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Technology nowadays is so vast that our daily lives depend on it, it makes
our lives easier. Even in education it is implemented through teaching as an aid.
We use technology in our assignments, studies etc. But the question is does
technology affects on the teaching styles in learning.

Before, teachers only used papers such as cartolina and any other material,
but how using projector for power point presentation is very is very popular for

In the past decades multimedia has been influenced the whole world by
making lives easier, in terms of communication, business and one of the most is
education, but how well can multimedia affect the process of education in the line
of teaching?

Learning style doesnt only focused on the added knowledge but it also
focuses on how the student understand the topic.

To help the education system fulfill the above goals for the students. Todays
student are digital natives, therefore offering current technology and multimedia
is essential in order to reach students maximize their learning potential.


This study utilized the Multiple Intelligence developed by Psychologist

Howard Gardner.

Among those intelligence is Spatial-visual intelligence which students easily

understand the lesson when seeing visual images specially using power point
presentation while others learn through Audio-Visual wherein they usually use
not only their sense of sight but also with a use of their Audition.

To help the education system fulfill the above goals for the students. todays
student are digital natives, therefore offering current technology and multimedia
is essential in order to reach students maximize their learning potential.

Development of information Technology and knowledge information society

transfer brought huge change of education filed in the world.


This study focuses on the Effectiveness of Power Point Presentation for

Visual Learning

Specifically this study sought to answer the following questions:

1. Does using PowerPoint Presentation eloquently affect the learning and

development of student?

2. Is there any differences between the class who used PowerPoint Presentation
and to those class that are used the traditional way of teaching.

3. Are there available resources/material in the school for PPT for visual aids?


For Teachers: They are the second parents of the students they help
children to mold their skills attitude and behaviors. They are also responsible for
the development and learning of the children using a modern tool for teaching, it
will guide them to tech effectively by using PPT presentation.

Students: It will help the students to understand the lesson that is being
discussed by the teachers. Because some of the students are visual learners it
makes them active to class discussions. It makes the teachers more resourceful
and build their creativity in teaching students.

Researchers: The result of this study will help the researchers especially to
those who will be the future education. So that the researchers will be aware that
they should spent time in planning of what teaching techniques theyre going to

Community: It helps to provide a better and smart person that they can use
as a weapon for their community. It also serves as the advance learning for the
students. It helps our country to be more productive and globally competitive.

Future Researchers: It will help to understand on how will be the strangers

of the teachers as well as the students on using power point presentation as a
substitute through visual aids.

Parents: The parents are the one who molded the childrens learning,
strategies, and ability. This tool or equipment it helps the parents to enlighten
about the advantages and the better use of this kind of equipment for their
children to easily understand the lesson.



According to the University of Central Florida, Power point presentation in

our generation today is very essential particularly to those class that is more on

in information exchange than skill development. Power point presentation can be

a fruitful tool to support learning. But if not used it gingerly, It can affect the

students learning. The university also states that power point have its

advantages and disadvantages. The positive side of power point is the increase

in visual impact. Because the more creative the visual is, the more it will be

remembered by the viewers. And in the opposing side power point presentations

lack of flexibility. Using the power point program, you can create, format and edit

slide before a presentation. However you cannot edit or change the contents and

the format of the slides during a presentation. you cannot edit it right away

without exiting the power point show.

According to Dr. Mayer multimedia imperatively helps learners to understand
concepts with the use of words and images. He said that the students learn
better with multimedia. Based on Mr. Mayer's study he think that we can greatly
increase peoples understanding at least in this case of how things work by
including graphics. And his study proves that an easy way to catch the viewers
attention and to make teachers presentation more understandable they need to
use some words, pictures and graphics to make it possible.

According to Florida State University (1953), Audio-visual aids are familiar

terms in the realm of education. Their importance is growing rapidly as our
society becomes complex with its radar, television, electronics and atomic
bombs. Today, children live in a world of both auditory and visual stimulation.
They are surrounded by comic books, motion pictures, billboards, pictures in
newspapers and magazines, "juke boxes," radios, automobiles, trains and
airplanes. These and other audio-visual materials, if properly used, can promote
the building of accurate concepts essential to learning.

