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MUIDS Project Based Learning

Project Guide

Topic Selection Page

Complete the following page to guide your research for the project.

Local Community
Choosing this option, you will research an
issue that faces a very specific part of the
world. It should be something like a city, a
village or a community of people.

Region within a Country

This option includes a slightly larger area. It
could be a state or province within a country,
a geographic region like a mountain range or
coastal plain, or it could be a cultural region
within a country.

This option will allow you to examine an
issue facing an entire country.
Region of the World This is the option that allows for the largest scope. Choosing this
This option will allow you to focus on a group option will mean that your research will compare two very different
of countries, a geographic region, a peoples, regions, countries, cultures, time periods, or some other
continent, or a cultural group that goes category decided by you and approved by your teacher. You will
beyond one countrys borders. An example compare them to see how the two examples you have chosen are
might be the ASEAN community. similarly and/or differently affected by the issue you have chosen.
Fill out the following sections. Be sure to check for final approval from your teacher before you
begin your research.

Research Scope:
Research Topic:
The influence of South Korean media on Asian teenagers
Research Question:
How does the South Korean media affect Asian teenagers?
MUIDS Project Based Learning
Project Guide


This sheet is used to document the contributions of each member of the group. You should
include a detailed description of what each group member accomplished each day. In addition,
you must keep a written (paper) version with a short summary of the planned tasks on the desk.
Students who are off-task or are not working will have points deducted from their final grade. You
can expand this table to include more days by using the Tables feature on Microsoft Word.

Student Name / Date Task


MUIDS Project Based Learning
Project Guide

Remember, sources are used to support and prove an argument you have made. This means that the sources
you reference need to be credible and authoritative. How do you know that your sources are of value? Answer
the following questions:
(You can copy and paste for each additional source used)

1. Where / How was the source published?

Web site
2. Who wrote it? (Author / Organization)
Jim, D., Seo, Y. S.
Kong, T. Y., Francesca
Park, J.
Jung, S.
News, V.
3. Is the piece timely and appropriate for its field? (Updated or outdated?)
August 2004
October 2011

November 2011
2013, January 15
June 24th, 2012

4. What is the purpose of the source? Does the author have an agenda?
I suppose most of the research writer will be partial, but my source that I choose, I think that they are honest
because I write by Hankuk University. It is a good university in South Korea then this I conceive we can trust this
5. Source (APA format):

Jim, D., Seo, Y. S. (2004). Korea as the Wave of a Future:The Emerging Dream Society of
Icons and
Aesthetic Experience. Journal of Futures Studies, 9(1), 31 - 44.

Kong, T. Y., Francesca (2013). Does the Korean Popular Culture influence on
Hong Kong Generation
Ys Consumer Behaviour on fashion?. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, 1-

Park, J. (2011). The Aesthetic Style of Korean Singers in Japan: A Review of Hallyu from
Perspective of Fashion. International Journal of Business and Social Science, 2(9), Special
MUIDS Project Based Learning
Project Guide

October 2011. 23-34.

Chua, B. H. (2010). Korean Pop Culture. Malaysian Journal of Media Studies, 12(1), 15-

News, V. (2013). K-pop entrances youth but to what effect? - Features - VietNam News. Retrieved
October 7, 2015

Oldboy,Jung, S. (2010). Korean Masculinities and Transcultural Consumption: Yonsama, Rain,

The following is a list of possible products for your project. If you have another idea, you
may submit it to your teacher for approval.
The product must answer the Research Question that you created and was approved by your

The product must be created by you and/or your group. It must not be plagiarized in any way.

The final product must be appropriate for the number of people you have working in your group.

Possible Final Products:

Concept Map
Illustrated Timeline
Prezi Presentation *This should likely include a video of you presenting, especially if you have a
large group
Informational Brochure or Pamphlet
Newspaper Article
Magazine Article
Essay (informational, thesis, etc)
Report informational, the type that might be presented at an organizational meeting
Editorial, Opinion Piece (for newspaper) or Satirical Piece
Letter to a world leader
Issue Awareness Campaign
Comic Strip
Art Work (drawing, painting, etc) *This option will likely require a written component which makes it
clear how the art work answers your Big Question
Musical Composition / Poem - *This option will likely require a written component which makes it
clear how the musical piece / poem answers your Big Question
Narrative / Story
Animation or Video
Advertisement / Propaganda Video
Construct a debate
MUIDS Project Based Learning
Project Guide

Restate your Research Question:

Explain how this product will prove your thesis and incorporate your research:

Explain the scale of this product and how the product is appropriate for the number of people in
your group:

Unsatisfactory Needs Satisfactory Excellent

10-13 points 18-21 points 22-25 points
In addition to all
14-17 points satisfactory conditions
it also contains one or
more of these
Evidence is missing or Evidence is based on Evidence is based All evidence
totally inaccurate some misinformation on accurate greatly adds
Research Evidence is unrelated Some evidence does information credibility to
or unreasonable not clearly support Evidence clearly students thesis
Research main points supports main Evidence is taken
25 points requirements are Research points from scholarly,
missing or incomplete requirements are Research peer reviewed,
Sources are unreliable completed incorrectly requirements are all and/or highly
and/or unrelated (ex: not in APA completed and credible sources
format) correct only
Some sources are All sources are
questionable or credible & reliable
unrelated All sources are
relevant to the topic

No clear thesis is Thesis is unclear or Student work Thesis is original,

present unoriginal contains a clear highly creative, and
Focus & Thesis Project does not Project does not thesis inquisitive
address the thesis clearly support the Project clearly Project supports
25 points and/or research thesis and/or supports the thesis thesis in a variety
questions at all research questions statement and of creative ways
answers the
research questions

Required documents Some required All required Students take

are missing or documents are documents are great pride in the
Professionalism incomplete completed incorrectly completed correctly presentation of
Project is incomplete Project is not ready Project is neat, their work
25 points Communication is for presentation organized, and Communication is
unpracticed and Communication of complete for highly professional
incomprehensible ideas and information presentation and/or and tailored to the
is somewhat unclear due date audience
Communication in
project is practiced
and effective

Creativity & Effort Work contains little Work has been Project contains Project contains
evidence of creativity paraphrased or is original work from completely original
25 points or originality unoriginal the students elements designed
Students are Students are Students add by the students
consistently off task occasionally off task unique elements to Project is highly
MUIDS Project Based Learning
Project Guide

Project is incomplete Project does not project practiced and/or

or rushed appear completely Students are on polished
finished, though all task at all times
elements are there. Project is polished
and complete