitem.
Thisis appte.
Aa B Can A can't B can C cannot

2 is myfriend. 12 These
arethe ........batts.
AI B They CHe A boy B boys C boy's

3 Where hefrom? 13 Bitt........to school

Ais B are Cam A watk B don'twalk C walks

got a computer? 14 | usually

reada book........ theevening.
A Shehas B Hasshe C Shehasn't Aon Bin Cat

5 T h e y a r e , . . ......
. 15 John........
likeFr ench
fitm s.
A butterfty B butterftys C butterflies A doesn't B don't C isn't

6 ........ scarves 16 My........nameis Ftuffy.
Alt B These C That A cat's B cats C cats'

7 therea dogin the park?

A Am Bls C Are A Does B Do C Are

18 Maggie's
birthdayis ........ October.
A any Ba C some Aon Bin Cat

19 Fish........
A. Our B Her C His A can't B can C cannot

10 There'sa window the kitchen.

A under B in Con Aat Bin Con

/ttlarr: - \

Adverbsof Frequency

Adverbsof frequency
tetl us how Adverbsof frequencygo
oftensomething happens. beforethe mainverbbut
Someof theseare: afterthe verbto be.
atways(100%)sometimes (25%) Shealwoys haspizzafor
(75%) never(0%)
usuatty Iunch.
often(50%) Theyare never late for

5 go to bedat 11 o'ctock
A Putthe adverbsin the correctplace,asin
I the example.

1 Crocodites
* Crocodilesnevereatgrass. 3 Putthe wordsin the correctorderto make
z I swimbefore[unch.(sometimes) 1 with / dog/ Stetta/ ptays/ often/ her

3 Tigershuntat noon.(usually) / my/ | / in / write/ diary/night/at

2 usua[ty

4 Benis latefor schoot. TomandNick/ schoo[/ atways/ their / ride /
to / bikes
5 Theywatktheirdogat night.(always)
4 swim/ tunch/ never/ We/ after
6 Chameleons' arelong.(usually)
5 is / tittte / brother/ naughty
/ sometimes

2 Usethe phrasesandthe adverbsof

frequencyto write sentences
1 getupat 7 o'ctock Telltheclasstwo thingsyoualways-
never- sometimes do on Saturdays.
2 walk to school
3 visit my friendsafter school Whatdo youalways,usually,often,
neverdo at weekends?
sometimes, Write
4 go joggingin the evening aboutyourself.

* I alwaysgo to the cinemawith myf riends.


are questions
that startwith wordssuchaswho, what, where,when,etc. To
we putthe auxitiary
formwh-questions, verbbeforethesubject.

Questionword + auxiliaryverb + subject

People:who/whose o Size:howlong/howtall
"Whois your bestf riend?" "Mary." "How longis a tiger'stoil?" "About1
"Whoseis that dog?""lt's John's." metrelong."
"Howtoll isyourbrother?""He's1.%)m."
"Whatis that?" "lt's e hat." o Quantities/numbers:
"Whichscarfdoyou |ike?""Thered many
one." "How muchdoesSallyweigh?' "50 kilos."
"Howmanyorangesdo youeat every
day?' "Three."
"Wheredoyoulive?" "ln Madrid."
o Manner:how
Time:when/whattime/howoften/ how
"Howdo yougo to school?"'By bike."
"Whendo yougo to bed?" "At 10 o Reason:
o'clock." "Whycon't penguins
"Whot time doesHelenget up?" "At 6 they'retoo heavy."
o'clock." o Age:howold
"Howoften do theyvisit their friends?"
"Howold is Tom?""Eighteen,"
"Howlongdo polarbearslive?" o Distance:
"Fifteento eighteenyears." "Howfar is thezoo?" "About10

Fill in the gapswith oneof the questionwordsfromthe list.

o w h a t o w he n o h Ow o w h y o w h oseowher e owho owhich
A: > Whichis yourdog? 5 A: areJaneandKate?
B: Thatbigone,overthere. B: They'reat school.
A: .. is yoursister? 6 A: .... is Ken'sbirthday?
B: She'sfine. B: lt's in February.
A: .... arethoseshoes?. 7 A: ... canwolves runfast?
B: They'rePaut's. B: Because they'vegotstrong[egs.
A: . . . . i s yo u rn a me ? 8 A: .. is thatman?
B: Daniet. B: He'smygrandpa.


2 Firstfill in the gapsin the questionswith

what time, howoften, howlong(x21,how
Peter: do theyeat?
Rita: Oh,almosteverything.Buttheylove
toll, howmuch,howmony,howold, or how fish!
/ar. Thenmatchthe questionsto the Peter:And......... dotheysleep?
answers. Rita: Onmybed,of course!
1 > How/ongis a giraffe'sneck?
2 pencilshaveyougotin your

doeshe goto school?
4 Lookat the
fill in the
4 is the museum? questions.
5 tea do youdrinkeveryday?
6 doesSaltygoto the cinema?
7 do rhinos[ive?
8 ... .......isyourmother?
9 ........ ... arethetw i ns ?

l-t-f-l 50yearsor more. A: 1) > Whatis thisanimal?

l-5-l-_l Atmosteveryweek. B: lt'sa ltama.
fc-l---] Twocups. A: 2) ........ ..... .........?
F-T-_l At 8 o'ctock. B: lt eatsgrassandplants.
A: 3) .......... .............?
B: lt livesin SouthAmerica.,
A: 4) ..... .......?
th]-_l They're17yearsold. B: lt's 1.20mta[[.
tl-T__l About20minutes'walk. A: 5) .......... ................?
B: lt weighsabout120kg.
A: 6) ....... ...... .........?
Fill in the gapswith the
B: lt livesfor about20years.

Putthe wordsin the correctorderto form
J questions,
asin the example.

1 is / yourI what / cotour/ favourite?

2 live I do I giraffes/ howlong?

Peter: catshaveyougot?
Rita: I'vegottwo. 3 who/ Jenny's/ is / brother?
Peter: ... aretheirnames?
Rita: MittyandPaco. 4 sleep/ whattime / tucy / does?
Peter: ... arethey?
Rita: Mittyis one and Pacois three years 5 ticketsI got I John/ howmany/ has?


Readthe text, then,in pairs,askandanswerquestions,

asin Ex.2.

f iant pandasare mammals. Theyhavebabiesand feedthem


\ - mi l k . The yl i vein China.P andasare about 1 . 8me t re st a ll

a n dw eig hm or eth an 100kg.Theyhavegot bla c ka n dwh it e
coats,big bodiesand roundfaces.Theirmaincharacteristic
is t h e i r bla ckeye sand ears.Theycanclimbtreesa n d t h e y
c a n s wi m .The ye a t bambooand they sleepi n b a mb o o
t r e e s .P a n d acan
s eat up to 16 hoursa dayandt h e n s le e p
f o r t h e r e stof the day! Theirenemiesare leo p a rd a
s nd
jackals. Theylivefor abouttwenty-fiveyears.

A: Wha tls th lsonimal?

B : l t's o p o n ti a....

Usethe promptsto askand answerquestionsaboutthesefour animals.

a b out200kg about300kg 45 kg about90kg
about1m a b o u 1.20m
t about80cm about2m
meat grass
andplants meat grassandptants
about11 years about12years about10years about6 years

54: Howmuchdo kangaroos weigh?

58: About 90 kg. Whatdo tigerseat?
5A: Theyeat meat. etc

Usethe informationaboveto write a short descriptionabout one of these animals.

Zebrasweighabout 300kg and theyare about 1.20mtall. They... .

(Units I5- l6)

o Adverbs of Frequency o QuestionWords

a) Readthe text andcircle the adverbsof 2 Readthe text in Ex.1againand answerthe

frequency. ,t questions.

1 WheredoAfricanlions[ive?

2 Howtatl arethey?

3 Howmuchdo theyweigh?

4 Whathavemalelionsgot?

5 Whatdo theyeat?
Atrican lions are mammalsthat live in
6 Whendo theyhunt?
grasslandsin Africa.Theyareusuallyabout1.2
metrestalland oftenweighmorethan200kg.
7 Howlongdo they [ive?
Theyhavegot shorthair.Malelionshavegot
blondor blackmanes.Theyalwayshuntearly
in the morning,Theyofteneat antelopes and
4 Usethe phrases
to askandanswer

b) Howdo we usethe adverbsof

A Useadverbsof frequencyto make
L 1-5true forAfricanlions.

