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^tz{x VUMT deluxe

Klanghelm VUMT deluxe - Manual

Table of Contents
Main Features 3 Page 5
Installation 4
Top Bar/Preset System 5
Meters 6 Page 6
Main Controls Dual Mode 7
Main Controls Single Mode 8
Meters Only Option 9
Bottom Panel 10
Meter Settings 11
RMS & K-Meter 12
Global Settings 13 Page 7
Standalone Application 14
Appendix: Meter Scales 15
Appendix: Weighting Curves 16
Credits 17

Page 10

Klanghelm VUMT deluxe - Manual

Main Features
modeled behavior of classic analog VU and PPM gain staging made easy with separate trim controls for left/right
available meter types: mid-side (sum-diff) matrix with separate trim controls for mid and
VU side
RMS monitor section
incl. option to compensate the RMS scale (+3dB) according to polarity reverse
AES-17, so a sine wave at 0dBFS equals 0dBFS RMS individual mute controls per channel
K-12, K-14, K-20 scales
integrated peak bar-graph some useful track-utilities, such as:
optional frequency weighting (A, B, C, D and K curves - see high-pass and low-pass filters (can be set individually to 6, 12, 18
page 15 for details) or 24 dB steepness)
PPM: a single dynamic EQ band (HPF, LPF or BPF), which can be used
DIN (Type I) to remove resonances, simple de-essing, to control the low end of
Nordic (Type I) a signal
BBC (TypeIIa) a mono maker which reduces the stereo width of a signal below a
EBU (TypeIIb) certain frequency
highly customizable needle ballistics incl. adjustable needle
overshoot for the VU dedicated standalone app, which..
customizable hold needle automatically saves its settings on close and restores them on
customizable peak/clip LED relaunch
single or dual needle display can load/save states
can be set always-on-top
8 different skins to choose from
GUI resizing
lots of options to show/hide various elements, including the option to
show only the meters and hide all controls from the GUI

global settings incl. customizable knob behavior and adjustable

needle refresh rate

preset menu incl. easy copy/paste presets from from instance to

another and save as default

Klanghelm VUMT deluxe - Manual

Windows: Apple OS X:

Plugins - VST and AAX (32- and 64-bit)

Plugins - AU, VST and AAX (32- and 64-bit)

download and unzip the installer from the user area

download and unzip the installer from the user area

run VUMTdeluxe-installer.exe and follow the instructions

open the VUMTdeluxe.dmg and run the installer

Troubleshooting: Troubleshooting:
If you get an error message before or during the installation process, it in case youre getting a message, that the installer cant be
is very likely due to a false positive from your active virus scanner. In executed, because it is from an unidentified developer or not
this case either add VUMTdeluxe-installer.exe to your whitelist or downloaded from the App store, do the following:

temporarily disable the scanning during the install process.

Go to System Preferences -> Security & Privacy

In the General Tab of the Security & Privacy window click on the lock
Standalone Version icon in the bottom left to be able to make changes.

download and unzip the VUMT-Standalone-win.zip from the user select "Anywhere" in the section "Allow applications downloaded

copy VUMTdeluxe.exe from the Standalone folder of the Now try to install VUMTdeluxe again.

unpacked zip into your desired location on your system

Standalone Version
download and unzip the VUMTdeluxe-Standalone-mac.zip from the
user area

copy VUMT.app from the unpacked zip into your /Applications folder

Klanghelm VUMT deluxe - Manual

Top Bar & Preset System

go to previous preset go to next preset

click on the Klanghelm logo to enter the click to click to select the GUI size
click to select from
global settings (see page 13) enter the preset menu.
8 dierent skins

copies the current plugin state to click to load a preset file from disk
clipboard. You can use paste from
clipboard in another instance of the
plugin to apply these settings to that resets the plugin to its default state
instance or you can paste that into a
text document to share it with other
saves the current state as a preset
onto your hd. Please make sure,
that the preset is saved into your
click on paste from clipboard to UserPresets-folder in order to
apply a copied state to the current make it visible in the USER
plugin instance.

factory preset categories

saves the current state as the default
state, that is recalled whenever you
load a new instance of the plugin

your own presets can be recalled from here.

In case you want to delete (some of) them, they are located here:

OSX: /Users/<username>/Library/Klanghelm/VUMTdeluxe/UserPresets/

Windows: C:/Users/<username>/AppData/Roaming/Klanghelm/VUMTdeluxe/UserPresets/

When loading one of the factory presets, only the parameters, that are necessary for each preset are affected. Parameters such as
SKIN and SIZE are excluded. The user presets on the other hand include ALL parameters including SKIN and SIZE. 5
Klanghelm VUMT deluxe - Manual


use this option on show readouts of the enable a

mono signals in current meter values.
secondary (orange) Peak/Clip-LED as
hosts that dont left side of each hold-needle to defined in the meter
dierentiate meter: needle value show the current settings.

between mono and (depends on the if the LED is lit red,

stereo tracks selected metering you can click at the
LED to manually
show Polarity Reverse, Mute show the instance label at
reset the LED.
and Monitor controls the bottom of the GUI

click to enter the

meter settings (see
page 11)

click to switch to a
contrasting meter

if meter values are if meter values are single or dual if the hold needle is
enabled in the visibility enabled in the visibility meter display enabled in the
settings, this is a settings, this is a visibility settings,
readout for the current readout for the current you can click on
max. meter value.
peak (dBFS) value. the meter to reset
Click to reset the meter Click to reset the the hold needle
readouts. meter readouts.

