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ACUPUNCTURE: Hows Your Pets Qi?

What is acupuncture?
The term acupuncture derives from acus meaning
needle, and pungare meaning to pierce. It involves
inserting very thin needles into specific points in the
body. This method has been used to treat animals in
China for at least 3,000 years.
How does it work?
Traditional Chinese medical theory holds that all
disease basically stems from energy imbalances. If
the bodys Qi (pronounced Chee), which means life
energy, is not flowing freely, pain or disease results. Kathleen Hall, DVM
By placing needles in certain points, acupuncture Suburban Animal Hospital
helps the body to rebalance, causing desired healing Monroe Veterinary Associates
effects. The physiologic effects of acupuncture cannot
be scientifically explained by a single mechanism, but
by an interaction between the nervous, endocrine and immune systems. There are
approximately 360 acupuncture points spread along 14 main meridians, or energy
pathways, in the body. Most acupuncture points lie along the pathway of the peripheral
nerves, and have decreased electrical resistance and increased conductivity compared
to the surrounding skin. They are common points where bundles of nerves and blood
vessels penetrate through the bodys fascia (connective tissue layer). Often they are
found where nerves branch.
What is an acupuncture treatment like?
Most acupuncture treatments on pets are done with the pet resting on a blanket (on a
table for small dogs or cats) or on the floor (for large dogs) with the pets owner or an
assistant steadying them. Needles (usually 10-20 per treatment) are placed and remain
in the body for 10-15 minutes. Sometimes pets will show a slight response or twinge
when a needle is placed, but overall, the treatment is not painful. Often pets become
drowsy and very relaxed during or after a treatment. What qualifications does someone need
In addition to placing needles, the veterinarian may also provide additional to perform acupuncture on my pet?
stimulation to the points, using one of the following methods: pressure (acupressure), Acupuncture on pets should be performed by a veterinarian trained in acupuncture
electostimulation (microvoltage stimulation to the needles), aquapuncture (injection and certified through the AAVA (American Academy of Veterinary Acupuncture),
of dilute B12 or other substances into acupuncture points), tui na (massage of IVAS (International Veterinary Acupuncture Society) or the Chi Institute. These
acupuncture points), or moxibusion (warming the needles or the acupuncture points organizations require ongoing continuing education in acupuncture for a veterinarian
themselves with an herbal heat source). Stimulating acupuncture points triggers who has done the training and passed the certification examinations.
the release of many pain-modulating systems in the body both through the
bloodstream (endorphins, enkephalins, dynorphins, and 5HT) and through stimulation
How can Chinese herbs benefit my pet?
of the nervous system. Acupuncture point stimulation also causes local effects in the Chinese herbs, as well as western herbs, can be used to augment acupunctures
area of the point itself such as an increase in blood flow, muscle relaxation and effects in balancing the body and treating disease.
effects on inflammation. How does acupuncture relate to the medical care that my pet
When is acupuncture beneficial to a pet? receives from my regular veterinarian?
Acupuncture can be very useful in the management of painful conditions such as Acupuncture can be used and integrated with conventional veterinary care for many
arthritis, intra-vertebral disc problems, hip dysplasia and joint injuries. It can also help conditions, or can be used as a sole therapy for animals who cannot tolerate certain
to relieve muscle spasms. medications, or for owners who prefer not to use conventional medications for their
Acupuncture can help manage many health problems through its anti-inflammatory, animals.
relaxing and immune modulating effects. Many respiratory, gastrointestinal, urinary If you are interested in learning more about acupuncture for your pet, please visit
and geriatric conditions can be also be treated. Since most animals experience a post- suburbanvet.com or vsesrochester.com. Dr. Hall provides acupuncture and Chinese
treatment euphoria and many will feel and act better following a treatment, this herbal medicine at Suburban Animal Hospital and Veterinary Specialists & Emergency
comfort care effect can benefit patients with serious conditions such as cancer and Services. Dr. Curtis Dewey provides acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine to his
severe pain. neurology patients at Veterinary Specialists & Emergency Services.
How frequently does a pet need treatment? Dr. Kathleen Hall is an integrative practitioner, believing strongly in thorough,
Typically, 3-4 initial treatments are done at 3-14 day intervals, and then if the pet is conventional medical workups for her patients, and then addressing pets needs with a
responding well, treatment intervals are increased. For conditions of arthritis, often combination of conventional and alternative therapies. She is a member of the American
elderly pets will need a maintenance treatment once every 3-4 weeks. For appetite Academy of Veterinary Acupuncture and the International Veterinary Acupuncture
stimulation and serious conditions such as cancer, comfort care treatments may need to Society. She is certified in veterinary acupuncture (1999, IVAS) and traditional Chinese
be done at 1-2 week intervals. herbal medicine (Chi Institute and the China National Society, 2000-2001).