1 Theyaretatl andheavy.

2 Theyhaveshorthair. weigh?upto8,000kg obout50 kg

tqll? loboul3.5m oboutl.5m
3 Theyeat grass. eot? plonts,fruit, fruit,leoves,
vegetobles insects
4 Theyhuntin theevening. oboul60 yeors obout45 yeors i

5 They[ivefor 15years. > A: HowmuchdoAfricanelephantsweigh?

B: Upto8,0N kg.Whatdo theyeat? etc

(Units l- | 6)

Circlethe correctitem.
1 Sheitaalwayscomestate. She's........ on 11 What........yournickname?
time. Aar e Bam Cis
A usuatty B never C sometimes
12 Haveyougotany........?
2 "Doyou[ikedancing?" A matches B match C matchs
" Yes, . . . . . .d. .o . "
A they B you cl 13 Therearen't booksin the cupboard.
Asome Bany Ca
3 Henrywatches
TV........ the evening.
A in Bat Con 14 "Are these tickets?"
"No,theyaren'tour tickets."
4 "........doesTom A your B her C their
A Where B Why C Howoften 15 Thefridgeis ........ thecookerandthe sink.
A on B under C between
5 Thisis ........towel.
A Mary B Mary's C lvlarys' 16 "CanHetensing?"
6 "........is thatwoman?" A cannot B can't C can
A Whose B Howold C Who 17 owlssleepduringthe day?
A Do B Does C Doesn't
7 got a CDptayer?
A HasKim B Haven'tKim C Kimhasn't 18 Cows........ eat meat.Theyeat grass.
A usually B atways C never
8 "Whoseis ........car?"
A thdse B those c that 19 Thisis Jo. ........ myfriendfromEngland.
A He B He's C His
9 Thisis the ........room.
A boy B boys C boys' 20 Mybirthdayis ........ Aprit.
Ain Bon Cat
10 Thereis ........ armchair
in the livingroom.
A_ Ban Ca (u"n' . )


Affirmative Negative
LongForm ShortForm LongForm ShortForm
I am readingI 'm readingI am not reading| 'm not reading
you are readingyou 're readingyou are not readingyou aren't reading
he he he he
she is reading she 's reading she is not reading she isn't reading
it it it it
we we we we
you are readingyou 're readingyou are not reading you aren't reading
they they they they

Interrogative ShortAnswers
Am I reading? Yes,lam. No,I'm not.
Are youreading?Yes,youare. No,youaren't.
he reading? Yes,heis. No,heisn't.
ls shereading?Yes,sheis. No,sheisn't.
it reading? Yes,it is. No,it isn't.
we reading? Yes,we are. No,we aren't.
Are youreading?Yes,youare. No,youaren't.
theyreading?Yes,theyare. No,theyaren't.
He'sreadinga booknow.
Form get - getting,cut - cutting, shop-
Weformthe presentcontinuous
with the shopping
verb to be and the main ys1! + ing o Verbsendingin -ie dropthe -ie and
ending. take-ying.
die - dying
o Weform the presentcontinuous of Use
mostverbsby adding-ing to the o We usethe presentcontinuous to
baseformof the mainverb.walk- tatk aboutactionshappening now,
walking,try - trying, at the momentof speaking.
sleep- sleeping, eat - eating o Time expressionsused with the
o Verbsendingin -e dropthe -e and present continuous:now,at the
take-ing. moment, at present
write - writing, take- taking Billyis watchingTVnow.
o Verbs ending in a vowel + a The baby is sleeping at the
consonant doubtetheconsonant and moment.
take-ing. Sheis livingin Romeat present.


Puttheverbsin thecorrectbox. Lookat the picturesandusethe phrases

1 { the list to correctthe sentences.
o talk o write o stop o go o swim
o Sing o make o run o dance o start o fly a kite o havea picnic o ridea bike
o eat o sit . type . ride o put o reada newspapero eat an icecream
o make a pizza
+ ing -2r+ Ing
+ ing
consonant 1 Samis jogging.

2 Kirkis
2 Usethe phrases
to describethe pictures.
o dotheshoppingo cookdinner

o waterthe ptantso ptaybasketbat[

o watkthe dogs . takepictures


Sandy Heten 4 Karenis dancing.

5 Theyare watching

StevenandTom Phittip
6 Markis sleeping.

4 Askandanswer,asin the examples. 7 are / listening/ the / to/ teacher/ you/ not

1 Patty/tidy/her room/now?Yes. 8 cat / garden/ the / ptaying/ is / the / in ?

> ls Patty tidyingher roomnow?
* Yes,sheis.
your brother/work/onhis computer/now?
> ls your brother workingon his computer
6 Lookat the pictureand put the verbsin
bracketsinto the presentcontinuous.

> No,he isn't.Heis havinglunch.

you/do/your homework/atthe moment?

Jack/sleep/in/theliving room?No/watch/

5 Mum/wash/the

they/listen/tomusic/atthe moment?No/
anda woman1) ........... .. ( sit)at the
table.Theman2) ..... . ( wear )a
greyT-shirtandthe woman3) ....
(wear)a white T-shirtand a greytop. The
A Put the wordsin the correctorder to make man4) ..... (work)on his taptop.
.U sentences. The woman5) .... ..... ( hold)a c up
( r ead)a letter .
andshe6) ..................
1 chitdren/ doingI areI homework / their/ the
l" Ihe childrenore doingtheirhomework.
2 a / wearing/ is / he / not I raincoat Speaking
3 they/ watching/ footbattmatch/ a I are? Finda picturein a magazine.Workin
pairs.Describeyour pictureto your
4 she/ not / lunch/ eating/ is partner.

5 you/ going/ to I bank/ the / are / now? Writing

6 having/ cup/ we / a I are I of / coffee Write a shorttext describingyour
Simpte- PresentContinuous

o Weusethe presentsimpteto describe daityroutines,habitsandpermanent states.

o Weusethe present continuous to describe
actionshappening now,at the momentof
5uegefsup at 7 o'clock.(daityroutine)
Shetokesthe busto work.(habit)
Shelivesin the city.(permanent state)
Sueis typinga letter at the moment.(happening at the
of speaking)

Non-Continuous Verbs
- I want to watcha DVD.(NOT: to watcha
- I love skateboarding.
(NOT: skateboarding.)
- I knowWilliam.(NOT: William.)
- I like my newschool.(NOT: my new school.)

I Lookat the pictures.Writesentences.



playtennisevery ride her biketo walkto school

afternoon schoolat 8 o'clock
S h e:,' r ' ' 'c:,Pr!aiternoon.Sheisn't
pln,/: "c '-,'r She's
paintinga picture.

listento music roller-skate

with watcha DVD fly a kite
everyafternoon her friend everyevening

Simpte- Present
Present Continuous

1 Findthe differencesandtell your partner.Usetheseverbs.

L oread refrt rsleep odrinkeskateboard
rfty rwatk oride.log ffiffi

ln plctureA, Adomis readinga newspoDey.

ln picture B, he'ssleeping.

3 Put the verbsin bracketsinto

the presentsimpleor present
Putthe verbsin bracketsinto the presentcontinuous
or the presentsimple.
A: Where'sPeter?
B: He .... (study)for
an examin his roomright
A: I usualty
(play) basketbatl on
Tuesday afternoons. Dear Alice,
..............(h a ve )
B: R e a t t y| ? lamily and | 1)
Greelinqe lrom Auslralid' Vy
a dancelesson then. a wondertul
(twe)'tourty lime in gydnei the weatrhe'2) "----"--"'
beach'AL rhe
A: Why
irrl andwe 5) " """""""' ' (ve) rt Nhe
(you/carry)an umbretta? momertc, (sir) on my towel and I 5) """""""""""'
| 4) ......',,"""""""
B: O h ,b e ca u se i t ............... (anbathe). Mum 6)
(rain)outside. Jimmyn ".".".,'..--"' (play)in Lhewater andthev e) "" """' " "'
A: What (make)a eandcaEtte'
(6rt) werl Dad,andTommy9) """"" """"'
.. (they/do)? We 10) ........,..,,.".(grvrm)andwe 11) """""""""""' (annbarhe)
B: They ... (watch) (eac) in a reetauranl
every dayand aL niqhlwe 12) """""""""-
TV. andr'henwe 13) (qo) tor a walk'
A: What We 14) (lorc) ft herel
(you/do)at the moment?
B: | . . ..... (co o k) LoLe of love,

dinner. 7ffiY
50 ^ **a.f*""rd*"**.4_'1tr4-=*'*3,*-'/F4"--4F
#:# -ru4"*eff-
Simple- Present
Present Continuous

5 Putthe verbsin bracketsinto the present

simpleor presentcontinuous.
1 Steve...... (wear)hisnewhattoday.
2 Thebaby (sleep)at
the moment.
(wear) 7
4 ....... (it/snow) heavily today?
5 Howmuch ...... (it/cost)?
6 They. . (not/play)computer Speaking
games now. Lookat the pictures.Describethem to
7 Mr Harris . (work)in a museum. your partnerusingthe presentsimpleor
8 Howoften ..... (you/go) presentcontinuous.Talkabout:
to the cinema?
o ptace o clothes r activities o weather
Please bequiet!| ...... (try)to do
10 | ...... (not/like)rainydays.

