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House Rules for Legend of the Five Rings, 4th Edition

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Wisdom comes in finding the opportunities that dilemmas provide.

One must learn to see what is to be seen and to see though what others wish you to see. THE TAO OF SHINSEI
Greetings, traveler. Whether you be samurai or heimin, let me open That which follows is heresy, in the sense that it often contradicts
my door to you. I am Ikoma Keiji, an omoidasu of the Lion that which is written and commonly accepted about Rokugan and the
Clan. Rest yourself and let me share with you a portion of Legend of the Five Rings. Stated more plainly, this is a collection of
my knowledge. house rules and custom lore; both supplemental and superseding.
This knowledge is not for everyone. Some would Every effort has been made to add, and not subtract from the
have my head just for knowing the secrets I do. But canonical rules of the game, but occasionally changes had to
as I am both historian and teller of tales, it is my be made. Some things may look familiar as they are lifted
duty to teach others what I have learned. But maybe and adapted from previous editions of the game while
you knew that, and you came here seeking some things will be entirely new. The purpose of this
answers. Perhaps you've already seen something document, in every edition, has always been the very spirit
of the truth of the world, and cannot reconcile of the mission statement behind Legend of the Five
what you have seen with what you have been told. Rings, Fourth Edition:
I know your anguish. Now let me relieve some L5R your way.
of it. My only tool to accomplish this is the truth. SEAN C. RILEY
But be warned...some of these truths are lies....
Brave men may be forgotten; brave deeds never so. THE TAO OF SHINSEI


Bayushi Shoju receives the prophecy, but has the wisdom to realize
The past may be immutable, but history is recorded by men with it cannot be averted. He takes precautions to see to the safety of
agendas and flawed perspectives. Some events did not occur as Hantei Sotorii, all the while watching Hantei XXXVIII for signs of
written. Any alterations to history here refer to the timeline found in possession.
Legend of the Five Rings, Third Edition.
The following events do not occur at all (or occur very differently): YEAR 1124
The Oracle of Fire prepares to depart the mortal realm: year 1123
The Hare Clan is destroyed: year 1123
The Scorpion Clan Coup: year 1123 Intending to use the weapon that trapped Iuchiban to revive him, the
Hantei Sotorii becomes Hantei XXXIX: year 1123 Bloodspeaker cult attempts to steal the Ancestral Sword of the Hare
The Hare Clan is reborn: year 1125 Clan. The plot is foiled by the young Kakita Hikawa.
Preparation for the Clan War begins: year 1126 EMERALD MAGISTRATE ASSASSINATED IN RYOKO OWARI TOSHI
The Battle of Beiden Pass: year 1127
Ashidaka Naritoki, Emerald Magistrate of Journeys End City, is
None of the events in the official timeline after the year 1127 have
assassinated. He is replaced with a team of magistrates led by Ikoma
yet occurred (and may never happen).
Yuben. They are joined by Kakita Hikawa and Bayushi Hashira (who
eventually leads the team) in 1125.
YEAR 429 YEAR 1125


The correct year for this event is 429, and all references to WORD OF FADE SPREADS
Yugozohime should actually refer to the Emperor.
By 1125, news of the exploits of the bandit general, Fade, has reached
ELEVENTH CENTURY (1001-1100 IC) all corners of the empire. The pressure on the Emerald Magistrates of
Ryoko Owari to end his campaign is ever increasing.
YEAR 1080
A tsunami approaches the Phoenix coast, threatening to wipe out
Shiro Shiba. Isawa Kaigen, a shugenja posted at the castle, takes a
small boat out to meet the oncoming wave. He calls upon the kami
of Earth and Fire, causing a volcanic eruption that raises a large
island from the oceans floor directly in the path of the tidal wave.
The tsunami breaks upon the island, saving Shiro Shiba and greatly
minimizing the damage to the coastline. Kaigen was last seen being
swallowed up in the newly forming island, which was named
Kaigens Island in his honor.


YEAR 1114


YEAR 1118


YEAR 1123
THE SWORD OF YOTSU OTOKODATE FORMED Influenced by a corrupt Kuni Yori, Hida Kisada marches the majority
of the Crab Clan army through a harsh winter to Otosan-Uchi and
THE SCORPION ATTACK THE HARE CLAN Kyuden Seppun (where the Emperor held Winter Court) in an attempt
After Soshi Yukio attacks and is killed by Usagi Ozaki, a Scorpion army to seize the throne. The Crab were joined by various creatures of the
under the command of Bayushi Tomaru arrives at Shiro Usagi. Through Shadowlands under the command of Kuni Yori. These two battles see
the actions of the ronin interloper Ketsudo, the Scorpion army is foiled the deaths of Emerald Champion Doji Satsume, Hida Sukune, Isawa
and the Hare Clan is saved. Tadaka, and Isawa Kozan. Hida Yakamo is blinded, and the oni he
was bound to is destroyed, but he escapes carrying the Ancestral KAKITA HIKAWA BECOMES THE EMERALD CHAMPION
Sword of the Crab. Hantei the 38th is rescued from an attack by Oni With the death of Doji Satsume, the empire is in need of a new Emerald
no Shida (the First Oni*), but not before it secretly possessed him. The Champion. Despite such competition as Matsu Tsuko, Yoritomo, and
tide of battle is evened when Hida O-Ushi and the Mantis Clan turn Kakita Toshimoko, the surprise victory goes to Kakita Hikawa. No one
against the Crab. But it is truly turned when the Dark Moto arrive, speaks of the series of strange circumstances that interfere with many
under the command of Moto Tsume himself, and join the fight against of the other contestants.
the Crab Clan. For his crimes, Hida Kisada is personally executed by
(*This is not the same entity as the canonical First Oni.) Almost immediately following the Emerald Championship, the bandit
general Fade kidnaps Bayushi Tomaru and challenges the new
Champion, using Tomaru as ransom. After a heated battle in which
This occurred in the year 1125, during the Crab Clan Coup, not 1123 much of a bamboo forest is burned (angering the Fox Clan), Hikawa
as listed in the official timeline. Junzos intent was to renew the seals defeats and kills Fade.
upon the scrolls, which he believed had weakened over time. He was
convinced that this was the only way to protect the scrolls from Kuni TOMB OF IUCHIBAN OPENED
Yori (who he was certain was coming for them). But with the seal Shiryo no Tadaka, the spirit of Isawa Tadaka, opens Iuchibans prison in
gone, the corruptive power of the Black Scroll was too much for him, an effort to destroy Iuchibans spirit before the Bloodspeakers can free
and he succumbed to its temptation. Though it was the first one him. But Tadaka is overpowered and Iuchiban breaks free, trapping
opened, this was actually the Fifth Black Scroll, the Dark Divination. Tadaka within the tomb.
Imperial advisor, Isawa Kozan, did not truly die at the Battle of Mirumoto Daini presents a naga ambassador to Hantei XXXVIII. To
Otosan-Uchi. He was saved by the Void Dragon, and ascended to the shock of the court, the Emperor decrees the naga to be unwelcome,
become the new Oracle of the Void. and banishes all of the serpent folk, declaring that should any enter
Rokugan, they will be killed.


The Falcon Clan is nearly decimated by a Bloodspeaker attack from
within. Apparently, several members of the Falcon were Bloodspeaker
agents. Fearing that the Crab Clan will annex their territory, the
Falcon begin seeking allies among the other minor clans, and begin
the process of forming an alliance with the Hare Clan.


Now allied with the blind ronin, Yakamo, Junzo travels the land in
search of the remaining Black Scrolls. To ease his search in Phoenix
lands (where he suspects several are hidden), he opens a third Black
Scroll (in this case, it is the First Black Scroll: The Wasting Disease),
unleashing a plague upon the Phoenix Clan. The Phoenix are so
occupied battle the outbreak that they cannot be bothered to track
the movements of Junzo and Yakamo.
Kakita Tomoe, wife of the Emerald Champion, gives birth to their first
Yoritomo had originally agreed to help the Crab Clan in their coup. son, Toshimo. Inexplicably, the labor seems to kill her. But she is
But when the moment of truth came, he offered the Mantis Clans revived, filled with the power of the Water Dragon as the new Oracle
allegiance to the defenders of Otosan Uchi, with the understanding of Water. The previous Oracle of Water was killed by Soshi Seiryoku
that Akodo Toturi would petition the Hantei to elevate the Mantis. in order to claim the Bloodsword known as Passion, which was in the
The Emperor agreed, and the Mantis became the eighth Great Clan. Oracles keeping.
KAKITA HIKAWA WEDS USAGI TOMOE Moto Tsume leads an enormous Shadowlands army to the Kaiu Wall.
Supported by an Emerald Legion, the Crab hold them at bay while
Kakita Hikawa, hero of the Battle of Otosan Uchi, weds Usagi Tomoe,
Hida Mukami, Hiruma Kage, and Usagi Ketsudo lead a band of
daughter of the Hare Clan daimyo, on the shores of Cherry Blossom skirmishers to retake Hiruma Castle. The tide of the battle shifts when
Snow Lake. Kakita Hikawa beheads Moto Tsume in an iaijutsu duel, routing Fu
HIDA O-USHI TAKES A HUSBAND Lengs forces back into the Shadowlands.
Now installed as daimyo of the Crab Clan, Hida O-Ushi recognizes THE RETURN OF IUCHIBAN IS AVERTED
the need for an heir, and declares a competition to become her Though free, Iuchiban was still an incorporeal spirit. After an attempt
husband, open to any that wish to compete. In an all-out brawl to possess Akodo Toturi failed, he set his sights on destroying those
between such contenders as Togashi Mitsu, Daidoji Uji, and Shinjo
that stopped him, including Kakita Hikawa. While possessing Kitsuki
Taka, it is Mukami of the Wasp Clan that wins the day, sealing an
Nankai, Iuchiban is stabbed by the Ancestral Sword of the Hare Clan,
alliance between the Wasp and Crab. wielded by Hikawa himself. Iuchibans spirit is dispersed and severely
THE BATTLE OF BEIDEN PASS becoming, and believed that would become a threat. To prepare for
As the Emperors behavior becomes more erratic, several Clans put this, she felt her successor should be someone with a warriors spirit.
their support behind the Emerald Champion in the hope of restoring So she named the captain of the Avalanche Guard, Shiba Tetsuyuki,
order to the empire. Eventually, Kakita Hikawa is branded a traitor. In to become the new Elemental Master of Earth.
a risky move, the Scorpion Clan backs him. In response, the Emperor
himself leads an army of Imperial, Lion, and Crane troops to march YEAR 1143
on the Scorpion. The Scorpion, backed by the Crab Clan, meet the WHITE JADE ORCHID DISCOVERED
Hanteis army in Beiden Pass. The battle begins to go poorly for the
Scorpion, until the timely intervention of the Dragon Clan. The White Jade Orchid is discovered by Isawa Koishi and Shiba Masu.
Eventually the Emperors forces are defeated, and Hantei the 38th is MONKEY CLAN GRANTED LANDS
forces to reveal himself as Oni no Shida, and is destroyed by the
unified heroes of both armies. After the discovery of the lost tomb of legendary ronin duelist Takeda
Fujimu, numerous clans attempted to lay claim to it. Eventually the
HANTEI SOTORII BECOMES HANTEI XXXIX Otomo declared it an Imperial holding, and the Emperor soon granted
Upon the coronation of Hantei the 39th, Akodo Toturi is wed to Isawa the lands surrounding the tomb to the Monkey Clan, charging them
Kaede and named Shogun of the Empire. Toturi rules in the Emperors with stewardship of the historical site.
stead until he is old enough to completely assume power. THE REALM OF TRAITORS CREATED
YEAR 1127 A swarm of corrupted insects is sent by Junzo to Bayushi lands, where
they burrow into the trees of Traitors Grove, releasing the spirits of
THE PHOENIX OPEN THE BLACK SCROLLS those bound there. Among the traitors released is the only non-
Isawa Tadaka is dead by the time this event occurs, leaving only three Scorpion ever imprisoned there: Kuni Yori.
scrolls in the hands of the Phoenix. It is the lack of an obvious The presence of the traitor spirits now bound to Ningen-do
successor to become Elemental Master of Earth that frightens the creates a celestial imbalance. Through the efforts of the monk Sadao,
Elemental Masters into opening the Black Scrolls in their possession. Kakita Toshimo, Daidoji Daikuan, and the Fortune Emma-O, a new
Isawa Tomo refuses to participate, but Isawa Tsuke, Isawa Ujina, and spirit realm is created: Uragiri-do, the Realm of Traitors. Aided by
Isawa Eju open the scrolls and are Tainted. Eju does not survive the Scorpion and Crab forces in a battle in the remains of Traitors Grove,
week, and is succeeded by his apprentice, Isawa Uona. the spirits are banished to the new realm and the balance is restored.

YEAR 1128 YEAR 1144

Now victim to both the touch of Shadow and the Taint, Isawa Ujina Hantei the 39th finally marries. His bride is none other than Kakita
is forced to become the Nameless One in an effort to fight the curse Oru, the eldest daughter of the Emerald Champion, Kakita Hikawa.
and the corruption. He steps down as Elemental Master of Void,
naming his daughter, Toturi Kaede, as his successor. He has not been
seen since that day. Accompanied by a group of Crab sailors, Isawa Koishi and Shiba
Masu traverse through the Shadowlands to the source of the Green
YEAR 1130 Jade Orchid. There they discover an ancient temple, and an enormous
shard of crystal that Koishi dubs Amaterasus Spear. Presumed dead
HANTEI XXXIX ASSUMES THE THRONE by the Empire at large, the party returns (though with many
At the age of 16, Hantei Sotorii undergoes his gempukku and is dubbed casualties) and presents the orchids and many other treasures to the
Hantei XXXIX, fully claiming the Emerald Throne. Akodo Toturi steps Emperor. Koishi is taken as acolyte to Master of Earth Shiba Tetsuyuki.
down to assume the role of Shogun. For his service, the Emperor
declares the founding of a new Imperial family, the Toturi Family. NEW ORACLE OF FIRE IS CHOSEN
Toturi names Akodo Senke as the new daimyo of the Akodo and Lion A maddened Oracle of Fire assaults the Shosuro after they fail to
Clan Champion. coerce him to choose of their own as the new Oracle instead of an eta
girl. The Scorpion instead attempt to steal the Oracles power with the
YEAR 1132 Dagger of Shosuro, but are foiled by Kakita Toshimo, Daidoji Daikuan,
and the monk Sadao. The eta ascends as the new Oracle of Fire.
A severe earthquake wreaks havoc on Iuchi lands. Horiuchi Shoan KI-RIN RETURNS, COUNCIL OF FIVE DISBANDED
comes to the aid of many samurai and peasants whose homes were The ki-rin is sighted over Kyuden Isawa. But when the Elemental
destroyed, as well as rescuing a great deal of knowledge considered Council gathers to witness and greet it, the celestial entity turns away
precious to the Unicorn Clan. Shinjo Shono grants the Horiuchi name in disgust, and begins to raze the palace. Isawa Uona turns on Isawa
to those samurai under Shoans care, expanding the Horiuchi family, Tsuke in anger, blaming him for bringing this upon them. They
and entrusting that family to the care and study of the gaijin secrets engage in taryu-jiai, and Uona is killed. A maddened Tsuke continues
and lore possessed by the clan. to attack the other Masters, leaving Isawa Tomo comatose, and
severely wounding Shiba Tetsuyuki before fleeing himself. Only
YEAR 1134 Isawa Kaede remained untouched by Tsukes rage, as she primarily
ISAWA TAERUKO COMMITS SEPPUKU concerned herself with saving Kyuden Isawa from the ki-rins flames.
The ki-rins rampage continued through Phoenix lands, decimating
As Master of Earth, Isawa Taeruko staved off the worst effects of the various temples, libraries, and homes kept by the Masters. The
Taint for many years. But even she realized the effect it was having Emperor disbands the Council and declares that until further notice,
on her mind, and how dangerous that could be. So she resolved to the Shiba Champion shall govern the Phoenix Clan.
commit seppuku. She also realized how unstable Isawa Tsuke was
Isawa Tsuke finds refuge with his old friend, Agasha Tamori, who The youngest of all Spirit Realms, Uragiri-do (also called the Realm
feels he can resolve the volatile situation peacefully by granting of Traitors) is reserved for the spirits of those that have committed
Tsuke sanctuary to buy time. But Tsuke continues his attacks upon grievous betrayal in life. Those that have violated sacred vows, turned
the Phoenix, including the murder of Isawa Tomos prodigy, the sister against their lords, murdered their kin or spouse, and other vile
of the popular provincial daimyo, Agasha Hamanari. Incensed that betrayals find themselves destined for this hellish Realm after their
Tamori would grant protection to Tsuke, and accused of treason by judgment in Meido.
the Mirumoto, Hamanari turns to the Phoenix for aid. Shiba Tsukune Uragiri-do is a place of skewed perceptions amidst a landscape of
accepts Hamanaris fealty, and a large portion of the Agasha join the mist and shadows. Around every corner, through every veil of fog
Phoenix Clan. there is a shadowy threat awaiting the traitors. The only hope for
survival is to work with the other spirits within, who will inevitably
betray one another for their own sake; the Realms effect on the senses
Tsukes actions grow bolder and more destructive as the Phoenix ensures this. Even those trying to act as friends will be seen as plotting
army draws nearer. His assaults upon his former clan wreak havoc enemies. Those that fall to the shadow monsters (or one another) will
on Agasha lands, violating Agasha Tamoris hospitality. Now return within hours only to experience it all again.
realizing there would be no peaceful resolution, Tamori personally As such a new Realm, it is unknown whether the traitor spirits can
tries to stop Tsuke. The fires of their battle can be seen for miles. In ever return to the kharmic wheel and escape Uragiri-do. Some have
the end, Tamori falls to Tsukes flames. His daughter, Agasha already postulated that once they have experienced the pain and fear
Shaitung, takes up the mantle of Family Daimyo. Feeling that her that they inflicted upon others in life, they might have a chance to begin
fathers final act should set a new course for the family, she decrees life again (though undoubtedly further down in the Celestial Order).
that they shall henceforth be known as the Tamori Family. Beneath Shinden no Chuugi (Temple of Loyalty) where Traitors Grove
once stood in Scorpion lands, a passage was once opened to the
newly formed Uragiri-do. The location of the passage has been sealed
As the Phoenix martial forces to capture Tsuke, the Mirumoto and warded, but whether the path still exists is not known for certain.
mobilize to defend Shiro Agasha. Even after the Agasha defect to the
Phoenix, tensions remain high between the formerly allied clans.
Several border skirmishes threaten to explode into outright war. The Great Clans of Rokugan
The current Family allegiances, Clan Champions and Family daimyo
While the Phoenix are weakened, the Mantis Clan sends ships north of the Great Clans are detailed below.
to attack the coast. Distracted by their conflict with the Dragon, the
Phoenix are unable to mount a sufficient defense, allowing the THE CRAB CLAN
Mantis capture the City of Remembrance.
When a Bloodspeaker cell in Ryoko Owari attacks Kakita Toshimo,
two mysterious ronin appear to help end the threat. They identify FAMILY DAIMYO V ASSAL FAMILIES
themselves as Daigotsu and Kyoden. Hida Hida O-Ushi Kakeguchi, Moshibaru
Hiruma Hiruma Nikako Endo, Raikuto
NEW COUNCIL OF FIVE APPOINTED Kaiu Kaiu Utsu Fundai, Maisuna
Kuni Kuni Utagu Meishozo, Ugawari
By Imperial decree, a new Council of Five is appointed to lead the
Phoenix Clan, consisting of Agasha Gennai (Air), Isawa Koishi
(Earth), Isawa Hochiu (Fire), Isawa Riake (Water), and Isawa Miruko
(Void). Shiba Masu is named the Voice of the Elemental Masters. CLAN CHAMPION: Doji Hoturi
Shogun Toturi is gravely concerned that if Hantei XXXIX dies FAMILY DAIMYO V ASSAL FAMILIES
without an heir, the Empire could be thrown into chaos as contenders Asahina Asahina Sekawa
seek the throne. He is aware that Hantei XXXVIII had a brother that Daidoji Daidoji Uji Hiramichi, Hiramori
joined the Order of Togashi, and that if he could be found and Doji Doji Hoturi Kotagama, Tsume
Kakita Kakita Kaiten Ashidaka, Iwasaka
convinced to reclaim his birthright, he could be the Empires
salvation. He needed people he could trust, answerable only to him,
to carry out this quest. To that end, Toturi orders the reformation of THE DRAGON CLAN
the Wolf Legion, the ronin otokodate that he originally gathered for
the Battle of Beiden Pass, this time under the leadership of Mikio, CLAN CHAMPION: Togashi Yokuni
Dairya, and Naka Kuro. CLAN COLORS: Emerald green, yellow


Religion and Philosophy Kitsuki
Kitsuki Mizuochi
Mirumoto Daini
Kouken, Zurui
Tamori Tamori Shaitung Chiyu, Hiasobi
THE SPIRIT REALMS Togashi Order Togashi Hoshi
The War of Spirits has not occurred, so the Realm of Lost Heroes has
not come into being.
used the opportunity to prey upon the victims of the havoc. While
THE LION CLAN the Iuchi focused on their larger problems, smaller villages suffered.
One such village was Mura Yamakage, a village particularly known
CLAN CHAMPION: Akodo Senke for its library containing many scrolls filled knowledge that the
CLAN COLORS: Gold, earth tones Unicorn Clan had gained from the gaijin lands. The village was
decimated by the quake, and its few remaining defenders could not
stand against the bandit attacks.
Akodo Akodo Senke Katai, Seizuka
Ikoma Ikoma Sume Hosokawa, Murame
Horiuchi Shoan was visiting a shrine near the village when the
Kitsu Kitsu Toju Ise, Noroko earthquake struck. Seeking to offer her aid, she came across the ruins
Matsu Matsu Ketsui Ikeda, Koritome of Mura Yamakage. She gathered what survivors remained,
comprised mostly of the elderly and children. She took them back to
THE MANTIS CLAN the shrine with whatever supplies they could carry including every
scroll that could be salvaged from the library. Knowing that the
CLAN CHAMPION: Yoritomo Kumiko bandits would return, she took inspiration from her own name and
CLAN COLORS: Sea green, gold, black organized those of able body to dig a hori a moat around the
shrine. When word got out that there was a safe haven from the
FAMILY DAIMYO V ASSAL FAMILIES bandits, other refugees came seeking Shoans protection.
Moshi Moshi Jukio Goraiku When the crisis finally abated, word of Horiuchi Shoans
Tsuruchi Tsuruchi Ichiro Kagehisa, Suguru
Yasuki Yasuki Oguri Kano
inspirational act of compassion reached Shinjo Shono. The Unicorn Clan
Yoritomo Yoritomo Kumiko Hogosha, Watanabe Champion remembered Shoan well as his Josei-kateikyoshi
(governess) from childhood, and was shocked to find that she had
still not taken a husband and passed her unique name to any heirs.
THE PHOENIX CLAN He decreed that since she was able to protect those people that the
COUNCIL OF FIVE: Agasha Gennai (Air), Isawa Koishi Iuchi could not, that those samurai under her care would take the
(Earth), Isawa Hochiu (Fire), Isawa Riake (Water), name Horiuchi, and those peasants she looked after would be her
Isawa Miruko (Void) own. As a result, many young samurai who were but children during
CLAN CHAMPION: Shiba Tsukune the disaster see Shoan as not only their daimyo, but also a mother
CLAN COLORS: Red, yellow, orange figure. Many other Unicorn samurai who were inspired by Shoans
act of compassion and courage were allowed to join her family at this
FAMILY DAIMYO V ASSAL FAMILIES time. Though this caused some brief animosity from daimyo of other
Agasha Agasha Gennai Atsumaru, Izaku families, those that met Shoan were quickly overcome by her
Asako Asako Toshi Chukan, Nani gentleness and sincerity.
Isawa Council of Five Shingon
In honor of Shoans care for the Yamakage scrolls, he tasked the
Shiba Shiba Tsukune Nasu, Sodona
Horiuchi Family with stewardship over the gaijin lore of the Unicorn
Clan that they would rather not be so public. Among these secrets was
THE SCORPION CLAN the study of meishodo; the method of blending gaijin trinket magic
with the way of the shugenja.
CLAN CHAMPION: Bayushi Dairu
The shrine was soon expanded and became Horiuchi Temple, the
CLAN COLORS: Blood red, black
new home of the Horiuchi Family.
Bayushi Dairu
Shosuro Yudoka
Soshi Taoshi
Aotora, Rokugo
Kochako, Tokagure
The Minor Clans of Rokugan
Yogo Yogo Matsuhiro Naganori, Tansaku The current Family allegiances, Clan Champions and Family daimyo
of the Minor Clans are detailed below. For information on the Bee,
THE UNICORN CLAN Firefly, Raven, Salamander, Shark, and Tanuki Clans, see The
Imperial Archives, pages 54-67.
CLAN CHAMPION: Shinjo Yokatsu
CLAN COLORS: Purple, white, gold
Horiuchi Horiuchi Shoan
CLAN CHAMPION: Ichiro Kihongo
Ide Ide Tadaji Suio CLAN COLORS: Brown, black
Iuchi Iuchi Karasu Battue, Kenshin
Otaku Otaku Tetsuko Hyuga, Naoko Ichiro Ichiro Kihongo Fureheshu, Tashimi
Shinjo Shinjo Yokatsu Marta


Though they have technically existed since Iuchi Shoan was first CLAN CHAMPION: Hachi Zeiruko
honored with the name, the Horiuchi were truly born in the aftermath CLAN COLORS: Black, white, yellow
of disaster. When a massive earthquake rocked Unicorn lands, the
Iuchi family found itself in chaos and cut off from aid for weeks. A FAMILY DAIMYO V ASSAL FAMILIES
landslide had temporarily blocked Iuchi Pass, and the smoke and heat Hachi Hachi Zeiruko
from a raging forest fire prevented speedy assistance from the other
families. To make matters worse, bandits from the Spine of the World
to destroy an evil that threatened all of Rokugan. All who knew
THE DRAGONFLY CLAN Reichin knew he hated this war and certainly wasnt made for battle.
But his heart was pure and untainted, so he was accepted. The Kitsu,
CLAN CHAMPION: Tonbo Toryu Soshi and Isawa alike worked their magic upon his katana for the
CLAN COLORS: Blue, brown, gold (also, jewel-toned rainbow) deed, and Usagi prepared himself for his death.
The next day the battle raged heavily. A contingent of Lion Clan
Deathseekers guided Ikoma Reichin and the ise zumi through the
Tonbo Tonbo Toryu Koshei, Senkensha
undead armies straight toward Iuchiban himself. The Matsu blades
had no effect on the Bloodspeaker, for his maho protected him. But
THE FIREFLY CLAN Reichins empowered sword broke through the maho-tsukais wards
and struck him down. Forced to find a new body quickly, he
CLAN CHAMPION: Hotaru Heisei possessed the nearest living person, Ikoma Reichin. Prepared for this,
CLAN COLORS: Yellow-green, orange, dark brown as Iuchiban overwhelmed his soul, Reichin stood back to back with
the ise zumi. He then thrust his blade through his own body and the
monks, the swords magic forcing Iuchibans spirit into the monk,
Hotaru Hotaru Heisei
who could contain the dread soul safely.
After the battle Ikoma Reichins body was honored and given a
THE FOX CLAN proper burial by the shores of Cherry Blossom Snow Lake, a place he
came often for inspiration for his now classic poetry (immortalized
CLAN CHAMPION: Kitsune Ryosei in his posthumously published book, Musings of a Rabbit). His son,
CLAN COLORS: Brown, red, green Tsumukigo, was given the enchanted katana and granted his own
family status for his fathers great deeds. Tsumukigo chose the family
Kitsune Kitsune Ryosei Byako, Shudo
name, Usagi, and formed the Hare Clan in honor of his father. While
the Hare have formed a small bushi school, they are taught to only
use their skills in defense of all that it righteous and beautiful, and to
THE HARE CLAN stand against the hidden evils of Rokugan, like the Bloodspeakers.
CLAN COLORS: Red, white
Nearly 500 years ago, a ronin named Toritaka roamed the
FAMILY DAIMYO V ASSAL FAMILIES Empire. By the time his name was known among the clans
Usagi Usagi Ozaki Ketsudo he was nearing retirement age. His reputation spoke of his
Ujina Ujina Tokimasa devout reverence to the Fortunes and his almost fanatical devotion
Toritaka Toritaka Tatsune
to the Code of Bushido. It wasnt uncommon to hear his name used
Of all the Minor Clans, perhaps none other is such a fixture of peasant as a standard of comparison to students of Bushido. Even though no
legend as the Hare. Many tales tell of how an insidious maho-tsukai or one really knew his origins, whether he was truly a samurai or an
manipulative crime lord seized a village in the grip of fear, only to be imposter, his good name was lauded even in Imperial Court.
undone by a clever wandering Hare. Though the Hare do not brag of In truth it was to Toritakas benefit that his lineage remained
their exploits, many of these tales are true, and paint a portrait of a obscure. It was because of his heritage that he chose such a strict life.
unique duty the Hare have taken upon themselves. They are the Toritaka was born Asahina Orosaku. Early in his life, before he can
finders of secrets, rooters out of conspiracy. Those who are hidden remember, his family was stripped of their name and clan, cursed to
and work against the peace of the Empire have named themselves live as ronin. His father disappeared, and his brothers committed
enemies of the Hare and the Hare will find them. seppuku. His mother chose to live to raise young Orosaku and give
Once an extremely small clan, the Hare Clan has seen considerable him a chance to grow into an honorable samurai.
growth in their holdings and influence in the last generation. The It was when Orosaku reached gempukku age that he learned the truth.
Hare are situated south of Scorpion lands, near where the Shinomen His mother told him of his heritage. His father, before he had abandoned
Mori meets Cherry Blossom Snow Lake. them, was Asahina Yajinden, the artificer who served Iuchiban and
The modern Hare Clan is more aggressive than before, following created the dread Bloodswords. Moreover, when his mother left
the philosophy of its daimyo, Usagi Ozaki to be fearful of the Yajinden, the maho-tsukai cursed the bloodline, declaring that no
unknown signals defeat. Secrets are the weapons of the cowardly: matter where they went his influence would always taint the family.
remove their secrets, and they have nothing. While the Bloodspeakers Orosaku was horrified. He left his home in shame and took the name
are their primary enemy, any clandestine criminal organization or cult Toritaka so that none would be able to learn of his dishonorable lineage.
would be wise to avoid the Hares eye. Toritaka lived the remainder of his life trying to escape both his
It is surprising that a minor clan particularly one as small as the shame and his curse. He spent his days righting wrongs and
Hare has more than one independent family. In fact, they have three. championing the cause of good and honor. For the most part he was
The Usagi are the ruling family, larger and older than the Ujina. The successful. Though a wave man, he was considered to be more
Toritaka are older than either family being the remnants of the Falcon honorable and pious than most Crane or Phoenix samurai.
Clan but loyally serve the Usagi. In time his fame became so great that the Hantei himself wished
to meet this great man. When Toritaka received word of the Emperors
THE USAGI FAMILY summons his heart sank. He feared someone in Imperial Court would
The Usagi family came into being several hundred years ago during know of his fathers heinous deeds, and condemn him before the Son
the Battle of Sleeping River. In order to force Iuchiban to inhabit the of Heaven. But, a man of Bushido, Toritaka knew he could not refuse.
body of the Togashi tattooed man that would contain him, someone When Toritaka was presented the Hanteis wife could see plainly
with a pure soul would have to be sacrificed. The first man to that something weighed heavily on his shining soul. The Empress
volunteer was Ikoma Reichin, a humble poet and storyteller, bade him speak his heart. He balked, but the Emperors curiosity had
nicknamed Usagi for his gentle nature. Reichin had taken up arms
been peaked as well. A wise man, he could see Toritaka wished not the techniques, as a sensei of the Usagi Bushi School. His greatest
to speak openly. So he commanded him to approach the Jade Throne. glory came when he was assigned to teach the Usagi techniques to
With his head to the floor and his voice but a whisper, Toritaka the favored cousin of the clan, Emerald Champion Kakita Hikawa. As
told the Hantei his great secret. For a few moments the court was Hikawas sensei, he became embroiled in the Champions clandestine
dead silent as the Empress spoke quietly to her husband. The silence efforts to defeat the possessed Hantei XXXVIII. While Ketsudos actions
was broken when the Hantei smiled and spoke aloud. This man is would never become known to the Empire at large, the Hare Clan
truly as honorable as my courtiers say. His courage shines as bright knew well what he had accomplished. The daimyo, Usagi Ozaki, rewarded
as the sun on the winter snow. Let all samurai know that the family him for his life of dedication by declaring that his children and
of Toritaka is recognized by the Son of Heaven. With that he took students would bear the Ketsudo name as a vassal family of the Usagi.
hold of a katana that been a gift from the Kaiu daimyo and held it Though a young family, the Ketsudo have demonstrated a
toward Toritaka. Take this back to those lands you call home, and devotion to mastering and teaching the Usagi techniques
you shall rule them. unparalleled in the clan. Many young Ketsudo are already honored
By Imperial decree, the Kaiu family was ordered to build a castle sensei, having displayed Usagi Ketsudos gift for instruction and
for Toritaka, which Toritaka inhabited with various ronin that he inspiration to the bushi of the Hare.
trusted to follow him. Thus the Falcon Clan was born.
Toritaka felt safe from his family curse having established himself THE MONKEY CLAN
so close to Crab lands. He knew that if his fathers influence ever
returned, the Crab would deal with the problem. It seems the new CLAN CHAMPION: Toku
Falcon daimyo was blessed. He lived his life peacefully and CLAN COLORS: Orange, brown
prosperously. But his descendants would not be so lucky.
Though the Falcon maintained the reputation of their founder as FAMILY DAIMYO V ASSAL FAMILIES
honorable and pious samurai, a darkness stirred deep within the clan. Toku Toku
Fuzake Fuzake Sekkou
A circle of Bloodspeakers had formed in secrecy within the very ranks
of the clan. Their origins hail back to the second coming of Iuchiban, Among the many heroes of the Battle of Beiden Pass, few are so
when his servants spread out to infect the Empire with his evil ways. highly honored as the simple ronin known as Toku. Thought not the
It seems Yajindens curse had finally come about. strongest, nor the wisest of Akodo Toturis followers, he possessed
The ruling family remained unaware of the evil in their midst until boundless courage and fighting spirit. When all seemed darkest for
it was too late. When the Tomb of Iuchiban was opened, the the Wolf Legion, Tokus example led the others to fight on. When
Bloodspeakers struck, nearly decimating the clan. The Crab Clan, victory looked impossible, Toku stood up to lead the charge. When
seeing this corruption festering in their own backyard, moved troops the battle was won and Toturi became Emerald Regent, he offered
into the suffering Falcon lands, occupying the area. Fearful that the Toku a position as Captain of the Imperial Guard.
Crab would annex the clan (and they likely would have), the Toku refused, confessing his origins as a simple peasant, and
remaining Falcon beseeched the neighboring Hare Clan for aid. The begged to be allowed seppuku his final act as a samurai.
two small clans formed an alliance, and the Toritaka Family pledged Toturi refused, proclaiming Tokus samurai status official, wiping
their allegiance as a family of the Hare, with the understanding that Tokus crimes away. Further, he commanded Toku to take his position
they might one day emerge as the Falcon Clan again. Considering the as Captain of the Guard and daimyo of a new Minor Clan the
Hare Clans connection to the Emerald Champion Kakita Hikawa Monkey Clan.
the Crab ceased their plans to absorb the Toritaka. Initially, the Monkey Clan was based in Otosan Uchi to serve in
Though the Falcon Clan is technically no more, the Toritaka are the Imperial Guard. But the recent discovery of the tomb of legendary
permitted to wear the Falcon Clan mon. Many Toritaka have taken to ronin duelist Takeda Fujimu has prompted a new duty for the
having the Falcon mon tattooed over their hearts. Monkey. After much competition among the clans to claim
ownership of the tomb, it was declared an Imperial holding. Soon
THE UJINA FAMILY after, Hantei the 39th decreed that lands surrounding the tomb would
When a mass murderer was killing in the Imperial City in 1132, Usagi be granted to the Monkey, forcing both the Lion and the Scorpion to
Ozaki and a ronin Tokimasa co-operated in apprehending the cede territory to the minor clan. Fortunately, Tokus history with
murderer as well as uncovering and destroying a Bloodspeaker cell Akodo Toturi shields the clan from any Lion hostility. Meanwhile, the
hidden within the city. Hantei the 39th offered Tokimasa the family Scorpion immediately began making overtures to the Monkey,
name of "Ujina" as a reward for his efforts. Ujina Tokimasa immediately recognizing the benefit of an ally placed so close to Shiro Matsu,
swore fealty to Usagi Ozaki and the Hare Clan. especially an ally so beloved by the Shogun.
The Ujina are skilled, stealthy warriors, using a variety of
techniques in order to bring evil to justice. They conduct most of THE RAVEN CLAN
their business out of the farming village Meidochi as well as training
at Reichin's Refuge Dojo. CLAN CHAMPION: Karasu Korohime
CLAN COLORS: Black, grey
Karasu Karasu Korohime
The origins of the Ketsudo family go back to the attempted destruction
of the Hare Clan by the Scorpion general, Bayushi Tomaru. It was the
Hares fortune that a ronin called Ketsudo was in the Hare province THE SALAMANDER CLAN
when Tomaru attacked. It was Ketsudos ingenuity and tenacity that CLAN CHAMPION: Hitokage Wan
foiled much of the Scorpion armys plans, and ultimately allowed the
CLAN COLORS: Red-orange, black
Hare Clan to save itself from a dark fate.
As a reward for his service, Ketsudo was offered a place in the FAMILY DAIMYO V ASSAL FAMILIES
clan, and soon became Usagi Ketsudo. He served the clan loyally over Hitokage Hitokage Wan
the years, serving first as a clan magistrate, and later, after mastering
Those currently holding positions among the Emperors Chosen are:
Jirozame Jirozame Goro
CLAN CHAMPION: Suzume Yugoki Those currently holding positions as the Jeweled Champions are:
CLAN COLORS: Shades of brown EMERALD CHAMPION: Kakita Hikawa
Suzume Suzume Yugoki Edakumi RUBY CHAMPION: Otaku Takai
TURQUOISE CHAMPION: None, this position does not yet exist.
TOPAZ CHAMPION: Suzume Eiriko, 1143
CLAN COLORS: Brown, black, white the Toturi are few, but many Akodo and a handful of Seppun swore
fealty to the new Family Daimyo, taking the name themselves.
Tanuki Tanuki Ojiro
CLAN CHAMPION: Kasuga Taigen
CLAN COLORS: Light green, white
Order of Osano-Wo Ageku
FAMILY DAIMYO V ASSAL FAMILIES Order of the Seven Fortunes Iko
Order of the Seven Thunders Fumiaki
Kasuga Kasuga Taigen Hyobe, Someisa
Order of the Four Temples Tanari

The Imperial Families Ronin Families

The current Family allegiances and daimyo of the Imperial Families
are detailed below. THE KAERU FAMILY

EMPEROR: Hantei XXXIX (Hantei Sotorii)

Miya Miya Yumi Anou, Satoshi
Otomo Otomo Sorai Reju
Seppun Seppun Hotaitaku Hanako

The Shadowlands


In a dark mockery of the Jeweled Champions, Moto Tsume once
titled himself the Obsidian Champion. Since Tsumes death and
When Hantei the 39th formally took the throne, he wished to reward Junzos ascension, the Dark Lord has declared Yakamo to be the
Akodo Toturi, who had served faithfully as his regent for so many new Obsidian Champion.
years. So he created a new Imperial Family: the Toturi Family. As yet,
When you are doing one thing, be concerned with that one thing and nothing else. Distraction breeds disaster. THE TAO OF SHINSEI

Basic Mechanics: Skill Rolls, Expanded

The Roll & Keep System MISHAPS
When making a Skill, Trait, Ring, or Spell Casting Roll and more than
Rings & Traits half of the rolled dice result in 1s (before re-rolls for Emphases), a
Mishap occurs. This means something bad happened to really screw
VOID things up. It could be that outside forces intervened or simply that the
character fouled up whatever he was trying to accomplish so horribly
By spending a Void Point, a character may also:
that he made things worse. Keep in mind that it is possible to have a
Gain a spell slot in an element of your choice (even if you
Mishap and still succeed at the roll. Sometimes too much success can
have no spell slots remaining). This spell slot must be used
be bad (e.g. stabbing through your enemy and your ally behind him).
immediately or it is lost.
The exact result of a Mishap is in the hands of the GM.

As normal, each Raise a player makes increases the TN of a roll by 5.
However, exceptional rolls can be made even without declaring
Raises. A Free Raise is earned for every 10 rolled over the TN. Actions
Therefore, if the TN is 15 and the player didnt take any raises, a roll
of 36 would yield two Free Raises (for exceeding the TN by 20). DRAWING TWO WEAPONS
THE TEN DICE RULE Drawing two Small weapons simultaneously may be done as a single
Free Action. Drawing two Medium weapons is a Simple Action.
Sometimes you will have an odd number of rolled dice above ten,
which would normally mean a die is lost when you convert rolled FIGHTING WITH TWO WEAPONS
dice to kept dice. Instead, such a spare rolled die becomes a +2 to After a character makes a successful attack with an off-hand
the total of the roll. For example, 13k5 would convert to 10k6+2. weapon, if his next action is an attack with his dominant hand,
he may add his Insight Rank to the total of the Attack Roll.
When trying to use two-handed melee weapons in one hand, a
SOCIAL SKILL ROLLS character suffers a +10 TN penalty to his Attack Rolls. In addition,
Social Skills are mostly about modifying the behavior of other he cannot benefit from any special qualities the weapon might
characters. Courtier might be used to manipulate a magistrate into have, or the Weapon Skills Mastery Abilities.
arresting someone, or elicit damaging gossip. Sincerity is all about
convincing others of your truthfulness. Temptation could be used to
seduce your enemys spouse, or bribe a guard to look the other way.
Though potent, these skills are not mind control. The problem is that
if they cannot guarantee certain responses, some players will see
them as useless.
While a Social Skill Roll cannot force a specific reaction from
another character, it can encourage or coerce it. A player (or the GM,
in the case of NPCs) is under no obligation to give in to the demands
of successful Social Skill Roll, but it might be a good idea to avoid
the price of resisting.
A successful Social Skill Roll can inflict one of the following
consequences (GMs chooses the most appropriate):
DAUNTED: +5 to all future TNs against the instigator of the
Social Skill Roll (+5 TN per Raise), unless the situation is
resolved or becomes irrelevant (GMs discretion).
DISTRACTED: +5 to the TNs of all Trait and Skill Rolls for the
remainder of the scene (+5 TN per Raise).
SHAMED: Lose 1 Honor or 1 Glory (lose an additional 1 per Raise).
The player can avoid or end any of these effects by voluntarily
succumbing to the intended effect of the Social Skill Roll that caused The Push Maneuver is a dominating attack that forces your target
them (e.g. choosing to believe the Scorpion to avoid the Honor loss away from you. Like Knockdown, this is usable against two- or four-
of doubting his obvious sincerity). legged opponents (requiring 2 and 4 Raises respectively). If successful,
Not everyone is equally important in the grand scheme of things. 2-4 Lower leg 1-3: Foot, 7-10: Shin/Calf
Some people are destined for greatness, others for mediocrity. It is 5-6 Upper leg 1-3: Knee, 7-10: Thigh
for the gods and the universe to decide whose paths are on a course 7-9 Lower torso 1-2: Left hip, 3-4: Right hip 5: Groin, 6-10: Belly
for legend. This is not to say that someone with a minor destiny 10-13 Upper torso 1-4: Ribs, 5-6: Sternum, 7-10: Chest
14-15 Lower arm 1-2: Hand, 3: Wrist, 4-10: Forearm
cannot accomplish great things. But they must try that much harder
16-17 Upper arm 1-2: Elbow, 3-7: Bicep, 8-10: Shoulder
than one favored by fate. 18-20 Head 1-7: Skull/scalp, 8-9: Face, 10: Neck
A characters destiny is measured in terms of a Destiny Rank from
1 to 5 (see the table below). Player characters are always Destiny DAMAGE
Rank 3. The higher ones Destiny Rank, the more important one is
in the tapestry of fate. In game terms, a characters Wound Level Some attacks can disable or destroy a body location. A samurai who
multiplier is equal to his Destiny Rank (this does not alter the does a great deal of damage to an arm can remove it in one blow.
multiplier at Healthy). Consult the Wound Severity Table to find out how badly a hit to a
Destiny Rank cannot increase with Experience Points. Only the specific location affects the character.
GM can increase or decrease a characters Destiny Rank, in the rare Penalties from Disabled and Destroyed locations are not
situation that his actions literally alter his destiny. A player cumulative, even on the same location. If a Disabled location
characters Destiny Rank can only change if the character is becomes Destroyed, the penalties from the Destroyed description
retired and becomes an NPC. supersede the previous penalties.
1 Common peasant, other noncombatant (any NPC that willingly enters L OCATION DAMAGE TO DISABLE DAMAGE TO DESTROY
combat immediately becomes Destiny Rank 2) Leg Earth x 4 Earth x 6
2 Typical samurai, villains lieutenant Arm Earth x 3 Earth x 5
3 Player character, major villain Torso Earth x 10 Earth x 15
4 Arch-villain, Clan Champion, the Emperor Head Earth x 5 Earth x 7
5 Oracle, Fortune, Kami, Fu Leng, Shinsei

the attack deals normal damage and forces a Contested Strength Roll DISABLED LOCATIONS
between the character and the target. If the character is successful, the A disabling injury is one that seriously impairs the abilities of the target.
target must move backward 5 feet. At the attackers option, he may Such injuries include, but are not limited to, serious sprains, broken
follow his opponent, pressing the offensive. Movement caused by this bones, deep wounds, bruising, and internal bleeding. Any time a
Maneuver does not require an action. location is Disabled, roll a die. If the result if greater than your Earth
Ring, you gain the Permanent Wound Disadvantage.
Sometimes characters will find themselves in combats that are not Destroyed locations are potentially life threatening. Blunt attacks
especially significant, with foes that are not particularly important or cause maimed or pulped limbs, crushed joints, and death by internal
threatening. Working out and keeping track of the Wound Ranks for bleeding. Slashing attacks may sever the affected limb, and piercing
all of those bandits, thugs, ashigaru, etc. (which well call thugs for attacks cause severe organ and nerve damage, as the victim is impaled
convenience) is often more work than its worth. Here are some quick on the attackers weapon.
and dirty rules for handling such encounters.
The Wound Ranks for thugs are: +5, +10, Down, Dead. Do not LEGS
calculate the actual Wounds for each Wound Rank. LEG DISABLED: Your movement rate is reduced by half
On a successful attack, roll your damage dice against TN 10 + (determine after applying modifiers to Water for movement).
Reduction. With a success, youve inflict one Wound Rank on the During any round in which you move, your Armor TN is
thug. Each Raise inflicts an additional Wound Rank. reduced by 10 until your next turn. If both legs become
Disabled, you suffer the penalties detailed below under Leg
Hit Locations Destroyed.
LEG DESTROYED: The limb is severed or maimed beyond repair.
Sometimes it is necessary to expand on the damage a character takes, You cannot walk, and are considered Prone, with an
beyond mere Wounds, such as when the Called Shot Maneuver is additional -10 to your Armor TN against melee attacks. You can
used to try to disable an opponent. crawl, moving a number of feet per round equal to your Water
Ring. The TN for Full Defense rolls is increased by 25. Slashing
RANDOM HIT LOCATION or piercing attacks cause bleeding equal to 6 minus your Earth
Occasionally, the GM or player might wish to know just where a Ring each round (minimum 1), until medical attention is
given hit landed. To determine a random hit location, roll two dice received.
and refer to the Hit Location Table below to determine the location
affected. Attacks from higher ground, on horseback against ARMS
opponents on foot, or upon significantly smaller opponents add +4 ARM DISABLED: The limb is useless until healed. Attack TNs
to this roll. Note that this table is intended for humanoid targets, not with that limb are increased by 30 and your Armor TN is reduced
for animals and other creatures with differing anatomy. by 5.
ARM DESTROYED: The limb is severed or maimed beyond repair.
Attacks with that limb are impossible. Your Armor TN is
reduced by 10, plus an additional 10 (for a total of 20) on the
flank of the destroyed arm.
DISABLED: You cannot walk, and are considered Prone, with When a character starts consuming alcoholic beverages, make an
an additional -10 to your Armor TN. You can crawl, moving a Earth Trait Roll at a TN equal to 5 x the number of drinks imbibed
number of feet per round equal to your Water Ring (so a this scene. For every failure, consult the table below.
character with Water 3 can crawl 3 feet per round). Slashing or FAILED
piercing attacks cause bleeding damage equal to 8 minus your ROLLS PENALTY
Earth Ring each round (minimum 1), until medical attention 1 You have a slight speech impediment, and suffer -1k0 to all Social Skill Rolls.
2 You suffer -1k0 to all Skill and Trait Rolls until the end of the scene.
is received.
3 You suffer -2k0 to Skill and Trait Rolls. Shift up one table result in the next scene.
DESTROYED: You are killed; impaled, cut in half, or your vital 4+ You pass out for the remainder of scene. If awakened, you suffer -3k0 to Skill
organs ruptured. and Trait Rolls. Shift up one table result in the next scene.