Allergic skin disease
in dogs and cats
The Itchy and Scratchy Show isnt just
something you see on The Simpsons;
its also a daily occurrence in veterinary
hospitals! Your pets constant scratching
doesnt mean that he or she is simply
itchy its often indicative of a more
serious problem. The itch sensation, also
known as pruritis, is usually a symptom of occasionally progresses to itching all year-round. If an animals clinical signs are non-seasonal,
an underlying disease, most commonly: other allergic triggers such as fleas or food allergies should be ruled out before a more definitive
Allergic Skin Disease. Allergic skin disease is diagnosis can be made.
the bodys inappropriate immune reaction
to a foreign substance which is generally Food allergy - This type of allergy is non-seasonal and a food trial is recommended to rule
Caitlin Whyle harmless. this allergy out. The food trial consists of 8-10 weeks of a strict diet recommended by your
BVetMed veterinarian. This strict diet will consist of a specific protein and carbohydrate that is new to your
Veterinary Specialists While common, itching can be a very pet. If pruritis resolves during this time, the original diet is then reintroduced and if symptoms
& Emergency Services frustrating condition to manage for both such as itching return, this indicates the presence of a food allergy.
Monroe Veterinary Associates the pet and owner. Clinical signs of pruritis
can be as simple as frequent scratching, Animals may have more than one type of allergy which can make diagnosis even more
however it can manifest in other ways that may not be as obvious as challenging. A thorough physical exam and diagnostics are run to rule out any other diseases
itching. More subtle indications of pruritis include chewing, licking/biting which may be causing an itch. There are several different treatment options if your veterinarian
and rolling/rubbing against objects on the ground.In cats, excessive believes that your pet has allergic skin disease. Treatment choice will depend on the individual
grooming is often a sign of pruritis and may not be immediately noticed animal, clinical presentation and response to therapy. Allergic dogs will often have secondary
until the cat experiences fur loss due to overgrooming. skin infections and/or recurrent ear infections which also need to be addressed before the itch
will improve. A multimodal approach with multiple treatments performed simultaneously is
Below are the most common types often helpful.
of allergic skin disease: Allergic skin disease is a common condition in pets and is a long-term disease which can be
Flea allergy - This is the most common skin allergy in dogs and cats and difficult to manage, however knowledge of the disease and therapy options continue to grow.
occurs in response to flea saliva. A single flea bite can cause a severe itching There are many treatment options available that can significantly improve your pets quality of
response if an animal is allergic. Flea treatment and preventatives are life. If you pet is itching, you should talk to your veterinarian to investigate the source of the
recommended even if fleas are not seen on the itching pet in order to rule problem and tailor a treatment plan to your individual pets needs. Not only will diagnosis and
out this allergic response. allergy management improve your pets quality of life, but your life too!
Environmental allergy - This is also a very common skin allergy in pets. Dr. Caitlin Whyle is a staff doctor at Veterinary Specialists & Emergency Services. She graduated from
Environmental allergies result from substances found in the air such as Canisius College in 2012 with a major in biology and a minor in animal behavior. She received her
mold spores, dust mites or pollen. Clinical signs of an environmental Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the Royal Veterinary College in 2016. Her professional
allergy are typically seen before your pet is three years old. This type of interests include neurology, cardiology, oncology and exotics. Dr. Whyle has two mixed-breed dogs
allergy can be seasonal or non-seasonal depending on the irritant and named Bowie and Sadie and three cats named Blackie, Marshmallow and Chip.

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Its a pain in
Understanding the symptoms of back pain
in our canine companions
Back pain in canines may be more common than we realize. Although the
Dachshund is the poster child for back problems, back pain can affect any
breed of dog at any age. If at any point you feel that your pet is in pain, they
should be evaluated by a veterinarian so appropriate pain relief may be
provided. Symptoms of back pain may not always be straightforward, but
can include:
Shaking, shivering
Behavioral changes - acting quiet, less active or playful
Walking with a hunched back
Unwillingness to go up or down stairs
Unwillingness or hesitation when jumping on or o of furniture
Reduced appetite
Diculty defecating or posturing to defecate
Wobbly walking or diculty using hind legs
Inability to move hind legs
If your pet is displaying one or more of these symptoms, it may be due to
back pain. It may not always be obvious that your pet is exhibiting back
pain and occasionally owners will report that their pet is constipated or
just seems off . Your veterinarian will complete both a full physical and a rest and pain medications will be recommended. If clinical
neurological examination which will help them to localize the area where signs are more severe and your pet is unable to walk, this is a
your pet is experiencing pain and the most likely cause of the back pain. They medical emergency and immediate diagnostics and surgical
may ask how long your pet has been exhibiting these clinical signs, if you decompression of the spinal cord may be recommended. The
have noticed these changes before, if your pet seems to be getting worse majority of back pain cases are non-surgical and managed
or better, etc. to help them best treat your pet. Using your pets breed, age, successfully with pain medications and strict rest.
clinical signs, history and exam findings will help to accurately diagnose Other causes of back pain may include infectious or
your pet. Depending on the severity of clinical signs, further diagnostics inflammatory diseases of the nervous tissues or spinal tumors.
may be recommended. These may include blood work, urinalysis, spinal Some pets may be born with malformations of the spinal canal
radiographs, CT or MRI. which may cause the same symptoms in younger patients.
There are several causes for back pain, the most common being Intervertebral Pain of any kind in your canine companions (feline too!) should
Disk Disease (or IVDD). This is similar to a bulging disk in humans. The spine Rylea Nicholls, DVM be addressed promptly by a veterinarian. If you feel that your
is composed of multiple bones called vertebrae which form a flexible and Veterinary Services & pet is in pain, do not hesitate to take them to the vet.
protected tube for the spinal cord. In between each of these bones is a Emergency Services
shock-absorbing disk. These disks can degenerate over time and the center Monroe Veterinary Associates Dr. Rylea Nicholls is a staff doctor at Veterinary Services &
Emergency Services. She graduated from the University of
can herniate into the spinal canal causing compression of the spine. This Guelph with a Bachelor of Science Honors Degree in 2012. She
produces back pain and neurological changes that we can evaluate on a received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Ontario Veterinary College in 2016. Her
neurological exam. If your pet is mildly affected meaning they are able professional interests include emergency medicine. Dr. Nicholls has a Catahoula dog named Frank.
to walk well and are exhibiting subtle neurological changes strict bed


Cats have a longer-term memory than dogs, especially A cats cerebral cortex (the part of the brain in charge of
when they learn by actually doing rather than seeing. cognitive information processing) has 300 million neurons,
Basically, cats have a lower social IQ than dogs but can compared with a dogs 160 million.
solve more difficult cognitive problems when they feel like it. When a family cat died in ancient Egypt, family members
When cats leave their poop uncovered, it is a sign of shaved off their eyebrows, as they mourned.
aggression to let you know they dont fear you. Owning a cat can reduces the risk of stroke and heart
Cats can change their meow to manipulate a human. attack by one third.
They often imitate a human baby when they need food. A cat can jump up to six times its length.