I Correctthe mistakes.
1 She dinnereveryevening
. > cooks
2 Doestheytikeapptes?
3 Sheis weara btuedresstoday.
4 Heis doinghishomework in
the moment.
5 She'seat a hot dog.
6 I startsschoolat 8:00am.
7 Doshedriveto work?
8 Whataretheyreadnow?
9 Shedon'tlivein London. ln picture A I can seea family. Theyare at o
10 Weare watchTV now. pork. Theyare sitting on a blanketand they
are havinga picnic. Theyare wearingshorts
andT-shirts.If is warm.
Writetrue sentences
T the adverbsandadverbialphrasesbelow.
. now o usualtyo often o at the moment Writing
o eveu day o never o at the weekends Choosea pictureandwrite a short
o today descriptionof it.

o PresentContinuous b) Whatis the spellingrulefor the ending
of verbslike sitting?Canyou think of two
a) Readthe text. Underline
the verbsin morerules?
the presentsimple.Whendo we usethe
3 Readagainandanswerthe questions.

1 WhereareTomandhisfamitystaying?
Tom and his
family are in 2 WhatdoTomandhisfamilydoeverysummer?
Barcelona fortheir
summerholidays. 3 WhatdoesTom'smumlike doing?
Theyare staying
at a beautifulhotelnearthe beach.Theylove 4 Whyis it a specialday for Tomtoday?
Barcelona andvisitit everysummer.
Tlle weatheris greattherethistimeof the year. 5 Whatare Tomand his dadwearing?
variesfrom 18"Cto 25"C.In Augustit sometimes
getsveryhotandthetemperature goesupto 38"C|
WhenTomand his familyare on holidaythey
4 Putthe verbsinto the presentsimpleor

usuallygo swimming in the afternoon.

Tomloves A: Whereis Sam?
fishingand his dad likeswindsurfing! His mum B: He (do)hishomework
likessunbathing andsheusuallylieson thebeach the moment.
forhours. 2A:
Todayis a specialday for Tom.His favourite B:
team,FCBarcelona, areplayingagainstLiverpool.
Tomandhisdadareat thestadium. Theyarevery 3A:
excited.TheyarewearinghatsandT-shirts withthe B:
flagof Barcelona on them.TheyaredrinkingCoke
4 A: Whattime . .... (you/leave)
andeatingpopcorn. Theyaresittingnextto many
for schoot?
Barcelona fansandtheyareallsinging!
B: I usuatty .. (catch)the schoo[
busat 7:30.
b) Circleall of the verbsin the present A: What (you/do)on Sundays?
simplethird personsingular. B: | .. (play)tennisbut todayI
c) Write the verbsin the presentsimplein (stay)at home.
the negativeform. Which verb do we use E.a
Correctthe mistakes.
to form the negative?What are the .J

changesto the main verb? 1 Heoften a sandwich

for lunch. eats
2 Look!Littte Dianeis walk!
a) Lookat the text andcirclethe verbsin 3 Hedon't [ivein Madrid.
L the presentcontinuous. 4 Howoften do you ptayingtennis?
Whendo we use
the present continuousT 5 Oh,no! lt is rainoutside.
6 Are you tike fishing?
Circlethe correctitem.
I t is . . . . . . . .h e a v i lto
y d a y. 11 Thisis not........car .
A rains B raining C rain A they B we C our

2 Ptease be quiet!Thebaby sleeping. 12 speakGerman?

A a re Bis C does ADo Bls CDoes

J ohn. . . . . . . .p a i n ti npgi ctu re s. 13 "........Anthony?"

A loving B love C loves "Ben'sbestfriend."
A Whose B Who C Who's
" . . . . .. . .i s t h i sj a cke t? "
"Bitt's. " 14 The........bikesar ein thegar den.
A Whose B Who C Which A boys' B boys's C boys

" . . . . .. . .O oy o , g oto w o rk? " 15 Mary........gotblueeyesandbtackhair.

"Bybus." A is B has C have
A When B How C Why
16 W hat'your
s ........nam e?
"Whattime doesthe partystart?" A brother'sB brothers' C brother
" . . . . . . . .8 o ' c [ o c k ."
AO n BAt Cln 17 Paut's is ........ 25'hDecember!
Aat Bin Con
CanI have Coke,please?
A any B some C an 18 "Where's myschoolbag?"
"lt' s........to yourdesk.
Howmany do youneed? A next B behind C on
A tomaties B tomatos C tomatoes
19 thereanysweetsin the bag?
me.Whattime........ it?
9 Excuse Als B Are C lsn' t
Ais B isn't C has
20 Sheusuatty up at 8 o'clock.
10 Thisis Ben.........is seventeen. A wakes B wake C waking
A He B She C His
/tvtart<:- \


Affirmative Interrogative
LongForm ShortForm
I was I was not I wasn't Was | ...?
you were you were not you weren't Were you...?
he he he he ...?
she was she was not she wasn't Was she...?
it it it it ...?
we we WC we...?
you were you were not you weren't Were you..?
they they they they...?

ShortAnswers o The past simpleof the verb to

Yes,l /he/she/itwas. be is was/were.
No ,l / he / she/ itwasn't. o We usewas with /, he, she,it.
Yes,you / we I they were. o We use were with we, Vou,
No,you / we / theyweren't. they.
Marilyn Monroe was
o Weform the interrogativewith was/were+ subject pronoun. an octress.
Wherewos he last week?
Timeexpressions usedwith the past
o We form the negativewith was/were
+ not.
days/weeks/ months/years
ago,in 1997,etc
Theyweren't at the park yesterday.

4 Lookat the picturesandanswerthe questions.



1 WherewasTomyesterday? 5 Whereis Tomtoday?

2 Washe alone? 6 ls he atone?
3 Wherewere his friends? 7 Whereare hisfriends?
4 Washe happy? 8 ls he happy?

2 Matchthe sentences in columnA with the

onesin columnB to form exchanges. Satvador
Dati/ exptorer/

m Whatwasthe fitm tike?

m WasMarywith them?
E] I wasin Milantwo daysago.
fl WhenwasTim'sbirthday?
t Hewasa greatwriter.
f, Wereyouat work?

,, ..1.,1-
,, ,.,, ,,,

GI a Wereyou?
'1"-''-"-.=,=. Speaking
b Yes,I was. Usethe ideasbelowto askyour partner
c It waswonderfut! questions.
d Whichwerehismostfamousbooks?
o what/favouritetoy/young
e Lastmonth.
o who/favouriteteacherat school
f No,shewasn't.Shewasat o who/bestfriend(s)/when/seven yearsold
schoot. o what/favouritefood/fiveyearsago
o howotd/in2000
o when/tastbirthdayparty

3 Usethe promptsbelowto askandanswer

asin the example.
o where/lastweekend
o where/at9 o' ctock/lastnight
1 NadiaComaneci/artist/
gymnast > A: Wherewereyouat 9 o'clocklostnight?etc
* A: WasNadiaCanonect B: lwas at home.etc
B: No, shewasnr. Slrc
woso gymnast. Writin
Useyour partner'sanswersto write a
NeiIArmstrong/ short paragraph
favouritetoy whenshewasyoungwas
> fularia's
a doll. Herfovouriteteocherot schoolwas... .



