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Counselor Education Program

School of Education


On-Site Supervisor Evaluation of Counseling Intern

Interns Name: Erin Sonnessa Date 03/17/201

: 7
Name of On-Site Katy Nance
Agency or School Bonsack Elementary School
Dates Evaluation From January 24, 201 To: March 17, 2017
Covers: :
This evaluation is intended to help the intern, on-site supervisor, and university supervisor assess the
interns progress in the development of the knowledge, values, and skills necessary for the practice of
counseling. The evaluation guide presented here is a tool to assist in that process. Please complete this
form to the best of your ability, share it with the intern, sign and date the form, and forward the completed
signed form to the university supervisor. Feel free to include additional areas or criteria that you believe
are important. If a conference to discuss this evaluation is needed, please contact the university

Thank you for your time in completing the evaluation of the interns performance.

Directions: Indicate competency by placing a check mark in the appropriate column.

Rating Scale: 1 = Area needing improvement
2 = Adequate
3 = Area of strength
NA = Not applicable; no opportunity to observe
1 2 3 NA
Personal and Professional Competencies
1. Punctuality X
2. Attendance X
3. Ability to follow through and complete tasks X
4. Ability to meet deadlines X
5. Responsibility for actions X
6. Commitment to the helping profession X
7. Initiative and willingness to become involved X
8. Adherence to professional and ethical practices X
9. Professional judgment X
Use of Supervision
10 Initiative in seeking help from supervisor X
11 Openness to new ideas X
12 Receptivity to feedback X
Use of Resources
13 Skill in accessing and using resources within the internship X
. community
14 Knowledge of community programs/resources X
15 Awareness of client requested resources X
16 Skill in using a variety of resources X
17 Skill in making referrals X
Self-Organization Skills
18 Ability to organize and carry out a work plan X
19 Ability to keep appropriate documentation X
20 Professional discipline in use of time X
21 Initiative for involving self in learning activities X
22 Completion of assigned tasks X
Counseling Skills and Knowledge
23 Establishing of rapport with student/client X
24 Goal setting with client/student X
25 Use of effective and appropriate counseling strategies and X
. techniques
26 Assessment of clients/students progress X
27 Effective termination with student/client X
28 Effective group counseling skills X
29 Accurate assessment of clients/students needs X
30 Knowledge of counseling theory and research X
31 Knowledge of developmental theories X
32 Appropriate application of multicultural perspective X
33 Effective classroom guidance and/or psycho-educational X
. skills
Communication Skills
34 Writing skills X
35 Oral skills X
36 Ability to effectively collaborate with other professionals X
Overall Evaluation
37 Overall evaluation of intern X

38. In your opinion, what are this interns areas of strength?
One of Erins most noticeable strengths is her ability to be genuine with students and to
form positive helping relationships. The students are at ease with her and she is with
them and that is key to the building of trust. Erin is also willing to undertake any task I
set before her, even ones with little notice. This is an important skill to have in a school
setting as one has to be flexible and able to respond to situations quickly.

39. What areas do you believe the intern should focus on to enhance his/her competence
as a professional counselor?
All new school counselors have to learn how to tailor their time to best meet the needs of
their students as well as their school. I myself have learned over the years that a
solution-focused goal oriented approach is going to allow me to make the most out of the
time that I have with my students and help them to be successful in school. Erin, as all
new school counselors, will continue to develop her skills in directing sessions towards
best meeting her students needs.
40. Has the administrative support from the university supervisor been adequate? If no,
please indicate suggestions.

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Katy Nance March 17, 2017

Supervisor Katy Nance
(signature) Date
Erin Sonnessa March 17, 2017
Intern Erin Sonnessa
(signature) Date

University Carrie Sanders,

Supervisor Ph.D.
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