As stated from, some people commented on effectiveness

of power point presentation.

Person #1: I've been using Power point since the early 1990s. It's great for
quickly putting together slide presentations, but as it has tried to compete with
other graphics-centered programs over the years, it's become cumbersome. It
was never great at style control and it seems to be programmed for the novice
user (ie no background in graphic design or publishing). That means if you want
to do something a bit different that doesn't fit the Microsoft Powerpoint mould, it's
a frustrating process. I can't say I really enjoy using Powerpoint. If I can use other
software to achieve the same result, I will. It's slide presentation exe is great,
Person #2: I use PowerPoint on a regular basis for a lot of different safety
training and presentations that I conduct at my job. It is so easy to use and it is
the best way to get information to employees. We use it for our new employee
orientations so that new employees have a visual aid and can take in the
information more effectively than just listening to someone read out policies and
procedures. I like that there are options for quizzes to engage employees and
adding videos. It is a really great product and would recommend it for any type of

Person #3: PowerPoint is a fantastic product. I would recommend it to

anyone who has to do presentations. It is a very user-friendly program that can
be learned quickly by anyone of any age. It provides a lot of customizable
features that can make your presentation really stand out!

According to hen theyll move on to the Text Boxes,

Links, & Graphics unit. Students will continue learning the basics of PowerPoint
through two hands on assignments. Specifically, students will learn about text
boxes, clip art, shapes, WordArt, hyperlinks, and Action Buttons. Students will
download and use images from a ZIP file and create a PowerPoint Photo Album
with captions.

In this study, 83.6% students preferred blackboard as it facilitates interaction

between students and teacher, 81.6% felt that flow of thought is better, 77.5%
students opined blackboard teaching stimulate interest, 71.4% of students felt
better understanding of topic, and 73.4% of students felt problems can be better
solved in blackboard teaching. However, students felt blackboard was ineffective
in a demonstration of clinical conditions (28.5%) and covering more topics per
lecture (26.5%). These parameters scored highest preference in PPT teaching
method. The parameters such as flow of thought (14.2%), student-teacher
interaction (16.3%), and stimulating interest (22.4%) were scored low with PPT
teaching method.

Moreover, handouts are not given out in advance in blackboard teaching, so

the students tend to focus more intently on the lecturer. Hence, a good lecturer
can motivate the students on a journey of discovery, exposing students to one
interesting fact after another by blackboard teaching method. Students will have
better retention of the subject afterward if the notes are written with the lecturer's
explanation. However, blackboard teaching aid may cause note-taking fatigue,
especially after continuous lectures. If the students lose focus for even a short
moment, it can be difficult to catch up with the lecturer. To a certain extent, the
legibility of the lecturer's handwriting also plays an important role for the method's


According to the book of Richard Arends, Nowadays, teachers can enrich

their presentations in any subject fields. The teacher are need to be careful when
it comes to the contents that they were going to make especially if the contents
are videos. PowerPoint Presentation is widely used by the teachers when they're
going to teach. They used it as their teaching strategies because they believe
that the students are easily learn the topic if it is visual-audio style.

According to Carlson(2002),educational technology is not, and never will be,

transformative on its own. It requires teachers who can integrate technology into
the curriculum and use it to improve students learning. Teachers are the keys to
how technology is used appropriate and effectively.
Actually Sec. Lapuz(2008) stated that teachers must be equipped with 21 st
century skills that can empower all Filipino to become competitive in todays
digital age.

The teacher must be fully-equipped up to the task Teacher must hamess the
full potential of technology to improve learning outcomes(Sec.Lapus 2008). This
imformation age needs modern teachers. They are the one who build education
and learning and if they lack knowledge and skills,the learners will be most




In this study ,we ,as a group which have 5 members conduct a research
through the effectiveness of power point presentation to visual learning. As a
group we conducted several methods on gathering data such as interview,
observation, questionnaire.