LongForm ShortForm
worked did not work didn'twork
you you you
he he he
she worked she did not work she didn'twork
it it it
we we we
you worked you did not work you didn't work
they they they

Interrogative ShortAnswers
Yes,| / you/ he/ she/ it / we / you/ theydid.
Did| / you/ he / she/ it / we / you/
No, | / you / he / she/ it / we / you / they

Spelling o We form negationswith did noU

o Weformthe pastsimpteof regutar didn't + the baseformof the verb.
verbsby adding-ed to the main He didn't walk the dog yesterday
verb. afternoon.
I pack-I packed,I cook-I cooked
o Weadd-d to verbsendingin -e. Use
o Weusethe pastsimpteto describe
I sove- I saved,I type - I typed
o Verbsendingin consonant actionswhichstartedand finished
+ y, drop
in the past. The time is either
the -y andadd -ied I cry - l cried, I
statedor implied.
study- I studied
o Verbsendingin one stressed She cooked dinner on Saturday.
(When?On Saturday.The time is
betweentwo consonants doubtethe
lastconsonant andtake-ed.
We travelled to Barcelona last
stop- stopped
night.(When? Lastnight.)
Form Wetrovelled by aeroplane.(When?
o Weformquestions with the auxiliary The time is not mentionedbut it's
verb did + subjectpronoun+ the implied.Theytravelledlastnight.)
baseform of the verb. Time expressions usedwith the past
Did he walk the dogyesterday simple: yesterday,last week, last
afternoon? month, [ast year, two days/weeks/
ago,in 1979,etc


A Write the post simpleof the

t verbs. 3 Lookat Fred'sagendafor yesterdayand make
sentences. . 8:oO walkdo+{
1 appear > appeared o Q:oo pla4 Eolfwith?aul)(
2 borrow . 1 1:OOwater flowergX
3 carry . 17:OOc*oEIvwh?{
4 close a 7:OO workonr,ompv*er
5 ptay . 5:OOvieit qrandpa
6 jog . 6:OQ reVair't\l {
7 tive o 7:OOr,oakdinnorX
8 smile . 6:oohd4hougs)(
9 wash o J:OO rntr.h a|VP /
10 grab
1 * Yesterday,Fred walked the dog.
A Put the verbsin bracketsinto 3
L the post simple. 4

4 Put the verbsinto the past simple,then matchthe

questionsto the answers.
1 Where .... (you/live)ten yearsago?
Last yea[ Ketty and Diane 2 Who. ... (TomandSue/visit)
1) . . . . . . : . . . . . . . .(. d e ci d eto ) g o to tastnight?
France. They2) . (travel) W hattim e .......( yourmum/
by aeroplane to Parisand3) cook)dinneryesterday?
(share)a roomat a wonderfulhotel. 4 When (Ann/start)ptayingtennis?
They4) . (love)the Eiffet 5 When ...... (they/move) to Portugat?
Towerandthe Champs Etys6es. They 6 How. .... (SaintGeorge/kill)
5 ) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (. .w a lk)a ttd a yi n th e the dragon?
beautifuIstreets of the city and What .. ... (Helen/study) yesterday
6) ..............(visit)manymuseums. afternoon?
Theyalso7) .................(travel)to Howmanyletters . (you/type)
Nice, where they 8) [astmonth?
(sunbathe)on the beachfor hours.
They 9) . (enjoy) their
t Fifteenyearsago. Chemistry.

hotidaya [ot! trl Withhislance. ln lretand.

t Theirfriends. Onlyfour.
il At 6 o' ctock. Whenshewas8 yearsotd.

E Lookat the picturesandanswerthe questions.


DidSophiecookrice tastnight? tidy herroomyesterday?

4 DidSophie
i,'o,sheciclnt. \trc ccc,<ed
DidSophieenjoythe party [astweek? 5 DidSophie
travelto Parislastsummer?

3 DidSophie afternoon? 6 DidSophiehavea picnic[astweekend?

6 Putthe verbsin bracketsinto the correctform of the pasf simple.

1 KenandMark. ....... (watch)a great | ...... .... ( not/enjoyt he) ptay

film at the cinematwo weeksago. at alt. lt wasreattyboring!
". . . . . . .. (K e n d ra /s tudy)
for Thebr avem an, ......( k i l l )the
theexamlastnight?" "Yes,shedid." m onster ( save)
and............... thepr i nc es s .
Phitip. .... (not/ask) hisdadto Mydad ... (not/repair)
borrowthe car lastnight. mycomputer, so| .. (not/use)
H o wm a n yso n g s. ........( you/ it altweekend.
download) fromthe Internetlastweek?
When ......(B i l l/m ove)
to thishouse?

7 Put the wordsin the correctorder to make

sentences. 9 Formquestions,then askyour partnerto
1 last / PeterandJosh/ to I weekend/ did I 1 you / watchTV lastnight?
Itaty/ travel? > A: DldyouwatchTVlastnight?
8: No.ldidn' t.
not / we I the / water I did / yesterday your parents/ visit / their friends last
flowers weekend?

3 my / d a y s / g r a nd p a /tw o/l /a g o /vi si ted 3 your parents / travel / abroad / tast

their / Fionaand Martha / tidy / not /
bedroomi did 4 your best friend i ptay footbatl / last

5 you/ tistento music/ yesterday


I Readthe emailandput the verbsin

bracketsinto the correctform of the pasf
In pairs,askandanswerquestions
what you did lastSaturday.
Howareyou?How1) ...... . (be)your > A: Did you visit your grandparentslost
weekend? Mine2) (be) great. Soturdoy?
Theweather3) . (not/be)good B: Yes,ldid.
so | 4) (stay) at home and A: Didyoucleanthe houseT
5 ) . . . . . . ; . . . . . . . . . . .(.i n vi te my
) fri e n d to
s vi si t. 8: No,ldidn't. etc
We 6) (play)computergames,
7 ) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(.l iste nto) mu si a
c n dth e nw e
8) ...... .... (watch)TV.Whataboutyou? Writing
9) .... ... (you/play) basketbatt? Useyour partner'sanswersto write a
Hopeyouare 0K. Tatkto yousoon. short paragraphaboutwhat he/shedid
> LostSaturday,Manuelvisitedhisgrandporents.
Hedidn't cleanthe house. etc

(Units l9-20)

o PastSimple(regularverbs)
a) Readthe text andfill in the gapswith
2 a) Howdo we form shortanswersin the
past simple?

the verbsbelowin the post simple, b) Readthe text in Ex. 1 againandanswer

play rCe reach join
dr'.c cry the questions.
,.'; .: : ..ii' aPPeaf Staft DidRingoStarrform TheQuarrymenT

2 DidGeorge join the bandin 1958?


Didlhe Beatlesrecordtheir first atbumin


4 Didpeople[ovethem?

5 Didtheybreakup in 1980?

The Beatleswere the most successfulpop band

of all time. The memberswere John lrnnon, Paul
. WasAilere
McCartney,GeorgeHarrison and Ringo Starr.
It all l) inl957,when lennon formed a
band, called The Quarrymen, with some friends
from school. Paul McCartney 2)
3 a) Whatis the past simpleof the verb "fo
be"? Findexamples in the text.
the band
in 1957 and George Harrison joined in 1958. In b) Howdo we form the interrogotiveand
1960,the band 3) their name to TheBeatles
negativepastformsof the verb "to be"?
and started playing in music clubs. Soon, the
drummer Ringo Starr joined the band.
In 1963, the band recorded their first album,
which was a huge success.Many of their songs
4) .............No. 1 in the charts and The Beatles
4 Usethe time expressions
rewritethe sentences
in bracketsto
in the pasf simple.
5) .............in many concerts. They were very 1 ls shea famous (tenyearsago)
popular. People loved them so much that many
even6) or screamedduring their concerts.
In 1966, The Beatles D .............their last
concert in San Francisco.They continued to make everyweek.(lastweek)
recordsuntil 1970,when they 8) ............. to break
up. 3 Myparentsareat work.(yesterday)
They were a fantastic band. They created some
of the most brilliant albums in music history and
Doyougojoggingin the afternoon?
they changedthe face of pop musicforever.

b) Howdo we form the interrogatfveand 5 | livein Bristol.(threemonthsago)

do we use?Whathappens to the main 6 Peterisn'ta student.
(in 1998)
Circlethe correctitem.
"ls this bike?" 11 youwaterthe ptantstastnight?
"No,it isn'tmybike.lt'sBen's." ADo B Did C Were
A you B your C his
12 "CanPhitipridea bike?"
"........aretheycarryinganumbretla?" "No,he........."
"Because it's raining.
" A can B can't C doesn't
A Where B Why C When
13 | loveShakira.
........is myfavourite
3 ........youandLisaat thecinema
tastnight? A She B Her C Hers
A Were B Did C Was
14 "Didyourbrothertidy hisroom?"
4 Therearen't carrotsin the fridge. "Yes,he........."
Ano E some C any A didn't B was c did