Morgans Tale of Hope

Morgan comes from a big family five up and began bleeding. His owner was at a loss
furry siblings and three human siblings. of what to do. If the growth wasnt removed,
Unfortunately, Morgans owner encountered he risked an infection that could be serious
some big changes in her life that left her as a in an older pup like Morgan. But, Morgans
single mom trying to put her three children owner had depleted her funds caring for her
through college while supporting herself and other pets ailments earlier in the year. This is
her six pets. If that wasnt hard enough, in a when Morgans mom reached out to Rochester
short period of time, Morgans four-legged Hope for Pets for help. Rochester Hope for Pets
brothers and sisters began to need extensive was able to provide a grant towards Morgans
veterinary care ranging from multiple teeth surgery to remove the growth on his foot.
extractions to a knee injury that required Morgan is now recovering at home with the
surgery. Later that year, Morgan developed a help of his siblings and will be back to his
mysterious growth on his foot, which opened spunky self in no time!

Rochester Hope for Pets is a not-for-prot organization

that was founded in 2008 with the mission to improve
the quality of life for companion animals in the
greater Rochester area. Through their award process,
they oer nancial assistance toward veterinary care
costs to pet owners during times of need. Through
Duncans Fund for Education, they provide continuing
education courses, upgraded equipment and
technology, and the most current reference literature
524 White Spruce Blvd. for veterinary health professionals who practice in
Monroe and surrounding counties. This training and
Rochester, NY 14623
knowledge serves to enhance the care and treatment
585-271-2733 x189 of pets at facilities in our region. Rochester Hope
RochesterHopeForPets for Pets also partners with other local nonprots to
@gmail.com improve the welfare of animals.


Rochester Hope for Pets
9th Annual Dog Walk & Pet Education Expo

Saturday, June 10
9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Ellison Park - Creekside Lodge

Register today!
For more information about this annual family-friendly event,
please visit www.rochesterhopeforpets.org!


Whether you are a first time pet owner, moved to a new area
with your pets or have an animal with special medical needs,
choosing a veterinarian can be a challenging task. After all,
your veterinarian will be your partner in providing your pet the
best care possible and ensuring that your animal lives a long
and healthy life. As a pet owner, your relationship with your
veterinarian is as important as your relationship with other
medical professionals.
If you are in the market for a new veterinarian, it can be difficult
to decide which one to choose. The best place to start is by
talking to your pet-owning friends, neighbors and co-workers
Carolyn Fisher, DVM about where they take their pets for veterinary services. Ask
Suburban Animal Hospital them about their experiences with their veterinarians and
Monroe Veterinary Associates the hospital employees. Who do they trust and return to year
after year? These conversations should give you subjective
information and a few veterinarians to consider.
It is also important to develop some criteria of your own that enter into your decision making
process. For example, the hours that the veterinary office is open may be one factor. You
may need a clinic that is open on evenings and weekends. Location may also be important.
concerns? Dont hesitate to ask the veterinarian specific questions about
Most people choose a veterinary clinic that is located close to their home. Some veterinary
their expertise, education and training. Does the veterinarian discuss
hospitals are Certified Cat Friendly Practices, which may be important to you if you have a cat
your concerns in a professional manner using terminology that you can
that doesnt enjoy trips to the vet. The availability of emergency and after hours care may be
understand? Observe as the veterinarian performs a physical examination
another consideration especially if your pets have medical problems or are elderly. You may
on your pet. Many pets are understandably nervous at the veterinary clinic.
want a veterinary practice that also offers ancillary services such as boarding, acupuncture or
Does the veterinarian respond in a calm fashion if this occurs? Does the
laser therapy. To find out what services a veterinary hospital provides, visit the animal hospitals
veterinarian explain his or her findings clearly? Did you get an estimate for
any procedures that were discussed? You should leave the appointment with
The expertise and experience of the individual veterinarians is important as well. For example, your questions answered and feeling like a valued client.
if your pet is a bird or reptile you need a veterinarian who has experience with these animals.
Your veterinarian is an essential part of your pets life. He or she should be
If your pet requires a specialist such as an ophthalmologist or neurologist, your choices of
compassionate, kind, friendly and knowledgeable. The relationship with
veterinarians may be more limited. Perhaps you are looking for alternative treatment options
your veterinarian extends throughout all stages of your pets life and often
like acupuncture or laser therapy; these types of services are not available at all general practices
spans many years. Therefore it is important to choose a veterinary clinic
and will also limit your options.
that meets your needs. This way, you and your veterinary team can work
Once youve chosen an animal hospital that meets your needs, its time for a visit. Your together to provide the very best care for your pet.
assessment of the practice should begin before you even enter the building. Are the parking
Dr. Carolyn Fisher is the hospital director of Suburban Animal Hospital, where
lot and grounds clean, well maintained and free of debris? As you enter the waiting room
she has cared for pets since 1997. She enjoys all aspects of veterinary medicine
the facility should be clean and odor free. The staff should greet you as you come in and the
and particularly likes observing and experiencing the special bonds people and
greeting should be warm and welcoming. Take a few minutes to watch as the staff interacts with
their pets share. A native of Rochester, Dr. Fisher attended the State University
other clients and patients as they come and go. Are the interactions consistently professional,
of New York at Geneseo and received her Bachelors Degree in Biology in 1993.
compassionate and friendly? Ask to take a hospital tour. The veterinary hospital staff should be
She went on to attend the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine
happy to show off their facility.
and was awarded her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 1997. Dr. Fisher is
Finally, make an appointment for you and your pet to meet the veterinarian. This is an opportunity a member of numerous professional organizations, including the American
to decide if this veterinarian is a good match for you and your pet. Does the veterinarian greet Veterinary Medical Association, the Genesee Valley Veterinary Medical
you and your pet in a warm, professional manner? Does the doctor listen and understand your Association and the Cornell Feline Health Center.