DISABLED: You are knocked unconscious for a number of
Damaging Objects
minutes equal to 10 minus your Earth Ring. You also suffer a Sometimes youre interested not so much in injuring people as in
special effect on the Head Disabled Table below (this roll is made damaging things. Since objects dont have Earth Rings or Wound
instead of rolling to determine if you gain a Permanent Wound). Levels, it isnt quite as easy to determine when they are broken or destroyed.
DESTROYED: You are killed; your head pulped or severed.
Often, you might wish to break an object without destroying it. The
classic example is kicking down a door, or smashing a chest open.
Neither requires the complete destruction of the item in question, so
much as damaging specific parts. Typically, this is a mechanism, such
as a lock or a hinge. In this case, the idea isnt to make the item
irreparable, but to interfere with or overcome its function.
While you do actually damage objects when breaking, them, it
isnt Wounds were concerned about. To break an object, you must
overcome a TN based on the sturdiness of the objects construction.
The roll is typically a Strength roll. If a weapon is used, youll often
roll the weapons DR; though certain weapons arent any more
effective against some materials than bare hands. For instance, using
a tetsubo to destroy a paper scroll isnt especially efficient, and
probably wont grant the weapons DR.
Extremely Fragile 0* Paper, thin ice
Flimsy 5 Thin wood panels, soft earth
Fairly durable 10 Wool garment, ceramic pot, rope
Tough 15 Soft leather, 1-inch thick ice
ROLL EFFECT RULES Sturdy 20 Hardened leather, heavy wooden door
1 Attractive scar Free Raise to Deceit (Seduction) rolls Durable 25 Iron lockbox
2-3 Disfiguring scar +10 TN to Social Skill rolls to persuade or seduce Extremely durable 30 Steel sword, heavy boulder
4-5 Concussion -1k1 to all physical Trait rolls for one week Unbreakable 35+ Heavy iron door
6-7 Broken teeth +5 TN to Social Skill rolls involving speaking *Automatic. No roll required.
8 Ear destroyed +10 TN to hearing-related rolls
9-10 Eye destroyed Gain the Missing Eye Disadvantage DESTROYING OBJECTS
Sometimes, you just need to shatter an object to tiny pieces. When
Iaijutsu Duels trying to completely destroy an object beyond all repair, simply increase
the TN by 10. A TN of 10 may seem steep for destroying a piece of paper,
Kenjutsu may be substituted for Iaijutsu when making Strike Rolls in
but this is more than just cutting a scroll in half. This is chopping,
an iaijutsu duel. Kenjutsu may not be used to make Assessment or
ripping, or pulping it so thoroughly that it cannot be read or restored.
Focus Roll, but as long as the duelist possesses the Kenjutsu Skill,
those Rolls are not considered Unskilled.
Special Damage
Like iaijutsu, competitive wrestling in Rokugan is a formalized and
Refer to the following table to determine how much damage a
sacred event. There are rules that must be followed, and strict criteria
character takes from burns. For burn damage from Fire spells, see the
for victory. Only the following Maneuvers and options are available
during a sumai match: spell description.
Knockdown Lantern, torch, boiling water 1 Hand, foot k1
Push Small campfire, burning oil 2 Full limb k2
Bonfire, molten metal 3 Quarter of body k3
Grappling (Throw or Pass only once in control of the grapple)
Blaze, burning building 4 Half of body k4
Inferno, hot lava 5 Whole body k5
It is possible to reduce the damage taken from a fall, using tree
Honor, Glory, & Status
branches or similar protrusions to slow your fall, or simply rolling
with the impact. Make an Agility Trait Roll against a TN determined by GLORY
the type of surface you are landing on. Success reduces falling damage EFFECTS OF GLORY
by 1k1, and by an additional 1k1 per Raise.
When determining the TN for a recognition roll, also consider the
L ANDING S URFACE TN following criteria:
Hard earth, gravel 10 Lord accompanied by entourage -20
Solid stone, sharp brush 15 Emperor accompanied by entourage Automatic
Jagged rocks 30 Antisocial Disadvantage +5/+10
Bad Reputation Disadvantage -10
FALLING INTO WATER Bentens Blessing Advantage / Bentens Curse Disadvantage -5
Landing in water (or other liquids) is slightly different from solid Black Sheep Disadvantage -10
objects. You take no damage for the first 20 feet, and 1k1 damage Dangerous Beauty Advantage -10
Darling of the Court Advantage (when in chosen court) -15
per 10 feet beyond that. Roll Athletics (Swimming) / Reflexes to
Large Advantage -5
reduce falling damage in water. The TN for this roll is 10 for the first Sacrosanct Advantage -10
30 feet, and +5 for every 10 feet beyond that. Subject is of the same Clan -15
Subject is a ronin +20

Rokugan is vast, but traversable. It is roughly 1,400 ken-an (miles)
from the Great Wall of the North to Thunder Fish Bay, and about the Status affords some protection against Social Skills. It is easy to brush
same distance from the east coast of Phoenix Lands to the western off the demands or threats of those without the position or power to
edges of the plains beyond Unicorn Lands. back them up. When a character is targeted with a Contested Social
The Rokugan map is conveniently displayed with a hex grid to Skill Roll by someone with a lower Status Rank, the GM may choose
assist with navigation and travel times. Each hex is 100 ken-an to grant +Xk0 to the targets characters roll, where X is equal to the
across. Refer to the table below for the time it takes a traveler to cross difference between the opponents Status Ranks.
one hex (using a calculator may be helpful in some cases).

Walking 1 week (7 days)
Riding (carriage/wagon) 4.5 days
Riding (horseback) 3.5 days
Sailing (river, open ocean*) 2 days
Sailing (coastal shipping lanes) 1 day
Imperial road x0.75
Basic terrain (city streets, merchant roads, sparse forest, plains, etc.) x1
Moderate terrain (tall grass, foothills, beaches, etc.) x1.5
Difficult terrain (mountains, dense forest, hip-deep water, etc.) x2
Inclement weather (e.g. heavy storms, snow, etc.) x2
*Most of the distance between the Islands of Silk and Spice and the mainland is
considered open ocean.
When ten thousand men clash with arms and fire, it is always a single man's actions that make the difference. THE TAO OF SHINSEI

Character Creation, Expanded number of Wounds equal to your School Rank x 5. A given
person may only benefit from this tattoo once per day.
BAT: Bats are creatures of good omen, for they are intuitive
animals that do not need to see to navigate the darkness.
Creating Advanced Characters While active, this tattoo allows you to intuitively sense your
environment, ignoring all penalties for darkness, blindness, or
When creating characters with a bit more experience than normal other visual obfuscation. This does not overcome Stealth Rolls
starting characters, there are questions of whether such characters or magical invisibility.
might have earned Honor, Glory, or Status during their exploits. BUTTERFLY: As the Crane tattoo.
As a rule of thumb, for every 50 Experience Points granted, give
CHAMELEON: The chameleon hides in plain sight, as does the
players a free Rank that can be applied to Honor or Glory. With GM
ise zume with this tattoo. While this tattoo is active, you can
permission, these free Ranks can be applied to Status as well, though
alter your appearance, including clothing and personal items
in many campaigns, the characters social positions (and therefore,
(though these are mere illusion and provide no benefits). If
Status) are determined by the parameters of the campaign. Naturally,
you give others any reason to suspect the deception, they may
players are still free to take Advantages and Disadvantages that affect
roll Investigation (Notice) / Awareness against a TN equal to
those statistics as well.
your Awareness x 5. This effect cannot be used to mimic a
specific person.
The Great Clans CHERRY BLOSSOM: The cherry blossom is the symbol of honor
and duty. While this tattoo is active, you may roll additional
dice equal to your School Rank on Honor Rolls.
The Crab Clan
CROW: It is said that a crow led Shinsei and the Seven
Thunders through he Shadowlands, and returned with its
THE KAIU ENGINEER SCHOOL many-colored feathers blackened by the battle. You may roll
TECHNIQUES additional dice equal to your School Rank to resist the
Shadowlands Taint. This tattoo is active at all times, and does
RANK ONE: THE KAIU METHOD not prevent the use of other tattoos.
Add: You gain a Free Raise for the purposes of conferring Special CHRYSANTHEMUM: The chrysanthemum is Amaterasus blessed
Qualities when crafting Excellent Quality items. flower. You are immune to the detrimental effects of hot and
cold weather. This provides no resistance to fire, nor to any
THE YASUKI COURTIER SCHOOL magical affect that creates extreme temperature conditions.
This tattoo is active at all times, and does not prevent the use
This school is now a Mantis Clan School.
of other tattoos.
DRAGONFLY: As the Bamboo tattoo.
The Crane Clan FALCON: As the Mantis tattoo.
LION: Clarification: This tattoo does not add ranks to a Skill
THE ASAHINA SHUGENJA SCHOOL you already possess, but will replace them if your School Rank
is higher than your Skill.
Technique: The Souls Grace This Technique requires a
NIGHTINGALE: When Togashi finished his fast, a nightingale
Complex Action to activate.
brought him a plum blossom branch in its beak. While this
SKILLS: Replace Iaijutsu with Spears


SKILLS: Replace Games: Sadane with Games (Sadane)

The Dragon Clan

Skills: Replace Craft: Tattooing with Artisan: Tattooing

ARROWROOT: When invoking this potent healing herb, you
may heal yourself or another character that you touch by a
tattoo is active, you gain a bonus to the result of all
Meditation rolls equal to your Earth + School Rank. The Phoenix Clan
STORM: Replace the last sentence with: While this tattoo is
active, your unarmed attacks require only one Raise to use the THE SHIBA BUSHI SCHOOL
Knockdown Maneuver (or two Raises against four-legged SKILLS: Replace Spears with Polearms
opponents). In addition, on a successful Knockdown, add your

Air + School Rank to the result of the Contested Strength Roll.
SUN: The exalted mother, Amaterasu, gives her divine blessing
The Scorpion Clan
to all. While this tattoo is active, you may declare one more
Raise than normally allowed. THE BAYUSHI COURTIER SCHOOL
TIGER: The tiger is a fierce and deadly predator. While this TECHNIQUES
tattoo is active, your hands become claw-like, and your unarmed
attacks can ignore Reduction up to your School Rank. RANK 5: NO MORE MASKS
TORTOISE: The memory of the tortoise is long. You occasionally Replace Bad Reputation with Social Disadvantage.
have flashes of the memories of previous ise zume. Upon
activating this tattoo, you gain ranks equal to your School THE SHOSURO INFILTRATOR SCHOOL
Rank in any High, Merchant, or Low Skill of your choice. This TECHNIQUES
tattoo does not add ranks to a Skill you already possess, but
will replace them if your School Rank is higher than your Skill. RANK 3: STEEL WITHIN SILK
WASP: As the Wind tattoo. Add: Alternatively, when wielding shuriken, you may take a Complex
WHITE MASK: This tattoo appears to be a laughing porcelain Action to make a number of ranged attacks equal to your School Rank.
mask. The mask hides your thoughts and emotions. You are
immune to magical attempts to read your thoughts, and the THE SOSHI LAWKEEPER SCHOOL
TN of any roll to attempt to read your emotions, or even gauge
It was Soshi Saibankan that was largely responsible for Rokugani law
your honesty, is increased by your Void + School Rank.
as we know it today. As a result, his family has always had a keen
insight into the law, and the various means of enforcing it. They
The Lion Clan understand every limitationand every loophole. The Soshi
Lawkeeper School was founded to take advantage of this knowledge.
THE KITSU SHUGENJA SCHOOL Soshi lawkeepers are masters of debate, and are called upon as
advocates for the accused nearly as often as they are the accusers.
Technique: Eyes of the Ancestors This Technique requires a
Much as their founder would use anecdotes about his wise old Uncle
Complex Action to activate. It does not allow the shugenja to
Sochoko, modern Soshi lawkeepers use narrative and precedent to
detect the Shadowlands Taint Disadvantage.
fuel their arguments.
The lawkeepers are the counterparts to the Soshi Magistrates, who
THE MATSU BEASTMASTER SCHOOL take a more direct and martial approach to law enforcement. They
TECHNIQUES are often paired together, and make for truly formidable partners.


Add beastmasters claws to the weapons with which you may make BENEFIT: +1 Intelligence
melee attacks as a Simple Action. SKILLS: Courtier (Manipulation), Etiquette, Investigation, Lore:
History, Lore: Law, Sincerity (Deceit), any one Lore or Low Skill
HONOR: 2.5
The Mantis Clan OUTFIT: Wakizashi, Jitte, any 1 weapon, Ashigaru Armor;
Traditional Clothing, Traveling Pack; 12 koku
SKILLS: Add: Jiujutsu (Improvised Weapons)
OUTFIT: Replace with: Light Armor; Daisho, any two weapons;
Rugged Clothing, Traveling Pack, 4 koku The Soshi Lawkeeper understands that knowledge is power, and the
use of that knowledge can become leverage. If you have a Lore Skill
that applies to the person, place, or incident that you are
investigating, gain a bonus equal to your ranks in that Lore Skill to
This school is now a Mantis Clan School. the result of Investigation or Social Skill rolls. Additionally, you may
add your Fire Ring x 2 to your Armor TN.
Soshi Saibankan helped to establish the law as a tool to be
RANK 1: DUTY BEFORE HONOR manipulated in the pursuit of justice, and the Lawkeeper is an expert
Add: All Intimidation Rolls the Yoritomo makes use Willpower instead of at finding even the tiniest infraction or legal advantage and
Awareness. exploiting it. Gain a number of Free Raises per day equal to your
School Rank + 1. These Free Raises can be spent on any Skill Roll
using your School Skills. Once used, the Free Raises are gone until
the following day.
RANK 3: TO KNOW THE LAW Lore Skills can also be used to try to communicate with the subject
The Soshi are taught to overwhelm those that oppose them with their of the Lore Skill. While this does not grant the fluency that the
inscrutable understanding of the law. A number of times per day equal Languages Advantage does, it can allow for basic communication.
to your School Rank, if you have failed a Contested Social Skill Roll, STANDARDIZED LORE SUB-SKILL LIST
you may re-roll it using your Lore: Law skill instead (this is still considered
(Sub-skills marked with a * are considered Low Skills.)
a Social Skill Roll). You must take the result of the Lore: Law roll.
LORE: ANATOMY*: Knowledge of anatomical structure; generally
RANK 4: PERCEPTION IS TRUTH considered unclean. (EMPHASES: Human, Specific Creature)
The Soshi Lawkeeper learns that the truth is what he makes it out to LORE: ANCESTORS: Knowledge of ancestry and shiryo. This Skill
be, and those whose view of the truth is skewed are at his mercy. Add can be used like Lore: Heraldry as it pertains specifically to
+2k2 on all Contested Rolls with any target against whom you have ancestral lineages. It can also be used like Lore: Ghosts as it
made a successful Sincerity (Deceit) roll within the last day. pertains to shiryo and Yomi. (EMPHASES: Shiryo, Yomi,
Specific Clans Ancestry)
LORE: ARCHITECTURE: Knowledge of architectural design and style.
Innocence is a matter of perspective where the Soshi Lawkeeper is Does not include the ability to construct buildings (see Engineering).
concerned. By spending ten minutes in conversation with a target, a (EMPHASES: Specific Clan Style, Castles, Houses, Bridges)
Soshi Lawkeeper can use spurious logic and confusing arguments to LORE: ASTRONOMY: Knowledge of heavenly bodies. This Skill can
convince even an innocent that they are somehow involved with the be used to navigate by the stars. (EMPHASES: Navigation, Constellations)
crime, and in this way gain greater cooperation. By making a LORE: BUSHIDO: Knowledge of the Code of Bushido. (EMPHASES:
Contested Intelligence / Sincerity (Deceit) roll versus your targets Assessment (determining anothers Honor Rank), Specific Tenet)
Willpower / Investigation, you can convince the target of some guilt LORE: BURNING SANDS: Knowledge of the gaijin desert lands to
(or at least cause doubt in their own recollection of events). The target the north and the peoples that live in it. (EMPHASES: Ujik-hai,
loses 1 point of Honor, and an additional 1 for every five points you Medinaat al-Salaam, the Senpet Empire, Rashari, Ashalan, the Qabal)
succeed by. The target can avoid this Honor loss by making amends
LORE: ELEMENTS: Knowledge of elemental kami and the Elemental
in service to the law. If the target chooses to make amends he gains
Dragons, as well as the properties of the raw elements
a 3-point Obligation to you, but gains no experience points for the
themselves. (EMPHASES: Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Void, Dragons)
Disadvantage. If more than 5 points of Honor would have been lost,
LORE: GREAT CLAN (CHOOSE ONE): Knowledge of one of the Great
the Disadvantage becomes a 6-point Obligation.
Clans. (EMPHASES: Clan History, Customs, Holdings)
LORE: GHOSTS: Knowledge of the spirits of the dead.
The Unicorn Clan (EMPHASES: Gaki, Shiryo, Restless Souls)
LORE: HERALDRY: Knowledge of mons and other clan/family
THE IUCHI SHUGENJA SCHOOL symbols, and ancestry. (EMPHASES: Mons, Recognition
(identifying another by Glory Rank), Specific Clan)
LORE: HISTORY: Knowledge of Rokugans history. (EMPHASES:
OUTFIT: Add: Scroll Satchel Specific Era (e.g. Dawn of the Empire, Gozoku Era))
LORE: IVORY KINGDOMS: Knowledge of the gaijin Ivory Kingdoms

Skills beyond the Shadowlands. (EMPHASES: Culture, Language,

Politics, Religion)
LORE: KOLAT: Knowledge of the Kolat conspiracy. (EMPHASES:

Skill List Kolat Tactics, The Qolat, Kolat Philosophy)

LORE: LAW: Knowledge of Rokugans laws and justice system.
(EMPHASES: Bureaucracy, Specific Clan/Region/City, Imperial Law)
HIGH SKILLS LORE: LYING DARKNESS: Knowledge of the Lying Darkness.
ARTISAN (AWARENESS) (EMPHASES: Ninja, Shadow Corruption, Goju Family, Ninube Family)
DESCRIPTION: Add: Bonsai and Ikebana can be used to enhance LORE: MAHO*: Knowledge of blood magic and maho-tsukai.
Meditation and Tea Ceremony rolls, respectively. With a successful (EMPHASES: Bloodspeakers, Kansen, Rituals)
Skill Roll, the TN of a Meditation or Tea Ceremony Roll made in the LORE: MINOR CLANS: Knowledge of the Minor Clans.
presence of the bonsai tree or flower arrangement is reduced by 5, +5 (EMPHASES: Specific Minor Clan)
per Raise (to a minimum of 10). This benefit lasts for one week. LORE: NAGA: Knowledge of naga culture, religion, and history.
(EMPHASES: Moksha, Specific Bloodline, Naga History)
GAMES (VARIES) LORE: NATURE: Knowledge of the natural world, including
EMPHASES: Add: Fortunes & Winds, Go, Kemari, Letters, Sadane, Shogi animals plant life, and weather patterns. (EMPHASES: Specific
Games is no longer a Macro-Skill; it is now a catch-all for playing type of animal or plant, Weather, Specific Region)
courtly games. Treat the individual Games Skills as Emphases. LORE: NEZUMI: Knowledge of nezumi culture, religion, and history.
(EMPHASES: Specific Tribe, Culture, History, Language, Religion)
LORE (INTELLIGENCE) LORE: NONHUMANS: Knowledge of nonhuman races. This Skill
DESCRIPTION: Add: When a Lore Skill roll pertains to your own clan, provides only a marginal knowledge of naga, nezumi, and
you may add your Insight Rank to the total (and you are never shapeshifters (see the appropriate Lore sub-skills for more
considered unskilled). For example, if Isawa Koishi a Rank 4 Isawa expansive knowledge of those peoples). This Skill does not
Shugenja is asked to roll Lore: Phoenix Clan, she may add +4 to the include Shadowlands creatures, such as goblins or ogres.
total of her Skill Roll. (EMPHASES: Kenku, Kitsu, Kumo, Mujina, Ningyo)
LORE: OMENS: Knowledge of signs and portents, and what they
mean. (EMPHASES: Events, Patterns, Symbolism)
LORE: ROKUGANI: Knowledge of the culture, religion, and history KYUJUTSU (REFLEXES)
of the Rokugani. This Skill is only taken by nonhuman or gaijin EMPHASES: Add: Tsuruchi Longbow
characters. (EMPHASES: Rokugani Culture, Shintao, Specific Clan)
LORE: THE SEA: Knowledge of the ocean and its denizens POLEARMS (AGILITY)
(EMPHASES: Fauna, Flora, Weather, Islands, Ports) EMPHASES: Add: Lajatang
LORE: SHADOWLANDS*: Knowledge of the Dark Lords realm and
its denizens. (EMPHASES: The Taint, Geography, Flora, Fauna, SPEARS (AGILITY)
Oni, Goblins, Trolls, Ogres, The Lost, Undead) EMPHASES: Add: Magari-Yari
LORE: SHOURIDO: Knowledge of the Code of Shourido.
(EMPHASES: Assessment (determining anothers Honor Rank), STAVES (AGILITY)
Specific Tenet)
EMPHASES: Add: Sansetsukon, Shikomizue
LORE: SPIRIT REALMS: Knowledge of the Spirit Realms beyond
Ningen-do and their inhabitants. (EMPHASES: Specific Spirit WHIPS (AGILITY)
Realm (e.g. Sakkaku, Chikushudo), Specific Spirit Type (e.g.
SUB-TYPES: Weapon Skill
Yuki-no-Onna, Kitsune, Ryu))
LORE: SHUGENJA: Knowledge of shugenja and their practices.
DESCRIPTION: The whip is difficult to master. Most that use it employ
This is not the same as Spellcraft, and cannot be used to
it as a tool, not a weapon, and would use other Skills such as Animal
identify or research spells. (EMPHASES: Specific School)
Handling or Intimidation (Torture), but wielding a whip as a weapon
LORE: SUPERSTITIONS: Knowledge of folk legends and superstitions. requires this Skill.
Often, kernels of truth can be found in these legends.
(EMPHASES: Peasant Superstitions, Urban Legends, Specific MASTERY ABILITIES:
Clan/Region) RANK 3: The damage of all attacks with whips is increased by
LORE: THEOLOGY: Knowledge of Rokugani religion. (EMPHASES: +1k0.
Shintao, Fortunes) RANK 5: Use of a whip confers a Free Raise for Grappling and
LORE: UNDERWORLD*: Knowledge of crime and criminals. Knockdown attempts.
(EMPHASES: Opium Market, Contraband, Prostitution, RANK 7: The damage of all attacks with whips is increased by
Assassins) +0k1 (+1k1 total).
LORE: WAR: Knowledge of Rokugani warfare and battles.
(EMPHASES: Specific Clan, Specific Battles) LOW SKILLS
LORE: WHITE STAG GAIJIN: Knowledge of the gaijin best known
from the Battle of White Stag. (EMPHASES: Merenae, Thrane) INTIMIDATION (WILLPOWER)
LORE: YOBANJIN: Knowledge of the Yobanjin gaijin. (EMPHASES: The default Trait for Intimidation should be Willpower, not Awareness.
Culture, Language, Politics, Religion)
LORE: YODOTAI: Knowledge of the Yodotai Empire. (EMPHASES:
Culture, Language, Politics, Religion) DESCRIPTION: Add: The TN to escape bonds created with hojojutsu is
equal to the binders Jiujutsu (Hojojutsu) Skill Roll.
CHAIN WEAPONS (AGILITY) Advantages & Disadvantages
EMPHASES: Add: Chijiriki
For quick reference, the Advantages and Disadvantages that increase
JIUJUTSU (AGILITY) and decrease Status, Honor, and Glory are listed on the table below.
EMPHASES: Add: Atemi, Claws, Hojojutsu, Shobo, Tankoji
DESCRIPTION: Add: The Martial Arts Emphasis is used for hand-to-
Advantage Social Position Virtuous Fame
hand combat other than grappling, such as kicking, punching, Disadvantage Social Disadvantage Wretched Unsung
sweeps, etc.
The Atemi Emphasis is used when performing Atemi Kiho. ADVANTAGES
The Claws Emphasis is for Beastmasters Claws, not natural weapons.
Hojojutsu is the art of restraining a person with a rope or cord. ACUTE SENSE [PHYSICAL] (2 POINTS)
Typically possessed by magistrates, it can be used even while a target One of your senses is particularly keen. Gain a +1k0 bonus on
is actively resisting. When unarmed (but with easy access to a rope) Awareness- and Perception-based rolls related to that sense. This
and in a Grapple that you are in control of, you may attempt to bind Advantage may be bought multiple times for additional acute senses.
your target (this ends the Grapple). Make a Contested Jiujutsu
(Hojojutsu) / Agility Roll. You may call two Raises to bind the targets BATTLE HEALING [SPIRITUAL] (5 POINTS)
feet as well. A more involved form of hojojutsu requires multiple This is a Spiritual Advantage (Mystical is an error).
binders in a Cumulative Skill Roll, and is generally used for
incarceration, transporting prisoners, restraint at legal proceedings, CHILD OF CHIKUSHUDO [SPIRITUAL] (7 POINTS)
and the public display of those condemned to die. Attempting Replace second sentence with: You may choose one of the following
hojojutsu without this Emphasis is considered an Unskilled Roll. Spirit Powers: Animal Tongue, As the Fish, Deadly Howl, Eyes of the
Night, Extraordinary Healing, Ghost Tongue, A Panthers Moves,
EMPHASES: Add: Shikomizue, Tachi
DESCRIPTION: Add: When used to strike in an iaijutsu duel, roll Kenjutsu / DARK EDGE NATIVE [SOCIAL] (2 POINTS)
Reflexes. Replace second sentence with: You gain an additional rank of Lore: Law.
FAME [SOCIAL] (3 POINTS/RANK) Servants can grow and learn, though not as quickly as their
Add: This Advantage may be purchased multiple times, increasing masters. For every 5 Experience Points you earn, your servants earn
your Glory by one rank each time. 1, which can be spent to improve their Traits or Skills.


Replace last sentence with: Mantis, Unicorn, and Tortoise characters Shadow-brands or kage yakiin are wisps of Nothing bound into
may purchase this Advantage for 4 points. a defined form. This Advantage may be purchased multiple times. For
every shadow-brand you have, you gain a +1k1 on all Stealth Skill
INNER GIFT [SPIRITUAL] (7 POINTS) Rolls. Be wary when choosing this Advantage, as there are
ANIMAL KEN: Add: Gain a +1k0 bonus to all Animal Handling consequences for branding ones body with the essence of Shadow.
and Horsemanship Skill Rolls, and any Social Skill Rolls made Only Scorpion characters may purchase this Advantage.
LESSER PROPHECY: Add: It is difficult to tell normal dreams
from prophecy, and often the truth isnt apparent until the Add: This Advantage may be purchased multiple times, increasing
prophesied time is nearly at hand. Once per session, you may your Status by one rank each time.
roll one die. On a result of 8, 9, or 10 you have recently had
a prophetic dream about events near at hand, which the GM
should describe. Keep in mind that these are dreams, and may You have been gifted with one of the magical tattoos of the ise zumi,
be confusing or metaphorical. even though you are not a member of the Togashi Order. Activating
your tattoo costs a Void Point, even for tattoos that are normally
KHARMIC TIE [SPIRITUAL] (1-5 POINTS) always active (in which case, they remain active until the following
Replace the last sentence with: Once per session, per point spent on sunrise). Only Dragon characters may purchase this Advantage.
this Advantage, you gain a bonus of +1k1 to any roll (except a
Damage Roll) made to protect or act in the interest of the person to
whom you are bonded. Remove the entry for Maigo no Musha.
Add the following:
MERGED TATTOO [SPIRITUAL] (10 POINTS) URAGIRI-DO: You gain a bonus of +2k0 to Contested Rolls using
Every once in a while, the tattoos of an ise zumi undergo a strange Perception versus anothers Sleight of Hand or Stealth Rolls.
transformation, and two of a monks tattoos merged together to create
something altogether new. This sometimes involves existing tattoos
moving from one place to another on the monks body, a feat that Add: This Advantage may be purchased multiple times, increasing
not even the Togashi familys sacred tattoo artists can explain. These your Honor by one rank each time.
new tattoos are invariably powerful, but they do limit the versatility
of the monks who possess them. WEALTHY [MATERIAL] (1 POINT/RANK)
Choose two of the characters existing tattoos to be replaced by a Add: In addition, you receive two extra koku per rank of Wealthy
single merged tattoo that represents both. The new tattoo allows the each month.
effects of both tattoos to be active simultaneously. However, neither
can be activated without the other, and the first time the tattoo is DISADVANTAGES
activated on a given day, you must spend a Void Point. Only Togashi BLIND [PHYSICAL] (6 POINTS)
Tattooed Order Monks may purchase this Advantage.
Replace with: You possess no natural eyesight whatsoever, save for
SERVANT [MATERIAL] (5 POINTS) a slight ability to determine light and dark. You suffer a penalty
of -1k1 to all attack rolls, or -3k3 for ranged attack rolls beyond 10
Replace the fourth, fifth, and sixth sentences with: Typically, a
(including Spell Casting Rolls against a target at range). Your base
servant has all Traits at rank 2, two Skills at rank 1, and one Skill at
Armor TN is equal to 5 plus your Reflexes x 3. Any attempt at a
rank 3 with an Emphasis (the Emphasis may be sacrificed for a Rank
Simple Move Action around unfamiliar obstacles requires an
2 Skill). You may add additional Skill Ranks or Emphases to a servant
Athletics / Agility roll (TN 15) or you are knocked Prone. You may
at the time this Advantage is purchased by paying 2 additional points
not make Perception rolls unless the GM judges that you can use
per Skill Rank or Emphasis. Consult the following table for sample
senses other than sight for the roll.
servants and their costs.
Artisan Etiquette 1, one Artisan or Perform Skill at 1, one Artisan Crane, You have great difficulty distinguishing between colors. Among the
or Perform Skill at rank 2, one Artisan or Perform Skill at 3 Phoenix
Doji family this trait is commonly associated with pale eye color. The
Attendant Calligraphy 1, Courtier 1, Etiquette (Conversation) 3 Crane,
Scorpion TNs for all rolls related to color (e.g. Lore: Heraldry to identify clan
Budoka Battle 1, Defense 1, one Weapon Skill (choose Emphasis) Crab, Lion colors, Battle to assess the positions of units, Artisan: Painting to
at 3 critique a portrait, etc.) are increased by 5. This Disadvantage is worth
Craftsman Commerce 1, one Merchant Skill at 1, one Craft Skill at 2, Dragon,
one Craft Skill at 3 Mantis
1 additional point to Crane characters.
Eta Stealth 1, one Merchant or Low Skill at rank 1, Crab, Dragon
Attendant Lore: Anatomy 3 CURSED BY THE REALM [SPIRITUAL] (4 POINTS)
Groom One High or Merchant Skill at rank 1, Horsemanship 1, Unicorn
Remove: The entry for Maigo no Musha.
Animal Handling (Horses) 3
Merchant Two Merchant or Low Skills at rank 1, Mantis, Add the following:
Commerce (Appraisal) 3 Unicorn URAGIRI-DO: The suspicious nature of the Realm of Traitors
Scribe Etiquette 1, one Lore Skill at 1, Calligraphy 3 Phoenix makes you paranoid, seeing enemies everywhere. The TN of any
Sohei Athletics 1, Lore: Theology 1, Jiujutsu (Martial Arts) 3 Dragon,
Cooperative Roll you make is increased by 10.
Add: At the GMs option, you lose control of the spell in a manner Replace the second sentence with: A number of times per session
determined by rolling on the following table. equal to your levels in this Disadvantage, immediately after you make
a roll, the GM may declare a successful roll to be a failure, or a failed
roll to be a mishap.
1 The spell fizzles, and nothing happens.
2 Raises apply to different effects (determined by the GM). If no Raises are made,
the spell fizzles. UNSUNG [SOCIAL] (1 POINT/RANK)
3 The spells element within 10 x spells Mastery Level vanishes, or is pushed away. You are unknown and unrecognized, even in your own clan. Decrease
4 The spells element within 10 x spells Mastery Level doubles in quantity.
your Glory by one rank. This Disadvantage may be taken multiple
5 The spells element within 10 x spells Mastery Level transmutes into another
element of the GMs choice. times, decreasing your Glory by one rank each time, but cannot reduce
6 Another element within 10 x spells Mastery Level transmutes into the spells element. your Glory below Rank 0.
7 The spells effects are doubled, continuing out of the casters control.
8 The spells effects are tripled, continuing out of the casters control. WRETCHED [MENTAL] (2 POINTS/RANK)
9 The spell backfires, affecting the caster negatively, or having the opposite of the
intended effect in the case of a beneficial spell. You do not fully embrace virtue and honor. Decrease your Honor by
10 The spells element within 100 x spells Mastery Level rages out of control. one rank below your starting value (as determined by your School).
Earthquakes, tornadoes, firestorms, and tsunami are all possible. This Disadvantage may be taken multiple times, decreasing your
Honor by one rank each time, to the minimum Rank of 0.
You are unable to read or write. Even if you have purchased the Languages
Advantage, you are illiterate in all languages that you know. Magic & Spells
You are unable to speak, either because of a birth defect or damage to
your vocal chords (or other speaking apparatus). The TNs of all Social
Spell Casting Rolls
rolls are increased by 10 (or more) as you struggle to make yourself
understood. Shugenja cannot take this Disadvantage, as the ability to SPELL PROFICIENCY
speak to the kami is required to cast spells. A shugenja may call three Raises on a Spell Casting Roll to cast the
spell without expending a spell slot. This can only be attempted if the
NIGHTMARES [MENTAL] (3 OR 5 POINTS) shugenja still has spell slots in the appropriate Ring available.
Every time you sleep you suffer from nightmares so disturbing that
they often affect you well into the next day. Every night, roll one die.
If the die comes up 1-5, you regain only half of your Void Points for the
Learning New Spells
evening, and all Meditation or Tea Ceremony TNs are increased by 5 for Aside from the new spells gained automatically each School Rank,
the next day. As a 5-point Disadvantage, the character suffers the effects shugenja can learn spells from other sources as well. Learning from
of the Nightmares unless a 10 is rolled on the die. a deciphered scroll, being taught by another shugenja, or even
learning directly from a kami are other viable methods of learning
ROMANTIC [SOCIAL] (2 POINTS) new spells.
You believe in the ideals of romance, love and passion to the extreme; The time required is a number of hours of uninterrupted study
possibly even over Bushido. You fall in and out of love easily, often equal to the spells Mastery Level. It is also possible to discover the
with unsavory types (generally, this means people who your clan or method for a given spell on ones own. This is done the same way as
family wouldnt approve of). Once per session, the GM may select formulating a new spell, using Spellcraft (Spell Research). Naturally,
another character that your character has fallen for. The TNs of all a shugenja can only learn spells that he can cast.
Social Skill Rolls made by the that character against you are reduced
by 10 for the remainder of the session.
You have such low self-esteem that it affects your performance. This Craft, Battle, Defense, Divination, Illusion, Imperial, Jade, Thunder,
may be the result of an actual shame in your past, or perhaps you Travel, Ward
simply think yourself worthless. You must declare at least one Raise
to gain the benefit of any Free Raises your character might receive. EARTH SPELLS
Replace with: You have slipped from your position within the Celestial RING/MASTERY: Earth 1
Order, and your place in society reflects that. Your Status Rank is reduced RANGE: 10
by one. This Disadvantage may be taken multiple times, decreasing AREA OF EFFECT: 10 radius or one plant-based creature
your Status by one rank each time, but cannot reduce your Status DURATION: 1 minute
below Rank 0. If this Disadvantage is ever removed, you immediately RAISES: Range (+10), Area (+10 radius), Damage (+1k0 vs.
gain the Status Ranks you were previously denied due to your social plant-based creature)
circumstances. Calling upon the fertility of the earth and the rapid growth of the Spring
season, you urge the spirits of the ground into a frenzy. All plants in
TRIALS OF THE IMPERIAL CITY the area of effect undergo a months worth of growth over the course
This Disadvantage is abolished, as it is identical to Imperial City Stigma. of a minute, increasing the terrain in the area of effect from Basic to
Moderate, or Moderate to Difficult. Any plant subjected to three
castings of this spell will die. More than three castings of this spell
on the same area within a month cause the spirits of the Earth to
become exhausted, ruining crop growth in the area for a year.
If cast upon a plant-based creature, the first two castings increase Sacrificial magic is an occurrence that takes place when a shugenja
the creatures Earth by one Rank each, and its Wounds increase knowingly gives up his life to dramatically increase the effects of a
correspondingly. Any subsequent castings inflict damage on the spell that is being cast. Once this decision has been made, it cannot
creature with a DR equal to the casters Earth Ring. be reversed; the shugenja will die when the spell is concluded, and
cannot be resurrected under any circumstances (not that any
CRYSTALS AWAKENING (KUNI ONLY) honorable soul would ever consider an act as blasphemous as
RING/MASTERY: Earth 3 resurrection). The mechanical results of this decision are as follows:
RANGE: Touch You gain +XkX on your Spell Casting Roll, where X is equal
AREA OF EFFECT: 1 piece of crystal to your Shugenja School Rank x 2.
DURATION: Permanent Your Raises for the Spell Casting Roll are not limited by
RAISES: None your Void. You may declare as many Raises as you like.
Through the use of a secret ritual known only to the Kuni Family, You may double any one numerical aspect of the spell. This
you may awaken the spirits within a crystal which enhances its may be the duration, range, area of effect, damage, number
physical strength and natural purifying effects. This exhausting, two- of targets, or any other aspect deemed suitable by the GM.
hour ritual requires two successful Willpower Trait Rolls to complete;
one at the one-hour mark and one at the spells completion, both at Roll. Those who fail are thrown out of the radius and suffer 1k1
TN 20. The focal point of the ritual is a single piece of crystal. The Wounds. Attacking through the wall without passing it requires a
Strength Rating of the newly created Kuni Crystal is the same as it ranged weapon or a melee weapon with enough reach to overcome
had before, but it is now both awakened and as strong as steel, the walls radius, as well as a successful Contested Roll as above
making it a potent component for creating weapons. It also has other (though failing this roll does not result in damage).
properties, as outlined in the nemuranai section of the Book of Water.
Add: The minimum Wounds healed is equal to the casters Water Ring.
AREA OF EFFECT: 100 cubic feet Equipment
DURATION: Permanent

This spell causes all Earth kami in the targeted area to abandon their Money & Income
places. As they leave, the area begins to crumble, torn apart by both A samurais lord is expected to provide him with whatever he needs
the sudden weakening of solid matter and the effects of the kamis to perform his duties. But sometimes a lords servant is away from
flight. This spell disintegrates all nonliving matter in the area of affect
his lords lands when he needs something. A samurai is also expected
that is a natural part of the earth (such as stone, rock, crystal, mud,
to pay more than what is expected when peasants provide goods or
etc.). Worked stone, such as a wall, is immune to the effect, although
services (even though they are not required to pay anything at all).
worked stone set on a natural rock foundation could be undermined. For this reason, a lord also grants a yearly stipend to his samurai to
The Earth kami avoid you for the next day, meaning you must call a
cover such expenses.
Raise to cast any Earth spell, until you spend an hour in meditation
Generally speaking, at the beginning of a new year, a samurai
beseeching them to return to you.
receives a number of koku equal to his Status x 10. Include Status points
as well as ranks. So a samurai with Status 4.5 should receive 45 koku.
FIRE SPELLS In addition, samurai who have performed exceptionally well might
THE RAGING FORGE receive a bonus to this stipend to pay for luxuries as a reward.
AREA OF EFFECT: Replace with: One object, up to 10 cubic feet Likewise, those whose duties are more difficult or are expected to
RAISES: Area of Effect (+10 cubic feet) keep them away from their lord for an extended period will usually
Replace last sentence with: The target object up to 10 cubic feet in receive a bonus as well.
volume is completely restored and mended, so long as all of the
pieces are present. Items with more than slivers missing cannot be Weapons
repaired. While nemuranai can be physically restored, any magical
properties will be lost. KEYWORDS
A few new keywords have been added to address more specific
WATER SPELLS combat rules.
RANGE: Self Dual-headed weapons are designed to be used in both hands, and
AREA OF EFFECT: 5 radius make use of either end of the weapon. When fighting with a Dual-
DURATION: Concentration Headed weapon you may act as if wielding a weapon in your off-
RAISES: Area (+5), Difficulty (+1k0 on Contested Roll), hand. If you accept the -5 penalty for wielding an off-hand weapon,
Damage (+1k0 Wounds per 2 Raises) you may add your Insight Rank to your Armor TN.
The Water kami defend those they favor. This spell creates a small The following weapons have the Dual-Headed keyword:
wall of water that encircles you and impedes any attempt at passage. CHAIN WEAPONS: chijiriki, kusarigama, kyoketsu-shogi, manrikikusari
Attempting to pass the wall is a Simple Action, and requires a POLEARMS AND SPEARS: lajatang
Contested Earth Trait Roll versus your Shugenja School Rank / Water STAVES: bo, sang kauw, sansetsukon
Reach weapons are melee weapons with the length to strike an SPECIAL RULES: The johyo may be used to initiate a grapple at
opponent outside of normal melee range. When wielding a Reach a distance of up to 30 feet.
weapon against an opponent who is not, you gain a +5 bonus to Armor PRICE: 5 bu
TN against that opponent. This bonus lasts until the opponent makes
a successful melee attack against you (getting past your defenses), at KUSARIGAMA
which point he gains a +5 bonus to Armor TN against you. The KEYWORDS: Add: Reach
bonuses reset if you make a successful attack against that opponent SPECIAL RULES: If an opponent gets past the reach of the
or keep a distance of at least 10 feet for a full round. kusarigama, he does not gain the +5 bonus to Armor TN
The following weapons are Reach weapons: against the kama portion of the weapon.
CHAIN WEAPONS: chijiriki, kusarigama, kyoketsu-shogi,
manrikikusari HAND-TO-HAND WEAPONS
HEAVY WEAPONS: ogre club Hand-to-Hand Weapons are designed to be used in otherwise
POLEARMS: bisento, lajatang, naginata, sasumata, sodegarami unarmed combat. Use the Jiujutsu Skill when attacking with Hand-
SPEARS: kumade, lance, mai chong, magari-yari, yari to-Hand Weapons.
STAVES: bo, shikomizue
WHIPS See The Great Clans, page 138 for more details on Beastmasters
Normal attacks from opponents larger than human size are Claws. Note that here they are treated as a Hand-to-Hand weapon,
considered Reach attacks, but do not provoke the Armor TN bonus not a Knife.
for attacking a human-sized target wielding a Reach weapon. KEYWORDS: Small
DR: 0k2
BOWS SPECIAL RULES: Any non-Lion using this weapon loses one
TSURUCHI LONGBOW point of Honor per skirmish for doing so.
PRICE: 1 koku
Though the Tsuruchi family of the Mantis Clan does not call a great
deal of emphasis to it, the style of their bows has been greatly
influenced by their clans experiences in the Ivory Kingdoms.
Tsuruchi archers develop powerful chest muscles until they can fire Favored by monks, the shobo is a short cylinder of iron or wood,
these custom bows with speed and power. Only those who have perfect to wrap a fist around. Halfway down its length is a ring of
trained with the Tsuruchi family wield such weapons. iron or cord, worn on the middle finger. Some shobo are sharpened
KEYWORDS: Large on the ends, and employed by assassins.
STRENGTH: 5 (minimum Strength 3 required to wield) KEYWORDS: Small
RANGE: 500 DR: 1k1; 1k2 if sharpened
SPECIAL RULES: +1k0 to attack and damage rolls within 250. SPECIAL RULES: Any Advantages, Techniques, or other special
Increase the TN of all attack rolls by +10 if used from abilities that add to unarmed damage may add the same
horseback. benefit to shobo damage.
PRICE: 40 koku PRICE: 1 bu