Klanghelm VUMT deluxe - Manual selects the output signal:

LR: stereo

Main GUI - Dual Meters Display RL: stereo reverse

L: left channel only

R: right channel only

drag or click to set the when lit, the left TRIM M: mid (mono) channel

calibration level of the currently knob controls the volume

S: side channel only

selected metering type.

for both channels, the
When the meter is set to RMS, right TRIM control is
you can adjust the frequency disabled in this case If you click on an already lit button, the
weighting curve instead (see monitor selection switches back to LR
page 16). for quick compare.

show meters only and hide polarity reverse

all controls from the GUI right channel Note: the selected output signal is
select the meter independent from the selected metering
type channel mode (Stereo or MidSide)

determines, if the meters monitor left(L),

show either left / right or right(R), side/
mid / side information, di(S) channel
also sets the functionality options either in
of the Trim knobs place or
accordingly centered

depending on the DISPLAY mode, it

depending on the DISPLAY mode, it show bottom panel with
controls the volume of either the
controls the volume of either the left or additional tools:

right or the side channel

the mid channel.

high pass and low pass
filters, dynamic EQ and Note: If youre in LR mode, and
Note: If youre in LR mode, and youve youve adjusted the side gain before
adjusted the mid gain before switching mono maker

switching back to LR, a little green

back to LR, a little green indicator is indicator is shown around the left
shown around the left Trim, showing the Trim, showing the position of the
position of the underlying mid Trim.
mutes the mutes the
left channel right channel underlying side Trim.

This indicator is also shown for the This indicator is also shown for the
opposite case, that youve adjusted the opposite case, that youve adjusted
left gain and then switch back to MS the right gain and then switch back
polarity reverse
left channel to MS

Klanghelm VUMT deluxe - Manual

Main GUI - Single Meter Display

selects the output signal:

LR: stereo

RL: stereo reverse

drag or click to set the L: left channel only (in place)

calibration level of the currently R: right channel only (in place)

selected metering type.

L (c): left channel only (centered)

When the meter is set to RMS, R (c): right channel only (centered)

you can adjust the weighting M: mid (mono) channel

instead (see page 16). S: side channel only

S (c): side channel (di) only (centered)

select the meter type polarity reverse left channel

polarity reverse right channel

needle represents the mono signal mutes the signal

(or stereo sum on stereo channels)
controls the
when lit, the main needle volume (in dB)

represents the left channel, while a for both left

secondary (red) needle displays and right
the right channel information channel

when lit, the main needle represents

the mid channel, while a secondary
red needle displays the side
channel information

Klanghelm VUMT deluxe - Manual

Main GUI - Meters Only Display Mode

click on the Klanghelm logo to enter the click to enter the is lit if one of is lit if one of the channel tools
global settings (see page 13) preset menu.
the bottom (mute, polarity reverse, monitor
panel tools is section) is in use
(see page 5)
see page 6 for details
is lit if one of the trim controls is not
at unity
click to enter the meter settings
(see page 11)
Peak/Clip-LED as defined in the
meter settings.

click to switch to a contrasting if the LED is lit red, you can click at
meter view the LED to manually reset the LED.

if meter values are enabled in single or dual meter display

the visibility settings, this is a
readout for the current meter
value. if meter values are enabled in the
visibility settings, this is a readout
for the current peak (dBFS) value.
click to hide all labels and
comboboxes from the frame
select, wether the VU represents
click to make the controls visible
select the meter type
mono sum (single meter only)

stereo (main needle: left, red

needle: right)
click to select the GUI size
drag or click to set the calibration level of the
currently selected metering type.

When the meter is set to RMS, you can mid-side (main needle: mid, red click to select from 8 dierent
adjust the weighting instead (see page 16). needle side)

Klanghelm VUMT deluxe - Manual

Bottom Panel

click on the header or on/off switches

to enable/disable each section. When
disabled, the respective controls are
click to select the grayed out.
steepness of the
LPF or turn it off
gain reduction amount
of the dynamic
click to select the
steepness of the
HPF or turn it off

amount of the effect

in %
click to edit the
instance label

cutoff frequency cutoff determines the strength all frequency content below
of the high-pass frequency selected (depth) of the reduction the selected frequency is set
filter in Hz to mono

click to select the filter use this switch when

type of the dynamic sweeping through the
cutoff frequency EQ. frequencies to find the
of the lowpass BPF1: bandpass with frequency range you
filter in Hz narrow Q want to reduce
BPF2: bandpass with
wide Q

Klanghelm VUMT deluxe - Manual

Meter Settings

choose from 3 dierent VU-meter Select the meter-type, you want to adjust the ballistics for. adjusts the hold time of the optional
Changing the meter type here will also temporarily change the orange hold-needle in sec.

meter type in the plugin GUI, so youre immediately get visual

VU 1: the same behavior as VUMT feedback of the changes made here. When closing the meter This control is disabled when the inf
version 1.x
settings the meter type reverts to the type, that has been selected box is ticked.
before entering the meter settings.
ideal: an idealized (theoretical) VU
set the hold time of the secondary
orange needle to infinity.