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heartworm disease
common myths

Heartworms do not live in this area because its too cold.

False! Heartworms are transmitted between animals by mosquitoes. Even
though mosquitoes are more active in the summer months, some species are able
to survive in frigid climates and can even survive through the winter! Heartworm
has been diagnosed in all 50 states, so even though we live in upstate New
York, mosquitoes can find a way to survive our blustery winters just like we do.
My pets stay indoors and are safe from infection.
Think again! Weve all had a mosquito accidentally fly into our home at one
point or another, but did you know they can live inside for months at a time?
Obviously our pets that frequent the outdoors are at a higher risk, but dont
think that our indoor companions are safer by staying inside.
Dogs are the only animals that can get heartworm disease.
Wrong! Although dogs are the usual hosts of heartworm disease, cats and
ferrets are also susceptible (as well as many other non-companion animals).
As mentioned above, just because your cats and ferrets may live primarily indoors
does not mean that they are safe from the mosquitoes that carry the disease.
Unfortunately, there is no way to effectively treat heartworm disease in cats,
which means its a potentially fatal diagnosis. If your cat is diagnosed with
heartworms, your veterinarian may recommend medications to help reduce
the effects of the disease.
My other parasite preventative also protects difficulty breathing. Your dog may also tire easily after moderate exercise. In order for your
my pet from heartworms. veterinarian to properly diagnose your dog with heartworm disease, several tests must be
Not always true! Although many heartworm preventatives can also protect administered. Antigen/antibody tests, blood tests, radiographs and an echocardiogram
your pet from some intestinal and external parasites, there is no one product (ultrasound of the heart) may be required to diagnose and determine the severity of the disease.
that treats everything. Your best bet of ensuring your pet is covered from all The more your veterinarian understands your pets infection, the more accurate treatment plan
potential parasites? Talk to your veterinarian! A simple discussion with your vet he or she can establish.
can help determine the best prevention plan for your pets. Cats may present with coughing, difficulty breathing and/or vomiting. Sometimes cats will die
Heartworm disease is easily treatable. suddenly from the infection. Diagnosis in cats is very difficult and even though there are several
tests your veterinarian can run, sometimes the results will be inconclusive.
Not even close to being true. As previously mentioned, heartworm disease
in cats isnt treatable and is potentially life-threatening. Although there is a Heartworm disease is nearly 100% avoidable and monthly preventatives are much more
treatment plan for dogs available, it is costly, risky, challenging and is still life- affordable than risky treatment plans. Year-round preventatives are recommended to give
threatening. Your best strategy for beating heartworms? Preventing them! your pet the best chance of evading this deadly disease. Make prevention a priority!
Preventing this disease is far cheaper and safer than attempting to treat an Dr. Mark Pessin is the director of Fairview Veterinary Hospital, where he has worked since 2000. He
infected pet. attended Muhlenberg College and received his Bachelors Degree in Biology in 1977. He also holds a
I can tell if my pet has heartworm disease. Masters Degree in Wildlife Studies from North Dakota State University. Dr. Pessin continued at the
University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine and was awarded his Doctorate of Veterinary
Not entirely true! In most cases, animals show no signs of heartworms in the Medicine in 1988. Following veterinary school, Dr. Pessin accepted an internship position at the
early stages of the disease. Clinical signs may not be observable until the adult Animal Hospital of Pittsford. After completing his internship in 1989, he remained with Monroe
heartworms have developed in the heart and lungs. Infected dogs and cats will Veterinary Associates, caring for pets as a general practitioner for Irondequoit Animal Hospital
exhibit different symptoms: from 1990 to 1996. He then served as the director of Companion Animal Hospital from 1995 until
Dogs may present with a cough, fatigue, loss of appetite, weight loss and/or 2000, when he joined the Fairview medical team.

Think Like a Cat: How to Raise a Well-Adjusted Cat Not a Sour Puss
By Pam Johnson-Bennett
Think its impossible to train a cat? Think again! By learning how to think like a cat, youll
be amazed at just how easy it is. Whether you are a veteran cat lover, a new owner of a
sweet kitten, or a frustrated companion of a feline whose driving you crazy the author will
help you understand what makes your cat tick (as well as scratch and purr). Using behavior
modification and play therapy techniques, Bennetts successful methods will help you and
your cat build a great relationship. New and used starting at $7.18 on amazon.com.