The tankoji is not effectively a weapon, but is often used by Mantis
CHIJIRIKI sailors in brawls. It is a hollow stick, corked on both ends, containing
A normal short spear (nage-yari) to which is added a length of a large amount of talc that explodes
weighted chain. It can be used as a normal spear, or the chain can into a stinging cloud when the tankoji
entangle an opponent rather than causing damage. is broken.
KEYWORDS: Large, Dual-Headed, Reach KEYWORDS: Small
DR: 2k2 (spear), 0k1 (chain) DR: 0k1
PRICE: 3 koku SPECIAL RULES: When broken, the talc explodes, blinding
everyone within 5 who does not make a raw Intelligence roll
against a TN of 20 to shield their eyes in time.
PRICE: 1 bu

A massive club generally only used by ogres. Few humans have the
KEYWORDS: Large, Reach physical strength necessary to wield it, though it has become a mark
DR: 1k2 of pride among Crab soldiers to carry one.
SPECIAL RULES: The dragon beard hook may be used to initiate KEYWORDS: Large, Reach
a grapple at a distance of up to 30 feet. DR: 3k4
PRICE: 4 koku SPECIAL RULES: Requires Strength 5 to wield.
PRICE: As a weapon created for creatures of the Shadowlands,
this can generally only be obtained by claiming one from a
KEYWORDS: Large, Ninja, Reach defeated ogre, and as such has no standard price.
IMPROVISED WEAPONS SPECIAL RULES: If an opponent gets past the reach of the
sansetsukon, the wielder does not gain the +5 bonus to Armor
Attack Rolls with improved weapons use the Jiujutsu (Improvised TN (but the wielder still loses his Armor TN bonus). The
Weapons) Skill.
sansetsukon may be used to initiate and maintain a Grapple.
DR: 0k1
SPECIAL RULES: Enemies hit with a torch must roll Reflexes at
TN 10 to avoid catching on fire. Foes who are set on fire take
1k1 fire damage during the Reactions Stage of each Round SHIKOMIZUE
until they extinguish the fire (such as by jumping into water,
or taking a Complex Action to smother the flames). The shikomizue appears to be a simple bamboo walking staff, but
PRICE: 1 bu inside hides a sharpened blade for fighting. If unsheathed, use the
Kenjutsu Skill to attack.
DR: 1k2 (staff); 2k2 (blade)
LAJATANG SPECIAL RULES: To recognize a shikomizue (as opposed to a
Similar to the sasumata, the lajatang is a 6-foot long polearm. normal walking staff), observers must make an Investigation
However, the lajatang has capture hooks at both ends. (Notice) / Perception roll at TN 30.
KEYWORDS: Large, Dual-Headed, Reach PRICE: 2 koku
DR: 0k2
SPECIAL RULES: The lajatang may be used to initiate and
maintain a Grapple.
PRICE: 10 koku
Unless otherwise specified for specific improvised weapons, the
number of damage dice rolled with an improvised weapon is based
upon the weapons size. Refer to the table below to determine
damage dice rolled. Note that larger objects inflict penalties to
SPEARS attack rolls.
The magari-yari is a spear with a trident-like head. The Matsu elite Hand-held 0
Smaller than man-sized 1
units have used this rather exotic weapon for centuries, but they are
Man-sized 2 -1k0
the only Rokugani to do so. Like the yari upon which it is based, it Larger than man-sized 3 -2k0
may be thrown or thrust. Its heavier tip also reduces its effectiveness
The number of damage dice kept is determined simply by whether
as a cavalry weapon.
the object is blunt or sharp, keeping 1 or 2 dice, respectively.
KEYWORDS: Large, Reach
EXAMPLE: A wok is a hand-held item, and blunt. As an improvised
DR: 3k2
weapon, a wok would inflict 0k1 damage. A shattered rickshaw is
SPECIAL RULES: The magari-yari can be thrown a maximum
larger than man-sized, and the broken wood is sharp, so it inflicts
range of 30, and has DR 2k2 when thrown. 3k2 damage, but at a -2k0 penalty to Attack Rolls.
PRICE: 7 koku Most improvised weapons arent very sturdy, and break if a 10 is
rolled on any damage die (though the die still explodes for that
STAVES damage roll).
KEYWORDS: Large, Peasant, Reach
DR: 1k2 The whip is an extraordinarily uncommon weapon for samurai. It is
SPECIAL RULES: If a pitchfork inflicts more than 20 Wounds considered the province of the lesser classes, and not something that
with a single attack, it breaks. a samurai would ever choose to sully his hands with. The only groups
PRICE: 3 bu that make use of it to any extent are the relatively rare Matsu
Beastmasters, and the legendary Kaiu Taskmasters of the Crab Clan.
SANSETSUKON It is considered a peasant weapon and generally brings dishonor to
Also called the three-section staff, the sansetsukon is a flail weapon any samurai who takes it up, although there are exceptions.
that consists of three wooden or metal staffs connected by metal rings KEYWORDS: Medium, Reach
or rope. The staves can be spun to gather momentum resulting in a DR: 0k1
powerful strike, or their articulation can be used to strike over or SPECIAL RULES: A whip may be used to make a melee attack
around a shield or other defensive block. The three-section staff has upon opponents up to 8 away. The whip may be used to
the advantage of being used both as a long-range weapon or a short- initiate and maintain a Grapple. If used to make a successful
range weapon. Knockdown attack, the whip confers a +1k0 bonus to the
KEYWORDS: Large, Monk, Ninja, Dual-Headed, Reach subsequent Strength roll.
DR: 2k2 PRICE: 2 bu
The Tao of Shinsei is more than clever sayings and trite wisdom; the wisdom of Shinsei contains the secrets of the universe. THE TAO OF SHINSEI

The Spider Clan TECHNIQUES

At this time, the Spider Clan does not yet exist.
The first thing a Bee samurai learn is how to properly criticize art,
THE CHUDA FAMILY: +1 INTELLIGENCE finding the smallest of flaws in any work. Rare are the samurai who
can measure up to the standards of the Bee, but the reputations of
At this time, the Chuda Family is not aligned with the Shadowlands
those who can are assured. You gain a +2k0 bonus to all Games
or the Spider Clan.
(Sadane) Skill Rolls, and to any Artisan or Perform rolls made to
THE GOJU FAMILY: +1 AGILITY appraise the quality of somebody elses work. If the work of art or
performance youre reviewing was made with at least a number of
At this time, the Goju Family is not aligned with the Shadowlands or Raises equal to your School Rank, you may publicly praise the
the Spider Clan. artisan, granting them Glory points equal to your School Rank.
The Minor Clans The Bee know that fashion follows cycles not unlike those found in
nature, and choose their outfits accordingly to subtle enhance their
social talents. Before attending court for the day, you may make a
The Bat Clan Courtier / Intelligence roll at TN 15 to select your outfit. If successful,
you gain +2k0 to rolls using a specific emphasis of the Courtier or
At this time, the Bat Clan does not yet exist. Etiquette skills (e.g. Courtier (Manipulation) rolls, or Etiquette
(Conversation) rolls) for the duration of the day. The GM is free to
disallow the use of this Technique or require additional Raises if your
Technique: The Kamis Whispers This Technique requires a supply of clothing is somehow limited.
Complex Action to activate.

The Bee Clan The judgement of a Hachi Critic can be harsh, but questioning that
judgement can be even more painful. When making a Contested
Social Skill Roll against anyone whose art you have reviewed, or
THE HACHI FAMILY: +1 AWARENESS against someone defending art you have reviewed, you gain a bonus
The Hachi are a small family of sharp-witted samurai, led by five to the result equal to your Glory Rank or twice your rank in the
matriarchs descended from the founders of the Clan. Most Bee relevant Artisan or Perform Skill (whichever is higher). If you succeed
samurai dedicated their lives to the arts and their deeper meanings. at the Contested Roll, your opponent loses a point of Glory, plus an
They are in their natural element in the highest courts of Rokugan. additional point for every Raise you make.
A skilled Hachi Critic can completely destroy the confidence of an
Although it is difficult to realize at times, the Hachi are truly
artisan based on his works. Once per day, after viewing an artisans
passionate about the arts. They see the ability to create deeper
creation or performance, you may delivery a devastating critique of
meaning out of mundane means as the greatest skill of mankind, akin
his work and make a Courtier / Awareness roll against a TN equal to
to magic and a gift from the Fortunes. But this also means they loathe
the artisans Artisan or Perform Skill Rank x 5. If successful, the
mediocrity, considering it an offense to the Kami and a stain on ones
artisan suffers -2k0 to all Social Skill Rolls, and cannot spend Void
honor. As such, the Hachi are merciless courtiers, travelling the courts
Points on Social Skill Rolls, for the remainder of the day.
of Rokugan to dispense their judgements like magistrates of the fine
arts. This has given them significant political clout which, true to RANK 5: BEYOND THE VEIL
their Crane heritage, they never hesitate to use to solidify their The most senior members of the Bee Clan look for those rare displays
position in the Empire. of artistic skill which can be considered perfect. For those so attuned
to the deeper meaning of the arts, such a sight can be akin to a
HACHI CRITIC SCHOOL [COURTIER] temporary moment of enlightenment, allowing them to see
BENEFIT: +1 Perception everything around them more clearly. Upon witnessing a work of art
SKILLS: Calligraphy, Courtier (Gossip), Etiquette, Games (Sadane), or performance accomplished with at least 5 Raises, you may roll the
Sincerity, Tea Ceremony, any one Artisan or Perform Skill appropriate Artisan or Perform Skill / Void (TN 25). If successful, you
HONOR: 6.5 recover all spent Void Points, and gain three extra Void Points on
OUTFIT: Three sets of Extravagant Clothing, Wakizashi, top of your maximum. The bonus Void Points disappear if not used
Calligraphy Set, 8 koku by the end of the day. Once this Technique has been used
successfully, it cannot be used again until the following day.
The Dragonfly Clan RANK 5: TWILIGHT STRIKE
The Firefly study their foes carefully, permitting them to react to an
opening in an opponents defenses at a moments notice. When you
THE TONBO SHUGENJA SCHOOL are attacked while in the Full Defense stance and your opponent
Technique: Guided by Fate This Technique requires a misses, you may immediately shift to Attack or Full Attack stance
Complex Action to activate. and make a melee attack against that opponent.

The Firefly Clan The Hare Clan

For details on the Firefly Clan, see The Imperial Archives, page 63. THE TORITAKA FAMILY: +1 PERCEPTION
The Toritaka are a family of the Hare Clan now, as the Falcon Clan is
no more.
The Hotaru Family was always a small one, even for a Minor Clan, as
the Clan Champions were always careful not to overtax the resources THE USAGI DIVINERS
of their small province. However, this was more than enough for them
to keep vigil over the coast, and for a few individuals to lend their Inspired by the most beloved daughter of the Hare Clan Usagi
services as magistrates, scouts or guards in the Empire. Tomoe, who ascended to become the Oracle of Water the Usagi
Diviners are shugenja who specialize in interpreting fate and looking
THE HOTARU BUSHI SCHOOL beyond the visible.

The techniques of the Hotaru bushi school were in large part shaped USAGI DIVINER [SHUGENJA]
by Hotaru Oshio, Hotaru Jainus first yoriki. A ronin who had studied Benefit: +1 Perception
the blade for his whole life, Oshio relished the opportunity to
Skills: Calligraphy (Cipher), Divination, Investigation, Lore:
formalize his style and teach it to a new generation as part of a Minor
Maho (may be replaced with Lore: Kolat after the Clan War
Clan. Oshio had a similar temper to the Clans founder, and preferred
era), Spellcraft, any High Skill, any one Skill
observation to rushed attacks. His techniques focused on studying the
Honor: 4.0
enemys style and adapting to it, only striking when the time was
Outfit: Robes, Wakizashi, Scroll Satchel, Divination Kit,
right. Although not as aggressive as other Schools, the Firefly style
Traveling Pack, 3 koku
of fighting served the Clan well in their various duties.
Affinity/Deficiency: Water / Fire
HOTARU BUSHI SCHOOL Spells: Sense, Commune, Summon, Reflective Pool, 2 Water, 2
Air, 1 Earth
BENEFIT: +1 Awareness
SKILLS: Defense, Horsemanship, Hunting (Tracking), Investigation TECHNIQUE: SEEING THE UNKNOWN
(Notice), Kenjutsu, Kyujutsu, any one High or Bugei Skill
The Usagi Diviners have an excellent rapport with the Water kami,
HONOR: 4.5 and can easily communicate their intentions when divining, even if
OUTFIT: Light Armor; Daisho, any 1 weapon; Rokugani Pony, unfamiliar with the location. When casting the Reflective Pool spell,
Sturdy Clothing, Traveling Pack, 2 koku you may declare a Raise to view a place you are not familiar with, so
TECHNIQUES long as you know the name of the place or the name of someone
presently located there, or you possess an object that came from that
RANK 1: THE FIREFLYS LIGHT place (such as a stone from a grove, or a scroll from a library). This
A Hotaru samurai studies his foe, discovering their strengths and may only be done once per day for a given location.
guarding against them. At the beginning of a skirmish, before
Initiative is rolled, you may make an Investigation / Awareness Skill
Roll against a TN equal to your opponents Weapon Skill x 5 (for the
The Oriole Clan
weapon being used). If successful, adds your ranks in Investigation
to your Armor TN against this opponent. This bonus is not lost if the THE TSI SMITH SCHOOL
opponent changes weapons.
Every opponents style is unique, and a Firefly samurai recognizes
Add: You gain a Free Raise for the purposes of conferring Special
this. Any time you declare the Full Defense stance, you may
Qualities when crafting Excellent Quality items.
substitute your rank in Investigation for the result of your Defense
roll. In either case, always add your Insight Rank to your Armor TN
when on Full Defense. The Raven Clan
RANK 3: PREPARED FOR THE NIGHT For more details on the Raven Clan, see The Imperial Archives, page 56.
A Firefly is never caught unprepared. You gain a number of Free
Raises per day equal to your Insight Rank. These Free Raises may be THE KARASU FAMILY: +1 STAMINA
used on any School Skill Roll. Once used, the Free Raises are gone Shaped by a tough existence as warriors and rugged, inhospitable
until the following day. homelands, the Karasu are a hardy people. Taciturn, and hard-
working warriors, they frequently travel across the length of the
Empire to find honorable employment as mercenaries, usually in
A Firefly samurais attacks are certain and true. You may make service to one of the Great Clans. They often donate what they do not
attacks as a Simple Action instead of a Complex Action while using need to the Brotherhood of Shinsei, content to live a life of frugality
weapons with the Samurai keyword. and service.
THE KARASU BUSHI SCHOOL avenues of knowledge along the course of their travels, considering
all knowledge to be valuable.
The Raven Clan believe that, as samurai, war is their duty. So if war
will not find them, then they will find war. Not that they chase honor
or glory; they simply accept their role in the world. This does not
mean they cannot positively impact the Empire, however, and by When he started to organize his clan, Hitokage refused to adopt the
supporting the Brotherhood of Shinsei, they seek to create a more traditional model which other shugenja school employ. Instead of
harmonious Empire. Trained in a wide variety of weapons, the Raven focusing on one area of magic or a specific element, Hitokage
are dangerous foes, for what they lack in refinement is made up for encourage his students to diversify themselves, and to learn the basics
by years of continued fighting experience. of all elements. Without the resources of the Phoenix Clan, this
proved difficult, but Hitokage eventually found a balanced approach.
Benefit: +1 Agility
Skills: Hunting (Survival), Jiujutsu, Kenjutsu, Kyujutsu, Lore: Benefit: +1 Intelligence
Theology, Meditation, any one Bugei Skill Skills: Calligraphy, Lore: Shugenja, Sailing, Spellcraft (Spell
Honor: 5.5 Research) 2, any one Skill, any one of the following Lore
Outfit: Light Armor; Katana, Wakizashi, Yumi, 20 arrows (any Skills: Elements, Ghosts, Naga, Nezumi, Nonhumans, Spirit
type); Sturdy Clothing, Traveling Pack, 4 bu Realms, Superstitions, Theology
Honor: 5.5
TECHNIQUES Outfit: Wakizashi, Scroll Satchel; Sturdy Clothing, Writing
Box, Parchment & Charcoal, Traveling Pack, 2 koku
Affinity/Deficiency: Hitokage Shugenja are extremely diverse
A Karasu Bushis faith in the Tao gives him the strength to defeat in their talents, and may select any of the four basic Elements
evildoers. You may add your rank in Lore: Theology to the result of for their Affinity, and any of the remaining three basic
all attack and damage rolls. You may also add the same bonus to any Elements as a Deficiency.
Meditation (Fasting) Skill Rolls.
Spells: Sense, Commune, Summon, 3 spells any one element,
RANK 2: FEATHERS OF STEEL 2 spells of any other element, 1 spell of a third element (may
The warriors of the Raven Clan are hardy, and not easily deterred. not be of the element in which you have a Deficiency)
You may add your School Rank to each Wound Rank. TECHNIQUE: SEEKING THE GIFT
RANK 3: SERVICE IS FREEDOM The Hitokage are devoted to uncovering the secret of magic and what
Samurai of the Raven Clan seek a life of service to those in need. You makes one person more inclined toward it than another. As a result,
gain a number of bonus Void Points (which may exceed your Void the shugenja of the Salamander Clan have developed a talent for
Ring) per day equal to your School Rank. These Void Points, which detecting supernatural influences. When observing another person,
may exceed your Void Ring, can only be spent on roll toward the you may make a Spellcraft / Awareness Skill Roll (TN 15) to sense if
completion of an obligation of service be it a mercenary contract, they are a shugenja or not. With a Raise, you can sense if an
a sworn oath, or a debt of honor. untrained person has the potential to be a shugenja. Additionally,
you may make a Spellcraft / Perception Skill Roll (TN 20) to sense
RANK 4: ONE WING, MANY FEATHERS the presence of the magical or supernatural in a particular object,
The Raven bushi learns to use a variety of weapons and martial arts allowing you to identify nemuranai, spirit pathways, or even
styles to make a flurry of attacks from all directions. You may attack disguised or possessing spirits. Some particularly well-hidden effects
as a Simple Action instead of a Complex Action. or spirits may require additional Raises to detect (GMs discretion).
This is does not detect with an area of effect, and must be targeted
on an item or specific location (e.g. a door, a katana, a tree, etc.). This
The master of the Karasu styles learns that true power comes not from Technique cannot be used to detect the Taint or the influence of the
strength of arms, but the patience and focus to strike when the time Lying Darkness.
is right. When you are in Center Stance, you may spend a Void Point
to move up to 5 and make a single attack with a bonus of +2k2 plus
your Void Ring. You gain the benefit of Center Stance on the The Shark Clan
following Round, as normal. This Technique may not be used during As abrasive and anti-establishment as the Shark are, they are better
an iaijutsu duel. suited as antagonists than player characters. Shark Clan characters
should only be available with GM permission.
The Salamander Clan For more details on the Shark Clan, see The Imperial Archives,
page 58.
Due to their transient nature, members of the Salamander Clan have
been granted the right to freely travel the Empires rivers, and THE JIROZAME FAMILY: +1 STRENGTH
anywhere within fifty ken-an (miles) of the rivers. Beyond that, they When the mysterious man only known as Jirozame recruited
still require special traveling papers. followers for his clan, there didnt seem to be much those samurai
For more details on the Salamander Clan, see The Imperial had in common. But soon it became apparent that the Shark samurai
Archives, page 61. were all brilliant killers, if totally devoid of any empathy. Thus the
Jirozame quickly gathered a dangerous reputation, which often
prevents retribution for their debauched habits.
Born out of a talented shugenjas nave mistake and idealistic quest
for knowledge, the Hitokage is an eclectic family. Its members share
a natural curiosity and talent for magic, but often pursue different
THE JIROZAME BUSHI SCHOOL explorations are bearing fruit, and find the Shinomen Mori to be a
safer place in their presence. The Tanuki seem to care little for any
While his origins remained a mystery for all, Jirozame seemed to have opinion, preferring their forest expeditions to discover more about
received extensive training in both kenjutsu and iaijutsu, and passed the spirits hiding there, and the parties they hold after such trips.
those talents on to his followers. Jirozame samurai are often talented
warriors themselves, and hone their skills by raiding villages THE TANUKI FAMILY: +1 STAMINA
outside their own territory like bandits. Those samurai brave enough
The Tanuki are a small family of simple samurai who originally came
to face them find the Shark to be obsessed with the demise of their
mostly from other Minor Clans. As such, they are used to a lack of
opponents, with no concern for their own safety. While skilled with
luxuries. As avid consumers of sake and all kinds of food, many
the katana and in duels, the Jirozame particularly enjoy using the
Tanuki are a bit rotund, but it would be foolish for anyone to interpret
no-dachi for sheer power and fearsomeness of the weapon.
it as a sign of softness in the tough forest-dwellers.
Benefit: +1 Agility
Skills: Courtier, Defense, Iaijutsu, Jiujutsu, Kenjutsu The Tanuki have developed a quirky fighting style resembling
(No-dachi), Intimidation, any one Skill something like a drunken dance. The Tanuki seemingly bumbles
Honor: 1.5 blissfully about, any successes appearing to be due to sheer dumb
Outfit: Light Armor; Katana, Wakizashi, No-Dachi, any one luck rather than actual martial skill, but the results are undeniable.
weapon; Extravagant Clothing, Traveling Pack, 5 koku
TECHNIQUES Benefit: +1 Agility
RANK 1: THE SHARKS TEETH Skills: Athletics, Defense, Games, Hunting (Survival), Kenjutsu,
Lore: Spirit Realms, any one Skill
While many schools cover topics such as dueling to first blood, or Honor: 4.5
how to disable an opponent without wounding him, the Jirozame
Outfit: Light Armor; Katana, Wakizashi, any one weapon;
consider these lessons a waste of time, seeing the kill as the ultimate
Sturdy Clothing, Sake Jug, Traveling Pack, 1 koku
goal of any warrior. Add twice your School Rank to all damage rolls.
In the wild many animals are paralyzed when faced with a clearly RANK 1: SACRED DRINK
superior predator, and the Shark bring this attitude to the fight, A Tanuki samurai is rarely seen without his trusty sake jug in hand,
purging all emotion from their mind to establish superiority. Before constantly sipping from it, even before a fight. You never suffer
Initiative is rolled, or before the Assessment roll in a iaijutsu duel, penalties for inebriation in combat. As long as youve had at least
you may make a Contested Intimidation / Willpower Skill Roll against one cups worth of sake (or other alcoholic beverage) in the last thirty
your opponents Etiquette / Willpower. If successful, you may add +5 minutes, you may add your Water Ring x 2 to your Armor TN.
to your Initiative roll or Focus roll in a iaijutsu duel.
RANK 3: BLOOD FOLLOWS The Tanukis whimsical, acrobatic movements may seem odd to an
The Jirozame bushi knows that each blow only calls for another, and observer, but still have the same aim as any warriors landing blows
another, and so on until one combatant or the other is no more. You on ones opponent. After you make a failed attack roll, you may
may attack as a Simple Action while in the Full Attack Stance. spend a Void Point to change your fortune. Choose any number
RANK 4: THE TASTE OF BLOOD displayed on one of your attack roll dice. That number now explodes
like 10s. Immediately explode any dice showing that number
Once a shark holds its prey in its jaws, the fight is almost over, for it (continuing to explode if the number or a 10 is rolled again) and
will not relent after having tasted blood. Once you have inflicted at recalculate the attack roll.
least 5 Wounds to an opponent, you gain +3k0 to all attack rolls
against him on the following round. RANK 3: KEEP SWINGING

RANK 5: DEATH COMES Missing is not something which bothers a Tanuki samurai; he just
keeps attacking, regardless of the circumstances. You may attack as
Jirozame bushi are capable of launching near-suicidal assaults, a Simple Action when using a Samurai weapon or when inebriated.
almost always resulting in the death of one fighter or the other. When
adopting the Full Attack Stance, you may spend a Void Point to enter RANK 4: MORE THAN ONE SHAPE
a battle frenzy. While in this frenzied state, the Full Attack bonus is The Tanuki laugh when they see samurai practicing rigid kata, or
doubled to +4k2, your Initiative Score increased by +10, and your speaking of specific stances, believing that just because one stands
Wound Penalties are reduced by 10. Your Armor TN penalty is also and moves one way doesnt mean the same thing will happen each
doubled, reducing Armor TN by 20 (minimum 5). time. If your Stance is different from your Stance the previous Round,
you may add +3k0 to any one Skill Roll.
The master of the Tanuki style has a deep awareness of the
CUSTOMS OF THE TANUKI relationship between Ningen-do and the Spirit Realms, and that even
The majority of samurai think the Tanuki are somewhere between a simple human may slip between them, if only for a moment. Once
lunatics and buffoons, pointing to their large consumption of alcohol per day, after you are successfully attacked (but before damage is
and odd superstitions, such as never going outside without wearing rolled), you may completely negate the attack, making it appear that,
a broad straw hat, or bowing to the tanuki effigies at the entrance of by some fluke, the attack missed.
their home when coming in. However, a small minority believe their
The Imperial Families Ancestors
The Brotherhood of Shinsei Shosuro is not presently available as an Ancestor.

Monks possess Glory 0 and Status 1, contrary to what is listed
in the sidebar on page 231. Shinjo is not presently available as an Ancestor.

Alternate Paths
In the sidebar under the second bullet point, the portion reading
& Advanced Schools
"using the same rules for Mastery level" should be omitted.
Alternate Paths
Though rare, there are legends of blind bushi that learn to overcome TECHNIQUE: THE GOLDEN PATH
their handicap in battle, and even turn it into an advantage. This Since any merchant can attempt commercial warfare, a character
training is as much about attuning spiritually to ones surroundings with the Daidoji Trading Council path gains a bonus of +2k1 to any
as it is about honing the bushis remaining senses. Typically, these Commerce rolls made when performing commercial warfare.
are skilled bushi that lost their sight later in life, but on rare
occasions, a samurai who is born blind seeks out such training. PATH: DOJI WARRIOR-POET [BUSHI / ARTISAN]
REQUIREMENTS: Replace Perform: Poetry 2 with Artisan: Poetry 2
REPLACES: Any non-Shugenja School 2 PHOENIX CLAN PATHS
REQUIREMENTS: Blind Disadvantage, Void 3+, Defense 2+,
TECHNIQUE: Sight Is a Weakness The Blind Warrior learns Shiba Illusionists are shugenja, but not artisans.
the fundamental truth that his blindness has freed him from REPLACES: Remove: Shiba Artisan 1
the illusion of sight. By looking inward for awareness, rather
than outward, he is able to perceive the world in much greater SCORPION CLAN PATHS
clarity than the sighted can. You gain the Eight Directions
Awareness kiho, even if you do not meet the Mastery
requirement for it (though it still counts toward the limit on TECHNIQUE: NEVER BEYOND MY REACH
the number of kiho a non-Brotherhood character may learn).
Replace the second sentence with: You may make melee attacks as a
When using Eight Directions Awareness in a skirmish or duel,
Simple Action instead of a Complex Action when wielding a katana,
gain +2k1 to melee attack rolls, your Armor TN is increased
ninja-to, or any weapon that uses the Ninjutsu Skill.
by your Void x 2, and you do not need to make Athletics /
Agility rolls to navigate unfamiliar obstacles (as per the Blind
KOGA NINJA Ignore the last sentence regarding multiple spell slots.
BENEFIT: +1 Reflexes
REQUIREMENTS: Replace with: Divination (Astrology) 4, Lore:
TECHNIQUE: Folds of the Iron Fan Add: You can perform the Omens 5
Disarm and Feint Maneuvers with a war fan for one fewer Raise.
REPLACES: Hotaru Bushi 2
REQUIREMENTS: Investigation 2, Meditation 2
The Hotaru Watcher can enter a meditative trance while standing, BENEFIT: +1 Agility
allowing him to keep watch for long hours before needing rest. If you HONOR: 0.5
succeed at a Meditation / Stamina Skill Roll (TN 20), you can stand SKILLS: Battle, Etiquette, Spears, any two Bugei Skills (may not
watch for an entire day without need for rest, food, or water. During take Kenjutsu or Horsemanship), any two Merchant or Low Skills
this time, you gain +2k2 to all Perception-based rolls. This Technique OUTFIT: Ashigaru Armor, Yari, any two weapons (other than
may not be used again until youve had a full nights sleep. swords); Sturdy Clothing, Traveling Pack; 1 bu
PATH: TORITAKA EXORCIST [SHUGENJA] TECHNIQUE: Way of the Warrior The budoka learns martial
ability beyond that of a typical ashigaru, including methods
This is an Alternate Path for the Hare Clan, rather than the Crab Clan. for commanding his fellow peasant warriors in combat. You
REPLACES: Replace with: Toritaka Shugenja 2 may reroll any Bugei Skill Roll a number of times per day
equal to your Insight Rank.
REQUIREMENTS: Replace with: Jiujutsu (Grappling, Martial Arts) 3 You must take the Social Disadvantage: Eta Disadvantage.
BENEFIT: +1 Awareness
REQUIREMENTS: Replace with: Fire 3, Jiujutsu (Martial Arts) 4 SKILLS: Investigation (Interrogation), Intimidation (Torture),
Knives, Lore: Anatomy, any 3 Merchant or Low Skills
PATH: STUDENT OF MIZU-DO [MONK/ARTISAN] OUTFIT: Aiguchi; Torture Implements, Sturdy Clothing
REQUIREMENTS: Replace with: Water 3, Jiujutsu (Martial Arts) 4 TECHNIQUE: The Question Must Be Answered The torturers
ability to coerce answers from a victim is legendary. Add your
TECHNIQUE: THE WAY OF WATER Insight Rank to all Lore: Anatomy, Intimidation (Torture), and
The roll for the Free Action is Jiujutsu (Martial Arts) / Strength. Investigation (Interrogation) Skill Rolls.


Geisha are poorly understood by most. They live in another world
what they call the Flower and Willow World, or karyukai. This
Some bushi focus their martial training on a specific weapon, above world operates by different rules than most of Rokugan, and geisha
and beyond their normal bushi studies. can even be said to have their own forms of honor and government.
REPLACES: Any Bushi Rank 3 or 4 (see below) Their honor is a code of secrecy known as shuhi gimu, which
REQUIREMENTS: Weapon Skill (Emphasis in selected weapon) 5 forbids them from sharing the secrets of karyukai with outsiders. They
TECHNIQUE: One with Steel This Technique may only replace are bound to obey the shuhi gimu even into retirement.
a Technique that allows a bushi to make attacks as Simple The most common misconception about geisha sometimes even
Actions. Select a weapon in which you possess an Emphasis. among their clientele is that they are high-class prostitutes.
You may attack as a Simple Action with your selected weapon Nothing could be further from the truth. Geisha are performance
and with weapons with the Samurai keyword. In addition, artists; improvised one-woman shows. The core of their tradition is
while wielding your selected weapon, you may add the the in the arts: the classical song and dance, the tea ceremony and
appropriate Weapon Skill Rank to your Armor TN while in flower arrangement (ikebana).
Defense and Full Defense Stance. Geisha are companions, though not necessarily in a sexual
manner. This is not to say that sex never plays a role in their work.
PATH: KENKU DUELIST [BUSHI] It is not unheard of for a geisha to sleep with a client, but it is their
TECHNIQUE RANK: 2 choice, and they are often wooed with many fine gifts. These pseudo-
REPLACES: Kenku Swordsman 2 suitors are called danna. That said, geisha sometimes go through a
REQUIREMENTS: Iaijutsu 3 deflowering ceremony knows as mizuage. Often, these ceremonies
TECHNIQUE: Behind the Wind The kenku duelist learns to involve selling the geishas virginity, always for a considerable sum.
conceal his true strengths and weaknesses from his opponent, This is seen as a way of teaching a geisha about the power of her
making him harder to read. During the Assessment round of sexuality and casting away the innocence that can make her
an iaijutsu duel, your opponents TN to reveal information about vulnerable to manipulation.
your abilities is increased by 10. If your opponent fails this BENEFIT: +1 Awareness
roll, you gain a bonus of +1k1 on the subsequent Focus Roll. HONOR: 1.0
SKILLS: Etiquette (Conversation), Perform: Dance, Perform: [choose
PEASANT PATHS Song or a musical instrument], Temptation (Seduction), any
three Artisan, Perform, or Social Skills
Most members of the lower classes can never hope for training as
OUTFIT: Makeup Kit, Elegant Clothing, Tea Set, Musical
precise and advanced as that of the samurai. But there are a few roles
Instrument; 1 bu
that the bonge and eta fill that require specialized abilities beyond
TECHNIQUE: Flower and Willow A geisha must be a
the typical skills of the peasantry.
comforting presence, soothing in appearance, voice,
Mechanically, peasant paths are like ronin paths, in that they are
movement, and even scent. You may reroll any Artisan,
taken as stand-alone Techniques, rather than as part of another School.
Performance, or Social Skill Roll a number of times per day
equal to your Insight Rank.
There are a handful of individuals born in each generation who
command such incredible power that they surpass other shugenja to
DRAGON CLAN ADVANCED SCHOOLS the extent that shugenja surpass peasants. They are the stuff of
MIRUMOTO MASTER SENSEI [BUSHI] legends and nightmares, and their actions write history. Some have
been great boons to the Empire, but others have threatened to destroy
RESTRICTIONS: Replace Proud with Overconfident.
it. Many Phoenix who become particularly powerful Elemental
Masters have been Masters of the Elements, as have those who bear
IMPERIAL ADVANCED SCHOOLS the Naka name. These Techniques require no formal training, as they
IMPERIAL SCION [COURTIER] become self-evident to anyone who can meet the daunting
The roll for this Technique is Courtier / Awareness.


The Kitsuki family is known for more than its insightful investigators
than its bushi, but a few members of every generation break the mold.
Kitsuki Jotomon was one such samurai. Jotomon studied Niten with
the Mirumoto family until she became a master of its style. Instead
of going on to learn another Dragon style, the Kitsuki decided to
create her own. Jotomon believed that only through the strength of
Bushido could a samurai attain his greatest power. She moved her
home from the Dragons territory and sought the most unlikely of
places to train: Ryoko Owari Toshi, the City of Lies.
Kitsuki Jotomon began her dojo in Rokugans most sinful city so
that she could bring the Code of Bushido to those who truly needed
it. She allowed all manner of people to train in her school, including
the lowly peasant class. She created powerful techniques that would
later be expounded upon by her closest students.
REQUIREMENTS: RINGS/TRAITS: Any one Ring at 6, all others at 4
RINGS/TRAITS: Water 4, Agility 4 SKILLS: Lore: Elements 5, Lore: Theology 5, Spellcraft 7
SKILLS: Iaijutsu 5, Jiujutsu 5, Kenjutsu 5, Lore: Bushido 6 OTHER: Must have at least five spells of Mastery Level 4 or
OTHER: Irreproachable Advantage. Honor Rank 4 or higher. higher memorized
Sensei of the Shinrai School only teach bushi who have reached
at least Rank 3 in another School TECHNIQUES:
The strength of the elements purges weakness. You lose all
RANK 1: THE HAND IS MY SWORD Deficiencies, retaining any Affinities. Your Shugenja School Rank
The Shinrai learned that one must be adaptive in combat to be truly increases by one.
powerful. You may use Kenjutsu in place of Jiujutsu while unarmed,
and in place of Athletics to throw your wakizashi. You may add half
your ranks in Lore: Bushido (round up) to the result of your attack The fickle kami both command and obey, both whisper and shout,
and damage rolls. but a master can always find the path to reach harmony with the
spirits. You may spend a Void Point when casting any spell to have
RANK 2: THE CUTS OF HARMONY the spell succeed automatically without requiring a roll. A spell cast
Jotomons students can guide an opponents blade to unexpected in this way may benefit from Free Raises, but no other Raises may be
places. After an opponent makes an attack roll against you (but made on it. Spells cast in this way do not expend a spell slot. Your
before damage is rolled), you may spend a Void Point to make a Shugenja School Rank increases by one.
Kenjutsu / Water roll with a TN equal to the opponents Weapon Skill
x 5. If the opponent got any Raises on the attack roll, you must make
the same number of Raises to succeed. If successful, you redirect the The true secret is that all kami share the same spirit, regardless of
attack to any person within range other than the original attacker. their elemental affinities. You may cast any Mastery Level 1-5 spell
The attackers roll is used to determine if the new target is hit. you know as a spell of a different element by increasing the spells
Additionally, you now add twice your rank in Lore: Bushido to your Mastery Level by 1. For example, a Mastery Level 4 Fire spell could
Initiative and Armor TN. be cast as a Mastery Level 5 Earth spell. Your Shugenja School Rank
increases by two.
The Shinrai has become a paragon of virtue. When making an attack
roll or Contested Roll against an opponent of lower Honor Rank, gain
a bonus of +Xk0, in which X is equal to the difference between your
Honor Ranks. You may not add this bonus when using a Low Skill, or
for any action that would cause you a loss of Honor.
Shapeshifters PACK SOUL (5 POINTS)
Replace with: You possess a gift for bonding with animals. You may
cast the spell Natures Touch up to three times per day, using your
Shapeshifters use the creation rules found on page 7 of the Third Shapeshifter School Rank in place of a Shugenja School Rank. Inu
Edition book, Creatures of Rokugan, with the following modifications may purchase this power for 3 points.
and clarifications. These rules supersede those described in Enemies
of the Empire. A PANTHERS MOVES (5 POINTS)
You blend in with your surroundings without a thought. You gain a
BASIC SHAPESHIFTER RULES +3k0 bonus to all Stealth rolls. Bakeneko may purchase this power
Add the following to the list of banned Advantage and for 3 points.
Disadvantages: Blackmailed, Dishonored.
Replace sixth list item with: Shapeshifters gain +1k0 to resist SILVER TONGUE (3 POINTS)
any spells that attempt to control or influence their mind, Replace last sentence with: You gain a +3k0 bonus to any Courtier
unless the spell is cast by another spirit. or Sincerity (Deceit) Skill Roll when attempting to deceive or mislead
someone. Tsuru may purchase this power for 2 points.
Creating a Shapeshifter UNNATURAL SPEED (4 POINTS)
Replace second sentence with: You gain Swift 2, and you receive a
THE SHAPESHIFTER SCHOOL +5 bonus to Armor TN when in the Defense or Full Defense stances.
Skills: Replace with: Hunting, Lore: Spirit Realms (Home
Realm), any 5 skills MASTERY LEVEL 2
Outfit: Simple clothing, Traveling Pack FLIGHT (5 POINTS)
TECHNIQUES Add: While flying you gain Swift 1.
This School offers no Techniques. At each School Rank (including the
first), a spirit gains 10 Spirit Points, which they may use to gain new MASTERY LEVEL 3
abilities. Such characters may also buy additional Spirit Points at the HEAVENLY ARMOR (10 POINTS)
cost of 3 Experience Points per Spirit Point. At School Rank 2 and Replace last sentence with: You gain a Reduction rating equal to your
every School Rank thereafter, shapeshifters must take 5 additional Insight Rank. Add: Fushicho and Ryu may purchase this power for 5 points.
points of Taboos. This is a reflection of the increasing capabilities a
spirit gains as it grows older.
To clarify, some shapeshifter races are more powerful than others. Once per day, you may choose to make your body insubstantial. This
Each race has a Spirit Point cost listed that must be paid for from lasts 10 Rounds and during this time you may pass through other
your initial Spirit Points. physical objects with ease. This ability only applies to yourself and
any non-living objects you are holding or wearing.
Bakeneko gain a Free Raise on all Stealth and Deceit MASTERY LEVEL 5
(Manipulation) Skill Rolls. INVULNERABILITY
This power is replaced with Protection of Tengoku (see below).
You gain Partial Invulnerability; you are Invulnerable to all mundane
SARU (MONKEY) weapons. Fushicho and Ryu may purchase this power for 10 points.
Saru gain a Free Raise on all Athletics and Sincerity (Deceit)
You gain Reduction 5. This is not cumulative with any forms of
TANUKI (BADGER) armor, though it does stack with other natural sources of Reduction
Tanuki receive a Free Raise on all Raw Earth Rolls, and on all (such as racial benefits or School Techniques).
Athletics, Intimidation, and Stealth Skill Rolls.
Spirit Powers Replace last sentence with: You may purchase any type of Advantage
except Material with these points.
A shapeshifter character may not possess a Spirit Power with a
Mastery Level greater than his Shapeshifter School Rank.
You can breathe underwater, and swim as fast as your normal Violating a taboo will not cause a shapeshifter to revert to his natural
walking speed. form, but the spirit is trapped in whatever his current form is until
his powers return.
Replace the fifth entry with: You cannot wear clothes other The item cannot be broken.
than the bare minimum to cover your modesty.
The following qualities may only be applied to armor.
Replace the second entry with: You cannot be the target of
any elemental spell. If you are an involuntary subject of a FITTED (1 RAISE/RANK)
spell, you cannot use one of your Shapeshifter abilities until
Reduce the TN penalties for wearing the armor by 1 per rank, to a
the next sunrise (instead of all).
maximum of 5 ranks.

Crafting STURDY (2 OR 4 RAISES)

Increase the armors Reduction by 1. This Quality may be applied twice
to heavy armor, increasing its Reduction by 2 (this requires 4 Raises).
Basic Crafting Rules WEAPON QUALITIES
Unless otherwise specified, crafting may be done as a Cumulative Roll. The following qualities may only be applied to weapons.

Advanced Crafting Rules BALANCED (4 RAISES)

The wielder gains a bonus of +1k0 on attack rolls made with the weapon.
The weapon-forging rules in Secrets of the Empire (page 240) are
expanded here to apply to any items crafted with a Craft or Artisan CAVALRY (2 RAISES)
Skill. Like weapons, other items can be given Special Qualities as well. The wielder gains a bonus of +1k0 to attack rolls made from horseback.
To bestow a given Special Quality, a crafter must have ranks in
the appropriate Artisan or Craft Skill equal to or exceeding the DEFENSIVE (3 RAISES)
number of Raises required by that Special Quality. The weapon confers a bonus of +3 to Armor TN while in the Defense
or Full Defense Stance.
When converting items of higher quality from previous editions of KEEN (4 RAISES)
L5R, each level of quality confers a certain number of Raises that can Increase the weapons DR by +1k0.
be applied to the item. Items of less than Average quality have
negative qualities. PAIRED (4 RAISES)
POOR QUALITY: 2 negative qualities When wielding two Paired weapons, gain +1k0 to attack rolls.
LOW QUALITY: 1 negative quality
FINE QUALITY: 1-2 Raises


These properties can be applied to any crafted item.

The item is unique in appearance, and easily recognizable. For each
rank of this quality, the wielders Glory is considered one Rank higher
when determining the TN to be recognized with a Lore: Heraldry /
Intelligence Roll.

The item (usually an article of clothing) confers +2 to the total of
Social Skill Rolls made while wearing it.
Radiant weapons are treated as jade for the purses of harming
PRECISE (2 RAISES) Invulnerable creatures.
The item is well-designed for its function. A wielder with a relevant
Emphasis may re-roll 2s as well as 1s on Skill Rolls using the item.
If no relevant Emphasis exists, the wielder may re-roll 1s as per the The wielder gains a bonus of +5 to his Initiative Score while wielding
Emphasis rules. This quality may not be applied to a weapon. the weapon.


The item is designed to hold poison. The TN to notice or resist poison The weapon decreases the targets Reduction by the wielders Strength.
applied to the item is increased by 5.
NEGATIVE QUALITIES Though members of the Brotherhood of Shinsei cannot speak with
the kami as shugenja do, ancestral spirits sometimes choose to
These undesirable qualities may be applied to any item (unless communicate with monks in hopes of influencing the mortal realm.
otherwise specified). These qualities may be the result of a failed roll By entering a deep, meditative trance, you may speak with ancestral
or mishap. or restless spirits (such as beings from Toshigoku, Meido, or Gaki-do)
that are active in the area. Once this link is established, you may ask
the spirit a number of questions equal to your Void Ring, although
The item is delicate or poorly made, and can easily be broken. If a spirits are notorious for their cryptic responses.
weapon, it will break if more than one die explodes on a damage roll.
If armor, any damage roll made against the wearer that deals more EIGHT DIRECTIONS AWARENESS
than 10 Wounds reduces the Reduction by 1. When the Reduction Replace with: Some monks are at a state of harmony with the world
reaches 0, the armor is destroyed. to such extent that they are aware of everything around them. While
this Kiho is active, you become aware of all living things within a
distance equal to your Void Ring x 10 feet. It is also possible to
The armor doesnt cover everything that it should. Reduce the Armor perceive objects and terrain within that range, including that which
TN bonus granted by the armor by 2. has been deliberately concealed (e.g. secret doors, buried objects,
hidden compartments). To detect such concealment, make a Void
Ring Roll (TN 20). Hidden individuals are only detected if your result
Decrease the armors Reduction by 1. exceeds their Stealth Skill Roll. Failing this roll means that you are
overwhelmed with too much sensation and you are Dazed. This Kiho
SHODDY conveys only the shape and composition of the subjects you perceive;
The item is poorly designed for its function. When making any Skill it cannot convey color or fine details (such as writing).
or Trait Roll using the item, the wielder suffers a penalty of -1k0. If
armor, increase the TN penalties for wearing the armor by 3.


