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Drug Mechanism Of Indications and Adverse Nursing

Name Action and Dosage Contraindications Effects Responsibiliti

Classification es

Generice Anthranilic adult: PO Indications : CNS: Assess

Name: acid Loading Drowsiness, patients who
Mefenamic Acid derivative. Dose 500 Skin and soft tissue insomnia, develop
Like ibuprofen mg infections dizziness, severe
Brand Name: inhibits PO nervousness, diarrhea and
Ponstan, Ponstel prostaglandin Maintenan Contraindications confusion, vomiting for
synthesis and ce Dose : headache. dehydration
Pharmacologic affects platelet 250 mg and
al Class : function. No q6h prn Hypersensitivity to GI: electrolyte
Analgesic, evidence that drug; Severe imbalance.
Nonopioid it is superior to GI inflammation, or diarrhea,
Nonsteroidal aspirin. ulceration. Safety in ulceration, Lab tests:
Anti- children <14 y, and With long-
inflammatory Classification during pregnancy bleeding; term therapy
Drug (NSAID), : (category C), or nausea, (not
Oral The lactation is not vomiting, recommende
mechanism of established. abdominal d) obtain
action of cramps, periodic
mefenamic flatus, complete
acid is as a constipation, blood counts,
Cyclooxygenas hepatic Hct and Hgb,
e Inhibitor. The toxicity. and kidney
chemical function
classification Hematologi tests.
of mefenamic c:
acid is Prolonged
Nonsteroidal prothrombin
Anti- time, severe
inflammatory autoimmune
Compounds. hemolytic
Mefenamic anemia
Acid is an (long-term
anthranilic use),
acid and non- leukopenia,
steroidal anti- eosinophilia,
inflammatory agranulocyto
drug (NSAID) s-is,
with anti- thrombocyto
inflammatory, pe-nic
antipyretic and purpura,
analgesic megaloblasti
activities. c anemia,
a, bone