What pet owners need to know about CANINE PARVOVIRUS

Spring is the start of the dreaded,
and often deadly, canine parvovirus
(parvo) season. Parvo is a highly
contagious virus that can affect all
dogs. The most severe and most
profound clinical signs are seen in
unvaccinated animals, as well as
puppies between six weeks and
six months of age. Rottweilers,
Dobermans, Labradors, Stafford-
shire terriers and German Shepherds
Michael Diehl, DVM are most at risk. This virus needs
Veterinary Specialists rapidly dividing cells to replicate,
& Emergency Services and attacks the gastrointestinal
Monroe Veterinary Associates tract. While infection typically
occurs through direct contact with
contaminated feces, dogs may even harbor the virus on their fur.
Parvo is surprisingly stable and resistant to heat, cold and other
environmental extremes. The virus is extremely infectious and can be
transmitted through food bowls, collars, leashes and even clothing.
Clinical Signs of Canine Parvovirus
The virus incubation period is the time from initial exposure of
the virus until clinical signs first appear. In certain strains of the
parvovirus, this can be as little as four to five days, while other strains
have a reported incubation period of seven to 14 days. Symptoms
of the virus may begin with generalized lethargy, loss of appetite,
abdominal pain or fever. This may rapidly progress to vomiting
and often severe diarrhea. Diarrhea may appear yellow, gray or Prevention
be streaked with blood. The persistent vomiting and diarrhea can Prevention is a key component of combating parvo. Good hygiene, as well as proper vaccination of
cause a rapid onset of dehydration, especially in puppies. With the both the mother and puppies is of the utmost importance. Puppies get a lot of their natural immunity
damage to the gastrointestinal tract and a developing inflammatory against infectious disease from their mother while nursing. This means that the mother should be
response to the virus, puppies are at increased risk of sepsis (i.e. appropriately vaccinated against parvovirus, as well as other serious infectious diseases like distemper
blood poisoning) and even death. Puppies that are not appropriately and canine adenovirus on a routine basis. Starting at around six weeks of age, puppies should begin
treated can succumb to the disease within 48 to 72 hours after clinical their first series of vaccinations against parvo and other infectious diseases. Maternal immunity may
signs develop. It is vitally important that a puppy visit a veterinarian interfere with how a puppy develops an immune response to a vaccine, therefore vaccines need to be
for medical intervention if any symptoms appear. boostered every three to four weeks until 16-weeks of age, which is when a puppy is considered fully
Diagnosis and Treatment vaccinated. After this, a booster vaccine is recommended every year thereafter. Until a puppy is fully
vaccinated, please do not bring your puppy to places where other young and possibly unvaccinated
Canine parvovirus is often suspected based on the animals presenting dogs congregate, like parks, puppy classes, the groomers or boarding facilities, especially if your puppy
history, physical examination and blood work. Fecal testing can help has shown any recent episodes of vomiting or diarrhea.
confirm the diagnosis. Rather than actively trying to kill off the virus,
treatment for parvo involves supportive care and management of Disinfecting an area that has been contaminated with parvo is difficult. These viruses are extremely
clinical signs while a puppys immune system appropriately responds hardy and can be harbored on many different surfaces like clothing, hair and leashes. If your home
to the virus. Treatment will be based off of the severity of clinical signs has been contaminated with parvo, cleaning the area with diluted chlorine bleach may be necessary.
and should start immediately, as it often requires hospitalization. This includes all surfaces, food dishes, bowls and bedding. Cleaning a lawn that has been infected with
While hospitalized, a puppy will receive intravenous fluids to combat parvovirus is nearly impossible. Watering the lawn, in combination with rain showers and exposure to
dehydration, electrolyte depletion and protein losses. Additionally, sunlight, may help reduce the amount of parvovirus to an acceptable and tolerable level within weeks.
your veterinarian will work to control ongoing vomiting and diarrhea Nevertheless, parvo is a very serious and contagious disease that can take weeks to months to get rid
and may use antibiotics to prevent secondary infections caused by of in both indoor and outdoor environments, even if adequate sanitation methods are used after a
gastrointestinal damage and a compromised immune system. In rare parvoviral infection.
circumstances where parvo also attacks the rapidly dividing cells of Dr. Michael Diehl is a staff doctor at Veterinary Specialists & Emergency Services. He received his bachelors
the bone marrow, a blood transfusion may be needed. Parvoviral degree in biology from Clarkson University before attending Mississippi State University where he received
infections can have successful outcomes with proper and aggressive his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. His professional interests include small animal surgery and
treatment, medical and nursing care. neurology. Dr. Diehl has one mixed-breed dog named Liddy.

How we behave toward cats here below determines our status in heaven.
Robert A. Heinlein, author


Its common to feel helpless if your pet experiences an emergency. These first aid measures should help you stabilize your pet until
you can reach a veterinarian. Remember to always get help when assisting an injured animal. Animals in pain do not understand
that we are trying to help them and may lash out with their teeth or claws. If necessary, and if your pet is NOT vomiting or having
difficulty breathing, cover your pets head with a clean towel or apply a gauze muzzle to reduce your chance of being bitten.

Call your veterinarian before giving any over-the- Dont give your pet over-the-counter medication
counter medications to your pet. Always seek the before consulting your vet. Medication tips on the
advice of a veterinary professional when giving your internet may not be reliable and most human pain
pet any medication. medications are dangerous if given to pets.

Cover your pets cut with a clean towel or gauze Dont wrap bandages too tightly around the cut.
sponges. Hold pressure against the injury to slow or Bandages that are too tight can restrict blood flow
stop the bleeding. Cuts on limbs can be wrapped with and cause more damage to the limb.
a flexible bandage, but these should only remain on Dont apply any creams/ointments or disinfectants
until you reach a veterinarian. Animal bites in particu- to your pets injury. The products you have at home
LACERATIONS lar have the potential to become infected. are designed for people, not your pets.

If you suspect your pet has a broken leg, bring them to Dont attempt to splint the limb. Splinting can be
your vet as soon as possible. Use a towel or blanket painful and lead to your pet attempting to bite. If a
to move your pet. Place a gauze muzzle if your pet leg is splinted improperly, the bones may fail to heal
attempts to bite. and it can potentially restrict blood flow to the limb.

If your pet ingests a potentially toxic substance, call Dont attempt to make your pet vomit without
your veterinarian and follow their instructions. If consulting your veterinarian or pet poison control
possible, bring the container holding the substance first. Salt and ipecac are very dangerous and should
with you to the hospital. Your vet needs to know the not be used.
TOXINS active ingredients in the substance your pet ate.