Optional Systems
The item is heavier than it should be, or poorly balanced. The wielder
suffers a penalty of -5 to his Initiative Score while wielding the Army Battle System
weapon, or wearing the armor.


The item carries the Taint. Anyone wielding it risks being exposed, Personnel: Light Infantry (1 point): Change Defense to 2.
as does anyone wounded by it if the item is a weapon.

UGLY Crystal
The item is unattractive and unflattering. Increase the TN of any
Social Skill Roll made while wearing or wielding it by 3. All crystal weapons ignore natural Reduction (but not Reduction from
armor) on beings with one or more Shadow Points.
Light projected through a crystal deals DR Xk1 per round to a
Kata Shadowlands creature, and XkY to a being with Shadow Points,
where X is the crystals Strength Rating, and Y is the creatures
Shadow Points. The light must be held on the creature for the entire
round to deal damage, so a character actively using a crystal and
RING/MASTERY: Air 4 light source this way may take no other actions during the round.
SCHOOLS: The Tessen The targeted creature may make an Agility Trait Roll (at the GMs
BENEFIT: The Disarm and Feint Maneuvers require one fewer discretion, based on the beam width) to avoid the crystals light. The
Raise to perform with a war fan. maximum range of this damage is 20 x Strength Rating.

Kiho Nemuranai
Internal Kiho with no listed duration are assumed to last until the
monk either (a) switches to another Internal Kiho, or (b) no longer
concentrates on controlling the Elements within him (i.e. when he
Minor Nemuranai
falls asleep, goes unconscious, dies, etc.). Most nemuranai are relatively simple with interesting supernatural
properties, but otherwise not overwhelmingly powerful.
Ninja use their Rings, not School Rank, to determine if they
meet Kiho Mastery Level. When this origami paper is folded into an animal shape, it will inter-
mittently emit that animals call. It is called Birdsong Paper because
VOID KIHO its original creator used it to create pleasant bird calls for her garden.
When attempting to fold Birdsong Paper, make an Artisan:
Origami / Intelligence Roll against a TN of 15. If successful, the folded
RING/MASTERY: Void 4 animal will emit its animal call (about as frequently as an actual
TYPE: Kharmic
animal of that type would). The calling lasts as long as the origami
remains folded, but each paper can only be used once. Major Nemuranai
The volume of the call is relative to the size of the origami creation, Many nemuranai are rare, potent artifacts. Some may not initially seem
so an attempt to fold a paper lion wont create a very impressive roar. powerful, but their benefits can show themselves in surprising ways.
But a paper cricket could help lull a sleepy guard. A paper mouse
might frighten a skittish housewife. A paper bird could be used to KUNI CRYSTALS
distract an avid naturistor just liven up a garden.
The substance known as Kuni crystal is new to the Empire, and it has
COMB OF STILLNESS proven highly effective in the Crabs fight against the Shadowlands.
It glows when near a Shadowlands creature, and allows its bearer to
The Comb of Stillness is a very simple nemuranai that is nevertheless resist the Taint almost like jade (though it is not as effective), without
highly valued by courtiers. Simply put, this ivory comb, when placed corroding away. Most importantly, it is especially useful in crystal
in your hair, will preserve your hairstyle against even the strongest magic a new field recently developed by the Kuni, and one that
wind. Even attempts to cut hair held in place by this comb, or attempts shows great promise.
to remove the comb against the wearers will require a Contested The ritual to create Kuni crystal requires a Kuni crystal as well, so
Willpower Trait Roll. The wearer gains a +3k0 bonus to this roll. the Kuni Family sometimes speculates: where did the seed crystal come
While worn, the wearer of the Comb of Stillness receives a +2 from? The truth is that it came from the Kuni Family daimyo, Kuni
bonus to all Social Skill Rolls involving persuasion or appearance. Utagu. No one but Utagu knows if he discovered it, created it, or
acquired it through other means.
FORTUNE NETSUKE Like the true crystal that they are made from, Kuni crystals have
These small ceramic netsuke are sculpted in the shape of one of the Seven five levels of strength. A Kuni crystal keeps the same Strength Rating
Fortunes. Each is intended to bring the blessings of the depicted it had before the Crystals Awakening spell was cast on it.
Fortune to the wearer. Kuni crystal is nearly as strong as steel, and can be made into
After the wearer has spent at least two hours in prayer in a shrine effective weapons. A Kuni crystal weapons DR is increased by +2k2
of the depicted Fortune, the netsuke gains the Fortunes blessing until against a Shadowlands creature. If a Shadowlands creature comes
sunset of the following day, granting the appropriate Seven Fortunes within 30 of a Kuni crystal, the crystal begins to glow with a white
Blessing Advantage to the wearer during that time (e.g. Benten grants light. This pure light hinders the approach of Tainted beings. The
the Bentens Blessing Advantage). The netsuke must be present in the Shadowlands creature must succeed at a Willpower Trait Roll against
shrine during the prayer, and must remain within arms reach to TN equal to the crystals Strength Rating x 5, or be unable to
continue granting the blessing. approach closer than the crystals Strength Rating x 5. If the crystal
But every Fortune has both a benevolent and a wrathful aspect, bearer approaches closer than half this distance, the protection is
and there is a price to be paid for calling upon the power of gods. broken against that creature.
After the blessing expires (whether due to the duration passing, or A Kuni crystal protects against the Taint, though it cannot stave
the removal of the netsuke), the wearer suffers from the appropriate off the inevitable corruption. While wearing a piece of Kuni crystal
Seven Fortunes Curse Disadvantage until sunset of the following day at least the size of a finger, the wearer rolls extra dice equal to the
(e.g. Bentens Blessing becomes Bentens Curse). The curse continues crystals Strength Rating on all rolls to resist the Taint. Multiple Kuni
even if the netsuke is removed or destroyed. crystals do not provide extra protection; only the strongest one counts.
It is rumored that more powerful versions of these nemuranai exist; For the purposes of crystal magic (any spell that makes use of crystals),
netsuke that will change to assume the visage of any Fortune whose Kuni crystals are considered to have a Strength Rating two higher.
shrine is prayed in. Kuni crystals have no extra effect against creatures of the Lying
Darkness. Except as noted above, Kuni crystals have all the same powers
VOID ROPE as normal crystals.
This coil of thin, black silk rope appears to be no more than 10 in
length. However, when the end is thrown or pulled upon, it extends
up to 200 long. The additional lengths of rope mysteriously appear These war banners are infused with the essence of the heroes that
from within the coil, and just as mysteriously vanish when the rope bore them into battle. Anyone bearing one in mass battle gains +X
is coiled again. The initial 10 coil can never be uncoiled; at best, it to their Armor TN, +X to their Determination Rolls, and grants +Xk0
can be tightened snugly around someones waist or wrist. to his generals Contested Battle (Mass Combat) / Perception Roll. The
Furthermore, the other end of the rope can never be found; it is lost value of X is determined by the banner bearers level of engagement
somewhere in the coil. Reserves: 0, Disengaged: 1, Engaged: 2, Heavily Engaged: 3.
The right to bear these nemuranai is granted to those that have
SILENCE BELL distinguished themselves. Bearing a Sashimono of Heroes through a
battle awards the bearer 5 points each of Honor and Glory at the end
These curious nemuranai are in the shape of ceramic bells, small
of the battle. Conversely, if the banner is stolen, the bearer loses one
enough to fit in the palm of the hand. To most they appear broken,
Rank each of Honor and Glory.
for they make no sound when rungor so it seems. The ring is
intercepted by a pair of air spirits bound to the bell, who carry the
tinkling sound only to the ears of the user and the last person to ring
the bell other than the user, so long as that person is within one mile These paired bags are made of a fine green silk, the symbol for the
of the bell. Void embroidered in gold on each. They are about the right size to hang
The Silence Bells were originally created decades ago by Asahina on one's belt.
Saori for use in a game during Winter Court. But as the bells By placing an object into one bag and pulling the drawstring
themselves were the prizes for winning, they spread throughout the closed, the object can then be retrieved from the other bag. This
Empire, and can be found in the collections of various families now. applies only to objects that fit completely inside the bag with the
drawstring pulled tight. Objects protruding in any way from one bag
will not be available to the other bag.
Social, or Spiritual Disadvantages (chosen by the GM). If the
Legendary Nemuranai Willpower roll was successful, this is reduced to 8 points of
The rarest of nemuranai are unique treasures. These are usually extremely Disadvantages, minus 1 point per Raise.
powerful, and invariably become the subject of great legends. One who wears the Eye of Shinsou can always attempt to
perceive that which is hidden or disguised by magic, spirit powers, or
CONVICTION (DANZAI) Shadowlands Powers (but not the powers of the Lying Darkness). If
the power calls for a specific roll to pierce the obfuscation, the user
Kaiu Tai was a master weaponsmith who was deeply in love with a gains a +2k0 to the roll. Otherwise, make a Perception Trait Roll
Phoenix shugenja named Shiba Hikari. When he came to court her, a against a TN 15. This ability does not pierce mundane disguises and
particularly fearsome oni appeared in her uncles lands. Seeing an methods of hiding. The target must be within line of sight of the user
opportunity to impress Hikari, the Crab smith made it his mission to (and the Eye of Shinsou itself must be unobstructed).
dispatch the oni. Hikari entered battle by his side, wielding a crystal- The user may spend three Void Points and roll Lore: Spirit Realms /
adorned war fan Tai had crafted for her as a courtship gift. The two Perception against a TN 30 to attempt to see through to a close Spirit
faced off against the oni atop a waterfall. While Hikari distracted the Realm, or a TN of 40 to perceive a distant Spirit Realm. This even
beast, Tai was able to bury his axe in its skull. The oni turned to allows the user to speak with spirits of those realms, though such
stone, the axe permanently embedded. Since that day, the location attention is not always a good thing.
has become known as Broad Axe Waterfall. The Eye of Shinsou cannot perceive Ningen-do. The user gains the
Danzai is a war fan with black silk and gilded tines. But Kaiu Tais Bad Eyesight Disadvantage. This Disadvantage does not apply if the
genius went beyond merely a finely crafted weapon. Set into each user is in a Spirit Realm. Due to the unnerving appearance of the
tine are what appear to be decorative holes. But within the tines crystal eye, the user also gains the Disturbing Countenance
themselves are mechanisms that cause crystals to appear within the Disadvantage. He receives no points for either of these Disadvantages.
holes when the fan is fully opened. The current bearer of the Eye is a monk of Emma-O named Sadao.
The knowledge of Tais love gave Hikari the will to face the
terrifying oni. Her determination awakened the war fans spirit during JADE SCROLLS OF SEIKANSHA
that legendary battle. As long as Danzai is held in the hand, its
wielders Willpower Rank is increased by 1 (though the wielders These scrolls have appeared from time to time all over the Empire.
Earth Rank cannot be increased in this manner). When fully opened, They are normal spell scrolls, written in standard Rokugani text (not
Danzais wielder can use a Complex Action to bedazzle and distract in any clan cipher), and can be read and used by any shugenja. The
an opponent by making a Contested War Fans / Awareness Roll scroll itself has a greenish hue, and the core and end caps are solid
against the targets Willpower. If successful, the target is Dazed for jade. All the scrolls open the same way, with what seems to be an
one round, plus one round per Raise on the Contested Roll. Danzai is entry into the journal of a shugenja named Seikansha. These journal
considered a crystal weapon. entries always contain fascinating tales and stories about the
Danzai is currently in the possession of Shiba Masu, the great- Shadowlands, followed by the directions for casting certain spells.
grandson of Shiba Hikari. The scroll is true jade, and cannot be corrupted by the Taint. The
scroll will protect all within a 25' radius from gaining Taint due to
EMERALD ARMOR proximity or exposure (i.e. being in the Shadowlands, or fighting
Shadowlands creatures). Shadowlands creatures can instinctively
The Emerald Armor functions as traditional Rokugani heavy armor sense the scrolls presence within 100, and will attack the bearer before
with the following qualities: Distinctive 4, Fitted 5, Sturdy 2. In anyone else if possible.
addition, the Emerald Armor makes the wearer feel more confident The spell on the scroll is highly potent against beings with at least
and determined, and makes his appearance more impressive. Wearing one Rank of Shadowlands Taint. You gain a number of Free Raises on
it increases the wearers Awareness, Stamina, and Willpower by 1 Spell Casting Rolls equal to half the targets Taint Rank (round up).
rank. Naturally, this also increases the wearers Earth Ring by 1 rank,
and his Wounds adjust correspondingly. However, removing the armor MANTLE OF THE JADE CHAMPION
will never cause the wearer to die if his Wounds are more severe than
his normal Earth can sustain. If his Wounds would normally kill him, The Mantle of the Jade Champion not only identifies the wearers
taking off the armor merely reduces his injuries to his maximum position within the Empire of Rokugan, but also significantly
Wounds at the Out level. enhances his capabilities. Anyone fortunate enough to don the
For more details, see Prayers and Treasures, page 166. Mantle of the Jade Champion gains a bonus of +5 to his Armor TN.
Also, once per day, he can absorb the magic of any spell cast with him
THE EYE OF SHINSOU as the target, as long as its Mastery Level is equal to or lower than his
Shugenja School Rank. This effectively cancels and disperses the spell.
Iuchi Shinsou was a shugenja who had devoted his life to hunting For more details, see Prayers and Treasures, page 167.
down evil spirits and Shadowlands creatures hiding amongst
humanity. One of his eyes was a perfect crystal orb, its many facets SASAYAKI SCROLLS
catching the light in a beautiful display of shimmering color. There
are conflicting stories about the origin of the Eye. Some say his own The original creator of the Sasayaki Scrolls (Whisper Scrolls) is lost
eye was transformed to crystal by Amaterasu for his piety and to history, as is the method used to create them. However, the scrolls
devotion. Others suggest that he created or found the crystal artifact. themselves are very durable, and have been around for at least a
Whatever its origin, others cannot make use of the Eye without first century.
losing one of their own, and placing the Eye of Shinsou in the socket. The Sasayaki Scrolls are essentially a means of long-range
Though a gruesome act, it grants the user many powers. communication. Whatever is written in one of these scrolls can be
The act of cutting out ones own eye and replacing it with the Eye read on the rest of the Sasayaki Scrolls. The ink magically appears on
of Shinsou can take its toll upon the mind. The recipient must make the page as if painted by an invisible brush. In this manner, two
a Willpower Trait Roll (TN 10). Failure means the recipient enters a people with Sasayaki Scrolls could exchange knowledge and
catatonic state lasting a number of days equal to the result of a single information from any two places.
die roll. In addition, the recipient gains 12 points worth of Mental,
There is no limit to the range of the scrolls, but those seeking to (any creature possessing Shadow Ranks). In addition, any time
use the scrolls to exchange sensitive information should beware. It is moonlight directly strikes the blade, minions of the Lying Darkness
not known how many such scrolls still exist (or ever existed). There within 30 must make a Willpower Trait Roll (TN 20, or 30 during a
are at least two that have surfaced in the last thirty years. But it is full moon) to willingly remain within that radius. Every round spent
very possible that there are other scrolls, and anyone in possession within the radius of moonlight, the creatures suffer 1 Wound that
of one could eavesdrop on conversations held by others in cannot be reduced in any way. These Wounds are the light of
possession of Sasayaki Scrolls. Onnotangu stripping away the Nothings mask. After 5 Wounds are
For words (or pictures) to transmit to the other scrolls, they must be suffered in this way, or by damage from Shin itself while bathed in
written in ink. The words remain on the scroll for one year, after moonlight, the creature is fully revealed in its true form. If the
which they fade over the course of a few days, leaving a blank scroll moonlight upon the blade is obstructed in any way even if only
once more. Obviously, overuse of the scrolls could quickly make them partially obstructed this effect ceases.
useless for quite some time. The only remarkable thing about the wakizashis appearance is the
tsuba, which has a series of eight circles around the circumference,
SWORD OF THE EMERALD CHAMPION each representing a phase of the moon. The edge of the blade points
The Sword of the Emerald Champion is a katana with the following to the full moon, the back touches the new moon.
qualities: Distinctive 1, Keen, True. When using the enchanted blade,
the Emerald Champion gains a bonus of +Xk0 to his Attack Rolls, TOPAZ ARMOR
where X is equal to half of his Awareness Trait (rounded up). When worn by anyone but the Topaz Champion, this fabulous suit
For more details, see Prayers and Treasures, page 168. functions as mundane heavy armor with the Distinctive 1 and Fitted
2 item qualities. When used by its rightful owner, the Topaz Armor
TRUTH (SHIN) also increases the Champions Honor Rank by 1, and grants a bonus
Once wielded by the legendary ronin duelist, Takeda Fujimu, this to both Armor TN and Defense Skill Rolls equal to the wearers Glory
seemingly ordinary wakizashi is a powerful nemuranai that Fujimu Rank (including the bonus from the Distinctive quality).
For more details, see Prayers and Treasures, page 169.
used against the minions of the Lying Darkness.
Shin grants a bonus to damage equal to its wielders Void. This
bonus is doubled against creatures touched by the Lying Darkness
There are no secrets. There is no understanding. Void is all and nothing. It is the dance of the elements. THE TAO OF SHINSEI



Rewards for Success: Initiative: 3k3 Attack: Bite 4k2 (Complex)

Experience Points Damage: Bite 4k3 Armor TN: 20

Reduction: 2 Wounds: 24: +5, 36: +10, 64: Dead
Characters are expected to earn 3-4 Experience Points per session on Special Abilities:
average, though they could earn up to 8 in extraordinary AMPHIBIOUS: Hanzaki are more comfortable in water than on land, and do not
circumstances. For the most part, all characters will earn the same need to make a Skill Roll to swim.
number of points, with the exception of Hardship points (see below). MUCUS: The giant salamanders skin is covered in a layer of mucus, and it
secretes even more when under attack. Any attempt to grapple a giant
Following are the categories for earning Experience Points. Each is salamander suffers a +10 TN penalty.
typically worth 1 Experience Point, though a bonus point can be SWIFT: 3 (when swimming)
earned in each category for extraordinary circumstances.
SHUSSEKI (ATTENDANCE): All players receive one point simply for MOUSE & RAT
being present. An additional point may be given for unusually AIR 1 EARTH 1 FIRE 1 W ATER1
SENTE (INITIATIVE): All players receive a point if the party
Initiative: 3k3 Attack: Bite 3k3 (Complex)
showed initiative and took actions that drove the plot forward,
or even introduced new elements and hooks to make the story Damage: Bite 1k1 (cannot explode) Armor TN: 25

more interesting. An additional point may be earned for Reduction: 0 Wounds: 5: +10, 10: Dead
especially clever or creative shows of initiative. Special Abilities:
SEIKO (SUCCESS): All players receive an Experience Point if SWIFT: 1
DISEASE CARRIER: Any time a character is bitten by a mouse or rat, there is a 1
they achieve their goals for the session. An additional in 10 chance that the character catches a sickness from the bite. Unless treated
Experience Point may be awarded for multiple goals, or with magic or the Medicine skill (TN 30), the character will suffer from chronic
exceptionally difficult goals. fevers, chills, and muscle aches, reducing all physical Traits by 1. If left
untreated over the long term, the illness may eventually result in permanent
KUNAN (HARDSHIP): Award an Experience Point to a character physical damage or death, at the discretion of the GM.
whose Disadvantages came into play in a way that provided
a significant challenge to overcome. This point is awarded on MONSTERS AND NONHUMAN RACES
an individual basis, rather than to the entire group. An
additional point may be earned if the player was proactive in ONI (UGULU NO ONI)
ensuring the characters Disadvantages were triggered. Special Abilities:


Creatures The nian is an enormous, horned, lion-like creature that once terrorized
Rokugan. The beast can live in the mountains or under the sea, but
spends most of the year in hibernation. On the last day of winter, the
NATURAL CREATURES nian would prowl forth to feed, gorging itself on any creature it could
FALCON AND HORSES find. It particularly favored human children, finding their vital
Falcons and horses do not have any Skill Ranks. energies the most fulfilling.


Initiative: 3k3 Attack: Beak 3k2 (Simple), Talons 3k3 (Simple)

Damage: Beak, Talons 1k1 (cannot explode) Armor TN: 20
Reduction: 0 Wounds: 6: +5, 12: Dead
Special Abilities:
SWIFT: 4 (when flying)
Legend holds that the nian was driven into the sea by the mighty
Akodo Budai. But the following year, the beast returned with a Emerald Empire Location Guide
vengeance. A village frequently attacked by the beast decided to take Following are details on various locations in Rokugan.
matters into their own hands, and they put on a great display of
fireworks and loud drumming to frighten the nian. It worked, and the PROVINCES OF THE CRANE CLAN
monster fled. Since then, it has become traditional to light fireworks
and play loud drums on the New Year to make certain that the nian COLD WIND CITY [CN11]
will not return. Every New Year also sees many performances of the Named for the cold winds that blow in from the mountains, Samui
lion dance, reenacting the attack of the nian so that all will Kaze Toshi is one of the main trading ports of the Crane. Most of the
remember the importance of the tradition. trading is done with Mura Sabishii (CN5). The Spine of the World
Whether the nian is a unique creature, or whether there are many Mountains make any overland travel to the village nearly impossible,
nian is unknown. No nian has been sighted in Rokugan for over 600 years. and so most trading must be done over the waves.
S TAMINA 8 AGILITY 4 S TRENGTH 8 Located just east of the foothills of Rokugans southernmost
Initiative: 5k3 Attack: Bite 6k4 (Simple), Gore 4k4 (Complex), mountain range, this small village is noted for its friendly inns and
Trample 5k3 (Complex) taverns. It is an ideal travel stop between the central and southern
Damage: Bite 9k3, Gore 10k5, Trample 8k5 Armor TN: 20 Crane estates.
Reduction: 20 (5 against fire) Wounds: 32: +5, 64: +10, 96:
+15, 124: +20, 156: Dead PROSPEROUS PLAINS CITY [CN13]
Special Abilities: The greatest marketplace in Rokugan, Yufuku na Heigen is teeming
FEAR: 3 with merchants from all the Clans. It is the only open air market in
HUGE the Empire, protected by the Daidoji from the west and the Doji from
the south. Even the Yasuki, hated enemies of the Crane, come here to
VULNERABLE TO FIRE: The nian is vulnerable to fire, and therefore fears it. In any
round in which the nian takes more than 8 points of damage from fire, it must bargain and haggle.
make a Willpower Trait Roll against a TN equal 10 + the damage taken. If it
fails this roll, it will flee to seek out water. Each round it may roll Willpower FRIENDLY TRAVELER VILLAGE [CN14]
again to regain its nerve, but additional fire damage taken during this time Aiso ni Ryokosha Mura is a simple, small fishing village just south
increases the TN by an amount equal to the additional damage.
and east of the tidal land bridge. It is modest and friendly (as its name
FEARFUL OF LOUD SOUNDS: The nian is also afraid of very loud sounds, such as the
explosions of fireworks or loud drumming. When faced with such a cacophony, it suggests) and is said to produce the best sake in the Empire.
must roll Willpower against a TN of 20 (or more for a greater ruckus) or flee.
As above, it may repeat this Willpower roll each round to regain its nerve. GARDEN UNDER SHADOW CITY [CN15]
The second home of the Daidoji family. At the Battle of the Last
POISON Stand, the daimyo watched as Crab samurai stood valiantly against
DROWNING WIND the raging masses of Shadowlands creatures. He took up his armor
and sword and a handful of samurai, and he charged across the land
This particularly terrifying poison is an airborne cloud of yellow- bridge into the horde, knowing that when dusk came and the land
green gas, and can be created from components found in a clothier bridge faded under the waves, he would not be able to retreat. To this
or leatherworks. day, the Daidoji family are the only Cranes that the Crab hold with
EFFECTS: Drowning Wind is usually contained in a sealed container any kind of esteem, dubbing them tetsu-tsuru (iron cranes).
of clay or glass, which is opened or smashed, releasing the cloud. The
cloud itself quickly fills a 15 radius (though larger doses can be made DAUGHTER VILLAGE [CN16]
for bigger clouds). To hold ones breath in time to avoid breathing Musume Mura looks out over the ocean toward the island where the
the toxic vapor requires an Intelligence Trait Roll against TN 20. first Hantei found his bridge. The village is large, and contains a
Upon breathing in the cloud, the victim begins drowning. shrine to both the first Hantei and his bride, as well as a single jade
CRAFT: TN 30. If attempting to create with unrefined supplies, tear one of those shed by the first Emperor when he asked the
the crafter must declare 4 Raises. Failure by 10 or more causes young Doji maiden to marry him.
the crafter to suffer the effects of the poison. The village is known as the matchmaking capital of Crane lands,
HEAL: TN 25 (this will end the ongoing effects). Any damage as it is home to many of the clans finest wedding arrangers. It is also
taken may only be healed naturally or with magic. home to a criminal element that has grown in the shadow of the
elegance of the village.
This poison is unique in that it does not harm the victim, but merely
renders them unconscious. To apply the poison, the intended victim Kanshi no Me no Shiro (Watchful Eyes Castle) was constructed
must inhale its vapors. The most common way to force a victim to specifically to bring a stronger samurai presence to Musume Mura
inhale the vapors is to pour the liquid on a small cloth and cover the and the Oyomesan Province. The castle is deceptively beautiful, as it
victim's nose and mouth. Covering a victim's nose and mouth with a is primarily a fortress from which its lord can bring order to the region.
cloth may be done as a Free Action while controlling a Grapple. GATEWAY OF THE DAWN VILLAGE [CN18]
EFFECT: During the Reactions phase of each round that a victim
Just on the border of Crane and Fox lands along the Road of False
inhales the vapors, they must make a Stamina Trait Roll at TN 15 in
Deceit is a pleasant town known as Mura Iriguchi no Yoake (Gateway of
order to remain conscious. The TN increases by 5 for each consecutive
the Dawn Village). Otherwise insignificant, the village is notable for the
round of inhalation. Every ten minutes after a victim falls
enormous stone torii gate in the center of town. Every morning as
unconscious, they may make a Stamina roll (starting with the highest
the sun rises, its light passes through the gate, and it is said that
TN from inhalation) to wake up. Every ten minutes after the first roll,
anyone standing in that light receives the blessings of Amaterasu.
the TN to wake up is reduced by 5.
Though it may be merely superstition, at every sunrise the entire
population of the tiny village can be found standing on the western repeated his challenge. So another came forward and met his death
side of the torii gate, awaiting Lady Suns grace. on Kutsus blades.
Due to the legend of the Gateway of the Dawn, the village has Niwarus amusement soon turned to agitation, and he wanted to
benefitted from a fair number of visitors both faithful pilgrims and see this impudent whelp bleed. But he had already acknowledged
curious tourists who come to experience the morning ritual for Kutsus challenge, and couldnt honorably crush him with numbers;
themselves. so one Crane after another came forward to face Kutsu, all falling to
his blades. Legend states that Kutsu defeated nearly half of the army
before Niwaru himself came forward to face him. Kutsu was weary and
It is said that when the Kami fell from the heavens, Amaterasu wept. wounded, but refused to stand down while the Crane still posed a
Where her tears fell, crystal formed. One of Rokugans largest supplies threat. It is uncertain exactly how the duel with Niwaru concluded,
of pure crystal comes from Ten no Namida no Tani (Valley of different tales tell different endings. Some suggest Kutsu struck
Heavens Tears). The crystal mining operations are managed from the Niwaru down while being supported only by Niwarus own katana.
sole settlement in the valley, Namida no Mura (Village of Tears). Others say Niwaru defeated Kutsu, only to turn his army back in respect
Years ago, the valley situated just a days ride from Kosaten Shiro for the valiant young duelist who gave everything he was to defend his
(Crossroads Castle) belonged to the Lion Clan. But years of skirmishing clan. But all of the legends end in Kutsus death, and the Crane army
now see it ruled by Doji Hiroaki, son of the late Crane warlord, Doji leaving Dragon lands.
Ryuden. The province is one of the wealthiest military outposts in the When the Mirumoto daimyo learned of Kutsus bravery and
empire, due to the generous deposits of diamond and emerald in the devotion, the makeshift bridge was built into a proper structure. A
surrounding hills. The valley is a strategic holding, not for its shrine was built onto it, so that all who crossed the Thousand Duels
defensibility or tactical advantage, but for the income the area Bridge would remember Kutsus honorable sacrifice. The surrounding
provides to its ruler. In fact, the Lions economy suffered a lands were ceded to Kutsus family.
tremendous blow a hundred years ago when the Crane took the valley
Recently, the Lion Clan has been pushing its borders closer and
closer to Ten no Namida no Tani, through minor skirmishes and
political maneuvering. Hiroaki believes they are preparing for an A young samurai maiden whose name has been forgotten (erased
attack to take the castle back, and has been mustering his forces to from Lion histories) made the ultimate sacrifice in the home of the
receive the onslaught. headman of this village. She kept a secret lover here, and when her
daimyo discovered her secret, she vowed to commit seppuku to show
PROVINCES OF THE DRAGON CLAN her loyalty to her lord. The daimyo agreed, but at the ceremony, he
gave her a wooden sword to perform the act. The samurai-ko took
the wooden sword and performed the ceremony, despite the insult. A
High in the mountains above the Dragon keeps, Rokugans only shrine dedicated to her memory still stands in Toshi no Meiyo Gisei,
shrine to the Moon God sits at the end of a treacherous path called the city built on the site of the village.
The Climb of the Moon. Those who are diligent and discover the
hidden path will find the shrine occupied by three sisters who have VILLAGE OF THE REINSTATED HERO [L12]
tended the shrine for as long as mortal memory has recorded. Ikoma Teidei was a young, handsome, and promising samuraibefore
Speculation has made the sisters out to be ghosts, but none can say his daimyo was killed by an assassin. Teidei became a ronin and spent
for certain. The three sisters speak in riddles, answering any question seven years seeking out his daimyos killer. He finally cornered the
put to them. Legends say that any question put them is answered assassin in this village. A shrine stands today where the ronin killed
truthfully, but ruin befalls any who ask. the assassin and then committed seppuku to join his master.
Near the southeastern borders of Dragon provinces, along Shinsen na Just as the Scorpion watch the Lion, so do the Lion watch the
Hito Doro (Fresh Souls Road), the large farming village of Mura Sen Scorpion. Kenson Gakka, Humilitys Lesson, stands as a reminder
no Ketto serves as the gateway into the mountains. Looming over the to the Lions southward neighbors. Six hundred years ago the
village on a high hill is Shiro no Kutsu. The province is home to some Scorpion tried to take Ikoma Castle, but their effort was not
hundred samurai. Technically, they are the standing army to act as successful. Responding to Scorpion aggression, the Matsu attacked
the Dragons first line of defense against invasion. While one hundred the Scorpions nearest castle, previously called The Lions Shadow.
men may not stand up well against any real army, they are really When the Matsu overtook the castle, they killed every man, woman,
only there to keep out brigands and undesirables. and child inside, and claimed it for the Lion Clan, renaming it
The village was founded around a shrine built upon a bridge over Humilitys Lesson.
a small stream. Legend has it that in the late Ninth Century, a Crane
army was marching on Shiro Mirumoto while a large portion of the
Dragon army was dedicated to stopping a conflict between the Lion Until the late 11th Century, this castle belonged to the Crane Clan,
and the Crane further south. The advance contingent sent to meet the but now it belongs to the Matsu family. The Crane abandoned the
encroaching army was crushed save for one man: Mirumoto Kutsu. castle when they saw an advanced Lion army, marching to avenge a
Kutsu had been sent to bring word to the castle of the Cranes slight made by a Crane diplomat. Today, no one is certain what the
continued advancement. The Cranes were making good time, comment was, but the Matsu family remains in Shiro no Yojin,
however, and Kutsu knew he wouldnt be able to reach Shiro breathing down the Kakita familys neck.
Mirumoto in time for them to prepare for battle. When the Crane SHINDEN NO TAKAI [L15]
army reached a stream crossing Fresh Souls Road, they saw a single
Dragon samurai seated upon a crudely built bridge. Kutsu spat at the The primary Temple of Emma-O is located in the Dairiki Province of
Crane and challenged any who would face him to a duel. Though the the Kitsu Family. The structure itself is plain and unadorned wood
army could have easily forded the stream and continued forward, the and stone, painted pure white (and meticulously washed daily by the
commander, Kakita Niwaru, was amused. He ordered one of his men monks residing there).
to go dispatch the obstacle. Kutsu made short work of the Crane and
The temple was built on a place where the veil between Ningen-do FLOATING VILLAGE [P19]
and Meido is thin, and the lost spirits of Meido have been known to The village of Ukabu Mura has been contested by the Dragon on
wander through. The monks take it upon themselves to try to guide numerous occasions, but has always remains in Phoenix hands. It
these wayward souls back to Emma-Os realm. rests on the edge of the Drowned Merchant River, which then winds
into the Lion and Unicorn lands. It is renowned for its geisha houses,
where geisha are trained to continue their careers in the Imperial city.
Shiro Gisu is the holding which the Asako family prefers to use for This watchtower guards the Imperial lands, keeping the boundary
court functions. The castle overlooks the Shrine of the Ki-Rin and between the Phoenix and the region governed by the Otomo sharply
stands beside a crystal mountain lake in the midst of tall trees. The
defined. The Isawa have never been allies with the Otomo, and although
castle hosts many large functions each year, with events taking place the towers purpose is largely ceremonial, the Isawa have refused to
on its immense balconies and courtyards. remove it. They claim that it is an historical relic, and should be
HOLY HOME VILLAGE [P13] maintained well because it is an integral part of Rokugans past; the
Once a pilgrimage spot when the followers of Shinsei were not yet truth is that they enjoy watching the Imperial troop movements and
an organized order. Several manor houses and the shrine were knowing when Otomo ambassadors and diplomats travel the land.
constructed by Shiba Esade, a Master of Earth. Pilgrims would bring
a stone from many miles away which would then be added by the
mastery to a building. The stones fit together perfectly and have HIDDEN WATCH KEEP [SC11]
lasted these many hundreds of years. High in the mountains, Kakusa Keikai Torid-e overlooks Beiden Pass.
CASTLE OF THE FAITHFUL BRIDE [P14] The shugenja high in the tower send signals to the Scorpion Clan,
informing the Bayushi family of all traffic through the Pass.
Shiro sano Chujitsu na Shinpu was built by Matsu Hitomis lover. The
first stone was laid on the anniversary of her death, and it was JUROJIN NO KYUSOKU MURA [SC12]
completed after 27 years, which was her age when she died. The About halfway between Shiro no Shosuro and Kyuden Bayushi, a
samurai lord never married, and his line ended with his death. Even tiny village of very little consequence rests along the River of Gold.
his family name is the subject of controversy. This unassuming settlement wouldnt have been even a footnote in
ROADS END VILLAGE [P15] history, save for a horrific event that occurred near the end of the
reign of Hantei the 38th. A monk of a nearby temple of Jurojin found
Doro Owari Mura is mostly self-sufficient, as the inhabitants rely on
a way to capture the Fortune of Longevity and use his power to create
limited and low-key trade with Kyuden Isawa and the occasional
the terrifying Enmu no Oni. The oni was set upon the inhabitants of
merchant from the Mantis Clan. Apart from the merchants, no one
the village and surrounding countryside, sapping their lives away to
has any reason to visit the remote village, which allows the Asako to
feed itself. Only the intervention of a group of samurai that happened
use it to maintain one of their greatest secrets. The Shrine of the Path
upon the village saw an end to the oni and the mad monk that created
is a hidden temple located just south of the village, where the
it, releasing Jurojin once more.
immortal Fushihai the secret master of the henshin study the
Since that time, the tales of the cursed land have given way to
Mystery of Fate.
rumors that a very grateful Jurojin actually blessed the area, granting
Anyone who journeys to the village remembers nothing of their
long life to those that live there and contribute to the prosperity of the
stay. Some few have dream-like recollections of a pleasant,
renamed Jurojin no Kyusoku Mura (Jurojins Rest Village).
uneventful stay, but no one has ever left with any sense of the
villages true purpose. TEMPLE OF LOYALTY [SC13]
FOREST SHADOW CITY [P16] Traitors Grove once stood as a testament to the severity of the
Scorpion Clans vengeance against traitors. When powerful maho
Morikage Toshi was originally built as a minor outpost along the
released the traitor spirits from the trees of the grove, a new Spirit
Phoenix coast. The city takes its name from the nearby small forest,
Realm was created to house the ghosts of the disloyal: Uragiri-do.
Mori Kage, which is higher than the city and shades it for most of the
Having abandoned the practice of binding souls into Traitors Grove,
day. The city once served as a trade center, and used to be the
the Scorpion have instead constructed a temple on the site as a
Empires main source of timber. But when a bride from the Dragon Clan
reminder of what occurred there.
was scorned by her Shiba husband, her mother, the Oracle of Air, put a
Established by Yogo Tsien the apprentice of the last Keeper of
curse on the city. Today, it looks as if the limbs of the forest have reached
the Grove Shinden no Chuugi (Temple of Loyalty) is intended as a
out to claim the castle, forcing the Phoenix to abandon it, and eventually
place for her to keep vigil over the grove, and the sealed passage to
the city itself.
the Realm of Traitors. Already, many Scorpion samurai have made
REIHAIDO UIKKU AND HEIGEN YOGENSHA [P17] pilgrimages to the temple to renew their vows to their clan. An
Reihaido Uikku is an ancient shrine built in honor of the prophet increasing number of Yogo have gathered in the temple to pray for
Uikku, whose interpretations and prophecies regarding the Tao of an end to their family curse. Tsien has become something of a savior-
Shinsei have been studied for centuries. The entire area around the figure to the Yogo Family; a role she is none too comfortable with.
shrine, include the large plane, Heigen Yogensha (Prophet Plain), is
considered sacred.
Mura nisa Kawa Nemui is a small village that rests on the shores of
Seven hundred years ago, a great war broke out between the Phoenix
the Sleeping River has a small travelers inn for those walking or
and the Lion. The war raged for many years, ending only when both
riding to the cities of the Unicorn families.
sides sued for peace. Within the Mamoru Kyotei Toshi, the peace
treaty between the Lion and the Phoenix is held.
CITY BETWEEN THE RIVERS [U11] arranged for the region around the tomb to be declared Imperial
Toshi no aida ni Kawa guards the two river ways that flow from lands, and the fledgling Monkey Clan was given the task of
Unicorn lands. Only once has an invasion force tried to move against overseeing it.
the Unicorn by moving upriver. It was such a dismal failure that it GUARDIAN MONKEY VILLAGE [I20]
has never been attempted again.
Hogosha no Saru Mura was established by the Monkey Clan to
WHITE SHORE VILLAGE [U12] provide a home for their people and a base of operations for their
Shiroi Kishi Mizu-umi is called White Shore Lake because of the new lands. Thus far it is a small and unimpressive village, subsisting
white sands on its shores. Just to the west of the lake is Shiroi Kishi largely on fishing, though its agriculture is growing.
Mura, a small village that shares its name.

MINOR CLAN HOLDINGS Important Personalities

The heimin in Firefly lands work hard to coax enough food from the
waters and the land, but they are well protected by their samurai
Dragon Clan Personalities
masters. At each village the Firefly build a watchtower, and every
night a bonfire is lit atop each tower. The largest of these towers is MIRUMOTO HOJATSU
Hotaru Torid-e, the Firefly Keep. While smaller than a true shiro, the Hojatsu carries with him a name of legend. When he was younger,
keep is a strong fortification, five stories tall. It is here the Firefly his gempukku was a completely breathtaking moment, as he
maintain their stables, sending out patrols on horseback to watch challenged his own peers at the Victory of the Living Blade Dojo,
over their spread-out lands. instead the more traditional method of facing those below him. His
victory was stunning, fierce, and fast. When he chose the name
Hojatsu after the ceremony, few were willing to debate the matter.
The sole holding of the Raven Clan has rarely been seen by outsiders, Hojatsu seems to carry with him the very soul of Mirumotos own
leading to conflicting reports regarding its actual location. It is son, and has yet to lose a duel or skirmish. Hojatsu does not speak
deliberately remote, lacking in refinements and luxuries, having been often, preferring to defer to the wisdom of elders in social situations.
built with only defense in mind and reflecting the monastic ethos of In the thick of combat, however, Hojatsu is not a quiet, reserved
the clan. Only a single village exists to support it. Several monasteries bushi. He unleashes a fury that could make an ogre stare in
have been built nearby, due to the clans spirituality and good amazement as enemies fall before him before they are even aware
relationship with the Brotherhood of Shinsei. Hojatsu was upon them. He moves as a taifun in war, and those who
SHIRO JIROZAME [MC17] come too close to his paired blades are broken like reeds. No single
Mirumoto in the war against the Phoenix is as feared as Hojatsu, and
Shiro Jirozame is set right in the center of Toshi no Jirozame. A large
even the Lion hesitate before engaging the Dragon if they believe that
castle by Minor Clan standards, it is surrounded by narrow streets
he is nearby. Hojatsus troops have suffered few casualties during the
which make any approach difficult (and also put most of the
war, as his leadership is an inspiration to all who follow him. After
population in harms way). The Clan Champion always makes sure
all, what need they fear when the reincarnation of Mirumotos son
the castle is well supplied with food and water to endure a siege;
leads them?
there are also rumors of devious traps hidden within seemingly
ordinary houses surrounding the castle. Despite all of this, however,
the heimin of Jirozame live relatively tolerable lives so long as they
stay well out of the way of their masters. The Shark seem to know
better than to bite the hand that feeds, and reserve most of their
predations for neighboring lands.


It is said that a traveling merchant was passing by when he
encountered another merchant catching flies. When the first
merchant asked why the second merchant was catching flies, the
second merchant replied that the flies were far more valuable than
any gold could ever be. The first merchant laughed at such a thought,
and before he knew it, the second merchant had changed him into a
frog. Then the second merchant asked, How valuable is your gold
now? The first merchant was changed back into human form and,
blessed with this wisdom, gave all of his gold to the second merchant,
shaved his head, and became a monk. The second merchant (who was
a frog all along) founded a small village on the site which soon
became a rich and prosperous city. AIR 3 EARTH 3 FIRE 4 W ATER 4 V OID 4
Takeda Fujimu was a famous ronin duelist hundreds of years ago. So Honor: 7.6 Glory: 6.0 Status: 6.0

impressive was he that the Emperor granted him a family time Initiative: 9k4 Attack: Daisho 9k4
(though the Takeda line has long since died out). His tomb was Damage: Katana 7k2, Wakizashi 6k2 Armor TN: 45
thought lost to history until it was rediscovered in 1143. After some Reduction: 5 Wounds: 15: +3, 24: +5, 33: +10, 42: +15,
conflict over whether it was in Scorpion or Lion territory, the Otomo 51: +20, 60: Down, 69: Out
Insight Rank: 5 (Insight 233)
School: Mirumoto Bushi 3, Swordmaster 2 Scorpion Clan Personalities
Skills: Athletics 5, Battle 5, Courtier 2, Defense 5, Etiquette 3, Iaijutsu 5, Kenjutsu
(Katana) 5, Knives 3, Lore: Bushido 3, Lore: Heraldry 3, Lore: Shugenja 3, Lore:
Theology 4, Meditation 5, Spears 2 SHOSURO YUDOKA, SHOSURO FAMILY DAIMYO
Advantages: Ancestor: Mirumoto, Fame, Great Potential (Kenjutsu), Quick, Social For details on Shosuro Yudokas life before becoming the Shosuro
Position: Shireikan
Family daimyo, see Secrets of the Scorpion, page 37.
Disadvantages: Driven (perfect his swordsmanship), Idealistic
Yudoka is the eldest son of Shosuro Hametsu and his wife Mikiko.
Kata: Striking as Fire, Striking as Void, Striking as Water
Hametsu considered himself the most successful Shosuro daimyo in
Outfit: Daisho, Heavy Armor
generations, and saw his young heir as his opportunity to continue
the familys prosperity after he had passed on. Yudoka was guarded
Lion Clan Personalities by every resource Hametsu had at his disposal. Hametsu did his job
so well, few realized that Yudoka existed.
Cloaked in obscurity, Yudoka became a prime candidate for the
shinobi. He quickly became one of Bayushi Aramoros most talented
For details on Akodo Senkes life before his selection as Lion Clan students. Perhaps because no one knew the boys lineage, he risked
Champion, see Secrets of the Lion, page 24. his life constantly in the line of duty. For two years, Yudoka advanced
When Akodo Toturi was elevated to Shogun and daimyo of the in skill and acknowledged rank among the Shosuro shinobi until he
new Toturi Imperial Family, he was called upon to name his successor was training his own small group of initiates. Among these fledgling
as Lion Clan Champion and daimyo of the Akodo Family, as he had ninja was a young woman named Nishiko. It only took a month for
no legitimate heirs of his own. In time he became aware of the story their mutual feelings to manifest.
of Akodo Senke, and saw in the young man something he himself When Nishiko overheard Yudokas named mentioned as a
lacked: a lions roar. Senkes difficulties learning discipline were a candidate for Shadow Branding, and discovered the unfortunate
result of a passion that he had learned to harness and direct in service but necessary effect it would have on him, she revealed herself and
to the Lion Clan. Toturi knew that Senkes ferocity would serve his offered to take his place. She was less skilled, she reasoned, and
beloved clan well; tempered as it was by the skill and discipline the therefore less of a threat should she be lost to the Lying Darkness.
young Akodo had gained. So the following Winter Court, Toturi Impressed by her skill and courage, the Shosuro agreed.
named Akodo Senke his successor. When the time came for Shosuro Hametsu to retire (some say to
gain access to the herb and poison lore of the Brotherhood of Shinsei)
and Yudoka to take his place as daimyo of the Shosuro, he was
separated from Nishiko, and did not see her for many months. When
she finally resurfaced, she bore shadow marks upon her skin, and
seemed colder. But she returned to Yudokas embrace all the same,
and the two were soon married.