5 . . . . . . ..t h e yh a v ed in n ear t 8 o 'cto ck? 15 aremynephews,

A Are B Does CDo A That B This C These

6 Mydadgoesfishing Sundays. 1 6 "WasEtvisPrestey

a famoussinger?"
Aon Ba t Cin he........."
A was B did C wasn't
got a son?
A Jimhasn't B HasJim C Jimhas
A stared B star C starred
8 Wh a t . . . . . . .A. u n tBre n dco
a o ki n g ?
Aam B are Cis 18 Haveyougot........newCDs?
Asom e Bany Ca
9 is a bigmouse
in the kitchen!
A They B There C Their 19 Kevin........to ltatyeverysummer.
A travel B is travetting
C travets
10 Tigers
A teeth B tooths C teeths 20 youtikerockmusic?
ADo B Are C Have



Affirmative Interrogative
LongForm ShortForm
I left I did not leave I didn't leave Did | leave?
you left youdid not leave youdidn't leave Did you leave?
she left shedid not leave shedidn't leave Did sheleave?
he left hedid not leave he didn't leave Did he leave?
it left it did not leave it didn't leave Did it leave?
we left we did not leave we didn't leave Did we leave?
you left youdid not [eave youdidn't leave Did you leave?
they left theydid not teave theydidn't leave Did they [eave?

lrregutarverbsdo notformthe pastsimpteby adding-ed.

leave- Ieft, make- made, soy- said
(Seetistof irregutar
verbsat the endof the book.)

Theyformquestions andnegations with did/didnot (didn't)andbasicformof the

verb. Heleft - Did he leave?- Hedidn't leave.

in the pastsimpleto write whatthe peopledid yesterday.

4T ' Lookat the pictures.Usethe phrases
r go to the cinema e drink tea o catchthe bus o ride his bike o eat cherries

Paulusuatty TVon Saltyusuattygoesto school Karenusuattydrinkscoffee
but yesterday
Sundays, he by car, but yesterdayshe in the morning, but
yester day
she..... ..........

Jimusually havecakefor
but yesterday
Saturdays, he butyesterday
dessert, they


2 Completethe crosswordwith the post

simpleof the verbsin brackets. 3 Fill in the blankswith the verbsin brackets
in the past simple.

2 Susan (find) her handbagin
the wardrobe.
4 Whenthe parade .... (begin),
we wereexcited.
6 Tom . .. (think)the partywasboring.
8 Sandy ....... (fly)to Spaintastweek.
10 Margaret .. (make)roastlamb
12 We ...
14 J oh n.
.... (drive)to Waleslastweek.
..... (co meh) o mee a rl y 4 Yourfriend is backfrom holiday.Usethe
wordsto askquestions.
1 where/go
1 They .... (buy)a newcarlastmonth. 2 golwindsurfing
3 Thechitdren (break)the lamp
yesterday. 3 meet/newpeopte
5 She.. ....... (give)mea nicepresent.
7 Tony . . (tell) me a funnyjoke. 4 take/photos
9 She... .. (write)a letterto her
brotheryesterday. 5 read/books
11 We .. ..... (meet)George at the
parklastweek. 6 buy/souvenirs
13 Sheonty ... (drink)a gtassof water.

5 Putthe wordsin the correctorderto make

sentences. 7 Somepeoplearetellinglies.Readwhat
they say,then usethe wordsin bracketsto
correctthe falsestatements.
1 we / the I go / didn't / to / park/ yesterday
1 Tony: I wentto a streetparade
yesterday afternoon.
read / he / book/ science-fiction/ a / week /
last 2 Cathy:

buy/ she/ new/ bicycle/ last/ a / month/ 3 Peter& Heten: Wemet Georgefor dinner.
4 satty:<.-.1 iglght3I"gI!tTJ,
J --

4 they/ have/ didn't/ party/ a /week/ last

5 Martha: I renteda car.

did / bed / your / you/ make / yesterday puddingyesterday.

I ateYorkshire
6 Kevin'l
:"""' """?
saw / we / a / [ast / fitm / good/ night 1 (party)
F No,he didn'tgo to a streetparade.
Hewentto a partyyesterdoy afternoon.
Annie'sflatmateleft a list of thingsfor her
A (biscuits)
v to do. Now,they are talkingon the phone.
Usethe notesto completethe dialogue.
Anniedon'tforgetto ... 3 (lunch)

4 (skirt)
feedthe cat takethe dogfor a watk

5 (bicycle)

Annie: He[to.
Betty: HiAnnie.Howareyou?
6 (roast beef)
Annie: I'm fine.Thanks.
Betty: Wet[,1l > didyougoto the bank?
Annie: Yes,and| 2) .... . thecatbut I
3 ) . . . . . . .. th el a u n d ry.
Bett y : l t d o e s n 't 4 ) ...................
ma tte r. the
living room? In pairs,askandanswerquestionsabout
Annie: Yes,andI atso5) ..... the dog whatyoudid lastweekend.Includetwo
for a walk. lies.Seeif yourpartnercanguessthem.
Bett y : G o o d6. ) ........... d i n n e r?
Annie: No,Betty.I'm sorry.I forgot. Writin
Betty: That'sokay.Wecanordertakeaway. aboutwhat you
Writea shortparagraph
Annie: Thanks Betty.That'sgreat. did lastweekend.
Countable/ Uncountable

Countable nounsare nounswhichwe cancount.

one tomoto- two tomotoes
Uncountabte nounsare nounswhichwe cannotcount.
somebread, somemilk
Uncountable nounsusuallyhaveonlysingutarforms.Thesenounsinclude:
food: bread,meot, cheese,rice, sugor,pasta,etc
liquid: coffee,woter, milk, tea, etc

Wecanusethefottowing nouns in frontof someuncountable to showquantity:

o bottle of oil, o cupof teo,a glassof water,a bowlof rice,a sliceof pizza,a
loof of breod,o kilo of meat,o pieceof cake,a cortonof eggs

tr nounIn eachgroup.
Circlethe uncountable
4 a) Putthe wordsin the right column.
. meat o soup r onion . sausage I potato- biscuit- rice- cherry
o egg o bread r ice cream r biscuit 2 honey- egg- sausage - banana
r watermelon o peach o pasta o coffee 3 pumpkin - mitk- peach- appte
4 sausage - cheese - lemon- carrot
5 bread- onion- watermelon - tomato
6 slice- piece- kilo- pasta

Youneedto goshopping.

canbe plural?
b) Whichof the above'words F
1 asin the example.
Matchthe columns, (.
L e

a glassof a bread e

m a cupof b meat
t a loafof c water e
ro a kitoof d rice

t a bottle of e
a bowl of

/Any- Howmuch/How
Some many

Countablenouns Unountablenouns
Affirmative Thereare someonions. Thereis somemitk.
Negative Therearen'tanyonions. Thereisn'tanymitk.
Interrogative Arethereany onions? ls thereany mitk?

o Weusesomein affirmativesentences with pturalcountabte nounsandwith uncountabte

nouns.I needsomebiscuitsand somesugarfor my tea.
o Weuseanyin negativeandintenogative sentenceswith bothcountabtenounsin the plural,and
uncountabtenouns.Are thereany tomatoesin thefridge?Thereisn'tany milkin mycoffee.
NOTE:We usesomein interrogativesentences to makeoffers
Wouldyou like somefea?(offer)
CanI havesomewater?(request)
Weusehowmuchwith uncountable nounsto ask
abouttheamountof something.
Howmuch milk do you want?Twobottles.
CanI have somestrawberries,
Weusehow manywith countabte nounsto ask please?
aboutthe numberof things.
B: Sure,howmanydo youneed?
Howmany appleshoveyougot?Three.
A: 500g.

Fillin the gapswith someor ony.
2 Write questionswith howmuchandhow
many,asin the example.
1 ls there .. cheese
in the fridge? 1 coffee/ the cup
'2 Woutdyoutike . juice? * Howmuchcoffeeis therein the evp?
3 T h e r ea r e ..........b a n a n ai ns th efruitbowl Coke/ the bottte
but therearen't . apples.
4 CanI have .. mitkfor my coffee? 3 eggs/ the fridge
5 There isn't cake but there are
.. biscuits. 4 tea / the cup
6 T h e r ei s . . . .......ca b b a gi e
n th eb o wt.
7 Woutdyoulike .. sushi? 5 tomatoes/ the bag
8 Therearen't .. pineapples.
9 Arethere onionsin thisdish? 6 soup/ the bowl
10 ls there . breadin the bag?
7 orangejuice / the glass

8 sweets/ the packet

/Any- Howmuch/Howmany

Fill in the sentences
with howmuch,how r\latchthe questionsto the answers.
.t meny,someandany. J
A: T h e r ei s 1 ) . . ..... mi tki n th efri d g e. tlTl Howmuchdoesthis bookcost?
B : 2l . . . . . . i s th e re ? ET--l Woutdyoulike somesugarin yourcoffee?
A: A bottte. f3T-l Arethereanychocotates in the box?