If your pet suffers a trauma, such as as fall, being If your pet has suffered an impalement, like a stick,
stuck by a vehicle, head trauma, impalement, etc., get do not remove the item. This will cause torn blood
to your veterinarian ASAP. Use a large towel or blanket vessels to bleed, possibly severely. If you are
as a stretcher to move your pet. Apply a gauze muzzle removing your pet from the road after being struck by
TRAUMA if necessary. a vehicle, do not put yourself in harms way.

Call Veterinary Specialists & Emergency Services if

your pet is experiencing an emergency: 585-424-1277

THROUGH OUR PETS EYES: a guide to common ocular problems

My dog or cats eye is red, squinty to recur in the future with herpes flare
and swollen. What should I do? This ups in cats as well as allergies in dogs,
is a common question that needs and each time veterinary attention
answering in a timely fashion. Eyes should be sought.
are extremely sensitive organs and Corneal Ulcers: An ulcer is a
prompt observation of abnormalities break in the layers of the cornea. In
can determine the overall prognosis this scenario, your pet may squint
for vision. Additionally, veterinary frequently and try to hold their eye
intervention can prevent worsening shut, as this is likely painful. Your
of the condition at hand and pets eye may also have increased
alleviate ocular pain and discomfort. redness and may have a green/
Recognizing that our pets have vision mucous discharge. The cornea itself is
issues, an abnormal looking eye or composed of tightly fitted layers, with
ocular discomfort is a key component the inner most and outer most layers
in initiation of treatment. being impermeable to water. This
Common Ocular conditions creates a dehydrated, clear cornea that
Conjunctivitis: At home you may leads to normal refraction of light and
notice an acute onset of increased clear vision for our pets. Ulcers occur
blinking, eye discharge, swollen when there is a scratch in the corneal
lids and redness. This is caused by surface due to foreign materials, eyelid
inflammation of the soft connective or eyelash conformation, or underlying
tissue lining the globe of the eye herpes virus (in cats). This leads to pain
itself and the inner surface of the as the cornea has nerve endings; as a
eyelids. Normally this tissue is light result our pets paw at their eye and it
pink in color, but with inflammation can lead to bacterial infection, which
can change to dark pink or even red. can perpetuate the ulceration.
This can be due to allergies or environmental changes, or could Your pet should be evaluated immediately at the discovery of an eye
be an indication of underlying ocular or systemic disease. In cats, issue, without medical attention ulcers may become deeper and
the most common cause of conjunctivitis is due to an underlying more difficult to resolve. Surface ulcers, commonly called superficial
herpes virus infection. Approximately 80 percent of cats are infected ulcers, typically heal within seven days with appropriate antibiotic
with this virus at a young age, which lies dormant in their nervous eye drops that prohibit a bacterial infection. Ulcers sometimes can
system and can flare up with stress, manifesting in conjunctivitis. be non-healing, called indolent ulcers, which are commonly seen
Additionally, these cats can develop corneal changes (changes in Boxers and need the intervention of an ophthalmologist for
in the clear part of the eye) and ulcers if left untreated. In dogs, treatment. If an ulcer is left untreated, it can become deep and
conjunctivitis is likely caused by allergies but other diseases within may rupture or perforate the globe which may require surgical
the eye itself should also be considered. intervention by a veterinary ophthalmologist.
Your veterinarian will provide an overall ophthalmic exam, where Glaucoma: Glaucoma is typically secondary in nature and is caused
Sara Erlichman, DVM by factors such as inflammation, tumors or lens luxation, all of
the amount of inflammation will be assessed in regards to the Veterinary Specialists
swelling and redness. The integrity of the cornea will be evaluated & Emergency Services which can disrupt the normal movement of fluid through the eye.
and may require additional procedures to ensure that the top layers Monroe Veterinary Associates As a result, there is a buildup of pressure within the eye which can
of the cornea have not sloughed off due to itching or a secondary stretch the globe and can cause pain and discomfort, similar to a
bacterial infection. As long as the cornea is intact and no cells or layers are missing, migraine in humans. Glaucoma is a disease that effects many breeds of dogs and is
then your pet will likely be treated with an anti-inflammatory medication called Neo- very rare in cats. A dogs eyes may be red, painful, and in chronic cases, may appear
Poly-Dex, which contains a steroid for the swelling as well as an antibiotic to prevent bulged. It can also be characterized as primary, meaning that these dogs have a
against bacterial infection as the eye is healing. Keep in mind that this disease is likely Continued on Page 13 ...


America has the highest population of dogs in the world. The earliest European images of dogs were found in Spanish
France the second highest. cave paintings dating back 12,000 years ago.
A dogs nose print is as unique as human fingerprints and Names of 77 ancient Egyptian dogs have been recorded.
can be used to identify them. The names refer to color and character Blackie, Ebony,
Bloodhounds have a keen sense of smell and have been Good Herdsman, Reliable and Brave One.
used to track criminals since the Middle Ages. Dogs are about as smart as a two- or three-year-old child.
It is much easier for dogs to learn spoken commands if they They can understand about 150-200 words, including signals
are also given with hand signals or gestures. and hand movements with the same meaning as words.