In this research were going to conduct a survey to the teachers and our
fellow students in Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Valenzuela. Another is to enter a
number of classroom who uses power point presentation and compare to a class
who dont.


Samples and Sampling Technique Used The researchers accessibly selected

twelve student who attended class at. Pamantasan Ng Lungsod Ng Valenzuela
and are divided into two groups. The first group are the students that are
exposed to Power Point Presentation and the remaking group of students are
those that are not exposed to that technology. Researchers simply took the
available students or subjects of the study and give questionnaires to the
respondents that are expected to give specific and accurate answer.

The study used the qualitative research method with survey questionnaires
as techniques that is to be used to effectively gather datum for the result of how
effective power point is a type of research used to determine the responds of the
chosen students who undergo interview and observation. This research is
somehow different to other researches.


The respondents of our research are SHS from Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng

Valenzuela. Proponents will conduct interviews and given questionnaires
according to our research, specially to the range of the target interviewees.


Researcher will be using survey as a research instrument in gathering data

relevant to the study that is being conducted.

Survey questionnaires will be used to determine the effectiveness of PPT

in SHS students, this will serve as a qualitative method in gathering data.
In order to seek other data we as proponents, go to the library and search
for books that can add more data we need in this research.

Verbal interviews, we conducted interviews to target the efficiency of PPT

through direct communication to the interviewee.

Internet Research, is one of the most used gathering data technique that is
used by researchers. The gathered information essential for the study from
online foreign and local literature, online books, the internet has helped the
researchers to apply different ideas and improve the study. Blogsite articles
related to the study are been studied before including in this research


Power Point Presentation: PowerPoint is computer software created by

Microsoft which allows the user to create slides with recordings, narrations,
transitions and other features in order to present information.

Cognitive Learning: The definition of cognitive is relating to thinking or

Multiple Intelligence: The theory of multiple
intelligences differentiates intelligence into specific (primarily sensory)
'modalities', rather than seeing intelligence as dominated by a single general
ability. Howard Gardner proposed this model in his 1983 book Frames of Mind:
The Theory of Multiple Intelligences. According to Gardner, an intelligence must
fulfill eight criteria:[1] potential for brain isolation by brain damage, place in
evolutionary history, presence of core operations, susceptibility to encoding
(symbolic expression), a distinct developmental progression, the existence
of savants, prodigies and other exceptional people, and support from
experimental psychology and psychometric findings.

Gardner chose eight abilities that he held to meet these criteria: [2] musical-
rhythmic, visual-spatial, verbal-linguistic, logical-mathematical, bodily-kinesthetic,
interpersonal, intrapersonal, and naturalistic. He later suggested
that existential and moral intelligence may also be worthy of inclusion. [3] Although
the distinction between intelligences has been set out in great detail, Gardner
opposes the idea of labeling learners to a specific intelligence. Gardner maintains
that his theory of multiple intelligences should "empower learners", not restrict
them to one modality of learning.[4] According to Gardner, an intelligence is "a
biopsychological potential to process information that can be activated in a
cultural setting to solve problems or create products that are of value in a

Many of Gardner's "intelligences" correlate with the g factor, supporting the

idea of a single, dominant type of intelligence. According to a 2006 study, each of
the domains proposed by Gardner involved a blend of g, cognitive abilities other
than g, and, in some cases, non-cognitive abilities or personality characteristics. [6]
Spatial Intelligence: is an area in the theory of multiple intelligences that deals
with spatial judgment and the ability to visualize with the mind's eye. It is defined
by Howard Gardner as a human computational capacity that provides the ability
or mental skill to solve spatial problems of navigation, visualization of objects
from different angles and space, faces or scenes recognition or to notice fine
details. Gardner further explains that Spatial Intelligence could be more effective
to solve problems in areas related to realistic, thing-oriented, and investigative
occupations. This capability is a brain skill that is also found in people with visual
impairment. As researched by Gardner, a blind person can recognize shapes in a
non-visual way. The spatial reasoning of the blind person allows them to translate
tactile sensations into mental calculation of length and visualisation of form.