Honor: 1.2 Glory: 6.0 Status: 7.0

Initiative: 10k10+4 Attack: Pincers and Tail 10k9+2
Damage: Pincers and Tail 4k3/5k2 Armor TN: 45
Reduction: 3 Wounds: 20: +3, 32: +5, 44: +10, 56:
+15, 68: +20, 80: Down, 92: Out
School: Shosuro Infiltrator 5, Bayushi Bushi 3
Skills: Acting 3, Athletics (Climbing) 5, Courtier 3, Craft: Explosives 5, Craft: Poison 7,
Deceit (Intimidation) 5, Defense 6, Etiquette 4, Iaijutsu 2, Investigation 5, Jiujutsu 7,
AKODO SENKE, LION CLAN CHAMPION Kenjutsu (Ninja-to) 8, Kyujutsu 6, Lore: Lying Darkness 4, Lore: Underworld 6, Lore:
Theology (Shintao) 3, Ninjutsu (Blowgun) 4, Polearms (Pincers and Tail) 8, Sincerity
AIR 2 EARTH 3 FIRE 3 W ATER 3 V OID 2 7, Stealth (Sneaking) 8
REFLEXES 4 S TAMINA 4 AGILITY 4 S TRENGTH 4 Advantages: Magic Resistance (+6 TN), Quick, Social Position: Shosuro Family Daimyo
Disadvantages: True Love (Shosuro Nishiko)
Honor: 6.4 Glory: 8.0 Status: 8.0
Kata: Dwell in Darkness, Poisoned Wind
Initiative: 7k4 Attack: Katana 9k4
Outfit: Pincers and Tail (Polearm; Large, Reach, Dual-headed; DR 1k3/2k2; Free Raise
Damage: Katana 8k2 Armor TN: 35 on all Disarm attempts)
Reduction: 5 Wounds: 15: +0, 27: +2, 39: +7, 51:
+12, 63: +17, 75: Down, 87: Out
School: Akodo Bushi 3
Skills: Athletics 4, Battle (Mass Combat) 4, Courtier 2, Etiquette 2, Defense: 3, Lore:
History 2, Iaijutsu 3, Jiujutsu 3, Kenjutsu 5, Kyujutsu 2, Meditation 3, Sincerity 2,
Storytelling (Poetry) 2, Theology 1, Tea Ceremony 2
Advantages: Paragon of Courage, Quick, Social Position: Lion Clan Champion,
Strength of the Earth
Disadvantages: Antisocial (2 points)
Kata: Striking as Fire
Outfit: Shori (Ancestral Sword of the Lion)
AURA SIGHT: In addition to seeing a persons Honor, the Oracle of
The Oracles of Light are creatures of incredible power, but they must Earth can see whether a creature has the Shadowlands Taint
obey certain rules. They may not use their enormous magical powers with a glance.
to interfere in the affairs of the mortal world, except as advisors or REDUCTION: The Oracle of Earth has a natural Reduction rating
to preserve their own lives. They may not seek out others to give their of 20. It is as futile to physically attack the Oracle as it is to
advice, but must wait until they are asked. If they violate these rules, attack the mountain.
the dragons can retract their blessing at any time, destroying the STONEWALK: The Oracle of Earth can spend a Void Point pass
Oracle. through stone and earth as if it were air for one round.


All Oracles possess the following powers. DANGER SENSE: The Oracle of Fire can perceive all forms of
CLAIRVOYANCE: Oracles can divine the past, present or future; attack within the range of his senses before they occur
this ability is not magical, but part of the Oracles very nature. (whether they are directed at him or not). He can never be
Any mortal being may ask the Oracle one question. If the surprised. He always rolls and keeps additional dice for
Oracle chooses to answer, he immediately knows the answer Initiative equal to his Fire Ring. His Armor TN is increased by
to this question (the knowledge appears in his mind), and he his Fire x 5.
must tell the questioner the answer. The answer may be TOUCH OF FIRE: The Oracles touch can ignite and burn quite
cryptic, but it is always truthful. An Oracle cannot use this easily. The Oracle of Fire may keep all dice on the Damage
ability more than once for any given mortal, even if he wishes Roll for an unarmed or melee attack.
to do so. The Oracle has some control over when this power
is used, and need not use it on the first question posed to him ORACLE OF WATER
(Are you really the Oracle?), though he may do so if he wishes. RING OF TRUTH: The Oracle instantly knows if something he
AURA SIGHT: Oracles can automatically determine the true perceives is an untruth, be it a spoken lie, an illusion, or a
Honor Rank of a person with a glance. The Perceived Honor disguise. He does not automatically know the truth, but he is
Advantage has no effect on this. aware of the attempt at deception.
ELEMENTAL IMMUNITY: An Oracle cannot be harmed by the HEALING HANDS: The mere touch of the Oracle of Water heals
element that it serves. The spirits simply refuse to threaten the wounds and purges impurities (except the Shadowlands Taint).
Oracle. The exception to this is corrupted elements and kansen. By spending a round touching his target, the Oracle of Water
FLIGHT: An Oracle can fly at will, at four times his normal land can heal as many Wound Levels as his Water Ring, or purge
speed. This adds +10 to the Oracles Armor TN while in the air. any disease or poison. The Oracle must spend a Void Point to
MAGIC RESISTANCE: Oracles gain Magic Resistance (Rank 3), as this power again within one hour.
per the Advantage, but they may apply it selectively, choosing
to only increase TNs of harmful spells cast against them.
SPELLS: Oracles have all elemental spells memorized, and BODY OF VOID: The Oracle of Void cannot be touched by mundane
possess many spells that mortal shugenja have yet to discover. means if he does not wish it. Only awakened items such as
Oracles use their Insight Rank as their Shugenja School Rank, nemuranai or pure jade can touch him in this state. Note that
regardless of whether all of their School Ranks are from while in this state, the Oracle cannot touch others, either.
shugenja schools. Oracles gain three Free Raises on all spells EMPTINESS: With a touch, the Oracle can completely drain or
of their associated element. Lesser oracles may only gain these replenish a persons Void Points. The Oracles own Void Points
Free Raises to specific spells replenish at a rate of one per minute.
TELEPORTATION: Once per day, an Oracle can teleport to any TELEPATHY: The Oracle of Void need not speak to communicate.
place in Rokugan that he has visited before and bring up to He can project his thoughts to any mind in Rokugan, as well as
three other human-sized creatures with him. hear any thoughts directed at him while that telepathic link is open.


AURA SIGHT: In addition to seeing a persons Honor, the Oracle
ORACLE OF AIR of Jade can see whether a creature has the Shadowlands Taint
FARSENSE: Secrets are carried on the wind, and the Oracle of with a glance.
Air can perceive them all. By concentrating and spending a MAGIC RESISTANCE: The Oracle of Jades Magic Resistance only
Void Point, the Oracle can see and hear anything currently applies against magic cast by Tainted creatures (and therefore
happening in any place in Rokugan, so long as he has some applies versus all maho).
idea how to find it. The only places he cannot perceive are JADE DRAGON FORM: The Oracle of Jade can take the form of a
those he is unaware of, or that the wind cannot reach (such as small jade dragon (roughly the size of a horse) at will. The
airtight chambers, or underwater). transformation takes one round to complete. The dragons
FLIGHT: The Oracles power of flight is most impressive. He can Traits are as follows (use the Oracles Traits if higher).
fly at ten times his normal land speed, adding +25 to his Armor TN.
FLURRY OF AIR: The Oracle of Air is always accompanied by a JADE DRAGON
gathering of air spirits, which has the benefit of battering AIR 3 EARTH 5 FIRE 3 W ATER 3 V OID 2
away harmful attacks, as well as forewarning him of said S TAMINA 6 S TRENGTH 6

assaults. The Oracles base Armor TN is equal to his Awareness
Special Abilities:
or Reflexes (whichever is higher) x 15, plus 5.
JADE FIRE BREATH: The jade dragon can breathe green fire in a thirty-foot cone.
All Shadowlands creatures within this cone take 7k7 Wounds. Untainted
creatures are not affected.
Master Index
It can be difficult to keep track of the multitude of character options available in Legends of the Five Rings. Following are several lists collecting
that information for easier reference.

Abbreviation Key
Abbreviations are used to reference the source material for a given item (see the table to the right), followed by the page number the item can
be found on. For example, the source for an item found on page 63 of Emerald Empire would be listed as follows: Em 63


L5R Legend of the Five Rings: Fourth Edition IH Imperial Histories
Em Emerald Empire IH2 Imperial Histories 2
GC The Great Clans IA The Imperial Archives
SeE Secrets of the Empire StE Strongholds of the Empire
EoE Enemies of the Empire SF Sword and Fan
BoA The Book of Air NP Naishou Province
BoE The Book of Earth LT Little Truths
BoF The Book of Fire LT See also Little Truths
BoW The Book of Water Em See also Emerald Empire (page 279)
BoV The Book of Void IA See also The Imperial Archives errata (page 102)

Families & Orders

Vassal families are detailed in Appendix Two of The Great Clans, starting on page 284.


Hida Family Strong and steadfast, they lead the Crab with adamant resolve. Kakeguchi, Moshibaru +1 Strength L5R 105
Hiruma Family The quick and clever Hiruma dare to scout beyond the Kaiu Wall. Endo, Raikuto +1 Agility L5R 105
Kaiu Family The Kaiu are known for their ingenuity and workmanship. Fundai, Maisuna +1 Intelligence L5R 105
Kuni Family High knowledgeable of the Shadowlands, the Kuni have a sinister reputation. Meishozo, Ugawari +1 Intelligence L5R 105


Asahina Family A peaceful and introspective family known for their crafting and divination. +1 Intelligence L5R 109
Daidoji Family Stark and severe, the Daidoji are the strong right arm of the Crane. Hiramichi, Hiramori +1 Stamina L5R 109
Doji Family The Doji are known for their beauty and political acumen. Kotagama, Tsume +1 Awareness L5R 109
Kakita Family The Kakita have an acute appreciation for the arts, including the art of swordplay. Ashidaka, Iwasaka +1 Agility L5R 109


Kitsuki Family The Kitsuki are known for their open demeanor and keen insights. Sakura +1 Awareness L5R 112
Mirumoto Family Straightforward and calm, but quick to defend their honor. Kouken, Zurui +1 Agility L5R 112
Tamori Family The militant Tamori are as rugged and hard as the mountains they call home. Chiyu, Hiasobi +1 Willpower L5R 112
Togashi Order An enigmatic monastic order in serve to the Dragon Clan Champion. +1 Reflexes L5R 112


Akodo Family Highly traditional and stoic, the Akodo are staunch champions of bushido. Katai, Seizuka +1 Agility L5R 116
Ikoma Family Passionate and studious, the Ikoma are the heart of the Lion Clan. Hosokawa, Murame +1 Awareness L5R 116
Kitsu Family Descendants of an ancient race, the Kitsu still have an otherworldly air about them. Ise, Noroko +1 Intelligence L5R 116
Matsu Family The fierce and hot-tempered rivals of the Akodo. Ikeda, Koritome +1 Strength L5R 116


Moshi Family Formerly the Centipede Clan, the matriarchal Moshi are pious and traditional. Goraiku +1 Intelligence L5R 120
Tsuruchi Family Formerly the Wasp Clan, the Tsuruchi are an athletic, determined people. Kagehisa, Suguru +1 Perception L5R 120
Yasuki Family Wily and clever, the Yasuki have learned to weather any storm. Kano +1 Awareness L5R 106
Yoritomo Family As fierce and unpredictable as the storms of their homelands. Hogosha, Watanabe +1 Stamina L5R 120
Agasha Family Highly experimental and curious researchers of magic. Atsumaru, Izaku +1 Perception L5R 123
Asako Family The Asako are known as ascetic scholars and healers. Chukan, Nani +1 Awareness L5R 123
Isawa Family Custodians of the worlds magic and leaders of the Phoenix Clan. Shingon +1 Willpower L5R 123
Sesai Ninja An order of Phoenix samurai that secretly defends the clan. +1 Agility BoV 182
Shiba Family Dedicated and stubborn guardians of the Isawa. Nasu, Sodona +1 Perception L5R 123


Bayushi Family Clever and crafty leaders of the Scorpion Clan. Aotora, Rokugo +1 Agility L5R 126
Shosuro Family Sneaky and deceptive, the Shosuro are the eyes, ears, and knives of the Scorpion. Kochako, Tokagure +1 Awareness L5R 126
Soshi Family Manipulative and cynical, the Soshi are the religious heart of the Scorpion Clan. Nanbu +1 Intelligence L5R 126
Yogo Family Wardens of dark knowledge, the Yogo are cursed to betray whoever they love. Naganori, Tansaku +1 Willpower L5R 126


Horiuchi Family Courageous and compassionate stewards of gaijin lore. +1 Willpower L5R 129
Ide Family Easy-going and empathic, the Ide are gifted at relating to others on a personal level. Suio +1 Perception L5R 129
Iuchi Family Curious scholars and shugenja with a broad view of the supernatural. Battue, Kenshin +1 Intelligence L5R 129
Moto Family These grim descendants of desert nomads seek to eradicate their Tainted cousins. Onshigawa +1 Agility L5R 130
Otaku Family The matriarchal Otaku are fierce and strong. Hyuga, Naoko +1 Stamina L5R 130
Shinjo Family The adventurous and unpredictable Shinjo lead the Unicorn Clan. Marta +1 Reflexes L5R 130


Fuzake Family (Monkey) Shugenja with great curiosity, sometimes seen as whimsical, but reliance nonetheless. +1 Perception L5R 221
Hachi Family (Bee) A small family of sharp-witted samurai, dedicated to understanding the arts +1 Awareness LT
Hotaru Family (Firefly) Dedicated and vigilant, the Hotaru perform their duty with modesty. +1 Perception LT
Hitokage Family (Salamander) Nomadic scholars that sail the rivers in search in magical knowledge. +1 Awareness LT
Ichiro Family (Badger) Stubborn and determined, the Ichiro are often seen as rude or boorish by others. Fureheshu, Tashimi +1 Strength L5R 215
Jirozame Family (Shark) Dangerous, brutal, and debauched samurai with a strange Imperial protection +1 Strength LT
Karasu Family (Raven) Taciturn, hard-working, and hardy mercenaries seeking honorable work +1 Stamina LT
Kasuga Family (Tortoise) The Kasuga are generally disdained as smugglers and pirates. Hyobe, Someisa +1 Perception L5R 225
Kitsune Family (Fox) A peaceful people who exist in harmony with nature. Byako, Shudo +1 Willpower L5R 218
Komori Family (Bat) A shugenja family with an eagerness to learn and apply their knowledge +1 Intelligence L5R 216
Morito Family (Ox) Ambitious horsemen looking for opportunities to increase their power +1 Stamina L5R 223
Suzume Family (Sparrow) Proud survivors with a strong oral tradition of storytelling. Edakumi +1 Awareness L5R 225
Tanuki Family (Tanuki) Simple forest-dwellers with a love of drink and a deep curiosity about Shinomen Mori +1 Stamina LT
Toku Family (Monkey) The Toku are full of the boundless courage and fighting spirit of their founder. +1 Stamina L5R 221
Tonbo Family (Dragonfly) The Tonbo often acts as mediators and representatives for the Dragon Clan. Koshei, Senkensha +1 Awareness L5R 218
Toritaka Family (Hare) The withdrawn and reserved Toritaka were once the Falcon Clan. +1 Perception L5R 218
Ujina Family (Hare) Quiet and purposeful, the Ujina tread where other Hare samurai do not. +1 Agility L5R 220
Usagi Family (Hare) Equally romantic and athletic, the Usagi meet life with unadulterated zeal. Ketsudo +1 Awareness L5R 220

Hantei Family The Imperial lineage itself, blessed with a connection to the Celestial Dragons. +1 Void IH2 26
Miya Family A practical family, founded on the principles of mercy and peace. Anou, Satoshi +1 Reflexes L5R 227
Otomo Family Administrators and politicians, manipulating the Clans to maintain the balance of power. Reju +1 Intelligence L5R 227
Seppun Family The Seppun guard the Emperor with wisdom, vision, and superhuman vigilance. Hanako +1 Agility L5R 227
Toturi Family Only the most mindful and perceptive were chosen to join the tiny Toturi family. +1 Perception LT

Hateru Ninja Ronin spies and assassins for hire. +1 Intelligence BoV 182
Kaeru Family Rulers of the City of the Rich Frog. +1 Awareness IH 275
Tsi Family Extremely skilled smiths and weapon-makers. +1 Willpower IH 275
Yotsu Family Appointed to govern several districts in Otosan Uchi +1 Intelligence IH 275


These families are not available, as the Spider Clan does not yet exist.
Chuda Family Ambitious and power-hungry inheritors of the Snake Clans legacy. +1 Intelligence L5R 211
Daigotsu Family The rulers of the Spider Clan and worshippers of Fu Leng. + Stamina L5R 211
Goju Family Former agents of the Lying Darkness, now the shadowy right hand of the Spider. +1 Agility L5R 211
Ninube Family These mystics use the magic of shadow to terrify and assassinate their foes. +1 Reflexes GC 281
Spider Monks A monastic order that embraces a philosophy of personal power. +1 Reflexes L5R 211

Koga Ninja A peasant family dedicated to the protection of Rokugans common people. +1 Awareness BoV 182
Hida Bushi +1 Stamina Athletics, Defense, Heavy Weapons (Tetsubo), Intimidation, Kenjutsu, Lore: Shadowlands, any one Bugei Skill 3.5 L5R 106
Hida Pragmatist +1 Agility Athletics, Defense, Jiujutsu (Improvised Weapons) 2, Kenjutsu, Lore: Shadowlands, any Bugei Skill 2.5 Em 247
Hiruma Bushi +1 Willpower Athletics, Hunting, Kenjutsu (Katana), Kyujutsu, Lore: Shadowlands, Stealth, any one skill 4.5 L5R 108
Hiruma Scout [Bushi] +1 Reflexes Athletics, Hunting, Kenjutsu, Kyujutsu, Lore: Shadowlands, Stealth (Sneaking), any one Bugei Skill 4.5 IH 147
Kaiu Engineer [Artisan/Bushi] +1 Intelligence Battle, Craft: Armorsmithing, Craft: Weaponsmithing, Defense, Engineering (pick one), Lore: Architecture, War Fans 4.5 GC 39
Kuni Shugenja +1 Willpower Calligraphy (Cipher), Defense, Lore: Shadowlands 2, Lore: Theology, Spellcraft, any one Weapon Skill 2.5 L5R 107
Kuni Witch Hunter [Monk] +1 Willpower Investigation, Jiujutsu, Kenjutsu, Lore: Shadowlands, Lore: Maho, Meditation, any one Skill 5.5 GC 40


Asahina Shugenja +1 Awareness Any one Artisan Skill, Calligraphy (Cipher), Etiquette, Lore: Theology, Meditation, Spellcraft, any one High Skill 6.5 L5R 110 LT
Daidoji Iron Warrior [Bushi] +1 Agility Battle, Defense 2, Kenjutsu (Katana), Kyujutsu, Spears, any one Skill 6.5 L5R 111 LT
Daidoji Scout [Bushi] +1 Reflexes Athletics, Hunting (Traps), Kenjutsu, Knives, Kyujutsu (Yumi), Stealth (Sneaking), any one Bugei or Low Skill 3.5 GC 70
Doji Courtier +1 Awareness Calligraphy, Courtier (Manipulation), Etiquette (Courtesy), Perform: Storytelling, Sincerity, Tea Ceremony, any one Artisan or Perform Skill 6.5 L5R 110 IA
Doji Magistrate [Bushi] +1 Reflexes Defense, Horsemanship, Jiujutsu, Kenjutsu, Knives (Jitte), Polearms, any High or Bugei Skill 5.5 Em 170
Kakita Artisan +1 Awareness Courtier, Games (Sadane), Etiquette, Sincerity, any three Skills chosen from the Kakita Artisan specialties. 5.5 GC 72 LT
Kakita Bushi +1 Reflexes Etiquette, Iaijutsu (Focus), Kenjutsu, Kyujutsu, Sincerity, Tea Ceremony, any one Bugei or High Skill 6.5 L5R 109


Kitsuki Investigator [Courtier] +1 Perception Courtier, Etiquette (Courtesy), Investigation (Interrogation), Kenjutsu, Meditation, Sincerity, any one Lore Skill 5.5 L5R 114
Mirumoto Bushi +1 Stamina Defense, Iaijutsu, Kenjutsu (Katana), Lore: Shugenja, Meditation, Theology, any one Bugei or High Skill 4.5 L5R 113
Mirumoto Taoist Swordsman +1 Void Athletics, Defense, Iaijutsu, Kenjutsu (Katana), Lore: Theology, Meditation, any one Bugei or High Skill 5.5 Em 221
Tamori Shugenja +1 Stamina Athletics, Calligraphy (Cipher), Defense, Divination, Lore: Theology, Medicine, and Spellcraft 4.5 L5R 113
Togashi Tattooed Order [Monk] +1 Void Artisan: Tattooing, Athletics, Defense, Jiujutsu, any one Lore Skill, Meditation, any one non-Lore Skill 4.5 L5R 114 LT
Togashi Tsurui Zumi +1 Void Athletics, Defense, Etiquette, Jiujutsu, Meditation (Void Recovery), any two Skills 4.5 IH 214


Akodo Bushi +1 Perception Battle (Mass Combat), Defense, Kenjutsu, Kyujutsu, Lore: History, Sincerity, any one Bugei or High Skill 6.5 L5R 117
Ikoma Bard [Courtier] +1 Intelligence Courtier, Etiquette, Lore: History (Lion Clan), Perform: Storytelling, Sincerity (Honesty), any one High Skill, any one Bugei Skill 6.5 L5R 118
Ikoma Lions Shadow [Bushi] +1 Awareness Courtier, Etiquette, Kenjutsu, Investigation (Notice), Sincerity, Stealth, any one High or Low Skill 3.5 Em 109
Kitsu Shugenja +1 Perception Battle, Calligraphy (Cipher), Etiquette, Lore: History, Lore: Theology, Spellcraft, any one High or Bugei Skill 6.5 L5R 117 LT
Lion Elite Spearman [Bushi] +1 Reflexes Battle, Defense, Kenjutsu, Lore: History, Polearms, Spears (Magari-Yari), any one Bugei or High Skill 5.5 NP 7
Matsu Beastmaster [Bushi] +1 Agility Animal Handling 2, Battle, Defense, Iaijutsu, Kenjutsu, any one Bugei Skill 5.5 GC 136LT
Matsu Berserker [Bushi] +1 Strength Battle, Jiujutsu, Kenjutsu (Katana), Kyujutsu, Lore: History, any two Bugei Skills 6.5 L5R 119


Mantis Brawler [Bushi] +1 Agility Athletics, Commerce, Intimidation, Jiujutsu, Knives, Sailing, any one Weapon Skill 3.5 GC 165 LT
Moshi Shugenja +1 Awareness Calligraphy (Cipher), Divination, Lore: Theology, Meditation, Spellcraft, any two High or Bugei Skills 4.5 L5R 121
Tsuruchi Archer [Bushi] +1 Reflexes Athletics, Defense, Hunting, Investigation, Kyujutsu (Yumi) 2, any one Bugei or High Skill 3.5 L5R 122
Tsuruchi Bounty Hunter [Bushi] +1 Agility Athletics, Hunting (Tracking), Intimidation, Investigation, Kenjutsu, Kyujutsu, Lore: Underworld 4.5 GC 168
Yasuki Courtier +1 Perception Commerce (Appraisal), Courtier, Defense, Etiquette, Intimidation, Sincerity (Deceit), any one Merchant Skill 2.5 L5R 107 LT
Yoritomo Bushi +1 Strength Commerce, Defense, Jiujutsu (Improvised Weapons), Kenjutsu, Knives (Kama), Sailing, any one Skill 3.5 L5R 120
Yoritomo Courtier School +1 Willpower Commerce (Appraisal), Courtier, Defense, Etiquette, Intimidation (Control), Sincerity, any one Merchant or Lore Skill 2.5 L5R 121 LT
Yoritomo Shugenja +1 Perception Athletics, Calligraphy, Knives, Lore: Theology, Meditation, Sailing (Navigation), any one Skill 4.5 GC 169


Agasha Shugenja +1 Intelligence Calligraphy (Cipher), any one Craft Skill, Defense, Etiquette, Lore: Theology, Spellcraft, any one High or Bugei Skill 4.5 L5R 125
Asako Henshin [Monk] +1 Willpower Calligraphy, Jiujutsu, Lore: Elements (pick Emphasis), Lore: Theology, Meditation 2, any one Skill (not a Low Skill) 5.5 GC 199
Asako Loremaster [Courtier] +1 Intelligence Courtier, Etiquette (Courtesy), Lore: History, Lore: Theology (Fortunes), Meditation, Sincerity, any Lore Skill 6.5 L5R 125
Isawa Shugenja +1 Intelligence Calligraphy (Cipher), Lore: Theology, any one Lore Skill, Medicine, Meditation, Spellcraft, any one High Skill 4.5 L5R 124
Shiba Bushi +1 Agility Defense, Kenjutsu, Kyujutsu, Meditation (Void Recovery), Polearms, Theology, any one Bugei or High Skill 5.5 L5R 123 LT
Shiba Artisan +1 Intelligence Any two Artisan Skills, Calligraphy, Etiquette, any one Lore Skill, Sincerity, any one High or Bugei Skill 4.5 Em 123


Bayushi Bushi +1 Intelligence Courtier (Manipulation), Defense, Etiquette, Iaijutsu, Kenjutsu, Sincerity, any one Skill 2.5 L5R 126
Bayushi Courtier +1 Awareness Calligraphy, Courtier (Gossip), Etiquette, Investigation, Sincerity (Deceit), Temptation, any one High Skill 2.5 L5R 127 LT, IA
Shosuro Actor [Ninja] +1 Awareness Acting, Etiquette, Knives, Meditation, Sincerity (Deceit), Stealth, any one High or Low Skill 1.5 GC 227
Shosuro Infiltrator [Ninja] +1 Reflexes Acting, Athletics, Ninjutsu, Sincerity, Stealth (Sneaking) 2, any one Skill 1.5 L5R 128 LT
Soshi Lawkeeper [Courtier] +1 Intelligence Courtier (Manipulation), Etiquette, Investigation, Lore: History, Lore: Law, Sincerity (Deceit), any one Lore or Low Skill 2.5 LT
Soshi Magistrate [Bushi] +1 Agility Athletics, Defense, Intimidation (Control), Jiujutsu, Kenjutsu, Lore: Underworld, any Bugei Skill 2.5 Em 171
Soshi Shugenja +1 Awareness Calligraphy (Cipher), Courtier, Etiquette, Lore: Theology, Spellcraft, Stealth, any one Skill 2.5 L5R 127
Yogo Wardmaster [Shugenja] +1 Intelligence Calligraphy (Cipher), Etiquette, Investigation, Lore: Theology, Spellcraft, Stealth, any one High or Low Skill 1.5 GC 229
*Before the advent of the Horiuchi Family, this school is simply known as the Meishodo Shugenja School, and is maintained by the Iuchi.
Horiuchi Shugenja* +1 Stamina Calligraphy, Craft: Meishodo, Defense, Lore: Theology, Meditation, Spellcraft (Spell Research), any one High or Bugei Skill 4.5 GC 257
Ide Emissary [Courtier] +1 Awareness Calligraphy, Commerce, Courtier, Etiquette (Conversation), Horsemanship, Sincerity (Honesty), any one High or Perform Skill 5.5 L5R 131
Iuchi Shugenja +1 Perception Battle, Calligraphy (Cipher), Horsemanship, Lore: Theology, Meditation, Spellcraft, any one High or Bugei Skill 5.5 L5R 131 LT
Moto Bushi +1 Strength Athletics, Defense, Horsemanship, Hunting, Kenjutsu (Scimitar), any one Bugei Skill, any one Skill 3.5 L5R 130
Moto Vindicators +1 Willpower Horsemanship, Hunting, Investigation (Notice), Kenjutsu, Kyujutsu, Lore: Shadowlands, any one Bugei Skill 3.5 GC 258
Otaku Battle Maiden [Bushi] +1 Reflexes Battle, Defense, Horsemanship 2, Kenjutsu, Sincerity, any one High or Bugei Skill 6.5 L5R 132
Otaku Mounted Infantry [Bushi] +1 Agility Athletics, Battle, Defense, Kenjutsu, Polearms, Spears, any one Bugei or High Skill 5.5 IH2, 168
Shinjo Bushi +1 Agility Athletics, Defense, Horsemanship 2, Kenjutsu, Kyujutsu, any one Skill 4.5 Em 31


*Lost Minor Clan; **This Minor Clan does not yet exist
Chuda Shugenja (Snake)* +1 Willpower Calligraphy (Cipher), Etiquette, Lore: Maho, Lore: Shadowlands, Spellcraft, any two Skills 4.5 L5R 224
Hachi Critic (Bee) +1 Perception Calligraphy, Courtier (Gossip), Etiquette, Games (Sadane), Sincerity, Tea Ceremony, any one Artisan or Perform Skill 6.5 LT
Heichi Bushi (Boar)* +1 Strength Athletics, Defense, Hunting, Intimidation, Kenjutsu, Spears (Mai Chong), any one Bugei Skill 3.0 L5R 217
Hitokage Shugenja (Salamander) +1 Intelligence Calligraphy, Lore: Shugenja, Sailing, Spellcraft (Spell Research) 2, any one Skill, specific Lore Skill 4.5 LT
Hotaru Bushi (Firefly) +1 Agility Hunting (Survival), Jiujutsu, Kenjutsu, Kyujutsu, Lore: Theology, Meditation, any one Bugei Skill 5.5 LT
Ichiro Bushi (Badger) +1 Strength Athletics, Commerce, Defense, Heavy Weapons, Jiujutsu, Kenjutsu (Katana), any High or Bugei Skill 3.5 L5R 215
Jirozame Bushi (Shark) +1 Agility Courtier, Defense, Iaijutsu, Jiujutsu, Kenjutsu (No-dachi), Intimidation, any one Skill 1.5 LT
Karasu Bushi (Raven) +1 Stamina Defense, Hunting (Survival), Kenjutsu, Kyujutsu, Meditation, any one Bugei Skill 5.5 LT
Kasuga Smuggler [Courtier] (Tortoise) +1 Awareness Commerce, Etiquette, Investigation (Notice), Lore: Underworld, Sincerity (Deceit), Stealth, any one High, Merchant, or Low Skill 2.0 L5R 225
Kitsune Shugenja (Fox) +1 Stamina Calligraphy, Defense, Hunting, Medicine (Herbalism), Meditation, Spellcraft, any one High or Bugei Skill 4.5 L5R 219
Komori Shugenja (Bat)** +1 Awareness Calligraphy (Cipher), Lore: Ancestors, Lore: Theology, Meditation, Spellcraft, Tea Ceremony, any one High Skill 4.5 L5R 217 LT
Morito Bushi (Ox)** +1 Agility Defense, Horsemanship, Hunting (Tracking), Kenjutsu, Lore: Kolat, Lore: Underworld, any one Skill 3.5 L5R 223
Suzume Bushi (Sparrow) +1 Willpower Calligraphy, Kenjutsu (Katana), Lore: History, Lore: Theology, Perform: Storytelling, any one Lore Skill, any one Skill 6.5 L5R 225
Tanuki Bushi (Tanuki) +1 Agility Athletics, Defense, Games, Hunting (Survival), Kenjutsu, Lore: Spirit Realms, any one Skill 4.5 LT
Toku Bushi (Monkey) +1 Willpower Athletics, Defense, Hunting, Investigation (Search), Kenjutsu, Lore: History, any one High or Bugei Skill 5.5 L5R 221
Tonbo Shugenja (Dragonfly) +1 Perception Calligraphy, Courtier, Etiquette, Meditation (Void Recovery), Sincerity, Spellcraft, any one High Skill 4.5 L5R 218 LT
Toritaka Bushi (Hare) +1 Strength Animal Handling (Falcons), Hunting 2, Kenjutsu, Lore: Spirit Realms, Spears, any one Skill 5.5 L5R 219
Usagi Bushi (Hare) +1 Reflexes Athletics (Running), Defense, Hunting, Jiujutsu, Kenjutsu, Lore: Maho, any one High or Bugei Skill 4.0 L5R 220
Usagi Diviner [Shugenja] (Hare) +1 Perception Calligraphy (Cipher), Divination, Investigation, Lore: Maho, Spellcraft, any High Skill, any one Skill 4.0 LT


Miya Herald [Courtier] +1 Awareness Courtier (Rhetoric), Defense, Etiquette (Courtesy), Horsemanship, Lore: Heraldry, Sincerity, any one High or Bugei Skill 6.5 L5R 230
Otomo Courtier +1 Awareness Courtier (Manipulation), Defense, Etiquette, Intimidation (Control), Investigation, Sincerity, any one High Skill 5.5 L5R 229
Seppun Guardsman [Bushi] +1 Perception Battle, Defense, Etiquette, Iaijutsu, Kenjutsu (Katana), Kyujutsu, any one High Skill 6.5 L5R 228
Seppun Shugenja +1 Intelligence Calligraphy, Defense, Etiquette, Investigation (Notice), Meditation, Lore: Theology, any one High or Bugei Skill 6.5 L5R 228


Four Temples, The +1 Awareness Courtier, Etiquette, Jiujutsu, Lore: Theology (Shintao), Meditation, any two Skills 6.5 L5R 231
Fukurokujins Eyes +1 Perception Calligraphy, Divination, Etiquette, Investigation, Lore: History, Lore: Theology, any one non-Bugei Skill 4.5 BoA 194
Order of Eternity +1 Intelligence Defense, Divination (Astrology), Jiujutsu, Meditation, Lore: Theology, any two High Skills 4.5 BoV 193
Order of Heroes, The +1 Perception Athletics, Defense, Jiujutsu, Lore: Theology (pick an Emphasis), Meditation, any two Skills 4.5 L5R 232
Order of Jurojins Blessing, The +1 Intelligence Athletics, Jiujutsu, Lore: Anatomy (Disease), Medicine (Disease, Herbalism), Meditation, Staves, any one Skill 5.5 BoW 187
Order of Rebirth, The +1 Intelligence Athletics, Jiujutsu, Lore: History, Lore: Theology, Meditation, any two Skills 6.5 BoF 191
Order of the Nameless Gift +1 Stamina Athletics, Defense, Jiujutsu, Lore (pick one), Meditation, any two Skills 4.5 BoE 205
Order of Peaceful Repose +1 Awareness Athletics, Calligraphy, Jiujutsu, Lore: Ghosts, Lore: Theology (Emma-O), Meditation, any one Skill 4.5 SeE 242
Order of the Wind +1 Reflexes Athletics, Defense, Jiujutsu, Lore: Theology, Meditation, Staves, any one Skill 4.5 BoA 193
Shinmaki Order +1 Void Divination, Jiujutsu, Lore: Theology (Diamond Sutra), Meditation 2, any two Skills 6.5 Em 206
Shrine of Heavens Mirror, The +1 Perception Athletics, Divination (Omens), Jiujutsu, Lore: Omens, Meditation, any two Skills 3.5 BoW 187
Shrine of Seven Thunders, The +1 Stamina Athletics, Jiujutsu, Lore: Theology (Shintao), Lore (pick one), Meditation, any two Skills 4.5 L5R 232
Temple of Heavenly Wisdom, The +1 Intelligence Courtier, Etiquette, Lore: History, Lore: Theology, Meditation, Sincerity, any one High Skill 6.5 BoF 191
Temple of Kaimetsu-uo, The +1 Willpower Defense, Jiujutsu, Lore: Theology (Fortunes), Meditation, any three Skills 4.5 L5R 233
Temple of Osano-Wo, The +1 Strength Battle, Jiujutsu 2, Lore: Theology (Fortunes), Meditation, any two Bugei Skills 4.5 L5R 233
Temple of Persistence, The +1 Stamina Athletics, Defense, Jiujutsu (Martial Arts), Lore: Theology, Meditation, any one Bugei skill, any one skill 3.5 BoE 205
Temples of the Thousand Fortunes, The +1 Agility Jiujutsu, Lore: History, Lore: Theology (Fortunes), any one Lore Skill, Meditation, any two Skills 4.5 L5R 233
Tengokus Fist +1 Agility Athletics, Battle, Jiujutsu 2, Lore: Theology, Meditation, any one Skill 4.5 BoF 191
Winds Grace Order +1 Reflexes Calligraphy, Jiujutsu, Kyujutsu, Lore: Theology (Shintao), Meditation, any two Skill 6.5 BoA 194


These school are not available, as the Spider Clan does not yet exist.
Chuda Shugenja School +1 Willpower Calligraphy (Cipher), Hunting, Lore: Maho, Lore: Shadowlands, Spellcraft, Stealth, any one Skill 0.5 L5R 213
Daigotsu Bushi School +1 Strength Hunting, Intimidation, Jiujutsu, Kenjutsu (Katana), Kyujutsu, Lore: Shadowlands, any one Bugei or Low Skill 1.5 L5R 212
Daigotsu Courtier School +1 Perception Acting, Courtier (Manipulation), Etiquette, Meditation, Sincerity (Deceit), Temptation, any one High skill 1.0 L5R 213
Goji Ninja School +1 Agility Athletics, Kenjutsu, Ninjutsu, Sincerity (Deceit), Stealth 2, any one Skill 0.0 GC 280
Ninube Shugenja School +1 Awareness Calligraphy, Knives, Sincerity (Lying), Spellcraft, Stealth 2, any Low skill 0.0 GC 281
Order of the Spider Monks +1 Agility Athletics, Jiujutsu 2, Lore: Theology, Meditation, Polearms, any one Skill 1.5 L5R 215
Susumu Courtier +1 Willpower Courtier (Manipulation), Etiquette, Sincerity (Deceit), Temptation, Lore: Shourido, Investigation, any one Low or High skill 1.5 IA 96
For the generic Ronin Bushi School, see Miscellaneous Schools.
Disciples of Sun Tao [Bushi] +1 Reflexes Athletics, Defense, Hunting, Iaijutsu, Kenjutsu, any 2 Skills 4.5 L5R 234
Dutiful Disciple Shugenja +1 Intelligence Calligraphy, Lore: Theology, Lore (pick any), Meditation, Spellcraft, any two Skills 4.0 EoE 205
Forest Killers [Bushi] +1 Agility Athletics, Defense, Hunting, Kenjutsu, Kyujutsu, Stealth, any one Weapon Skill 1.5 L5R 234
Koga Ninja +1 Reflexes Acting, Athletics, Chain Weapons, Craft: Poison, Knives (Tanto), Stealth, any one Merchant or Low Skill 2.5 BoV 182 LT
Peoples Legionnaire [Bushi] +1 Stamina Athletics, Defense, Hunting, Knives, Spears, Stealth, any one Merchant or Low Skill 0.0 IH 123
Ronin Order Shugenja +1 Awareness Calligraphy (Cipher), Divination, Lore: Theology, Lore (pick any), Meditation, Spellcraft, any one Skill 5.0 EoE 205
Self-Taught Shugenja +1 Willpower Athletics, Hunting, Meditation, Spellcraft, any three non-High Skills 4.0 EoE 205
Tawagotos Army [Bushi] +1 Agility Battle, Defense, Etiquette, Investigation, Kenjutsu, Spears, any one Skill 4.5 L5R 235
Tengokus Justice [Bushi] +1 Strength Athletics, Defense, Horsemanship, Hunting, Kenjutsu, Kyujutsu, any one Skill 4.5 L5R 235
The Tessen [Bushi] +1 Stamina Battle, Defense, Investigation, Jiujutsu, War Fans, and two Skills 3.5 L5R 235 LT
Void Mystic [Shugenja] +1 Willpower Defense, Divination, Hunting, Lore: Elements (Void), Meditation, Stealth, any one non-High Skill 3.5 BoV 184


Budoka [Bushi] +1 Agility Battle, Etiquette, Spears, any two Bugei Skills (may not take Kenjutsu or Horsemanship), any two Merchant or Low Skills 0.5 LT
Eta Torturer [Courtier] +1 Awareness Investigation (Interrogation), Intimidation (Torture), Knives, Lore: Anatomy, any 3 Merchant or Low Skills 0.0 LT
Geisha [Artisan] +1 Awareness Etiquette (Conversation), Perform: Dance, Perform: [choose Song or a musical instrument], Temptation (Seduction), 1.0 LT
any three Artisan, Perform, or Social Skills

Kenku Swordsman [Bushi] +1 Reflexes Defense, Hunting, Kenjutsu (Katana), Meditation, Tea Ceremony, any one Lore Skill, any one Bugei Skill 5.5 EoE 180
Ronin Bushi +1 Agility Athletics, Defense, Hunting, Intimidation, Kenjutsu, Knives, any one Weapon Skill 4.5 SeE 236 LT
Tsi Smith [Artisan] +1 Intelligence Any one Artisan Skill, Commerce, two ranks in any one Craft Skill, Defense, any one Weapon Skill, any one High, Bugei, or Merchant Skill 4.5 L5R 222
Yobanjin Warrior [Bushi] +1 Agility Athletics, Crossbow, Lore: Theology (Yobanjin), Swordsmanship (Ring-Sword), any two appropriate skills 4.5 IA 99
Yobanjin Shaman [Shugenja] +1 Willpower Athletics, Defense, Hunting, Knives, Lore: Theology (Yobanjin), and one appropriate Skill 4.5 IA 99

Alternate Paths
Crab Berserker Bushi Any Crab Bushi 2 Earth 4 L5R 251
Crab Defender Bushi Hida Bushi 2, Hiruma Bushi 2 Awareness 3, Agility 3, Iaijutsu 4 BoA 172
Crab Knife-Fighter Bushi Hida Bushi 4, Hida Pragmatist 4, Hiruma Bushi 3, or Hiruma Scout 3 Knives 3 BoF 177
Crab Sumai Wrestler Bushi Hida Bushi 2 Jiujutsu (Sumai) 4 BoE 191
Hiruma Slayer Bushi Hiruma Bushi 4, Hiruma Scout 4 Heavy Weapons (Masakari) 5 BoE 191
Hiruma Sniper Bushi Hiruma Scout 4, Hiruma Bushi 4 Reflexes 4, Kyujutsu 5 BoA 172
Hiruma Yojimbo Bushi Hiruma Bushi 3, Hiruma Scout 3 Defense 3 StE 44
Kaiu Siegemaster Bushi Kaiu Engineer 5 Battle (Mass Battle) 5, Engineering (Siege) 5 BoE 192
Kaiu Taskmaster Bushi Hida Bushi 4, Hida Pragmatist 4, Kaiu Engineer 3 Willpower 4, Intimidation 5, Battle 3 SF 203
Kuni Crystal Master Shugenja Kuni Shugenja 4 Earth 5, Spellcraft 5, Lore: Elements (Crystal) 5 BoE 195
Oni Slayer Shugenja Kuni Shugenja 3 Lore: Shadowlands 3 L5R 251
Severed Hand, The Courtier Any Crab bushi 4 Special BoE 202
Tsurus Legion Bushi Hida Bushi 2, Hiruma Bushi 2 Horsemanship 3 SF 202


Asahina Archer Bushi Daidoji Iron Warrior 4, Doji Magistrate 4 Air 3, Kyujutsu 5, Asahina or Daidoji Family BoA 171
Asahina Artisan Artisan Asahina Shugenja 3 BoA 180
Asahina Fetishist Shugenja Asahina Shugenja 2 One Craft or Artisan Skill at rank 3 L5R 252
Asahina Fire Sculptor Shugenja/Artisan Any Shugenja 2 Fire 3, Artisan: Sculpture 2 BoF 180
Crane Elite Spearman Bushi Daidoji Iron Warrior 2, Daidoji Scout 2 Spears 3 StE 135
Daidoji Heavy Regular Bushi Daidoji Iron Warrior 4 Heavy Weapons 5 BoE 192
Daidoji Spymaster Courtier/Ninja Daidoji Iron Warrior 3, Daidoji Scout 3, Doji Courtier 3 Crafty or Honor 4.0 or lower, Daidoji Family BoW 185
Daidoji Trading Council Courtier Doji Courtier 3, Doji Magistrate 3, Daidoji Iron Warrior 3, Daidoji Scout 3 Commerce (Merchant) 3, Gentry or Wealthy (or other) BoA 177 LT
Doji Apologist Courtier Doji Courtier 4 Etiquette (Courtesy) 5 SF 203
Doji Innocent Courtier Doji Courtier 3 Honor Rank 5.0, Sincerity (Honesty) 4 BoA 177
Doji Warrior-Poet Bushi/Artisan Kakita Bushi 2 Iaijutsu 2, Artisan: Poetry 2 StE 135 LT
Empress Guard Bushi Kakita Bushi 3 or Daidoji Iron Warrior 4 Perception 3 L5R 252
Kakita Jester Artisan Kakita Artisan 5 GC 73
Tsume Pikeman Bushi Any Crane Bushi 3 Spears 3, Polearms 3, Honor 3.0 IH, 275