A: 3).. . . b ro th e rsand sistershave lZT--.l Howmanygtasses of water do you drink

B: l've got two brothersbut I haven't got fdT-l ls thereanytea in the cup?
4l .. . . . . si ste rs. reTl Howmuchcoffeedo youdrinkeveryday?
a Yes,ptease. d 115
A: 5).. . . p e n sh a veyo u g o t i n yo ur
penciIcase? b No,therearen't e Yes,thereis some.
any. f Twocups.
l've got three.
A : CanI have6) ...'. .. meat,please?
B: 7l .. . . . . . wo u tdyo u[i ke ?
A: A kito,ptease. 6 Lookat the followingdialogueandput the
sentencesin the right order.
g o t8 )
A: 0h , n o !| h a v e n 't ......w a te r ! A: Hetto.CanI hetpyou?
B: 9) .. . . . . . doyo un e e d ? E B: A kito,please.
A: A bottte.
fl A: Yes,there are. How manywoutdyou
A: 10)... .. booksaretherein yourbag?
B: T h e r ea r e n ' t1 1 ).... E B: Yes.Arethereanybananas?
E A: Of course.Howmuchwouldyou[ike?
E B: Twobotttes,ptease.
I Underlineandcorrectthe mistakes. E A: Of course.Howmanybotttes?
-r E A: Hereyouare.lt's f,15attogether.
Howmanysugaris therein yourcoffee?
1 E B: Six,please.AndcanI havesomeCoke?
Thereareanybookson the tabte. E B: Hetto.CanI havesomecheese, please?
Aretheresomecherries in the basket? E A: Anything etse?
Howmuchmeatsdo you eat everyday?
Howmanycoffeewould [ike?
5 Speaking
Thereisn't someCokein the bottte. In pairsaskquestions
Howmuchslicesof pizzacanyoueat?
7 everydayeatinghabits.Askabout:
| havegot any meat and potatoesfor my
dinnertonight! o water o milk o cheeseo apples
9 Howmuchhoursdo youstudyeveryday? . carrots . eggs o meat o biscuits
10 Howmanymoneydoesa busticketcost? o coffee o orangejuice

* A: Howmuchwater do you drink everydoy?

B: Sixglosses.

{Ur"rits2 I -23)

o PastSimple(irregularverbs) o Countable
/ Uncountable
Listall the verbsin the pasttensein the
text. Whichare regular?Whichare
3 Findthree uncountablenounsandtwo
countablenounsrelatedto food in the
text in Ex. 1.

4 Write C for countableand U for

uncountable nextto eachitem.

1 tomato 6 fish
Last year I celebratedHalloween,on October 3lst,
2 meat 7 bread
with rny hmily and friends. My mum bought a
3 rice 8 cherry
pumpkinand we cut a scaryhce in it and put it in
4 biscuit 9 potato
the window.My friendsand I went trick-or-treating
5 egg 10 tea
in the afternoon.Wewore scarycostumesandwent
from house to house and people gaveus sweets.In
the evening,I had a Halloween costume party'.My
mum and I decoratedour house.Wetied blackand o Some/ Any/ Howmuch/ How
orangeballoonsto the backof the chairsandput old many
horror film posters on the walls.My mum made
a) Whendo we usesomeandony?Find
pizzaand some sandwiches.
My friends arrived at 5
J examplesin the text.
eighto'clock.Everyonesat in the livingroom andate
some food and drank some lemonade.Then we
b) Lookat the sentences
played party games.My favourite game was apple
bobbing.Weput some applesin a bucket of water A: Howmuchorangejuice do youwant?
and tried to take an applefrom the water with our B: Threecartons.
teeth. I got all wet but I didnt catch any apples! A: Howmanyorangeshaveyougot?
Later,we had a costume contest and we voted for B: Two.
the best costume.I took lots of pictures of my
Whendo we usehowmuchand howmany?
friends.My party was a hugesuccessand everyone
hadlots of fun.
"Niil}i4Mqs -w@w{ e+::@i ry::.

Fill in the gapswith some,any, howmuch

1 a) Finda negotivepostform in the text. A
L v andhowmony.
Howis it formed?
1 Ther ear e...............
bananas in thebas k et.
2 Ther eisn' t...............
mitkin thefr idge.
b) Howdo we form the interrogativeform 3 ...............
biscuits ar ein thepacket?
4 coffeeis in the cupboard?
in the past simple?
5 gir lsar ether ein yourcta s s ?
(Units l-23)

Circlethe correctitem.
1 . . . . . .. .y o u rn a m eT o m? 11 How........mitkdowe need?
AA m BA r e Cls A many B long C much

2 got a bike? 12 There anyaeroplanes

A Shehas B Shehasn't C Hasshe A wasn't B weren't C aren't

3 ........ aresometreesin the garden. 13 She........herhomeworatk them oment.

A There B They C This A do B does C is doing

4 youtikeapples? 14 Bittoften letters.

A Does B Doesn't C Do A writes B write C is writing

5 Thereisn't......n.ricein thecupboard. 15 | ........yoursisterlastweek.

A some B a c any A see B saw c amseeing

6 T o mca nr i d ea b i keb u th e ........co o k. 16 W e........to thecinemtast

a night.
A can B can't c cannot A go B went c aregoing

7 s he.. . . . . . b
. r e a k faestve ryd a y. 17 How........petshaveyougot?
A has B have C don't have A much B tong C many

8 | drinka cupof coffee the morning. 18 woutdyoutike........tea?

Aon Bat Cin Aany Ba Csom e

9 He........comes
earty.He'snever[ate. 19 yougoto schoolyesterday?
A sometimes B always C usuatly A Did B Do C Are

10 Laur a. . . . . . . .m a k inag ca ke . 20 Satty........ herleglastSunday.

A is B does C has A breaks B is breaking C broke

/tvtart<:- \
\ 20/

A/An- The

The IndefiniteArticle'A./An" in frontof anadjectivewhenthereis no

r The indefinite articte a/an is used nounafterit. Butwhenthereis a noun
nouns.Weuse after the adjective, we use a for
a before nounswhich begin with a adjectives whichbeginwith a consonant
consonant soundand an beforenouns soundandan for adjectives whichbegin
whichbeginwitha vowetsound. with a vowelsound.

It is a bike.lt is new
It is a new bike.
It is olsoan expensive
a unicorn(consonant sound)
an umbrella(vowelsound)
The DefiniteArticle"The'
a hat (consonant sound) o The definiteartictethe is usedwith
an hour(h is sitent) singutaror pturalnouns.
Weusea/an the boy,the women,the foresf, etc
o with singutar countabte Weusethe
nounswhenwe wantto say o with nounswhenwe are tatkingabout
what somebody/something something specific,for examptewhen
the noun is mentionedfor a second
time or is atreadyknown. In other
words, when we can ai\swer the
question"Who?"or "Which?"
Wedon't usea/an
o with uncountable
or ptura[nouns.We

1 Fill in with o, an or the.

Fill in the gapswith o, an or the.
1 ....... skirtyouboughtis lovely. Maria is from ltaly. She liveswith her parentsin
2 Borders is ....... bookshop .. shopnext 1)....... small villagenear Parma.They have got
to it is famousbakery. 2) .......beautifulhousewith 3) .......garden.4) .......
3 ....... womanin thispictureis John'ssister. gardenis very big and Maria playsin it all the time.
4 l w a n t t o b u y....... n e w sp a p ebr,ut....... Maria hasgot 5) .......cat. 6) .......cat'snameis Luna
newsagent's is ctosed. and it follows Maria everywhere.
5 L i s a 'bs r o th eirs .......a cro b a t. Everyday Maria goes to school by bus. 7) .......
6 I c a ns e e....... b i cycte i n th e g a rden.lt is bus stop is not far from her house.Sometimesshe
. . . . . . .o t dbi cycte . goes to school on her bike, which was B) .......
NeitArmstrong was....... astronaut. Hewas presentfor her birthday.lt is 9) .......expensivered
first manto watkon the moon. bike and Maria lovesit.
Must- Mustn't

Weusemust/mustn't to:
o describeobtigationor duty.Youmust listento your teacher.
o givestrongadvice.Youmusthelpotherpeople.Youmustn'teat
too muchjunk food.
. expressprohibition.Youmustn'tdrivefast. You must wear a
helmet whenyou
ride a bicycle.