How to make easy,
healthy treats
Sixty-two percent of U.S. households include a pet and 78.2 million of
those pets are dogs, according to the American Pet Products Associations
most recent survey. Dog lovers want good nutrition and flavor to ensure
happy, healthy animal members of the family.
Today, professional chefs are creating delicious, healthy foods and treats
for dogs as well as people. Understanding nutrition for dogs and
how it differs from what is right for humans is key, says Chef Jim
Gallivan, department chair of culinary arts at The Art Institute of Atlanta.
Here are some tips to ensure a healthy diet for your canine friend.
Provide the right balance of fats, minerals, carbohydrates, vitamins,
protein and especially during the summer months lots of water. 1. Combine all dry ingredients and 3/4 cup of broth.
Understand that the right balance for dogs is different from whats 2. Mix until it forms a firm paste and all is moist.
right for humans. Dogs have different dental capabilities and a shorter Use the remaining 1/4 cup broth to adjust the moisture if needed.
digestive tract so foods need to be able to be processed quickly. 3. Roll out to a 1/2-inch thick, cut into 1-inch squares
Avoid foods toxic to dogs, including chocolate, onions, garlic, grapes, and place on an ungreased glass baking dish.
raisins, macadamia nuts, avocados, caffeine and fruit seeds. 4. Microwave 4 minutes. Turn each piece over. Cook one additional minute.
Dogs love treats, but be sure you dont undermine your dogs healthy 5. Cool completely and store in an airtight container.
diet with the wrong treats. One way to ensure an overall healthy diet for
our dogs, says Gallivan, is to prepare dog treats at home from healthy Note: Microwave ovens vary in power. Watch the treats closely for the last minute.
ingredients. And its not very difficult. This produces a very hard biscuit. It can be flavored with bacon, cheese, peanut butter,
These easy recipes for healthy dog treats were created by chefs at The cooked carrots, fruit or any other non-toxic flavor your dog enjoys.
International Culinary Schools at The Art Institutes. For instance, Gallivan Chef Jeffrey Floyd, department chair of Culinary Arts at The Art Institute of Virginia Beach, a
prepares Pup-sicles in the summer for his dog, Cammie (short for branch of The Art Institute of Atlanta, says that although table scraps are a no-no, our dogs
Camembert). They take only a few minutes to make and your dog is sure can still celebrate important holidays with their human families. His most recent canine
to rank Pup-sicles high on the list of favorite treats, just as Cammie does. friend, a cocker spaniel named Jordan, loved hot weather inspired treats like this one.
Cammies Pup-sicles Coconut Cookies
3 C. plain yogurt 1 1/2 C. oat flour
1 ripe banana 1 1/2 C. brown rice flour
1 C. smooth peanut butter (Cammie prefers Reeses) 1 C. shredded coconut, unsweetened
1 T. honey 1 t. cinnamon
1. Puree ingredients in a food processor or blender until smooth 1 egg
2. Pour into ice cube trays and freeze. 1 1/2 C. skim milk (or coconut milk)
1 t. vanilla
3. Pop one out and reward your best canine friend.
1. Preheat oven to 350 F.
Chef Richard Matthews, a culinary arts faculty member at The Art
Institute of Fort Lauderdale, adapted this recipe from his sister. Since it 2. Combine all ingredients, roll into small balls, place on greased or
bakes in the microwave, its great for summer. non-stick cookie sheet and flatten to about 1/4-inch thick.
Homemade Dog Treats 3. Bake until edges are golden brown, about 30 minutes.
1 C. whole wheat flour 4. Cool completely and store in an airtight container in the refrigerator.
1 C. old-fashioned oatmeal Your dog will love these treats and you will feel good about giving them to your best
3/4 C. beef or chicken broth, plus 1/4 cup to adjust consistency friend. To learn more about The Art Institutes schools, visit www.artinstitutes.edu. [BPT]

A watchdog is a dog kept to guard your home, usually by sleeping where a

burglar would awaken the household by falling over him. Anonymous
Continued from Page 11 ...
breed or genetic predisposition to having an insufficient draining meshwork.
If this pressure is not controlled immediately, the retina can become damaged,
Ask a Vet...
leading to blindness. Dear Pet Doctor, I know that there are a lot of pet
You should seek immediate veterinary attention at the suspicion of glaucoma, hazards associated with Christmas, but is there
as treatment within 24-hours can have the best prognosis for vision. Your anything I need to be worried about for Easter? This
veterinarian will use an instrument called a tonometer, which can measure is the first Easter well be celebrating since bringing
the pressure within the eye. They will likely prescribe a drug to either halt the home our puppy, Autumn.
production of the fluid within the eye (dorzolamide) or a medication to promote Sincerely, Chadwick Roy
increased drainage of the fluid (latanoprost). These medications can aid in Dear Chadwick,
controlling pressure, however glaucoma is a disease for which there is no cure
and our pets will inevitably become blind as medical intervention exceeds its Easter will soon be here and so will potential danger to your pets. Here are
threshold. When vision is lost, procedures such as eye removal or injection of four items that can pose a risk:
chemicals to kill the fluid producing cells should be considered for pet comfort. The Easter Lily - While one of the most popular plants this time of the
Uvetitis: Cloudiness, redness, tearing, squinting, blood within the eye and even year, it is also one of the most poisonous. Easter lillies are highly toxic to
loss of vision characterize this disease. Uveitis is described as inflammation within cats and can result in kidney failure if ingested. Additionally, the Tiger Lily,
the parts of the eye that supply blood flow. As a result, there is leakage of blood Rubrum Lily, Japanese Show Lily and certain species of the Daylily are also
and proteins, which cause massive inflammation within the eye itself and likely poisonous to cats. Avoid any bouquets with lilies and instead opt for a safer
cause the eye to become cloudy. There are many causes of this disease including option like Easter orchids, roses or daisies.
trauma, infection or a breakdown of cataracts within the eye. Many times this can Chocolate - Easter baskets are often overflowing with chocolate eggs and
be a manifestation of an underlying disease within the body. Golden Retrievers rabbits. Animals are extremely sensitive to theobromine and caffeine,
develop their own special type of uveitis with chronic inflammation, which can which are two common components found in chocolate. These compounds
lead to blindness and glaucoma if not controlled. are present in all types of chocolate but are particularly high in dark and
When your veterinarian suspects uveitis, they will likely suggest full blood work baking chocolate. Depending on the size of the pet and amount ingested,
to assess for underlying disease within the body and recommend testing for tick- chocolate can be fatal for pets.
borne diseases, fungal infections or viral infections. Treatment for this disease Sugar-free gum and candies - These items are often made with xylitol,
will require anti-inflammatory medication such as steroid eye drops, oral pain a sugar substitute that causes a dogs blood sugar to drop quickly. This
medications and can sometimes include oral antibiotics and anti-inflammatories. poisoning can be treated in most cases, but can result in liver failure if not
Prophylactic medications for glaucoma may also be initiated depending on the promptly treated.
likelihood for development of glaucoma. Easter basket grass - The springtime version of Christmas tinsel entices
Cataracts: You may notice that rapidly or over a period of time your dogs or cats both canines and felines alike. Easter basket grass can cause choking or
pupils develop a cloudy appearance. This can be an age-related change but many intestinal obstruction in pets if ingested.
times, cataracts are present. A cataract is any opacity within the lens due to a Kudos to you for being proactive with Autumns safety!
disarray of lens fibers. In dogs, diabetes is one of the most common underlying
causes, as many diabetics will develop cataracts within six months of diagnosis. Dr. Ken Scheider
Alternatively, cataracts can be hereditary, or can develop due to trauma or uveitis. Perinton Veterinary Hospital
When cataracts cover the majority of the lens, vision is likely impaired and you Monroe Veterinary Associates
may notice that your pet begins bumping into things and becomes more reliant
on their other senses.