Dragons Flame, The Bushi Any Dragon Bushi 4 Kyujutsu 5 GC 103
Dragons Wind, The Bushi Mirumoto Taoist Swordsman 3, Mirumoto Bushi 4 Horsemanship 5, Kyujutsu (Dai-Kyu) 5 SF 205
Hojatsus Legacy Bushi Mirumoto Bushi 4, Mirumoto Taoist Swordsman 5 Iaijutsu 5 BoF 177
Kitsuki Debater Courtier Kitsuki Investigator 3 Courtier 3, Etiquette (Conversation) 5 GC 103
Kitsuki Justicar Bushi Kitsuki Investigator 3 Iaijutsu 4, Investigation 4 IH 149
Kitsukis Eye Courtier N/A (Must be Kitsuki Investigator 5) Special BoW 186
Mirumoto Mountaineer Bushi Mirumoto Bushi 2 Athletics (Climbing) 3 L5R 252
Mirumoto Sentinel Bushi Mirumoto Bushi 4, Taoist Swordsman 3 Way of the Land StE 108
Tamori Warrior Priest Shugenja Tamori Shugenja 4 One Weapon Skill at rank 3 L5R 252
Tamori Weaponsmith Artisan/Shugenja Tamori Shugenja 2 Craft: Weaponsmithing 3, able to cast at least 1 weapon spell BoE 196
Togashi Defender Monk Togashi Tattooed Order 3 GC 103
Transcendent Brotherhood Monk Any Tattooed Order 2 Fire 3, Earth 3, Meditation 3 BoF 181
Water Hammer Smith Artisan Any Dragon School at Rank 2 Any one Craft Skill at 3 or higher StE 108


Akodo Kensai Bushi Any Lion Bushi 4 Iaijutsu 4, Kenjutsu 5, Prodigy Advantage GC 139
Akodo Siege Strategist Bushi Akodo Bushi 4, Akodo Tactical Master 2 Battle (Mass Battle) 6, Engineering (Siege) 4 BoE 193
Bishamons Chosen Shugenja Kitsu Shugenja 3 Battle 3 L5R 253
Deathseeker Bushi Any Lion Bushi School 1 Honor Rank 5, Dishonored Disadvantage L5R 253
Disciple of the River Shugenja Kitsu Shugenja 3 Way of the Land for an area with a river BoW 178
Ikoma Historian Courtier Ikoma Bard 3, Ikoma Lions Shadow 3 Lore: History 5 BoF 190
Ikoma Orator Courtier Ikoma Bard 3 Sincerity 4, Lore: Bushido 3, Perform: Oratory 4 SF 205
Ikoma Scrapper Bushi Akodo Bushi 4, Matsu Berserker 4, Ikoma Lions Shadow 4, Ikoma Bard 4 Strength 4, Jiujutsu 5 SF 206
Ikoma Warden Bushi Akodo Bushi 2, Ikoma Lions Shadow 2 Horsemanship 3 StE 135
Kitsu Spirit Legion Shugenja Kitsu Shugenja 4 Born with gifts (see text) BoA 180
Lion Paragon Bushi Any Lion Bushi 3 Void 4, Kenjutsu 5, Honor 7 GC 140
Lion Scout Bushi Any Lion Bushi 2 Battle 2, Hunting 3 GC 140
Lion Tactician Bushi Any Lion Bushi 4, Ikoma Bard 4 Battle 4, War Fans 4, at least Gunso rank SF 205
Lioness Legion Bushi Akodo Bushi 2, Matsu Berserker 2, Matsu Beastmaster 2 Athletics 3 StE 135


Acolyte of Thunder Shugenja Moshi Shugenja 4, Yoritomo Shugenja 4 Fire 3, Void 4 IH 306
Cliffs Edge Student Bushi Tsuruchi Bounty Hunter 3, Yoritomo Bushi 4 Agility 4, Chain Weapons 5 BoW 176
College of Clarity, The Courtier Any School 2 Fire 3, Meditation 2 BoF 181
Mantis Navigator Shugenja Any Mantis Shugenja School 3 Sailing (Navigation) 3 L5R 253
Mantis Whirlwind Fighter Bushi Yoritomo Bushi 4 Knives (Kama) 5 BoF 178
Moshi Guardian of the Sun Bushi Any Mantis Bushi 1 None (Rank 1 Path, see text) GC 170
Tsuruchi Master Bowman Bushi N/A (Rank 6) Kyujutsu 7, Rank 5 in a Tsuruchi school BoA 173
Tsuruchi Swordsman Bushi Tsuruchi Archer 4, Tsuruchi Bounty Hunter 4 Kenjutsu 3 StE 25
Yasuki Enforcer Bushi Yasuki Courtier 2, Yoritomo Bushi 2 Intimidation 3 StE 44
Yasuki Extortionist Courtier Yasuki Courtier 4 Willpower 4, Commerce 4, Intimidation 5 BoE 202
Yoritomo Emissaries Courtier Yoritomo Courtier 4 Etiquette (Courtesy) 4 BoE 203
Yoritomo Scoundrel Bushi Yoritomo Bushi 2 Commerce 2, Sailing 2 L5R 253
Yoritomo Sculptor Artisan Any Mantis bushi or courtier 2 Artisan: Sculpture 4 BoE 202


Acolyte of Snow Shugenja Isawa Shugenja 2, any other Phoenix Shugenja 3 Lore: Spirits (Yuki no Onna) 3 or Water Affinity BoW 179
Agasha Alchemist Shugenja Agasha Shugenja 3 Fire 3, Spellcraft 3 BoF 182
Asako Mediator Courtier Asako Loremaster 2, Shiba Bushi 2, Isawa Shugenja 2 Sincerity (Honesty) 3 SF 207
Asako Philosopher Courtier Asako Loremaster 2 Courtier (Rhetoric) 2, Etiquette 3 StE 76
Asako Scholar Courtier Asako Loremaster 3, Asako Henshin 3 Intelligence 4, Investigation 3 BoF 190
Dragon Channeler Shugenja N/A (must be a Rank 5 shugenja) One Ring 5, two Rings 4, Meditation 5, Spellcraft 5, Lore: Theology 5 BoV 184
Elemental Legions Bushi Shiba Bushi 3 Lore: Elements (chosen Ring) 2, must be selected GC 201
Inferno Guard, The Shugenja Isawa Shugenja 3 Fire 3, Battle (Mass Battle) 3, Fire Affinity BoF 182
Isawa Temple Guardian Shugenja Isawa Shugenja 3, Agasha Shugenja 3 Earth 4, Lore: Theology 3 BoE 197
Isawa Tensai Shugenja Isawa Shugenja 2 Lore: Elements 3, Spellcraft 3 L5R 254
Kawaru Sage Shugenja Any Phoenix Shugenja 2, Tonbo Shugenja 2 Diviniation (Kawaru) 3 BoW 179
Mist Legion Shugenja Isawa Shugenja 3 Air Affinity BoA 181
Nameless Ones, The Shugenja Isawa Shugenja 3 Ishiken-do Advantage IH 214
Order of Chikai Bushi Shiba Bushi 5 Shiba Yojimbo Path, must be selected GC 202
Provincial Guard Bushi Shiba Bushi 2 Defense 2, Etiquette 2 StE 76
Sesai Ninja Ninja Shiba Bushi 2 Stealth 3 BoV 182
Shiba Advisor Courtier Asako Loremaster 3 Lore: History 3, Lore: War 3 SF 206
Shiba Armorsmith Bushi/Artisan Shiba Bushi 2 Craft: Armorsmithing 3, Defense 3 BoE 193
Shiba Illusionist Shugenja Isawa Shugenja 1 BoA 181 LT
Shiba Yojimbo Bushi Shiba Bushi 3 Honor Rank 5 L5R 254


Bayushi Distracter Courtier Bayushi Courtier 3 Sincerity (Deceit) 3 SF 208
Bitter Lies Swordsman Bushi Bayushi Bushi 3 Kenjutsu 3 L5R 254
Fading Shadows Shugenja Any Scorpion Shugenja 5 Void 4, Spellcraft 5, Forbidden Knowledge: Lying Darkness BoV 183
Kuroiban Shugenja Any Scorpion Shugenja 4 Willpower 4, Lore: Maho 3, Lore: Shadowlands 3, must be chosen GC 230
Saigos Blades Bushi Bayushi Bushi 3 Iaijutsu 3 BoA 173
Scorpion Elite Guard Bushi Bayushi Bushi 3, Shosuro Actor 3 Lore (selected clan) 3, Kenjutsu 5 SF 208
Scorpion Loyalist Bushi, Courtier, Ninja, or Shugenja Any Scorpion School 2 Courtiers: Courtier 4, Shugenja: Spellcraft 4, Bushi/Ninja: Weapon Skill 4 IH 148
Scorpion Maskmasker Courtier/Artisan Bayushi Courtier 2, Soshi Shugenja 2, Yogo Shugenja 2 Craft: Maskmaking 5, Sincerity (Deceit) 3 IA 97
Scorpion Weaponmaster Bushi Bayushi Bushi 4 Any three Weapons Skills at 2 StE 153
Scorpions Tail, The Bushi/Ninja Bayushi Bushi 3, Shosuro Infiltrator 4 Athletics 4, Chain Weapons 4 BoW 177
Shadow Blade Ninja Bayushi Bushi 3, Shosuro Infiltrator 3 Ninjutsu 3 StE 153 LT
Shadow Hunter Shugenja Any Scorpion Shugenja 3 Stealth 3 L5R 254
Shosuro Assassin Ninja N/A Stealth 5, Knives 5, Shosuro Infiltrator or Actor 5 BoF 178
Shosuro Defiler Courtier Bayushi Courtier 3, Shosuro Actor 3 Sincerity (Deceit) 3, Glory 3.0 BoA 178
Soshi Deceiver Shugenja Soshi Shugenja 3 BoA 182


Calm Heart Duelist Bushi Any Unicorn Bushi School 3 Iaijutsu 3, Lore: Law 1 StE 61
Hand of Peace, The Courtier Ide Emissary 4 Honor 5.0 BoA 178
Ide Caravan Master Courtier Ide Emissary 1 Commerce 2 StE 61
Ide Trader Courtier Ide Emissary 2 Commerce 3, must pursue career as a patron GC 259
Iuchi Courier Shugenja Iuchi Shugenja 2 Horsemanship 3, Way of the Land BoE 197
Iuchi Traveler Shugenja Iuchi Shugenja 3 or Horiuchi Shugenja 3 Athletics 2, Horsemanship 2 L5R 255 LT
Moto Fanatic Bushi Any Moto Bushi 4 GC 260
Shinjo Magistrate Bushi Shinjo Bushi 2, Otaku Battle Maiden 2, Moto Bushi 2, Moto Vindicator 2 Investigation 3, Lore: Law SF 209
Shinjo Scout Bushi Moto Bushi 2 or Shinjo Bushi 2 Stealth 3 L5R 255
Otaku Horse Master Any Unicorn School 2 Must be a male of the Otaku Family GC 260
Unicorn Bariqu Wrestler Bushi Any Moto bushi school 2, Shinjo Bushi 2 Jiujutsu (Bariqu) 3 BoE 193
Unicorn War-Dog Master Bushi Shinjo Bushi 4, Otaku Mounted Infanty 4, Moto Bushi 4 Awareness 3, Willpower 4, Animal Handling (War-Dogs) 5 SF 209
Unicorn Yomanri Archer Bushi Shinjo Bushi 4, Moto Bushi 4, Moto Vindicator 4, Otaku Battle Maiden 4 Agility 4, Kyujutsu 5 BoA 173


Children of Chikushudo Shugenja Kitsune Shugenja 3 Hunting 3, Lore: Spirit Realms (Chikushudo) 2 BoE 196
Dragonfly Advisor Shugenja Tonbo Shugenja 3 Intelligence 3, Meditation 5 SeE 237
Falcons Strike, The Bushi Toritaka Bushi 2, Usagi Bushi 2 Kyujutsu (Yumi) 3 BoA 172
Hotaru Watcher Bushi Hotaru Bushi 2 Investigation 2, Meditation 2 LT
Ichiro Pass Warden Bushi Ichiro Bushi 3 Strength 4, Spears 4, Athletics 4 SeE 237
Kawaru Sage Shugenja Any Phoenix Shugenja 2, Tonbo Shugenja 2 Diviniation (Kawaru) 3 BoW 179
Kitsune Artisan Artisan Kitsune Shugenja 2 Any one Artisan or Craft Skill at 3 StE 25
Kitsune Ranger Bushi Any Bushi 2 Kitsune Family, Hunting 3 GC 170
Minor Clan Alliance Diplomat Courtier Any Minor Clan School 4 StE 169
Suzume Storyteller Courtier/Artisan Suzume Bushi 2 Perform: Storytelling 3, Precise Memory SeE 238
Three Man Alliance Soldier Bushi Suzume Bushi 2 Battle 2 IH 149
Three Man Alliance Soldier Bushi Tsuruchi Archer 2, or Tsuruchi Bounty Hunter 2 Battle 2 IH 149
Toritaka Exorcist Shugenja Usagi Shugenja 2 Willpower 3, Perception 3, Calligraphy 3 GC 42 LT
Tortoise Guard Bushi Kasuga Smuggler 4 Strength 3, any one Weapon Skill 4 IH 97
Tortoise Killer Bushi Kasuga Smuggler 3 Agility 3, Stealth 4, any two Weapon Skills at 4 SeE 239
Ujina Skirmisher Bushi Any Hare Bushi 2 Knives (Tanto) 3 BoF 178


Imperial Influencer Courtier Otomo Courtier 3 Awareness 4, Etiquette 5, Sincerity 5 SF 210
Imperial Observer Courtier Otomo Courtier 4, Miya Courtier 4 Battle 4 or Lore: War 4, Sincerity 4, Status 3.0 SF 211
Otomo Bureaucrat Courtier Otomo Courtier 3 Etiquette (Bureaucracy) 5 BoE 204
Rising Sun, The Bushi Seppun Guardsman 5 Strength 4, Horsemanship 5, Spears 5 SF 210
Satoshis Legacy Bushi Miya Herald 4 Kenjutsu 5 SeE 241
Seppun Astrologer Shugenja Seppun Shugenja 4 Divination (Astrology) 4, Lore: Omens 5 BoW 179
Seppun Hidden Guard Shugenja Seppun Shugenja 3 Must be chosen for service in the Hidden Guard SeE 241


Abbot Monk Any Brotherhood Rank 4 (potentially lower) Special BoV 193
Barefoot Brethren Monk Any Fortunist Brotherhood Monk 2 (except Order of Osano-Wo) Meditation (Fasting) 3, Athletics 4, Ascetic SeE 241
Brotherhood Spy Monk Any Brotherhood Monk School 2 Lore: Theology 3 IH 69
Defender of the Brotherhood Monk/Courtier Any Brotherhood Monk 2 (except Four Temples) Willpower 3, Courtier 3, Etiquette 4 BoE 204
Kaze-do Fighter Bushi, Monk Any Rank 2 Jiujutsu (Grappling, Martial Arts) 3 BoA 174 LT
Order of Ebisu Monk/Courtier Thousand Fortunes Monk 3, Jurojins Blessing Monk 3 At least two heimin Craft Skills at Rank 3 or higher BoV 191
Pure Song Monk Shrine of Seven Thunders Monk 4 Willpower 4, Defense 4, Meditation 3, musical Perform 3 SeE 242
Servants of Mercy, The Monk Order of Jurojins Blessing 4, any pacifistic Brotherhood School 4 Medicine (Wound Treatment) 5, oath of absolute pacifism BoW 187
Silent Ones, The Monk Any Fortunist Brotherhood Monk 3 Willpower 4, Meditation 4, becomes mute SeE 243
Student of Hitsu-do Monk Any Brotherhood Monk 2, Kikage Zumi 2, Kuni Jiujutsu (Martial Arts) 4, Fire 3 BoF 179 LT
Witch-Hunter 2, Asako Henshin 2
Student of Mizu-Do Monk/Artisan Any non-martial Brotherhood Monk 3, Doji Courtier 3, Water 3, Jiujutsu (Martial Arts) 4 BoW 178 LT
Kakita Artisan 3, Asahina Shugenja 3
Taoist Archer Bushi, Monk Any Brotherhood Monk or Ronin 5 Void 4, Kyujutsu (Yumi) 5, Lore: Theology 3, Meditation 4 BoA 174


Chuda Necromancer Shugenja Chuda Shugenja 3 Lore: Shadowlands 3, Summon Undead Champion spell GC 282
Daigotsu Scout Bushi Daigotsu Bushi 2 Stealth 3 StE 93
Dark Path Sohei Monk Order of the Spider 2 Theology 3 StE 93
Dark Whisper, The Courtier Daigotsu Courtier 3 Air kansen bound to body BoA 178
Blind Warrior Bushi/Monk 2 Blind, Void 3, Defense 2, Meditation 2 LT
Broken Guard Bushi 3 Polearms 3, Heart of Vengeance (Unicorn) EoE 202
Claws of the Wolf Bushi 2 Wary, Driven EoE 200
East Wind Bushi 2 Commerce 1, Horsemanship 2, Honor 4 EoE 200
Eyes of Nanashi Bushi 2 Lore: Law 3, Honor 4 EoE 200
Fireman Gang Lord Bushi 2 StE 169
Ghost of the Forest Bushi 2 Way of the Land (Nazo Mori), Lore: Spirit Realms 2 BoV 195
Guardian of the Hidden Temple Bushi 4 Must be recruited by the Kolat for the Hidden Guard; Cannot be Tainted or corrupted by the Nothing EoE 49
Guards Wrath, The Bushi 2 Cannot be Forest Killers or Tengokus Justice StE 168
Hateru Ninja Ninja 2 Acting 3, Stealth 3 BoV 182
Hidden Sword Bushi 3 Hero of the People EoE 202
Iron Gauntlet Brotherhood Bushi 5 Earth 4, any one Weapon Skill 5 EoE 204
Kitsune Ranger Bushi 2 Hunting 3, Allies (member of the Kitsune family) GC 170
Machi-kanshisha Bushi 3 Athletics 2, Staves 3 EoE 202
Master of Games, The Courtier 2 Courtier 3, Etiquette 3 BoA 180
Moonless Riders Bushi 2 Horsemanship 3, Way of the Land EoE 201
Order of Isashi Shugenja 3 Medicine 3, Honor Rank 5.0 SeE 234
Order of the Five Weapons Shugenja 4 Rank 3 in Kenjutsu, Heavy Weapon, Spears, and Staves; at least two elemental weapon spells SeE 235
Scales of the Carp Courtier 3 Commerce 4, Lore: Underworld 3, must be recruited BoW 186
Serpents of Sanada Bushi 3 Knives 3, Sailing 3, Honor 3 or lower EoE 202
Seven Waves Mercenaries Bushi 4 Clan Ronin only EoE 203
Shadowed Steel Bushi 5 Athletics 4, Ninjutsu 4, Stealth 4 EoE 204
Silent Blades Bushi 2 Ninjutsu 3, Stealth 3 EoE 201
Silken Promises, The Courtier 3 Acting 3, any three Perform at Rank 3 BoA 179
Snow Riders Bushi 3 Athletics 3, Horsemanship 4 EoE 203
Sword of Yotsu Bushi 4 Kenjutsu 4, Hero of the People, Honor 5 EoE 203
Unbroken, The Bushi 3 Lore: Shadowlands 3 IH2 220
Weavers Bushi 4 Allies (Kolat) or Dark Secret (Kolat) or Obligation (Kolat) EoE 203
Wolf Legion Bushi 5 Honor 5 EoE 204


Amethyst Champion, The Courtier Any Courtier School Technique at any Rank Amethyst Champion L5R 256
Emerald Champion, The Bushi Any Bushi School Technique at any Rank Emerald Champion L5R 256
Emerald Magistrate Bushi, Courtier, or Shugenja Any Bushi, Courtier, or Shugenja School 4 Investigation 3, Lore: Law 3, Emerald Magistrate L5R 256
Gozoku Agent Courtier Any Basic School 2 Forbidden Knowledge (Gozoku) Advantage IH 69
Imperial Legionnaire Bushi Any Bushi School 2 Glory 2, Imperial Legionnaire L5R 256
Jade Champion, The Shugenja Any Shugenja School Technique at any Rank Jade Champion L5R 257
Jade Legionnaire Bushi or Shugenja Any Bushi or Shugenja School 2 Glory 2, Jade Legionnaire L5R 257
Jade Magistrate Bushi, Courtier, or Shugenja Any Bushi, Courtier, or Shugenja School 4 Lore: Law 3, Spellcraft 3, Jade Magistrate L5R 257
Kenburos Way Bushi Any Bushi School 2 Intimidation 5, Iaijutsu 5, student of the Ruby Dojo IH 123
Kenku Duelist Bushi Kenku Swordsman 2 Iaijutsu 3 LT
Kolat Master Courtier Any Rank 6 or higher Two mental Traits at 5, Courtier (Manipulation) 5, EoE 49
Intimidation (Control) 4, Kolat sect leader
Ruby Champion, The Bushi Any Bushi School at any Rank Ruby Champion L5R 257
Sister of the Sacred Light Shugenja Asahina Shugenja 2, Isawa Shugenja (Air) 2, Moshi Shugenja 2 BoA 182
Topaz Champion, The Any Any School at any Rank Win the Topaz Championship L5R 257
Weapon Specialist Bushi Any Bushi 3 or 4 Weapon Skill (Emphasis in selected weapon) 5 LT

Advanced Schools
Crab Defender of the Wall Bushi Earth 4, Strength 5 Defense 4, Heavy Weapons 4, Lore: Shadowlands 5 L5R 247
Crane Children of Doji Courtier Awareness 5, Void 4 Courtier 6, Etiquette 6, Sincerity 5, any Perform/Artisan 4 Ally (four+, one of Devotion 4), Honor 5.0 SF 204
Crane Daidoji Harrier Ninja Agility 4, Air 4 Craft: Explosive 3, Hunting (Traps) 3, Stealth 5, Knives 4 Must be a Daidoji and recruited for membership IH 180
Crane Kakita Master Artisan Artisan Awareness 5, Void 5 At least one Kakita Artisan chosen art Skill at 8 Great Potential (and Prodigy if not a Kakita Artisan) GC 74
Crane Kenshinzen Bushi Fire 4, Void 4 Iaijutsu 5, Lore: Bushido 4, Meditation 5 Must defeat a Kenshinzen in a duel L5R 247
Dragon Mirumoto Master Sensei Bushi Air 5, Earth 4, Void 5 Kenjutsu 5, Meditation 6 Must be chosen and taught, cannot be Brash or Proud GC 102 LT
Dragon Swordmasters Bushi Fire 4, Void 4 Iaijutsu 5, Kenjutsu 5, Lore: Theology 4 L5R 247
Dragon Tamori Master of the Shugenja Chosen Ring at 4, two Spellcraft 5 GC 102
Mountain other Rings at 3
Lion Akodo Tactical Master Bushi Water 4, Intelligence 5 Battle (Mass Combat) 5, Games (Shogi or Go) 4 GC 138
Lion Kitsu Sodan-Senzo Shugenja Water 4, Awareness 3 Lore: Spirit Realms 4, Meditation 5 True blooded Kitsu, able to cast Water IH 241
spells of Mastery Level 4
Lion The Lions Pride Bushi Agility 5, Strength 5 Battle 5, four Weapon Skills at rank 3 Honor 6, female Matsu L5R 248
Mantis Kobune Captain Bushi Water 3 Commerce 4, Knives 3, Sailing 4 Leadership; command position in Mantis Em 143
Mantis Storm Riders Shugenja Air 3, Fire 3, Water 5 Lore: the Sea 5, Sailing 3, Spellcraft 3, Lore: Theology 3 Elemental Blessing (Water) Advantage L5R 248
Phoenix Asako Inquisitor Monk Void 4, any two other Law 4, Lore: Shugenja 3 Mastery Level 4, or attack as Simple GC 200
Rings at 3 Action and possess Inquisitors Strike
Phoenix Elemental Guard Shugenja One chosen Ring at 6 Spellcraft 6, Lore: Theology 6 Mastery Level 4 spells of chosen Element L5R 249
Scorpion Scorpion Instigator Courtier Awareness 5, Intelligence 5, Perception 3 Courtier 6, Etiquette 5, Sincerity 5, Stealth 4 Blackmail (on at least four others) L5R 249
Scorpion Scorpion Saboteur Ninja Fire 4, Reflexes 4 Craft: Explosives 3, Stealth 5, Knives 4, Ninjutsu 4 Trained in a Scorpion Ninja school IH 179
Unicorn The White Guard Bushi Earth 5, Agility 5, Strength 4 Horsemanship 5, Lore: Theology 5 Devotee of Lords of Death (after year 1160) L5R 251
Minor Clans Minor Clan Defender Bushi Agility 5, Strength 4 Any one Weapon Skill 5 Minor Clan; any Paragon Advantage Em 63
Imperial Imperial Scion Courtier Awareness 5, Perception 4 Courtier 6, Etiquette 4 Imperial family; Status 4 Em 79 LT
Ronin Disciples of Sun Tao Bushi Fire 4, Water 3 Battle (Mass Battle) 4, two Weapon Skills at Rank 4 Born or recruited into the Disciples of Sun Tao SeE 234
Kolat Kolat Assassin Ninja Agility 4, Reflexes 4 Acting 5, Knives 5, Stealth 5 Kolat member (Lotus Sect) EoE 50
Miscellaneous Master of the Elements Shugenja One Ring 6, all others 4 Lore: Elements 5, Lore: Theology 5, Spellcraft 7 Five Mastery Level 4+ spells memorized LT
Miscellaneous Jotomons Shinrai Bushi Water 4, Agility 4 Iaijutsu 5, Jiujutsu 5, Kenjutsu 5, Lore: Bushido 6 Honor Rank 4+, another School at Rank 3+ LT

*This Emphasis is considered a Low Skill. Craft: Poison, Lore: Anatomy, Lore: Maho, Lore: Shadowlands, and Lore: Underworld are considered Low Skills.
**This Skill is considered to be the noted Macro-skill for the purposes of effects that target Skills of that sub-type.


Acting Awareness Social Skill, Perform Skill** Clan, Gender, Profession 3, 5, 7 L5R 135
Artisan Awareness Macro-skill Varies by sub-skill L5R 135
Calligraphy Intelligence Artisan Skill** Cipher, High Rokugani 5 L5R 135
Courtier Awareness Social Skill Gossip, Manipulation, Rhetoric 3, 5, 7 L5R 135
Divination Intelligence Astrology, Kawaru 5 L5R 135
Etiquette Awareness Social Skill Bureaucracy, Conversation, Courtesy 3, 5, 7 L5R 136
Games Varies Fortunes & Winds, Go, Kemari, Letters, Sadane, Shogi L5R 136 LT
Investigation Perception Interrogation, Notice, Search 3, 5, 7 L5R 136
Lore Intelligence Macro-skill, Low Skill* Varies by sub-skill L5R 137 LT
Medicine Intelligence Antidotes, Disease, Herbalism, Non-Humans, Wound Treatment 5 L5R 137
Meditation Void Fasting, Void Recovery 3, 5, 7 L5R 137
Perform Varies Macro-skill, Social Skill Varies by sub-skill L5R 137
Sincerity Awareness Social Skill Honesty, Deceit** 5 L5R 138
Spellcraft Intelligence Social Skill (Importune only) Importune, Spell Research 5 L5R 138
Tea Ceremony Void 5 L5R 138

Gaijin skills, not normally available to Rokugani


Athletics Strength Climbing, Running, Swimming, Throwing 3, 5, 7 L5R 139
Battle Perception Mass Combat, Skirmish 5 L5R 139
Defense Reflexes 5 L5R 139
Horsemanship Agility Gaijin Riding Horse, Rokugani Pony, Otaku Steed 3, 5, 7 L5R 139
Hunting Perception Survival, Tracking, Trailblazing 5 L5R 140
Iaijutsu Reflexes Assessment, Focus 3, 5, 7 L5R 140
Jiujutsu Agility Atemi, Beastmasters Claws, Grappling, Hojojutsu, Improvised Weapons, Martial Arts, Shobo, Tankoji 3, 5, 7 L5R 140 LT
Cannon Intelligence Weapon Skill, Low Skill 5 IH 96
Chain Weapons Agility Weapon Skill Chijiriki, Kusarigama, Kyoketsu-shogi, Manrikikusari 3, 5, 7 L5R 141
Crossbow Agility Weapon Skill 5 IA 99
Firearms Intelligence Weapon Skill, Low Skill Musket, Pistol 5 IH 95
Heavy Weapons Agility Weapon Skill Dai Tsuchi, Masakari, Ogre Club, Ono, Tetsubo 3, 5, 7 L5R 141
Kenjutsu Agility / Reflexes Weapon Skill Katana, Ninja-to, No-dachi, Parangu, Scimitar, Tachi, Wakizashi 3, 5, 7 L5R 141 LT
Knives Agility Weapon Skill Aiguchi, Jitte, Kama, Sai, Tanto 3, 5, 7 L5R 141
Kyujutsu Reflexes Weapon Skill Dai-kyu, Han-kyu, Yumi 3, 5, 7 L5R 142
Ninjutsu Agility / Reflexes Weapon Skill, Low Skill Blowgun, Shuriken, Tsubute 3, 5, 7 L5R 142
Polearms Agility Weapon Skill Bisento, Lagatang, Nagamaki, Naginata, Sasumata, Sodegarami 3, 5, 7 L5R 142
Spears Agility Weapon Skill Kumade, Lance, Magari-yari, Mai Chong, Nage-yari, Yari 3, 5, 7 L5R 142
Staves Agility Weapon Skill Bo, Jo, Machi-kanshisha, Nunchaku, Sang Kauw, Sansetsukon, Shikomizue, Tonfa 3, 5, 7 L5R 142
Swordsmanship Agility Weapon Skill Ring-Sword 3, 5, 7 IA 98
War Fan Agility Weapon Skill 3, 5, 7 L5R 142
Whips Agility Weapon Skill 3, 5, 7 LT

#Craft: Armorsmithing, Craft: Bowyer, and Craft: Weaponsmithing are considered High Skills.


Animal Handling Awareness By animal (Dogs, Horses, and Falcons are the most common) 3, 5, 7 L5R 143
Commerce Intelligence Appraisal, Mathematics 5 L5R 143
Craft Varies Macro-skill*# Varies by sub-skill L5R 143
Engineering Intelligence Craft Skill** Construction, Siege 5 L5R 143
Sailing Agility / Intelligence Craft Skill** Knot-work, Navigation 5 L5R 144

Forgery Agility Craft Skill** By type of item being forged (Artwork, Documents, Personal Seals, etc.) 3, 5, 7 L5R 144
Intimidation Willpower Social Skill Bullying, Control, Torture 5 L5R 144 LT
Sleight of Hand Agility Conceal, Escape, Pick Pockets, Prestidigitation 5 L5R 145 LT
Stealth Agility Ambush, Shadowing, Sneaking, Spell Casting 3, 5, 7 L5R 145
Temptation Awareness Social Skill Bribery, Seduction 5 L5R 145
Advantages & Disadvantages
Absolute Direction Mental 1 Always able to find north; Does not function more than one day into the Shadowlands L5R 146
Acute Sense Physical 2 +1k0 on Awareness- and Perception-based rolls related to selected sense LT
Allies Social Variable Social connections; cost determined by degree of influence and devotion (Crane: -1 to cost) L5R 146 Em
Balance Mental 2 When adding Honor Rank to resist Intimidation or Temptation, gain +1k0 to the roll L5R 146 Em
Battle Healing Spiritual 5 1/day per person: Expend 1 Water spell slot or 2 other slots to heal a Wound Rank of Rokugani you are touching BoW 178LT
Blackmail Social Variable You possess knowledge of anothers dark secret; cost equal to the others Status (Scorpion: -1 to cost) L5R 146 Em
Bland Physical 2 You may add 10 to TN of rolls to determine your Honor or identity L5R 146
Blissful Betrothal Social 3 You love your arranged spouse; -2 to cost of Gentry, Kharmic Tie, Social Position, Wealth L5R 146
Blood of Osano-Wo Spiritual 4 -1k1 damage from spells that use natural forces, such as wind or lightning bolts (Crab, Mantis: 3 points) L5R 147
Child of Chikushudo Spiritual 7 Gain a Spirit Power and a special penalty EoE 244 LT
Chosen by the Oracles Spiritual 6 Select a Ring when taking this Advantage; +1k1 to all Ring Rolls using that Ring L5R 147
Clear Thinker Mental 3 +1k0 on Contested Rolls against someone attempting to confuse or manipulate (Dragon: 2) L5R 147
Crab Hands Physical 3 For an Unskilled Roll for a Weapon Skill, you are considered to have 1 rank in the skill (Crab, bushi: 2) L5R 147
Crafty Mental 3 For an Unskilled Roll for a Low Skill, you are considered to have 1 rank in the skill (Scorpion, Spider, ninja: 2) L5R 147
Dangerous Beauty Physical 3 +1k0 to all Temptation Skill Rolls made with opposite sex (Scorpion: 2) L5R 147
Daredevil Mental 3 Void Points spent on Athletics Skill Rolls grant +3k1 (Mantis: 2) L5R 147
Dark Paragon of Control Mental 5 1/session, Free Action: Sacrifice 5 Honor to re-roll any Social Skill Roll with a +5 to the total (Spider: 4) L5R 147
Dark Paragon of Determination Mental 5 1/session, Free Action: Sacrifice 5 Honor to negate TN/Wound penalties on one Skill or Spell Casting Roll (Spider: 4) L5R 147
Dark Paragon of Insight Mental 5 1/session, Free Action: Sacrifice 5 Honor to re-roll any Awareness-based roll with a +5 to the total (Spider: 4) L5R 147
Dark Paragon of Knowledge Mental 5 1/session, Free Action: Sacrifice 5 Honor to re-roll any Intelligence-based roll with a +5 to the total (Spider: 4) L5R 147
Dark Paragon of Perfection Mental 5 1/session, Free Action: Sacrifice 5 Honor to cause any one die on a Skill Roll to explode (Spider: 4) L5R 147
Dark Paragon of Strength Mental 5 1/session, Free Action: Sacrifice 5 Honor to re-roll any Damage Roll with a +5 to the total (Spider: 4) L5R 147
Dark Paragon of Will Mental 5 1/session, Free Action: Sacrifice 5 Honor to negate 10 Wounds at the moment they are suffered (Spider: 4) L5R 147
Darling of the Court Social 2 Select one court; When in attendance at this court, your Status is effectively one rank higher (Courtiers: 1) L5R 148 Em
Daimyos Path, The Social 10 Gain 8 Duty Points; may purchase Level Three Features of primary Station (requires The World of the Daimyo) Em 279
Different School Social 5 You may select a School of a different Clan to attend L5R 148
Elemental Blessing Spiritual 4 Select one Ring; the cost of increasing Traits associated with that Ring is decreased by 1 (Phoenix: 3) L5R 148
Enlightened Spiritual 6 Cost of increasing Void Ring is decreased by 2; possible additional effects (GMs discretion) (Dragon, monk: 5) L5R 148 Em
Fame Social 3 +1 Glory Rank L5R 148 LT
Forbidden Knowledge Mental 5 You possess considerable knowledge and insight into an inappropriate subject; Discuss effects with GM L5R 148
Forbidden Knowledge: Gaijin Pepper Mental 5 Gain a rank of Craft: Explosives; possess a small pouch of gaijin pepper L5R 148
Forbidden Knowledge: Gozoku Mental 5 Gain a rank of Lore: Gozoku; +1k1 on Social Skill Rolls with known members of the Gozoku L5R 148
Forbidden Knowledge: Kolat Mental 5 Gain a rank of Lore: Kolat; +1k1 on Social Skill Rolls with known members of the Kolat L5R 148
Forbidden Knowledge: Lying Darkness Mental 5 Gain a rank of Lore: Lying Darkness; observe and roll Lore: Lying Darkness / Perception (TN 30) to identify if corrupted L5R 148
Forbidden Knowledge: Maho Mental 5 Gain a rank of Lore: Maho; at GMs discretion, may begin with a maho spell L5R 148
Friend of the Brotherhood Spiritual 5 May purchase kiho at Brotherhood of Shinsei price; (Dragon: 4, unavailable to Brotherhood of Shinsei Monks) L5R 149
Friend of the Elements Spiritual 4 Gain a Free Raise on Trait Rolls with Traits associated with chosen Ring (Shugenja: 3) L5R 149
Friendly Kami Spiritual 5 +1k1 to Spell Casting Rolls to Sense, Commune, or Summon with selected element (Shugenja only) L5R 149
Gaijin Gear Material 5 Possess a piece of equipment than is gaijin in origin (Mantis, Unicorn, Tortoise: 4) L5R 149 LT
Gentry Material Variable You oversee a holding; Cost is based on the size of the holding L5R 149 Em
Great Destiny Spiritual 5 Destined for great things; 1/session, when you suffer lethal Wounds, reduce to a single Wound instead L5R 150
Great Potential Varies 5 Raises for Skill Rolls with a selected Skill are limited by Skill Rank instead of Void Ring L5R 150
Hands of Stone Physical 6 +0k1 on Damage Rolls for unarmed attacks (Monk: 5) L5R 150
Heartless Mental 4 +1k0 to rolls to resist Courtier, Sincerity, or Temptation roll to persuade, seduce, or otherwise change your mind GC 136
Heart of Vengeance Social 5 +1k1 to any Contested Roll against a selected Clan/faction (Spider: 4) L5R 150
Hero of the People Social 2 -10 TN to be recognized (as determined by Glory Rank) by non-samurai Rokugani L5R 150
Higher Purpose Mental 3 +1 Experience Point during any session in which GM agrees that you made demonstrable progress toward goal L5R 150
Imperial Scribe Social 4 +1k0 on Social Skill Rolls against Shugenja and Artisans; Free Raise on Calligraphy Skill Rolls IH 67
Imperial Spouse Social 5 +0.5 Status and +1k1 to all Social Skill rolls made with members of the Imperial Families L5R 150
Inaris Blessing Spiritual 3 When fasting or deprived of food, you do not suffer the normal inability to regain Void Points L5R 150
Inheritance Material 5 Possess an items that grants +1k1 to non-combat Skill Rolls using it L5R 150
Inheritance: Asahina Blade Material 9 3k2 wakizashi; When using the Guard Maneuver, the Armor TN bonus is increased by your Honor Rank StE 75
Inheritance: Kobune Material 10 You possess a kobune with a crew of a half dozen men; 2 Duty Points StE 24
Inheritance: Trained Falcon Material 2 You possess a hunting falcon with +5 Wounds per level, and +1k0 to attack rolls (Toritaka: 1) EoE 10
Inheritance: Water Hammer Armor Material 4/7/12/15 +2 Reduction; cost based on armor type ashigaru: 4, light: 7, heavy: 12, riding: 15 StE 107
Inner Gift Spiritual 7 You possess a mysterious power; Discuss the exact nature of the Inner Gift with the GM L5R 151 LT
Inner Gift: Animal Ken Spiritual 7 You may instinctively sense the mood of animals; animals regard you as friendly L5R 151 LT
Inner Gift: Empathy Spiritual 7 You gain a bonus of +1k1 to Courtier rolls made to determine anothers feelings/desires L5R 151
Inner Gift: Foresight Spiritual 7 You are difficult to surprise, and gain a bonus of +1k0 to the total of Initiative rolls L5R 151
Inner Gift: Lesser Prophecy Spiritual 7 1/session, may roll one die; On 8, 9, or 10 you have recently had a prophetic dream about events near at hand L5R 151 LT
Inner Gift: Spirit Touch Spiritual 7 You may make an Awareness roll (TN 15) to see the last person to touch an object you are touching L5R 151
Irreproachable Mental 2 +1k0 on Contested Rolls where the other party is using the Temptation Skill (Imperial: 1) L5R 151
Ishiken-do Spiritual 8 You may cast Void spells (Phoenix: 6, shugenja only) L5R 151
Kharmic Tie Spiritual 1-5 1-5/day: +1k1 to any roll (except a Damage Roll) made to protect or act in the interest of a selected person L5R 151 LT
Languages Mental 1/3 Learn an additional human (1 point) or non-human (3 points) language L5R 151
Large Physical 4 +1k0 to all Damage Rolls for Large melee weapons (Crab: 3) L5R 151
Leadership Social 6 1/round: During Reactions, may add your School Rank + 1k1 to allys Initiative for one round (Lion: 5) L5R 151 Em
Luck Spiritual 3/6/9 1-3/session: May immediately re-roll any roll you make, keeping the higher of the two results L5R 151
Magic Resistance Spiritual 2/4/6 +3/6/9 to TN of all elemental spells targeting you; Maho, gaijin, and non-human magic are unaffected L5R 151
Medium Spiritual 4 Project your spirit through Spirit Realms EoE 244
Merged Tattoo Spiritual 10 Choose two tattoos to become one; first activation costs 1 Void Point (Togashi Tattooed Order Monk only) LT
Multiple Schools Social 10 May only be purchased during play; Stop progression in current School and begin learning from a new School L5R 151
Paragon Mental You exemplify some tenet of the Code of Bushido, and gain +1 Honor for exhibiting that tenet (also see below) L5R 152
Paragon of Compassion Mental 7 When spending a Void Point to help lower classes, gain +2k2 (Lion: 6) L5R 152
Paragon of Courage Mental 7 +1k1 to any roll to resist Intimidation or overcome Fear effects (Lion: 6) L5R 152
Paragon of Courtesy Mental 7 +2k0 to Etiquette rolls to avoid Embarrassment or a breach of honor (Lion: 6) L5R 152
Paragon of Duty Mental 7 Spend a Void Point on any Skill or Spell Casting Roll to negate TN penalties (Lion: 6) L5R 152
Paragon of Honesty Mental 7 +1k1 on any Sincerity (Honesty) roll (Lion: 6) L5R 152
Paragon of Honor Mental 7 May add Honor Rank x 2 to all rolls to resist Temptation or Intimidation (Lion: 6) L5R 152
Paragon of Sincerity Mental 7 +2k0 to all Contested Rolls using Sincerity (Lion: 6) L5R 152
Perceived Honor Social 2/rank When other discern your Honor Rank, they will read it as one Rank higher per rank in this Advantage L5R 152
Precise Memory Mental 3 +1k1 to Intelligence Trait Rolls to remember exact details L5R 152
Prodigy Physical 12 +1k0 to Skill Rolls for School Skills L5R 152 Em
Quick Physical 6 1/round in which you did not act first: During Reactions you may add Reflexes to the total of Initiative (Ninja: 5) L5R 152
Quick Healer Physical 3 Stamina is considered to be two ranks higher for purposes of recovering Wounds L5R 152
Read Lips Mental 4 Read lips with a Perception Trait Roll vs TN 15 + 5 for every 20 away from the speaker (Courtier: 3) L5R 152
Reincarnated Spiritual 6 +1k0 to 3 non-School Skills; When using Void to enhance, +5 TN to Artisan/Craft/Social Skills for 1-10 hours (Henshin, Ancestor: 5) BoV 191
Sacred Weapon: Kaiu Blade Material 6 3k3 katana; unbreakable, -2 to targets Reduction (Crab only) L5R 152
Sacred Weapon: Kakita Blade Material 5 4k2 katana; may reroll damage once per Iaijutsu duel L5R 152
Sacred Weapon: Twin Sister Blades Material 3 Daisho; +5 to the TN of all Disarm Maneuvers against you L5R 152
Sacred Weapon: Akodo Blade Material 6 4k2 katana; Honor Rank considered at +1 while carried L5R 152
Sacred Weapon: Storm Kama (pair) Material 6 2k2 kama; +1k0 to attack rolls when wielding both L5R 152
Sacred Weapon: Inquisitors Strike Material 6 3k2 wakizashi; considered jade against targets with Taint L5R 152
Sacred Weapon: Shosuro Blade Material 5 4k2 katana; add +5 to TN to resist poisons applied to blade L5R 152
Sacred Weapon: Black Steel Blade Material 6 4k2 katana; exploding damage dice require target to make an Earth Ring Roll (TN 15) or gain 1 point of Taint L5R 152
Sacred Weapon: Moto Scimitar Material 6 3k3 scimitar; +3 to Damage Rolls made while on horseback L5R 152
Sacrosanct Social 4 As long as Honor is 6.0+, no one of Honor 5+ may attack you first (Imperial: 3) L5R 153
Sage Mental 4 For an Unskilled Roll for a Lore Skill, you are considered to have 1 rank in the skill (Phoenix, shugenja: 3) L5R 153
Sage of the Sword and Fan Mental 7 Mastery Abilities for Battle and Courtier based on higher skill; Insight Rank/day: Use higher skill for Contested Roll with either (Courtier: 6) SF 202
Sensation Social 3 For an Unskilled Roll for a Perform Skill, you are considered to have 1 rank in the skill L5R 153
Servant Material 5 You have a servant; All Traits at 2 (see below for Skills); May add Skill Ranks or Emphases for +2 points L5R 153 LT
Servant: Artisan Material 5 Etiquette 1, one Artisan/Perform Skill at 1, one Artisan/Perform Skill at rank 2, one Artisan/Perform Skill at 3 (Crane: 3) L5R 153 LT
Servant: Attendant Material 5 Calligraphy 1, Courtier 1, Etiquette (Conversation) 3 (Scorpion: 3) L5R 153 LT
Servant: Budoka Material 5 Battle 1, Defense 1, one Weapon Skill (choose Emphasis) at 3 (Lion: 3) L5R 153 LT
Servant: Craftsman Material 5 Commerce 1, one Merchant Skill at 1, one Craft Skill at 2, one Craft Skill at 3 (Dragon: 3) L5R 153 LT
Servant: Eta Attendant Material 5 Stealth 1, one Merchant or Low Skill at rank 1, Lore: Anatomy 3 (Crab: 3) L5R 153 LT
Servant: Groom Material 5 One High or Merchant Skill at rank 1, Horsemanship 1, Animal Handling (Horses) 3 (Unicorn: 3) L5R 153 LT
Servant: Merchant Material 5 Two Merchant or Low Skills at rank 1, Commerce (Appraisal) 3 (Mantis: 3) L5R 153 LT
Servant: Scribe Material 5 Etiquette 1, one Lore Skill at 1, Calligraphy 3 (Phoenix: 3) L5R 153 LT
Servant: Sohei Material 5 Athletics 1, Lore: Theology 1, Jiujutsu (Martial Arts) 3 (Spider: 3) L5R 153 LT
Seven Fortunes Blessing Spiritual You are blessed by one of the Seven Fortunes (see below) L5R 153
Bentens Blessing Spiritual 4 +0k1 to Social Skill Rolls to persuade someone; does not apply to coercion (Crane: 3) L5R 153
Bishamons Blessing Spiritual 5 When you declare and make 3 Raises for Increased Damage, gain a Free Raise; +1k0 to Strength Trait Rolls (Crab, Lion: 4) L5R 153
Daikokus Blessing Spiritual 4 +1k1 to all Commerce Skill Rolls (Mantis: 3) L5R 154
Ebisus Blessing Spiritual 4 +1k1 to all Social Skill Rolls made with non-samurai Rokugani (Unicorn: 3) L5R 154
Fukurokujins Blessing Spiritual 4 +1k1 to Skill Rolls with a selected Lore Skill (Dragon, Phoenix: 3) L5R 154
Hoteis Blessing Spiritual 4 Instigator must win a Contested Void Roll to cause you to lose Void Points (+10 if Contested Roll is already called for) L5R 154
Jurojins Blessing Spiritual 4 +2k0 to any roll to resist the effects of disease or poison (Scorpion: 3) L5R 154
Shadow-Brand Spiritual 8 +1k1 per brand on all Stealth Skill Rolls (Scorpion only) LT
Shadowed Heart Mental 5 +5 TN to all rolls to discern your true intentions or motivations EoE 49
Silent Physical 3 +1k0 to all Stealth Skill Rolls (Ninja: 2) L5R 154
Social Position Social 6 Gain +1 Status Rank L5R 154 LT
Soul of Artistry Mental 4 For an Unskilled Roll for an Artisan or Craft Skill (choose one), you are considered to have 1 rank in the skill (Crane, courtier: 3) L5R 154
Spy Network Social 8 1/session: Acquire a piece of useful information (Daidoji: 7, Scorpion: 6, Kolat: 5) EoE 49
Strategist Mental 5 If a commander, your side gets +2k0 to Battle (Mass Combat) / Perception roll; +1k0 to Battle rolls during Mass Battle (Lion: 4) SF 202
Strength of the Earth Physical 3 The TN penalties you suffer from Wound Ranks are reduced by 3. (Bushi: 2) L5R 154
Student of Shourido Mental 9 May add +5 bonus instead of Honor to resist Temptation, Intimidation, or Fear, or 5 dice on an Honor Roll) (Spider: 6) IA 96
Tactician Mental 4 When making a roll on the Mass Battle Table, you may increase or decrease your result by 5. (Lion, bushi: 3) L5R 154 Em
Tattoo Spiritual 8 Gain a magical tattoo; Activation requires a Void Point (Dragon only) LT
Touch of the Spirit Realms Spiritual A fragment of the essence of a spirit realm is present in your soul, and suffuses everything you do (see below) L5R 154 LT
Touch of Chikushudo Spiritual 5 +1k1 on all Animal Handling rolls L5R 154
Touch of Gaki-do Spiritual 5 When you resolve an attack that kills an opponent, you immediately regain 5 Wounds L5R 154
Touch of Jigoku Spiritual 5 May add Taint Rank (x2 for Lost) to any Attack Roll and any Skill or Trait Roll using a Physical Trait L5R 154
Touch of Meido Spiritual 5 +2k0 to Contested Rolls vs attempts to manipulate you in social interactions (e.g. Courtier Skill) L5R 154
Touch of Sakkaku Spiritual 5 +1k1 on Sincerity (Deceit) Rolls L5R 154
Touch of Tengoku Spiritual 5 +2k0 on Earth Ring Rolls to resist the Shadowlands Taint L5R 154
Touch of Toshigoku Spiritual 8 +5 to movement when making a Move Action to get into range to attack an opponent L5R 154
Touch of Uragiri-do Spiritual 5 +2k0 to Contested Rolls using Perception vs anothers Sleight of Hand or Stealth LT
Touch of Yomi Spiritual 7 +1k0 on all Skill Rolls using a selected School Skill L5R 155
Touch of Yume-do Spiritual 5 You can recover all expended Void Points with only four hours of rest, rather than the normal eight L5R 155
Virtuous Mental 3 Gain +1 Honor Rank L5R 155 LT
Voice Physical 3 +1k1 on any Perform Skill Roll that utilizes your voice (e.g. Perform: Song or Perform: Oratory) L5R 155
Void Versatility Spiritual 4 Expend spell slots of selected non-Void Ring to use Void spells in addition to normal use (requires Void Affinity) GC 199
Wary Mental 3 +1k1 when rolling Investigation (Notice) / Perception vs Stealth (Ambush) / Agility L5R 155
Watanu-Trained Mental 1 +1k1 to create metallic goods (not weapons or armor) with a selelcted Craft Skill BoV 195
Way of the Land Mental 2 Within selected region you cannot get lost and you know the location of available resources there (Unicorn: 1) L5R 155
Wealthy Material 1/rank For each rank gain two koku, and receive two extra koku each month (Crane, Unicorn, Imperial: -1 to cost) L5R 155 LT
Well-Connected Social 3/rank 1/session: Roll Courtier / Awareness (TN 20) to gain minor favor at selected court (Courtiers: -1 to cost) IA 97
World of the Daimyo, The Social 5 Gain 5 Duty Points; cost increased by 3 for every additional level of this Advantage Em 279
These Advantages are probably only appropriate to campaigns based in certain locations.
Broken Wave Citizen Social 3 +1k0 to all Commerce and Sailing Skill Rolls StE 24
Clear Water Native Social 3 +1k0 to all Commerce Skill Rolls; increase koku in your Schools Outfit by 50% (rounding up) StE 44
Dark Edge Native Social 2 Gain a rank of Lore: Law; Status treated as 1 rank higher when arrange a duel or representing a duelist StE 60
Imperial City Citizen Social 2 Your Glory is considered one rank higher when interacting with any Courtier StE 134
Imperial City Veteran Social 2 Your Glory is considered one rank higher when interacting with any Bushi StE 134
Iron Heart Native Physical 2 +1k0 on Stamina Trait Rolls and any non-Damage Roll using Strength BoV 195
Laughing Plains Native Mental 2 +5 bonus to total of rolls to resist Fear effects BoV 195
Naishou Citizen 3 -1 point for Seven Fortunes Blessing; Free Raise on Social roll with monks aligned to Fortune you are blessed by NP 7
Nikesake Citizen Social 3 +1k0 on any Social Skill Roll when interaction with a Crane; May purchase Crane Allies for -1 point StE 75
Sacred Forest Native Mental 2 +1k0 to Lore: Theology and Lore: Spirit Realms Skill Rolls BoV 195
Water Hammer Citizen Social 3 Gain one rank in a Craft Skill of your choice; cost of an item is one coin-type smaller to determine time to craft StE 107
Zakyo Toshi Citizen Social 3 Gain an additional rank in Games; starting koku of School Outfit is increased by 50% StE 152