VU 2: revised, best of both worlds

model for VUMT 2 with separate when ticked, the TIME control is
control over Rise and Fall times

NOTE: all 3 modes are within VU

specs, its just a matter of personal adjusts the hold time of the meter
preference which one you choose value readouts in sec.

This control is disabled when the inf

rise time of the needle depending on box is ticked.
the selected meter-type (in ms)

set the hold time of the meter value

fall time of the needle depending on readouts to infinity.

the selected meter-type (in ms)

when ticked, the TIME control is
Needle overshoot in %. Only
adjustable when VU is selected closes the meter settings.

set the hold time These meter settings are saved per
of the red clip instance. You can use the preset menu
sets the threshold of the yellow peak adjusts the clip hold time LED to infinity.

sets the and save these as default, so these

LED in dBFS. The LED gradually turns of the red clip LED in sec.

threshold settings are applied to every new

orange the closer the peak level gets of the red when ticked, the
to the set CLIP level. This control is disabled CLIP HOLD time
clip LED in
when the inf box is control is
dBFS. 11
ticked. disabled.
Klanghelm VUMT deluxe - Manual

RMS and K-Meter

Enable analog behavior for

smoother needle movement.
When disabled, the needle
shows the pure calculated RMS
value without taking the
properties of the needle into

Size of the RMS-window in ms sets the range of the black zone

in dB. This value is also valid for
the peak bar graph
Sets the threshold of the red zone in dB

Bargraph shows the peak level

of the signal. If one of the K-
scales in used, it reflects the
selects dB-oset If one of the K-Scales is
selected this value reflects the
SCALED peak-value, shown
by the peak-bar-graph

Hold-indicator of the peak-bargraph, Its hold

Click to select either pure RMS, RMS
time is determined by the setting of the hold-
+3 (AES-17) or K-12, K14 or K-20
needle. Clicking on the meter resets both hold
needle and the bar-graph-indicator

Klanghelm VUMT deluxe - Manual

Global Settings

Sets the mouse drag behavior when

moving a knob on the GUI

Sets the mouse drag sensitivity

when moving a knob on the GUI

When set to fast the behavior of

the needles is the most fluid and
realistic. To save CPU cycles, you
can select a medium or slow
refresh rate.. To apply changes to
the refresh-rate, you need to close
and re-open the GUI

Use this option to automatically

bypass all audio aecting functions,
that arent currently visible on the
GUI. For instance, when the bottom
Click on the hyperlink to visit Click to save the global settings and close the menu.
panel is hidden, the filters, dynamic
the Klanghelm website
eq and mono maker are disabled,
The global settings are saved to:
regardless of their settings.

OSX: /Users/<username>/Library/Klanghelm/

Windows: C:/Users/<username>/AppData/Roaming/ when ticked, an explanation is

shown, when hovering over a
If running into issues, simply delete this file and the
factory default global settings will be used again.

Klanghelm VUMT deluxe - Manual

Standalone Application

What to expect? How to make it work in conjunction with a media player?

The Standalone App automatically saves its settings when The VUMTdeluxe standalone needs a physical input to display
closing the app and recalls them on its next launch.
levels, so you need to use a virtual audio cable such as the free
You can save and recall individual states via the options menu. one fromjackaudio.org.

Furthermore there is an always-on-top option accessible via There's a good tutorial in the download, how to connect the
the options menu.
output of an audio application (iTunes or Windows Media Player
for example) with the input of another program (VUMTdeluxe in
If youre running into issues when relaunching the app, delete this case).
the audioSetup.xml and the standaloneState.xml and
restart the application.

These files are located here:

OSX: /Users/<username>/Library/Klanghelm/VUMTdeluxe

Windows: C:/Users/<username>/AppData/Roaming/

Klanghelm VUMT deluxe - Manual

Appendix: Meter Scales - Reading and Calibration

The chart below compares the different metering scales available in VUMT deluxe. In this case the calibration control in VUMT deluxe is set to
-18 (the most common setting).
Now, when feeding a -18dBFS sine wave at 1kHz into the meter you get these readouts:

*available in VUMT deluxe only

Klanghelm VUMT deluxe - Manual

Appendix: Weighting Curves

* according to ITU-R BS.1770-1

Klanghelm VUMT deluxe - Manual

Code and GUI: Tony Frenzel

Manual: Tony Frenzel

Special thanks to the beta testers.

VST is a trademark of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH.

Audio Unit is a trademark of Apple, Inc.

AAX and RTAS are trademarks of Avid, Inc.