I Fill in the sentences

with mustand mustn't. keepourgardens
Insects clean.(We/notkitt
I them)
1 You.. .. (o yourhomework everyday.
2 You.. be rudeto yourparents. The studentsare havinga test. (They/not
3 Yo u. . . . . ......w o rrya b o uth
t ee xa m . talk to eachother)
4 We ............buysomeftowers fortheparty.
5 You.. . drinktoo muchcoffee.
6 You.... cteanyourteetheveryday.
Yo u. . . . . . . ....d ri vefa st.
You..............drinka cupof mitkeveryday.
3 Matchthe signsto the sentences.
one extra sentence.

9 You............... exercise threetimesa week.

10 You .. ... eat too manysweets.

2 Writefull sentences,
asin the example.
1 Thedogis itt. (You/take
* Youmusttakeit to the vet. Youmustn'tenter.
Johnhasa headache. (He/take/aspirin)
FT-l Youmuststop.
3 Themilksmells drinkit) FTI Youmustn'tswimhere.
4 lt's a rainyday.(l/take/umbrelta)
5 Thewateris dirty.(You/not
Whatmusfor mustn'tyoudoin class?
6 Thebabyis hungry. the verbs/phrases
o tatk o be tate o listento yourteacher
7 Maryis cotd.(She/wear/sweater) o be potiteto yourteacher o be quiet
r- eat anddrink
(Units | -25)

Circlethe correctitem.
1 Mary be at school at 8.30 every 11 Heten was sad yesterday.She att
morning. night.
A mustn't B can c must A crying B cried c cryed

2 . shopnextto the cinemasettsbooks. 12 AmadeusMozart a composer.

A Th e BA CAn Awer e Bwas Chas

3 LastsummerTomsaw dotphinin the 13 where youlastnight?

sea. Awas Bar e cwer e
Aan Bt h e Ca
14 Weare . for our examsat the moment.
4 Leicester
is ........ London. A studyingB study c studied
Aon BFt Cin
15 is yourbirthday?
5 Have you got photos from your A why B when c where
A any B some C these 16 Ronaldo
and........ sistertivein Brazit.
A her B his C he's
6 Peter. travelling!
A love B loves c loving 1l rhere anymoneyin the purse.
A is B aren't C isn't
7 How........ meatdoyoueateveryweek?
A m a n y B m u ch C any 18 He,sgotver ybig........!
A foots B feets C feet
8 . . . . . . . . s p e e d t imi t i s 7 0 mp h o n th e
motorway. 19 Anna tikes swimmingbut she tike
A Th i s BT h e CA sunbathing.
A don't B doesn't C didn't
9 yougo to the cinematastnight?
A Are B Do c Did z0 Thisis interesting
Athe Ba Can
10 The Smith famity to Austratiatast
A go B goes C went (Mark:
_ \


Affirmative Negative
LongForm Short Form LongForm Short Form
I amgoingto I 'm goingto I am not goingto I 'm not goingto
you aregoingto you 're goingto you are not goingto you aren't goingto
he he he he
she is goingto she 's goingto she is not goingto she isn't goingto
it it it it
we we we we
you aregoingto you 're goingto you are not goingto you aren'tgoingto
they they they they

* lnterrogative Short Answers

Am I goingto ...? Yes,I am. No,l'm not.
Are you goingto ...? Yes,youare. No,youaren't.
he Yes,heis. No,heisn' t.
she goingto ...? Yes,sheis. No,sheisn't.
it Yes,it is. No,it isn' t.
we Yes,we are. No,we aren't.
Are you goingto ...? Yes,youare. No,youaren't.
they Yes,theyare. No,theyaren't.

Use Timeexpressionsusedwith be goingto:

Weusebe goingto: tomorrow,this weekend,next Monday/
o to talkaboutourfutureptansandintentions. Tuesday/etc, nextmonth/week/etc
She'sgoingto havea picnictomorrow.(= Shet
planning to ...)
o to makepredictions basedonwhatwe cansee.
It's goingto rain. Thereare manydark clouds
in thesky.(l canseethectouds.)

I Usethe phrases
to completethe sentences.
o takean aspirin o weara scarf r stdvhome o takeit for a watk o makea chocotatemitkshake
o buya newone o go shoppingo buitda snowmano go to the beach o take pianolessons

1 The dogwantsto go out. 3 lt's snowing.

> I'm goingto take it for a walk.
Lucyhasa headache. Mikeis reallytiredtonight.
She He

5 We'vegotsomechocotate
icecreamandmilk. \'r
6 pack/heavy ctothes (I)
6 It'sverywindyoutside.

7 MrandMrsJohnson's
caris veryold.
They. 7 goswimming/at
8 Heten[ovesmusic. beach(/)
S h e ..
I needsomenewctothes.
10 It'sveryhottoday.
BittandJim.. hours(I)
8 steep/many

1 Cathyis plannlnga holidayto Mexico.

L Lookat the picturesandwrite whatshe 9 buy/souvenirs
islisn't goingto do. famity(/)
1 golskiing.(,,r)
= Sheisn't goingto
go skiing.

3 Write questionswith goingfo.

1 l'm goingto Carol'sbirthdayparty.(what/

2 eat/[ocatdishes(/)

2 Bittis goingon holiday.(where/go)?

3 Pattyand Samare goingto the cinema.

3 goifishing(X)
."..... i

4 Sueis goingto Barcelona.

(how long/stay)?

take/totsof 5 Her grandmais comingfor lunch.(what/

pictures(/) cook)?

6 l'm goingto the shops.(who/gowith)?

to -6'cl 7 Harryis goingto university.
.8 MarkandJimaregoingto the supermarket.


4 Lookat the Parkers'familydiaryfor next

week.In pairs,askandanswerquestions
weekend because
..... (not/play)

usingthe prompts,asin the example. (you/help)medo the

Betty . (not/come)to the
cinemawith us.She'sverytired.
ChrisandRita . ... (visit)their
10 When (we/buy)a newcar?
Thisoneis veryotd!

Sunday qeoYge- tldg hLsroovw

Mrs Parkcr - wateYthe ?Lanf,s
Tuesday cLwdg - vklt her b estfrlev'A
WedqesdaYMrParleer- rePaLrthecar
6 Putthe wordsin the correctorderto make
1 wear/ are / to / your/ new/ going/ the /
Thursday qeoYge-ln1footbaLL you/dr ess/to/par ty?
Friday Mr awdMrsPnrktr - go shaPql"4
Saturday cLwdg avrAqeorge- watoh a DVD out / dinner/ going/ Timand | / tonight/ go /
f o r/ t o / a re
1 George/tidyhisroom/Sunday?
> A: ls Georgegoingto tidy his roomon a / is / this / going/ buy/ bike/ summer/
Sundoy? not/Bob/to
B: Yes,he is.
2 MrsParker/water the plants/Friday? next/ l/ NewYork
/ to / going/ month/
3 Cindy/visit
herbestfriend/Tuesday? fty/not/to/am
4 Mr Parker/playtennis/Wednesday?
5 George/playfootbatt/Thursday? week/ paint/ MrWilson/ our/ to / this/ is /
6, MrandMrsParker/go shopping/Friday? house/ going?
7 CindyandGeorge/wash the dog/Saturday?

5 Fill in the gapswith the correctform of be

goingfo andthe verbsin brackets.
Telltheclassaboutyourplansfor this
1 L u c y. . . ..... (g o )o na to urar ound
Europe nextsummer. weekend.
(you/hire)a motorbike I amgoingto goswimmingthisweekend.
whenyouarein ltaty?
L o o ka t t h a tma n H ! e ... .......( steal)
| . . . . . . . ..... (w a l k)to w o rktomor r ow. Youareplanningto goon holidayto lvlajorca.
Thebusis always[ate! Writeanemailto yourfriendaboutyour
Martha's birthdayis nextweek,so| .......... plansfor yourholiday.Writeabout:
(buy)hera gift. o how/goo where/stay. what/do

We form the imperativewith the We use the imperativeto tetl

baseform of the verb withoutthe someone whatto do or notto do.
subject. Bequiet!Don'ttalk.
Feedthe dog,please! We use the imperativeto give
We form the negativeimperative orders:Don'tgo out! Comein!
with do noVdon'tandthe baseform
of the verb.Don'tclosethedoor!

with the pictures.

