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Before Attending the drive, Keep these points in your mind.

You need to write the Name and Referral Enterprise ID - ’101100469’on top of your resume.

Go to the venue and CALL ME. Contact number: +91-8951072685 (If I will not receive the call then drop a message.)

First important task you need to do isSearch about the Company, Profile and the Process for which you are applying

1. Search about Convergys 2. Search about Technical Support Associate (Voice)

You can easilyearn money here but the profile will be

Technical Support Associate.

> This profileneeds Excellent communication skills.

>Practise as much as you can.

> Never fake your accent.

> Be confident.

> Be Fluent.

> Carry all your documents along with your resume, photo, Govt ID card.

Note: Be confident in yourself. You need to believe in you.

There will be total 5 rounds. Communication > Technical > Communication > Technical > HR

Note: The main hurdle is First and Third round. If you will clear this round then it means you are almost selected.

Communication - 1st round


Tell me about yourself. Or Tell me about College Life, About your hometown.

> They will call you in groups of 5-10 candidates and you need to be confident and good enough to clear this round.

> You will get chance to speak about yourself, this is your time. You will not get second chance. Practice, Practice, Practice. If you think you are not good in communication.

> Never fake your accent.

>Don’t mention your aggregate(marks) while introducing yourself. >Don't talk about your project.

> Tell me about yourself - your name, place, education , hobbies, project (if any). Be Bold, Confident and calm. Never speak too fast.

> You have to believe in yourself and Be confident. You are THE BEST.

Technical- 2nd Round


> 10 Basic computers question. This is written test. (One Word Answer)

(Don’t worry about this technical round. You can easily clear this round.)

Communication - 3rd Round


This is very important round.

> Try to be interactive with Recruiter.

> First greet Recruiter with smile and be confident.

> They will check your grammar and accent. Think then speak. Connect yourself with

Recruiter. Make them feel you want this job. You should show the dedication to work for this company.

> It's all you.

Technical Round- 4th Round

(This questions are more than enough to clear this round)


Search this topic in Google and prepare well.

> BSOD, Black screen error, Windows version, Office version, LAN,

> How will you fix your computer when internet is not working.

> What is safe mode and how to perform safe mode.

> Clean boot - How to perform clean boot?

> What is cache memory

> RAM and ROM

> How to format your system?

>What will you do , if your system's mouse or keyboard will not work?

> What is WWW?

> What is taskbar, address bar.

> Difference between Windows 8, 8.1, 10.

> What is Operating System.


> How to format Windows operating system?

If you clear this round , you are selected.

Be confident and keep yourself calm. No % criteria. Note: If you have 75 or more than 75℅ aggregate in graduation, please make it 60-70% in your resume.


And if they will ask you why you want to join this company, you have good aggregate. >Tell them you want to start your career and as you are good in technical you want to join this company. Or if you have any genuine reason then please go ahead and tell them. Be confident.


Note: Write the Referral ID -'101100469' and 'Rohit Agrawal' on top of your resume.

All the Best!

“After selection ping me on facebook or send a text message or call.”

Venue: Convergys, Divyasree Towers, #55, Bannerghatta Main Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560029

Landmark: Near Airtel Office

“Don’t think about salary, If you are really looking for the opportunity”

If you are good, You will get enough.

Note: After 6-9 months , You can switch to any domain.(There is no domain related to coding).

You need to write the

Name & Referral Enterprise ID : 101100469

on top of your resume ,Go to the venue and call me on


Role Details

• Be responsible for queue monitoring and acknowledging tickets.

• Assigning tickets to next level of engineers as per the category of tickets • Servicedesk, Server monitoring, Network monitoring, Troubleshooting server issues & network issues.

• Incident management and client handling skills.

• Support on call, ready to work in any shift as per the project need .

• Basic application support knowledge

• Excellent written and oral communication

• Ability to work independently, be adaptable to change and varied working


Ready for 24/7 support, rotational shifts

• Ability to take quick decisions, like when to escalate a ticket to next level

• Ability to comprehend the issue and act with swiftness

• Individual must be flexible to work for extended hours, if required.

Soft Skills

• High Integrity

• Problem solving skills and learning attitude

Excellent communication skills

• Confident & Energetic

• Team player

• Process oriented

After reaching to the venue:

> Write your name in the register.

> Call me or drop a message on FB, Whatsapp or Text message.

> Be confident and Believe in yourself.

> Go and sit inside, HR will come and take your resume.