Antisocial Social 2/4 -1k0 or -1k1 to all Social Skill Rolls (Crab: +1 point) L5R 156
Ascetic Mental 2 Glory rewards are halved (monks gain only one-quarter) (Dragon, monk: 3) L5R 156
Bad Eyesight Physical 3 -1k1 to all ranged attack rolls and to any Perception-based rolls L5R 156
Bad Fortune Spiritual 3 There is something unpleasant in store for you; discuss the form of your Bad Fortune with the GM L5R 156
Bad Fortune: Allergy Spiritual 3 You are allergic to a common substance; its presence breaks you out in a rash, which makes others react poorly L5R 156
Bad Fortune: Disfigurement Spiritual 3 You have a visible birthmark of some sort; Others regard it as a mark of bad fortune and give you a very wide berth L5R 156
Bad Fortune: Evil Eye Spiritual 3 One eye is discolored; People avoid looking you in the eyes, and some believe your very presence invites evil spirits L5R 156
Bad Fortune: Lingering Misfortune Spiritual 3 At some point, you will fail an extremely important roll in a spectacularly disastrous fashion L5R 156
Bad Fortune: Moto Curse Spiritual 4 You suffer a penalty of -1k0 to any roll made to resist acquiring the Taint (Unicorn only) L5R 156
Bad Fortune: Secret Love Spiritual 3 Someone is madly in love with you, and will go to any lengths to sabotage your romantic interests L5R 156
Bad Fortune: Unknown Enemy Spiritual 3 You have no idea who they are or why, but someone in another Clan hates you, and wishes to see you dead L5R 156
Bad Fortune: Yogo Curse Spiritual 4 You are cursed to betray the person or thing you love the most (Scorpion only) L5R 156
Bad Health Physical 4 Earth Ring is considered one rank lower for the purposes of determining Wound Ranks and for resisting diseases L5R 156
Bitter Betrothal Social 2 You are married or promised to someone, and neither of you are pleased with the situation (Imperial: 3) L5R 156
Blackmailed Social Variable Someone knows a dark secret of yours; Points for this Disadvantage are equal to your Status Rank L5R 156
Black Sheep Social 3 Cast out of your family; Must have Allies to have family relations; Progressing in a family School is difficult L5R 156
Blind Physical 6 -1k1 to attack, -3k3 to ranged over 10; Armor TN 5 + Ref x 3; Simple Move may require Athletics/Agility TN 15 L5R 157 LT
Bounty Social 2/4/6 You have a price on your head; points are determined by the severity of the crime StE 168
Brash Mental 3 If threatened or insulted, make a Willpower Trait Roll, TN 25, or attack immediately (Lion: 4) L5R 157
Cant Lie Mental 2 Cannot tell a lie; if someone else speaks untruth, you must roll Willower (TN 20) or immediately correct them L5R 157
Cast Out Social 1/3 Denounced by a single monastic temple (1 point) or a major sect (3 points), who treat your Glory as Infamy L5R 157
Colorblind Physical 1 +5 TN for all rolls related to color (Crane: 2) LT
Compulsion Mental 2-4 To avoid partaking in compulsion, make a Willpower Trait Roll at TN 15, +5 per additional point gained L5R 157
Consumed by Control Mental 4 -1k1 on all Etiquette and Sincerity rolls (Spider: 5) L5R 157
Consumed by Determination Mental 6 You cannot spend Void Points to enhance die rolls (Spider: 7) L5R 157
Consumed by Insight Mental 4 When you use a selected School Skill, roll Willpower (TN 20) or become lost in reverie (Spider: 5) L5R 157
Consumed by Knowledge Mental 4 When you encounter some topic, area of research, or new idea, roll Willpower (TN 25) to resist studying it (Spider: 5) L5R 157
Consumed by Perfection Mental 5 When you make a Skill or Spell Casting Roll, must call an extra Raise for no effect (Crane, Spider: 6) L5R 157
Consumed by Strength Mental 5 Must call an extra Raise to use Called Shot, Feint, or Disarm Maneuvers; -1k0 to Etiquette rolls (Spider: 6) L5R 158
Consumed by Will Mental 4 -1k1 to all Courtier and Temptation Skill Rolls (Spider: 5) L5R 158
Contrary Mental 3 In a tense situation, roll Willpower to avoid acting; TN is determined by the GM (typically 5-25) (Imperial, courtier: 4) L5R 158
Cursed by the Realm Spiritual The essence of one of the spirit realms has marked you as a foe of all that emanate from that realm L5R 158 LT
Cursed by Chikushudo Spiritual 4 -1k1 to all Animal Handling rolls (Shugenja: 5) L5R 158
Cursed by Gaki-do Spiritual 4 All gaki and other hungry dead will attack you before any other target, no matter the cost (Shugenja: 5) L5R 158
Cursed by Jigoku Spiritual 4 -1k1 to any roll you make to resist the Shadowlands Taint (Shugenja: 5) L5R 158
Cursed by Meido Spiritual 4 -1k0 to all Perception-based rolls (Shugenja: 5) L5R 158
Cursed by Sakkaku Spiritual 4 At least once a month you are the victim of some elaborate, cruel prank by some malicious spirit (Shugenja: 5) L5R 158
Cursed by Tengoku Spiritual 4 +10 TN for all rolls within a temple of any Fortune, the Kami, the Elemental Dragons, or the Sun or Moon (Shugenja: 5) L5R 158
Cursed by Toshigoku Spiritual 4 At the sight of a wounded opponent, you must roll Willpower (TN 15) or immediately attack (Shugenja: 5) L5R 158
Cursed by Uragiri-do Spiritual 4 The TN of any Cooperative Roll you make is increased by 10 (Shugenja: 5) L5R 158
Cursed by Yomi Spiritual 4 May not possess any Advantages or abilities that reference ancestral links (e.g. Inheritance) (Shugenja: 5) L5R 158
Cursed by Yume-do Spiritual 4 You require 10 hours of sleep to regain Void Points, rather than the normal 8 (Shugenja: 5) L5R 158
Dark Fate Spiritual 3 Destined to usher in darkness; 1/session, when you suffer lethal Wounds, reduce to a single Wound instead L5R 158
Dark Secret Social 4 You possess a horrific secret that could lead to your ruination L5R 158
Debt Material, Social 2/4/8 You owe money; level of Disadvantage depends on size of debt (Courtiers: +1 point) IA 97
Dependent Social Varies Someone requires you to look after them; Point value depends on how helpless they are L5R 158
Dishonored Social 5 You possess Status Rank 1 and may not gain Status so long as you possess this Disadvantage L5R 158
Disbeliever Mental 3 Your faith in Rokugani theology is shattered, +5 TN on any Social Skill Rolls made with shugenja and monks L5R 158
Disturbing Countenance Physical 3 Something about your appearance causes others concern and caution; +5 TN on all Social Skill Rolls (Spider: 4) L5R 159
Doubt Mental 4 Every time you use a selected School Skill, you must declare one Raise that confers no benefit L5R 159
Driven Mental 2 You are possessed by some goal, and will sacrifice almost anything to accomplish it L5R 159
Elemental Imbalance Spiritual 2/rank When casting spell of selected element, roll Willpower (TN 15 + 5 per rank) to avoid disastrous effect (Shugenja only) L5R 159 LT
Enlightened Madness Spiritual 4/6 When you use a selected Skill or tattoo, or make a Ring or Spell Casting Roll with a selected Ring, roll Willpower (TN 20/30) or slip into madness GC 101
Epilepsy Physical 4 Roll Willpower (TN 15) when facing stress or flashing lights to avoid a seizure (Willpower TN 10 each minute to end it) (Crane: 5) L5R 159
Fascination Mental 1 You are completely fascinated by some subject, and will go to great lengths to learn about or experience it more L5R 159
Failure of Bushido Mental One tenet of the Code of Bushido is simply foreign to you (Ninja: +1 point) L5R 159
Failure of Compassion Mental 3 You must spend a Void point before you are able to act on behalf of someone of lower Status or social caste L5R 159
Failure of Courage Mental 4 +5 TN to all rolls when facing an opponent of higher Glory or Status, or a Shadowlands opponent L5R 159
Failure of Courtesy Mental 4 On any Social Skill Roll to apologize or avoid offense, you must call a Raise for no effect, or automatically fail L5R 159
Failure of Duty Mental 6 You cannot spend Void Points to negate Wounds L5R 159
Failure of Honesty Mental 3 You cannot spend Void points on any Sincerity (Honesty) Skill Roll L5R 159
Failure of Honor Mental 3 You cannot add your Honor Rank to any roll to resist Intimidation or Temptation L5R 159
Failure of Sincerity Mental 4 When using Sincerity to convince someone of what you are saying, you must call a Raise for no effect, or automatically fail L5R 159
Forced Retirement Social 4 You may not advance further in your samurai School; no longer considered a member of your clan (Monk: 5) L5R 159
Frail Mind Mental 3 Whenever you make a Contested Roll using Willpower, your opponent gains a bonus of +2k0 L5R 159
Gaijin Name Social 1 Your individual dice may only explode once on a Social Skill Roll (Unicorn: 2) L5R 159
Greedy Mental 3 Opponents attempting to use Temptation (Bribery) rolls against you gain +1k1 (Mantis: 4) L5R 160
Gullible Mental 4 Opponents attempting to use Sincerity (Deceit) rolls against you gain +1k1 L5R 160
Haunted Spiritual 3 An ancestor haunts you; if you upset your ancestor, 1/session you will suffer a -1k1 penalty to a die roll L5R 160
Hostage Social 3 You are a guest of another Clan, not permitted to leave without escort L5R 160
Idealistic Mental 2 Whenever you lose Honor, the loss is increased by 1 point (Lion: 3) L5R 160
Illiterate Mental 1 You are unable to read or write LT
Infamous Social 2 Your starting Glory Rank is replaced with an Infamy Rank L5R 160
Insensitive Mental 2 Spend a Void Point to risk yourself for another person unless there is a benefit for you (Scorpion: 3) L5R 160
Jealousy Mental 3 You are obsessed with overcoming a selected character at all costs L5R 160
Lame Physical 4 Water Ring is 1 for Move Actions; Agility Trait Rolls or Agility-based Skill Rolls that require legwork suffer +10 TN L5R 160
Lechery Social 2 Opponents making Temptation (Seduction) rolls against you gain a bonus of +1k1 L5R 160
Lord Moons Curse Spiritual 3/5/7 During full moon: Gain temp Void Point at sunset; at moonrise roll Willpower (TN 15 + 5 per level) to keep control L5R 160
Lost Love Mental 3 When reminded of your loss, +5 to all TNs until you spend a Void Point to focus (no more than 2x per day) L5R 160
Low Pain Threshold Physical 4 The TN penalties you suffer due to Wound Ranks are increased by +5 each rank L5R 160
Missing Limb Physical 6 +10 to all TNs involve the use of the missing limb L5R 161
Momoku Spiritual 8 May not spend Void Points on anything except School Techniques that specifically require Void Points L5R 161
Mute Physical 4 The TNs of all Social rolls are increased by 10 (or more) (Shugenja may not take this Disadvantage) LT
Nightmares Mental 3/5 Every night, roll a die: On 1-5 (3 points) or 1-9 (5 points), regain half Void Points, +5 TN for Meditation and Tea Ceremony LT
Obligation Social 3/6 You have a debt or duty you must honor, even if it leans to your ruination L5R 161
Obtuse Mental 3 Double Experience Point cost for increasing any High Skill other than Investigation or Medicine (Crab, bushi: 4) L5R 161
Overconfident Mental 3 When outmatched, you must succeed at a Perception Trait Roll (TN 20) to leave instead of engaging (Lion, Mantis: 4) L5R 161
Permanent Wound Physical 4 Your first Wound Rank is always considered full (Bushi: 5) L5R 161
Phobia Mental 1-3 When confronted with phobia, all TNs are increased by +5 for every point in this Disadvantage L5R 161
Romantic Social 2 1/session: GM selects a character you fall for; -10 TN for all Social Skill Rolls by that character against you LT
Rumormonger Social 4 Willpower Trait Troll (TN 5 x highest Glory Rank involved in rumor) to resist spreading rumor (Courtier: 5) L5R 161
Seven Fortunes Curse Spiritual One of the Seven Fortunes has visited his or her wrath upon you L5R 161
Bentens Curse Spiritual 3 The TN of any Etiquette roll you make is increased by +10 L5R 161
Bishamons Curse Spiritual 3 Your Strength is considered one rank lower for determining the Damage Roll of any weapon you wield L5R 161
Daikokus Curse Spiritual 3 You suffer a penalty of -1k1 to all Commerce rolls, and the koku of your Schools starting outfit is reduced by 1 L5R 161
Ebisus Curse Spiritual 3 You suffer a penalty of -1k1 on all Social Skill rolls made with non-samurai citizens of Rokugan L5R 161
Fukurokujins Curse Spiritual 3 When making a Lore Skill Roll, your TN is increased by +5 L5R 161
Hoteis Curse Spiritual 3 Any Technique or Advantage that requires you to spend a Void Point to activate instead requires two Void Points L5R 161
Jurojins Curse Spiritual 3 You suffer a penalty of -2k0 to resist all poisons and diseases L5R 161
Shadowlands Taint Spiritual 4 You have 0.5 ranks of Shadowlands Taint L5R 162
Shame Mental 2 You must declare at least one Raise to gain the benefit of any Free Raises your character might receive LT
Sleeper Agent Mental 5 A trigger word and up to five-word command can compel you; Worth 8 points with a suicide fail-safe EoE 49
Small Physical 3 Water Ring is one rank lower for determining Move Actions, and -1k0 on Damage Rolls of melee attacks L5R 162
Social Disadvantage Social 3 -1 Status Rank L5R 162 LT
Soft-Hearted Mental 2 Willpower (TN 20) to kill another human; If you kill, +10 to all TNs for one day (Phoenix: 3) L5R 162
Sworn Enemy Social 3+ You have an enemy of equal Insight Rank, +1 per additional point taken (+2 points if kharmic nemesis) L5R 162
Touch of the Void Spiritual 3 Void Points grant +2k1, but every time you spend Void, roll Willpower (TN 30) or be Dazed for one Round (Phoenix: 4) L5R 162
True Love Mental 3 Must spend a Void Point before you can choose between love and duty L5R 162
Uncentered Spiritual 2 May not learn Void Kiho and cannot take Ishiken-do or Void Versatility Advantages (Monk only; Brotherhood: 4) BoV 192
Unlucky Spiritual 2/4/6 1-3/session: Immediately after a roll, GM may declare a success to be a failure, or a failure to be a mishap L5R 162
Unsung Social 1/rank Reduce Glory Rank by 1 LT
Wanderer Mental 2 -15 penalty when using the Navigation Emphasis StE 168
Weakness Physical 6 A selected Trait is treated as if one rank lower for the purpose of all rolls and Trait-based mechanical effects L5R 162
Wrath of the Kami Spiritual 3 Spells of a selected element cast against you confer a Free raise on the Spell Casting Roll (Shugenja: 4) L5R 162
Wretched Mental 2/rank Reduce Honor Rank by 1 LT

These Disadvantages are probably only appropriate to campaigns based in certain locations.
Broken Wave Stigma Social 2 -1k0 to all Social Skill Rolls with Phoenix; 1 less point when taking a Phoenix Sworn Enemy StE 24
Clear Water Stigma Social 2 Glory considered 1 rank lower with other Crab; either lose all koku or a weapon from School Outfit (Crab only) StE 44
Dark Edge Reputation Social 2 Roughly once per two sessions, someone will challenge you to a duel StE 60
Imperial City Stigma Social Special As Sworn Enemy, but enemy changes periodically StE 134
Nikesake Stigma Social 4 -1k0 on all Weapon Skill Rolls that are not also School Skill Rolls StE 75
Water Hammer Stigma Social 2 -1k0 on all Social Skill Rolls made with members of any clan other than the Dragon Clan StE 107
Zakyo Toshi Stigma Social 3 Roll Willpower (TN 20) to avoid participating in gambling or wagering (roll every 10 minutes to break free) StE 152

Remember to take a look at an Ancestors Demands (taboos and requirements) before purchasing.
Crab Hida 14 +1k0 to all damage rolls and ignore 4 points of Reduction. Crab fighting alongside you gain 1 bonus Void Point for the skirmish. L5R 242
Crab Hiruma 11 +2k0 to Stealth, Kenjutsu, and Kyujutsu Skill Rolls. GC 42
Crab Kaiu 9 Void Points grant +3k1 when spent on Craft or Engineering Skill Rolls. 1/ year, may attempt to craft a minor nemuranai (TN 50). GC 42
Crab Kuni 8 1/session, spend a Void Point to keep extra dice equal to Earth on a spellcasting roll. Roll twice to resist Shadowlands Taint. L5R 242
Crane Asahina 9 +1k0 on Meditation Skill Rolls and +1k1 to Spell Casting Rolls when casting non-damaging spells with Craft or Defense keywords. GC 74
Crane Asahina Koresada 5 +1k0 on Spellcasting Rolls for spells that treat injury, disease, or poison, and a Free Raise on Medicine Skill Rolls to do the same. IH 122
Crane Doji 8 +1k0 to all Courtier, Etiquette, Perform, and Sincerity Skill Rolls. L5R 242
Crane Doji Hayaku 7 +1k1 to Lore: Shadowlands Skill Rolls and a Free Raise on all attacks with Spears. GC 74
Crane Kakita 12 Spend a Void Point to re-roll any Iaijutsu or Artisan Skill Roll with a +1k1 bonus to the second roll. All Matsu are Sworn Enemies. L5R 242
Dragon Agasha 6/10 +1k0 to Spell Casting Rolls with non-Void spells, +1k1 to Spellcraft Skill Rolls. 10 points: Learn secret spell Transmute. GC 104
Dragon Agasha Kitsuki 11 Use Perception for any Skill or Trait Roll that would require you to use your Awareness. Void spent to detect lies grants +2k2. L5R 242
Dragon Mirumoto 9 +1k1 on all Agility-based Skill Rolls, or +3k1 on Mirumoto Bushi School Skills. L5R 242
Dragon Togashi Yamatsu 7 Tattooed Order only. Two ranks of Magic Resistance vs. maho. +2k2 to Willpower rolls to resist being possessed or magically controlled. GC 104
Fox Ososuki & Akomachi 5 You can speak with animals and animal shapeshifter spirits. You can always find food and water in the wilderness. GC 170
Lion Akodo 12 +1k0 on Bugei Skill Rolls (except Iaijutsu). +1k1 on Mass Battle Table rolls. Gain bonus Void Point when entering a skirmish alongside Lion bushi. L5R 242
Lion Ikoma 9 +1k0 on all rolls made with Intelligence Trait. +2k0 to unarmed damage. L5R 243
Lion Kitsu 6 Detect spirits and spirit portals (Perception, TN 25+). +1k1 to Lore: Spirit Realms rolls. GC 140
Lion Matsu Hitomi 7 +1k1 to all rolls to resist Temptation, Intimidation, and Fear effects. GC 140
Mantis Gusai 5 +3k2 on Stealth or Sleight of Hand rolls to conceal a weapon on your person. L5R 243
Mantis Kaimetsu-uo 9 +1k1 to Willpower Trait and Skill rolls (except to avoid being provoked). +3k0 on Jiujutsu (Improvised Weapon) rolls. +1k1 da mage with improvised weapons. L5R 243
Mantis Moshi Azami 6 You suffer no ill effects from the Sun (e.g. dehydration, sunburn, etc.) and gain Reduction 5 against fire (normal or magical). GC 170
Mantis Tetsuken 6 Substitute twice your Glory rank for your Honor Rank to resist Fear, Intimidation, and Temptation effects. IH 122
Phoenix Asako 5 Ally Advantages gain +1 to Devotion. +1k0 to Social Skill Rolls vs. Allies. In Ally betrays you, gain Driven: Destroy the Betrayer free. L5R 243
Phoenix Isawa 12 +1k1 on Spellcraft (Spell Research) rolls, and learn 1 additional spell each time you gain a Shugenja School Rank. GC 202
Phoenix Naka Kaeteru 10 You may use the Meditation skill (two hours, Skill Roll at TN 30) to regain all Spell Slots. GC 202 LT
Phoenix Shiba 9 +1k1 on Intelligence Trait and Skill Rolls. Add Intelligence to Armor TN. Gain 1 Void Point in a skirmish alongside an Isawa. L5R 243
Scorpion Bayushi 12 If trained in a Bayushi School, gain +1k0 to all School Skills (and +2k2 for Void Points). Special benefit for Kharmic Tie. L5R 243
Scorpion Shosuro 8 +3k1 to Stealth, Acting, and Sincerity (Deceit) Skill Rolls. L5R 244
Scorpion Soshi Saibankan 5 Void Points grant +3k1 when spent on Perception Trait Rolls or Lore: Law Skill Rolls. GC 230
Scorpion Yogo 6 +1k1 to Spell Casting Rolls to cast Ward spells. Gain Bad Fortune: Yogo Curse for no points. GC 230
Unicorn Iuchi 8 You do not have a Deficient Element. GC 260
Unicorn Moto 10 +2k2 to resist physical restraint or mental influence. TNs for spells that restrain physical movement are increased by 5 x Willpower. L5R 244
Unicorn Otaku 7 +1k1 to Horsemanship Skill Rolls. +1k0 to Attack Rolls against male opponents. GC 260
Unicorn Shinjo 8 +1k1 to Investigation to understand new, strange, or enigmatic things. +1k1 to Awareness rolls with Etiquette or Sincerity (Honesty). L5R 244
Imperial Otomo 6 +1k1 to Courtier (Manipulation or Rhetoric). SeE 243
Imperial Seppun 10 Once per session, gain benefits of a Void Point without spending one. SeE 243
Imperial Miya 5 While on Imperial business, ignore the effects of lack of rest/sleep for a number of days equal to Honor Rank. SeE 244
Badger Ichiro Fureheshu 9 When performing a Skill roll with a physical Trait, you may spend a Void Point to use Strength in place of the normal Trait. SeE 244
Dragonfly Tonbo Kuyuden 3 +1k1 to Courtier and Etiquette rolls to defuse violence or find peaceful solutions to conflicts. SeE 244
Hare Usagi Reichin 7 +1k1 bonus when resisting Fear effects; if the Fear is caused by a Bloodspeaker, the bonus is +2k2 instead. SeE 244
Sparrow Doji Suzume 4 +1k1 to any Social Skill roll to persuade others to follow your guidance/example. SeE 245
Tortoise Agasha Kasuga 5 +1k1 to any Skill Roll to perform a dishonorable act (that will Honor loss) that is sanctioned by your duty to the Imperial house. SeE 245
Ronin Chirorou 8 Choose individuals up to Void you have a Kharmic Tie with them and you will always be aware they are in danger. SeE 246
Ronin Miyuko 12 Considered to be one School Rank higher for the purpose of casting spells (Mastery level, Spell Casting Rolls, and spell effects). SeE 246
Ronin Sun Tao 10 +1k0 to all Battle rolls. If a Bugei Skill roll fails, may spend Void Point afterward for +1k1, but lose benefit of any Raises to the roll. SeE 246
Brotherhood Basso 9 Complex Action to see through any illusion or deception with Meditation / Void roll. SeE 247
Brotherhood Sakura 10 You are considered to be one Insight Rank higher for the purpose of learning and using Kiho. SeE 247
Brotherhood Mizumoto 7 +1k1 bonus to all Intelligence-based rolls. SeE 247
Brotherhood Togashi Kaze 5 So long as your Meditation Skill Rank is at least equal to your Jiujutsu Skill Rank, you gain a Free Raise on unarmed attacks. SeE 247
Shadowlands Chuda Bikimi 3 +1k0 bonus to any Stealth Skill Roll. Maho-tsukai may instead expend a spell slot to gain +1k1 to a Stealth Skill Roll. GC 283
Shadowlands Hida Atarasi 7 Each round may spend a Void Point or gain a point of Taint to add either Taint Rank or Earth in unkept dice to attack and damage. L5R 244
Shadowlands Kuni Yori 5 +1k0 to all Sincerity (Deceit) rolls and Maho Spell Casting rolls. Any time you cast a Maho spell, you gain 1 extra point of Taint. L5R 244
Shadowlands Yogo Junzo* 6 For each Forbidden Knowledge and rank of Taint, gain +2 to all Spellcasting Rolls, +4 if maho. GC 283
*Yogo Junzo is still alive in the current timeline, and therefore not available as an Ancestor.

Commune Speak with local elemental kami of one of the four standard elements L5R 165
Sense Sense the presence of one of the four standard elements and associated spirits L5R 164
Summon Conjure a quantity of one of the four standard elements L5R 165


Transmute Transform the elements in an object into other elements GC 104


Arrows Flight Battle Imbue Air kami into an arrow, which will unerringly strike its target BoA 182
Blessed Wind Defense Swirling aura of winds to protect from ranged attacks L5R 167
By the Light of the Moon Reveal hidden objects, secret compartments, trap doors, concealed weapons, etc. L5R 167
Cloak of Night Illusion Conceal a small, non-living object from sight L5R 167
Gathering Swirl Air kami gather unattended items and deposit them in a neat stack BoA 185
Legacy of Kaze-no-Kami Craft Call upon a wind spirit in the form of a bird to deliver a spoken message L5R 167
Natures Touch Speak to a natural animal L5R 167
Tempest of Air Thunder Summon a powerful gust of air to knock down all in its path L5R 167
To Seek the Truth Grant clarity, negating temporary mental or social penalties L5R 168
Token of Memory Craft, Illusion Create a flawless illusion of one object L5R 167
Voice of the Wind Targets voice becomes more impressive BoA 188
Way of Deception Illusion Create a perfect duplicate image of yourself L5R 168
Yari of Air Craft, Thunder Summon a spear of pure air L5R 168
Bentens Touch Air kami whisper suggestions to others to make them view a target more positively L5R 168
Call Upon the Wind Travel The target gains limited flight, moving through the air unimpeded L5R 168
Elemental Cipher Illusion Make a block of text completely unintelligible by anyone by the author or intended recipient CoA 184
Flight of Doves Illusion Creates illusions to illustrate a story BoA 184
Freedom of the Air Wards Summon a soft, carefully controlled wind to cleanse a building of filth and malignant spirits BoA 184
Hidden Visage Illusion Alter your features to appear as a different person (not a specific individual) of same age, build, race, and sex L5R 168
Kamis Whisper, The Illusion Create a false sound, either a voice or a natural sound L5R 169
Mists of Illusion Craft, Illusion Create stationary, visual illusions of any object, individual, or image L5R 169
Quiescence of Air Wards Create a bubble of silence through which sound will not pass BoA 187
Request to Hato-no-Kami Travel Call to a nearby bird and instruct it to perform a simple task BoA 188
Secrets on the Wind Divination Prepare an area; for 48 hours you may cast this spell to hear anything said in the area L5R 169
Whispering Wind Divination Determine if the last thing said by a target was true or false (as they perceive it) L5R 169
Wind-Borne Slumbers Put a target to sleep BoA 190
Wolfs Proposal Illusion Create a subtle aura of suggestion around you to appear more benevolent and honorable L5R 169


Air Kamis Blessing Gives youre a greater grasp on the hearts and souls of other men, along with a quickness of reaction BoA 182
Essence of Air Defense Become insubstantial L5R 169
Eye Shall Not See, The Defense Nearby observers are distracted and will not see target individual L5R 169
Garbled Tongue Illusion Creates a second layer of conversation that those outside of it will hear instead BoA 185
Mask of Wind Illusion Adopt the appearance of any humanoid creature of approximates the same size L5R 170
Soul of Kaze-no-Kami Renders target highly resistant to emotional manipulation or psychological pressure BoA 188
Striking the Storm Defense Summon a buffet of winds to defect melee and ranged attacks L5R 170
Summon Fog Summon a thick, obscuring fog L5R 170
Summoning the Gale Defense Circling winds interfere with all ranged attacks within an area L5R 170
Touch of Airs Grace Illusion Enhance the targets physical attractiveness BoA 188
Your Hearts Enemy Illusion Manifest an illusion of your targets greatest fear L5R 171


Call the Spirit Summon a spirit from the Spirit Realms L5R 171
Castle of Air Defense, Illusion Create a circular barrier of false sounds and images to confuse and bewilder attackers BoA 183
False Realm Battle, Illusion Create illusory terrain in an area L5R 171
Funeral Rites Allows the caster and relative of the recently deceased to speak with the spirit of the departed BoA 184
Gift of Wind Illusion Wind kami surround you and render you completely invisible L5R 171
Howl of Isora Thunder Unleash a blast of storm-wracked air and lightning to smite an area BoA 186
Know the Mind Hear the surface thoughts of the spells target L5R 171
Look into the Soul Divination Learn the targets two lowest Rings (other than Void) and their Traits BoA 186
Netsuke of Wind Craft, Illusion Create a small, solid object out of air L5R 171
Seeking the Way Illusion Hide evidence of your passage and create a false trail BoA 187
Symbol of Air Ward Ward a passageway to inflict a magical sleep on those passing through it L5R 171
Tenjins Ear Travel You can understand all human speech within the area of effect BoA 188
Whispers of the Forgotten Target is plagued with bitter memories of past sins and crimes BoA 188
Wisdom of the Kami Gain +1 Rank in all Skills you normally possess BoA 190


Cloud the Mind Disrupt a targets memories of the past five days and make them susceptible to implanted memories L5R 172
Defender from Beyond Battle Beseech an ancestor spirit to manifest and aid you BoA 183
Draw Back the Shadow Dispel illusions and other ongoing magical effects L5R 172
Echoes on the Breeze Establish a link to anyone you know for two-way communication L5R 172
Facing Your Devils Switch the targets highest and lowest Traits BoA 185
Legion of the Moon Illusion Render a group invisible L5R 172
Slayers Knives Thunder Create a corridor of cutting wind L5R 172


False Legion, The Battle, Illusion Create a group of illusory figures L5R 173
Piercing the Heavens Commune directly with a Fortune BoA 187
Rise, Air Summon a massive air kami to serve you L5R 173 IA
Wind of the Moon Implant thoughts into a targets mind BoA 189
Wrath of Kaze-no-Kami Thunder Summon a hurricane L5R 173


Armor of Earth Battle, Defense Infuse your body with Earth to gain Reduction L5R 173
Courage of the Seven Thunders Battle Infuses targets with firm and unyielding courage L5R 173
Earths Stagnation Calls on the Earth in the targets body to impede movement L5R 174
Earths Touch Defense Increase Stamina or Willpower L5R 174
Elemental Ward Ward Enhance resistance to hostile magic L5R 174
Jade Strike Jade, Thunder Iridescent green energy burns the flesh of Tainted targets L5R 174
Jurojins Balm Enhance resistance to poison and toxin L5R 174
Minor Binding Craft Imprison minor Shadowlands creatures L5R 174
Soul of Stone Defense Targets emotions become stony and immovable L5R 174
Speed Growth All plants in the area undergo a months worth of growth over the course of a minute LT
Stones Endurance Travel Target is immune to being Fatigued due to lack of rest, and Stamina is enhanced BoE 200
Tetsubo of Earth Craft, Jade Summon a heavy weapon of pure earth L5R 175


Be the Mountain Defense Cover targets skin with a stony barrier for great Reduction L5R 175
Earth Becomes Sky Jade, Thunder Hurl huge boulders through the air at a target creature L5R 175
Embrace of Kenro-ji-jin Travel Dive into the ground and move under the earth L5R 176
Force of Will Battle Target gains intense resistance to pain and death L5R 176
Grasp of Earth Earth kami reach up to seize hold of and render a target nearly immobile L5R 176
Hands of Clay Travel Walk and climb along sheer surfaces L5R 176
Jurojins Curse Reduce targets Earth for the purpose of healing injuries and resisting disease or poison BoE 198
Mountains Feet, The Defense Resistance to anything that might separate the target from the touch of the earth below (e.g. Knockdown) L5R 176
Rites of Preservation Imperial Protects a corpse against putrefaction, and cannot be animated as undead BoE 199
Taming the Beast Soothe a natural animal and make it more susceptible to persuasion BoE 200
Whispers of the Land Reveal the tracks of any person who has walked upon the earth within the last three days BoE 201
Wholeness of the World Defense Resistance to any effect that would raise or lower targets Traits or Rings L5R 176


Bonds of Ningen-Do Ward Bind or dispel creatures from Chikushudo, Gaki-do, Toshigoku, or Yume-do L5R 176
Crystals Awakening Awaken and strengthen a crystal LT
Earth Kamis Blessing Battle Infuse target with strength and resilience, granting enhanced Wound Ranks and Earth-based rolls L5R 177
Earths Protection Defense, Ward Protect an area from hostile Air, Fire, and Water spells L5R 177
Groves of Stone Craft, Defense Summon a circle of stones to create a barrier BoE 198
Murmur of Earth Create a small earth tremor BoE 199
Purge the Taint Jade Purge the land of Taint, driving out kansen, but local kami are weakened L5R 177
Sharing the Strength of Many Up to six targets can call upon the Earth of their comrades L5R 177
Shelter of the Earth Craft, Illusion Concealed the target within a realistic facsimile of a natural object (e.g. tree, boulder) BoE 199
Strength of the Crow Jade Target gains a powerful resistance to the Shadowlands Taint L5R 177
Strike as Stone Battle Make targets hands and forearms as hard as stone and invulnerable to physical harm BoE 200
Times Deadly Hand Cause the Earth kami in an object to leave, weakening its physical strength BoE 201
Wolfs Mercy, The Lower targets Earth Ring (and Wound Ranks) and Strength; more severe against Tainted targets L5R 178
Wooden Prison Defense Planets rapidly grow to Entangle a target BoE 201


Armor of the Emperor Defense Caster is covered in Earth spirits that repel damage, Reducing each damage die by Shugenja School Rank L5R 178
Earth Dragons Ward Jade, Wards Wards an area against possessing spirits and effects BoE 197
Earth Flows, The Battle Rearrange the landscape of a battlefield to more favorable conditions BoE 200
Essence of Earth Battle Increase targets Earth Ring (and Wound Ranks) L5R 178
Maw of the Earth Battle Open a large pit in the earth, swallowing up anyone in the vicinity BoE 199
Sapphire Strike* Crystal, Jade, Thunder Blast of elemental energy that harms targets that are vulnerable to Jade or Crystal BoE 199
Symbol of Earth Ward Ward a passageway to strike those passing through with a powerful shockwave L5R 178
Tomb of Jade Jade Tainted target is consumed by jade L5R 178
Wall of Earth Defense Coaxes Earth spirits to rise up and form a thick, powerful barrier L5R 178
*This spell does not yet exist


Divide into Ash Cause Earth kami to abandon their places, disintegrating natural earth in the area LT
Drawing on the Mountain Battle, Defense Infuse a structure with the strength of the mountains, to withstand floods, earthquakes, and siege engines BoE 197
Earthquake Unleash a terrible, ground-wracking earthquake that damages structures L5R 179
Grounding Energy Defense, Wards Protects nearby allies from maho BoE 198
Kamis Strength, The Battle Fortify target with Earth, granting Reduction and increasing physical Traits L5R 179
Kamis Will, The Defense Enhances targets Willpower and resistance to elemental magic L5R 179
Major Binding Jade, Ward Imprison powerful Shadowlands creatures L5R 179
Strike at the Roots Drain Earth, leaving target a weak, trembling, helpless victim L5R 179


Essence of Jade Defense, Jade Target cannot gain the Shadowlands Taint and is immune to maho L5R 180
Power of the Earth Dragon Defense Earth spirits absorb all damage which the target suffers, up to 100 Wounds (nemuranai can bypass) L5R 180
Prison of Earth Ward Imprison the essence of a creature of Jigoku, Gaki-do, or Toshigoku, or any Tainted creature L5R 180
Rise, Earth Summon a massive Earth kami to serve you L5R 180 IA
Soldiers of Clay Battle, Craft, Jade Create ten human-sized warriors of earth and stone BoE 200
Biting Steel Craft Enhance the damage of a steel bladed weapon L5R 180
Burning Kiss of Steel Battle Engulf a weapon in fire that enhances attacks made with it L5R 180
Envious Flames Invokes a single Fire kami to attack the target, inflicting painful burns L5R 181
Extinguish Dismiss Fire kami in an area to snuff out flames L5R 181
Fire Kamis Blessing Stimulate the targets mind and memory, improving High or Merchant Skills that use Intelligence BoF 185
Fires of Purity Defense Envelope target in an aura of fire that burns those that touch it L5R 181
Fires That Cleanse, The Whip Fire kami into frenetic chaos, causing destruction all around you L5R 181
Fury of Osano-Wo Thunder Summon a bolt of lightning from the sky to strike a target L5R 181
Gift of Amaterasu Defense Bathe an area in full daylight, even if at night, indoors, or underground BoF 185
Katana of Fire Battle, Craft Summon a sword of pure fire L5R 181
Never Alone Opens a targets eyes to the courage of his ancestors, improving attack, Skill, and Trait Rolls L5R 182
Osano-Wos Blessing Make fires in the area more difficult to extinguish BoF 185
Raging Forge, The Craft Remake a material item into its perfect form, removing all blemishes, cracks, and nicks L5R 182LT
Warning Flame Battle Allow the target to notice threats and react to them more quickly than normally BoF 186


Disrupt the Aura Target cannot be healed by magical means L5R 182
Enticing Dance of the Flame Stir Fire kami into a violent, ferocious dance to ignite an area into flames L5R 182
Fires from Within, The Form an orb of flame that hovers in your palm before streaking toward a target L5R 182
Hurried Steps Casting time of the next Fire spell you cast is reduced L5R 182
Mental Quickness Imbue Fire kami into an item that increases Intelligence of anyone who carries it L5R 182
Purity of Shinsei Defense Ends the effects of a gaijin spell or spell-like effect BoF 186
Relentless Heat Defense Imbue Fire kami into armor, which Fatigues anyone that strikes it L5R 183
Tail of the Fire Dragon Form a whip-like tendril to attack with L5R 183
Ward of Purity Ward Bind Fire kami into a location to attack Tainted or Lying Darkness that enter L5R 183
Wings of Fire Travel Summon wings to fly slowly BoF 186


Agashas Shield Defense, Wards Protects an area from hostile Fire spells BoF 186
Breath of Battle, The Battle, Imperial Invokes ferocity in the target while under the light of the sun BoF 187
Breath of the Fire Dragon Gain the ability to breathe bolts of flame L5R 183
Fiery Wrath Destroy a building or other structure L5R 183
Fist of Osano-Wo, The Thunder Summon massive lightning strikes and bolts of flame from the sky upon an area L5R 184
Haze of Battle Battle Fill a target unfocused fury to enrage and cause loss of perspective L5R 184
Hungry Blade Craft Strength Fire spirits in a weapon, improving attacks and damage L5R 184
Oath of the Heavens Form a link between the ferocity of a bushi and the intellect of a shugenja to work in concert to greater effect BoF 187
Ravenous Swarms Summon bolts of flame that damage and encircles opponent, waiting to strike again if a Fire spell is cast L5R 184
Shining Light Defense Binds a Fire kami into a piece of armor that emits a blinding light when wearer is attacked in melee L5R 184
Whispering Flames Illusion Fire kami put on a pleasing dance to Daze observers BoF 187