Matchthe sentences
o Blowout the candtes!o Raise
2 Rewritethe following
asin the example.
o Getout! o dequiet! o Lookoverthere! The.
e Writeonthe board! gooq athlete
> Don'tsleeplate! z l'z

Youmusteat a [ot of fruit andvegetables.

Youmustn'teat fatty foods.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .!
Youmustn'tdrink coffee.


Tellyourpartnerwhatto dolnotto do in
the classroom.
Usethe verbs:
o write o eat o listen . tatk o ptay
o shout o steep o dance

Don'twrite on the walls!

Writein yournotebook! etc

Writeten rulesfor yourclassroom.
Can- Can't

Weusecanto: o showpossibitity.
. talk aboutabitity.I canplay the buy bookshere.
piano. Weusecan't to refusepermission.
o givepermission.Youcanborrow Youcan't usemypencil.I needit.
my car.

Youcan /Ql)go to the cinematonight,
because youhaveto do yourhomework.
I can't7 cancomeandseeyoutomorrow if
Youcan / can't play toud musicin the tlTl Youcan'tsmokehere.
tibrary. ETI Youcan'tdrinkthewater.
Youcan't / can borrowmy ruter.I don't t3Tl Youcanridea bikehere.
needit. t4Tt Youcan'tdrivefast.
5 Wecan/ can'teat in the ctassroom. fsT-l Youcancrossthe road.
6 Theycan't / canwalkon the grass.lt's not
Satlycan / can't take pictureswith her Speaking
mobitephone.lt doesn'thavea camera.
Whatcanlcan'fyou do with a DVDplayer?Use
Tomcan't / can dancevery wett. He'sa
the verbsto tellyour partner.
.Youcan / can't ptayfootbatlin the house, o take photos o listen to CDs
Jack. o ptaycomputer
10 Hetencan't / canswimverywett,but she's o watch DVDs
taking[essons. o sendemails
o take videos

Matchthe picturesto their meanings.

L Writing
Mybedroomrules.Writea shortnoteabout
in yourr@m.Usethe phrases
. usemy computer o eot in my room
. borrowmy CDs. removemy posters
c reodmy books o play loudmusic
Re Edt YR lM tut -,* iiry Elp

'-J de In; 3, SpckE

"S I l! . -r L-i -b
s(d drcd Atbdr mty 9S tuDt Ofirr

To: sandy@yg11rworld.co.
Subject: Summerplans!

Hi Sandy!
Howareyou?l'm fineandl'vegotsomegreatnews.My friendEricaandI areplanning our summer
holiday, andwe'vedecided to go to Menorca, a Spanishisland!Canyou imagine? Twowholeweekson
this beautifulMediterranean island!lt's goingto befantastic!
aboutallthedifferent thingsthatwe'regoingto do oncewe'rethere!
BothEricaand I lovethe seaandthe sun,sowe aregoingto spenda lot of time on the beach.We're
goingto do as manythingsthereas possible! We'regoingto go windsurfing and,of course,we're
goingto sunbathe for hours!We canalsogojet skiingandsailing.Ericaalsowantsto go scubadiving,
but I'm not goinFto join her,because l'm afraidof beingunderwaterfor so long.
We'realsogoingto go sightseeing, andlearnasmuchas possible aboutthe richhistoryandculture
of Menorca.We arecertainlygoingto attendsomeof the localfiestasandtry someof the famouslocal
cheese, called'Formatge de Mao.'
It's goingto be a greatholidayandwe can'twait to go! Whataboutyou?Whatareyou goingto do for
the summerholiday? Youcanjoin us if youwant,you know!Writesoonandtell mewhatyouthink!
I haveto go now. l'm goingto buya presentfor my sister'spartytomorrow.

o Begoingto b) Usethe verbsbelowto completethe

a) Whendo we usebe goingto?
tidy worry look close write

1 .. the window!lt's too cold!

b) Readthe emailandunderline allthe be 2 ..... youranswers in yournotebook.
goingto forms.Whatform of the verb do 3 ! l'm goingto helpyou.
we useafter be goingfo? Howdo we form 4 ..... overthere!Doyouseethat
the interrogative and negative? mountain?
.... yourroom!lt'sreatlymessy!
o lmperatives
o Can- Can't

2 a) Find two imperafiyes in the email.

What is the negativeform of the
3 Readthe emailagainandfind: a) one
examplewhereconis usedto express
andb) oneexamplewherecon
is usedto expresspermission.
Circlethe correctitem.
1 CanI havea ........of meatptease? 11 Bittis goingto m eetNina........noo n.
A kito B bottte C loaf Ain Bon Cat

2 touchthat knife! 1 2 "Didyou a letter to yourgrandma?"

ADo B Does C Don't "Yes,I did."
A wrote B write C writes
eggsdo we needfor the cake?
A Howmuch B Howmany C Howlong 13 There anyptanes300yearsago.
A aren't B wasn't C weren't
You park your car here. lt's not
allowed. 14 Jitt........r idea bikebut shecan'tdr i v ea
A can B mustn't C don't car.
A must B mustn't C can
She........ somepostcards
A is goingto send B sent 15 Marytikewhite-waterrafting?
C sends Als B Does C Has

Thereis a boat in the water. boat is 16 "........ dotheygoswimming?"

white. "EverySaturday."
AA BThe CAn A Howoften B Howmuch C How

7 You........swimnearwindsurfers. 17 That'snotRita'shat.........hatis pink.

A must B mustn't C can A Your B Our C Her

Lucy........a newhatyesterdaY. anda m ap.

18 W e........a com pass
A bought B is goingto buY A 's got B 've got C hasn'tgot
C buys
19 Youcan'tborrow jacket.
eat that sliceof gizza?. A BiII B Bitts' C Bitt's
A Areyougoingto B AmYougoingto
C ls yougoingto 20 CanI have gtassof water,Ptease?
Asome Ba Can
1 0 Therearetwo in the office.
A womens B womans C women
(ma'r' )


be itcil was let /let/ tet

beat ibrti beat lie /|arl tay
becomebrknm/ became tie /arl tied
begin/brgln/ began tight /aru tit
bite lbarV bit lose/lu:z/ Iost
blow /blou/ blew
break /lcrerk/ broke make /merk/ made
bring/brq/ br.ought mean/min/ meant
buitdlbrld/ buitt meet /mif/ met
burn /bs:rn/ burnt(burned)
buy toal bought pay tpq1,l paid
put /puv put
can /k@n/ could
catch /ket/ caught read /ri:d/ read
choose/tJu:z/ chose nde lratdl rode
come/k^m/ came ring trnl rang
cost /kost/ cost rise lrazl rose
cut /k^t/ cut run /r^n/ ran

dig tdts/ dug say /se/ said

do ldvl did see /si:/ saw
draw ldrct drew sell /sel/ sold
dream /dri:m/' dreamt(dreamed) send/send/ sent
drink /drmkl drank set /set/ set
drive /drarv/ drove sew /sou/ sewed
shake4et/ shook
eat /tt/ ate shine4anl shone
shoot 4u:t/ shot
fa[[ ltcy fett show4qol showed
feed ffidl fed shut 4lV shut
feel fill fett sing /stD/ sang
fight /fat/ fought sit /srV sat
find ltarnd/ found sleep lstip/ stept
fly fiiail ftew sme[[/smel/ smett(smetted)
forget fergqt/ forgot speak/spild spoke
forgive/fergry/ forgave spell /spql/ spett(spelted)
freeze lfti:zl froze spend/spend/ spent
stand/st@nd/ stood
get /ggt/ got stea[/sti:l/ stole
give lgy gave stick /stru stuck
go tsgpl
grew il sting/stn/
!:i sweep/sw!p/ swept
hangnenl hung(hanged) swim/swrm/ swam
have/hav/ had
hear /hrer/ heard take /teild took
hide /had/
hit /rril
il teach
;, tear /teer/
hotd/troold/ hetd ;r tell /tet/ totd
hurt /hs:rV hurt think /0mU thought
throw /0roo/ threw
keep ftqpl
knew it understand/AnQerstend/ understood

tay /e/ taid i; wake/werk/ woke

lead /li:d/ ted wear/weer/ wore
learn /lsrn/ leamt(tearned) ii win/wln/ won
leave /li:v/ teft t I write /rat/ wrote
lend /lend/
i::: " i ,- " " *i
Access is a four-levelEnglishcoursedesignedexcrusively
studentsstudyingEnglishat BeginnerLevel.The coursefollows
the principlesof the Councilof EuropeCommon
Frameworkof ReferenceLevel41.


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