Cat have
Evaluation by your veterinarian can confirm the presence of cataracts.
Unfortunately, the only way to resolve cataracts is surgical removal, which is
always an elective procedure. A veterinary ophthalmologist can determine
whether your pet is a candidate for surgery. Surgery itself is the same as in
humans and consists of using an instrument that goes into the eye and breaks
you curious?
up the lens into small little pieces which are then sucked out. An artificial lens
can be implanted to ensure that our pets have great vision up close. This surgery
is a big commitment, as post surgery anti-inflammatory drops are necessary for
multiple weeks and your veterinary ophthalmologist will need to evaluate your
pet for sequential rechecks. However, this surgery is very rewarding as it restores
vision for your pets.

Pooch have
These five conditions are some of the most common ophthalmology diseases seen
in our pets. Ocular issues within our pets many times look similar from an outside
view with red, itchy, squinty eyes. Veterinary attention should be immediately
sought for diagnosis and appropriate medical management, as this can have a
major impact on vision and prognosis. you puzzled?
Dr. Sara Erlichman is a staff doctor at Veterinary Specialists & Emergency Services. Want answers to your questions?
She graduated from Siena College in 2012 with a bachelors degree in chemistry. Dr.
Erlichman received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Ross University in Email your questions to
2016, graduatingsumma cum laude. Her professional interests include veterinary
ophthalmology. Dr. Erlichman has two Samoyeds, a twelve-year-old named Misty
and a four-year-old named Tundra.
We insure our homes, our cars and our personal property like
jewelry and art. While owners consider their beloved pets as

DO YOU NEED part of the family, most are not protecting them in the event

of a health issue or emergency.
Only 0.75 percent of dogs and cats in the United States are
insured, said Chris Middleton, chief executive officer, Pets Best
Insurance Services.
Pet insurance helps you afford the best course of treatment,
protects against major financial setbacks and can give you

peace of mind as a pet parent, Middleton said.
Dogs and cats get sick and injured just like humans, and
medical care is expensive.
Veterinary care has advanced tremendously, which can
BY MELISSA ERICKSON | MORE CONTENT NOW also come with a big price tag, Middleton said. We believe
treating unexpected accidents and illnesses should be a worry-
free financial decision. With pet insurance, pet parents dont
have to decide between their pets care and over-extending
personal finances.
Pet insurance is vastly more popular in other countries.
About 1.3 percent of dogs and 0.23 percent of cats are insured
in the United States as opposed to Sweden, where about 50
percent of pets are insured. About 25 percent of pets in the
United Kingdom are insured, Middleton said.
Despite that, pet insurance is a $650 million industry in the
U.S. Four out of five pets experience a medical emergency in
their lifetime, according to Pets Best research.
Cost of pet insurance varies based on the dog or cats age,
breed and where they live. Accident-only care starts at $10 a
month, while routine care is about $25 monthly and accident
plus illness plans cost about $25 to $45 a month, Middleton
Allergy claims top the list. Pets Best has received more than
40,000 allergy claims, and the largest paid amount was
$4,936. Other common claims for dogs include ear infections,
cancer, osteoarthritis and cruciate ligament injuries, which
often require costly surgeries. With nearly 10,000 cruciate
ligament injury claims, the largest paid amount was $6,542.
For cats some of the most common claims are chronic renal
failure, hyperthyroidism, cancer, diabetes mellitus and
inflammatory bowel disease. Renal failure is a chronic disease,
and ongoing treatment can become expensive. Pets Best has
received over 5,000 renal failure claims during the past 10
years, and the largest paid amount was $5,909.

Questions to ask when shopping for pet health insurance:

1. Does the insurer offer an annual deductible? 5. Can I go to the vet of my choice?
2. Does the insurer base the reimbursement amount 6. How quickly will I be reimbursed?
on the entire veterinary bill that was paid? 7. Is coverage offered for hereditary and congenital conditions?
3. Do I have to submit years of my pets medical records 8. Does the insurer offer optional coverage for wellness/routine care?
to enroll or when I file my first claim?
9. Does the insurer offer a broad range of plan options
4. Will coverage be reduced if I visit a specialist or emergency vet? if coverage needs change?

The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog.
M.K. Clinton, author


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