Blessing of the Sun Allows target to move and think more quickly and ignore pain and weariness, at the cost of Fatigue afterward BoF 187
Death of Flame Reduce targets Agility and Intelligence L5R 184
Defense of the Firestorm Defense Summons an aura of magical flames from a suit of armor, destroying wooden weapons and increasing Armor TN L5R 184
Essence of Fire Wards, Imperial End ongoing spell effects in two duelists, and prevents further spells being cast on them BoF 188
Eyes of the Phoenix Illusion Targets eyes appear to be on fire and is Blinded; allies suffer Fear 3 BoF 188
Mending Forge, The Craft Restore damaged or destroyed items L5R 185
Symbol of Fire Ward Ward a passageway to Daze and Blind those that try to pass through L5R 185
Wall of Fire Summon a wall of flames L5R 185
Ward of Thunder Defense, Ward, Thunder Invoke Osano-Wos protection on a suit of armor, protecting those around it from fire and thunder L5R 185


Castle of Fire Battle, Defense Summon a circular barrier of fire BoF 188
Consumed by Five Fires Target is instantly reduced to Dead, caster suffers the same number of Wounds BoF 188
Destructive Wave Summon a great mass of Fire kami which roll outward in a wave of searing flames L5R 185
Dragons Talon, The Battle Bolts of fire resembling dragons streak out from your hands, inflicting tremendous damage on weak foes BoF 189
Everburning Rage Wracks a target with crippling pain L5R 185
Follow the Flame Coax nearby Fire kami into attacking line of sight targets like a snake along the ground L5R 186
Light of the Sun Jade Call down a beam of pure sunlight; causes greater harm to the dishonorable, Tainted, and Lying Darkness L5R 186
Wings of the Phoenix Travel Summon wings to fly with L5R 186


Beam of the Inferno Invokes a tremendous blast of fire against a target L5R 186
Curse of the Burning Hand Wreathes the victim in flames that burn friends, allies, and innocents that touch him BoF 189
Elements Fury, The Immediately cast a number of spells of Mastery Level 4 or below equal to Fire Ring as Free Actiosn BoF 189
Globe of the Everlasting Sun Defense All buildings within the area are immune to magical fire, Fire spells are harder to cast, normal fire is sluggish L5R 186
Rise, Fire Summon a massive kami of pure Fire to serve you BoF 189 IA
Souls Blade, The Craft Imbues a powerful Fire kami into a weapon that Stun and overcome Invulnerability L5R 186
Bo of Water Craft Summon a staff of pure water L5R 187
Castle of Water Create a circular wall of water to impede passage LT
Clarity of Purpose Battle Allies within area of effect gain a bonus to Initiative L5R 187
Ebbing Strength Defense Reduce a Physical Trait to increase it in an ally L5R 187
Path to Inner Peace Influence the flow of water through the body to heal Wounds L5R 187LT
Purification of the Kami Cleanse a body of water of dirt, disease, and toxins BoW 180
Reflections of Pan Ku Divination Learn all powers and abilities of an object L5R 187
Reversal of Fortunes Bless a target who may re-roll one roll per Round L5R 188
Rushing Wave, The Travel Temporarily increase the speed of a target L5R 188
Speed of the Waterfall Travel Increase the targets maximum movement distance L5R 188
Spirit of the Water Battle Target gains one additional Simple Action (cannot be used to make an attack) L5R 188
Suitengus Curse Invoke the weight of the sea to lower a targets Reflexes and movement rate BoW 180
Swell of the Storm, The Defense Summons a heavy blast of water to Knockdown opponents BoW 180
Sympathetic Energies Transfer an existing spell effect between willing targets L5R 188


Cloak of the Miya Defense Wrap yourself in the protective embrace of the wave to improve Armor TN L5R 188
Heavens Tears Crystal Summon divine rain from the sky to heal those bathed in it, and harm the impure BoW 181
Inaris Blessing Craft Create nourishing food and drink L5R 188
Reflective Pool Divination Stare into a body of water to view a familiar location L5R 188
Rejuvenating Vapors Refresh target as if from a full nights sleep (does not restore Void Points or non-Void spell slots) L5R 189
Stand Against the Waves Battle Target gains an extra attack L5R 189
Strength of the Tsunami Increase targets Strength BoW 180
Surging Soul Battle Improves targets attacks, but must keep moving BoW 180
Ties That Bind, The Divination Seek the Water spirits within a familiar object to learn its direction and relative distance from you L5R 189
Wave-Borne Speed Travel Water Ring is increased by 2 for determining Move Actions L5R 189
Wisdom & Clarity Reading speed doubles and you have perfect recall of what you read L5R 189
Yukis Touch Travel Instantly freeze a stream, river, or lake BoW 181


Endless Deluge Unleash a massive rainstorm BoW 181
Inner Ocean, The Transform target into water that moves quickly and ignores most damage (except Fire spells and intense heat) BoW 182
Near to Ice Wound Penalties are negated L5R 189
Regrow the Wound Channel away pain and suffering, healing Wounds each round the spell is in effect L5R 189
Sanctuary of the Waves Defense Calls on a large quantity of water to protect and hide chosen targets BoW 182
Silent Waters Defense Store a spell within you to activate under a specified condition L5R 190
Strike of the Tsunami Battle Summon a crashing wave of water than overruns everything in its path L5R 190
Typhoons Surge Frees multiple targets from Fatigued and Dazed conditions and grants minor healing BoW 182
Visions of the Future Divination Gaze into a large pool of water to see images of the future L5R 190
Walking Upon the Waves Travel Target may move across the surface of water as if it were solid ground L5R 190
Water Kamis Blessing Enhance a targets Perception-based rolls L5R 190


Dominion of Suitengu Divination Peer into a body of water to see out of any other body of water in the Empire within range L5R 190
Ebb & Flow of Battle Battle Increase the movement speed of all allies within range L5R 191
Emperors Road, The Travel, Imperial Eases passage along a road BoW 183
Heart of the Water Dragon Blesses target with minor healing any time damage is suffered L5R 191
Master of the Rolling River Battle A group may move as if Water is 1 Rank higher and gains a Rank of Strength BoW 183
Path Not Taken, The Transfer unused daily spell slots from one Ring to another for a day L5R 191
Seed of Qanan Create a connection between two people, allowing them to call on each others knowledge and skill BoW 183
Steed of the Ebbing Tides Travel Summon Water kami in the shape of a horse BoW 182
Strike of the Flowing Waters Target ignores certain bonuses to opponents Armor TN L5R 191
Symbol of Water Ward Ward a passageway to cause Fear in those attempting to pass L5R 191
Within the Waves Travel Create a bubble of breathable air to explore underwater BoW 183


Chi Reversal Switch the ranks of a pair of Traits from the same element BoW 184
Ever-Changing Waves Illusion Shapechange into another natural creature L5R 191
Final Bond, The Divination Learn the approximate location of a well-known object or individual anywhere in the Empire L5R 191
Hands of the Tides Battle, Travel Switch the positions of willing targets within an area L5R 192
Open the Waves Battle Part waters to create a trench to allow passage BoW 184
Power of the Ocean Defense Target requires no food, drink, or sleep, can replenish Void Points as a Simple Action, and heals rapidly L5R 192
Suitengus Embrace Thunder Fill a targets lungs with seawater L5R 192
Whirlpool Thunder Create a huge and powerful whirlpool that will suck down any ships or swimmers in the vicinity BoW 184
Breath of Mist Defense Transforms an area into a mire and fills the air with obscuring water vapor BoW 184
Opening the Veil Travel Open a portal into the Spirit Realms BoW 184
Peace of the Kami Target is instantly cured of all diseases, purged of all poisons, and all Wounds are completely healed L5R 192
Rise, Water Summon a massive kami of pure water to serve you L5R 192 IA
Waters Sweet Clarity Divination Focus on a still body of water to invoke powerful visions of the future that others can see L5R 192


Boundless Sight Enter a trance to see and hear a familiar location as if you were standing there L5R 193
Drawing the Void Gain additional Void Points L5R 193
Flow Through the Void Transform a small amount of pure elemental matter into any one other element L5R 193
See Through Lies Learn the highest point Advantage or Disadvantage possessed by the target L5R 194
Sense Void Enter a trance to become aware of all living creatures nearby L5R 194
Touch the Emptiness Target experiences the Void firsthand, suffering minor damage and becoming Dazed L5R 194
Voids Caress, The Negate any one Mental or Spiritual Disadvantage L5R 194
Witness the Untold Divination If delaying your action, you may interrupt after the target after an action is declared, but before it is taken L5R 194


Altering the Course You may spend multiple Void Points on any roll that allows for Void Points L5R 194
Commune with the Void Commune directly with the ineffable Void BoV 189
Drink of Your Essence Examine an individuals pattern within the Void to learn Rings, current Wound penalties, and present mood L5R 194
Empty Voice, The You may cast spells of other elements without speaking your prayers aloud L5R 194
False Whispers Target repeats the next sentence you say L5R 195
Reach Through the Void Manipulate small items through the Void, moving them without touching them. L5R 195
Severed from the Stream Target must succeed at a Contested Void Roll before they can spend Void Points L5R 195
Strengthen the Void Thin the veil between the Void and reality, enhancing the power of the Void in the area BoV 190


Banish the Void Thicken the veil between the Void and reality, making it more difficulty to perceive or call on the Void BoV 190
Echoes in the Void You can hear the targets thoughts L5R 195
Kharmic Intent All remaining Void Points between you and a willing target are pooled L5R 195
Moment of Clarity Gain temporary ranks in a selected Skill equal to Void Ring, replacing existing ranks L5R 195
Read the Essence Divination Meditate upon an object to gain a vision last wielder or a major event it was involved in L5R 195
Void Release Steal Void Points from target L5R 196


Balance of Elements Negate all of targets Disadvantages and negative effects from spells of Mastery Level 3 or lower L5R 196
Draw Closed the Veil Banish a spirit to its home realm L5R 196
Essence of Void Suffuse a target with the essence of Void, rendering the creature inert and unmoving BoV 191
Fill with Emptiness Strengthen a targets connection to the Void, replenishing all Void Points L5R 196
Void Strike Expose target directly to the Void to cause damage L5R 196


Divide the Soul Exist in two places simultaneously L5R 196
Reforge Transform any single object into another object of comparable size L5R 197
Unbound Essence Tamper with the pattern of another beings Void, reordering their Rings and Traits L5R 197


Ring of the Void Commune directly with the Void Dragon to ask it questions L5R 197
Rise from the Ashes Restore an individual to their state eight hours prior L5R 197
Unmake the World Eradicate the bonds between elements to cause an object or creature to cease to exist L5R 197


Cleansing the Body Earth/Water Jade Cleanse a target of all dirt and filth, and improves resistance to poison, disease, infection, and Taint BoV 188
Fire and Water Fire/Water Battle Unleash a cloud of scalding steam BoV 187
Water and Air Air/Water Divination Gaze into a body of still water to view a location from above BoV 187
Water and Earth Earth/Water Battle Render the ground into sticky, nigh-impassable mud BoV 187


Air and Earth Air/Earth Jade Cause a horizontal cyclone that rips up pieces of earth into a barrage of wind and stone BoV 186
Fire and Air Air/Fire Travel Unleash a blast of flame while lifting you to a safer location nearby BoV 187
Stifling Wind Air/Earth Create a thick, choking cloud that obscures vision and renders breathing difficult BoV 188
Drown the Spirit Air/Water/Void Targets Strength is severely weakened BoV 189
Earth and Fire Earth/Fire Jade Summon a blast of searing magma from the ground BoV 187
Mountains Wrath, The Earth/Fire Defense Cover yourself in a sheathe of stone wreathed in flickering flame BoV 188
Whispering Flames Air/Fire Illusion Creates a transfixing image BoV 188


Soul Sword Air/Earth/Fire/Water Craft Summon a katana of pure elemental power BoV 189
Wrath of the Sun Air/Fire Thunder Unleash a blaze of searing light and a concussive detonation of air directly above the target BoV 188


Bleeding Fire Maho Inflicts a malignant kansen on a wounded person, causing injuries to bleed L5R 268
Blood and Darkness Air Maho Plunge the air into an unnatural visual obscurement, Blinding those in the area of effect L5R 269
Blood Rite Earth Maho Knit wounds closed and stimulate the bodys physical prowess, but inflict the Shadowlands taint L5R 269
Disrupt the Limb Water Maho Afflict a limb with pain, weakness, and tremors L5R 269
Heart of the Damned Earth Maho Call on the strength of the dead to enhance the living EoE 27
Inspire Fear Air Maho Target gains a Phobia L5R 269
Legacy of the Dark One Air Maho Distracting kansen disrupt the targets connection to the Void, causing the loss of a Void Point L5R 269
Purge the Weak Earth Maho Ruin food and drink, rendering it foul, diseased, and inedible EoE 27
Sinful Dreams Air Maho Target dreams of committing dark, sinful, and dishonorable acts, and becomes vulnerable to manipulation L5R 269
Suck the Marrow Earth Maho Impede victims ability to heal and recovery from injury and sickness EoE 28
Summon Undead Champion Earth Maho Animate a corpse to serve you L5R 269
Symbol of Blood Water Maho, Ward Ward an area to cause victims blood to become sluggish and cold EoE 28
Ward of Divine Peace Air Maho, Ward Create a false aura of calm and well-being EoE 28
Written in Blood Fire Maho Leave hidden messages that appear under predetermined conditions L5R 270


Caress of Fu Leng Earth Maho Corrupt a jade item (cannot affect jade nemuranai) L5R 270
Curse of the Clan Air Maho Cause a samurai to manifest his clans most stereotypical and notorious behavior EoE 28
Curse of the Kansen Air Maho Victim hears constant voices urging sinful and corrupt behavior EoE 28
Curse of the Unblinking Eye Air Maho Victim cannot sleep L5R 270
Curse of Weakness Water Maho Inflicts a barrage of angry Water kansen on a target, inflicting headache, weakness, fatigue, and tremors L5R 270
Dark Wings Water Maho Sprout monstrous wings EoE 28
Drain the Soul Earth Maho Leaves target weak and sickly, reducing Stamina to 1 L5R 270
Eternal Unrest Earth Maho Prepare corpses to be summoned later GC 282
Gift of the Maker Fire Maho Target gains a Greater Shadowlands Power EoE 29
Pain Earth Maho Target is wracked with intense physical pain, falling Prone L5R 271
Puppet Master Fire Maho Take control of undead in the area L5R 271
Spreading the Darkness Earth Maho Transfer the Taint from one target to another L5R 271


Armor of Obsidian Fire Maho If target is struck or affected by a Jade spell, kansen intercede and negate the spells effects L5R 271
Dancing with Demons Air Maho Gain a Physical or Mental Advantage, or inflict a Physical or Mental Disadvantage on another EoE 29
Death Beyond Life Earth Maho If the target dies, kansen will carry his soul away and return it eight hours later with a rank of Taint L5R 271
Essence of Undeath Earth Maho Animate a corpse into an Undead Revenant L5R 272
Hates Heart Air Maho Target feels sudden, murderous rage against whomever is being looked at or spoken to L5R 272
Mists of Fear Air Maho, Illusion Summons a potent illusion of whatever the target fears most in the world EoE 29
Summon Oni Earth Maho Summon an oni from Jigoku, giving it a name to allow it to remain in Ningen-do L5R 272
Symbol of the Bloodspeaker Air Maho, Ward Wards an area against intrusion by non-Bloodspeakers EoE 29


Burning Blood Fire Maho Boil targets blood EoE 30
Chains of Jigoku Earth Maho Bind living creatures in place L5R 273
No Pure Breaths Air Maho Turn the air in a targets lungs to kansen which violently erupt out of the body L5R 273
Stealing the Soul Earth Maho Inflict a predatory kansen on a target to drain away mental and physical abilities L5R 273
Tomb of Earth Earth Maho Untainted victim is held immobile while being turned to stone EoE 29
Truth is a Scourge Air Maho Distort the targets thoughts, making it impossible to lie or conceal dangerous secrets L5R 273


Blood Armor Earth Maho, Defense Any time you suffer Wounds, 75% is transferred to target creature EoE 30
Fierce Blood of the Earth Earth Maho Sacrifice a willing or helpless victim to heal all injuries, regrow limbs/organs, and extend life by one year EoE 30
Possession Air Maho Possess another persons body L5R 274
Strength of Darkness Fire Maho Infuse the body with the Taint, unnaturally enhancing physical prowess L5R 274
Touch of Death Earth Maho Ages, blackens, and blights the target L5R 274


Take the Body Air Maho Leap your soul into anothers body, taking it as your own. Known only to Iuchiban and Yajinden. EoE 30
Balance the Elements Style Void 3 Mirumoto Bushi, Shiba Bushi L5R 259
Art of Ninjutsu Water 5 Daigotsu Bushi, Bayushi Bushi, Daidoji Scout, Shosuro Actor, any Ninja School GC 283
Breath of Wind Style Air 3 Kakita Bushi, Bayushi Bushi L5R 259
Dance of the Winds Air 3 Daidoji Iron Warrior, Shiba Bushi GC 202
Disappearing World Style Fire 4 Akodo Bushi, Kakita Bushi L5R 259
Empire Rests on Its Edge, The Air 3 or Fire 3 Any (Mirumoto and Kakita bushi reduce Ring requirements by 1) BoF 179
Hidden Blade Style Air 4 Bayushi Bushi, Yoritomo Bushi L5R 259
Indomitable Warrior Style Earth 4 Daigotsu Bushi, Hida Bushi, Ichiro Bushi, Moto Bushi L5R 260
Iron Forest Style Air 4 Daidoji Iron Warrior, Heichi Bushi, Shiba Bushi L5R 260
Iron in the Mountains Style Earth 3 Daidoji Iron Warrior, Hida Bushi L5R 260
Leaves in the Stream Water 3 Bayushi Bushi, Hiruma Bushi, Mirumoto Bushi, Shiba Bushi BoW 177
Leg of the Stone Earth 4 Hida Bushi, Hida Pragmatist, Shiba Bushi, Daidoji Iron Warrior BoE 195
North Wind Style Air 4 Any bushi School BoA 175
Power of the Mountain, The Earth 3 Hida Bushi, Hiruma Bushi, Matsu Berserker, Ichiro Bushi BoE 194
Power of the Tsunami Water 4 Daigotsu Bushi, Hida Bushi, Moto Bushi BoW 177
Reckless Abandon Style Fire 4 Daigotsu Bushi, Matsu Berserker, Usagi Bushi L5R 260
Son of Storms Water 3 Akodo Bushi, Shosuro Infiltrator, Yoritomo Bushi GC 170
South Wind Style Air 4 Any bushi School BoA 175
Spinning Blades Style Fire 5 Mirumoto Bushi, Yoritomo Bushi L5R 260
Standing on the Heavens Air 6 or Fire 6 Any (Mirumoto and Kakita bushi reduce Ring requirements by 1) BoF 180
Strength in Arms Style Water 4 Hida Bushi, Ichiro Bushi, Moto Bushi L5R 260
Strength of Purity Style Void 4 Akodo Bushi, Kakita Bushi, Matsu Berserker, Otaku Battle Maiden L5R 260
Strength of the Crab Earth 3 Any Crab Bushi GC 42
Strength of the Crane Air 3 Any Crane Bushi GC 74
Strength of the Dragon Fire 3 Any Dragon Bushi GC 104
Strength of the Lion Water 3 Any Lion Bushi GC 140
Strength of the Mantis Air 3 Any Mantis Bushi GC 170
Strength of the Mountain, The Earth 3 Hida Bushi, Hiruma Scout, Shiba Bushi, Daidoji Iron Warrior BoE 194
Strength of the Phoenix Void 3 Any Phoenix Bushi GC 202
Strength of the Scorpion Fire 3 Any Scorpion Bushi GC 230
Strength of the Spider Earth 3 Any Spider Bushi GC 283
Strength of the Unicorn Water 3 Any Unicorn Bushi GC 260
Strike as the Avalanche Earth 3 Hida Bushi, Hiruma Bushi, Ichiro Bushi, Moto Bushi, Moto Vindicator BoE 195
Striking as Air Air 3 Any L5R 259
Striking as Earth Earth 3 Any L5R 259
Striking as Fire Fire 3 Any L5R 259
Striking as Void Void 3 Any L5R 259
Striking as Water Water 4 Any L5R 259
Subduing Fan Style Air 4 The Tessen LT
Veiled Menace Style Air 4 Bayushi Bushi, Hiruma Bushi, Tsuruchi Archer, Yoritomo Bushi L5R 260
Victory of the River Air 5 or Fire 5 Any (Mirumoto and Kakita bushi reduce Ring requirements by 1) BoF 180
Waves Upon the Breakers Water 3 Akodo Bushi, Kakita Bushi, Shinjo Bushi BoW 177
Weathered and Unbroken Earth 5 Hida Bushi, Hiruma Bushi, Hiruma Scout, Ichiro Bushi BoE 195
World Is Empty, The Air 4 or Fire 4 Any (Mirumoto and Kakita bushi reduce Ring requirements by 1) BoF 180

Air Fist 3 Internal As long as you make only unarmed attacks, Initiative Score is increased and unarmed damage is reduced L5R 262
Calling the East Wind 5 Martial Make a powerful, long-distance leap kick BoA 191
Censure of Thunder 7 Martial (Atemi) Delivery an electrical shock with your attack that Disarms your opponent BoA 191
Eye of the Eagle 5 Internal Focus your chi by remaining utterly still to see miles away BoA 190
Flee the Darkness 6 Kharmic Immune to Shadowlands Taint (and other supernatural ailments) L5R 262
Great Silence, The 4 Mystical (Atemi) Disrupt an individuals chi to render them mute L5R 262
Harmony of the Mind 5 Mystical Learn targets highest or lowest Ring, highest Skill Rank, or highest cost Spiritual Advantages/Disadvantage L5R 262
Hurricane Palm 7 Martial Unarmed strike inflicts half damage, but knocks opponent back BoA 192
Inaris Wrath 8 Mystical Take in a deep breath and unleash it as a cone of freezing air BoA 192
Riding the Clouds 3 Mystical Increase leaping distance to Air Ring x 10 with a Simple Action L5R 262
Soul of the Four Winds 4 Martial (Atemi) Increase Armor TN by Insight Rank + Air Ring L5R 262
Stain Upon the Soul 3 Martial (Atemi) Disrupt chi to cause crippling pain L5R 262
Steal the Air Dragon 7 Kharmic Draw chi inward to become less noticeable and easily overlooked L5R 263
Strike through the Wind 5 Mystical Strike targets at range as if they were at arms length BoA 192
Thunders Word 6 Mystical Shout a single word of power that Dazes creatures that can hear it BoA 192
Touch of the Storm 6 Martial (Atemi) Inflict damage in the form of a violent electrical discharge BoA 192
Way of the Willow 5 Internal Improve ability to perceive threats and preemptively counteract them L5R 263
Winds Vision, The 4 Internal Let go of mundane perception to fire an arrow at a target that is out of sight but in range BoA 190

Bishamons Grasp 7 Kharmic In Defense/Full Defense, Grapple attack rolls are Free Actions against last turns attackers BoE 206
Cleansing Spirit 4 Internal Enhance resistance to poison and disease L5R 263
Depths of the World 4 Internal May immediately roll to recover from a Condition or other effect that allows rolls for recovery BoE 206
Earth Needs No Eyes 3 Internal Detect approach of any creature moving across the ground L5R 263
Earth Palm 6 Martial (Atemi) Disrupt the harmony between targets Earth and Fire or Water, reducing combat abilities BoE 206
Earthen Fist 3 Internal May only adopt Defense of Full Defense; if opponent attacks and misses, you may Disarm for no Raises L5R 263
Embrace the Stone 5 Mystical Become like stone, turning aside blows and ignoring damage L5R 263
Grasp the Earth Dragon 5 Internal Reduce Wound penalties, and you may take Simple Actions when at the Down Wound Rank L5R 263
Harmony in Earth 6 Internal Remain perfectly still to detect spiritual and physical impurities in the area BoE 206
Rest, My Brother 5 Martial (Atemi) Reverse the chi flow of a Tainted target, temporarily suppressing the Taint L5R 263
Rising Mountain 6 Kharmic Every time an attacker declares a Raise when attacking you, gain Reduction equal to 2x the Raises BoE 207
Rolling Avalanche, The 5 Martial (Atemi) Unarmed attack deals normal damage plus extra rolled dice equal to Earth Ring BoE 206
Root of the Mountain 5 Internal You are highly difficulty to move against your will, but cannot make Move Actions L5R 263
Shadowed Mountain 6 Internal May enter Full Defense Stance immediately before you are attacked BoE 205
Speed of the Mountain 4 Kharmic (Atemi) Cause targets Earth to weight them down, slowing their movement L5R 264
Way of the Earth 4 Martial Inflict additional damage in Grapples L5R 264
Wholeness in All 6 Kharmic Destroy toxin, disease, and other impurities in your body BoE 207

Body Is an Anvil, The 4 Mystical Your skin becomes extremely hot to the touch, burning those that touch you L5R 264
Breaking Blow 3 Martial Your unarmed strikes against non-metal substances inflict no ill effects on you L5R 264
Channel the Fire Dragon 6 Internal Reduce damage suffered as a result of heat or cold L5R 264
Dance of the Flames 6 Martial Make unarmed attacks as Simple Actions; Must make an unarmed attack vs. opponent every round L5R 264
Destinys Strike 4 Martial When struck by a melee attack, may make an unarmed counterattack L5R 264
Falling Star Strike 7 Martial (Atemi) Fists and eyes are wreathed in flame; unarmed attack inflicts devastating damage and may blind L5R 264
Fires Fleeting Speed 4 Kharmic Increase the distance of Move Actions L5R 264
Flame Fist 3 Martial (Atemi) Mingle your chi with another to disorient and confuse L5R 264
Minds Fire, The 4 Internal Focus to gain incredible clarity of mind, but become Fatigued after BoF 191
Seven Storms Fist 6 Martial (Atemi) Disrupt the flow of the chi of Fire to Stun an opponent BoF 192
Sever the Dark Lords Touch 5 Mystical (Atemi) Atemi strike against unintelligent undead can instantly destroy it BoF 192
Unbalance the Mind 5 Mystical (Atemi) Disrupt opponents chi to Daze L5R 264

As the Breakers 5 Kharmic (Atemi) Disrupt anothers flow of chi, causing the loss of a Simple Action L5R 265
Buoyed by the Kami 3 Mystical Move across the surface of water as if it were basic terrain L5R 265
Chi Protection 4 Martial (Atemi) Restore or enhance the chi flow in another, hastening the healing of wounds or other ailments L5R 265
Dharma Technique 7 Martial (Staff) Your staffs motions can deflect kami to counter spells targeting you BoW 189
Freezing the Lifeblood 7 Martial (Atemi) Disrupt the flow of chi in an opponents body, paralyzing them for a short time L5R 265
Musubi 5 Internal (Staff) Your staff moves in a constant whirlwind, deflecting enemy attacks BoW 188
Partaking the Waves 6 Internal Channel the power of the ocean to move and flow away from attacks, gaining Reduction L5R 265
Ride the Water Dragon 3 Kharmic Harness the Water Dragons incredible restorative abilities L5R 265
Slap the Wave 7 Mystical Channel chi outward in an explosive wave that carries the power of a tsunami L5R 265
Tasaii-do 6 Martial (Atemi, Staff) Channel chi through your staff to overwhelm your opponent and Stun them BoW 189
Waves in All Things 4 Mystical Strike a body of standing water or the earth to affect an opponent in contact with it L5R 265

Banish All Shadows 4 Kharmic (Atemi) Target ignores the effects of highest-point Disadvantage (not Spiritual or Social Disadvantages) L5R 265
Death Touch 7 Mystical (Atemi) Disrupt and corrupt the flow of chi, leading to debilitating pain and possibly death L5R 266
Eight Directions Awareness 5 Mystical You become aware of everything nearby, and may be able to detect concealed objects and individuals L5R 266 LT
Knowledge from Within 4 Internal Sense the presence of magical effects in the area BoV 192
Mind/No-Mind 6 Mystical (Atemi) Bestow clarity on another person, purging memories of the last minute BoV 192
Rebuke of the Heavens 5 Kharmic Your holy authority can cow disruptive spirits and weaken their influence BoV 192
Sense the Balance 6 Kharmic (Atemi) Spend a Void Point to learn about the targets Spiritual Advantages or Disadvantages BoV 192
Silent Solace 5 Kharmic (Atemi) Opponent must expend two spell slots to cast a single spell L5R 266
Song of the World 3 Kharmic Perceive the universe slightly ahead of others to reduce an opponents Initiative and increase your own L5R 266
Spin the Kharmic Wheel 8 Kharmic (Atemi) Target loses a Social, Spiritual, or Mental Disadvantage, but gains another of equal value L5R 266
Striking Through the Void 7 Martial You may spend Void Points on Damage Rolls for unarmed attacks BoV 192
To the Last Breath 3 Kharmic Grant another individual a Void Point L5R 267
Touch the Void Dragon 4 Internal Increase one Ring and associated Traits based on environment L5R 267
Void Fist 4 Martial (Atemi) Use a target enemy as a conduit to the Void, regaining Void Points L5R 267
World Disappears, The 6 Internal Float a few inches above the ground, moving at normal speed over any surface without touching it BoV 192

Tattoos T ATTOO
Immune to hot and cold weather
Cloud Enemies melee attacks must re-roll BoA 195
T ATTOO EFFECT S OURCE Crab Gain Reduction equal to Earth Ring L5R 115
Arrowroot Healing self or others by School Rank x 5 LT Crane Gain bonus dice for Social rolls equal to School Rank + Air L5R 115
Balance Increase/decrease Spell Casting TNs by 5 L5R 115 Crow Additional dice equal to School Rank to resist Taint; Always active LT
Bamboo Armor TN increased by 2x School Rank + 5 L5R 115 Dragon Complex Action to breathe fire L5R 115
Bat Ignore penalties for darkness, blindness, etc. LT Dragonfly As the Bamboo tattoo LT
Bear Increase Stamina by School Rank or Strength by half as much BoE 207 Falcon As the Mantis tattoo LT
Blaze Add Fire + School Rank in fire damage to unarmed attacks L5R 115 Hawk Leap up to Water Ring x 25 L5R 115
Butterfly As the Crane tattoo LT Ki-Rin Re-roll any one roll per round L5R 115
Centipede Complex Action to move Water Ring x 100 L5R 115 Lion Gain ranks equal to School Rank in a Bugei Skill L5R 115 LT
Chameleon Alter appearance LT Mantis Immune to Fear effects; Always active L5R 115
Cherry Blossom Additional dice equal to School Rank on Honor Rolls LT Mountain Reduce Wound Penalties by School Rank +2 L5R 115
Nightingale Add Earth + School Rank to result of Meditation rolls LT Kekkai Homonculus of blood EoE 271
Ocean Refreshed as if 8 hours of sleep, regain all Void Points L5R 115 Kenku Kensei The sword saint of the crow men EoE 180
Phoenix Revive from Down Wound Level automatically L5R 115 Kenku Swordsman Crow men and legendary swordsmen EoE 179
Scorpion Add School Rank to Stealth Rolls; Unarmed attacks can Daze L5R 115 Kitsu Lion-like shapeshifters; extinct EoE 185
Spider Move on walls and ceilings at half normal rate L5R 115 Kodama Spirits that inhabit ancient trees BoE 208
Storm Improved unarmed Knockdown Maneuver L5R 115 LT Ningyo Pearl-Diver A more civilized ningyo EoE 183
Sun Declare one more Raise than allowed LT Ningyo, Feral Mer-folk EoE 183
Tiger Unarmed attacked ignore Reduction up to School Rank LT Nukekubi Detachable heads that feed on pain and terror EoE 271
Tortoise Gain ranks equal to School Rank in a High, Merchant, or Low Skill LT Nure-Onna (The Wet Woman) Spirit that transforms into a snake-creature BoW 190
Void Sense all life within School Rank x10 L5R 115 Pennaggolan Vampires with detachable heads EoE 272
Volcano Upper body like lava, heating and burning weapons BoF 192 Ratling (Nezumi) Typical ratling without a school L5R 329
Wasp As the Wind tattoo LT Ratling Berserker Nezumi Warrior 3/Chitatchikkan 2 EoE 127
Wave Improved Knockdown and resistance to Knockdown BoW 189 Ratling Rememberer Nezumi Rememberer 3 EoE 127
Whisper Complex Action to whisper up to School Rank x 10 miles BoA 195 Ratling Scrounger Nezumi Scrounger 3 EoE 127
White Mask Immune to mind reading; Add Void + School Rank to TN to read emotions LT Ratling Shaman Nezumi Shaman 3 EoEo 127
Wind Gain a Simple Action per round. No maximum Move L5R 115 Ratling Warrior Nezumi Warrior 2 EoE 127
Wolf Free Raises on Hunting (Tracking) Skill Rolls L5R 115 Wyrms Huge serpents (some winged), Yobanjin steeds IA 107
Yobuko Spirits that inhabit mountains and passes BoE 208

Creatures Zokujin Miner

Zokujin Shaman
Copper goblin working Lion Clan mines
Leader and mystic of the zokujin
EoE 194
EoE 195
Zokujin Stonehunter Warrior, seeker of the Bloodwhite Stone EoE 195


Ape (Ozaru) Jungles (esp. Islands of Silk and Spice) EoE 10
Bakeneko Sakkaku Cat shapeshifters EoE 250
Badger (Anaguma) Throughout Rokugan mainland EoE 10
Baku Yume-do Spirit of dreams EoE 256
Bat (Koumori) Throughout Rokugan EoE 11
Baku No Oni Yume-do Demon of nightmare EoE 257
Bear (Kuma) Throughout Rokugan mainland EoE 11
Basan Chikushudo Mountain roosters BoF 192
Boar (Inoshishi) Forests EoE 12
Blessed Guard Yomi Shiryo defenders of Yomi EoE 256
Cat (Neko) Throughout Rokugan EoE 12
Buruburu Gaki-do Tortures sleeping victims EoE 246
Cougar (Kuga) Mountains BoE 211
Fushicho Tengoku Phoenix EoE 254
Crane (Tsuru) Wetlands EoE 12
Gakimushi Gaki-do Feed on pain EoE 274
Crocodile (Wani) Rivers, coastal swamps, Islands of Silk and Spice EoE 13
Hagaken Mokumokuren Meido Guardian spirit connected to tablet EoE 250
Crow (Karasu) Throughout Rokugan LT
Hannya Jigoku Tries to mimic human arts EoE 248
Dog (Inu) Throughout Rokugan L5R 320
Hinotama Sakkaku Playful, wicked water spirits BoW 190
Dog, Unicorn War Dog Unicorn lands L5R 321
Kitsune Chikushudo Shapeshifting fox spirit EoE 246
Eagle (Washi) Mountains EoE 13
Kitsune-Tsuki Chikushudo Ghost fox EoE 246
Eel, Electric (Den Unagi) Seas near Ivory Kingdoms BoW 194
Koku No Seishin Meido Empty Souls EoE 249
Elephant (Zo) Ivory Kingdoms EoE 13
Konak Jiji Sakkaku Resembles baby, alters weight at will EoE 251
Falcon (Taka) Throughout Rokugan L5R 321 LT
Koumori Meido Bat shapeshifters; guardians of Meido EoE 249
Fox (Kitsune) Forests (esp. Kitsune Mori and Isawa Mori) EoE 14
Kwaku-Shin Gaki Gaki-do Legless, iron cauldron for stomach EoE 274
Goat (Kamoshika) Forests EoE 14
Mokumokuren Gaki-do Resides in rippled holes in paper walls EoE 248
Hare (Usagi) Through Rokugan mainland EoE 14
Mujina Sakkaku Prankster imps EoE 251
Heron, Night (Goisagi) Forests of Phoenix, Crane, and Unicorn lands BoF 196
Myobu Chikushudo Kitsune spirits serving Inari BoE 208
Horse, Otaku Battle Steed Unicorn lands L5R 323
Nezumi Transcendents Yume-do Ascended nezumi shamans EoE 256
Horse, Rokugani Pony Throughout Rokugan L5R 322 LT
Nue Chikushudo Predatory bird spirit IA 106
Horse, Unicorn Riding Horse Unicorn lands L5R 322 LT
Orochi Sakkaku Sea serpents EoE 252
Komodo Dragon Tropical (e.g. Mantis Isles) BoE 211
O-Toyo Gaki-do Cat-like creature, feeds on essence EoE 247
Lion (Raion) Central plains (mainly in Lion lands), rare L5R 323
Pekkle Sakkaku Trickster shapeshifter, resembles child EoE 253
Mongoose (Mangusu) Jungles of the Ivory Kingdoms, Mantis Isles BoE 212
Ryu Tengoku Flying serpent (dragon) EoE 253
Monkey (Saru) Through Rokugan EoE 14
Shikko-Gaki Gaki-do Feeds on flesh of the dead EoE 275
Mouse and Rat (Gesshirui) Throughout Rokugan LT
Shiryo Yomi Ancestor spirit EoE 255
Octopus and Squid (Tako) Coastal waters EoE 15
Shozai-Gaki Gaki-do Feeds on blood or other bodily fluids L5R 325
Ox (Osuushi) Throughout Rokugan L5R 323
Shutsudohin Yomi Formerly spirit of powerful nemuranai EoE 255
Panda Mountains in/near bamboo forests BoE 212
Skull Tide Gaki-do Sea of skulls EoE 276
Rhinoceros (Sai) Plains of the Ivory Kingdoms BoE 213
Slaughter Spirits Toshigoku In constant, bloody war EoE 276
Rooster (Ondori) Throughout Rokugan BoF 196
Tennyo Tengoku Resembles faceless, winged human EoE 254
Salamander, Giant (Hanzaki) Rivers LT
Tsuru Chikushudo Shapeshifting crane spirit IA 107
Shark (Aoizame) Ocean EoE 15
Shark (Hohojirozame) Ocean EoE 16
Snake (Hebi), Asp Throughout Rokugan EoE 17 LEGENDARY CREATURES
Snake (Hebi), Constrictor Mantis Isles, sometimes southern coastal swamps EoE 16
Squirrel, Flying (Musasabi) Forests EoE 13
Daidarabochi Angry giants living in northern mountains BoE 210
Stag (Shika) Throughout Rokugan EoE 17
Hibagon Secretive ape-men in deep forests BoE 211
Sting Ray (Akaei) Waters around Islands of Silk and Spice BoW 194
Nian Horned lion-like creature LT
Tiger (Tora) Northern Rokugan, Ivory Kingdoms EoE 17
Yamato no Orochi Eight-Forked Serpent BoW 191
Whale (Kujira) Ocean BoW 194
Wolf (Ookami) Mountains and forests L5R 323
CREATURE NOTES S OURCE Aka-Name Hunchback with poison claws EoE 216
Bog Hag Wear human skins L5R 324
Children of The Last Wish Miniature samurai-ko, companions of Last Wish BoV 195
Dokufu The Mountain Spider EoE 217
Furiribi Aimless flame; Spark of a soul BoF 193
Garegosu No Bakemono Land-octopus EoE 218
Ghost (Yorei) Spirits of the dead L5R 326
Goblin (Bakemono) Peculiar tribal humanoids L5R 327
Ghul Cannibalistic undead from the Burning Sands EoE 268
Goblin Berserker Frenzied bakemono warrior EoE 221
Harionago Undead from women with violent death EoE 269
Goblin Chucker Bakemono ranged fighters EoE 221
Kappa Malicious river spirits L5R 327
Goblin Shaman Bakemono maho-tsukai EoE 222 Wakeru no Oni The Demon of the Endless Horde EoE 172
Goblin Sneak Bakemono spy EoE 223 Wanizame no Oni The Finned Maw EoE 172
Goblin Warmonger Bakemono leader; stronger, tougher EoE 223 Yuhmi no Oni Flesh of the Dark Lord EoE 173
Goblins of Omoni Superior bakemono, created by Omoni EoE 224
Hanemuri Reptilian flying creature EoE 224 ELEMENTAL TERRORS
Hyakuhei Dead samurai possessed by powerful kansen EoE 270
Kumo Giant spiders (originally from Chikushudo) EoE 224
Mamono Shapeshifter, difficult to kill EoE 225 Kukanchi no Kansen Lesser Elemental Terror of Void BoV 194
Mountain Goblin Regenerating humanoids (not true goblins) EoE 227 Moetechi no Kansen Lesser Elemental Terror of Fire BoF 194
Nikumizu (Heart Grubs) Worms that burrow into victims EoE 228 Oyuchi no Kansen Lesser Elemental Terror of Water BoW 193
Nuppeppo Boneless flesh EoE 272 Toichi no Kansen Lesser Elemental Terror of Earth BoE 210
Obake Wasp hive in back EoE 228 Yosuchi no Kansen Lesser Elemental Terror of Air IA 106
Ogre Brutes L5R 328 Akeru no Oni Greater Elemental Terror of Void BoV 194
Ogre Leader, Free Ogre Bushi 3 EoE 230 Jimen no Oni Greater Elemental Terror of Earth BoE 210
Ogre Mage/Hag Ogre Mage 2 EoE 230 Kaze no Oni Greater Elemental Terror of Air IA 106
Ogre Overlord, Free Ogre Bushi 5 EoE 230 Mizu no Oni Greater Elemental Terror of Water BoW 192
Ogre, Free Ogre Bushi 1 EoE 230 Taki-bi no Oni Greater Elemental Terror of Fire BoF 193
Onibaba (Demon Crone) Shapeshifting crone with living hair EoE 231
Onikage (Demon Steed) Undead, corrupted horses EoE 232 CREATURES OF SHADOW
Sanshu Denki Muck Monster EoE 232
Swamp Goblin Frog-like humanoids EoE 233
Troll, Common Marsh troll EoE 234 Shadowbeast Tainted creatures consumed by Shadow EoE 147
Troll, Giant Sea (O-Umi-Bozu) Massive, symbiotic joining of troll and oni EoE 235 Shadowspawn, Greater Great individuals (Void 5+) lost to the Nothing EoE 145
Troll, Sea (Umibozu) Trolls living in the Seas of Shadow EoE 234 Shadowspawn, Lesser Typical individuals lost to the Nothing EoE 145
Tsumunagi Blood Eel EoE 236
Tsuno Ravager
Tsuno Soultwister
Tsuno Ravager 3
Tsuno Soultwister 3
EoE 193
Optional Rules, Play Aids, & GM Tools
Tsuno Warrior Corrupted descendants of the kitsu L5R 330 RULE S OURCE
Undead Revenant Powerful zombies L5R 330
Adapting the Mass Combat Rules to Siege Warfare Em 245
Wanyudo Corrupted soul, decapitated head on a wheel BoF 195
Alternate Weapon-Forging Rules SeE 240
Yamauba The Mountain Ogress EoE 236
Availability of Goods Em 142
Zombie Animated corpses L5R 331
Called Shots in Archery BoA 175
Zombie, Plague Carrier of the disease that killed them EoE 273
Commercial Warfare BoA 177
Counterspelling BoF 182
MONSTROUS PLANTS Dramatic Chain and Staff Action BoW 175
CREATURE NOTES S OURCE Encounter Table: Ronin EoE 280
Fudoshi (Tanglevines) Ensnares victims and suffocates EoE 226 Encounter Table: Shadowlands EoE 281
Jinmenju Trees with horrific fruit BoE 209 Encounter Table: Spirit EoE 282
Lava Tree Upside-down tree with corrosive sap EoE 226 Encounter Table: Wildlife EoE 282
Takesasu (Stinger Plant) Stalk with single, stinging vine EoE 227 Grappling Options BoE 194
Monk Weapons BoW 190
ONI Multi-Element Magic BoV 186
Random Events at Court Em 108
Shugenja and Religion IA 100
Akaru no Oni The Web Lord EoE 154 Siege Specialists and Mass Battle BoE 194
Akuma no Oni Oni Lord IA 92 Students in Training Em 220
Akuma no Oni Spawn Burning saliva EoE 164 Taryu-Jiai Dueling BoF 184
Arugai no Oni Immortal Engine of Destruction EoE 154 Way of the Daimyo (Playing high-ranking samurai) Em 276
Byoki no Oni Harbinger of Pestilence EoE 155 Who Are These Outlaws? Em 169
Daku no Oni Scourge of the Forest EoE 155 Wind & Weather GC 169
Furu no Oni Serpent of Flames (Unique) EoE 156 Void Overload BoV 190
Gagoze no Oni Plague of the Forest EoE 157
Genso no Oni Dark Warrior EoE 158
Ianwa no Oni Dark Bargainer EoE 158
Kamu no Oni The Killing Maw EoE 159
Kommei no Oni Demon of Confusion EoE 159
Kyoso no Oni Oni Lord IA 92
Kyoso no Oni Spawn Four-armed, horned female with snake tail EoE 165
Maneseru no Oni The Demon of the Dark Mirror EoE 160
Maw, The Oni Lord IA 93
Morei no Oni The Grain Demon EoE 160
Muduru no Oni The Corrupted Mountain EoE 161
Nairu no Oni Scourge of the Skies EoE 162
Nosloc no Oni Vassals of the Demon Lords EoE 162
Pekkle no Oni The Pretender EoE 163
Quiet Death Suffocating mass of tissue EoE 163
Ryokaku no Oni The Demon of Purity EoE 166
Shikage no Oni Many-Armed Death EoE 167
Shikibu no Oni Oni Lord IA 94
Shikibu no Oni Spawn Misshapen orange dwarf with sharp teeth EoE 165
Shokansurus Brood A quartet of powerful oni EoE 168
Sodatsu no Oni Shugenjas Bane EoE 170
Tasu no Oni Plague of Flesh EoE 170
Tsuburu no Oni Oni Lord, Lord of Gluttony IA 95
Tsuburu no Oni Spawn Obese with pink-purple skin and boils EoE 166
Ugulu no Oni 13 tall, clawed behemoths L5R 328 LT
Utogi no Oni The Endless Hunger EoE 170
Uzaki no Oni The Demon Commander EoE 171